Frozen pizza tier list

What’s better than a freshly delivered tasty pizza? Well, of course, it is a freshly baked frozen pizza at home, with no labor at all. We all love to eat pizza, but ordering every time from the restaurants can be a bit costly as well as a tiring process. But, a frozen pizza can be cooked in minutes, with the same taste and freshness. With so many brands in the market, every individual holds a different opinion about a certain frozen pizza, some would love to have a tangy sauce at the base while some would like to have pepperonis only. Therefore, every individual has a unique set of ideas and perceptions about a pizza. To know more about these thoughts and choices, we have created a well-detailed and well-researched frozen pizza tier list.

A frozen pizza tier list helps to provide insights into people’s preferences. The tier list is used to rank the choices and likes/dislikes in a descending manner from best to worst pizzas. But it is important to keep in mind that, one pizza cannot be liked by another person. The tier list is open to valuable suggestions but doesn’t be harsh on us with the criticism as the tier list is completely subjective and provides an accumulated set of opinions.


Frozen Pizza Tier List
Best ranked pizzas


The S-tier frozen pizzas are ranked as the “best-frozen pizzas”. They have all the qualities, such as a nice crust, tasty sauce, generous amounts of cheese, and toppings. S-tier frozen pizzas are loved by many people around the globe. These pizzas have the first choice, and cannot be beaten by any chance. They are a treat to the taste buds and a perfect option for a night party.

Below, we have listed the S-tier frozen pizza tier list. Let us read ahead.

Newman’s Own

The first frozen pizza in S-tier is Newman’s Own. The brand is owned by actor Paul Newman and author A. E. Hotchner. The company was founded in the year 1892. So, what makes it the ” best-frozen pizza”, let us read ahead!

Whether, it’s the taste, price, or quality, The Newman’s frozen pizza has covered it all. The first reason for adding this brand to the S-tier is the amazing and premium quality crust that it offers. It is thin, lightweight, and tasty. Filled with mouth-watering flavors, the crust has a nice texture that makes it an ideal choice for a lot of consumers.

The sauce of the pizza has just the right amount of cheese to spice ratio. Compatible with the taste buds, the sauce is on the point and hit right at the spot. It is one of the healthiest frozen pizzas, as it comes with zero trans-fat and carries no harmful preservatives. This means that you can go completely safe with Newman’s frozen pizza.

The pizza comes with a generous amount of toppings. The cheese goes well with them and does not take like frozen at all. The toppings are rich in their flavors and make every bite worth the money.


Next on the frozen pizza tier list is the Freschetta frozen pizza. The brand is known for making fresh doughs for their frozen pizzas. They are tasty, and healthy at the same time. Let us know why they are ranked as the best frozen pizza in the paragraphs below.

With the right amount of thickness and flavor, the crust of the Freshcheeta is what sets it apart from all the other pizzas on the market. The crust is made up of sourdough bread. It has the right amount of cheese, not too much and not too less. The toppings complement the cheese and provide the consumers with a delicious taste.

The pizza is made up of fresh dough, and that is the secret to their success. The pizza carries no extra chemicals or preservatives, hence the health of the consumers is kept first. The brand does not compromise health.


What’s best than a freshly delivered pizza? It is the Tombstone frozen pizza. The pizza belongs to the well-known brand Nestle. It is available in the market in a variety of different yummy toppings, such as onions, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, bell peppers, and sausage. So what makes it so special? Let us know ahead.

The frozen pizza comes with a spicy and smoky flavor that is mouth-watering. We do not know, what is the secret reason behind the amazing flavor or is it the blend of all the amazing toppings and sauces? Well, that is a mystery yet to be solved. The crust of the pizza is a winner. It is made with all the dedication and love, made to satisfy the pizza cravings. The crust is thin, tasty, and crunchy, just the way it should be.

Another interesting feature that people have noticed about frozen pizza, is the packaging. It is quite minimal, thus allowing the consumers to store more by consuming less space. So, with all of these features, the Tombstone justifies its position as the “best-frozen pizza”.

Signature Select

The next frozen pizza we have on our S-tier list is the Signature Select. There are many reasons for its ranking as the best-frozen pizza. Let us know what they are, and what makes the pizza positioned at the top. Let us read ahead.

Be it the crust, the sauce, the toppings, or the taste, this pizza has proven to be the best. The crust of the pizza is just perfect, it is crispy and thin. The base dough is fresh and tastes just like a freshly delivered pizza from the pizza store. The pizza sauce has a tasty marinara touch, which is quite yummy. It has a generous amount of cheese. The different toppings provide a mixture of flavors that is just right for your taste buds and sudden pizza cravings.

