One Piece Tier List: Best Characters Ranked [2023]

We Will Be Ranking Some Of The Most Prominent Characters In The World Of One Piece.

With the end of the Wano arc in the manga and finally reaching its conclusion after 25 years. Deep down in our hearts, we all are melancholy that our favorite anime is ending that we grew up with. There are so many well-written characters in this anime, and I included some of them in this One Piece Tier List.

Every One Piece arc is only as remarkable as its characters, but this poses a challenge because it’s hard to gauge how good a particular character is. But this character ranking is bought to you by someone who has watched this series for a long time and has seen a few of its arcs several times.

Key Points

  • There are total of 19 entries in our article.
  • Each entry is ranked on the basis of character development and impact on the anime’s storyline.
  • In the highest tiers, you will see characters like Luffy, Zoro, Gol D. Roger, Edward Newgate, and Shanks.
  • Among the lowest ranks are entries like Marshall D. Teach, Akainu, and Charlotte Linlin.


Before we dive any further, the following table shows the rank of all Characters.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
Monkey D. LuffyKozuki OdenPortgas D. AceMarshall D. Teach
Roronoa ZoroMonkey D. GarpSengokuAkainu
Gol D. RogerKaidoSaboCharlotte Linlin
Edward NewgateSilvers RayleighMonkey D. Dragon
ShanksDonquixote Rosinante
Trafalgar D. Water Law
Donquixote Doflamingo

S Tier

Greatest Characters of the One Piece Tier List
S Tier.

The S rank of the article consists of great characters with character arcs and imposing influence on anime and fans around the world and is also a favorite among all the fandom.

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy Straw Hat Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy

At the top of this list, we have Monkey D. Luffy, one of the most brilliantly written characters in the history of anime. You may argue that many characters contribute to Luffy’s character development because the One Piece universe is so expansive. Monkey D. Luffy, often known as Straw Hat Luffy, is the main character of the anime One Piece. The Straw Hat Pirates, who are gaining notoriety, are his creation, and he serves as their commander.

His ultimate goal in life is to find Gol D. Roger’s fabled riches and become the Pirate King. Being the Pirate King, in his opinion, implies having the most significant degree of freedom possible. From the most dangerous pirates in the East Blue to conflicts with the Marines, Seven Warlords of the Sea, Cipher Pol, World Nobles, and even the Four Emperors of the Grand Line, Luffy has engaged in a variety of worldwide conflicts and has prevailed in the majority of them.

He somehow occupies the center of all significant happenings in his universe. As the Straw Hat Pirates leader, Luffy has the most influence over the group’s increasingly large and diverse crew, including several well-known characters. Despite his occasionally reckless conduct, Luffy commands a lot of respect from his crew to the point that they entrust him with their lives.

Luffy’s opponents continue to underestimate him because of his appearance and manner, although he wins many fights. Luffy has discovered ways to defeat more dangerous foes that stand in his way by fusing his ever-improving combat prowess with his nearly unbreakable resolve.

Luffy eventually matures into a more composed, tolerant adult who doesn’t let things bother him. Like any other sea captain, Luffy possesses an inspirational charisma and an uncanny knack for turning each individual he comes into contact with into an ally. He has to be placed in the S tier of the One Piece Tier List, thus.

Devil Fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi
Haki Kenbunshoku  (Observation), Busoshoku  (Armament), and Haoshoku (Conqueror)

Roronoa Zoro

hunter Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro

The Straw Hat Pirates vice-captain will now be discussed. One of the two swordsmen and fighters for the Straw Hat Pirates is Roronoa Zoro, also known as “Pirate Hunter” Zoro. He had been a bounty hunter in the past. He is the second and newest addition to Luffy’s crew.

Zoro is a Three Sword Style expert and one of the Straw Hats’ four most potent fighters, along with Luffy, Jimbei, and Sanji. His goal is to become the finest swordsman in the world to fulfill his promise to his deceased childhood friend Kuina. A group of fierce twelve pirates known as the “Worst Generation.” Zoro is considered one of the best, although he is only a crew member.

Zoro likes to keep calm and severe to expressing his emotions, even when the crew is going through a difficult moment, and grieving is appropriate. It has been established that he believes these feelings could slightly cloud his swordsman’s judgment. He cares deeply about his team members and will stop at nothing to keep them safe.

