WRATH DPS Tier List [Feb. 2023]

We Will Be Ranking All Of The DPS Classes In This Article.

Hey, fellas. I am excited to welcome all the World of Warcraft enthusiasts to this website. So, today in the Wrath DPS tier list. I will organize all the DPS classes individually and give you my reasons for placing them in different positions. In WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King, players may be stumped while trying to choose a playable class. Everyone has their own opinion on what role plays the most fun in a game. Damage per second is a simple measure of how much damage a specific class can do in any given situation. Although most new classes perform around average. There are clear winners and losers. Wrath of the Lich King is balanced enough that players may focus on other aspects of the game without worrying too much about their class choice since each class has at least one specialty that performs well at some point in the expansion.

Many players choose to switch foci as the expansion progresses through its many stages. Certain situations call for specific classes. Your play style may mesh better with one or another. As a result, I am developing a classification system. As the answer varies greatly depending on the specifics. Despite being familiar with the name, you probably never gave the game a try.

There is a lot of chatter about this franchise if you speak to the appropriate individuals. They may have even attempted to get you interested in their preferred video game franchise. If you’re looking for a brief overview of the game’s features and, more importantly, why the game and its DPS classes stand out. This article is for you. The list is a must-read for every fan of this genre.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Over a decade and a half have passed since Blizzard’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft first gained widespread popularity. In addition to its low entrance barrier and unique, different character classes, the era’s stylized visuals also operated well on various platforms. This monster has broken sales records. Sadly, a few friendships too. With the release of the second expansion, “Wrath of the Lich King,” Blizzard has ensured that their game won’t be forgotten any time soon.

New races and a focus on new players were included with the Burning Crusade expansion, which was released in January 2007. Lich King keeps Blizzard’s regularly updating its games with new features. The Lich King plays a significant role in the tale of this expansion, as suggested by the name. A substantial player in Blizzard’s fictional world, which is both serious and humorous sometimes.

The mythology around him and his native continent of Encana has been developed. His backstory is expanded upon. Players may expect to see him often in both dungeons and regular tasks since he plays a crucial role in moving the story forward. This may seem like a bit of detail. It helps to round out the plot and create a unified setting. Introducing a new class is one of the most noticeable changes this enlargement brings.

The Death Knight, a class inspired by Warcraft III’s hero troops, is unlocked at Level 55 and is reserved for the most advanced players. Nowadays, people are still drawn to the game for its competitive player-versus-player (PVP) environment. After all this time, WotLK has not lost any of its popularity.

Wrath DPS Tier List Methodology

Wrath DPS Tier List Ranking Procedure
Wrath DPS Tier List Methodology

Assuming everyone has the same skill level with the game, we can utilize the current meta to create the following tier list. Performance in competition for DPS classes is determined by how their moveset, attributes, and tactics stack up against those of competing DPS classes. It’s not surprising that there’s a selection of alternatives. Several parts are reliant on one another. That being said, a simple resolution to this problem seems unlikely.

We may try to assess all of this data, notwithstanding the difficulty of doing so. The more important ones will defeat the less critical DPS classes. You can still finish the game even if your DPS class isn’t the best. Keeping score in a game with an endless number of stages is challenging. If they are growing, [layerswill always enjoy themselves. As a result of new methods and ideas, weaker DPS classes may now be able to triumph against stronger ones.

DPS classes’ meta may provide fresh opportunities for those willing to grind. I will make a Wrath DPS Tier List based on my experience and how each DPS class performs in-game. I put DPS classes where they are because that’s where I think they belong. Due to the subjective nature of the game’s tier lists, the positions of DPS classes may not align with your preferences.

Ranking Procedure

I rated every DPS class based on three criteria. First and foremost, the spec’s base damage output in single-target, cleave, and area-of-effect situations. The specs added value to a raid, beyond its damage output, in the form of buffs, combat resses, etc. To what extent would bring more members of this class to a raid have a negative effect? While Warlocks with the Demonology specialization may be formidable on their own. They are not as stackable as Affliction Warlocks.

The order in which these levels—and all DPS classes —should be listed is up for debate. The DPS classes may be broken down into five different tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. Before we get started, there are a couple of things I’d want to clarify. For the same reason, I cherish every one of these DPS classes. The most potent DPS classes may change the course of battle. This makes it a far better deal than standard DPS classes.

All the DPS classes I endorse may be found in one place. Please look at the DPS classes and tell me who you think is the greatest and worst. Prepare to be entertained for what might be a long trip. Although, it is ultimately well worth it. As a result of this ranking system. I always have an ace under my sleeve if I find myself in a disagreement with someone. Consequently, I am confident in the strength of my counterargument. Even though I was correct, everyone agreed on a method for dividing the DPS classes.

