MCU Tier List: Top MCU Characters Ranked

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Are you ready for the most interesting rankings ever? It is a grand invitation for Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)’s fans to land on this page and read this article. All the readers reading this will be able to explore their favorite characters in more detail. If you have confusion in your mind that which of these characters has more fan following, and which has the best traits, then no worries as we will be ranking all of the MCU characters from best to worst in our MCU Tier List. These rankings will not be permanent or the same for everyone because it is subject to change and difference of opinions among all the people exists.

Mostly you will find the ranking of avengers on different websites. But, here we have included the supporting characters as well apart from the superheroes. The reason to do so is that it is an in-depth tier list that will let you know about each and every character most probably the popular ones in which the majority is interested.

There will be 5 tiers in total S, A, B, C, and D and the ranking will move from best to worst. Before placing the characters in each tier, the description of each individual tier will be given so that it will be easy for you to understand the criteria. Without wasting more time let us start with the S tier.

S Tier

Legendary characters
The S tier

In this tier, we will rank those characters that are the top favorites. These characters always take lead on the others and have a special fanbase. You must be guessing that this character will be placed there or that character will be placed in the other tier, do not rush, calm down as we will be discussing many characters. Who knows that your favorite one will be ranked on the S tier of our MCU Tier List?

Iron man

We are damn sure that Iron man was the most expected superhero to be ranked on the top of the tier list because why not? There are infinite reasons why everyone loves Iron man more than the other MCU characters. If we will start discussing it then it is a detailed topic, there will be a whole new and different piece of writing to describe the traits of Iron man and to praise his doings.

But for now, as this tier list is about all the characters so we will be outlining the main qualities of this legendary superhero in order to justify our placement of Iron man at the top of the S tier.

Iron man is the best avenger and is awfully perfect. In order to describe this statement, we will say that he is the superhero who has all the necessary as well as additional qualities. He is good-looking, smart, handsome, goal-oriented, focused, talented, and oh we are out of words!

The casting plays a very important role in shaping the character, so we must say that it is also perfect because Robert Downey did justice to the character. He played it so well that now you can see the fan following of iron man to justify this statement.

Iron man is the perfect role model and an exemplary leader. It can be seen many times how he handles the situation whether a simple or a complex one. He knows how to make things work and how to manage the other avengers. Iron man is always concerned for each and every member of the Avengers. One of his contributions to the avengers is to design a suit for Spider-man.

There are a lot of sacrifices to add on but let us first focus on the most recent one. We can not forget how emotional and inspirational the scene was when Iron man sacrificed himself for Earth. In order to defeat Thanos along with his cruel army, our beloved Iron man wore the infinity gauntlet with full courage.

He was so sure about his decision because he has always thought about others first and has always been ready for sacrifices. Despite knowing the dangers of wearing the infinity gauntlet, he did not think twice or thrice it was his spontaneous decision to do so.

You can feel and witness how sentimental this scene was when the iron man finally snapped. It gave goosebumps to all the viewers and fans, at that that Iron man was so zealous to save the avengers and the Earth. The viewers know that something bad and unexpected is about to happen because no superpowers were possessed by our favorite hero Iron man and the same happened he failed to survive.

One most important lesson that this hero teaches is to try harder always no matter how worse the situation becomes, stay dedicated to your goals, and believe in yourself. In this way, you can win all the battles of your life. All you need is bravery, courage, and belief and all the things will be sorted.

Captain America

Captain America is an inspirational hero and leader. Steve worked very hard to get the position in which he is right now. His whole background is very inspirational that how he became a lovable superhero and of course the favorite avenger of many.

We all know that Steve’s childhood was very difficult as he was not strong at that time, it was a very crucial time for him. He faced many challenges and hardships as a kid but fortunately, he managed to get out of this situation because of his intelligence. Taking a stand for the right thing is very important for Captain America. He never fears supporting the right even if it costs his life. Helping others and making them happy is very essential for him and he does anything to do it.

