Dokkan Movie Bosses Tier List [2023]

The best movie bosses tier list to decide which card you should have and play within the Dragon Ballz: Dokkan Battle

If you are a Dragon Ball Z anime fan, you probably play its game too. And, if you play the DBZ Dokkan Batlle, you are probably searching for the best Dragon Ball Dokkan’s movie bosses tier list to decide which card you should have and play with. Aren’t you? Haha, I got you! Well, this top tier will help you determine which movie antagonist is the best in the Dokkan Battle game.

Key Points

  • We will be ranking 24 movie bosses of the game.
  • The ranking is based on our experience and surveys conducted.
  • The highest tier contains Overwhelming Army – Metal Cooler Army, Global Harmony Through Destruction – Beerus & Whis, Boiling Evil – Super Janemba and Destroyers of the Universe Team – Turles with others.
  • The lowest tier contains cards like Evil Borne Monster, Galaxy’s Most Evil, Superior Suppressor, and Cold-Hearted Invasion, among others.

Dokkan Movie Bosses Tier List

To summarize and provide a quick view, we have made a table of our tier list below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Awakened Explosive Evolution TurlesOverwhelming Army – Metal Cooler ArmyTerrifying Metal Body – Metal Cooler AGLFear’s Ultimate Form – Golden FriezaThe Aggregate of Evil – Janemba
EZA Indestructible Saiyan Evil Legendary – Super Saiyan BrolyGlobal Harmony Through Destruction – Beerus & WhisUncontrollable Power – Super Saiyan BrolyShadow of Aggression – TurlesCold-Hearted Invasion – Cooler
Galaxy Threatening Invasion – Full Power BoujackBoiling Evil – Super JanembaResurrection from the Seal – BoujackIn Pursuit of a Formidable Foe – BeerusSuperior Suppressor – Turles
Nightmarish Impact – Super Saiyan BrolyDestroyers of the Universe Team – TurlesThe Nightmare Returns – FriezaGalaxy’s Most Evil – Boujack
A New Life on Vampa – Broly & Cheelai & LemoFoe Elimination Circuit – Android #13Evil Borne Monster Android 13

S Tier

movie bosses tier list
They are the best tier of movie bosses. S Tier list.

The strongest movie bosses of Dragon Ballz: Dokkan Battle lies in the S tier. These units, cards, or characters have proved to be the best in terms of stability on a battlefield. If you have an S tier in your team, congrats because you are now one of the strong players in the game! If you have more than one S-tier card, then you are almost unbeatable! Anime and anime games are always the best escape from reality for Otakus. If you are an Otaku too, you may want to check out the One Piece Treasure Cruise Tier List.

Usually, one S-tier character is enough to carry your entire team. Units in the S tier are strong, deal more damage than other tier units, and have a good defense. According to many players, AI is less likely to attack these units. Therefore, S-tier units can hold their ground longer than others.

A team full of S-tier units would be one to see! If you do not own any of the S-tier units stated below, it is time that you start farming for these. You will never regret investing your time, money, and hard work in attaining these cards. Not only are they great on the battlefield, but you can also flex them to your friends. They are going to be envious of you!

Awakened Explosive Evolution Turles

Title Explosive Evolution Turles
Max Level 150
Rarity Ultra Rare (UR)
Type Extreme AGL
ATK 5825
DEF 10676
HP 11410
Cost 58

Awakened Explosive Evolution Turles has been out for three years and is still holding up against new cards. Isn’t that crazy? If that is not enough to shock you, let us tell you even more incredible facts about him. Turles can enable one of the game’s most powerful Legendary units. He provides strong support with a minor debuff to enemies while he’s not transformed, and when he’s transformed, he has over 200k defense and strikes like a truck. The thing that makes him even more amazing is that he can change multiple times.

His one drawback is that he relies on links and Legendary Turles for most of his defense. Personally, I would not like to declare this as one of his drawbacks, as there are different types of units in the game, and being a tank is not really Turles’ cup of tea. If I could categorize Turles in a team, I would put him in the category of the main damage dealer, the DPS. He is a great asset to the team.

