Pizza Store Tier List: Best Pizza Stores Ranked

What is that one thing that we can not say no to? Yes, it is a delicious, warm, and mouthwatering pizza. Pizza is eaten all around the world and is loved by many people. Sad? Get a pizza, happy? Get a pizza. In short, every mood can be fixed or celebrated with a nice yummy pizza. But the real deal is, where should we go to eat one? With so many stores all around the one, it is hard to land on one best choice.

Um, let’s search on the internet. But there are so many opinions and choices that might differ from ours. So sit back, because we have got your back. To solve the mystery, we have created a pizza store tier list, that consists of all the stores ranked best to worst.

A pizza store tier list simply means ranking the pizza stores into categories. these categories range from best to worst. The best ranks are known as S and A tiers, the average ones are named the B-tier, while the worst tiers are C and D-tiers.

But with so many reviews online, one might not agree with what we have discussed here. This means that the tier list is completely subjective and different for every person. One store that is loved by you, could completely disgust the other person.


S-tier of pizza places
Best Ranked

The S-tier consists of the most superior and premium quality pizza stores. These stores are ranked as the best stores in the market by consumers. They have all the qualities that qualify them as the best options, such as quality pizzas, nice and thin crusts, reasonable prices, and wholesome cheese. A good investment of money, for those who are crazy about pizzas.

Below, we have listed the S-tier pizza stores. Let us read ahead.


If you wish to eat some really good pizza in a calm environment, you should not miss Blaze. It is one of the best pizza places out there. Whether it is the environment, ambiance, or the taste of the pizzas that they serve to the consumers, everything is on point.

Blaze serves the pizza real quick, fresh from the oven, with nice and tempting toppings along with the delicious cheese oozing out. The crust of the pizza is soft and moist from the inside and crispy from the outside, an absolute treat to the taste buds.

The ingredients that the store uses to make the pizzas are all of premium quality, so don’t confuse the cook preparation time with below-the-average equality. They are all fresh and hygienic, thus the health of the consumers is not compromised.

Blaze is the one-stop shop for all the pizza lovers out there, with affordable and good-quality pizzas.


The best treat you could give yourself is to try the &pizza once in your life. It is the best pizza point in the market, with several qualities. The consumers like it so much, that they go back to the store every time the pizza cravings start to hit. Let us why it is your favorite spot.

With every bite, the mouth gets a burst of yummy and delicious flavors. The dough is made freshly with love and dedication. The crust that comes out of the oven looks extremely appetizing and mouth-watering.

The cheese issued by the store is the best among its competitors. They use fresh basil along with fresh and delicious mozzarella cheese that can make anyone crave the pizza.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

The next store with us on the pizza store tier list is Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. Due to the delicious pizzas that the store offers, it has made it to the S-tier with zero effort. let us know, why the consumers are so crazy about it.

When it comes to the crust, no other store in the market can beat up the level that Anthony’s offers to the customers. The crust is cooked with lots of effort and is made sure that it’s served hot and crispy right from the oven.

The sauce that the store use is completely traditional and has an authentic taste. The pizza is never soggy, the store uses fresh ingredients for the preparation.


A-tier of pizza places
Ranked as “Good”

The second category which is liked the most by people is A-tier. This is the second-best choice that consumers make. The A-tier pizza stores are ranked as the “good pizza stores”, and in case the S-tier is not available, then people would switch to this. The pizzas are of good quality and taste good as well. However, there could be slight differences, but they can be ignored easily.

Below, we have listed the A-tier pizza stores. Let us know ahead.

Mellow Mushroom

The Mellow Mushroom is known for providing good quality pizzas to the consumers as compared to the not-so-tasty $5 pies. The store’s quality is what makes it stand apart from the other chains in the market.

The crust that the store offers is undoubtedly the best one, it is soft, moist, and fluffy. The crust is topped with a generous amount of parmesan cheese that adds more to the beauty of the pizza. The finishing is done with a thin layer of olive oil.

The sauce adds more to the taste of the pizza. It is rich in ingredients and tastes heavenly. The toppings create a blend of flavors in the mouth that we don’t think anyone can resist. The toppings consist of Kalamata olives and Applewood smoked bacon. Hence, the store has covered all the major areas that are nutrition, quality, taste, and price.

However, one thing that can be improved is to have more pizza variations and flavors to satisfy the majority of the consumers.


MOD is a famous name in the market that provide liberty to the customers to make their own customized and personalized pizza. How cool is that! You no longer need to be worried regarding the calories and carbs, as you can make options for yourself that do not compromise on the diet.

The toppings list is long and has several different options. Such as roasted corn, spicy sausages, chickpeas, pepperonis, onions, capsicums, and many more. The menu of the store is quite easy to read and is simple. It does not create much of a hustle to make a pizza.

However, the customized pizza can turn out to be a disaster, and then you would not want to eat it. This creates a waste of money here. So, act as a chef only when you know how to make a yummy pizza.

The crust is also pretty good, however, it could be more uniform from the sides. But it can be ignored easily, keeping in mind all the other benefits the MOD offers.


B-tier of pizza stores

In the B category of the pizza store tier list, those stores are added that are ranked as the “average” or “satisfactory”  by the people. They are not so good, that one would like to visit them again and again, and not so bad either that one would leave the meals right there. If you are hungry and want to fill your tummy then B-tier options will do the work for you. They carry some issues that cannot be totally ignored.