At a very young age Steve lost the important person in his life; his mother. Before her death, the beautiful lady taught him to never lose hope and to be courageous in every situation. Gradually, Steve started to develop a sense of enthusiasm toward his country and wanted to guard his people.

He failed many times and got a negative response from the U.S. military but with untiring efforts, he finally got selected for the great project: Rebirth. The purpose was reminding his background is that it reflects his great heroic personality due to which it is completely fair to rank him on the S tier of our MCU Tier List.

People love him because his vision was very clear which was “the American Dream”. He was more into serving the people of his country rather than acting according to the commands of government as a puppet. He gives the lesson to all of the viewers that whether you are in a minority or even a single person in favor of the right thing still you should take a stand for the right and stick to your decision for taking stand against the wrong. Isn’t it inspiring? Definitely, it is.

He is one of the best superheroes because he is very firm in his beliefs and no one can ever shake his beliefs. If he is with the right then he will do justice at any cost. The time when he stood against Washington DC and other political parties just to save the freedom of his loved ones and all the other people, was incredible.

Our very own Captain America is not judgmental at all. He has the habit of noticing only the good things in people and ignoring the negative ones. He is extremely kind. Remember the time when Steve got to know that his friend Bucky was sent as an Assassin, even at that time Steve believed that his friend can again come back into the state he was in before. It means Captain America was willing to give him a second chance. This scene shows that he is a true pessimist.

Do you know why Captain America possesses a unique personality and is different from other Marvel characters? At some point every marvel character had become selfish or egoistic but for a shorter period of time. However, if we look at the personality of Steve Rogers, he is always ready to admit his mistakes, values the opinions of others, reflects honesty every time, and in simple words, he is an example of perfection.

These were only a few reasons that justified his ranking in this tier list, but there are a lot more that can be discussed some other time.


One of the main reasons why people like Thor is because of his amazing superpowers. All the avengers have the fear to die but he is the only avenger who claims to be God. As said by thor in the movie “I’m the God of thunder”. Thor is the invulnerable superhero, and that is all because of his hammer. When he is in a fight it becomes impossible to stop him or take a pause, because once he starts the fight then he gives a very tough time to the villains or the opponents.

He will not let the opponent feel that he is becoming weak and even if he does not. His fans love him for fighting with intrepidity without interruption and till the end. He makes sure that the enemy is badly dethroned.

If we just ignore his superpowers for some time, then the other reason for his fans to adore him and love him is his personality. Thor is a really handsome guy for whom anyone can fall.

Another reason for his popularity and strong fan base is his excellent sense of humor. Even at intense moments and situations, he knows how to crack a joke. His sense of humor is too good. He is the MCU character who amazes his fans with his great performance in every fight. His Hammer helps him a lot in doing so. Thor’s other superpowers include teleporting and flying.

Through the relationship between Loki and Thor, we can witness Thor’s integrity and loyalty. One of the reasons for loving Thor is his friendship with Loki. You can witness how difficult it is for Thor as he is emotionally divided because on one side is his brother Loki and on the other side are the Avengers whom this Superhero wants to save.

People love his character because they know that he was born to become a superhero and respecting his responsibility he did everything well. It is very entertaining to watch that sticking on the side of the Avengers Thor is against his brother Loki because he knows the difference between right and wrong.

Doctor Strange

Undoubtedly, the topmost reason for the success of Stephen Strange’s character is that it is played by Benedict Cumberbatch. He is the perfect fit for the role and we know that you all will agree with this statement. Nobody could play this character in the way that he did.

He is praised for a lot of amazing things he did. Unfortunately, because of a car crash, he was prohibited to continue his job of doing surgeries, from that time he thought to do something different. After hitting many skeptical books from the library he managed to become an even stronger person and joined the Avengers.

People love him for his excellent way of fighting and defending himself while in a battle. His character seems very exciting and entertaining to all of his viewers. The main ability of Dr. Stephen Strange that allows him to win the battles and help his teammates is his undeniable intelligence. So, these were some of the reasons to rank him on the S tier of MCU Tier List.