EZA Indestructible Saiyan Evil Legendary – Super Saiyan Broly

Title Indestructible Saiyan Evil Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
Max Level 150
Rarity Legendary (LR)
Type Extreme STR
Max ATK 23480
Max DEF 13619
Max HP 17013
Cost 77

EZA STR Broly is a killing machine. It is considered the best unit global and second-best in DBZ: Dokkan Battle Japan. Having no proper slot 1 is the closest he comes to having a fault. He’ll improve even more if the developers release a top-tier linking partner for him who can tank there. I doubt we’ll see another Z Broly very soon. However, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that DBS Broly receives a true LR in the near future.

Crit boosts his damage output, but bear in mind that he’s already efficient against all sorts as long as Goku’s family enemy is present, which is a rather regular occurrence on the battlefield. Nevertheless, he earns a spot in the S Tier.

Galaxy Threatening Invasion – Full Power Boujack

Title Galaxy Threatening Invasion – Full Power Boujack
Max Level 150
Rarity LR
Type Extreme INT
Max ATK 19765
Max DEF 15294
Max HP 22750
Cost 77

Another S-tier card of a powerful antagonist that appears in DBZ movies is Galaxy Threatening Invasion of full power boujack. When he’s on STR Bojack’s team, also known as the space-traveling warriors, he’s at his best.

Most LRs today can do more than simply damage and defense; they can seal, stun, predict super attacks, dodge, crit, add, heal, and so on. This guy is among the top ten units in DBZ Dokkan battle, with only insanely high attack and defense, courtesy of a large buff from link levels.

He is insane and probably the only unit in the game that no player hates. Although, for a long time, everyone said he only needed one good connection partner, which he now has, who also happens to be supportive. As a result, that is also really beneficial. He is a ferocious fighter.

Nightmarish Impact – Super Saiyan Broly

Title Nightmarish Impact – Super Saiyan Broly
Max Level 150
Rarity LR
Type Extreme TEQ
Max ATK 20845
Max DEF 13275
Max HP 24688
Cost 77

On the offensive side, he’s a force to be reckoned with, especially while his Active talent is on the go. And when he’s up against numerous foes, he goes all out. His personal defense weakens as a result of his vulnerability in the first slot, but once he gets his super off, it improves to a reasonable level. He is also an LR who reaped the benefits of the link skill upgrade, as it allowed Saiyan lineage to become a 2ki link, which is ideal for him.

His leadership ability is also quite useful, as 4ki is extremely beneficial to both himself and Extreme TEQ. Both because many of the team’s troops fall into his category, and because it makes the team’s widely different Ki linkages less penalizing, resulting in better team cohesion than would otherwise be the case. His single big shortcoming is that, while his defense is adequate, it begins to falter in long-form content.

The vast majority of people would be overjoyed at the prospect of pulling him. This guy is a freight train that can transform a team from weak to rock solid. Here’s to the enraged fist-fighting victim, and hoping that those who want him get him.

A New Life on Vampa – Broly & Cheelai & Lemo

Title A New Life on Vampa – Broly & Cheelai & Lemo
Max Level 150
Rarity LR
Type Extreme PHY
Max ATK 12344
Max DEF 20275
Max HP 26975
Cost 77

One of the hardest things for Dragon Ballz: Dokkan battle players are beating the ESBR movie bosses. Having this unit will make it a piece of cake. These guys have secretly been getting buffs for a while now. we have good linking partners for them with Frieza/17, Krillin and Gohan, and Tapion and Minotia. as well as many other units who share 4 links, and now they got a new category for even more buffs. now we just need an orb changer who links well with them and they’ll be amazing

A Tier

Dragon Ball Z game bosses tier list
A Tier Movie Bosses

The A tier list. A good movie boss’s team can smash nearly every single event in Dragon Ballz: Dokkan Battle. The A Tier players are considered to be all-around good players who can cause a fair amount of damage to their opponents. Even in movies, they are some of the most bloodcurdling personalities. And, if performed correctly, they can be unbeatable in the game.

These characters have a good defense, attack, and hp. All stats are well-balanced which gives them more stability than the units in lower tiers. A-tier movie bosses can definitely move up to and become S-tier units if more buffs are added. Moreover, if you have found the right team and linkages for these units, you can put up a decent fight for those in the S tier. All in all, they secure a good position in this movie bosses tier list.

