Our Team

Meet TopTierList Team that commits to accuracy, unbiasedness, and high-quality elaborative content for our readers.



Sanan Khan
Senior Editor / CEO

I'm Sanan - a writer who has only done one job for the last few years - Write Tier List for popular websites like eXputer. My job at TopTierList is to Manage Writers, Commit to Fact-Checking, Accuracy, and present the best possible unbiased Tier List to our readers. 

If you ever have any complaints regarding any of our articles, don't hesitate to hit me up!

Daud Khan
Gaming Tier List

Some people like to play games; others just play to feel comfortable. Meanwhile, I'm a total addict and researcher, playing every game to its last detail and then repeatedly playing it. My job at TopTierList is to Write Video Games Tier List - Ranking Games, Characters, and a bunch more. I'll admit, I love doing it, but sometimes, it's difficult to be unbiased and leave down your favorite characters!

Mahi Zahid
Junior Editor & Arts Writer

Mahi Zahid was just 16 when she migrated to the USA from Iceland in pursuit of her passion, the fashion industry. Ever since she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the industry and she is part of our QC team who checks each and every tier list and after her approval, they are published.

Moiz Iftikhar
Movies Tier List Writer

Having worked as a Movies Journalist for notable websites, I currently work at TopTierList, ranking movies based on multiple Tier's. Overall, I'm a Movie and Anime freak, ask me about any movie, and I'll tell you its IMDB Score, alongside if it is worth watching.


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