Black Panther

T’Challa aka Black Panther is one of the kindest and most lovable MCU characters. He became a leader and a superhero because of his own efforts. Do you know what is an amazing thing about his personality? He is ready to admit that without his superpowers he is nothing. He is perfectly aware of the fact that when and where to use his superpowers. The good thing about his character which people praise and appreciate is that he never misuses his powers.

When Black Panther was challenged for the title of king he was ready to take the responsibility to make those things work better again that has been disturbed in the past. He knew that it was his father’s mistake as his father killed his uncle, but still, this superhero took the responsibility for him.

For him the sense of power was not even important, instead, he values the sense of responsibility. It was very clear in his mind that being a king does not mean that now you have the right to do everything you want, but he knew that now after being the king he is burdened with more responsibilities that he has to fulfill. And most importantly, he knew his values to never forget the difference between right and wrong.

If these are not the qualities that the best superhero should possess then what are they? Even during the fight scene with his cousin, we can see that Black Panther is having a very mature conversation with him rather than a hate speech.

The sense of leadership in this great MCU superhero is so strong due to which he is loved by a number of people that can not be counted at our fingertips. He surely deserves to be ranked on the S tier.

The Incredible Hulk

The genius is nuclear physics Dr. Bruce Banner is also one of the most powerful and best superheroes in the Avengers. He is a very strong part of the team in which he is, because when he is in the human state then his creative and intelligent solutions to the problems help the team a lot. And, when the incredible hulk gets angry then the greater his anger is the more powerful he becomes.

Hulk’s intelligence is almost invincible. People love him and are entertained because of his extra powers, and with the help of his abilities, he can even exterminate whole planets. The most interesting thing that the viewers find in him is that he does not need any kind of artificial intelligence to defeat the enemy. Neither a suit nor a hammer, once he gets angry then we all know that the countdowns begin for his opponent.

The Incredible Hulk has successfully defeated many of the villains that other superheroes find hard to. He is known as one of the most mighty heroes in the Marvel universe. Every superhero in Marvel has limited strength, at some extent they will not be able to fight like the way they started, but do you know why Hulk is stronger than all? Most people do not know that his strength is infinite, he can fight at the same pace till the end.

Hulk can completely damage a plane with his hands. Yes, you read right its written A PLANE. That is not is he can rip the helicopter into halves by showing his powers, the plane and helicopter thing are for the time when he is not so angry. But the time when he becomes angrier than ever then it is impossible for the enemy to escape because when he is angry his power is multiplied by 100 times. Lifting mountains and planets is a piece of cake for him.

This Marvel superhero can literally jump over the continents. No, we are not blowing little ducks, people who have watched his performance can witness them. His big feet are very strong and can make long jumps. One of his abilities that viewers find very impressive is that if he is injured or any of his body parts is damaged then it can be instantly regenerated. Only he is the superhero who has this healing power.

These were some of the reasons to rank the Incredible Hulk on the S Tier that are enough for now.


Only superheroes do not have a massive fan following but villains also have. There are some villains who have impressed the viewers with their outstanding performances in the Marvel movies. One of those best villains is Loki. There are numerous reasons for Loki being the top favorite villain of all time. Some of them will be discussed here in our MCU Tier List which will also justify his ranking in the S tier.

Fans loved him when Loki helped his Brother Thor in defeating Malekeith. Thor was perplexed about trusting him but Loki’s words were “At least trust my rage”. By these words, he meant that he was very angry about his mother’s death and for this reason, he agreed to help his brother.

He is very intelligent and has all the qualities that a dangerous villain must have. From faking his death to bringing the frost giants to Asgards, his every action was worth watching and appreciating.

One main cause for loving the supervillain that can never be ignored by anyone is the person who has played this character “Tom Hiddleston”. He is a major reason behind the rise of Loki’s character.


