Gun Tier List: Top 25 Weapons Ranked [2023]

This Article Will Cover The Top 25 Of The Most Popular Guns In The World

If you love weapons, then our Gun tier list was made just for you. There are hundreds and thousands of different guns that exist out there in the world, and with each passing day with the advancements in technology, more unique and more efficient gun models are making it to the market.

And in a while, we will be shedding light on 25 of the world’s famous guns and ranking them based on their effectiveness and performance. Some of these weapons are obsolete now, while the military forces of different nations like the USA, Russia, India, Pakistan etc. are still utilizing them today. So, without further ado, let’s hop into the discussion.

Key Points

  • In the discussion below, we have ranked 25 of the most well-known guns in the world.
  • The ranking is based on the effectiveness and performance level of the weapons.
  • The M203, M240, M1014, M4A1, and the MK 19 are among the most top-notch guns.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you will find the likes of the AK47, Mossberg 500, M110, M32, and the P320-M18.


The table below shows all 25 guns mentioned in the article. 

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• M240 Machine Gun
• Benelli M1014 Shotgun
• M203 Grenade Launcher
• M4A1 Carbine
• Heckler and Koch MP5
• Carl Gustaf
• Beretta M9A1
• MK 19 Grenade Launcher
• M27
• Scar 16
• X95 Micro
• Glock 17
• Remington 870
• M72 LAW
• AT4
• M249 Light Machine Gun
• M16
• AK47
• M110 Sniper Rifle
• Mossberg 500
• PKM Machine Gun
• M32 MGL Grenade Launcher
• SIG SAEUR P320-M18

Continue reading the article to know more about them. 


Before we begin the discussion and start ranking all the guns, we would like to inform you that the rankings done in this article are based on our experience level and expertise. The data has been collected from several verified sources. Still, if you feel like a particular gun should have been ranked higher or lower, we would appreciate knowing about that in the comment section.

Make sure you leave your precious feedback, which we would love to read. That being said, let’s get started. 

S Tier

flawless guns
S Rank.

As described above, the S rank of the Gun Tier List 2023 is the first category where you will find all the top-notch and brilliant weapons. These guns have excellent accuracy, are reliable, and are super easy to use. Let’s take a look at them.

M240 Machine Gun

It is an S-tier weapon, and there are many reasons for it. Although its rate of fire is not that great for what it is, the rate of fire is exactly what it needs to be. It could be a bit faster, but overall, it is okay.

Besides, it is highly durable and rarely malfunctions with the M240. It behaves a lot better than the Saw does. I would say it is a powerhouse, and considering its accuracy, it is too good.

Benelli M1014 Shotgun

The M1014 is easily an S-tier weapon because, number one, it is not a pump shotgun. It is semi-automatic, so that you can do work with the M1014. It fits eight shells in the magazine tube, which is about standard, but slightly more than the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500.

The gun is highly reliable and comfortable to shoot because it’s got the Argo gas system which adds to its reliability. Besides, the butt stock is pretty nice, and overall it is a great weapon.

If you did want to use it as an actual combat shotgun which is what it was implemented for, utilizing it as an actual weapon system, you would do very well because the 870 has some decent sights. The Mossberg has a little bead at the front, but it also has ghost ring sights, and I think they have tritium in them either way, they are one of the best weapons out there.

M203 Grenade Launcher

It is easily an S-tier weapon. The trigger pull on the M203 is not great and is approximately 3-4 pounds. But it is pretty solid for a grenade launcher. Besides, it is effortless to use.You have a latch, pop it open, throw it around, shoot the rounds, and then if you want to open it up and change the round out, you can do that very quickly and easily.

Moreover, the holds are pretty straightforward, you can either hold it by the tube and the magazine well, or you can just hold this by the rifle pistol grip and the magazine well. So hold is intuitive, it doesn’t feel unnatural to use, that safety is easy to use, that’s right in front of the trigger, very easy to reload, and very easy to be accurate with, especially with some of the newer advanced sights. 

A Tier

best guns
A Rank.

Moving on to the next category, i.e. the A tier, we have included some impressive weapons with great specs. However, their effectiveness is lower than all those guns mentioned in the S tier. 

M4 A1 Carbine

It is an excellent rifle, full auto, but it is not spectacular. Talking about its trigger pull, it is impressive, and the weapon is easy to use because it is fully automatic, saving time. Moreover, its accuracy is excellent, and because it is convenient and its barrel is not very long, it is a perfect choice for tight places. 

