One Piece Character Tier list: All Warlords Ranked

Set Sail for Adventure with Our One Piece Character Tier List: Ranking the Strongest Characters in the Grand Line

Welcome to our One Piece Character Tier list, where we will be raking all current and former Warlords in the series.

Each of these characters currently does or did once hold significant influence with the World Government, and we are now going to rank them based on a variety of factors, not just their strengths.

Key Points

  • We have a total of 11 characters on the list.
  • They are ranked based on charm, personality, strength, and popularity.
  • In the highest ranks, we have the likes of Dracule Mihwak, Marshall D. Teach, and Buggy.
  • You will find characters like Gecko Moria and Crocodile in the lowest ranks.


Our entire article is summarised in the table below.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
Dracule MihwakJinbeBartholomew KumaCrocodile
Marshall D. TeachTrafalgar D. Water LawBoa HancockGecko Moria
BuggyDonquixote DoflamingoEdward Weevil

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S Tier

Greatest Warlords of the One Piece Character Tier List
S Tier.

The first tier is designated by the letter “S,” which stands for “superb” or “super,” respectively. It holds the top spot. In this tier, you’ll find some of the best characters in the series, each of whom has had an impact on anime and fans throughout the globe.

Dracule Mihawk

Dracule Eyes of a Hawk” “Strongest Swordsman of the World” Mihawk is a well-known and feared pirate. As one of the Seven Sea Lords, he was first to be adequately presented and unveiled until the organization disintegrated. Now, Zoro’s primary focus is on taking him down. He lives on Kuraigana Island, where he served as Zoro’s swordsmanship teacher during the two-year time skip. When it comes to the Baratie Arc, Mihawk may be counted on as a supporting adversary, but he is also one of Marineford’s most prominent enemies.

Most of the time, Mihawk is deadly serious. Only twice has he been observed laughing so far. Despite the shock all around him, he accepted the news that Luffy was Dragon’s son. Even when things go awry, he doesn’t show his emotions on the battlefield needlessly. A notorious pirate whose only ambition in life was to be defeated by another swordsman. He was neither ambitious nor harsh. As one of the most formidable pirates that have appeared so far, Mihawk is a master of the sword and I will place him at the top of the One Piece Warlord tier list.

First Appearance
Chapter 49
Current Warlord Status Member Before Dissolution

Marshall D. Teach

The captain-turned-admiral of the Blackbeard Pirates, Marshall D. Teach, is known by the moniker “Blackbeard” and is one of the Four Emperors. In addition, he is the first person in history to possess the abilities of two Devil Fruits simultaneously. A member of the 2nd division of the Whitebeard Pirates, he began his pirate career as an apprentice. However, he defected after killing Thatch, the leader of the 4th division, to seize the Yami Yami no Mi.

After slaying Whitebeard during the Summit War of Marineford and stealing his Gura Gura no Mi power, he was given the title Emperor, and he was also responsible for defeating the Whitebeard Pirates and taking the majority of Whitebeard’s territories, with the island of Hachinosu serving as his base of operations. As a character, Blackbeard seems to be a curious blend of guts and cowardice, intelligence and idiocy. While terrifying and imposing, he may also be seen as pathetic and pathetically weak.

But teach is also quite strong, especially considering his diminutive stature. A particular physical structure that Marco claims makes Teach capable of possessing two Devil Fruits, although a regular person would have died, would be explained by his body’s system. So, I will place him in the S tier.

First Appearance
Chapter 223
Current Warlord Status Resigned


Commander of the Buggy Pirates and co-leader of the Buggy and Alvida Alliance, Buggy the Star Clown, is a former apprentice of the Roger Pirates and now captain of the Buggy Pirates. As a member of the Seven Sea Lords of the Sea and head of “Buggy’s Delivery,” he rose to prominence after the Marineford summit war. When the Seven Warlords system collapsed, he lost his Warlord title, but he was eventually acknowledged as one of the Four Emperors when Kaidou and Big Mom were overthrown.

