Avengers Tier List: Ranked Best To Worst [2023]

Join the Ranks of Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Explore the Ultimate Avengers Tier List to Unleash the Full Potential of Your Favorite Superheroes.

The Avengers Tier List is a ranking of the strongest and weakest members of the superhero team based on their capabilities and superpowers. Marvel has introduced several new Avengers over the years, each with unique skills and abilities. Knowing which character is the best and which one is the weakest can give fans an overall idea of their favorite superhero squad.

The list will explore the strengths and weaknesses of different characters and rank them from best to worst. From the incredible Hulk to Captain America, the writers have always surprised their target audience, sometimes by adding superheroes with extraordinary abilities, other times by introducing superheroes who can’t even win one battle.


  • This article has ranked 24 members of the Avengers in MCU.
  • They are ranked based on their strength, impact, and overall role in the MCU.
  • Some of the best Avengers include heroes like Scarlet Witch and Captain America.
  • The worst Avengers include members like Shuri and Mantis.


The table below shows each character based on their performance level.

S RankA Rank B RankC RankD Rank
Scarlet WitchIron ManHulkFalconMantis
ThorSpider ManVisionGrootRocket
Captain MarvelBlack PantherBlack WidowAnt ManDrax
Captain AmericaHawkeyewar MachineStar-Lord
Doctor StrangeGamoraOkoyeShuri

We will discuss them further in the article.

S Tier

Avengers Tier List
S Tier.

S Tier is the first category where you will find all of the top-notch superheroes. These characters have extraordinary capabilities and little to no weaknesses. Also, it is not easy to defeat these characters because they are so powerful.

These heroes are better than all the other characters in tiers A, B, C, and D. So let’s find out which Avengers are strong enough to make it into this Tier.

Scarlet Witch

In this Avengers Tier List 2023, Scarlet Witch is the most powerful superhero. She has an excellent skill set, and her abilities make her stand out from the crowd. She is the only person to fight Thanos in a solo battle, not once but twice, without taking damage. Interestingly, she did manage to deal damage to Thanos, and the reason behind this lies in her superpowers.

Scarlet Witch has numerous superpowers, such as the ability to teleport from one place to another in the blink of an eye, the ability to handle chaos energy with perfection, and the power to read minds. Her telepathy ability is of prime significance, as she can know what moves her opponent will make next. She can not only read her opponent’s minds but also control them and make them do whatever she wants. This dangerous ability makes her one of the best Avengers. Not only this, but she can also alter reality.

First Appearance Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)


Thor, the God of Thunder, is another S-tier character. No enemy would want to mess with this Avenger or death will be their destiny. Only two individuals might be able to outperform Thor in terms of strength and abilities. One is his sister Hela, and the second is his father, Odin. Nobody else has the power to defeat this character.

Although he is not immortal, it is still not easy to kill him, and this is demonstrated when he survived the entire force of a star. So, if an opponent has to give him a tough time, they will have to be more powerful than him, which is rare. One of Thor’s most lethal attacks is to control thunder itself, which he can summon at will with his hammer, Mjolnir. This weapon is very loyal to him and obeys his commands. No matter how bad the situation is, Mjolnir will reach Thor’s hand when he calls it.

First Appearance Thor (2011)

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the next character on the list. Her real name is Carol Danvers, and she is not someone who was born with god-gifted abilities. She was born a normal human being, but later in life, she gained superpowers and became a superhero. The space stone, also infamous as The Tesseract, gave Carol all her abilities. She soaked up all the energy from the Tesseract and became a Marvel Avenger. The Tesseract allows her to teleport through different universes by creating a portal.

She can go from one universe to another in no time, thanks to the powers of the Space Stone. She can generate photon blasters from her hands and fly at high altitudes. Her amazing strength and speed are also what make her unique. When Marvel first introduced this character, it didn’t seem very powerful. It was later on that we got to know about her unique strengths. Captain Marvel can also control cosmic energy and utilize it however she wants. We saw her strength when she punched a giant spaceship and destroyed it completely in one of her movies. She can fly not only in Earth’s atmosphere but also in space.