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S Tier

Broken DPS Classes in the Game's Current Meta
The Broken DPS Classes in the Game’s Current Meta

The S-Tier has tremendous damage and utility-granting classes in the current meta. Due to their superior performance, recruiters tend to seek out those with specific credentials in more significant numbers. Because of this, the best choice in the current meta is a DPS class at the S-tier. S-Class is the flagship model. To those who live in a world of Warcraft, they are the standard of excellence.

The DPS system is a brilliant innovation that sets it apart from other games. DPS classes in the S tier are unparalleled in the metagame. Superlatives like “great” and “amazing” are common when describing the highest S tier. Players in this metagame favor DPS Classes because of their high damage output, skill cap, and powerful effects and abilities. Several changes were made so all six DPS classes could compete in the game’s current meta.

Since then, S Tier has been granted full access to any assets required to complete the mission. The latest patch has made significant improvements to these DPS classes. Consistent, dedicated work may eventually lead to mastery in a specific area. You’ll need these S-rank DPS classes if you want to make any headway in World of Warcraft since they’re the most effective in PvP battles.

Frost Death Knight

In Wrath of the Lich King, Frost Death Knights are a relatively new class, yet they quickly rise to the top in damage dealt ranks. This is because the damage dealt by a Frost DK’s spells (Frost Strike, Howling Blast, etc.) is magical and hence ignores armor, much like the “top dog,” the Assassination Rogues. The lack of armor penetration on Phase 1 gear limits the effectiveness of most melee DPS, but a Frost DK can easily outperform them.

The single-target damage dealt by a Frost DK is second only to that of an Assassination Rogue. But we have something they don’t: access to Howling Blast, a fantastic cleave tool. This implies that you will almost always be doing the maximum amount of damage possible during cleave-style battles. Frost DKs feature some excellent raid utility, such as Horn of Winter and Improved Icy Talons (only shared with Shamans), making them a desirable spec for many reasons than their damage output.

Frost DKs continue to be a competitive specialty throughout all of WotLK. However, our Unholy siblings grow substantially stronger and seize the limelight in Phase 4 (Icecrown Citadel). However, as the game’s final stage is, you may confidently roll a Frost DK. As a result, it will be placed in the S tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Combat Rogue

The gameplay of Combat Rogues hasn’t changed much from Vanilla WoW to World of Warcraft: The Twilight Hammer since Blizzard chose the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude. Sword Specialization is renamed Hack and Slash, allowing us access to additional damage reduction cooldowns and utilizing weapons other than swords during our Killing Spree. The most notable difference is that our Expose Armor no longer restricts us since we do not need to employ it in Wrath.

As with many other melee classes, Combat Rogues struggle with the lack of strength and protection from armor in their Phase 1 equipment. Our single-target and area-of-effect/cleave damage are diminished, even though we have access to fantastic damage scaling. Consequently, we’ve sunk to the bottom of the B tier and can only stare up in envy at the top of the DPS meters occupied by our Assassination colleagues.

The situation is made worse because we are not very useful. Because it is no longer our obligation to cast Expose Armor, our only true offering is the spec-independent Tricks of the Trade, at which assassination excels due to its more significant damage. Savage Combat is our sole Combat-only utility; it only takes one Rogue and a few Arms Warriors to provide it.

Starting in Phase 2 with the Ulduar raid, Combat Rogues rocket to the top of the DPS meters and stay there as an S-tier to A-tier spec for the duration of the expansion, whereas most other scaling DPS specs don’t get powerful enough until Phase 3 or 4. Phase 1 involves preparing your daggers for assassinating bosses, while Phase 2 involves training for combat glory. As a result, it will be placed in the S tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Unholy Death Knight

While Frost Death Knights tend to steal the spotlight in Phase 1 DPS conversations, it’s important to remember that just because Unholy Death Knights aren’t as visually striking as Frost Death Knights doesn’t mean they’re any less effective. In reality, they are S-tier quality by most measures. As with the last two melee damage dealers, this is because most of our damage is magical, which does not rely on armor penetration.

We Unholy DKs, like our Frost kin, deliver excellent area-of-effect (AoE) and cleave damage in addition to our already formidable single-target capabilities. However, it’s important to note that our illnesses provide damage over a more extended period than Frost DK’s Howling Blast, making us significantly weaker in AoE scenarios. We bring Horn of Winter, much like Frost. Still, we don’t have Improved Icy Talons, instead giving Ebon Plaguebringer.

It isn’t a great exchange because Balance Druids immediately apply the same debuff. Throughout the whole of WotLK, the Unholy faction remains competitive, surpassing the Frost faction with the Icecrown Citadel raid in the final phase. As a result, Unholy is an excellent choice if you want to play a melee DPS class throughout the expansion. As a result, it will be placed in the S tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Affliction Warlock

In WotLK, the play style of Affliction Warlocks has changed significantly. We go from a low-cost, Shadow Bolt-spamming form of Destruction to a fully-fledged spec with a concentration on damage over time. We’re no longer only a support role but rather an S-tier one in WotLK. Thanks to our high damage-over-time and the new execute-like component of Drain Soul. Affliction can deal a lot of damage to a single victim.

