WoW Tank Tier List WotLK: Top Builds Ranked [2023]

In This Article, We Will Rank Different Tank Specifications In WotLK.

In this article, we will rank all the tank specifications of World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King, and we will call these rankings the WoW Tank Tier List WotLK. All the tank specifications will be ranked on the basis of utility, mobility, survivability, AOE capabilities, and single target capabilities. It’s worth mentioning that every tank is doing exceptionally well, so players don’t need to worry that their chosen class is hindering their performance. 

Wrath of the Lich King is the second expansion for World of Warcraft, which was first released back in 2008. This expansion came after the release of The Burning Crusade, and in the expansion, tanks play a crucial role by utilizing their abilities to absorb damage and shield their allies from enemy attacks.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 6 tank specializations in the article.
  • They are ranked on the basis of survivability, mobility, utility, AOE capabilities, and single-target capabilities in the game.
  • The strongest tier Tanks include Protection Warrior, Brewmaster Monk, and Protection Paladin.
  • The weak-tier tanks include Vengeance Demon Hunter and Guardian Druid.


To give you a quick glance at all ranks of tanks, kindly refer to the below table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Protection Warrior• Brewmaster Monk
• Protection Paladin
• Blood Death Knight• Vengeance Demon Hunter
• Guardian Druid

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.

The tanks listed below in the WotLK Tank Tier List are the most useful resources for survival, providing excellent versatility and substantial damage. They are commonly used in the most successful team setups for achieving World Firsts.

Protection Warrior

The Protection Warrior in Wrath of the Lich King is a tank that deals significant damage and poses a high threat. It is also possessing excellent crowd-control abilities and mobility. The Protection class has become one of the most enjoyable to play due to the extensive revamping of its talent tree. Its challenging yet captivating rotation, coupled with unexpected procs, makes for an exciting and dynamic experience that keeps you alert and engaged throughout. The Protection Warrior is highly effective in both dungeons and raids as a tank, thanks to its exceptional ability to generate a significant amount of threat and excellent area-of-effect capabilities. Additionally, for the first time, it has become a formidable contender in PvP due to its wide range of crowd control abilities, along with impressive burst damage and mobility.

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.

The A-tier Tank Specializations are exhibiting impressive performance and can outdo even the highest-ranked S-Tier specs in specific situations or team configurations, thanks to their unique abilities. Certain groups pushing for higher achievements will find that any of these specs can work well. Following are the tanks in A Tier.

Brewmaster Monk

Brewmaster Monks are a tank specialization that wears leather armor and offers a blend of damage mitigation. Additionally, it has a solid foundation rotation, exceptional mobility, and an impressive set of offensive and defensive cooldowns. Since their debut in Mists of Pandaria, they have consistently been among the leading tank specializations in the game and are typically well-represented in the upper echelons of raiding.

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Protection Paladin

If you desire a traditional tanking experience with the added benefits of self-healing and significant damage output, the Protection Paladin is an excellent option. The primary weapons used by the Protection Paladin include one-handed swords, axes, maces, shields, and polearms. When it comes to acquiring raid gear, Paladins can get the Conqueror Tier Token alongside the Priests, Warlocks, and Demon Hunters for legacy content. In the Shadowlands expansion’s Sepulcher of the First One’s raid, they share the Venerated Tier Token with Priests and Shamans.

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

Choosing to play as any of these tanks in the WoW WotLK Class Tier List Tank is not a disadvantage, and players will still be able to finish all sorts of challenges. Nevertheless, the tanks listed below are less likely to be used in high-level Mythic+ Keys or World Firsts since they fall short in certain aspects where other tanks shine. Following are the tanks in B Tier.

Blood Death Knight

The play style of Blood Death Knights requires a reactive approach that emphasizes optimization: generating Runic Power by utilizing spells and abilities, prioritizing them appropriately, and recovering the damage sustained by using Death Strike to heal back up. Blood Death Knights are specialized to perform exceptionally well in battles where damage is exceptionally high, but not fatal. A significant portion of their abilities and skills scale in proportion to the amount of damage they sustain. It enables them to recover greater amounts of health as they take more damage. While this approach has its limits, skilled players can utilize this specialization to great effect, making it a formidable force on the battlefield.

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

Among the Tank roles, the C rank of the WotLK Tank Tier List will be the most challenging to play effectively. This does not necessarily imply that they are incapable of fulfilling their duties. It may require considerably more effort than the other Tank roles. Following are the tanks in C Tier.

Vengeance Demon Hunter

The Vengeance Demon Hunter is a tank specialization that wears leather armor and dual-wield weapons. It offers a combination of damage reduction, self-healing, excellent mobility, and enemy control. Although the Vengeance Demon Hunter’s toolkit is not entirely centered around damage prevention, it does enable them to mitigate significant amounts of harm. Moreover, they are among the two specializations that can heal themselves based on the damage they take, with the other being Blood Death Knights. The Vengeance Demon Hunter specialization is well-suited for gamers who prefer tanking with exceptional mobility and self-healing abilities.

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D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

Specializations in the D-tier are deemed non-viable for Tanking. Although they can provide an enjoyable gameplay experience, it may be challenging to secure invitations to raids while playing one of these specs, and you might even face the possibility of being kicked out of groups. This is due to their inferior threat generation and survivability, resulting in poor tanking performance.

Guardian Druid

The Guardian Druid is a tank specialization that wears leather armor and has the ability to shape-shift. It offers a combination of damage reduction, self-healing, high mobility, and high damage output. Although it often requires the use of shape-shifting to achieve maximum damage. This specialization toolkit can allow them to survive some of the most perilous encounters with ease due to their thick hide. It offers excellent protection against significant threats. The Guardian specialization is highly recommended for novice players due to its simple and straightforward rotation.


To conclude, we would say that our WoW Tank Tier List WotLK 2023 is beneficial for players who want to dominate in the game. We have ranked each tank in World of Warcraft according to its strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, we would say that players do not need to worry about under performance of tanks as all tanks have great survivability and mitigation. We hope this information is beneficial to you, and we look forward to your input in the comments below.