Who does not know our dearest superhero Spiderman? Whether you have read the comic or not even without watching a Marvel movie you can recognize his character. Not only his character but the qualities and abilities of this hero are known to almost every person around the globe, number one because his name is spiderman, and number two because he is the most popular superhero.

The viewers find Spiderman’s character exceptionally entertaining because his sense of humor is way too good. He knows how to crack a good joke in an intense situation and make it light. Being funny does not mean he is dumb, no not at all, he is very intelligent.

We will admit that he is not as powerful as other heroes ranked in the S tier but his intelligence compensates for this weakness of him. He is an excellent decision-maker, and with the help of his intelligence, he can surely defeat his enemy.

One of his qualities that attracts the viewers is his absolute bravery. He knows that he is an ordinary person without his mask but still he does not fear anyone and is always ready to take risks for saving others. Spidy’s motivation plays a great role in making him win the fights, he is very firm with his goals and is always there to take on new challenges. He has fought with enemies that are more powerful than him but he never lost hope or gave up, this is why he is a real superhero.

Spiderman possesses a down-to-earth personality. Every normal human being can relate to his life because without a costume he faces a lot of hardships and challenges and had to struggle a lot for himself and he does. He knows the value of doing and acting good, his costume is not necessary for him to remind his duties and responsibilities, instead he knows by himself when to act in what way to stand for the right things.

Every viewer recognizes him and relates to him as he had to face many difficulties in his early life, he was bullied, betrayed, and what not? But he never let his motivation level down and finally, one spider bite changed his life. He is viewed as the most popular avenger among other superheroes.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee is the reason for the existence of all the greatest and dearest Marvel Superheroes. As a teenager, he started his career as a comic writer and the status quo of MCU can witness in his success. He is a very important person so for this reason, his cameo appeared in every Marvel movie till his death. But after Stan Lee’s death in 2018 his cameo was stopped out of respect. So it is an unquestionable thing why he is ranked in the S tier.

A Tier

best characters
The A tier

You can find one of the best and finest MCU characters in the A Tier. These are a level below the S tier but still considered favorites for most people. People find these characters very entertaining and their fighting ways are interesting as well.

Some people will question why some of these are not ranked on the A tier, the answer is simple, this MCU Tier List is prepared according to our choice and there is no problem if your choice is different. That is completely fine because this list is subjective. Let’s see which characters are placed here.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen has played this character so well that Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch has become one of the top favorite and best Avengers characters. The viewers were amazed by Wanda’s performance in Avengers: Endgame when Captain America, Iron man, and Thor altogether were not able to control Thanos but Wanda alone managed to do so. By her abilities, even Thanos was aggravated and was feeling weak in front of her. After this scene, we can proudly announce that Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful avengers.

Her ability to manipulate others is something that can not be ignored. Her chaos magic will blow your mind, it is so entertaining to see how she creates her own children. People love Wanda because of her strong character.

We can remind ourselves how Wanda sacrificed her future with a vision just to save the universe. It shows that she is seriously committed to her work and duty. Her sense of responsibility is something indomitable.

Other than these, there are a lot more reasons that made us rank Wanda Maximoff on the A tier. We know that it is the best tier in which she can be placed.

Rocket Raccoon

This little bit dangerous superhero introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy is the viewer’s favorite. Despite being so small he is very powerful and cute (for many people) too. He does not fear fighting with a person who is double his size because Raccoon believes in himself and knows he can do it.

He is known for many of his powers like Multilingualism, evasion, speed, pilot, expert marks and engineer, and a lot of others. Some artificial intelligence abilities of him are also loved and appreciated by the viewers, some of them are enhanced strength, agility, senses, reflexes, etc.

As Rocket Raccoon is a member of the Avengers so he shares the same goal as theirs which is to save the universe from the threats and actions of the evil enemies out there. Along with his best friend Groot, Rocket always manages to complete his mission.