However, because of our multi-dotting abilities, we flourish in cleave and area-of-effect (AoE) clashes. You will almost always be towards the top of the DPS meters. Affliction Warlocks’ utility has taken a significant hit in World of Warcraft. Both our Curse of the Elements and our Improved Shadow Bolt have been nerfed to the point where they are no longer unique.

We no longer even use our Curse of the Elements because it is now applied automatically by Balance Druids and Unholy DKs. Although, we are still the best at using our Improved Shadow Bolt. Because of this, our special utility is now restricted to summoning and creating health and soul stones. This isn’t a horrible thing by any stretch of the imagination. Still, it does mean that we aren’t as versatile as we were.

The major problem with Affliction is that bosses in WotLK Classic will probably die considerably quicker than they did in OG WotLK. This indicates that our execution phase will be shorter. This might cause us to fall behind other S-tier DPS specifications by a small margin, perhaps resulting in a Phase 1 downgrade to the A tier. Affliction should continue to be a top-tier DPS specialization throughout the expansion. As a result, it will be placed in the S tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Feral Druid

In WotLK, the play style of the Feral Druid is drastically altered. Powershifting has been replaced with a more straightforward energy management system, much to the dismay of those who appreciated it. We acquire many DPS tools centered on bleed effects, transforming us from a tank spec that can sometimes DPS when tanking is not required into a cat main that occasionally off-tanks.

The single-target damage dealt by ferals is excellent, rivaling or exceeding the abovementioned specs. The recently implemented Swipe ability gives Ferals access to great AoE (Cat). Because so much of our damage is dealt with via bleeds, which take time to apply, and because we lack significant cleave abilities, we tend to be sluggish to begin. When it comes to some battles, they’ll shine, but when it comes to others, they’ll suffer. Due to this irregularity, we are now in the lower half of the B-tier.

In terms of practicality, feral animals provide slight variation from TBC. Standard Druidic abilities like Gift of the Wild and Innervate remain available. Sure, our 5% crit benefit (Leader of the Pack) and bleed damage debuff (Mangle) may now be applied by Fury & Arms Warriors, respectively, which is technically a nerf. However, we’re still the best at applying it overall. Thus our usefulness is not at all endangered.

The good news is that Feral Druids will strengthen from here on out. If you like the Cat playstyle, you need not worry; we are S-tier in Phase 2 and will be very competitive for the duration of the expansion. Having the option to switch roles and operate as a tank is always a plus, which is why many guilds have numerous Ferals. As a result, it will be placed in the S tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Assassination Rogue

The Assassination Rogue is regarded as the most refined damage-dealing spec in the game during the Wrath of the Lich King’s first expansion. The reasons for this are apparent; poison does a disproportionate amount of damage to an adversary without being reduced by their armor. They are, therefore, primarily immune to the rarity of the armor penetration stat in Phase 1 gear. At the same time, assassination rogues may lack usefulness compared to other classes. When trying to pick what profession or class to play, tier lists might be helpful.

Their sheer damage makes up for this, especially in one-on-one encounters. In addition, with Fan of Knives, the area of effect is now among the best in the game. And they are not quite as good as Death Knights in cleaving. Thus they frequently win 2-3-on-1 clashes against them. The fact that assassination is considered “temporary” expertise is the worst downside of the profession.

The distance between combat and us widens with each passing phase, yet we are never entirely obsolete. It would be best if you kept an eye out for some decent Combat gear for subsequent phases since the great daggers you got up in Phase 1 won’t be as valuable later. As a result, it will be placed in the S tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

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A Tier

Prominent DPS Classes in the Game's Current Meta
The Prominent DPS Classes in the Game’s Current Meta

The A-Tier reflects powerful DPS specialties that provide an abundance of damage and usefulness but fall short of providing the maximum attainable damage output. More than one of each kind will often be present in a raiding party. Top-tier damage-dealing classes haven’t aged a bit to dominate the meta. Following the S tier, the next choice down is the A tier. They are strong DPS classes, yet they lack the originality of S-tier DPS characters. The best possible PvP loot is A-level optics.

Due to the subjective nature of this ranking, some fans may place these DPS classes in the S tier. Genuine authenticity may be shown if necessary. There isn’t a single DPS class that I don’t particularly appreciate playing. Since they were broken down into subcategories, they received shallow marks in this ranking scheme. The wisest action is to stop looking for a more reliable DPS class.

