Rocket League Tier List: All The Best Cars Ranked

Because it consistently achieves top rankings across many platforms, I think it’s safe to assume that Rocket League is incredibly popular among gamers all around the globe. Fans that have previously played the game know that there are many vehicles to acquire in it, and yet, some do not know how to get started or even what to seek. So with our Rocket League Tier List, we will help you out with that dilemma.

In Rocket League, you may choose from a wide range of vehicles. Each Vehicle has its unique hitbox and handling characteristics, which affect things, including how the ball comes in contact with your Vehicle and how quickly you can spin. The game’s mechanisms and meta have undergone significant revisions throughout its existence. Because of this, it is essential to have an understanding of which vehicles are considered to be the greatest in the game.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 16 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the cars according to their performances, controls, and unique attributes.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find cars like Octane, Dominus, and Batmobile.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe cars like Paladin, Outlaw, and Dingo.


S Tier

Greatest Cars of the Rocket League
The Greatest Cars of Rocket League.

Let’s start with the S rank of the Rocket League Car Tier List 2022. If you ask any regular players, they will say that these are the finest of the bunch. In terms of the metagame, no others can compare to those belonging to the S tier.


The Octane may be the game’s initial Vehicle, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s often regarded as the pinnacle of vehicle performance in Rocket League. This Vehicle is our top selection for the most excellent car to utilize in Rocket League since it excels in every aspect. A kind of car which is perfect in every way; it is well-made, rides smoothly, and snugly fills all corners and crevices.

An all-around bad idea in most games, a jack-of-all-trades design helps you out in Rocket League. Most Rocket League professionals think that Octane’s controls are the best they’ve ever used. The player may start using the Vehicle immediately because it is among the four available choices.

It’s also an option that the player is first presented with upon starting the game. In the forward or central positions on a team, you need to be able to adjust your play on the fly. You need to be able to go from offense to defense on a dime, and the Octane is designed to do just that. There is a reason why the vast majority of eSports pros use some version of the Vehicle.

The on-screen hitbox is accurately represented, the steering and directional controls are responsive, and the Vehicle is fast and powerful enough to pose a real danger. The truncated length is the only real negative since it may make you less effective in confrontations. The Octane hitbox may be seen on various vehicles, including the Takumi and the Twinzer. These are also viable choices. However, most expert players like the default Octane because of the optimal fit between its vehicle model and its hitbox in-game.



The Dominus is, second only to the Octane, the most commonly chosen Vehicle at expert levels. It has similar air advantages to the plank-type Batmobile vehicles, although it corners better than those cars. The Dominus combines the advantages of both hitbox Plank and Octane, respectively, into a single vehicle giving players a chance to handle it like an Octane and plank car in the air and on the ground.

Among the number of trendy cars, the Dominus is the top choice of people who place a premium on power and offense. It has a well-balanced hitbox. Thus, it can be used in various situations. It’s a great option for both the defense and offense.

Furthermore, Dominus has never looked better. The Dominus looks like a traditional muscle vehicle thanks to its stretched front end and retro-inspired paint scheme. Cars of this design are optimized for dribble flights and tight bends due to their physical construction. Dominus’s ample size makes it a good choice for managing a ball during a game. And thanks to its sturdy, medium height, and flat frame, it excels at dribbling, passing a ball along with control during air-bone.

It’s a fantastic choice if you need a vehicle that can serve multiple purposes. However, the Octane is superior in its defensive maneuvers and dribbles. It’s the best Vehicle for intermediate and advanced players and it is also great for beginner players. Useful in all aspects of gameplay.



The longest Vehicle in the game with a plank hitbox, the Dominus is one of a kind. Many professional players choose the Vehicle because of its angular shape, which allows for strong, precise shots, and its long, flat frame, which can be used as a useful tool for dribbling and gaining a lot of control of the ball. It’s speedy and has a very sleek and flat design. It has an extremely tight turning circle and is simple to maneuver in the air.

The design is flawless; it successfully evokes the Dark Knight. A Batmobile is a popular choice for many players, who will see several of them as they progress through the game. The Batmobile performs admirably in both on-the-ground and in-the-air situations, but beginners should know that it has a reputation for being difficult to control. You must wait if you haven’t played the game for at least a few hours. 

Do you want complete command of the ball, the ability to target strong shots accurately, and full-field coverage? Then the Batmobile is the choice. The Batmobile may be your best choice if you need more ball command when dribbling. However, for those who can get their hands on it, it’s a terrific choice and among the game’s top vehicles.