There are undeniably great powers and traits in him that convinced us to rank him on the A tier of our MCU Tier List.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the most daring female avenger. She is known for her rugged punch and extreme strength and this quality of hers is loved by many viewers. She can smartly counter the attacks of her enemies with her snappy speed. As Captain Marvel is blessed with superhuman powers thus she can easily win the war by utilizing all of them.

The ability to produce potent photon energy blasts, especially from Captain Marvel’s hand is something to admire. Viewers love how she does this. She is always stronger than most of her opponents, and the enemy is at risk of defeat because if he attacks her then Captain Marvel will instantly absorb the energy of his attack and as a result of this, she will become more powerful.

Another reason for which Captain Marvel’s viewers praise her is her unending energy and will to fight till the last attack by the enemy. She is very protective of the universe and due to her seventh sense, she can feel the attack or danger coming even before the enemy has arrived. This ability helps her to serve the globe.

We hope that the above statements are enough to justify her ranking on the A tier.

Black Widow/ Natasha Romanoff

Fans are amazed by the jaw-dropping performance of Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff in the Marvel movies. It is amazing that without having her own superpowers she still has the majority of people on her side and through her performance, he managed to be called one of the best Avengers. No doubt, it is a great achievement for her. Despite NOT having any of the special powers he is considered an important member of the Avengers to help them save and serve the universe.

The viewers love her because she has the best critical thinking ability of all of the other avengers. She is a fast decision-maker and that too is the right and smart decision always. The real superhero is the one who is open to any kind of challenge and does not fear sacrificing any of his powers or even life for the sake of his or her people.

And fortunately, Natasha Romanoff had the ability to sacrifice her life and by doing this her character was overpowered than before and people start loving her for her daring nature, and her loyalty to the team.

Her teamwork is so strong and due to this, she managed to gather all the superheroes on one platform so they can work for a noble cause altogether. The avengers were disappointed by her death as she was on the frontline and was a vital member of the Avengers. Now, the avengers will not work out in the same way after her departure. It is best to rank her or this tier on the MCU Tier List.


The first and foremost reason for liking Groot is his beautiful comradeship with the Rocket Raccoon. It is so peaceful to watch their partnership and how they work for a good cause being partners. It is strange how can a tree become a superhero but if the movie is Guardian of the Galaxy therefore in this case it is relatively easy to accept. Not only a superhero but he is among the favorite Marvel superheroes.

The viewers find Groot’s character really precious and attractive. Even his way of smiling is loved by the people. He is calm till his friends are not in a trouble but the moment when his friends need them than Groot becomes a completely different personality and fights for his people like crazy.

He is a true package of entertainment as you can see him doing some funny moves in the movie. Groot knows well how to defend his friends without even caring about his life, and his actions can be witnessed when he wraps himself around his friends to protect them from any kind of damage.

If you saw him for the first time please do not judge him by his strange appearance, as his personality traits are discussed above so judge him according to these.


The martyr and one of the best superheroes Vision is well known for defeating the destructive villain “Ultron”. He is also one of those Marvel characters who sacrificed his life for the sake of others. This heroic quality plays a vital role in winning the hearts of all the viewers and fans and yes Vision did it.

With his six years of existence in the Marvel movies, he gained many fans and this was all because of his exceptional performance. At first, many viewers had a perception of him being boring but after Wandavision the tables turned and for f resisting Thanos to use all the six stones he sacrificed his life, this was the moment when every viewer was on his side and felt that he is one of the best Marvel characters.

After knowing all this don’t you think it is fair to rank him on the A tier of our MCU Tier List?


Ultron is the deadliest MCU villain, and there are several reasons that proved him the best villain of Marvel. Ultron was the first to kill an avenger, the villains before him always failed to do so whether they tried doing it alone or by teaming up. This is the solid reason that made us believe that he is the best villain.

“Divided we fall, united we stand”! This was Ultron’s strategy to divide the Avengers so they can not team up together against him and this way it will become easier to fight against them. Ultron possessed a magnificent character and he made an ostentatious plan to destroy the universe.