First Appearance Captain Marvel (2019)

Captain America

No List can be incomplete if we skip Captain America. He is no doubt one of the most powerful avengers and also one of the most important ones. Like Carol Danvers, Steve Rogers or Captain America was not a born superhero. He was a military soldier, and when he was selected for Project Rebirth, he was administered with a fluid that gave him superhuman abilities and great strength.

It doesn’t matter if he has to lift a falling airplane or save a school bus from an accident. He is capable of doing everything that seems impossible to a normal human. The serum changed his physique and made him more muscular and stronger than an ordinary human. The serum allowed him to heal himself quickly and made his senses sharper. He also carries a shield made of pure vibranium to defend himself against enemy attacks.

First Appearance Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the last character in the S tier. He has powers like no other Avenger. His ability to manipulate reality is brilliant. Using the Time Stone, he can see what the future looks like, and using the same Stone, he can change certain events in the past. He has the power to extract energy from multiple dimensions, and if we say he is the Master of Deep Magic, it won’t be wrong. Strange has only one drawback. He needs to move his arms to perform magic and deal opponents a great deal of magic.

In the new movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we witness his ability to move through various dimensions of the universe easily and smoothly. Not only this, but his ability to do difficult tasks with great precision and accuracy is also phenomenal. One of the major abilities of this character is that he can even move entire armies through different dimensions of the universe. This ability is something extraordinary and unique.

First Appearance Doctor Strange (2016)

A Tier

Avengers Tier List
A Tier.

Following the S tier, we have the A rankings. In this category, you will find all the characters that are less powerful than those in the S tier. These Avengers are great to a certain extent but have some weaknesses, and because of these, they are placed in the A tier

Iron Man

In the Avengers Tier List, Iron Man carries great significance. His actual name is Tony Stark, and he created the Iron Man body suit in his lab. Stark is an extremely intelligent individual who created this masterpiece suit for the first time when a group of terrorists from Afghanistan kidnapped him. He was imprisoned in a cave by the terrorists, and during this period, he made the Iron Man suit.

With time, he made advancements to this suit, and with better and improved technology, he could come up with the perfect suit loaded with guns, lasers, navigation systems, and whatnot. Iron Man was the sole Avenger to cause damage to Thanos in Infinity War. He also outperformed Thanos in terms of raw intelligence when he thought for a short duration and amazingly controlled the power of the infinity stones.

First Appearance Iron Man (2008)


The next A-tier Avenger on our list is Spider-Man. A superhero with spidey senses and great strength. It all started when a radioactive spider bit Peter Parker and that bite allowed Peter to climb walls, move more rapidly, and get more powerful. Peter’s durability also increased after this bite, and after harnessing his strengths, Peter went on to save lives and decided to utilize his powers for the betterment of humanity.

Spiderman’s enhanced senses are what make him powerful. He can avoid incoming attacks and act before giving the opponent any second chance. Moreover, he is also capable of making web shooters and is a genius. He can even duplicate Tony Stark’s modern technology. He was able to destroy Winter Soldier in Civil War along with Falcon. Both Falcon and Winter Soldier are strong opponents, but Peter outperformed them.

First Appearance Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Black Panther

Black Panther is another A-tier character. His actual name is King T’Challa, an avenger with strong reflexes and great strength, unlike ordinary human beings. He can also move with extraordinary speed, and his stamina is brilliant. Black Panther got his superhuman abilities after eating a magical herb shaped like a heart. In addition, he is durable, has remarkable stamina, and his ability to heal faster than normal humans makes him stand out in the crowd. His black suit is pure Vibranium and can soak up Kinetic Energy.

The stored kinetic energy then gets released as a counterattack and gives enemies a great deal of damage. This Kinetic Energy gets collected from blasts and other physical attacks from his opponents. Black Panther is also a martial artist. Panther’s martial art skills enable him to dodge enemy attacks and hit them from a blind angle with full force. Lastly, because sometimes he fails to withstand stronger enemies in combat, he is not a legendary character and is placed in the A rank.

First Appearance Captain America: Civil War (2016)

B Tier

Higher ranking characters
Strong Characters With A Few Weaknesses.

