BEST Youtuber Podcasts Tier List [2023]

We all have a list of our favorite tubers that we love to watch during our free time. You will be surprised to know that majority of the You tubers have created their successful and worth-watching YouTube podcasts. The YouTube industry is taking over, and with this, the number of podcast channels is also increasing day by day. Some are loved by people, while some have a lot of negative comments. It all depends upon the thoughts, ideas, and selections of people. And that’s the primary intention of writing this article.

The youtube podcasts tier list in the article will help to get an insight into the best, average, and worst youtube podcasts. This will help to get an idea about what people think. To know more about the reasons behind the success of the Youtubers and their podcasts, we have also created the best YouTuber podcasts tier list, which includes information about the channels, along with the reasons for their popularity.

The best youtube podcasts list that we have created is subjective. It is different for different people and you might not agree with what we have written here.  The list is made after gathering the collective opinions of people regarding a particular youtube podcast. We are open to valuable suggestions but not criticism.


best Youtuber Podcasts Tier List
Best podcasts

The S-tier podcasts are ranked as the “best youtube podcasts” on the internet. These podcasts are fun to watch, with a thrill to them.  The audience loves to listen to these hosts, that have the simplest way of explaining the mysteries.

All of the podcasts are based on factual data and gather insights that are true and rational. No personal opinions are reflected in the podcasts. They are fun to watch and create analytical thinking abilities in the mind.

Below, we have listed the best podcasts on our best YouTuber podcasts tier list. Let us read ahead.


The case file is hosted by an Australian man that stays anonymous throughout the podcasts. These Australian crime podcasts consist of mysteries. The uploading sequence of the Casefile is three consecutive weeks, on the fourth week the author does not upload any video. Each video is around 60 minutes, with two breaks in between.

The mysteries are solved by giving facts and arguments, which are logical and rational. The channel does not have any emotional touch to it.
It is indeed of one the best Youtuber podcasts on the internet. The channel is informative and is constructed on true unsolved cases.

The host masters the art of stating complex cases and information in the most simple way. The podcasts are formal and are hosted just by one host. Viewers have commented that the podcasts are completely unbiased, and the host itself wants to stay anonymous for this reason. No personal opinions are integrated into the podcasts.

Trace Evidence

You might have heard about the trace evidence. It is yet another famous and interesting podcast on the internet these days. The mysteries are based on the sudden disappearance of people. Steven Pacheco is the host, that knows how to solve the cases and brings in theories that can help to get more into the cases.

There are various reasons behind its addition to the S-tier. The first reason is that the podcasts are quite interesting. They are based on factual information rather than personal opinions and emotions. The second reason is that these podcasts are hosted just by a single host, so the audience can remain more focused and interested. Last but not the least, the podcasts are formal and the mysteries are full of depth and roots to them.

Bailey Sarian

Are you scared of watching haunted and crime podcasts but still watch them anyways for the thrill? Then do not miss out on the podcasts of Bailey Sarian. She knows how to add thrill with her words into the videos, and gets you addicted to them. She is a makeup artist and knows well how to do amazing makeup along with telling a murder story.

The host picks up real-life murder or haunted stories and looks deep into the roots. She gathers all the information regarding a certain case such as the dates, and the people involved.

The podcasts also involve talking about the psychological states of the murdered and victims. Bailey talks about the cases and mysteries that are solved or yet to be solved. The podcasts are fun to watch and are factual and rational. She does not add her own opinions unless they are needed.

Dear Hank and John

Want to get financial advice? And invest money in a profitable market? Well, you need to start watching the Dear Hank and John Podcasts for that reason. The hosts are great at what they do. Let us know the major reasons for its addition to the S-tier.

Ranked as one of the best Youtuber podcasts on our best Youtuber Podcasts Tier List, Dear Hank and John not only provides serious advice but also keeps the audience entertained with other interesting topics as well. They include the lives of different animals in changing time zones, lifestyles, and investment opportunities.

The podcasts attract a wide range of listeners, and each podcast has something productive and beneficial for them. They take questions and answer them keeping the discussion rational and logical with a touch of light humor. The episodes are aired every Sunday for the viewers.

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Best Podcasters on YouTube
Good Podcasts

The A-tier youtube podcasts are ranked as the “good ” by the viewers. They are fun to watch, and great to utilize your free time. The YouTubers that are selected mostly talk about the lifestyle and share their personal opinions about different trends and topics.

However, no factual data is involved, and two-three hosts are involved in conducting the podcasts. They are popular and contain some exciting conversations for the audience and keep them engaged.

