Arknights Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

Definite ranking of the characters

Today the topic of my article is the Arknights tier list, in which I will rank all the operators present in the game currently. Arknights is a very interesting mobile game released back in 2019. There are over 150 operators in the game, which will definitely make it difficult to choose each rank for the appropriate character.

The rankings are done based on our personal preferences, so you may find some of your favorite operators in a low tier. That being said, let us start with our article.

Key Points

  • The ranking is based on the current meta of the game.
  • There are a total of 178 entries.
  • Among the best characters are Black Knight and Lee.
  • The worst characters include Adnachiel and Rangers.


We will quickly rank all operators in a short table.

Tier RankOperator
S Rank• Blacknight
• Lee
• Ling
• Mostima
• Blemishine
• Eunectes
• Hoshiguma
• Nian
• Saria
• Liskarm
• Ceobe
• Eyjafjalla
• Ifrit
• Mudrock
• Blaze
• Ch’en
• Hellagur
• Lappland
• SilverAsh
• Skadi
• Shining
• Silence
• Warfarin
• Exusiai
• Meteorite
• Rosa
• Specter
• Surtr
• Thorns
• Myrtle
• Siege
• Rosmontis
• Schwarz
• W
• Phantom
• Red Project
• Weedy
• Angelina
• Aak
• Shamare
• Suzuran
• Bagpipe
• Elysium
• Magallan
• Scene
A Rank• Goldenglow
• Quercus
• Corroserum
• Cantabile
• Minimalist
• Beeswax
• Gitano
• Leonhardt
• Mint
• Skyfire
• Asbestos
• Bison
• Amiya
• Absinthe
• Bibeak
• Broca
• Croissant
• Andreana
• Cuora
• Nearl
• Flametail
• Vulcan
• Astesia
• Ayerscarpe
• Flint
• Franka
• Indra
• Utage
• Nightingale
• Perfumer
• Ptilopsis
• Honeyberry
• Whisperain
• Whislash
• Ceylon
• Poison Blue
• Firewatch
• Greythroat
• Platinum
• Provence
• Cliffheart
• Ethan
• Manticore
• Wài Fù
• Reed
• Texas
• Glaucus
• Istina
• Mayer
• Feater
• Gravel
• Jaye
• Vigna
• Zima
• Pramanix
• Sora
B Rank• Pozyomka
• Pudding
• Leize
• Hung
• Mattherhorn
• The Mane of a Wild Animal
• Tomimi
• Dur-Nar
• Gummy
• Arene
• Click
• Grey
• Haze
• Beehunter
• Conviction
• Frostleaf
• Jackie
• Matoimaru
• Melantha
• Sussurro
• Mousse
• Savage
• Sideroca
• Breeze
• Folinic
• Cutter
• Estelle
• Flamebringer
• Gavial
• Myrrh
• Aosta
• April
• Executer
• May
• Rope
• Snowsant
• Shaw
• Deepcolor
• Courier
• Grani
• Scavenger
• Podenco
• Tsukinogi
• Chaive
• Sesa
• Shirayuki
C Rank• Midnight
• Popukar
• Beagle
• Cardigan
• Lava
• Steward
• Spot
• Castle-3
• Swire
• Hibiscus
• Ambriel
• Catapult
• Ansel
• Plume
• Vanilla
• Jessica
• Orchid
• Fang
• Kroos
• Meteor
• Earthspirit
D Rank• 12F
• Durin
• Black Corneal
• Dobermann
• Justice Knight
• Yato
• Lancet-2
• Adnachiel
• Rangers

S Tier

Best operators from the game
S Tier.

The S trank of the Arknights Tier List 2022 includes the best operators from the game. They are highly skilled as they are the most promising ones from the game.


In Arknights combat, his strong ranged assaults make him one of the top Bounty hunters on our list. A Tactical Point can be placed by the Blacknight anywhere within the range of the attack. Reinforcements are required if this happens. When you use an attack against an adversary that has Reinforcement between them and you, the ATK ratio is enhanced by 150 percent.