After the A tier, the B tier is another category to rank characters. We include heroes weaker than those in the S and A tiers in this category but are more powerful than C and D-tier Avengers. These characters have unique superpowers which help them fight enemies and win battles. However, they also have certain weaknesses, sometimes making them vulnerable to enemy attacks. Because of this vulnerability, we have included them in this section.


Hulk, the gigantic green superhero, was created in a lab by Bruce, a genius scientist. He was created by a huge explosion of gamma radiation and a liquid formula that Bruce invented. He is the strongest of Avengers in terms of physical strength, and rightly so. He has been into many battles and emerged victorious in many of them. The downside of this character is that Hulk is not a very extraordinary avenger despite his titanic physique and ultimate physical strength.

In Endgame, he was thrown out of the battlefield; we have not witnessed him being in combat. Now, there are more powerful characters with unique abilities and strengths. Once upon a time, He was an S-tier legendary character. But with time, as Marvel introduced newer Avengers, the Hulk’s dominance started fading away.

First Appearance 2008


The next character on the B tier is Vision. He has the Mind Stone permanently fixed on his forehead; as per theory, he should have been the strongest of the Avengers; however; he is not. Vision does not know how powerful he can be using that Mind Stone. He has yet to discover the true potential of this precious Stone fixed on his forehead since the beginning, maybe because he knows how destructive this Mind Stone can be. Vision has also confessed that he had no idea if the Stone could interfere with his Mind and could have an impact on it.

Looking at what he is capable of, he should have been indestructible. But when we take a look at his fights, he is not impressive at all. In infinity war, he narrowly escaped death after Wanda came to rescue him. Moreover, while fighting with Thanos he died fairly quickly, unlike the other Avengers who fought till the end. Because of these weak characteristics, Vision has been placed in the B tier.

First Appearance Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff or Black Widow did not have any superpowers. She worked hard and trained day and night to become one of the best assassins. She can easily handle all types of weapons, including machine guns, blades of different types, and spears. Black Widow had been an amazing avenger putting up great fights. One notable example can be that of destroying Thanos’ children whom he had adopted, all six of them, with the help of Falcon and Captain America. She cannot be left out on the Avengers Tier List 2023.

In addition, she was able to give a tough time to Thanos’ huge horde in Wakanda. Hawkeye was the one who gave training to Black Widow, but she has proved to be one step ahead of her instructor because of her extraordinary skill set.

First Appearance Iron Man 2 (2010)


Hawkeye is the next superhero in the queue. Like many other Avengers on this list, Clint Barton was not born with natural superhuman abilities. He is the master of archery, and when an arrow leaves his bow, it hits the target precisely. Moreover, he does not use normal arrows. Rather, his arrows catch fire and burst upon impact with the target. In Infinity War, you can see Hawkeye as a professional assassin carrying a sharp sword like a true samurai.

You find Hawkeye in this Tier because on the battlefield; when he confronts other enemies with greater capabilities, his skill set seems comparatively weak. Otherwise, he is an amazing avenger, even though he has no other natural superhero abilities.

First Appearance Thor (2011)


Gamora is our next B-tier character. She belongs to an Alien family of Zehoberei and has had superhuman abilities since birth. Not only is she durable, but her ability to possess superhuman strength is also worth mentioning. She got her training from her ex-master, Thanos. He strengthened her using cybernetics and technology and gave her the title “The Fiercest Woman in the Galaxy.” Gamora got more liking from Thanos than any other soldier.

Like Black Widow, Gamora has also been trained to be a superb assassin since childhood, and time and again, we have witnessed how well she can fight and defeat opponents. She is a powerful avenger, but her strengths lack effectiveness compared to the capabilities of other cybernetically enhanced avengers.

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First Appearance Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


The last character in this Tier is Nebula. Thanos was the one who gave training to Nebula and helped her reach that point of perfection as an assassin. He replaced some of her body parts with the latest technology to enhance her abilities. You might have seen Nebula throwing around opponents with a single arm and twisting enemies’ necks, that was because of artificial enhancements.

According to Thanos, once Nebula almost killed him when she found her way into his spaceship and tried to assassinate him. Despite her amazing capabilities, Nebula is still a weak Avenger. She cannot even withstand a fight with Gamora. One of the main reasons Nebula got weaker over time was her poor mental health, which got affected when her father exploited her. His ill-treatment decreased her overall efficiency as a fighter.