Below, we have listed the A-tier of Youtubers podcasts.

Ear biscuits

Ear biscuits have made their way among the list of the podcasts on our best Youtuber Podcasts Tier List. The show is hosted by two amazing comedians, Rhett and Link. They have been popular after their successful morning shows the Good Mythical Morning. Due to the quality content, with a touch of humor and life advice, the Ear Biscuits has made its place on the internet.

The show revolves around the two hosts, who share their daily life, their opinions, and share the funny stories that they have gathered. The podcasts are uploaded every Sunday, one great aspect of the show is that they let the viewers call them on the show.

So you get advice along with answers to the questions as well. However, if you are not a fan of funny candid conversations, then you will not be able to enjoy the Ear Biscuits, you better switch to the S-tier for more factual and straightforward podcasts.


The next on the list is the Misfits podcasts. These podcasts are based on time travel, the cons of riding a motorcycle, and talking about certain drugs that can describe a person at its best. The show is hosted by Cameron, who is also known as Fitz or the GoodGuyFitz, Jay who is known as McCreamy, and last but not least is Toby who is better recalled as John on the radio.

The hosts create a discussion by sharing their personal experiences, with bike riding and drugs, and how that affected their lives. The show is popular on the internet for the best quality content that it provides to the viewers. The content is full of thrill, productive discussions, fun, and action. However, some viewers commented that the podcasts would be much more engaging if there were two or one hosts.


The next famous and exciting podcast on our A-tier is the Psychobabble. The show is hosted by two best friends, named as Korey Khul and Tyler Oakley. The main theme behind the podcasts is talking about the lifestyle, the current trends, and everything from Bernie mac to straws. The show was first launched in the year 2014 and has been a favorite of people since then.

The show is based on their personal opinions about the various trends, and some hot subjects in the town. And that might hurt some people, as they would be too straightforward in certain chitchats. They also talk about their own life and what thoughts they have regarding the new pop culture.

The podcast is uploaded every Sunday and is a great show to watch during the teatime. The lighthearted conversation is the best and worst to describe Psychobabble.

Jenna and Julien Podcasts

The power couple on YouTube is none other than Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita. Both of them together host the amazing show known as the Jenna and Julien Podcasts. The podcast is based on talking about a variety of different topics. The discussion is productive, and the audience always has something to take away with them.

The topics include entertainment, celebrities, their lives, and the challenges that they have been through. To add a touch of fun and humor, some of the podcasts involves game such as Finish That Vine, Guess That Laugh, and Guess That Recipe.

One of the most interesting features of the podcast is that it adds a live feature into them. With this, the viewers can contact the hosts and share their opinions regarding the topics being discussed. How cool is that! millions of people would be able to hear what you say.

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best Youtuber Podcasts Tier List
Mediocre Podcasts

The podcasts in the B-tier are ranked as “mediocre” or “average content” podcasts on our best Youtuber Podcasts Tier List. The channels have nothing new to offer to the viewers. Pretty much the same old stuff and topics, such as lifestyle and trends. The topics are random and not unique.

If there is nothing else to watch, then you can have a look at them. However, the hosts are nice and can communicate their points to the viewers. The podcasts are based on their personal opinions, which might be a problem. Lack of entertainment and thrill are the main issues in these podcasts.

Below, we have listed the A-tier of Youtubers podcasts.

The Morning Toast

Well, this show is just okay to watch and there is nothing special about it. If you have free time, and wish to see something random, and relaxing, then you can binge on The Morning Toast. You cannot call it one of the best Youtuber on our best Youtuber Podcasts Tier List, but it will do the work.

The host is hosted by Claudia and Jackie Oshry, they share their own opinions about everyday topics. Their thoughts might not be in line with the thoughts of the viewers. Not only this, but the podcasts also have a touch of humor by the hosts. It is yet another mediocre podcast, with nothing new or exciting. Just the same old-school informative topics.

Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae is a famous and known Youtube personality. She hosts the show all by herself. The show mostly consists of content such as shedding light on cases that did not receive much hype. She is very much into them and goes the extra mile to know more about the victims and the families who suffered from various accidents.

However, some of her videos have some problems. The popular cases that she talks about on her podcasts are pretty much biased and partial. For the popular cases, her opinions are more inclined towards the media and the internet instead of going deep down into the roots and finding the actual reasons and causes.

The knowledge that she shares is mostly from Wikipedia, rather than her research. Therefore, people have a hard time trying to believe what she says. But do keep in mind, that this is for the popular cases, the lesser-known cases are worth watching.