Lee, an ArKnights operator unit with an excellent record of survivability, is your best bet if you’re searching for a DPS operator unit. Because of how quickly he is able to redeploy to ArKnights, he has been promoted to the status of S-rank operator on our article.

You’ll need to replenish your DP supply at the rate of three units every three seconds if you plan on using Lee in battle. Unless you have enough DP, the operator will withdraw. His exceptional powers justify an S Rank designation despite the fact that he didn’t even become available to the public until 2022.


We give her an S level because of her high ATK/DEF ratio of 24 in Arknights, making her one of the greatest long-range Operators to be launched in 2022. Her talent is in fixing broken artwork. Ling is an excellent support operator in Arknight, and her summons will help you go through the game’s toughest fights. If she upgrades, she will have access to a maximum of five Summons.


Mostima, one of our Arknights, is at the top of our list of operators for the S-Tier. She has the ability to increase her own attack power by utilizing the ATK Up Y skill. She also has a technique called Bound of Shattered Time that allows her to temporarily stun many foes at once.


With his talent “Surging Brilliance,” Blemishine may increase the damage of his assaults and heal one of his allies.


One of Eunectes’s most distinctive abilities as an Arknight is her ability to call out a High Priest to fight in her stead, wreaking havoc on all in its path.


Hoshiguma’s high hit-point count allows her to remain in combat for far longer than the other operators in the game. She also makes use of a variety of buffs.


Tin Burning is a buff that Nian can utilize to increase her Attack and Defense. Additionally, she is able to inflict extra Arts Attacks with her regular Physical Damage.


Saria is a top-tier healer on our Arknights team. Saira will heal all friendly units if their health drops below 50%. Her Medicine Dispensing talent allows her to heal all friendly troops in the immediate area.


With the help of her Flash Shield, Liskarm may unleash a tremendous electrical surge at her attackers, allowing her to use her Counter Arc ability to simultaneously attack numerous foes.


Ceobe is up next. Ceobe’s ability to render his foes blind in addition to increasing the harm of his assaults is impressive.


As with the other powerful operators on our list, Eyjafjalla has the ability to boost the damage of his assaults using a talent called Ignition. His Duetto ability provides a temporary increase in attack power.


By using his ability called Socrhed Earth, Ifrit may inflict devastating damage on all-around adversaries. Unfortunately, he loses health when using the talent. Which is why it’s best to save it until when you really need it.


The hammer is Mudrock’s weapon of choice for dispatching foes. Crag Splitter is a talent that allows her to swing the hammer in a sweeping arc, doing damage to all adjacent opponents. She can also attempt to shock her foes with this assault.


The blaze has a power-up called Power Strike that allows him to deal more damage with his strikes. Yet, after a series of hits, the harm of his blow will rise.


The Chi Xiao – Unsheath ability allows Ch’en to simultaneously deal Physical Attack and Arts Damage to several foes.


Hellagur’s Half-Moon talent gives him a 75% chance to avoid the next physical assault.


Sundial, Lappland’s buff that increases her ATK and makes her more resistant to Physical Attacks, also reduces the damage she takes. Her other ability provides a similar benefit.


Truesilver Slash is one of SilverAsh’s most potent abilities. It gives him a significant increase in ATK and extends the reach of his strikes.


A few of Skadi’s abilities have an uplifting effect. Her Tidal ELegy ability improves her HP, DEF, and ATK, while her Wave Strike ability increases her ATK.


Through her use of Creed Field, Shining is able to significantly aid her squad. While enhancing Shining’s own ATK, it also raises the DEF of any allied units in the immediate vicinity.


Using his Medical Drone talent, Silence can locate a Namesake. The Namesake then will restore the health of any nearby Operators. However, after 10 seconds, it will automatically destroy itself.


One such operator who may help the squad in many ways is Warfarin. Once her allies’ health drops below 50%, she can heal them and increase their attack power.