The DPS classes that are a part of this pack are some of the best in the game in terms of overall quality and special skills. You’ll understand why these DPS classes are at this tier when I’m done. Though lacking in certain areas, the DPS curriculum is extensive in others. Never both at once; choose one. Possible key benefits include damage or unique abilities.

Retribution Paladin

Although Retribution Paladins were considered a poor spec in the original version of TBC, this no longer holds in TBC Classic. Blizzard made significant changes to them in WotLK, and for a while after that, Ret was much stronger than other classes. Sadly, Blizzard quickly brought the nerf-hammer down on our niche, and we’ve been left somewhere in the center of the B-tier ever since.

Indeed, Ret’s single-target damage isn’t the best of the best, but it’s usually in the pack’s center. Our cleave damage was already impressive, but our new ability, Divine Storm, boosts it to high A-tier levels. Unfortunately, most Phase 1 boss encounters are single-target affairs, so we can’t make the most of its strength just yet.

What Ret lacks in single-target damage, it more than makes up for with probably the most beneficial raid buffs and debuffs of any spec in the game. Particular abilities are shared with the Paladin class, such as the Blessings, and others that are exclusive to the Retribution class, such as Judgements of the Wise, Heart of the Crusader, Sanctified Retribution, and Swift Retribution.

If you’re a Paladin fan feeling down about Ret’s poor overall placement, know that you’re not alone. Our damage is approximately average in the first three phases of the game. However, in the fourth phase, we become utter monsters of cleave damage due to Shadowmourne and our overpowering Runetotem’s Battlegear 2-piece bonus.

You may consider your Ret Paladin a long-term investment since they will likely be among the top damage dealers in Phase 4. They also offer essential utility for your raid. As a Ret, you will never have trouble finding a place in an attack. As a result, it will be placed in the A tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Demonology Warlock

In WotLK, the demonology specialization also undergoes a significant stylistic change, evolving from a PvP-centric spec into a fully realized DPS spec. It’s not quite as powerful as Affliction in raw damage, but its special ability, Demonic Pact, makes it a top-tier choice. Single-target damage in demonology has been significantly increased thanks to a slew of new skills added to our Felguard companion.

Its area-of-effect and cleave abilities have also seen significant boosts. Shadow Cleave and Immolation Aura, two new skills available after using Metamorphosis, significantly improve our area-of-effect play. Our damage will be pretty effective in shorter engagements when we can keep Metamorphosis up for a more significant percentage of the game. Still, it will struggle and fall below some other A-tier specs in longer clashes.

Demonology’s primary strength is in our practical applications. Although Warlocks lost some of their usefulness, Demonology didn’t have much to begin with, and now has access to the powerful spell, Demonic Pact. Until you have above 2800 spell power, an Elemental Shaman’s version will be somewhat better. However, this is an upgraded version of the spell power enhancement granted by Shamans.

However, because many raids choose not to bring an Elemental Shaman, caster-heavy parties will almost certainly bring a Demonology Warlock instead. One Demonology is sufficient for a Demonic Pact, and any more is wasted as Affliction does more significant damage on average. You should talk to the other Warlocks in your guild if you want to play Demonology, but if you do, you’ll have a fantastic time in Wrath of the Lich King. As a result, it will be placed in the A tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Survival Hunter

Survival Hunter has undergone a significant overhaul. The days of being a cheaper version of Marksmanship are over; skills like Explosive Shot and Black Arrow offer a distinct playstyle that no other spec can match. As our primary damage-dealing spells (Explosive Shot, Explosive Trap, and Black Arrow) are magical and bypass armor, Survival Hunters can maintain a strong position in the top tier of gear throughout Phase 1 of WotLK.

As Survival Hunters, we can provide exceptional single-target damage. We have an advantage over many other ranged damage dealers because most of our skills are immediate and are not disrupted by movement. Unlike our Marksman brethren, we also have excellent cleave / AoE damage thanks to Explosive Shot and Explosive Trap. However, the usefulness we offer to a raid has been reduced since Expose Weakness has been nerfed such that it only increases our attack power.

This leaves us with simply Misdirection. Due to the low quality of our scaling, Survival is one of the “temporary” specs in WotLK. In the latter stages, when armor penetration becomes more common, snipers outdo us in terms of damage. It’s still a good choice for Phases 2 and 3, but if you’re interested in playing Hunter, you may also want to study Marksmanship to ensure you’re prepared for later levels. As a result, it will be placed in the A tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Fury Warrior

Someone of enormous importance has been taken out. When WotLK first launched, Fury was the best single-target and third-best cleave DPS spec. Some may wonder, “How could it happen?” given that Fury didn’t experience significant changes throughout the expansion. Titan’s Grip allows for larger weapons, and Bloodsurge grants us immediate Slams. Thus indeed, this should make us more powerful.