Since he’s been a recurrent presence on the show, to match his moniker, Buggy is a slender blue-haired guy with a look that resembles a clown. In reality, the large, red nose on his face is his nose. He is an arrogant egomaniac who aspires to be feared and revered by others around him. He does not devote much effort to refining his fighting skills, preferring to surround himself with a team of strong lieutenants performing the dirty job.

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His greatest threat comes from everyday residents and rookie pirates on the weakest sea in East Blue. Despite this, Buggy has shown robustness, having sailed the Grand Line with the Roger Pirates and come out on top against the likes of the Golden Lion and Whitebeard Pirates along the way.

First Appearance
Chapter 9
Current Warlord Status Member Before Dissolution

A Tier

Prominent Warlords of the One Piece Character Tier List
A Tier.

A tier is an above-average tier in which my favorite warlord characters are put with the same level of affection as the character above. It is possible that any of the characters on this list might be considered S-tier by certain fans. 


“The Knight of the Sea” As the captain Helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, Jinbe is in charge of steering the ship. He joined the crew at the Wano Country Arc, making him the ninth person to do so. Whale shark fish-man Jinbe is a master of Fish-Man Karate and a formidable karate expert. His goal is to fulfill the dying request of his previous leader, Fisher Tiger, for human and fish-man cohabitation and equality. After Tiger, their first captain was killed, he joined the Sun Pirates and rose to captain.

He rose through the ranks to become one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea but stepped down for personal reasons during the Summit War of Marineford. As part of his efforts to stop the New Fish-Man Pirates’ coup d’état against the Ryugu Kingdom’s Neptune Royal Family, Jinbe formed a friendship with Monkey D. Luffy and his crew. Later, Luffy encouraged him to join the Straw Hat Pirates, but Jinbe refused to participate until Big Mom was cut off during the Whole Cake Island Arc.

Jinbe seems to choose beliefs and values above integrity, and he’s willing to give up an otherwise unfinished fight for the greater good. Furthermore, he does not hesitate to urge others to do the same for the same purpose. Because of his extraordinary determination and capacity to ignore even the most substantial feelings of terror, Big Mom cannot shorten his life. When Big Mom unleashed a blast of Haoshoku Haki, he could maintain consciousness. Thus, I will place him at the top of the A tier of the One Piece Character Tier list.

First Appearance
Chapter 528
Current Warlord Status Resigned

Trafalgar D. Water Law

Law is the captain and medical expert of the Heart Pirates. He also goes by the moniker “Surgeon of Death.” The “Worst Generation” of pirates consists of him and the other eleven members. Due to a time jump, he was promoted to Warlord of the Sea, but after siding with the Straw Hat Pirates, he was demoted. Like many other pirates, Law hopes to discover the One Piece’s whereabouts while learning more about the Will of D’s motivations and intentions.

As a young man, Law traveled to Doflamingo to join the crew of a future Warlord of the Sea, intending to wreak havoc on the globe while he still had the chance. Since he accepted Law as a crew member, Doflamingo spent his time training with the Donquixote Pirates to better his chances of becoming the third Corazon one day. He trained with Gladius, Lao G, and Diamante aboard the ship.

Rayleigh’s discharge of Haoshoku Haki killed practically everyone in the Auction House, but Law and most of his crew could withstand it. Awed by his achievement, Rayleigh declared him to be an intimidating pirate. His lack of fearlessness was shown on Sabaody Archipelago when he let multiple Marines approach within striking distance of him despite being an advanced long-range fighter. Law grew so solid and notorious during the time skip that even the most brutal members of the G-5 Marine Corps were frightened of him.

First Appearance
Chapter 498
Current Warlord Status Membership Revoked

Donquixote Doflamingo

The captain of the Donquixote Pirates, Donquixote Doflamingo, is known as “Heavenly Yaksha.” As the most potent underworld broker known only by the alias “Joker” before his arrest, he was one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. The Donquixote lineage traces its ancestry back to him. He was Donquixote Homing’s first son and Rosinante’s elder brother, both of whom he murdered because he felt betrayed by them. Eight years before the start of the book, Doflamingo succeeded Riku Doldo III as king of Dressrosa.