Well, nothing is exciting about the Views. All the same old stuff. The show is hosted by two famous YouTube celebrities known as Kevin Nash and David Dobrik. The show mainly revolves around their lives as You tubers, what challenges they have faced and what they have learned.

They share their combined opinions and thoughts about the current happenings in the world, such as global trends and cultures. Nothing new could be found on the show, pretty much like every other YouTube podcast channel.

It can be boring, to watch the same content on every Youtube podcast, plus their opinions might be questioned by the audience as well. There is nothing new to entertain the viewers and make them come back to the channel.

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Average Podcasts
Below-average podcasts

There is nothing extraordinary or exceptional about the C-tier Youtubers podcasts. They are surely not the great podcasts on our best Youtuber Podcasts Tier List. The content is not entertaining at all, it is vague, suspicious, and full of false statements.

The hosts are able to communicate, but somehow get caught for the wrong statements that they tell the audience. The podcasts are ranked as “below the average” podcasts by the audience who do not enjoy watching the videos.

Below, we have listed the C-tier of Youtubers podcasts.

True Crime Garage

The True Crime Garage is a famous YouTube podcast that is hosted by two great hosts, named Nic and Captain. They are good talkers and know how to create viewer engagement. But however, there are a few issues with the show that can make the viewers unsubscribe from the channel as well.

The show is based on discussing reality cases such as murders and other haunting stories. The cases are full of thrill and entertainment and would keep you engaged and focused for a good while. But the major problem with the hosts is, that the arguments and facts that they state are vague, and considered false.

Many viewers commented that the statements are not backed by any factual data or figures. And most of the content by the hosts is biased and at times does not communicate the right point.

For someone who gets deeply involved in the case and would like to know about the actual facts behind the scene, this could be a major reason for them to unsubscribe from The True Crime Garage. The word ” True” in the channel seems a bit misfit here.


Bad Podcasts
Worst rated podcasts

Coming towards the last tier of the discussion, that is the D-tier of our best Youtuber Podcasts Tier List. This category is rated as the worst and most criticized among all the tiers. The podcasts are not worth the time and attention. If anyone is super free and wishes to waste the time, then it can be given a chance, otherwise, it is a complete no.

The podcasts are a blood boiler and have controversial touche to them. Not recommended at all! The content does not contain any factual evidence and is full of doubts. It lacks entertainment and clear communication of the statements.

Below, we have listed the D-tier of Youtubers podcasts.

H3 podcasts

Trigger warning! The H3 podcast is definitely going to trigger you with its controversies, weird statements about certain topics, and the judgemental attitude of the hosts. They think it is funny when it is not and really force the audience to move away from the channel. The podcast is hosted by Ethan Klein and Hila Klein. They are husband and wife, and really know how to create drama.

The husband and wife have been in hot water a number of times. They have been under copyright lawsuits and infringement cases. But the sad part is that they did not even try to clear the blame on them. Their content is mainly based on reacting to others’ videos and creating opinions about them. They have been accused of disrespecting the K-pop band in their video, which made them face a lot of backlashes.

The content has nothing new and is not entertaining either. Therefore the channel is ranked as the worst channel by the viewers and they surely do not recommend watching it.

Aaron Mahnke

Aaron is a renowned personality on YouTube, he is popular for producing podcasts. He started off with his journey back in 2015. The first launch was Lore, which was successful. But what is the channel doing here in the D-tier? Well, let us know why.

The podcasts are rated as the worst on the list by the viewers. A lot of viewers were having a serious issue with the narration of the host. They could not understand what he was saying, and many of them left by unsubscribing from the channel straight away. That is bad!

If the audience cannot communicate with the host at first, then it is completely useless to even upload the content. Obviously, the content is going to be super boring, not entertaining at all, and would lack the thrill that keeps the audience engaged. So there is no need to watch the podcasts even.


We guess you have read our article, we appreciate that! As we move toward the end of the discussion, we would like to shed some light on the important points. With the changing world, we are becoming more addicted to social media, we have freedom of speech and speech and can express our feelings in a better way.

For this purpose, no other platform would be appropriate except for Youtube. Thousands of YouTubers are uploading their podcasts with their opinions expressed in them.

At times, the audience can connect with the thoughts and agree with what the hosts say, but sometimes things can go the other way. For this reason, we have created a tier list of the best YouTubers podcasts, to gather data about the thoughts and opinions of different people regarding some famous Youtubers podcasts. We hope you have liked our content, if that is so then do share it with your friends and family as well. Happy binging!