Rating the pizza from the health point of view, then it carries no preservatives or harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to the human body. It is not just tasty, but healthy as well. The low content of sodium makes it an ideal choice for a Sunday movie night.


Frozen Pizza Tier List
Good ranked pizzas

The A-tier frozen pizzas are labeled as the “good” pizzas. They are the second-best category, that is liked by the consumers. In case, if the S-tier pizzas are not available, the A-tier items are preferred. These pizzas are tasty, made up of good quality ingredients, and full of flavors. They are slightly less favored than the S-tiers due to some reasons. But those reasons can be ignored easily.

Below, we have listed the A-tier frozen pizza tier list. Let us read ahead.

Home Run Inn Classic Pizzeria

The first frozen pizza on our A-tier is the Home Run Inn Classic Pizzeria. This pizza is rated as the “good frozen pizza” by the consumers, and is the second choice after the S-tier items. There are several reasons for its addition to the top tiers, let us know about them in the following paragraphs.

The pizza is tasty, made up of good quality ingredients, and does not come with 10 layers of plastic wrapping. This makes it easy to open and bake. If this pizza is compared against any of the S-tier pizzas, then one would choose to go with the S-tier.

The pizza has nice toppings, and the cheese is pretty standard. The cheese is not exemplary but quite decent to eat. This pizza could be an appropriate option to serve at a house party.

Amy’s 4 Cheese Pizza

If you are fond of cheese, then Amy’s 4 Cheese Pizza is the perfect option for you. According to consumers, this pizza is filled with heavy amounts of cheese. The cheese consists of mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, and fontina. Let us know why this pizza is ranked as the “good frozen pizza” among the consumers.

The crust of this pizza is made up of whole wheat. It is heavy for some consumers. The sauce goes well with the cheese and crust. After the S-tier frozen pizzas, this pizza is the absolute choice for pizza lovers to satisfy their cravings.

California Pizza Kitchen

The next pizza on our frozen pizza tier list is the California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza. It is rated as a good pizza by the consumers. Whether it is the crust, taste, or quality, this pizza has it all. Let us know in detail, why we have added it to the A-tier frozen pizza.

The pizza consists of white chicken meat, red onions, mozzarella, and Gouda. The sauce is sweet and tangy and goes well with the toppings and the base. The crust is thin and might fall off due to the heavy toppings and cheese. But we can ignore it for the good taste that it provides to the consumers.

The pizza is made up of fresh chicken, with no preservatives and extra chemicals. This makes it a healthy and reasonable option to satisfy the late-night pizza cravings without any health risks.

Trader Joe’s Cheese and Tomato Pizza

Trader’s Joe Cheese and Tomato Pizza is yet another banger in the market. It has all the qualities of being a good frozen pizza. The pizza is easy to bake and has a nice thin crust that breaks off immediately with every bite. How delicate that is!

Some of the consumers expected the tomatoes at the top of the cheese as per the packaging. Instead of that, there is a yummy tomato sauce at the base that adds to the taste and creates magic in the mouth with every bite. It does not suit the taste buds of consumers who like to have a meaty supreme pizza.


B-tier of frozen pizzas
Average ranked pizzas

In case, if the above tiers are not available, then a person can opt-out of the B-tier frozen pizza. B-tier lies between the top tiers and the low tiers. They are that good, that one would like to have them again and again, but they are not that bad either. These are ranked as the “average” frozen pizzas. They do provide good quality to the consumers but have other issues that need consideration. B-tier pizzas are the best option to fill the stomach in a hurry.

Below, we have listed the B-tier frozen pizza tier list. Let us read ahead.

Whole Foods 365 Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza

The first frozen pizza in our C-tier is the Whole Foods 365 Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza. It is rated as the “average” frozen pizza. If any of the above tiers are not available, a person will fill their stomach with this. But definitely, will not enjoy eating at all. Let us know why it could not make it to the top tiers.

The frozen pizza is healthy but has no taste. It tastes plain and does not look appetizing at all. The consumers complained that the pizza had two major problems, and that is being tasteless and greasy. The cheese had a lot of oil, which made some of the consumers quit eating it.

The pizza had a generous amount of toppings, but if we talk about the taste of it as a whole, then it was completely tasteless. Definitely, not something one would eat to satisfy the sudden pizza cravings.