Below, we have listed the B-tier pizza stores. Let us know ahead.

Uno Pizzeria and Grill

The first store on our B-tier is Uno Pizzeria and Grill. The store is famous among the community for making good deep-dish pizza. The pizza is not something extraordinary but is liked by the consumers for the price and quantity. However, there are some issues with the store let us know about them.

The consumers are a little disappointed with this deep-dish pizza. The deep dish that The Uno serves is not like the traditional pizza. It is not cheesy or big. The sauces that they use are not that rich and flavorful, however, if someone is very hungry that it will do the work.

Coming towards the crust, it did not get much appreciation from the consumers. It is not crispy. The tomato toppings are not fresh but do not tastes bad. So, if you want to have the original deep dish pizza then you should look somewhere else.


Sbarro qualifies as one of the largest pizza chains in America. Despite, capturing a huge market share, the pizza store could not be the favorite place of many consumers. There are many reasons for that, let us know ahead about them.

It is not one of the best pizza places in the town but will do the work when it comes to satisfying hunger. The Sbarro tried to copy the style of the New York City slice but was only successful till a certain time.

The reasons that it could not make are the greasy pizza and the chewy crust. But it does get some points for the tangy pizza sauce and flavorful toppings. So you cannot call it a complete fail, but yes it will not give you a proper pizza experience.


C-tier of pizza stores
Below-average stores

If all the stores in the town are closed, then are left with the C-tier pizza stores. They are not good for weekly visits. The pizzas that these stores have for the customers are tasteless and not something one should have to satisfy the midnight pizza cravings.

The quantity that these brands offer is exceptional but at the cost of a lot of regrets on the way back home. The sauces are not rich, the toppings taste plain and the cheese is greasier than the grease itself. These stores are ranked by the consumers as below the average stores, with nothing exceptional or good.

Below, we have listed the C-tier pizza stores. Let us know ahead.

Jet’s Pizza

The next store on the pizza store tier list is Jet’s Pizza. It is famous for providing consumers with thick slices of pizza. The slices have appropriate sizes. Jet’s Pizza has some issues as well, let us know about them.

It is surely not the best pizza place out there. The pizza that they offer is filled with grease and comes at a huge cost. Yes, they are quite costly and might put a burden on your pocket. It is not a great idea to spend a hefty amount on a tasteless item.

The toppings do not blend well with each other, and the tangy sauce does not help much to save the boat. It can be a good option to fill up the stomach, but keeping in mind the cost it is not an appropriate store to take the family there.

Pizza Hut

Well, we all have been to the famous Pizza Hut. You might be even shocked to look at the name in the C-tier. Do not worry, we will let you know why the consumers have ranked it as a below-average pizza store.

Back then when we were kids, it was our favorite pizza store in the town. The store would offer the kids video games. But there are some issues with the fast-food is that they offer that kids cannot sense. Such as the sauce that they use is awful, and is not worth it. The toppings get separated when one tries to take a bite.

The toppings that they use are not fresh, especially the sausages. Not just this, but the crust is also not up to the mark. However, the place is affordable, and if you need something quick to put in the hungry stomach, then you can go to pizza hut. But if you wish to treat yourself, then you can do a lot better.


D-tier of pizza stores
Worst stores ever

Ranked as the worst and most hated pizza store tier list by the consumers, the D-tier consists of those stores that would give you a bunch of regrets. The pizza stores do not have quality products to offer, and totally a waste of money.

Below, we have listed the D-tier pizza stores. Let us read ahead.


The first store on the list of worst pizza stores is Cicis. It is the best example of the notion of” quantity over quality”. You can get an endless amount of pizza but you will have to make a huge compromise on the quality.

The pizza from this store has a lot of problems, such as the cardboard crust, slimy cheese, and tasteless sauce. The crust is like a plain and dusty cracker. The sauce does not suit the overall pizza at all. So, if you wish to have a lot of pizza at a low price, then you should try it out. But don’t complain that we did not warn you. Not the best pizza buffet in the town.

Chuck E. Cheese

We do not think anyone who has a sense of pizza would go to this store ever. The Chuck E.Cheese is just a waste of money, time, and resources. There are a lot of problems with the pizzas that this store offers. For sure, it is not one of the best pizza places in the town.

The crust is plain, cardboard would taste better than it. The cheese has a weird artificial flavor that would quickly bring regret to the person who has spent buying it. The sausage is frozen and once it gets warm, it looks like stickers on the wall.

Only kids below the age of 7 would be interested in this store, as they do not have much idea about the type of products the store is selling. However, above the age of 7 cannot be fooled by the scam.

Little Caesars

The next store on the pizza store tier list is Little Caesars. The store has a huge claim, that the pizzas they serve are always hot and ready. But you have to pay a huge cost for that. No, not the money but the regret. Let us know why the consumers have rated it as the worst pizza store in the town.

What you will get in the store? A plain and dusty crust, a tasteless sauce almost torture to the taste buds, and the cheese, that is sour than the grapes. Not the kind of choice one would like to make to satisfy pizza cravings.


A pizza store tier list will help to provide insights into a consumer’s thoughts and perceptions regarding a certain pizza store. Once a week, we all want to go chill and have some nice pizza. But the store is the deciding factor, either it can make the experience pleasant or it can completely kill the vibe.

The tier list is there to gather data, and let you know what others think about a specific store. We hope, you have liked the tiers, if that is so, please do share it with your friends and family as well. Happy eating mates!