The Mantis has an outstanding design. The length is just right for players to maintain possession for extended periods, yet it isn’t so long that it becomes uncontrollable. The Mantis is well-suited for more defensive gaming and midair handling thanks to its slim build, outstanding midair performance, simple handling, and design.
When it comes to shooting and passing, Mantis is unrivaled. It’s also a great vehicle to drive; those who have tried it immediately fall in love.

Although it is one of the shorter vehicles in the game and may increase the frequency you need to leap, it is still a good option in some circumstances. As a result of its agility, width, and ability to perform fantastic flips, you can rock a successful offensive game if you use it correctly.
It’s recommended to practice flips and sideswipes to become a better player. Because of the smaller hitbox, you can expect a lot of balls must go flying by you at first.

The Mantis is your best bet if you’re looking for a substitute for the Batmobile. Its low profile, significant boost, and precise handling make it a dangerous opponent on the ground. With its elongated frame, the Vehicle can better provide all-around protection. The sleek form factor facilitates effortless handling.


A Tier

Prominent Cars of the Rocket League
The Prominent Cars of Rocket League.

Moving on to the A tier of the Rocket League Tier List. Cars in the current tier are excellent examples of their respective categories but aren’t quite at the level of S-tier cars.


Marauder becomes an unappreciated option; it’s closely related to the Octane, a legendary most extraordinary vehicle in the gameplay, but it’s considerably more cumbersome and tank-like in appearance. As a result, it imparts a sense of heaviness to the Vehicle, But that’s also what makes each blow seem all the more devastating. Its massive size effectively covers a wide area to protect the goal while also scaring the opponent.

Its monstrous appearance may scare off some players, and the Marauder’s less-than-smooth handling may frustrate others, but the Marauder serves hits unlike any other and is great for blocking shots before they reach the goal. Because of that, it’s ideal for the role of a goalie. To put it another way, Marauder allows you to prevent goals from being scored against your team from a greater distance. 

Its hefty frame gives it a powerful advantage when you need it to pack a punch. It may fool you into thinking it’s a Merc variation, but it’s just a beefed-up Octane hitbox. This increases its offensive utility and makes it a more formidable defensive opponent. The Marauder offers the finest option for the defense at any time. Some of your quickness and maneuvering will be compromised, sure.

In sum, it’s a significant improvement over the Merc for novices looking for a ball with improved dribbling and airborne abilities. Unfortunately, it’s still not much more than a novelty vehicle. However, it does have some aesthetic appeal.



Breakout is among the three starting vehicles. Despite its lack of widespread renown compared to cars like the Batmobile, Dominus, and even the Octane, the breakout proves itself more than capable of meeting any challenge.

Despite its unattractive, boxy exterior, the breakout’s agility and speed make it a formidable vehicle. It has improved dribbling efficiency and floats more gracefully in the air. It is easier to line up shots on target because of its relatively flat top. The vehicle’s long, low profile suggests it was designed for air travel. And while it may be a little shorter, the hitbox still clings closely to the roof, making it a safe and dependable choice for recreational and competitive play thanks to reduced chances of mistiming shots.

The breakout is the most dependable and accurate of the three default vehicles (Octane and Merc being the others). Breakout excels at guiding balls and throwing, but its awkwardness in the air is a major drawback; yet, after the player gets acclimated to the Vehicle’s unusual controls, breakout performs well when air-bone.

While the breakout is seldom seen in professional Rocket League, freestyle players sometimes utilize it to perform spectacular aerial stunts. It has a workable hitbox that’s essentially a broader and shorter Dominus hitbox. Despite being less agile than Dominus when air bone, it’s a serviceable substitute for those without access to the Dominus or a vehicle featuring the Plank hitbox.



The Vehicle successfully combines the best features of the Hybrid & Dominus classes while keeping the Octane qualities. Accessible after several matches have been played. You shouldn’t change your mind about the car once you have access to it.

With its comfortable design and pleasant flight, the Takumi also excels in the air. Takumi’s compact build isn’t always the best for defense, but its angle and nose extension makes it an excellent option while competing in hoops style. It’s designed to improve your game and make flying and controlling your Vehicle in the air easy. You’ll need to become used to the car’s calm and silky feel behind the wheels to manage the Vehicle’s responsiveness better.

If you’re a fan of the elite type of car but are looking for something that can meet a little more distance in terms of height, it could be for you. The Takumi isn’t simply fast and has a good turn of speed; it also feels quite solid and is a joy to drive.

