About Us

Toptierlist.com is your go-to website to get tier lists on a plethora of topics that are created by experts, checked by experts, and published by experts. We are specialized in making tiers in the most engaging, and concrete manner. The focus on the scannability of these tiers sets us apart from the competition while the justification of the tiers being created is backed by concrete knowledge and facts that enhance our subjectivity.

The use of clear and concise graphics reduces the strain on the mind of our audience and increases their comfort level while surfing our website. We have employed a 3 step process that is a state of the art in this niche, to make an everlasting bond with our audience based on honesty towards them.

Why is TopTierList the Best Source for Tier Lists?

We have already shown you the 3 step process that we employ at toptierlist.com to bring you the best tier lists on the internet. But we will further talk about it here to make sure you are fully satisfied and without a doubt, you put trust in our tier lists.

We have a specialized Quality Control (QC) team that constantly checks the tiers created by our employees. The job of the QC team is to improve upon any deficiency in the articles, update the tier list with time, and improve the scannability of the tier lists.

What is scannability?

Scannability is a term we use at toptierlist.com to make it easy for our audience to get the relevant information quickly without wasting their precious time, because after all; time is money. We have urged since day 01 to improve it and make sure that our tier list creating experts follow strict guidelines regarding this.


After all the things are checked, then the last process is fact-checking. We make sure everything written in the tier list article is 100% accurate, reliable, and up to date. After all of these vital boxes are checked then the tier-list is published for our audience to get unbiased, important, and factual information from.


The experts on a topic are better than naive writers who have the surface knowledge of the topic for which they are making tiers. Yes, we agree that tiers are subjective in nature but the subjectivity of an expert on a topic will be highly appreciated than a person with just the surface knowledge regarding something.

The Process

The process of creating tiers at totpierlist.com is transparent, unbiased and the integration of experts at each step makes it trustworthy. The focus on scannability, optimization, and the use of good in-house software developed to make eye-catching tier lists using expert graphic designers make our process professional and the value we provide is a tier above the competition.

The Bottom Line

Toptierlist.com will surely fall in the S-Tier of the tier list you make for your favorite tier list websites. We firmly believe in the processes employed by us, the team that is backing these processes, the R&D team that makes sure we are always ahead of our competition, and above all our honest attitude with our audience.

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