Overwhelming Army – Metal Cooler Army

Title Overwhelming Army – Metal Cooler Army
Max Level 150
Rarity LR
Type Extreme INT
Max ATK 17030
Max DEF 11538
Max HP 21950
Cost 11

He is the finest initial pick in terms of value and options, followed by Frieza and King Cold. Of all the Battlefield LRs, he has the most category teams. The one category that he lacks in comparison to Frieza and King Cold is the android/cell saga, which isn’t an often used team. Furthermore, because of his incredible speed, terror, and faith, he will connect well with a wide range of extreme types. Nightmare and Big Bad bosses are also frequently seen. He isn’t the best linking partner, but he is quite adaptable.

If you’re new to the game, he has decent leadership skills, as it’s all of the extreme class. Early on in the game, it will help with team building. You can completely utilize him a lot because he contains some common links. Furthermore, he is one of the cheapest LRs available from Battlefield Memories. For one of Frieza/King Cold, you can obtain two duplicates of him.

He may also be used with free-to-play (FTP) wicked bloodlines units, which would form an excellent pairing. AGL basic form Frieza, INT final form Frieza, STR base form Frieza, all types of farmable metal coolers, PHY Golden Frieza, and many others. With him, you may form a strong FTP connecting team.

Global Harmony Through Destruction – Beerus & Whis

Title Global Harmony Through Destruction – Beerus & Whis
Max Level 150
Rarity LR
Type Extreme STR
Max ATK 15850
Max DEF 19825
Max HP 21688
Cost 77

These guys’ defenses are excellent, and they tank quite effectively. These individuals are quite stable on the battlefield when they have solid links. Once he takes one hit, they can equal some of the newer LRs in terms of offense and defense. There is, however, no easy way to obtain ki. Even after getting no good link-level updates, he is still this insane. We could see an EZA for him this year, given his interest in movies about bosses and Dokkan’s focus on movies on the Japan server. Because of his good stats, he takes a spot in the A tier.

Boiling Evil – Super Janemba

Title Boiling Evil – Super Janemba
Max Level 150
Rarity LR
Type Extreme PHY
Max ATK 19850
Max DEF 14788
Max HP 23150
Cost 77

He has exceptional defensive ability and can attack rather powerfully, but his acting talent is severely lacking. By far the most impressive aspect of this character is his Ki Blast nullification. Do you recall Super Vegeta’s battle with Super Janemba? That fight is now part of the new canon in DBZ and anyone who denies it doesn’t know what they’re talking about. On his teams, he is pretty much a must-run, which raises his value. Furthermore, his leadership abilities are +4 Ki and 150 percent across two categories.

Destroyers of the Universe Team – Turles

Title Destroyers of the Universe Team – Turles
Max Level 150
Rarity LR
Type Extreme STR
Max ATK 23175
Max DEF 13725
Max HP 20630
Cost 77

STR Team Turles is probably one of the most underrated and underappreciated movie bosses in most Dokkan battle movie bosses tier lists. He is truly remarkable! Even at 55%, he can get 200k+ def and 5-mill ATK stats, making him potentially effective against all types. His only difficulty is that he rarely gets the second portion of his passive due to his squad sharing almost no ki linkages.

AGL Turles’ EZA, on the other hand, will drive this guy mad, and I, for one, am looking forward to it. Along with his support, he may also serve as a floater with the BBB (Big Bad Bosses) and Thirst for Conquest. He is a bomb waiting to explode.

Foe Elimination Circuit – Android #13

Title Foe Elimination Circuit – Android #13
Max Level 150
Rarity UR
Type Extreme AGL
ATK 15750
DEF 12550
HP 17675
Cost 58

In 2022, it has become an insane card! AGL Android 13 is now, paradoxically, one of the greatest aging units from 2019. Unless he is up against a Goku, he is a mediocre offensive player (which is still quite common, by the way). However, there are a number of factors that will allow him to age gracefully till his EZA. His DEF is high, he always hits, and he can help in basic form.

Furthermore, there are a lot of Androids/Target: Goku buffs, which makes him even more fantastic. We expect him to support both ‘Androids/Target: Goku’ and ‘Androids/Target: Goku’ in his base form, as well as receive benefits per ‘Androids/Target: Goku’ in his Fusion form. Not to mention the fact that he has room for more partners in the future.

