Editorial Guidelines

TopTierList follows these Editorial Guidelines principles while publishing its high-quality tier list & news for readers. Our writers are professionals who play the games or watch certain shows before making a tier list and presenting it to our readers.

Tier List Editorial Guidelines

  • Our main goal is always to present a tier list without biased opinions or misinformation to make it one-sided.
  • Tier lists are often taken as guides, and we always put a disclaimer beforehand on how the reader should take our tier lists.
  • We assure the readers of why certain things are placed in their designated tier beforehand, so no one can find our content offensive or hurtful towards their favorites.
  • Here at Toptierlist, we always try to present you with the best and most accurate information without any biased thoughts or other forms of warped facts and views. 
  • You’ll be no stranger to the method we present our information. Just be sure to read the “Disclaimer” mentioned in every tier list to avoid any confusion.
  • Every placement in these tier lists has a strong basis. If you happen to see one of your favorites in an unfortunate tier, don’t worry, we have listed why that is.

Non-Biased and Authentic Information

  • The writers are trained never to present their personal bias in the tier lists.
  • All the things we write about are authentic and extensively researched before putting them on the website.
  • In case of some misinformation goes unnoticed by the writer, we make sure that our quality management team double-checks the tier lists before publishing them.
  • Despite having enthusiasts in this category, we strive to write in a manner that is free from our personal bias as possible.
  • Every piece of information is carefully researched and then listed. No one likes false information!
  • Sometimes even our writers may make a mistake and present false information. Thanks to the team of senior expert editors, we have that covered as well, which ensures “top tier” information for our valuable readers.

Fluent and Precise

  • The writers at TopTierList are experts in their vocabulary and always present any piece of media with the most appropriate words.
  • Specific terms and words known only by certain communities are always presented when addressing that community to ensure the readers feel welcome.
  • Our senior writers have very strict guidelines, which every writer follows. It ensures that the quality of the work remains consistent.
  • The writers at Toptierlist work with efficiency and transparency. Reading our tier lists will be no Silent Hill puzzle!
  • Vocabulary specific to a community is always acknowledged to make you feel familiar with the information listed.
  • Regarding our writing guidelines, it’s like the floor is lava. No room for error. This is why every writer parkours their way into presenting high-quality content consistently. 

Appropriate for all Levels

  • It may become hard for beginners to follow a tier list without basic information. We eliminate that possibility by presenting all essential information in each heading/sub-heading.
  • No piece of media is presented unfiltered, i.e., context is always presented when providing something that all may not know.
  • We take it as our duty to use familiar language which can be understood by more than just native speakers.
  • The designated tier for a certain (character/title) may vary in different scenarios; the writers ensure that context is always mentioned to how the specific tier list works.
  • Not familiar with the terms in a game? Not to worry, we briefly list all relevant basic information to provide extensive yet simple-to-read information in every tier list. After all, these tier lists are basically like guides.
  • As Pewdiepie once said, “Context Matters.” Heeding these words of the zero-deaths god himself, we present all content in a filtered and contextual manner, so you feel at ease when reading our tier lists.
  • Not a native speaker; that’s no reason to worry either. Our language is simple yet descriptive to help every gamer easily understand the content listed. 
  • Tier Lists are a diverse topic. Because of this, our writers will always provide the context in which a specific tier list is designed.

Constructive Criticism and Discussion

  • The writers always leave room for discussion, so a small community can gather and provide their opinions and feedback.
  • No writer refuses criticism if it is constructive, there is always room for improvement, and our writers grow with every tier list.
  • There will always be many ways to write a tier list; we choose the most relevant and popular ones just so the readers are entertained while reading.
  • Our SEO Consultants ensure that the writers adapt to changes and provide essential tips on how they can improve in their field.

