Spiderman Movie Tier List [2023]

Want to venture into the world of spiders, webs, and villains? The Spiderman movie tier list will rank all the spiderman movies.

If you see red and blue or your vision is blurred by spiders, you have come to the right place. I said this because the Spiderman movie tier list is filled with spiders, spider-bitten humans, and the color red and blue. Trust me it will be a hell of a ride through the multiverse and the Marvel world. You’ll find villains, superhumans, and everything you have read in the comics. Spiderman is a go-to movie for every mood.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 9 movies ranked in the tier list.
  • We will rank all the movies according to the plot adopted in the movie, the character development, the villain’s potential, and the hero’s capabilities.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Spider-Man.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe movies like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, and The Amazing Spider-Man.


We will rank all the movies in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Spider-Man: No Way HomeSpider-ManSpider-Man: HomecomingThe Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseSpiderman 2Spider-Man: Far from HomeSpider-Man 3

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

It can always lighten your mood, no matter how sad you are. Stan Lee did an amazing job creating all the creatures of the marvel universe. But Spiderman is exemplary. With his web-covered red and blue suit and amazing web-throwing capabilities. This tier list is based on the storyline, the acting of the actors, plot holes, and the ranking of the movies. Additionally, I apologize beforehand for all the spoilers present in the article.

This movie tier list article is subject to variation by any reader. It is openly prone to variation among people depending on their preferences and choices. Whereas we have ranked the tier list mainly on our preferences and the time we have given to the movies. 

S Tier

best spiderman movies ranked
S Tier

The S tier, also called the superb tier, is the highest tier. It has the Spiderman movies of the Marvel universe that are inordinate. The movies included in this tier have the storyline, characters, and plot twists that are unmatched.

They have superior qualities and Characters, which becomes a reason for their staying under this tier, and that too is above all other tiers. The S tier is universally known to give a place to the best of the best movies. That is the case with this tier in this article. Spiderman movies are extraordinary and deserve all the love that they receive.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

This almost recently released movie is a masterpiece of creation. The action, adventure, and suspense created a breakthrough for it. It’s a huge wonder how the creators linked all three series of Spiderman at a single point. The meeting of the three Spidermen and all the villains coming together in a single place was all so overwhelming. The audience just couldn’t stop their ahs and oohs.

It was difficult to turn your face away from the screen for even a second during the whole period of the movie. The most unexpected and unanticipated stuff happened on the screen. Truthfully, I had to catch my breath for a minute too. All these exceptional qualities add to the S tier. If you are not a fan of this movie, seriously dude, put your priorities straight.

The storyline of this epic creation starts with the usual life of a high school student. I mean, Spiderman himself is a teenage boy, desperate, for admission to an Ivy League college. Regarding this hustle, he goes to Doctor Strange for some magical, Harry Potter-type help.

Every teenage boy is selfish; sometimes, in terms of getting help, he messes up the spell and creates a gap in the multiverse. This mistake is a present to us, as we see the three different Spidermen in a single movie. The villains and the three Spidermen duel together to save the world. Then Doctor Strange brings everything back to normal.

The collection of such adept characters in a single movie, include Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Benedict Cumberbatch. All of these extraordinary characters were able to convey the movie to the audience.

They worked together to compile an exhilarating experience compressed inside a single film. You might need to hold on to your seats and wait for the continuation of this storyline because the cliffhanger at the end is enough to play with our minds.

Released Dtae December 17, 2021
Director Jon Watts

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Moving on to the only animated addition in our tier list. you must be wondering why an animated movie is a part of the S tier. That is the stupidest thought as this is one of the best production of Stan Lee and the Marvel universe. This is a masterpiece of cinematography. Wondering why? Let me get you up to mark.

Firstly, the way the creators brought a comic to life in the face of this outstanding movie is a wonder. The way the storyline is effortlessly presented to the audience is meritorious.  Secondly, the animation and the Easter eggs signaling toward the other MCU productions are commendable.

Into the movie’s plot, it opens with a rebellious boy who is a disappointment to his father. When he is bitten by a spider, his world changes, and collides with the spidermen of different worlds. He befriends the new spider men and women and helps them get back to their own dimensions.

This act is sorted out with the help of the Peter Parker of another dimension, as the real Peter Parker had died. It all seems confusing, but in reality, the experience was enough to blow your mind. This made the audience hold their hearts with one hand and their heads with the other. You can’t possibly digest all this stuff at a time. You need to process the movie as it goes along.