RarityVery RareLegacy


The Endo’s shape is a little boxier than some of the game’s other popular vehicles. Regarding the Hybrid hitbox, Endo is, without a doubt, your finest option. Excellent fusion of Octane and Dominus. Endo’s stylish design and high-performance ranking are a winning combination. Its long, tapered profile is well-suited for maneuvering in midair-, where it can generate significant momentum.

The Vehicle is ideal for newcomers because it offers a longer ride without compromising surface area or stature. Beautiful spirals that Endo creates for you in the air are something you simply must have more of. The Endo has a lengthier design than the Octane, making it easier to create power when going upside down.

It may be inferior to the Octane in several respects. The Endo’s weak spot is in the corners, where the Octane, Dominus, and Breakout all shine. Regarding maneuverability in the air, it makes up for its limited turning radius on the ground. However, it is a terrific alternative for those who want to try something different from the norm. A competent driver will recognize the Vehicle’s versatility and be able to capitalize on it by utilizing its offensive capabilities.


B Tier

Average Cars of the Rocket League
The Average Cars of Rocket League.

Now we are at the B rank of our Rocket League Car Tier List 2022. These vehicles may lack the power of A-tier cars, but they have a certain charm. There are benefits to utilizing these cars but also significant drawbacks. 


This tiny machine has a lot of devoted followers. The Vehicle behaves and appears to be no different than a hyperactive youngster. Among the best-handling car is the Aftershock because of its tremendous speed and instantaneous response to hard corners.

If speed is your only concern, Aftershock is your best bet. Its usable boost and normal acceleration make it ideal for racing across the field at top speed. Aftershock’s fantastic high speed is matched by its large build to achieve solid and faultless turns. However, these factors turn the controls somewhat weighty.

Its control plus body type are comparable to the Dominus, making it easy to transition from one to the other. The hitbox is tiny. Thus, timing is essential. It is not suitable for newbies, designed solely for use in offensive situations. The Vehicle is a major contribution that has immediately become a huge favorite.

RarityLegacyVery Rare


The Merc’s large hitbox isn’t a favorite of every player. However, its massive size makes it excellent for blocking shots, sending the ball flying, and even exploding into other players. It’s easy to pick up and play, even if you don’t know advanced moves like tactics, jumps, or flipping. Because of its unusual design, the Merc favors a direct approach to the game: if you want to strike the ball hard, you should use the Merc.

Even though the car is widely available, some appearance variations can be traded. There are just two vehicles, the battle Bus and the Merc that feature the Merc hitbox. Its hitbox is somewhat larger than average, making it a less desirable choice for fast-moving players due to its lower boost and turn speeds. However, those who value bulk and raw power should find the monster useful.

Nonetheless, you should know that you could fall behind in a rapid-fire competition. The Merc is the ideal choice if you need a car with a lot of weight for defensive purposes.



The Nimbus is an often overlooked vehicle that may be worth a look if you want to diversify your options beyond the similarly massive and weighty Dominus. Thanks to its Hybrid design, the Nimbus’s hitbox, and gameplay fall somewhere in the pack’s center. Some similarities to Dominus may be found. However, it is more agile and adaptable.

Its narrow body shape and top section make it an excellent ball-handling and goal-scoring weapon. The Nimbus, though, may still be a barrier on the defense and is at least somewhat useful in the air. The fairly modern Hybrid isn’t only good to look at, but it is also considered a thrilling and efficient vehicle in an overall game. Despite its small length and tiny hitbox, it is a reliable and flexible option.


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C Tier

Least Notable Cars
The Least Notable Cars of Rocket League.

We are now at the C rank of the Rocket League Tier list. I wouldn’t recommend acquiring any vehicles in the current tier if you already own cars of higher rank since they are much weaker. Due to their low stats, cars in the C tier aren’t recommended for any kind of play in Rocket League.

Bone Shaker

Yet another car gets passed over due to its quirky appearance, but its Octane layout is a tremendous asset and performs admirably. The Bone Shaker is ideal for making bold plays and eye-popping moves due to its large size and flat roof, which makes it great for making firm hits while directing the ball up from the ground or turning a strike into the net. All who put forth a little effort report that it performs rather admirably.

Its characteristics are quite similar to those of the well-liked Octane vehicle. Its toy-like appearance appeals to the game’s fan base and serves the purpose well. To top it all off, Bone Shaker is indeed a fantastic addition. Individuals who own the Hot Wheels will be able to drive this Vehicle.