We know that all the MCU characters are funny in their own way, but Ultron is the character who is unknowingly funny. He did mean to be one but it happened because of his dark humor. Ultron is the villain with whom no Avenger could fight single-handedly. He is very difficult to handle.

Summing it up, overall he is an absolute favorite villain.


Thanos is known for always creating the best of plans. This villain is truly a mastermind. It was Thanos’s rule that if he decided to get something then he will go for it at any cost. In Avengers: End game Iron man had to sacrifice himself for the time being but still, the great villain is not dead, he has just gone for the time being.

Considering the fact that Thanos took our favorite hero Iron man from us, it is proved that he is the unstoppable miscreant in MCU.

B Tier

Good characters
The B tier

This is the tier where the good characters will be ranked. Sadly these are not the perfect or the best ones but who cares because as we know that every person is different from one another because of some personality traits or other things, so likewise same is the case with the characters.

The MCU characters lying on the B tier of the MCU Tier List are liked by a number of people, and the reason for liking them will be discussed below. Several reasons for several characters! Let us have a look.

War Machine

The war machine is a loyal friend of our favorite superhero Iron man. We can say that he is the Iron man 2.0. He has many abilities that make him a good MCU character. The war machine can produce and as well as manage robust forms of energy and he also has the ability to fly. He uses all his special powers in his time of need and serves the globe with the help of these.

His body is wrapped in heavy armor which gives him more strength to fight his opponents. The main reason the viewers like him is because he is very close to Iron man. He deserves to be ranked on the A tier.


The character of Okoye played by Danai Gurira in the movie is exactly the same as it was written in the comic. Her fans like her for her capabilities as a martial artist because Okoye is an expert at it. She can move the huge vehicle at the time when these are required to be moved away from their space, from this act we can measure her strength. Overall, she is a very good MCU character. These were the reasons to rank him on the B tier of the MCU Tier List.


The character of Valkyrie was first introduced in Thor Ragnorak. And from her first impression till the last one viewers find her a very sassy woman supervillain. Valkyrie believes that what she does is right and does not care about how other people view her.

Viwerwe appreciates the fact that Valkyrie fights with full dedication till the last moment and is always confident with her attacks. Her butt kicks can prove to be very dangerous for the opponent. She can stand up for herself every time. She is a very good villain in MCU.


We can not ignore the fact that Hawkeye is the avenger with no personal superpowers he only has props to fight with are bow and arrow. However, the reason he is considered a good avenger is that he is best at what he knows. He is extremely skilled with the usage of his weapon which makes him stand out sometimes. It is fair enough to rank him on this tier of the MCU Tier List.

We do not consider ranking him in the above tiers because he alone is not that good, but the avengers become more strong because of his presence. As it is a team, therefore Hawkeye is also a good team member and together they become stronger.


The time when the majority got on the side of Ant-man is when he transformed himself into a giant man by reversing his powers and this event happened in Captain America: Civil War. This mastermind gets the power of an ant just with one click. Yes, we know it sounds kind of funny but it is what it is! His performance in his very own movie convinced us to rank him on the A tier.

The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes

The amigo of Chris Avens/Captain America is none other than the winter soldier, who was first stuck between the evildoers. But his very own friend trusted in his good spirituality and thought that Bucky would become better again so it literally happened. The winter Soldier became the right hand of Captain America.

As we all know that fan-following of Cap is so strong, due to this reason Bucky also received a really positive response and his performance allowed him to be called a good Marvel character and that is why he is ranked in this category of the MCU Tier List.

The Wasp

Following other women superheroes in the MCU The Wasp also managed to be considered a very good Marvel character. It is strange that she performs better than the Ant-man at times. With the help of her wings and stings, she can smoothly take over the find and is good support for the Ant-man.

The Falcon

It is obvious for Falcon to be included in the category of a good Marvel character as this character is played by Anthony Mackie. No other person could play this role in a better way than him. It is known by all that Falcon had his training with Captain America so many of his traits are adapted by Falcon which makes this character work better. We find it best to rank him on the B tier.