To increase her lethality in battle, Exusiai can use her Charging Mode ability. After a handful of regular assaults, the user may unleash a flurry of three devastating blows using the item.


Using a talent called Buckshot, Meteorite may greatly extend the range of her assaults.


With her Avalance Breaker ability, Rosa may hurl a barrage of harpoons at a group of foes all at once. Those who are hit by the attack will also lose their sight.


Bone Fracture is a talent that extends Specter’s life on the battlefield by ensuring that her health never drops below 1. Thus, you shouldn’t expect an easy victory from her.


The Molten Giant ability has various outcomes for Surtr. It not only improves the range of her attacks but also increases their power. When she employs her ability, her strikes do more damage to nearby enemies.


Thorns is the next tier on our list of Arknights. He has the ability to increase his Damage, Attack, and Critical Rates by utilizing his talents.


Myrtle, like Elysium, has the ability to produce DP. He may generate 14 DP in 8 seconds, which is less than the average.


Siege’s attack damage is improved by her Skull Breaker ability. The extended time between attacks, though, makes them somewhat sluggish.


Rosmontis’s ability, Nociceptor Inhibition, allows her to enhance the length of her Splash Strikes and increase her attack power.


Final Tactic is a talent that Schwarz uses to enhance her strike range, allowing her to hit foes from a greater distance. In addition, it increases her attack power.


W possesses one of the simplest powers in the game. Tossing a grenade with his King of Hearts ability does harm to all-around foes.


Phantom of the Dark not only allows him to dodge physical assaults more swiftly but also acts as a formidable shield, greatly enhancing his defenses.

Red Project

Execution Mode, a talent developed by Projekt Red, allows them to dodge both Physical and Art assaults with greater ease.


Weedy possesses a very lethal ability among Arknights. She has the ability to unleash a wave of nitrogen gas at her enemies, inflicting significant Arts damage. For use when you need to hit numerous foes at once, the move is ideal.


Using her Arcane Staff – Quick Charge Mode talent, Angelina can boost the damage done by her assaults.


The Rapid Fire ability gives Aak a greater rate of attack with his attacks, which gives him a better opportunity of finishing off his opponent swiftly.


Shamare’s opponents will have a terrible time if she places a namesake near them since it will reduce the attack and defense of all adjacent targets to zero.


The next operator on our Arknights tier list cn, Suzuran, uses a technique called Foxfire Haze to slow down his foes’ mobility at the cost of his own ability to strike them. 


The bagpipe has a talent called Swift Strike that increases his damage every second. Additionally, his strikes can do greater damage because of his High-Impact Assault talent.


Elysium’s Support talent allows him to quickly amass 18 DP in just 8 seconds. While employing the ability, however, he is defenseless.


One of those operators who can impede the progress of their foes is Magallan. This gives your troops a good opportunity to launch a devastating attack.


The first of Scene’s talents boosts the attack power of her Buggy Cam, while the second gives her the opportunity to use a second one.

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A Tier

Arknights Tier List A Tier
A Tier.

The A tier of the Arknights Tier List China has all those operators that are great in their skills, however, they do lack somewhat in abilities from those of the S tier.


For the month of August 2022, Goldenglow is ranked as one of the top Arknights characters. She may use her Arts training to mitigate harm. Additionally, she will be in charge of a drone that will inflict harm on the adversary. Because of her skill, she is now an excellent long-range DPS for the Arknights, and she has risen to the top of our ranking at the S rank. Additionally, her drone may cause 110% more damage than the operator’s Atk if it would attack the same adversary repeatedly.


She is another fantastic five-star operator. Since she is a long-range fighter, she will use Arts to deliver harm to her foes. While her talent is active, she also helps her teammates recover their health. In other words, she may restore up to 75% of their maximum HP, which is precisely proportional to their Attack. When you reach the end game in Arknights, her ranged abilities will be invaluable in helping you survive the grueling fights. More importantly, she will provide excellent assistance to your tank and DPS players.