In the Marineford Arc, he is a significant opponent who allied with Marines in the Summit War of Marineford, along with most other Warlords of the Sea. He is also the principal enemy of the Dressrosa Arc and the Dressrosa Epic as a whole, being the motivation for the events of the whole saga. Doflamingo is a cocky, arrogant, and careless individual. When making statements, he uses theatrical wording and poses overly exaggeratedly. In most circumstances, he maintains a level of calmness and composure that is hard to match.

After being defeated by Luggy Doflamingo lost the title of the king. One would expect only a World Noble such as Doflamingo to be able to pull off the worldwide deception that he had quit the Seven Warlords, which allowed him complete freedom to do anything he wanted without fear of penalties.

First Appearance
Chapter 223
Current Warlord Status Membership Revoked

B Tier

Balance Warlords
B Tier.

It’s not necessary to descend to the B tier before you may reach the C tier. These characters are equally good storytellers as the A-tier characters, but they have a slight advantage.

Bartholomew Kuma

Former Warlord of the Sea, King of Sorbet Kingdom, and Revolutionary Army officer Bartholomew Kuma “Tyrant,” formerly known for his brutality, is now a weapon known as “Pacifista” created by the scientist, Vegapunk, who designed it. Vegapunk completed the conversion of the Warlord to a fully functional Pacifista cyborg, and the Warlord’s mind was shattered in the process. Kuma was a slave-to-rent for the World Nobles for two years after he defended the Thousand Sunny.

Following the completion of his conversion to a Pacifista, Kuma asked Vegapunk that he help Luffy and his crew one final time by guarding their ship for two years. At the time of his last Pacifista alterations, Kuma served in the Revolutionary Army as an officer. This allowed him to exert influence on the organization’s lower-ranking members. However, he lost all control over his life when he submitted himself to the World Government.

One of the few persons who have beaten the Straw Hat Pirates and the only figure presented thus far that has fought the group single-handedly twice is Kuma. However, both times, the crew was in terrible health and was ill-equipped to take on a Warlord.

First Appearance
Chapter 233
Current Warlord Status Member Before Dissolution

Boa Hancock

The “Pirate Empress” Before her expulsion from the Warlords of the Sea, Captain Boa Hancock of the Kuja Pirates, served as the only female Warlord of the Sea. Her two younger Gorgon sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold, serve as her courtiers while she reigns as Amazon Lily’s current empress and the “Snake Princess.” Before becoming friends with and falling in love with Monkey D. Luffy, she is the principal adversary in the Amazon Lily Arc.

She becomes his ally throughout the remainder of the Summit War Saga and the Return to Sabaody Arc. Hancock is a complicated individual. When you first meet her, you may think she’s self-centered, arrogant, entitled, and used to getting her way. But when Luffy appeared and demonstrated perfect immunity to her charms, she initially believed she couldn’t tolerate the presence of someone entirely invulnerable to her abilities and would fall spectacularly once offended.

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Her strength is so great that it has even been acknowledged by the Fleet Admiral of the time, Sengoku of the Marines. Hancock, a legendary warrior of the Kuja Tribe, is renowned for his superhuman strength. She could perform mighty kicks of superhuman strength that could easily break the stone, take down numerous influential Marine officers and New World pirates with incredible ease, and knock away Smoker, a solid and robust Marine, with a single Haki-enhanced kick. So, I will place her in the B tier of the One Piece Warlord Tier list

First Appearance
Chapter 516
Current Warlord Status Member Before Dissolution

Edward Weevil

A pirate by the name of Edward Weevil, sometimes known as “Whitebeard Jr.,” claims to be Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate’s son. Mr. Bakkin is the son of Miss Bakkin, the woman who claims to be fascinated with Newgate. For as long as it took for him to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea and serve as one, he did so until the Warlords disbanded at some point during the two-year time gap. When he hunted down Whitebeard’s crew and friends, Edward Weevil was a vicious man who left havoc in his path.