B Tier

B Tier of Dokkan Movie Bosses
B Tier Movie Bosses

In the B tier, we have movie bosses that can hold their ground on a battlefield. A hero will have some trouble dealing with these bosses if he is not from the A tier or above. This list also includes some of the most underrated cards in Dragon Ballz: Dokkan Battle. Remember, the outcome of a battle does not solely depend on a card’s skill but also on a player’s own skills as well.

You can not blame a good unit if you yourself are lacking some good strategies to play. B-tier players are not the bests but they are good enough to have. Also, it is always better to have some dupes in the team.

These characters are not really bad, but they will need good support to fight decently on a battlefield. If you are a new player and wondering if you should get one, then in my opinion, you should definitely try them out for an experience. However, make sure not to spend too much on them as they are quite disposable. Let’s take a look at all the B-tier movie bosses now.

Terrifying Metal Body – Metal Cooler AGL

Title Terrifying Metal Body – Metal Cooler
Max Level 80/100
Rarity SSR but upgrade to UR
Type Extreme AGL
Max ATK 10160
Max DEF 6856
Max HP 9492
Cost 21-29

A team made up entirely of metal coolers would provide excellent support. Not to mention the fact that linking them together gives you an extra 6% HP per turn, not to mention the healing powers of the INT and PHY types. They aren’t the most powerful units, but they are capable of holding their own. The designers have really made decent cards out of the metal coolers. It is a decent char in this movie bosses tier list. Definitely worth a try!

Uncontrollable Power  – Super Saiyan Broly

Title Uncontrollable Power  – Super Saiyan Broly
Max Level 80/100
Rarity SSR upgrade to UR
Type Extreme INT
Max ATK  15025
Max DEF 9844
Max HP 14750
Cost 30/40

In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, one of the most powerful TUR SSRs. In fact, he’s quite runnable. When a “Pure Saiyans” or “Hybrid Saiyans” Category enemy is present, he uses one of his passive skills to fire an additional attack with a medium chance of becoming a Super Attack. This unit would be great if he still stacked defense. However, it currently possesses just 120 percent defense and 10% damage mitigation, which is insufficient.

Resurrection from the Seal – Boujack

Title Resurrection from the Seal – Boujack
Max Level 80 / 100
Rarity SSR to UR
Type INT / Extreme INT
Max ATK 12716
Max DEF 10009
Max HP 13013
Cost 26/34

UR INT Boujack is a badass for this tier. He belongs to the group of underrated gems of DBZ Dokkan. Most people would be happy to pull him. It is especially a good unit for those players who are FTP (free-to-play). On the resurrection team, he has a 55%, 20 SA.

With AGL Bojack, he can tank and pull off casual 2.5 to 3 mill 18 Ki. In addition, he is more powerful than Lr Black. Even if his health deteriorates, he continues to tank. Resurrection from the seal Bojack INT also gets the BBB.

C Tier

Movies about bosses
C-tier movie bosses. Weak movie boss cards

The C-tier movie bosses are those that are not the worst but not good either. They are very disposable and any unit with good stats can easily replace them. However, they can still work well for a free-to-play player who can not spend money on the game. All one will need to make them fight decently on a battlefield with extremely good support and wise strategies. It is not worth it to spend much of your time on these.

The movie bosses in the C tier list are the least wanted ones and it is best to sell them. Some units may have some potential hidden in them but it is still better to save your time, money, and hard work. However, if any one of these is your first UR or SSR card, then do not throw them as something is always better than nothing.

Fear’s Ultimate Form – Golden Frieza

Title Fear’s Ultimate Form- Golden Frieza
Max Level 80 / 100
Rarity SSR to UR
Type INT / Extreme INT
Max ATK 12856
Max DEF 9583
Max HP 13500
Cost 17/25

He’ll be fantastic for the INT Frieza (ANGEL) Revived Warrior team, as he has a lot of links for the angel version to benefit from. Moreover, his defense will be fantastic when Dokkaned. He has a connection with INT Perfect Cell, but that’s all.

Unless you’re doing an INT Villain or they’re your only cards, there’s no reason to utilize them. He has a connection with INT Perfect Cell, but that’s all. Unless you’re doing an INT Villain or they’re your only cards, there’s no reason to utilize them. Nevertheless, the BABA shop is the best place to utilize this card.