Sadly, our damage is all physical, and since Phase 1 armor is so weak, even our 2-handed solid weapons have little effect. While our damage to a single target is equivalent to Arms, their cleave damage is substantially more significant, and thus Fury regretfully finds itself displaced by our traditionally lesser sibling. It may be argued that we are viable, given that our cleave damage is still enough, but Arms’ is simply superior.

As far as practicality goes, we don’t exactly excel. Thanks to Rampage, the 5% crit increase is now available to us, but Feral Druids still have it and are far more powerful than us. Therefore we seldom choose this skill. The last nail in our gigantic coffin is the removal of the stacking effect of Battle Shout and Blessing of Might. It’s terrific news that this is just a temporary situation.

No class is more well-known for its excellent scaling than the Fury Warrior. This is an actual “zero to hero” progression since we start as the weakest DPS spec in the game and progress through the phases until we become the strongest. Don’t allow Fury’s low placement in the Phase 1 rankings to fool you into thinking it’s not a viable DPS spec; it needs some time to realize its full potential. As a result, it will be placed in the A tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Arcane Mage

For the better part of TBC, Arcane Mages dominated, and they continue to do so in the early stages of Wrath. While their A-tier status is precarious at best at this phase, their damage output is universally considered devastating. Since their inception, Arcane Mages have been best suited for dealing damage to a single target.

When we cleave, we do almost minor damage, but our damage to a single target is incredible. Phase 1 battles are usually quick, so we may freely spam Arcane Blasts without worrying about running out of mana. Especially in melee-unfriendly encounters, Arcane Mages will often be found to have the most DPS. In addition, WotLK provides a slight utility increase for Arcane Mages.

As if the new Focus Magic enhancement for all Mages weren’t enough, we now receive the Arcane-only Arcane Empowerment. Since our boost does not stack with their Ferocious Inspiration, there is no longer any purpose for your raid to have a BM Hunter since we do far more damage. Sorry, BM pals, but only the strong will make it.

The problem with Arcane is the same as Assassination’s for Rogues: our Fire specialty has better scaling and ultimately outdoes us in damage, especially in phases 3 and 4. Still, if you love spamming Arcane Blasts from your machines, this is a fantastic specialty for most of the expansion. As a result, it will be placed in the A tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Fire Mage

WotLK’s changes to the Fire Mage class attempt to bring back the class to its previous glory in the Classic era. Our whole skill tree has been rethought, and our playstyle has shifted to revolve around spamming immediate Pyroblast with the Hot Streak and, to a lesser degree, maintaining the new Living Bomb DoT.

Because of their high single-target and area-of-effect damage, fire Mages have the potential to be among the game’s most potent specializations. But that’s the problem: we haven’t even begun to tap into that potential at this stage. Our scaling is excellent, but we fall far short of our Arcane brethren in the early game due to a lack of crit that prevents Hot Streak from taking off.

However, unlike Arcane, which has little cleave, our area-of-effect (AoE) and cleave (Cleave) damage is exceptionally respectable. We also have a little lack of use due to our low crit rating. Aside from the 5% spell crit debuff, our utility is identical to the other Mage specs, including Arcane Brilliance and the brand-new Focus Magic (Improved Scorch). Unfortunately, this one is extra since it will be applied automatically by every Warlock spec.

However, if Fire is still appealing to you, don’t let this deter you from playing a Mage; we tie Arcane in Phase 2 and then develop it into one of the game’s most extraordinary specs in Phases 3 and 4. Try Arcane during Phase 1, but start looking at Fire gear immediately. As a result, it will be placed in the A tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

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B Tier

Balanced DPS Classes in the Game's Current Meta
The Balanced DPS Classes in the Game’s Current Meta

As the name implies, B-Tier damage focuses aren’t very impressive. They still have place in the metagame since they provide respectable damage, but they usually fall short of the A-tier specifications regarding raw numbers. The usefulness they give. However, it often makes up for their lack of sheer damage. Therefore, they are worth talking along anyway in many circumstances.B-tier DPS classes have strong specs that can thrive in PvE and PvP. Despite the more excellent utility of A-tier DPS classes, B-tier DPS classes remain desirable. There are positive aspects to using DPS courses, but you should also consider some significant negatives. They do not qualify as broken DPS classes due to the absence of crucial features, such as broken special skills. You’ll get the complete picture if you follow this list of tiers to its conclusion.

All DPS levels below the next higher one are of lower quality. That the B-tier is less significant than the A-tier is a consequence. I gave these requirements a B due to the improved output damage and technical enhancements in the system dynamics. There’s a good chance you’ll advance far in the game with the assistance of a DPS class from this tier, what with their high damage output and potent combination of abilities.

Shadow Priest

Shadow Priests’ poor DPS made us the punchline of many jokes in TBC, but with the massive damage increase we received in WotLK, we are no longer the laughingstock of the raid. Therefore, Shadow Priests should be placed firmly in the top tier of damage dealers. DoTs in WotLK scale with haste, and as Shadow Priests, we start with a fair amount of haste.

