Editorial Guidelines

TopTierList follows these Editorial Guidelines principles while publishing its high-quality tier list & news for readers. Our writers are professional graduates, who play the games or watch certain shows before making a tier list and presenting to our readers.

Tier List Editorial Guidelines

  • Our main goal is to always present a tier list without any biased opinions, nor any misinformation to make it one-sided.
  • Tier lists are most often taken as guides, and we always put a disclaimer beforehand on how the reader should take our tier lists.
  • We assure the readers on why certain things are placed in their designated tier beforehand, so no can find our content to be offensive or hurtful towards their favorites.

Non-Biased and Authentic Information

  • The writers are trained to never present their personal bias in the tier lists.
  • All the things we write about are authentic, and extensively researched before putting them on the website.
  • In case of some misinformation going unnoticed by the writer, we make sure that the tier lists are double-checked by a team of senior writers before publishing them.

Fluent and Precise

  • The writers at TopTierList are experts in their vocabulary, and always present any piece of media with the most appropriate words.
  • Specific terms and words known only by certain communities are always presented when addressing that community, to ensure the readers feel welcome.
  • Our senior writers have very strict guidelines, these guidelines are followed by every writer. It ensures that the quality of the work remains consistent.

Appropriate for all Levels

  • Oftentimes, it may become hard for beginners to follow a tier list without basic information. We eliminate that possibility by presenting all essential information in each heading/sub-heading.
  • No piece of media is presented unfiltered, I.e., context is always presented when providing something that may not be known by all.
  • We take it as our duty to use familiar language, which can be understood by more than just native speakers.
  • The designated tier for a certain (character/title) may vary in different scenarios, the writers make sure that context is always mentioned to how the specific tier list works

Constructive Criticism and Discussion

  • The writers always leave room for discussion, so a small community can gather and provide their opinions, along with feedback.
  • No writer refuses criticism if it is constructive, there is always room for improvement, and our writers grow with every tier list.
  • There will always be many ways to write a tier list, we choose the most relevant and popular ones just so the readers are entertained while reading.
  • Our SEO Consultants ensure that the writers adapt to changes and provide any essential tips on how they can improve in their field.

Professionalism and Presentation

  • The key to a good tier list is execution, which further improves readability. Our writers are very professional and present the tier list in the most optimal way possible.
  • Multiple writers can mean there is difference in their writing style, we promote creative independence, if it doesn’t affect the quality.

Expertise and Originality

  • Each of the writers at TopTierList have years of experience, which assists in quality writing.
  • The writers have abundant sources of authentic information, they have freedom to write it in their own tone to make the tier list engaging.
  • There will always be other tier lists, we will give you a reason why ours are the best through quality content.
  • The writers research before writing a single word, and never reach a conclusion unless they are 100% sure the data is correct.
  • Originality might make some writers biased, but our writers are trained to keep their expert opinions to themselves, and only talk about them outside of authentic information.

Humor and Entertainment

  • Humor is found in abundance in our writers, they will make you laugh whenever the opportunity is available.
  • Tier lists are meant to be entertaining, our writers respect that, and don’t let their humor ruin any piece of information.
  • Their humor is never offensive, as each tier list is double-checked before publishing, only the things needed are given the green light.

Familiarity and Knowledge

  • A writer only writes a tier list of the topics he/she is personally familiar with, as that can further improve the authenticity of the content.
  • Being well-versed in pop-culture, born and bred geek, these are the words that well explain our writers. They are a force to be reckoned with in their topics.
  • If a writer is unaware of the topic on-hand, he makes sure to let the senior writers know, so it can be assigned to appropriate a writer.

The Writers’ Oath

  • The writers of TopTierList are aware of the impact they create; hence, they follow very strict guidelines.
  • They have their pride as a writer, and a duty to keep their content entertaining, and free of any misinformation.
  • Clarity is always our top priority.
  • The writers are aware of their limitations, and never start a tier list on topics they can’t do well in.
  • Senior writers act as guides and motivators for aspiring writers, who will take up the mantle themselves in the future.

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