Shadow of Aggression – Turles

Title Shadow of Aggression – Turles
Max Level 80 / 100
Rarity SSR to UR
Max ATK 13789
Max DEF 8768
Max HP 13650
Cost 26 / 34

The only thing that stands out in this card is the artwork. It is HD and pretty impressive. He is quite strong in the movie but unfortunately, in the game, it is a different case. When the target adversary is stunned, its passive talent “Terrifying Conquerors” gives Ki +1 and ATK & DEF +10%; Ki +3 for category allies. Not a really great movie boss card but you can keep it for its cool animations.

In Pursuit of a Formidable Foe – Beerus

Title In Pursuit of a Formidable Foe – Beerus
Max Level 60 / 80
Rarity SR to SSR
Type  AGL to Extreme AGL 
Max ATK 339
Max DEF 338
Max HP 11
Cost 11

It is an overall good SR movie boss for the C tier. However, it can obviously not be compared with the LR, UR, or even SSR movie bosses. If you don’t have another Beerus, you can use this for the realm of gods. His skills are also very bland and pretty useless if you compare it with other C-tier DBZ movie bosses’ cards.

The Nightmare Returns – Frieza

Title The Nightmare Returns – Frieza
Max Level 60 / 80
Rarity SR to SSR
Type AGL to Extreme AGL
Max ATK 6078
Max DEF 3338
Max HP 6473
Cost 11 / 13

Frieza AGL is a good unit for beginners trying to get good SRs. However, if I were to rank this against other Movie Bosses cards, it probably lies in the C-tier. This card clearly does not put up a fight against the UR or LR cards. Therefore, it is one of the weak movie bosses’ cards that exist. Anyhow, unless you are a beginner or someone striving for SR units, throw the card away.

D Tier

Dokkan Movies D Tier
D Tier movie bosses. The worst of all movie bosses

The D Tier consists of the weakest of all movie bosses in the Dragon Ballz Dokkan Battle game. They may be powerful in the movie but in Dokkan, these cards are the worst movie bosses cards you can get. Keep in mind that they are bad movie bosses, but they can still be good for players that are new to the game.

This tier list is made from the point of view of a veteran and professional player. It is important that you determine how helpful this card will be for you by looking at your level, skills, and experience in the game. Obviously, a new player can not directly aim to form a team of LR movie bosses.

D-tier cards have an average level of 60 to 80. Moreover, all of their stats are lower than 10 thousand; some are even lower than 5 thousand. If you want to form a good movie bosses’ team and you are a good player, do not opt for these cards. It would be best to throw that card unless you are a collector., who loves collecting cards.

The Aggregate of Evil – Janemba

Title The Aggregate of Evil – Janemba
Max Level 60 / 80
Rarity SR to SSR
Type AGL to Extreme AGL
Max ATK 6472
Max DEF 3438
Max HP 6630
Cost 9 /13

Janemba AGL is the second-worst Janemba after the DEF one. His links are utterly horrendous. The only good use of him is to use him as a feed. You can pull these out to max INT and STR Janembas, which are much better than this guy. For people who think this is a good unit, I would suggest they try getting the ones in the C or B tier of our movie bosses tier list.

Cold-Hearted Invasion – Cooler

Title Cold-Hearted Invasion – Cooler
Max Level 60 / 80
Rarity Category: SR to SSR
Max ATK 5797
Max DEF 3168
Max HP 7743
Cost 8 / 12

In the same team, this card can be paired with its Dokkan Awakened counterpart. They share three Link Skills when paired: Thirst for Conquest (ATK +15%), Prodigies (ATK +700), and the Strongest Clan in Space (Ki +2). Before, there was a drop rate for this guy from an event. However, now, you can obtain him through summons.

Superior Suppressor – Turles

Title Superior Suppressor – Turles
Max Level 60 / 80
Rarity SR to SSR
Type STR to Extreme STR
Max ATK 5441
Max DEF 3121
Max HP 6298
Cost 8 / 12

Now the list just goes worse as it goes down. This guy requires 35 medals to z-awaken to SSR and only for a 50% chance to raise SA. It has a bad drop rate of 10% and requires event-exclusive medals just to be awakened to SSR. In my opinion, it is not worth the hard work we need to do to get it.