Shadow Priest is in an excellent position for Phase 1. This is especially true in engagements with numerous targets, as our use of multi-dotting will push up our DPS. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost since our single-target damage is about par for the course. Shadow Priest’s utility was somewhat weakened in World of Warcraft: The Burning Throne, although it is still quite good.

Although we are no longer a reliable source of mana for the party, we can still lend a hand by casting Prayer of Fortitude, Prayer of Spirit, and Vampiric Embrace. Since we always get the Replenishment mana restoration bonus, we’re among the best at giving it. In addition, the spell hit debuff that we provide with Misery means that every raid will demand at least one Shadow Priest or Balance Druid.

Unfortunately, this is the peak of our power; from here on out, we will only decline in strength. We will never be great again, but we will never be terrible. Because of their great utility and tremendous multi-dot damage, Shadow Priests will always be in demand in raids. If that sounds interesting, then Shadow Priest could be your perfect specialization. As a result, it will be placed in the B tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Enhancement Shaman

The Enhancement spec also undergoes significant changes in WotLK, evolving from its support role in TBC to that of a full-fledged damage dealer. The new Lava Lash ability and the Maelstrom Weapon combo point system provide a different kind of play. Surprisingly, the vast majority of our damage is physical and therefore limited by the lack of armor penetration gear in Phase 1. Enhancement has relatively good single-target damage.

Chain Lightning helps our cleave damage a little, but we still can’t compete with the “big guys” above us, and we don’t have a strong suit against any one kind of boss battle. Therefore, we are firmly in the B tier; our damage is respectable, but we won’t set any records for DPS. Enhancement’s usefulness has drastically declined since the TBC heydays. We still have access to a vast array of totems, but our Shamans no longer have access to any benefits that are only available to other classes.

Unleashed Rage, a once-prized boon restricted to Enhancement, is now available to MM Hunters and Blood DKs. Rids no longer stack Enhancement Shamans; instead, they bring one Shaman of any specialization for Heroism/Bloodlust and potentially another to complete totem buffs. However, whether or not this spell power variant of Enhancement works in WotLK Classic remains to be seen.

If it doesn’t, Enhancement’s future doesn’t seem bright; we’ll continue to decline in power and will likely end up in the medium to low ranges of DPS meters. In any case, Enhancement is still very much feasible, so you shouldn’t be afraid to try it out if your guild needs an additional Shaman to fill all totem slots. As a result, it will be placed in the B tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship’s gameplay was tweaked somewhat, with the addition of Chimera Shot and the quick reloading of Aimed Shot. Even more crucially, it received some modest damage increases and is now positioned around the bottom of the A-tier for the first phase of WotLK.

The lack of armor penetration on the gear in the early game is a significant problem for us, as it is for most physical damage dealers. Chimera Shot provides Nature damage, but the rest of our abilities are physical. Moreover, although our single-target damage is quite respectable, we lack substantial AoE, which puts us at a disadvantage in engagements with several ads, where our Survival counterparts may reach some of the top ranks on the DPS meters.

Marksmanship has also been somewhat weakened since the 10% attack power benefit from Trueshot Aura is now shared by Enhancement Shamans and Blood DKs, and the buffs do not stack. This leaves us with Misdirection, which is impressive but can’t make up for our deficit in raw damage as our lone distinctive utility.

However, Marksmanship is still a viable competitive option, so seasoned players who aren’t fans of Survival may stick to their weapons (no pun intended). Our damage is slightly lower than Survival’s, and beginning in Phase 3, we outclass them due to our superior armor penetration. Marksmanship is an excellent option to have fun with your Hunter. As a result, it will be placed in the B tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Balance Druid

Balance Druids, commonly known as Boomies or Boomkins, are in a similar position as Shadow Priests, with significant damage increases transforming us from zero to hero compared to our TBC performance. Our specification has improved to the point that we are now considered an A-tier. Single-target damage for Boomies moves from being the joke of DPS specs to becoming fairly respectable, especially early on before other casters take off because of their better scaling.

Whenever there are a lot of adds in a battle, you can expect to see Boomkins towards the top of the damage meter, thanks to our new 51-point skill, Starfall, which does excellent AoE damage on a 1-minute cooldown. Amazingly, WotLK also improved our usefulness. Druid mainstays like Innervate and Gift of the Wild are still available. The new 3% haste boost and 13% spell damage debuff are bonuses.

Elemental Shamans may now provide the 5% spell crit increase we get in our Moonkin Form, but they are often weaker than we are. Last but not least, our Improved Faerie Fire no longer grants a 3% physical hit but rather a 3% spell hit, and it may now be applied by Shadow Priests as well. New rotations have been implemented, emphasizing switching between Wrath and Starfire utilizing the exciting new Eclipse mechanism.