The fans of Gamora love her ability to always know the actions of her enemies before even they start to act. This ability of hers allows her to be one step ahead of the opponent. She is a very good decision maker because most of them are rational and Gamora does not value her emotions that much.

Gamora got her training from Thanos so it is impossible for her to be weak. She tries her best to perform well. This is why she is ranked on the B tier of our MCU Tier List.


Shuri is known for her genius inventions. She was responsible for all the inventions of Wakanda. She gave a lot of hard work to always keep her country on top and as Black Panther is greatly loved by her fans so her sister Shuri is also considered a really very good MCU character.

C Tier

Average characters
The C tier

We will be ranking the average or below-average characters in the C tier of our MCU Tier List. These characters are neither very much liked nor hated. People have mixed reviews about them. Want to know about them? Continue reading.

QuickSilver/Pietro Maximoff

Quicksilver did not remain in the movie for a very long time as Ulton killed him in the battle of Sokovia. Well, the death of Quicksilver did not make any change in the Avengers because he was not that competent.


Odin is the very average character ranked in the MCU Tier List. He has done nothing much because his appearance in the movie was for a shorter period of time as he was in a coma. One of the daring things Odin did was deport Thor. There is a mixture of good and bad traits in him however it is best to place him in this category.

Nick Fury

The only reason to rank Nick Fury is that he founded the Avengers. Other than that he has no accomplishments for that he can become a fan favorite. Because the more focus of the fans is on the ones who possess some special quality in the fictional world. If we ignore him being the founder then maybe he will be moved to the D tier.

John Walker

The person disguised as Captain America is not the best idea for Marvel fans because Cap is the very popular avenger and has a fantastic image in the Marvel world. As walker did everything that goes against the actions of Captain America thus the fans did not like this.

However we cannot say that he is the worst character because disguising himself as Steve Roger was not a very simple task, but still, John Walker did it. He is not a very good character ranked in our MCU Tier List.

D Tier

MCU Tier list
The D tier

Now it is the turn for the last tier. As you have read about the legendary, best, good, and average characters so this is the best time to discuss the most hated characters. There is always a solid reason for not liking someone or having hatred towards them and it is completely fine.

You yourself can not be liked by everyone, If one person loves or likes you then it doesn’t mean that other people also adore you. Following is the list of characters that do not have a good image about them in the viewer’s perception.


The only power which Mantis has is to control others’ emotions. Other than that she does not have anything appreciable or to die for which makes her one of the weakest avengers. We had no choice left but to rank her on the D tier of the MCU Tier List.


Nebula is Thanos’s daughter and made it too long to get rid of the evil thoughts of her evil father. Her most hated personality trait is that she is not firm with her decision on one side she hated Thanos badly for not treating Nebula the way Gamora was treated.

But on the other hand, if Thanos showed even a little bit of sympathy then in this case she will surely start liking back her father. Is it the quality of a true avenger? Never! Nebula should get a life and take lessons from Thor for maintaining a balance between emotions and duty.

Peter Quill/Star-Lord

He is the character who is badly hated for not helping in the fight with Thanos. Fans believe that if he would have agreed to enter the fight then Thanos had lost the fight, but unfortunately, he had ego issues. His teamwork definitely sucks and it was clearly reflected when all the avengers agreed to one plan but he did not. Peter Quill/Star-Lord is the worst avenger.


We know that some of the readers will be satisfied with our rankings and others may offend. But we have made it clear again and again that these rankings are not fixed because these are made based on our personal choices, preferences, and a lot of research. Basically, these are those ranking that the majority will think is too good. We have completely justified our choices that why a character is best or why is it worst.

It is possible that as a viewer you were not able to analyze and assess the character in a proper way, but we hope that now by providing complete details we were able to make you aware of every MCU character, and maybe we managed to trigger a sense of liking or hate in you towards a particular character regarding which your views were different earlier.

We hope that this MCU Tier List proves to be helpful, entertaining, and informative for you.

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