There are some improvements I think could be made to it, like the velocity of the bullet is not that great, which thereby causes less damage, and the other thing is that when you fire with the gun,  the muzzle flash is so bright that the enemy can easily spot you from a long distance. 

Heckler & Koch MP5

The MP5 is an iconic gun. It lies in the A tier instead of the A tier because it is hard to reload; you can train to do it quickly, but it is just a little bit slower than some other weapon systems.

Besides, it is incredibly reliable, has low recoil, is accurate, very easy to use, is very intuitive, and is just a legendary weapon. It is also very modular, and you can see it in many different shapes and sizes, and it is a spectacular gun.

Carl Gustaf

This is a recoilless rifle. It’s got rifling; you can use it multiple times. It is not super bulky and is an excellent weapon. Moreover, its accuracy is superb, and it is easy to use. Besides, it is effective and quite reliable as well. 

Beretta M9A1

The Beretta is a famous gun and has often been used by the US military for almost four decades. The gun did a lot of work throughout its time in the US military. It is being replaced now by the Sig M17 and the M18. Many other units also use other guns. r.

MK 19 Grenade Launcher

If you are familiar with the Mark19, then here is a 40mm gun that shoots grenades like the M203 and M320. So it a grenade launcher machine gun. It is a sound weapon system but not that great to be added to the S or A tier.

The downside of the weapon is that it is clunky, and the sights are not helpful. Overall, it takes a lot to learn Mark 19 and a lot to be proficient with it. So the learning curve is a struggle.


It is a fully automatic gun, which was basically integrated as. As an assault rifle, it would be an excellent gun, but as an automatic rifle, it is trash because you don’t utilize any drums with it, so you have to reload all the time. Besides, it had some pretty gnarly recoil.

It is a piston-driven weapon system, but the recoil is annoying to deal with for some reason. Moreover, the stock is a bit bulky but relatively comfortable. Overall, it is modular, ergonomic, extremely durable, reliable, and super accurate, which is why it goes in the A tier.

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Scar 16

It is an excellent weapon. Although it has finicky stuff like the reciprocating charging handle, which I wouldn’t say I liked that much, the stock has a weird look. It looks like an ugg boot. Regarding accuracy, it is superb. It is modular and comfortable to use, and overall the controls are excellent too.

B Tier

gun tier list
B Rank.

The B rank of the Gun Tier List is the third category, where you will come across all those good guns but nothing extraordinary. These guns are sometimes helpful but have certain disadvantages that decrease their performance. Let’s take a deep dive and explore all the B-tier guns.

X-95 Micro

I think it is a terrific firearm. However, the controls are pretty decent. The X95 is a little better than the standard Tavor. The trigger is not that great just because it is a bullpup. Now, it being short is very convenient. But it also has a disadvantage, and that is the heat coming off the muzzle, which irritates your eyes when you fire. Overall, it is a good gun but not that special, so it lands in the B tier.

Glock 17

I am not a huge fan of Glocks just because they feel weird. They are not that Ergonomic, but they are accurate and solid. You need to get comfortable with the trigger itself because it is a crappy trigger and is striker-fired, but I think overall, it is incredibly reliable and easy to use. It doesn’t have a manual safety which I like, so this will be in the B tier. Glocks are fantastic weapons, really not the best for accuracy and the best for a lot of different things, but they will do work for you.

Remington 870

It is an excellent shotgun which will go straight into the B tier. There are a few different options. The safety is by the trigger, so it’s not as easy to see when you are breaching, but it feels intuitive and a little bit less clunky. More than likely, you would be able to utilize the 870 a little more effectively than most of the Mossbergs because most of the Mossbergs will be super old and beat up. Overall, the 879 is just generally a bit smoother.

M72 Law

The gun is an absolute beast and is a solid B-tier weapon. It is super light and effortless to use. At times, it feels like a toy; it is that easy to use. There is not as much firepower as the AT4, but you can easily have multiple laws in one squad, and these things are just convenient to do a little shock in awe.


You can only use the AT4 one time, and then you have to dispose of it, but it is easy to use once you know how to get past the safeties. It is a fantastic weapon, and it is generally not too heavy, and I think it does its job pretty well. So it’s good but not that great.

Negev NG7

It is an Israeli machine gun, and it is insane. The rate of fire is incredible, and it is a super cool weapon. Although it is a little fussy and uncomfortable, it goes in the B tier.