Professionalism and Presentation

  • The key to a good tier list is execution and improving readability. Our writers are very professional and present the tier list in the most optimal way possible.
  • Multiple writers can mean a difference in their writing style; we promote creative independence if it doesn’t affect the quality.
  • The writers at Toptierlist will always leave room for a community discussion. We welcome constructive criticism and feedback with zest, as that only allows us to grow with you, our readers.
  • On the technical side, our SEO consultants help our writers stay up-to-date on new changes, so they continue to provide you with information in the most attractive manner possible.
  • Sticking to the meta, the writers here follow the popular styles to ensure you find our tier lists in a familiar setting.
  • In the case of our tier lists, Looks do matter! The team at Toptierlist strives to present content in a very easy-to-read and attractive manner, so you face no difficulty navigating through it.
  • Each writer has their style, and we fully support that. We encourage our writers to express their creativity in these tier lists as long as it is within bounds.

Expertise and Originality

  • Each of the writers at TopTierList has years of experience, which assists in quality writing.
  • The writers have abundant sources of authentic information; they have the freedom to write it in their tone to make the tier list engaging.
  • There will always be other tier lists; we will give you a reason why ours are the best through quality content.
  • The writer research before writing a single word and never conclude unless they are 100% sure the data is correct.
  • Originality might make some writers biased, but our writers are trained to keep their expert opinions to themselves and only talk about them outside of authentic information.
  • Hailing from hours of grinding in games and rummaging information online, we assure you that our writers have enough experience in both to provide you content from someone who knows what they’re talking about.
  • Every point in our content considers a plethora of Reddit threads and the creators’ views to ensure the information is as accurate as possible.
  • Our writers are gamers, movie buffs, and anime weebs, but their expert opinions are not presented as argument points. We stick to the formula of unbiased and authentic information only.

Humor and Entertainment

  • Humor is abundant in our writers; they will make you laugh whenever the opportunity is available.
  • Tier lists are meant to be entertaining, our writers respect that and don’t let their humor ruin any piece of information.
  • Their humor is never offensive, as each tier list is double-checked before publishing; only the things needed are given the green light.
  • You will find that our tier lists are not some robotic dictionary definitions. Humor is as important as the authentic information in our tier lists to keep you engaged. We strive to make our tier lists fun to read rather than a chore.
  • Respect is as important as humor. You will never experience offensive spirit in our tier lists, so don’t worry about that. Our tier lists are checked thoroughly to ensure you have no reason to feel discomfort while reading these tier lists.

Familiarity and Knowledge

  • A writer only writes a tier list of the topics they are personally familiar with, as that can further improve the authenticity of the content.
  • These words will explain our writers as well-versed in pop culture, born and bred geeks. They are a force to be reckoned with in their topics.
  • If a writer is unaware of the topic on-hand, he makes sure to let the senior writers know so that it can be assigned to an appropriate writer.
  • At Toptierlist, we give our writers the freedom to write what they have experience in and are familiar with. This only boosts their efficiency and the accuracy of the content we provide for you.
  • In the case that some writer is given a topic that is alien to them, that topic is assigned to another writer who is better suited for it.
  • Our writers are state-of-the-art geeks. If they are talking about something, you can rest easy knowing that they have the force of a hundred subreddits and hours of gaming on their side.

The Writers’ Oath

  • The writers of TopTierList are aware of the impact they create; hence, they follow very strict guidelines.
  • They have pride as a writer and a duty to keep their content entertaining and free of misinformation.
  • Clarity is always our top priority.
  • The writers are aware of their limitations and never start a tier list on topics they can’t do well.
  • Senior writers act as guides and motivators for aspiring writers, who will take up the mantle themselves in the future.
  • Every writer at Toptierlist knows how much power they have in terms of influence. There is a strict guideline to ensure they don’t use this power in an unethical way.
  • The writers here are proud of the content they provide. This means they make sure to make it clear, humorous, and accurate.
  • Our top priority at Toptierlist is to ensure that the writers follow the rule above.
  • A writer will never start a tier list on a topic that is foreign to them to avoid misinformation and low-quality content.
  • Lastly, Senior Writers are mentors for the writers who strive to be the best of the best in the future.

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