While accessing the movie, how can we forget the vibrant animation and 3-dimensional text in the movie? The metatextuality is quite prominent in the movie as well, which enhances the whole experience. Kudos to the writers, Phil Lord and Rodney Rothman, who gave us access to such craftsmanship, where the comic book and the movie were merged together to impart the lesson, ‘everyone can be Spiderman’. This main theme is enough to put it under the S tier.

Released Dtae  December 14, 2018
Director Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti, Rodney Rothman

A Tier

second best spiderman movies ranked
A tier

Next is the A tier. It lodges the movies that are potentially great. They possess the extreme potential to be one of the best movies in the Marvel universe. But, unfortunately, they lack some basic attributes and characteristics that don’t allow them to remain in the S tier. They either have a plot gap, or the characters are not that good. In fact, they have pushed down a tier into the A tier.


Next is the cinematography that started it all. This was the first movie that came into being. Without it, we wouldn’t have the tier list. It was one of the initial movies of the MCU which shook the world with its absolutely great features and storyline. You know the phrase, right ‘Old is Gold,’ and that is certainly the case with this epic creation.

You can’t ignore this movie, also now that it is linked to Spiderman: no way home, ranked in the S tier. The autochthonous movie is considered the most admirable and praised one. But it is included in the A tier because of the shyness of the lead role. His monotonous sentences, along with short phrases, extract the fun out of the movie

The Primitive is great at its storyline like all other top-tiered movies. There’s a reason it received such love and admiration, along with extreme ranking among other movies. Peter Parker’s whole world takes a huge 180-degree turn when a spider bites him. His senses start heightening, and he starts shooting webs out of his hands.

He is amazed at his capabilities and decides to use them for a better cause. It’s no wonder that a geeky guy received exceptional superpowers. The most adrenaline-pumping moment is his fight with the Green Goblin. The ending fight scene is obscenely epic. It can easily be considered the best scene of the movie if you don’t consider it a bit too gory.

The collection of a greatly successful cast in a single platform is bound to make a movie great along with their exceptional acting which has awarded them many awards. No doubt, they truly deserved those. The chemistry between Mary Jane and Peter Parker is also commendable. Such on-screen chemistry is hard to find in today’s films. The movie may be a bit dated but it’s one of those pieces that are timeless, and don’t lose value till infinity.

Released Dtae May 3, 2002 
Director Sam Raimi

Spiderman 2

We have been talking about Spiderman for quite a while now. We are now familiar with Spiderman, but Spiderman 2 is another one of the best movies by Marvel. This movie introduced such amazingly maniacal villains, who were successful in twisting up our thinking. One of these villains is Doctor Octopus, who has been considered the best supervillain.

Additionally, the grief and sorrow injected into the movie also create an amazing detail in the movie which keeps it in the A tier. How can it not? this movie progressed after the first one. It gave Spiderman a breakthrough in the marvel universe.

The grief and melancholy of his grandfather’s death were taken to heart by Peter parker. In that pain, he started losing his powers and stopped his appearance as Spiderman. his life stopped at a dilemma when the doctor octopus took Mary Jane to get leverage. Peter Parker gets enraged at performing all their tactics to save the love of his life.

He became successful in freeing his love and defeating the eight mechanical armed Doctors. In the end, he becomes the superhero he is destined to be. The line, ‘There are bigger things happening here than me and you are worth mentioning in this, as it has stuck in our minds, for a bigger cause.

The most specific trait of this movie is that Harry and Mary Jane find out about the true identity of Spiderman. the differences between Mary Jane and Peter Parker end up together. The runaway bride scene is quite admirable because the year it was created, women were forced to marry someone they didn’t love. But she transcended the forces and decided to remain by the side of her true love.

Released Dtae  June 30, 2004
Director Sam Raimi

B Tier

average spiderman movies

Moving on to the next tier. In this tier, mediocre movies of the Marvel-related genre are added. They have traits that are an amalgam of the last tier and the top tier. They have the best characters but lack something in the storyline. Not everything can be gold. Some things tend to be silver or bronze

Spider-Man: Homecoming

A new retelling of Spiderman, for the second time. Though the combined work of Marvel and Sony formed it. This duo worked hard to present an updated version of Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland. They were able to reflect the previous Peter Parker in the young and renewed one. His rebelliousness, savvy, intelligence, and sprightliness all of this is reflected in the novel Peter Parker.

Despite this, this movie is a part of the B tier of the tier list because many parts of Peter Parker’s backstory are lost in the stories. As he first appeared in the Civil War, there, too, no one explained how he got bitten or how he got the technical web throwers.

