2022 Gaming Industry Statistics

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Gaming Revenue

You must have wondered why the official video game releases occur in particular countries while others are ignored. There is a reason behind this and that is the revenue it generates for the publisher or the video game console maker.

That is why for example few games despite being censored and taking creative freedom away from the video game developers are published by the video game publishers. As they are generating the revenue and they can’t pass on that.

Leading Gaming Countries Worldwide by Gaming Revenue/ Billion $

These are the countries that are leading the video game markets by re4venue. you can see that the Chinese market is even larger than the USA. They are having a great boom in the video game market and even statistics are backing it up. Europe has a good share while North America and South Asian first world countries are dominating the market.

Leading Regions Worldwide by Gaming Revenue

These are the regions that have the biggest share in the entire globe. They are fond of video gaming and are the hub of video gaming. The gaming publishers and the online stores in a bid to increase their revenues price their games differently according to the regions. For example games on Steam in Latin America is cheaper than it is in Northern America.

Latin America

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Asia Pacific

Middle East

Largest Video Game Companies Revenue Wise/ Billion $

The recent trend that the 2022 Gaming Industry Statistics shows is that few companies have hold of the video game market is backed by data as well. This is not very good for the video game industry and there can be serious repercussions because of this for the video gamer.

The mergers and acquisitions of the small video game companies are not only;y going to increase their hold on the market but we might be forced as video gamers to be the slave of their ideology which may or may not be in line with the spirit of video gaming.

Leading Companies in Video Gaming

These are the leading companies in video gaming, that have been dominating the market with their software and hardware. You can see the usual names that console gamers are aware of and the newly budding Chinese companies here that might soon topple the big names like Nintendo as seen in the data below.

EA Revenue/ Million $

Statistic on the Big 3 of Video Gaming

These are some of the 2022 Gaming Industry Statistics on Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. The 3 undisputed household names in the video game industry. They have a history of dominating this market and are continuing to do so to this day. One is the pioneer, the other is the king whose origins started with a redemption while the other one is finding its identity after failures.

Microsoft Gaming

Microsoft and Sony have had very fierce competition. They were not even near to Sony because of the massive commercial success that the Playstation 2 was but over the years after the success of the Xbox 360, they have tried many strategies but still were not able to replicate that.

But at the end of the 2010s, they have done several acts that have somewhat brought them back into the game and might make them compete with Sony in a cutthroat competition again.

Revenue/Million $

Most Popular Games on Xbox Series X/S in the USA as of November 2020, by share of the installed base


The Playstation’s history started as taking redemption for those that dumped it and it has not stopped. It has taken every big fish out of the water and is the supreme leader of the video game consoles in the world. Here is the data of the all-time great sales of Sony.

Revenue/Billion $

Active Users on PSN Worldwide (2014-2021)/ Millions


Nintendo had seen a great slump after the massive success of the DS and Wii and they were fading into oblivion after the failure of 3Ds and Nintendo Wii U but since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, they have again regained their form and might as well be on the way to make the most successful handheld console of all time according to the 2022 Gaming Industry Statistics.

Revenue/Million $

Gaming Software Unit Sales for Nintendo Switch Worldwide from 2017 till 2021

Big H2h

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have a dedicated fanbase and they have fierce competition between them. Sony has had an easy ride but Microsoft and Nintendo are catching up with their new strategies in place.

Gaming Software Sales Revenue (2012-2015)/ Million $

Gaming Stats
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Retail Value of Video games offered for free to PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Gold Subscribers

Games Stats
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