He also has a whiny, snotty delivery that makes him seem like a child and a simpleton at the same time. However, although his statements are frequently disputed, he seems to think they are accurate. In contrast to his purported father, Weevil places a higher value on his alleged biological ancestry than the relationships formed through friendship and camaraderie that bind him to others. Whitebeard’s former allies were then viciously assaulted by him due to this.

Although his mother tried to tell him that vengeance wasn’t vital, he still harbors resentment at Blackbeard for the murder of his purported father.

First Appearance
Chapter 802
Current Warlord Status Member Before Dissolution

C Tier

Flawed Warlords
C Tier.

Aside from the C-tier, all others are equally significant in this tier ranking. Two characters in this category are very similar to one another. Both of them appear in the plot before time skips as adversaries.


King of the Desert Sir Crocodile, previously known as “Mr. 0,” was the mysterious crime syndicate Baroque Works’ former president. In contrast, Nico Robin, formerly known as “Miss All Sunday,” served as his vice president and business partner. He was a crucial adversary in the Arabasta Arc, the chief antagonist in the Arabasta Saga, and a minor figure in the Impel Down Arc in the Summit War Saga.

As the first foe to completely and utterly beat Luffy, he is one of the series’ longest-running and most notable vital antagonists. His title as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea was taken away from him when he attempted to take over the desert country Arabasta. Luffy helped him get out of Impel Down and get to Marineford, where he was able to join the fight. The two set off for the New World after the end of Marineford.

Having formerly held the title of one of the Seven Warlords of the Seas, Crocodile is an experienced, clever, and business-savvy pirate. He is self-assured and secure in his talents. During combat, he often grins and laughs gleefully at his inferior foes. Despite his role as a Warlord of the Sea, the Crocodile is depicted initially as an imposing and clever genius. However, to the Arabasta people, he was a hero figure who safeguarded their land from pirate raids.

First Appearance
Chapter 126
Current Warlord Status Membership Revoked

Gecko Moria

Gecko Moria’s ship, the Thriller Bark, is the giant ship in the world; he’s also a former warlord and a current leader of her pirate crew. During his youth, Moria served as the commander of the Gecko Pirates, which Kaidou of the Four Emperors decimated during a battle. Dr. Hogback, Moria’s henchman, built an army of zombies in response to this tragic occurrence. Brook’s shadows were stolen by Kage Kage no Mi’s strength, and he is the main adversary in Thriller Bark Saga.

For his part, he and most of the other Warlords were members of an alliance that helped to defeat a rebellion in the Marineford Arc. His title was revoked, and he was due to be executed by Donquixote Doflamingo, but he escaped.

Aside from direct battles, he wants to avoid it altogether, or if he does get into a fight, he prefers to have someone else take the lead. His tendency to outsource work to subordinates is a flaw in and of itself, as is his willingness to behave out of character if his sense of self-importance or authority is called into doubt. Moria is well-versed in combat, having previously faced an Emperor, among other formidable foes.

First Appearance
Chapter 449
Current Warlord Status Membership Revoked

Comparison Table

CharactersTierFirst AppearanceCurrent Warlord Status
Dracule MihwakSChapter 49Member Before Dissolution
Marshall D. TeachSChapter 223Resigned
BuggySChapter 9Member Before Dissolution
JinbeAChapter 528Resigned
Trafalgar D. Water LawAChapter 498Membership Revoked
Donquixote DoflamingoAChapter 223Membership Revoked
Bartholomew KumaBChapter 233Member Before Dissolution
Boa HancockBChapter 516Member Before Dissolution
Edward WeevilBChapter 802Member Before Dissolution
CrocodileCChapter 126Membership Revoked
Gecko MoriaCChapter 449Membership Revoked


You can see in this One Piece Character Tier list, that my love for all 11 warlords is undeniable, and I can’t help but speak about it. For the most part, I think we can all agree that this is the proper sequence for the most critical One Piece warlords, but if you disagree, feel free to let me know in the comments section. Analyzing characters has always been one of my favorite pastimes, but I’ve spent much more time doing it lately. As a result, I’ve chosen to compile what I consider the most comprehensive ranking of One Piece characters anywhere on the internet.