He has excellent power and also has a fantastic AoE compared to the other Operators. Debuffs are Corroserum’s specialty, and the Art Damage she gives is area-of-effect. He is one of the most well-rounded characters in Arknight, despite being one of the newest Operators to be released in 2022. The upgrade increases the time it takes for Corroserum to recover by 0.05 seconds.


If you’re looking for a melee character who can deal a lot of damage, she’s near the top of our Arknights list . Her primary strength is in DP recovery, and she also has faster Redeployment. 


The Minimalist is an excellent option for long-range DPS roles. Art damage is how he hurts his foes. As an added measure, he plans to employ a drone to carry out the attacks. His drone’s damage will increase if it repeatedly attacks the same target. If the operator has an Atk of 110 or higher, he can take damage of up to 110%. The Minimalist is a fun character to play and has a solid arsenal of tools.


When it comes to expanding the reach of her Art Attacks. She has the ability to summon a Sand Obelisk as well.


Gitano’s Destiny skill grants her a number of bonuses, including the ability to target multiple foes at once, a boost to her attack power, and a greater attack range.


Simply by slamming his staff to the ground, Leonhardt can send a powerful shockwave toward his foes. Deconstruct and Detonate is the ability he employs for that purpose.


The Wind Whispers ability greatly expands Mint’s range and increases the damage of her attacks.


Fire of Heaven, wielded by Skyfire, is among the most incredible abilities possessed by Arknights. As a result, she can use it to summon a meteorite that will fall on her foes and deal massive damage.


With the help of her Resilient Mode ability, Asbestos can take less damage from Art Attacks.


Bison’s DEF Up skill raises his DEF, allowing him to take more damage. Because of this ability, he can engage in combat for longer.


Spirit Burst is a skill of Amiya’s that allows her to attack multiple foes at once. Even her own HP and ATK can be greatly boosted by her abilities.


Absinthe can quickly dispatch foes with the aid of her skill, Enforcement Mode, which prioritizes attacking those with the lowest health.


Bibeak’s Blade Swap skill inflicts respectable Arts damage on its five targets at once and is useful against multiple foes. But they need to be all in range of the attack for it to work.


Broca can increase his attack power with his Galvanize ability. High-Voltage Current is a skill of his that has the same effect but to a greater degree. In addition, it extends the reach of his blows.


With her Magnetic Hammer, Croissant can slam the ground and send a powerful shockwave in any direction aimed at her prey. The shockwave not only inflicts severe damage but also temporarily paralyzes its victims.


ATK Up is a skill that Andreana can use to increase her own attack power. Andreana’s ATK is already fairly high, so the ability only makes her more dangerous in battle.


Increases to Cuora’s DEF are possible for the same reason that Bison’s are for him, because it gives Cuora a little bit of a buffer.


Nearl’s abilities are geared toward mending damaged allies. If a member of her friendly unit drops below 50% health, she can restore some of that health using her First Aid skill.


Flametail, a newly released Operator with exceptional abilities in Arknight, has quickly risen to the top of our 2022 tier list for melee Operators. A powerful melee unit with excellent DP recovery, Flametail is a must-have. She also has a high Survival rate and is useful as an endgame Operator. She is a fantastic leader because of her unique ability to simultaneously block attacks from two foes.


Vulcan has a longer combat endurance than most due to her Guardian Mode ability, which allows her health to regenerate over time. However, her second ability has the opposite effect and increases her attack power.


Astesia’s DEF and ATK can both benefit from her Astral Protection skill. Her second talent has the same effect but to a much greater degree.


With his Sharpner Burst ability, Ayerscarpe can both slow down his foes and inflict additional Arts damage on them. His Activate Phase Blades ability also allows him to extend the range of his strikes.


Relentless is a skill that Flint can use to increase the destructive potential of his attacks. With the ability, Flint can also reduce the speed of his opponent’s attacks.