Spiderman Homecoming, instead of starting from the origin, started with the main point. It zoomed in on the life of a teenage high school boy, who tries to keep a balance in his life. As he is a superhero, along with a high school student. He is a superhero who needs grades more than the saving world part.

Still, in this masterpiece, he tries to help Iron Man in confiscating the Chitauri technology. He does this by trying to stop the Vulture, who is the owner of the company.

The union of the Sony production with Marvel, after the flop production of Amazing Spiderman 2, was a novel approach. This created a new style in the Marvel series. Combining the avengers and a superhero kid. Don’t mind the word kid, but he was a kid who was courageous enough to take on bigger enemies.

Additionally, Tom Holland’s superior feats and talent are creditable. He performs his stunts himself, which is exemplary as only a few actors do such, for instance, Tom Cruise. Plus, Zendaya is also a talented creature, she had a huge following for her elegance and talent, since the time she was at Disney.

Released Dtae June 28, 2017
Director Jon Watts

Spider-Man: Far from Home

This movie opened doors of great opportunity for Spiderman and the MCU. It brought revelation to the world of Marvel, as they had to compensate after the death of Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame. The movie excelled in the film industry due to its innovation.

The introduction of plot twists has always been a part of Marvel, but how they brought in Mysterio’s identity was mind-blowing. This is the reason it is in the B tier. However, the plot twist was not suspenseful and was predicted by many people who pay attention to detail.

Engulfed in grief over the death of his beloved mentor during the war against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, Spiderman tries to cope with it all. He does this by enjoying a long summer vacation with his fellows in Europe.

Nick Fury doesn’t let this happen and assigns him a case to protect the people. He is teamed up with Mysterio and, later, gets deceived by his trustworthy friend, when he turns out to be Mysterio. Mysterio planned to cause havoc. Spiderman becomes successful in defeating him with a little aid from E.D.I.T.H.

The death of an iron man in the prior movie of the series broke the heart of many Marvel fans. His death was brought to balance by creating an exceptional movie of the guy who was connected to Spiderman, more than just in the form of a team but a deeper relation existed.

The addition of a tony stark invention, E.D.I.T.H., to a Spiderman movie, shook its basis and left the movie cold in its after-effects. Choosing the new Iron man must have been hard for marvel but they did a great job in passing it down to Spiderman

Released Dtae July 2, 2019
Director Jon Watts

C Tier

spiderman movie tier list

C Tier is the almost worst tier of the lot. It could have been worse if it weren’t for a few traits of the movies that allowed it a spot a bit higher. These traits include a bit of a plot twist, or a good acting potential or stunt. This saved these movies from the last rung of hell and granted it a place in the A bit higher tier. These movies are potentially worse, which means they have the potential to be worse.

The Amazing Spider-Man

After the lower ranking of the Spiderman 3 movie, Sony was enraged by their production and decided to form something totally novel. But the previous directors left, along with his actors, hence, a new movie was formed with an amazing prefix added to Spiderman.  This Spiderman was also a huge disappointment for Marvel and Spiderman fans.

This is because, after the success of the first two Spiderman movies, already included in the tier list, Sony was not able to keep the status as high as it was before. The Amazing Spiderman has a basic storyline, average-ranked actors, and the villains inserted in the movie are also not that extraordinary. Hence it is a part of the second last tier.

In this version of this Spiderman movie, Peter Parker lives with his Aunt. He tries to struggle between life and his love interest which is Gwen Stacy, rather than Mary Jane. In fact, Mary Jane is absent from this series hence making Peter Parker more interested in Gwen Stacy.  When Spiderman came across a briefcase left by his parents he ventured out on a journey to find his parents but stumbled at the doorstep of Oscorp here he had to face the lizard and protect the people from them, as Spiderman.

The exclusion of Mary Jane and the inclusion of Gwen Stacy weren’t liked by many viewers.  Even though Gwen Stacy was also kept as a likable character but the love and adoration for Mary Jane run deep in their blood because she was a part of the previous storyline, so many people didn’t want the storyline, Astra, from the original.  Also, the CGI of this movie is ridiculous as compared to the one before it because the lizard seemed quite fake.

The conflict between the old and the new was quite prominent throughout the whole movie it seemed as if the directors aimed to insert novel ideas into the movie, but we’re bound and changed by the old rituals of comics that didn’t allow them to deviate more from the designated path.