Boomie maintains a good, the desired spec throughout all of Wrath, often hovering around the center of the damage meters, so if being a gigantic chicken of doom was something you were interested in before but were put off by the low DPS of a Boomie, you now have nothing to worry about. As a result, it will be placed in the B tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

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C Tier

Notable DPS Classes in the Wrath DPS Tier List
The Notable DPS Classes in the Game’s Current Meta

The C-specialities Tier’s less potent than the rest of the DPS tree. They are nonetheless playable since they sometimes provide helpful buffs and debuffs and are often entertaining. But you won’t have the easiest time getting a raid group, and you probably won’t be towards the top of DPS meters with these specs. While not as highly regarded as the B tier, the C tier is nonetheless accorded considerable weight.

These classes won’t help you much in the game since this tier’s DPS classes are noticeably inferior to their predecessors. If you already have DPS classes from a higher level, it is not worth your time to farm for any of them. Due to their low overall performance, DPS classes like these are best avoided while playing in a PVE environment. In any case, most of these DPS classes are actively hostile to the Spirit Ashes meta. They use a tactic or set of tools proven effective in the metagame versus other DPS classes in WotLK. You may use them in player-against-player combat.

Arms Warrior

While other specs have seen significant changes in WotLK, Arms has had relatively few because to Blizzard’s “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. Bladestorm is the most notable addition, while Sweeping Strikes’ return to the Arms tree after a short vacation on the Fury tree is also noteworthy.

Especially in shorter engagements where we enjoy high cooldown uptime, the two adjustments above dramatically skew Arms’ damage towards the cleft side. Nonetheless, our damage against a single victim is weak. This is a particularly pernicious problem since our damage is physical, and Phase 1 gear cannot break through armor. Since most Phase 1 battles are centered on a single target, this puts us in the middle of the pack, at best.

Also, Blizzard has something against Arms Warriors in PvE since our usefulness has been much reduced since TBC. Our Blood Frenzy is no longer class-restricted, and our Battle Shout no longer cancels off Blessing of Might. The substantially stronger Feral Druid spec instantly applies our brand new debuff, Trauma.

In Phase 1, many Warriors will choose Arms over Fury since it is stronger overall, more enjoyable to play, and simpler to outfit. Fury begins to outscore us in Phase 2, so while you may have a lot of fun spinning to victory with Bladestorm in Phase 1, you should be ready to switch to a second two-handed weapon. As a result, it will be placed in the C tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Destruction Warlock

Oh, how the great have fallen. In TBC, Destruction Warlocks were widely considered a top-tier specialization, but in WotLK, they have failed to the middle of the pack as a C-tier class. Undeniably, the loss of the Demonic Sacrifice spell and the absence of new abilities to replace it is to blame; the new addition, Chaos Bolt, isn’t powerful enough to make up the difference.

Both our single-target and area-of-effect damage are competitive. The problem is that we are not very strong in either area. The sole WotLK utility we have that is unique to Destruction is Replenishment (Improved Soul Leech), which is also supplied by substantially better specs, and merely adds insult to injury. While we have access to Warlock mainstays like Demonic Soulstones, our other specifications are superior, and there is no need to bring a Warlock specializing in Demonology.

Destruction’s power briefly surges during Phase 2, reaching A-level status for a short time. This means you may give Destruction a prolonged commitment if it provides sufficient enjoyment. After that moment, however, only the most dedicated Destruction players will continue to play that spec, as most Warlocks will instead choose one of our other available specs. As a result, it will be placed in the C tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Elemental Shaman

Few changes affect Elemental Shamans in World of Warcraft. Lava Burst, the new spell, is the most noticeable change, although it’s just a different color nuke button. Our advancements are more subtle; our damage output has increased significantly since TBC, and our mana problems have been eliminated owing to Thunderstorms.

Even though we have significantly increased damage, we are still in the middle of the pack for C-tier due to our below-average single-target damage. However, owing to Chain Lightning, our cleave damage is somewhat respectable; it’s terrible that there aren’t more cleave-focused encounters in Phase 1, so we may use this capability better.

In Wrath, Elemental and the rest of the Shaman family see a significant reduction in their usefulness as virtually all of our totems no longer provide Shaman-exclusive benefits. Totem of Wrath is still the most potent spell power enhancement for Phase 1, but Demonology Warlocks have an even stronger one for every phase. Guilds often field two shamans, one of whom is an Elemental, to provide Heroism and Bloodlust boosts and totems.