Screamin’ Sicilian

The Screamin’ Sicilian is rated as the “average” frozen pizza by consumers for different reasons. It is not something someone would like to eat daily, but it is not that bad enough that consumers will throw it away. Let us know why it could not make it to the S and A tiers.

The pizza comes in good packaging, but the pizza is not that good enough to eat every day. It is a normal crust, not so good and not so bad, just decent actually. The sauce is average just a normal frozen pizza, nothing too special about it.

The pizza has a generous amount of cheese and is liked by the consumers. One variant of this pizza has parmesan, cheddar, and mozzarella on the top, and some cheese in the crust as well. So the pizza wins here, but it is not something dreamy.


We all remember the famous brand The Stouffer’s Pepperoni French Bread Pizzas. The pizza is a classic, but it would not be fair to position it as the best pizza in the town. It has got some issues, due to which it is not a favorite option of many people. However, if the need is to fill the stomach, then one can go with it.

The toppings have a good taste and compliment the pizza. However, the crust of the pizza could be improved. It could be more tasty and fresh. The cheese used in the pizza is of average taste, and will not disappoint the taste buds.


C-tier of frozen pizzas
Below average ranked pizzas

The C-tier has the attributes of the low-tiers such as low quality, below-average toppings, greasy cheese, and tasteless crust. However, they still can survive, if someone is very hungry. They are the last option someone would come to when there is no other store to eat in. The C-tier frozen pizzas are ranked as below-average items, that hardly anyone can like.

Below, we have listed the C-tier frozen pizza tier list. Let us read ahead.


The first item in the C-tier is the Wegman’s frozen pizza, well you cannot call it the best pizza in the town. It is not loved by everyone, there are very taste buds that would accept it only if the person is dying of hunger. This pizza has a lot of issues that one cannot ignore easily. Let us know, why it could not make it to the top tiers.

The pizza consists of four types of cheese i.e. mozzarella, parmesan, romano, and asiago, they all blend well with each other. But there is an issue: the sauce does not complement the cheese all at. It does not taste good, and some consumers left the pizza halfway because of that.

The crust and the cheese ratio was not in proportion to each other. The cheese is more and the crust is thin, and this means that the crust is likely to break off. Overall, the pizza is rated as a not-so-good pizza but the consumers are likely to leave this one if they get better options.


 Jeno’s frozen pizza is famous for all the wrong reasons. Consumers complain about everything related to the pizza whether it is the taste or the crust. Let us know, why consumers do not like to eat this one in the following paragraphs.

The pizza has nice toppings that could go well with the cheese but the cheese is the one that has got the issues. It tastes like a genetically engineered cheese, it has a plain taste. Due to this, many consumers left buying it.

The reddish-pink sauce tastes like dust. It is not delicious at all, and not a good choice to mix up with the cheese.


Chopsie’s is famous for its name, it was named after the Legendary Kosher pizza store. The Chopsie’s is one of the two main items on the list of kosher pizzas. But, the good name could not save the reputation of the brand, let us know why.

The first and the main issue with the pizza is the Muenster cheese. The cheese separates the pizza from the packet. Due to this, the whole shape of the pizza gets distorted and thus is not eaten by the consumers with love and joy.

The crust is thin and crackly. It is not tasty at all. The toppings are just okay, but something exemplary. However, people liked the pizza sauce, we guess that is the only good thing about Chopsie’s.


D-tier of frozen pizzas
Worst ranked pizzas

The last and the worst tier on the list is the D-tier. It is hated by consumers for the low-quality pizzas that it provided. They are tasteless and unhygienic. There is nothing good about this tier. The crust, toppings, cheese, and sauce all together create the worst blend of flavors and give rise to the tasteless pizzas. If you are in a good mood and wish to treat yourself, then you better not choose any of the below-frozen pizzas.

Below, we have listed the D-tier frozen pizza tier list. Let us read ahead.

Totino’s Pizza Party

The first frozen pizza on our D-tier list is the Totino’s Pizza Party. It is rated as the “worst pizza” by consumers. The pizza did not score well in any category, whether it is the taste, crust, or sauces. So, without further delay, let us know the major reasons behind its addition to the D-tier.

First of all, there is a high risk of getting a bad stomach after eating this frozen pizza. The meal is filled with high levels of sodium and carries a huge amount of calories, which by any means is not good for the health.