Both Franka’s attack power and movement speed can be increased through the use of her Swift Strike skill, and her attack power can be increased even further through the use of her Vorpal Edge skill.


Indra has a skill called Armorcrusher that allows her attacks to deal more damage. Her secondary ability allows her attacks to deal additional Arts damage.


Utage’s Space Out is an amazing ability that not only increases her DEF but also allows her to heal her HP naturally over time. The main drawback of this skill, however, is that while it is active, she cannot attack or block.


With her Healing Up ability, Nightingale can restore a great deal of health to herself. Besides healing and shielding her allies, she can also use these abilities herself.


The Perfumer is another operator with healing abilities on our tier list for Arknights.


Thanks to her Enkephalin ability, Ptilopsis can also greatly extend the range of her attacks. With the skill, she can now attack with shorter intervals.


Honeyberry, which debuted in Arknight in 2022, is a fantastic long-range unit that we’ve included in our tier list. She can restore her teammates’ health and is a powerful healer. On top of that, she has a 50% recovery rate from Elemental Damage done by ATK. She is available at any shop that accepts gift vouchers.


Whisperain can restore health to two allies who are experiencing the effects of an enemy unit’s status condition using her Oriented Diagnosis ability.


Whislash’s two abilities are both geared toward improving her Rebuke ability.


With Water Blessing, Ceylon can grant two allies the benefit of Status Resistance. Her attack power is significantly increased by the skill as well.

Poison Blue

Using a talent called Twinshot, Blue Poison is just like the other operators in that she can amplify the damage of her attacks.


Camouflage is a skill possessed by Firewatch that grants invisibility for a time and increases attack power.


By using her Flying Feather ability, Greythhorat can land two devastating blows on her opponent.


Pagasian Sight, Platinum’s special ability, not only extends the range of her attacks but also permanently increases her attack power.


An additional boost to Provence’s ATK is available through a skill called Prey Seeker, making her a more formidable opponent. When the skill is active, however, Provence can only attack foes with 80% health or less.


As an added bonus to her attacks, Cliffheart’s Chain Hook skill also allows her to pull her target closer to herself, increasing the severity of her blows.


As a result of his Fancy Maneuvers skill, Ethan is able to deal some Arts damage with his regular attacks. The second ability enhances attack power.


Manticore is another operator with the ability to impede his foes’ progress. Additionally, he has the ability to stun his foes.

Wài Fù

Wài Fu can increase her attack power thanks to her ability called One-inch Punch. The best part is that if she uses an attack against an opponent while the skill is active, their attack power will be lowered.


Reed’s attack power and speed are boosted by her Swift Strike ability. Her second ability, however, boosts her Arts damage.


Texas can hit multiple foes at once with her Sword Rain ability, which also helps her summon a rain of energy blades. The attack is devastating, and its effects include stunning the foes it hits.


With her Binary Reload ability, Glaucus is able to strike at not just one but two foes at once. The skill boosts her attack power as well.


With the help of her Concentration skill, Istina is able to quickly dispatch her foes by shortening the time between her attacks.


Mayer is someone who can use the skill Detonate and Recycle to cause his Robotters to explode once they have been deployed on the battlefield. Anyone who is caught inside the blast zone will take significant damage and be temporarily stunned.


Feater can push his opponent away and slow their movement with his Raging Iron Fist ability.


With her Shadow Assault ability, Gravel can significantly boost her defenses. However, she is protected from harm by her Rat Swarm ability.


Jaye’s attacks can deal decent damage, and with the Shell Splitter skill, he can make them even more lethal by inflicting the silence effect on all targets.


Vigna is one of the Arknights’ operators with the highest attack damage potential. With the help of ATK Up, however, she can boost that stat even further.


If Zima’s Charge skill is fully charged, she gains 12 DP.


With his Natural Deterrent ability, Pramanix can lower his foes’ Defense and Resistance stats. Only those who are in the target demographic will feel the effects.