The Vehicle appears to be a more straight-edged alternative to the Octane. The Vehicle’s hybrid body shape attempts to provide gamers an option among the dominus and Octane. If you’re a player who doesn’t quite fit either of these vehicles, perhaps a combination of the two can help you become more reliable on the field. The hitbox and attributes of a hybrid appearance are used for the venom, and that is typically applied to vehicles that fall between the octane and dominus ranges. Simply put, nothing else quite likes it, and it requires its unique category.

As a result of its hybrid nature, the car shares certain advantages with both. Compared to the Octane, your shot power increases dramatically, and your ability to dribble when in the air improves, even with the dominus. Good dribbling, mostly on the ground, is achieved, similar to the Octane, albeit not nearly as tightly as the Octane.

The venom downside is the loss of general maneuverability. It takes a lot of work to transform near misses into greater goals, and the process might sometimes feel pretty laborious. You obtain a better-rounded functioning consistent across the board instead of excelling in only a few areas. We recommend it to a player who is still undecided about their approach to the game and has yet to specialize, but we wouldn’t recommend it to a more seasoned player.



Paladin, with its angular design and powerful appearance, looks the part of an on-field enforcer, and it does an excellent job of living up to that expectation. The Vehicle is powered by a plank body, making it low and flat with all the advantages and disadvantages of that design. It has a plank, hence it shares comparable performance results with the Dominus, and breakout has its low profile and streamlined design. 

This Vehicle’s power is unparalleled, especially when driving sideways and striking the ball head-on. Although, despite these qualities, the player has a higher risk of missing shots or passing them to the wrong player because of the Vehicle’s small size. Generally, it necessitates effort and time to become proficient with its type.


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D Tier

Worst Cars
The Worst Cars of Rocket League.

Lastly, we have the D rank on the Rocket League Car Tier List 2022. Using a car from the D rank is pointless since it contains the game’s weakest cars. These cars aren’t particularly specialized, so you will likely have to put in a lot of work to win


Compared to other new vehicles, this one drives and handles the most like the classic Octane. With its unique design, dependable operation, and outstanding reliability, the car quickly became a fan favorite. It is not only a pleasure to drive because of its fast handling and smooth ride, but it also serves as an excellent defensive vehicle due to its size. The Outlaw may not become the “primary” option for seasoned game fans, but it fits in well as a replacement vehicle.



Unnoticed by most, the Dingo has quickly become a favorite among those who value the adaptability of the Octane. Not only does it have a fantastic appearance, thanks to its eye-catching neon green appearance, but it also has excellent mechanisms to support it. Those familiar with Nissan GT-R may notice some design cues here, albeit the Vehicle is far more powerful and efficient.

The Vehicle turns quickly and smoothly, has a steady drive, and has a well-sized and broad hitbox. Some players are heralding the Dingo as among the greatest vehicles available, but other like me disagree.


Patch Notes Version 2.26

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • An “Average Wait Time” counter has been added to the matchmaking search screen
  • Average Wait Time is based on the player population of the Regions and Playlists you select, and your Rank or skill level in those playlists
  • Time is displayed in minutes and seconds Example: “Average Wait Time: 1:15”
  • In the unlikely event that the wait time is longer than 10 minutes, the message changes to “Average Wait Time: > 10 Minutes”
  • For brand new Game Modes, LTMs, or Playlists with no Rank or skill history, the Average Wait Time counter may be hidden for a short period of time.
  • The Playlist Population meme generator indicator has been removed from the top-right corner of the Casual, Competitive, and Extra Modes menus
  • Fixed cosmetic bugs:
  • Huntress Decal for Dingo
  • Blockparty Decal on Painted Car Bodies
  • Titanium White Standard Boost
  • Animated Decals on painted variants of Hotshot Body
  • Fixed a bug causing Special Edition Infinite Yankii RL wheels to appear as normal Yankii RL wheels
  • [Xbox] Fixed a bug causing the first character to disappear when using the Xbox virtual keyboard to enter a team name
  • [PS] Unable to purchase credits after browsing contents for more than 10 minutes
  • [PC] Fixed a stability bug causing a crash on game exit
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect camera and car placement when rapidly navigating shots in Custom Training


In the end, what vehicle you choose to drive is ultimately a matter of personal taste. If you prefer a car not featured here, that doesn’t mean that your choices are wrong. Take your time, experiment, and use what works best for you. It’s fine if some players stick exclusively to something like the Octane and never explore the other vehicles. Stick with what works for you.

The goal of our Rocket League Tier List 2022 was not to lecture our audience, it was to generally list the overall perceptions and opinions regarding all the cars in the current meta. If you have any advice for us, please let us know in the comments below.