Secondly, the toppings you get are equal to not getting any in the first place. The pepperoni is less and does not go well with the pizza sauce. The sauce is runny and does not have a great taste to satisfy the pizza cravings. The cheese does not taste great, it is not just less in quantity but does not complement the pizza as well.

The crust is not good, it is thick and does not taste like a freshly baked crust. The notion of “cheap price and cheap quality” perfectly applies to Totino’s pizza party. So if you are a full-grown adult, you do not need to go for this option.


The Celeste frozen pizza was founded by a Southern Italy immigrant, by the name Celeste Lizio. She first opened her pizza store, but later on, started to sell frozen pizzas instead of fresh pizzas. The frozen pizza has nine variations, but none of them made it to the top tiers. Let us know why in the following paragraphs.

The brand claims that the cheese they use is 100% pure, which is a complete lie. It does not taste good at all, and a fake cheese would taste much better than this one. It is runny, greasy, and weird.

After baking the pizza, many people complained that it came out gooey and greasy, with a very strange texture. It was not even near to being okay, and people could not eat it. The crust is so thin, that it cannot even bear the weight of the cheese and breaks apart.

The pizza does not have enough toppings. Each slice would barely get two tiny pieces of toppings. Celeste is a waste of money, it does not provide the consumers with any sort of value.

Red Baron Singles

Red Baron Singles is yet another frozen pizza on our frozen pizza tier list. The pizza could not make it among the consumers and was highly rejected by their taste buds. The pizza has a lot of problems, writing all of them would take a day, so we will mention a few of the top issues here. Let us read ahead, why the Red Baron Singles is rated as the “worst frozen pizza” in the market.

Let us start with the crust of the pizza. The crust tastes dull and is hard to bite on. It feels as if a person is biting on a cardboard instead of a pizza crust. A no for people who loves to have a thin and delicious crust.

The cheese is greasy and gooey. It gets a weird texture after coming out of the oven. The cheese has a particular garlic taste in it, which many people do not like. It is runny and does not comes up to the mark.

Now coming towards the sauce, it is not tasty at all. It does not go well with the pizza. The sauce tastes dusty and flows like water below the cheese. Overall, the frozen pizza is not liked by the community and is not recommended at all.

California pizza 

No offense to the brand, but the mouthwatering ad attractive description cannot save the boat. The description of the cheese and toppings have an inverse relationship with the taste of the frozen pizza. Let us know ahead why people are so disappointed with the frozen pizza.

The pizza has it all, the toppings, the cheese, and the herbs, but still, it has turned out to be a major disappointment for the consumers. According to the consumers, the pizza tasted plain and does not have anything that could satisfy their hunger. Some even threw the meal without even finishing one piece.

The consumers complained that the packaging was time-consuming. The pizza came packed in three layers of plastic which made the unwrapping process hectic and disturbing.

The cheese does not tastes good at all. It runs from the base and has a plain texture. This means that it does not has any taste. The toppings do not go well with the pizza sauce and the cheese. Overall, it is a complete disappointment and a waste of money to buy this pizza.


As we come towards the end of the discussion, we would like to have a quick recap. We all love pizza and love it, even more, when we can sit at peace and enjoy every bite of it fresh from the oven. How quick and steady that is! But due to the limitation of options in the market, it gets hard to pick the perfect options.

Our discussion is mainly constructed upon the different opinions of people regarding each brand of pizza, and that might help you to get an idea about the best and worst ranked frozen pizzas. Our frozen pizza tier list has four categories from best to the worst pizzas, named S, A, B, C, and D tiers.

Also, we have created a quick pizza store list, so you do not have to search for the stores that sell the pizza options out there. We hope you enjoyed reading out our tiers. We would appreciate it if you could share it with your friends and family who are as enthusiastic about frozen pizzas as you are. Happy eating!

General Pizza Knowledge

Who invented pizza?

The first pizza was invented by Raffaele Esposito. He was a baker by profession. The baker belonged to Naples.

What is the pizza tier list?

A pizza tier list is used to rank the pizza from best to worst. The best-ranked pizzas are added in the S and A categories, the average rated pizzas are added in the B and C category, while the worst-rated pizzas are added in the D, E, and F categories. The pizza tier list is used to get a public opinion, about what people think about a particular pizza.

What is the best-frozen pizza?

The best-frozen pizza is Newman’s frozen pizza. Frozen pizza offers great taste, quality, and value to consumers.

Which state has the best pizza?

New Jersey has the best pizza. It is famous for producing premium quality pizzas for consumers.



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