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M249 Light Machine Gun

It is an excellent weapon if you treat it correctly because the Saw can be extremely demanding if you don’t clean it, but it is just badass. It is solid, the rate of fire is reasonable, it is relatively compact, and it works great, but some optics can be a bit finicky, so depending on the optic will change your effectiveness. Overall, it is a B-tier weapon.


It is awesome. However, it is incredibly long. The stock isn’t collapsible, and it is kind of bulky. So I think the M16 is going to be in the B tier. Overall, it is basically like the M4 but just not as convenient.

C Tier

average weapons
C Rank.

The guns mentioned in the C tier are average and not too good. In other words, these guns lie between good and evil and are sometimes helpful. But mostly, they are of no use. Here are some of the C-tier weapons.


Ak47 is one of the most famous guns around the world. There is a considerable debate going on the internet on AR-15 versus Ak-47 and all that good stuff, but I think the Ak47 is a C-tier weapon. As far as the accuracy is concerned, it is not that great. The wood is durable, but people have seen the stocks crack. Besides, it is heavy and clunky, but it is highly reliable and proven. But there are other better options comparatively, so that is why it is in the C tier.

M110 Sniper Rifle

The M110 is a very clean-looking gun. The optics that generally come with these are solid, and the bipod is good. With the suppressor, it is fantastic, but it is also extremely long and can be a bit cumbersome at times it is still a good weapon. So it is going in the C tier.

Mossberg 500

People generally think with shotguns you will be going around, clearing buildings and whatnot using a shotgun, but that is likely not the case. It is pretty light and reliable, but it is not that great, and you will not have the option or want to use it for anything else. Now it does have the safety on top, which is convenient for breaching but overall, this thing is just a breaching tool, so it will go in the C tier. It is excellent but not that spectacular.

D Tier

worst guns
D Rank.

The D tier is the final category, where you will find the most pathetic and useless guns. The category consists of weapons which are complete garbage and have loads of drawbacks. Let’s find out more about these weapons. 

PKM Machine Gun

It is an interesting weapon. Not really that accurate, it is cumbersome, and the stock is super awkward. Besides, the bipod is not great either; overall, it is not that great. Moreover, it is not as easy to use as it seems, and some parts seem cheap. So that is why it is a D-tier gun.

M32 MGL Grenade Launcher

Many people will incorrectly call this the Mark 32, but I got to say, the thing is garbage. So it lies in the D tier. With that weapon system, it is never your primary. Considering its shape, it is very uncomfortable, especially on your back.

It is super bulky and kind of annoying to reload because you have to pop it open to the side, put the rounds in and then rotate it to like the wind the actual cylinder, and that makes it a gun which is quite annoying. Talking about its accuracy, it is not great either. Besides, the stock is cheap and doesn’t hold its position well, and safety is very clunky.


The RPG is easily a D-tier weapon. It is not ergonomic, and the RPGs are demanding, especially if you are not used to using them. Besides, it is cumbersome and bulky and is exceptionally long. At times, it just feels super weird to balance it.

If you have an object with it, then it is a lot better, but even still, it is highly inaccurate; the back blast is exceptionally annoying to account for a lot of the time, and overall, it is just kind of a piece of trash when you are comparing it to other stuff.


The Sig M18 is not at all a good weapon. It is modular and can change the frames, but it has some awful specifications. First, its manual safety is exceptionally annoying because it is just not as positive and a little harder to feel than the Beretta.

The Beretta is very easy to flick on and off, it is just effortless to manipulate, but the Sigs, even as I get it, are newer. Still, it is just not that easy to manipulate because it is a little bit smaller and a bit more low profile which is generally something you think you want, but I am not a huge fan of manual safeties, so if I have to have one, then I want one that I can manipulate. Accuracy is poor, and sometimes, it gets hard to disassemble. For the disassembly, the lever gets hard to lower, even with the magazine out. The quality control on that thing is trash.


In the Gun Tier List 2023 above, we listed 25 of the world’s famous guns and ranked them into five different categories based on how good or bad they are. In other words, the ranking was done based on the gun’s performance level. Some of these 25 guns stand out and have made it to the S tier, while others have been disappointing and are placed in the D tier. 

In summation, the article will give you deep insight into the world of ammunition and a good amount of knowledge regarding world-famous guns used by different military armies. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you have any feedback, feel free to contact us. We would appreciate it.