First Appearance Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

C Tier

Satisfactory Characters
C Tier.

This Tier includes neither good nor bad characters. In other words, these characters lie in the exact middle and they do not have extraordinary abilities.


The first character on this list is Falcon. He is an ordinary human being and does not possess any natural super abilities. Many Avengers were born with heroic powers, but Sam Wilson is not one of them. He wears a highly technological jetpack with wings which has several functions. This jetpack allows him to soar high in the skies and travel with great speed. Falcon even destroyed a giant monster in Infinity War using his razor-sharp wings.

He is a C-tier character because he is nothing without his special jetpack. He can neither put up a good fight nor use other abilities to give enemies a tough time. We have seen him getting defeated without his jetpack on many occasions. Falcon also uses specialized bifocals to amplify his eyesight, but his dependence on his jetpack makes him a weak Avenger, not an extraordinary warrior who can bag victories.

First Appearance Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)


Groot is our next character on the Avengers Tier List. He is a living tree with a flexible body that can do wonders. Groot is a great fighter and can use his arms and legs as sharp blades. He doesn’t even have to worry about his limbs if somebody chops them off during a fight. It is because they will regenerate almost instantly. He is an Avenger who is immortal and has great powers. On the contrary, his lack of battle experience makes him a weaker character. He is still a minor and has mood swings which can prove costly.

You may find him in S, A, or B Tier when he grows up. But for now, you will find him at this rank because of his inability to make sound decisions.

First Appearance Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


Next on the C  tier is Ant-man. His real name is Scott Edward Harris Land. He, like any other average individual, had his problems and wasn’t equipped with the ability to shrink in size nor have superhuman strength. Under the influence of a man named Hank Pym, he decided to take the job of being the Antman. The suit allowed him to change his size ranging between the two extremes. Only he was enough in Captain America’s civil war to malfunction Iron Man’s suit.

Ant-man and his fellow avengers went back into the quantum realm to perform a time heist. Ant-man and Captain America failed to relocate the Tesseract, so Ant-man had to return. He fought alongside his fellow avengers during the Avengers End game, but despite everything, he is placed in the C tier as the suit contributes to all his powers which he didn’t build in the first place, and without the suit, he is nothing.

First Appearance Ant-Man (2015) 

War Machine

War Machine is another technologically advanced suit built by Tony Stark and is maneuvered by his friend, lieutenant colonel James Rhodes. The war machine was originally in the hands of the US military and was equipped with state of the arc weapons and explosives, making it invincible. He proved useful in the battle of Wakanda when it used its weapons to eradicate enemy troops. The Avenger can also fly in the air, and its thrusters allow him to travel long distances quickly.

The War Machine is a multi-purpose machine and can withstand and eradicate threats. Despite its advanced weapon system and durability, we cannot place War Machine in higher tiers as he can only advance this suit until Tony Stark is living. Sadly, making it a piece of outdated technological equipment isn’t the case.

First Appearance Iron Man (2008)


The next character on this list is a fierce warrior and the top general of Dora Milaje. Okoye has no superpowers, but her amazing strength, stamina, and fighting capabilities make her unique and the best of warriors.

She is an epic fighter who uses a special kind of weapon which draws energy from Vibranium. This Avenger has never received any injury so far. However, she has no other capability or strong sheathing to use as protection. She is put on the back burner on this list because of this reason.

First Appearance Black Panther (2018)

D Tier

Weak Characters
D Tier.

The last rank on this list is the D-tier. You will find characters who do not perform well, have many weaknesses, and are not capable of putting up great fights.


Mantis is the first Avenger on the D-tier. She has a special power that enables her to read people’s thoughts with the game-changing ability to alter these thoughts as well. Ego brought her up; later, she had permission to be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Then she began her journey of fighting on the path of righteousness.

Mantis does not have any special weapons or advanced technology through which she can beat her enemies but contains a set of antennas on her head through which she can easily emotionally manipulate her targets, making them surrender at ease. This ability of hers proved to be of some use in Avengers Infinity War when Thanos was put to sleep by Mantis so the other avengers could acquire the infinity gauntlet. She does wonders with her skill sets but cannot withstand battles with stronger opponents.