Hymn of Battle is a skill that Sora can use to boost her team’s attack power.

B Tier

Decent operators from the game.
B Tier.

Here in the B rank of the Arknights Tier List 200, we will find all those operators which are not so good and not so bad as well. They are somewhat average in their abilities.


Pozyomka, one of the greatest-ranging operators introduced in August 2022, has quickly risen to the top of our tier ranking for Arknights. She is able to deal with a direct hit with remarkable precision. Given her proficiency in the area, she would be a fantastic DPS operator. In addition to being a powerful gunner. The best way to make use of her skills is in player-versus-player (PvP) games.


Since she does not do much damage in Arknight, she is ranked in the B tier. Pudding deals out decent damage an the Arts are vulnerable to her onslaught. When she jumps to one of three or four additional foes, she reduces her damage by 15% for each target she reaches. Moreover, she has the ability to bestow the status effect Slowly.


Leize’s ATK may be increased with the use of her ATK Up skill. She can boost it even higher by employing her second talent.


Hung, like Gummy, may restore health to an ally whose HP is critically low. However, he uses a different strategy.


The ability to increase stamina, which Mattherhorn possesses, is one of the game’s most important. For the simple reason that it allows him to heal his own HP whenever he needs to.

The Mane of a Wild Animal

We ranked Wild Mane so low solely because she was only launched in 2022 and her talents haven’t been much improved in Arknight. But she can contribute to your squad as a melee damage dealer. After a successful battle, she can get one DP. And when she finally gives up, she’ll return your initial investment in DP. Nightmare can aid her ally unit by healing them with her Drain Soul ability.


Tomimi can use her ability “Protection Plan for Gavial” to help keep Gavial safe. Adding one of three effects to her assaults, here is one of the more intriguing abilities in the Arknights repertoire. The target can be stunned, the attack’s damage can be increased, and Splash damage can be dealt with more often. The bubble has a defensive enhancement ability known as “DEF Up.” 


Our Arknights tier list includes Dur-Nar as one of the operators who, thanks to talent, may increase their ATK. B tier is absolutely perfect for her.


As long as the unit is friendly, Gummy may help them recover by feeding them. Among the several ways to restore a friendly unit’s health, this one stands out as the most novel in Arknight.


Arene has a talent called “Just Kidding” that allows her to deliver two extremely strong hits. If you get hit again, you’ll take more damage than before. 


Click’s many tools is a drone, which speeds up and simplifies many of its processes. She has access to an ability called ATK Up, which she may use to boost her own and her drone’s attack power.


Tactical Chant is one of Grey’s skills that may be used to increase his Attack Speed and Damage Dealt, and Electrostatic Discharge is another. But his second talent improves upon it immensely.


Haze’s Crimson Eyes ability raises her attack and speed stats. However, as a result, she loses 75% of her HP.


Beehunter’s ability to use Flexibility to rapidly avoid harm means he can stay in the fight for longer.


An unexpected explosion caused by the use of a skill discovered by Genesis can be used by those who have conviction. Every adversary inside the blast’s radius takes significant Arts damage.


In addition to doing extra damage, Frostleaf may slow down his opponent using one of his talents.


Jackie possesses a unique ability called Pay Close Attention. He can rapidly avoid harm, but he can’t deal with any himself. The ability should only be utilized in dire situations, such as when your health is low and you need to get away quickly.


Matoimaru’s self-healing ability, Regeneration, ensures that she is never an impediment to her comrades.


Melantha, like Estelle, has a strong base attack (ATK) and may increase it further with her ATK Up skill.


Both Sussurro’s attack and speed are improved by her second talent, which she learns after learning her first. Aciddrop
Fancy Shot is a basic ability that increases Acciddrop’s attack speed and damages with each hit.


Attacks from Mousse, if she has the Scratch skill active, will reduce the target’s attack power (ATK) by 1.


