We at TopTierList follow a rigorous set of rules that we have established for ourselves in accordance with standard journalistic practices. Each and every single piece of writing on the website follows these guidelines, and our content is created by a Group of Professionals who ensure that they have first-hand knowledge of the subjects that they cover, and they do extensive research to ensure that all their information is factually correct.

You can see all of these guidelines for yourselves below, which should give you a greater understanding of how we do things here. 

Tier List Editorial Guidelines

Our main goal is always to create an article without presenting a one-sided narrative, but we also don’t pretend to come from a place of true neutrality. The people who create our articles are also fans of the subjects they cover, whether they be video games, movies, card games, etc, and as such, they also have their own personal opinions that bleed into their work. The goal then is to ensure that our personal biases do not overcome our common sense and that our writers take the time and effort to justify their choices. And in rare situations where objectivity is the goal, they make sure to properly gather their information and credit the original source.

All of our Tier Lists also follow a standard format that many of you are already familiar with, and that you should have no trouble grasping immediately. We place the highest-ranking entries in the S Tier and then work our way down from there. Sometimes our ranks simply go as far as the C Tier in situations where the subjects of our article may not be too bad, but other times we have to go as far down as the F Tier when there is no redemption possible. 

Each of our articles also starts with proper Disclaimers so that our readers immediately understand what they are getting into. If there is a standard that needs clarification, or a metric that we are basing our ranking on, we will always ensure that they are clarified at the top of the content. We even make short and concise tables so that you don’t have to scroll through an entire page to find the one key thing that you are looking for. 

The goal, in the end, is to make sure that our content is informative, and that we don’t waste your time any more than is absolutely necessary. And in pursuit of that endeavor, we also keep a few other things in mind:

Establishing Criteria

Before crafting a tier list, we place significant emphasis on defining the criteria that will form the basis of our rankings. These criteria may vary depending on the subject matter, such as video games, movies, card games, and more. Our goal is to establish an objective framework that evaluates the qualities, performance, and impact of the subjects under consideration. By clearly defining the criteria, we provide transparency to our readers and maintain consistency in our rankings.

Rigorous Research

We understand the importance of comprehensive research in delivering accurate and reliable information. Our team of writers goes above and beyond to ensure they possess in-depth knowledge of the subjects they cover. Through extensive research, including exploring official sources, expert opinions, and user feedback, we strive to present a well-rounded perspective. We aim to gather information from reputable sources and verify the accuracy of the data to provide reliable content.

Hands-On Comparison

To provide authentic insights and meaningful analysis, we strongly believe in the value of hands-on experience. Our writers actively engage in practical exploration and testing whenever possible. By personally engaging with the subject matter, they can offer informed opinions and assess the attributes, mechanics, and overall performance of the characters, entities, or subjects being ranked. This firsthand experience enables us to provide more accurate and valuable insights to our readers.

Comparison Tables for Reader Convenience

At TopTierList, we are committed to enhancing reader experience and accessibility. As such, we incorporate concise and easy-to-read comparison tables into our articles. These tables allow readers to quickly navigate and compare key aspects of the ranked subjects, saving them valuable time and effort. The comparison tables provide a visual representation of the rankings, enabling readers to understand the relative positions of the subjects at a glance.

Ranking Methodology

Our tier lists are created by combining the aforementioned elements—established criteria, thorough research, hands-on comparison, and comparison tables. We carefully analyze and evaluate the gathered information to determine the relative rankings of the characters, entities, or subjects in question. Our tier lists typically follow a standard format, with the highest-ranking entries placed in the S Tier and descending from there. In cases where redemption is unlikely, we may rank subjects as low as the F Tier. The rankings are based on an objective assessment of the subjects’ performance, impact, and other relevant factors within the established criteria.

Writing Style And Clarity

At TopTierList, we prioritize fluent and precise writing. Our writers possess an exceptional command of the English language, enabling them to convey information effectively without unnecessary complexity. When technical or specific terminology is required, we make an effort to provide explanations beforehand, ensuring clarity and comprehension. Our aim is to provide informative content that is accessible to a wide range of readers.

Creativity And Tone

We encourage creativity and humor within the bounds of common decency. Fun and community-specific jokes can enhance the quality of an article, making it more engaging for readers. However, we always prioritize maintaining a family-friendly tone and ensuring that our content remains appropriate for all audiences.

Constructive Criticism and Discussion

We value constructive criticism and encourage discussion. Our tier lists are based on subjective opinions and differing viewpoints, acknowledging that individual perspectives may vary. We welcome readers to share their thoughts and provide constructive feedback in the comments section. Our writers take these comments into consideration when updating their articles, ensuring that the content remains relevant and up-to-date. However, we have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or abuse directed at our writers and enforce strict moderation to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment.


We hope that these enhanced editorial guidelines provide you with a deeper understanding of our practices at TopTierList. Our commitment to stringent criteria, rigorous research, hands-on comparison, and reader convenience ensures that our tier lists are informative, well-researched, and engaging. We invite you to explore our work and experience the high-quality content we strive to provide.