First Appearance Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)


The next D tier Avenger on our list is Rocket. Mostly commonly called Rocket Raccoon is a mutated living being and is also a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Rocket shares a strong bond with his friend Groot, and before being part of the Avengers, they traveled across galaxies plundering everything in their way, but after joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, they soon stopped.

He is an enhanced being having all his human senses enhanced. He, too, is an expert weaponist equipped with multiple weapons on hand, making him one to watch on the battlefield. In the Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, he displayed great technical skill by hijacking the prison security vessel and using it for his use. Thus, escaping prison. Rocket may be one of the smallest avengers some may overlook, but we will not miss this little raccoon. This raccoon has an excellent skill set but is not as powerful as other Avengers on this list.

First Appearance Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


Popularly known as Drax the Destroyer, it is our 3rd D-tier Avenger. Ronan, an extraterrestrial being, murdered his child and partner. Thereby, he perished with millions of beings to get revenge on Ronan, giving him the name Destroyer. After getting his revenge on Ronan, in the Battle of Xandar, he made it his mission to defeat Thanos, which became a reality in the Avengers Endgame.

He, too, is a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy and works with his fellow teammates to keep the galaxies safe. Earlier on, Drax was just showcased as a tall, muscular guy, who was great with words, but this soon was proved wrong as he is known to have Superhuman strength and excellent marksmanship and knife skills.

First Appearance Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


The real name of this Avenger is Peter Jason Quill. He was born on Earth and is half human and half alien. Right after his mother’s death, he was subsequently abducted by the ravagers, who soon became his family. He grew up under the influence of the Ravagers, who taught him the art of theft, and soon, he perfected this skill on his own. Growing up, he was known by the name Star-Lord. His late mother gave him this name.

He grew as an outlaw and remained a thief until his fate changed completely, and he joined the path of righteousness. Despite being half human, he is bestowed with the power of immortality until his father, Ego, remains alive. He also has his hands on technologically advanced weapons that he uses in all of his fights. Even though Starlord contains celestial DNA, his cosmic powers were just present until his father’s death. Because of this weakness, you find him in D-tier.

First Appearance Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


Shuri is the last character in this article. She is the direct heir to the Wakandan throne after the death of her brother, The Black Panther. She is the last born of T’Chaka and is responsible for creating every Wakanda weapon we see today. Like others in Wakanda, Shuri uses weapons manufactured from vibranium, giving the weapon an extra oomph and allowing it to disintegrate anything and everything with the blink of an eye.

In the Avengers Infinity War, she used her technical expertise and tried to take the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head with care, but she could not do so due to the lack of time. She has an extreme love for American culture, and some American movies inspire her inventions. Although she is a great inventor and has showcased great bravery, her role has been neglected, and we haven’t seen much of her skills, thus giving her a place in D-tier.

First Appearance Black Panther (2018)

Comparison Table

CharactersTierFirst Appearance
Scarlet WitchSCaptain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
ThorSThor (2011)
Captain MarvelSCaptain Marvel (2019)
Captain AmericaSCaptain America: The First Avenger (2011)
Doctor StrangeSDoctor Strange (2016)
Iron ManAIron Man (2008)
Spider ManACaptain America: Civil War (2016)
Black PantherACaptain America: Civil War (2016)
VisionBAvengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
Black WidowB Iron Man 2 (2010)
HawkeyeBThor (2011)
GamoraB Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
NebulaBGuardians of the Galaxy (2014)
FalconCCaptain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
GrootCGuardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Ant ManCAnt-Man (2015)
war MachineCIron Man (2008)
OkoyeCBlack Panther (2018)
MantisD Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
Rocket DGuardians of the Galaxy (2014)
DraxDGuardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Star-LordDGuardians of the Galaxy (2014)
ShuriDBlack Panther (2018)


In our Avengers Tier List, we learned the strengths and weaknesses of different Marvel Avengers. There are some Avengers who have an impressive skill set and are invulnerable. At the same time, some Avengers do not have shocking abilities and are less powerful. This information gives us an insight into the world of Avengers, and we hope you enjoyed reading this article.

We will continue to expand this article as new movies are released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and new heroes are inducted into the Avengers. Look forward to out updated article at that point.