Savage may cause significant harm to her foes by unleashing a shockwave in their direction, making it a great ability for dealing with huge numbers of enemies all at once.


In addition to her other abilities, Sideroca possesses a self-healing talent called Regeneration. That makes it impossible for her to get medical assistance from her teammates.


While Breeze’s Cluster Therapy may accommodate a considerable deal of her ATK, it limits her to no more than a pair of simultaneous healings.


Our Arknights’ tier list would not be complete without the inclusion of Folininc, another medical professional. A skill called “Max-Dosage Infusion” allows her to broaden her healing effects. With this, she can provide aid to her teammates even if she isn’t near them.


Cutter can hurl four throwing knives at once, each one dealing significant damage. His second ability is similar, but it affects five foes instead of four.


Estelle has a high base attack speed. Nonetheless, he can improve its effectiveness by employing an ability known as ATK Up.


With the aid of Blood Pact, Flamebringer can regain some of his health after taking a few hits. After using the ability, Flamebringer’s next attack will have increased damage over its normal value.


Gavial has incredible healing abilities and can be relied on to aid her teammates in time of need.


Myrrh can simultaneously heal herself and her allies, restoring even more health to them. The greatest benefit of the skill is that it is always active whenever Myrrh is healing an ally.


Using her Swift Strike ability, Aosta can quickly and decisively defeat her foes. She can inflict more damage with her attacks thanks to the boost in her ATK and ASPD provided by the skill.


April can temporarily hide her identity with the help of the stealth ability Precise Shooting.


The ability to use two shotguns at once makes the Executor a badass, and the Final Journey book does nothing to diminish this impression.


The Paralyzing Shell ability gives May May a significant damage boost and slows down anyone she hits.
If Vermeil uses his ATK Upskill, he can boost his own attack power.


Using her Hook Shot ability, Rope can also draw her foe closer to herself. Her attacks also do more damage as a result of the same skill.


Snowswant, like Rope, possesses a talent that allows her to draw an opponent closer to herself.


Shaw’s attacks can deal more damage thanks to her Steam Pump ability. As an added bonus, she can use the ability to fling her foe far away.


Through the use of her Visual Trap ability, Deepcolor is able to extend the range of her attacks, while also giving friendly units in the area a chance to avoid physical harm.


Courier shares his ability with Chiave, allowing it to be used to gain DP. When fully charged, however, he only gains 9 DP rather than 12.


Grani’s DEF Up skill allows him to take more damage while simultaneously increasing his DEF.


Scavenger, like Courier from earlier, has access to a DP recovery skill that, when fully charged, grants her 9 DP.


Aromatherapy is a Podenco ability that not only increases her Attack but also heals all friendly units in her immediate area. As long as the ability is active, however, she will be unable to initiate combat. Therefore, use it only when there are no potential dangers around.


Tsukinogi has the option of dodging both Physical and Arts attacks thanks to her Without a Traceability.


The charge is a skill of Chaive that, when fully charged, gives him 12 DP.


Sesa can inflict significant damage on her foes by tossing a couple of grenades in their general direction.


With her Shuriken ability, Shirayuki can extend the range of her attacks. She can more accurately aim at distant foes with this.

C Tier

Average operators from the game.
C Tier.

The final tier includes the below-average operators from the game, which do not make much of a difference to your game. They do not have any special skills. 


Midnight’s first ability, Enhacnt Weapon, transforms his assault into an Arts attack. Targeting Primary, his second talent, allows him to further improve the destructive potential of his blows.


Popukar already has a high base ATK, and her ATK Upskill can make it much higher.


Beagle’s chances of survival may be improved by using her DEF Upskill, which raises her DEF and allows her to eat more damage.


One more operator on our Arknights power ranking that never needs medics is Cardigan, thanks to his Regeneration ability. Because of this ability, he is never a burden on his team.


Lava has access to a talent called Tactical Chant that she may use to increase her attack speed and critical chance.