Galaxy’s Most Evil – Boujack

Title Galaxy’s Most Evil – Boujack
Max Level 60 / 80
Rarity SR to SSR
Max ATK 6172
Max DEF 3289
Max HP 6123
Cost 8 / 12

This guy is a good feed for LR Boujack. Other than that, there is no good use for him. However, it is possible to dokkan awaken him, which is a good option for players who are farming SR or SSR cards. To be honest it is not the worst SR and has some potential. It is better to feed him to others than sell him at the BABA shop.

Evil Borne Monster Android 13

Title Evil Borne Monster Android 13
Max Level 60 / 80
Rarity SR to SSR
Max ATK 6052
Max DEF 3168
Max HP 7108
Cost 8 / 12

Grinding for the Evil Borne Moster Android 13 TEQ is difficult. However, you need this guy for Frieza LR’s EZA. We have to use incredible gems to make the grind go faster, which takes time away from grinding them for the Cooler. Using his passive skill, ‘Abhorrent android’, his attack is increased by 40% if Ki is 8 or more.

Comparison Table

BossesTierMax LevelRarityTypeAttackDefenceHPCost
Awakened Explosive Evolution TurlesS150Ultra Rare (UR)Extreme AGL5825106761141058
EZA Indestructible Saiyan Evil Legendary – Super Saiyan BrolyS150Legendary (LR)Extreme STR23480136191701377
Galaxy Threatening Invasion – Full Power BoujackS150LRExtreme INT19765152942275077
Nightmarish Impact – Super Saiyan BrolyS150LRExtreme TEQ20845132752468877
A New Life on Vampa – Broly & Cheelai & LemoS150LRExtreme PHY
Overwhelming Army – Metal Cooler ArmyA150LRExtreme INT17030115382195011
Global Harmony Through Destruction – Beerus & WhisA150LRExtreme STR15850198252168877
Boiling Evil – Super JanembaA150LRExtreme PHY
Destroyers of the Universe Team – TurlesA150LRExtreme STR23175137252063077
Foe Elimination Circuit – Android #13A150URExtreme AGL15750125501767558
Terrifying Metal Body – Metal Cooler AGLB80/100SSR but upgrade to UR
Extreme AGL
Uncontrollable Power – Super Saiyan BrolyB80/100SSR upgrade to UR
Extreme INT
Resurrection from the Seal – BoujackB80/100SSR to URINT / Extreme INT
Fear’s Ultimate Form – Golden FriezaC80/100SSR to URINT / Extreme INT128569583135OO17/25
Shadow of Aggression – TurlesC80/100SSR to URSTR to EXTREME STR1378987681365026/34
In Pursuit of a Formidable Foe – BeerusC60/80SR to SSR
AGL to Extreme AGL
The Nightmare Returns – FriezaC60/80SR to SSR AGL to Extreme AGL 60783338647311/13
The Aggregate of Evil – JanembaD60/80SR to SSR AGL to Extreme AGL 6472343866309/13
Cold-Hearted Invasion – CoolerD60/80SR to SSRINT to EXTREME INT
Superior Suppressor – TurlesD60/80SR to SSRSTR to EXTREME STR5441312162988/12
Galaxy’s Most Evil – BoujackD60/80SR to SSRSTR to EXTREME STR6172328961238/12
Evil Borne Monster Android 13D60/80SR to SSRTEQ to EXTREME TEQ6052316871088/12

Summing It Up

Hopefully, now you know which movie boss to aim for and what cards should be in your movie boss’s team in Dokkan Battle. This movie bosses tier list is made by putting into account different perspectives and experiences. The S Tier in this list consists of the best movie bosses in the game. These cards are not only the best movie bosses but also one of the greatest cards in Dragon Ballz: Dokkan battle.

If you have pulled these, you should max them and find the best team for them. The Tier cards are also very good cards and have the potential to be in the S tier. If the developers add EZA for certain cards, they will definitely come in the S Tier. These cards have good linkages and are very powerful.

In this tier list, the B Tier cards are good cards but lack in some places. Some of these cards do not have a good link set, while others can not be dokkaned or have EZA. However, they are good fighters. Their rarity is SSR to UR hence can not be compared with the LRs in the S and A Tiers.

C and D Tiers are for complete beginners and are not suggested for professional players. It is better to sell them if you are a veteran player looking for a powerful team. Not only are they weak, but they also require a lot of hard work to get, which is totally not worth the time and effort. Finally, this is all one needs to know about Dokkan Battle Movie Bosses.