Released Dtae  July 3, 2012
Director Sam Raimi

Spider-Man 3

It has always been heard that the longer the series, the worse the content. It’s no wonder the directors couldn’t hold up their prestige during the third movie of the debut series. It requires a lot of hard work and concentration to maintain or sustain the ratings or the quality of the film.

Spiderman 3 is a part of the C Tier of the Spiderman movie tier list not just because it’s the third part but because it didn’t bring much to the battleground compared to the other two. Venom and Sandman could have done much for the movie if the writers had put more thought into it.  The only good thing might be the sassy black Spiderman, who seemed hot and had many girls falling to his feet. But this likeness also varied.

This movie is set a year after the second one, and it starts with Spiderman, who has everything in his grasp and has succeeded in many things. He is about to propose to his girlfriend, has saved the world many times, and is popular everywhere. Suddenly his life takes a huge turn, and he is facing three threats at a time, a green goblin, Sandman, and venom.

After the alien symbionts possess him, his whole persona changes into the black Spiderman, who has no manners and is hated by everyone. In the end, he can overcome his notorious side and gain back his good fame.

This movie ended the Spiderman series with a small sobbing cry for help. This is because even though it had some commendable scenes that directed the audience’s attention toward itself, some scenes were not so good. The most beloved scene of all is when Sandman tries to hold his daughter’s pendant, his hands crumble down into nothing but sand, and he becomes unable to grasp that this scene broke millions of hearts and brought many to tears.

Released Dtae June 15, 2007
Director Sam Raimi

D Tier

worst spider man movies

The D tier has the worst Spiderman movies in the Marvel Comic Universe or MCU. The film under this have the worst plot, boring progression, and huge plot holes. Even a few scenes seem to carry you off into your imagination and zone you out of the movie. Additionally, they seem to be doing a lot but at the same time, are doing nothing. The D tier is the lowest of all, and these movies deserve to remain in the least tier possible. They are a symbol of disgrace to the face of Marvel.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The amazing Spiderman did what Spiderman 3 did to the Spiderman series. It ended the amazing Spiderman series with a small whimper rather than blowing a loud ear-ringing bang. It bored the audience during its progression even though they tried so hard to make it interesting.

This made the movie crowded with many storylines at a single time. Hence, the film became busy housing this movie under the D tier. This movie is jam-packed with action, fights, and twists that cause a headache rather than being intriguing.

The movie opens up with Richard Parker recording a video explaining his disappearance, but now, in the present time, Peter Parker continues to fight crime. His childhood friend returned who had an ailment. An electrical engineer at the Oscorp got electrocuted by eels and transformed into an electric generator. He started calling himself Electro.

Spiderman fought him off, and Harry became the green goblin due to his ailment and teamed up with Electro to get back into the Oscorp building. Spiderman drove to stop both of them and became successful but lost the fight of love when Gwen fell off the building. This resulted in Spiderman leaving his career

The death of Gwen Stacy in the second part of Amazing Spiderman is ranked as one of the most heart-wrenching and heartbreaking scenes of superhero movies.  It might come after the death of Tony Stark in the Avenger’s end game.

The actors’ chemistry during the movie made the death Seen more agonizing and traumatic.  The pain radiated from the face of Andrew Garfield and gifted us with excruciating pain as well.  This scene is the most commendable scene of the whole movie.  Otherwise, it doesn’t have much.

Released Dtae May 2, 2014
Director Marc Webb

Comparison Table

MoviesTierReleased DateDirector
Spider-Man: No Way HomeSDecember 17, 2021Jon Watts
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseS December 14, 2018 Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti, Rodney Rothman
Spider-ManA May 3, 2002 Sam Raimi
Spiderman 2A June 30, 2004Sam Raimi
Spider-Man: HomecomingB June 28, 2017Jon Watts
Spider-Man: Far from HomeB July 2, 2019Jon Watts
The Amazing Spider-Man C July 3, 2012Sam Raimi
Spider-Man 3C June 15, 2007Sam Raimi
The Amazing Spider-Man 2DMay 2, 2014Marc Webb


Spiderman movies are considered one of the best movies, created by Marvel and generally. They have such fame that every child wants to be Spiderman due to his great spider skills and spidey sense. Spiderman has progressed a lot over the years, and the latest movies have taken a huge turn in building up their fame and status in the movie industry.

The movies included in the Spiderman movie tier list ranged from the best, in the S tier, to the worst, in the D tier. This ranking was based on the plot adopted in the movie, the character development, the villain’s potential, and the hero’s capabilities.