By using his Power Strike ability, Steward may make his assaults even more devastating. His second ability allows him to increase his attack power.


The secondary healing mode of Spot functions slightly differently. It prohibits him from harming opponents while healing friendly troops in close proximity. The talent does raise his ATK, but it also makes his attack intervals longer.


Due to his lack of any skills, Castle-3 stands out from the other operators on our Arknights Tier List. In battle, he never uses anything but his innate skills.


Two of Swire’s abilities are as follows. The first is known as Cooperative Combat, while the second is Command and Dispatch. Both of these abilities let him make better use of his Melee Combat Guiding talent.


As she heals her allies, Hibiscus’ Healing Upskill also increases their health.


Ambriel’s attacks have a greater range than normal thanks to her Snaring Shell ability, which complements her natural sniper training.


Catapult is capable of devastating damage with her rocket-like attacks. By using her Blast Range Up ability, she can extend the range of her Aqua attacks.


Healers like Ansel can increase their own attack power by using Ansel’s Healing Range Up ability. This talent also extends his healing radius, allowing him to restore health to distant allies.


The power of Plume Plume’s ATK UP talent is immense.


There are two outcomes to using Vanilla’s Command – Reinforcement ability. At first, it gives her a temporary increase in her attack power. Second, she gains 6 DP from it.


Jessica’s Attack Power (ATP) may be raised by using her Smokescreen ability. In addition, she may now safely ignore both Physical and Artistic defenses.


While Orchid’s first talent increases both her attack and speed, her second skill simply improves her speed.


When fully charged, Fang’s Charge ability gives him 6 DP.


With her Double Tap ability, Kroos may unleash not one but two devastating shots at once.


When Meteor uses her Armor Breaker ability, she can lower her opponent’s DEF. Furthermore, her strikes receive a significant increase in damage from her ability.


All foes inside Earthspirit’s attack radius will have their mobility slowed by her Quicksand Conversion talent. When the ability is used, however, she is defenseless. Therefore, you should only utilize it when you intend to help your squad.

D Tier

Arknights Tier List D Tier
D Tier.

The D tier of the Arknights tier list cn has those operators which are fairly the worst ones. They should better be ignored for a good game.


It is possible for 12F to avoid Physical strikes thanks to his Doge Rate Up skill. But the reality is that it only works half the time.


It’s not all bad news for Durin, though; he can also avoid damage half the time because to his talent. It allows him to do damage using Arts Dodging instead of Physical Dodging.

Black Corneal

The extra HP and DEF provided by Noir Corne’s Improved Armor allow him to take more hits and stay in combat for longer.


Dobermann possesses a talent that, after a series of assaults, exponentially raises the damage of his attacks.

Justice Knight

She’s a robot with a good range that can help out the team. Since she lacks any unique skills necessary to succeed in Arknight’s challenging combat, you’d be better off utilizing one of the other ranged operators on our list. The robot will prioritize attacking the air force first and will not bother with the Deployment Limit. However, remember that the robot requires some time to redeploy.


THRM-EX, like Castle-3, has no abilities to offer.


Yato has no practical skills and must rely entirely on her natural abilities.


One of Lancet-2’s greatest strengths as an Arknight is his exceptional skill set. The nearest friendly troops’ health will be restored and healed by her Support Spray.


Adnachiel has access to a talent called ATK Up, which increases his damage output.


Our discussion of the best Arknights operators would be incomplete without including Ranger. However, he lacks the necessary qualifications.


Here was our Arknights tier list, and we worked really hard to place all the operators with proper justice. However, these rankings may or may not correspond with your individual tastes. And that’s fine since everyone plays games in their own way, and what I find appealing may not necessarily appeal to you. 

However, we tried our best to construct a list that represented the current meta and reflected our individual playstyles. I believe the majority of readers will approve of our selections. However, if you disagree, you are more than free to voice your opinion in the section below. The writers at TopTierList constantly accept critical feedback in good spirits and use it to further our analyses.

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