While you probably won’t be topping the DPS charts as an elemental shaman, you shouldn’t feel guilty about playing one if your guild needs a second shaman for totem buffs and you love the play style. Long-time Elemental mains, though, will be used to this, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. As a result, it will be placed in the C tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

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D Tier

Flawed DPS Classes in the Wrath DPS Tier List
The Flawed DPS Classes in the Game’s Current Meta

Specs rated D are, in a nutshell, not feasible. Although they are entertaining to use, you will have a hard time accepting raids and may even get expelled from groups due to your low damage output. The Wrath DPS tier list, shows that D-tier is less significant than the other tiers. However, we should still pay attention to it. You may find these DPS classes to be of little importance. According to the current metagame, D-tier DPS classes are the weakest specs in the game. Finding the meta has led me to some conclusions.

A lackluster DPS class is not always a portent of doom in The WotLK universe. Please don’t take this as a criticism of you. How to leave a remark and where to scatter your favorite specs are both things I’m used to doing. Even a low-level DPS class can be used efficiently is a testament to your skill as a player. It makes no difference in this game, whatever DPS class you love. Having the will to see this game through to the end is essential. However, using these DPS classes is not encouraged and is often frowned upon.

Blood Death Knight

Blizzard tried to balance the Death Knight specialties so that all three may function well as tanks and damage dealers. Blood was the most potent DPS spec at the beginning of the expansion since Death Knights were so powerful overall. Unfortunately, Blood has severely reduced its DPS in the expansion’s last patch, which we must use in Classic.

However, this spec thrives as a tank, with its many self-healing and mitigation skills, which offer it an advantage over other tanking specifications. But, bluntly, our damage is the worst in the game, both in terms of single-target and cleave damage. Our D-ranking is debatable, but given that we have access to Hysteria, the game’s most robust boost, we may be the best choice. But a tank Blood DK can provide this benefit just as well.

Thus no good guild would send a DPS Blood DK only to get an additional Hysteria. Unfortunately, Blood DPS is a meme; not all memes can be wishes. Check out Feral Druids if you want a DPS spec that doubles as a tank; they’re excellent. As a result, it will be placed in the D tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Beast Mastery Hunter

The field of Beast Mastery is the most recent to fall from favor. One of the best single-target DPS specs in TBC but currently one of the worst in Wrath. What went wrong, and why? In case you haven’t heard this tale before, BM Hunter does just physical damage, which is why we can’t even begin to compete due to our lack of armor penetration in Phase 1 equipment.

The only significant modification we’ve made is adding Beast Mastery, which improves our single-target damage to an acceptable level (at best), but does little to improve our weak cleave or area-of-effect capabilities. There is no compelling reason to play BM over our other specs, especially because Ret Paladins have access to our BM-exclusive utility, Ferocious Inspiration.

While the situation improves for some of the other “fallen titan” specs that have dropped in the DPS rankings, BM’s never seems to recover. Only the most committed Beast Masters will choose this spec since our damage is never significant but is never wrong. As a result, it will be placed in the D tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Frost Mage

The presence of a Frost Mage on a battlefield or arena is enough to strike fear into the hearts of any opponent. However, their dominance is limited to PvP since they are a terrible PvE spec. Blizzard tried to make us more viable in PvE by giving us Deep Freeze, but it wasn’t enough; our single-target damage is so low that multiple classes can defeat us while we’re primarily idle. As a result, it will be placed in the D tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

Subtlety Rogue

Blizzard did not attempt WotLK to modify the spec’s historical concentration on PvP. Shadow Dance, our new cooldown, improves our damage for 8 seconds, but after that, we’re back to doing some of the worst damage in the game. This spec is terrible for PvE because Subtlety serves no particular purpose. As a result, it will be placed in the D tier of the Wrath DPS Tier List.

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Ending Note

These 23 DPS classes are among my favorites, as seen by this list. As difficult as it is, I must bring this up for discussion. I ranked them according to their damage output in Wrath, although you may disagree with my ranking choice. In the space below, I invite you to share your thoughts. I’ve always found analyzing DPS classes a relaxing pastime, but I’ve recently started doing it more often.

I’ve taken it upon myself to compile what I believe will be the whole catalog of DPS classes into one convenient web place. First, I compiled an entire inventory of every DPS class in the game. To simplify the tier list’s stipulations. Any level DPS class has the potential to do more damage than any other level DPS class. The DPS class on the left is still the favorite to succeed.

Despite its lack of accomplishments, a DPS class may be just as good as any other. Instead, it indicates that they have failed to prove superior to other DPS classes in their area. While compiling this index, I gave careful consideration to each tier. Your passion for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King and list-making make you the most significant fan in the world. Congratulations, you’ve read everything on this list!

Please comment on how you think I should rearrange the various DPS classes. To put it simply, you shouldn’t feel obligated to. A game’s DPS classes might elicit wildly divergent reactions from fans, even those who share a passion for the same franchise. Remember that my preference for damage dealt and how well a class performs in various stages is the sole factor in determining where these DPS classes fall on this list.

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