Zoro cares about his team, but sometimes that devotion comes off as vulgar and cold, especially when he’s trying to make a point. Zoro is perceptive, as seen by his capacity to make critical decisions at crucial moments and rationally evaluate the circumstance. When faced with embarrassing circumstances, like Nico Robin, Zoro is exceedingly sensitive and prefers to object verbally while flushing with humiliation.

He has a strong understanding of reality and is a natural leader. Zoro is a devoted adherent of Bushido’s samurai doctrine, including the code of honor and honesty. He fights fair and squarely by refusing to hit an adversary who turns his back on him. He is also incredibly devoted, as he would always stand by Luffy’s decisions, whether or not he agreed with them.

He would only get involved to emphasize how serious a matter was. Zoro tends to ignore the complexities of fate and get right into things most of the time. I would put Zoro in the S tier.

Devil Fruit Do not posses any
Haki Haoshoku (Conqueror)

Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger Pirates
Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger, sometimes referred to as Gold Roger, was a renowned pirate and the leader of the Roger Pirates. He held the title of Pirate King and was the owner of the fabled One Piece treasure. Roger gained notoriety for achieving feats that were deemed impossible.

He took control of the Grand Line and accumulated a substantial fortune. Roger then dissolved his crew before surrendering himself to be executed because he knew he would soon pass away from an incurable illness.

Roger’s final statements had the opposite effect from what the World Government had hoped they would, which was to deter piracy by having him publicly killed. He said that whoever locates his riches may take them. As a result, Roger was solely to blame for ushering in the Golden Age of Pirates. He seems to have a close relationship with his crew. His first mate, Silvers Rayleigh, called him a “magnificent guy.”

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When recalling the day of their captain’s execution, Shanks and Buggy both appeared sad and sobbed copiously. The people who saw Roger’s execution report that he grinned before passing away. Roger was also considered courageous, and he always had a smile when he appeared in his flashback scenes. People who knew him frequently remark on his demeanor as similar to Monkey D. Luffy’s.

This is best seen when he begs Rayleigh to join him despite not knowing how powerful he is or even what function he would play on his ship. According to Monkey D. Garp, Roger would not flee from an adversary to save his crew. They both possessed the characteristics linked to the Will of D.

Despite being violent and arrogant, Roger was relatively modest, as evidenced by the fact that he bowed to Whitebeard and Oden while asking the samurai to join his crew and gave all the provisions and riches his crew had found to Whitebeard in return for Oden’s services.

He requested Garp to protect his unborn kid because he did not want his child to be killed due to his relationship with him. He thought that a newborn child should not be held accountable for the faults of its parents. 

Devil Fruit Do not posses any
Haki Busoshoku  (Armament)

Edward Newgate

Edward Newgate-Strongest Man
Edward Newgate

The commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and better known by his alias “Whitebeard,” Edward Newgate, was hailed as the “Strongest Man in the World” and, following the passing of Gol D. Roger, the “Man Closest to One Piece.”

At his peak, Whitebeard competed with Gol D. Roger, and after Roger’s death, he came to be regarded as the most muscular man in the world. Whitebeard also had the second-largest bounty of any pirate in history and the highest active bounty at his death.

Before taking charge of his ship and earning the nickname Whitebeard, Edward Newgate was happy and carefree. Newgate had a deep yearning for a family, which he considered the most outstanding value one could have because he was an orphan and grew up in squalor. He was not embarrassed by this request, which his fellow pirates regarded as odd and amusing. He appeared to be overconfident and fearless because of his dominance over the sea, reputation, and menacing strength.

He was, however, a lot more thoughtful than he first looked to be, although he could have had an inflated ego. The young people held the key to the future, and he understood that their lives were far more significant than his own. Therefore, he was not frightened to give his life to ensure the security of those he considered his children.

High moral standards were a defining quality of Whitebeard’s character; he never forgave a crewmate another had killed and held that a man could not survive without some honor code.

Despite his ill health at the time, Whitebeard enjoyed drinking to the extent that is bringing and having a drink with him—preferably one of excellent quality and considerable value—was considered sufficient cause for discourse. His interactions with Shanks demonstrated this.

Every single member of Whitebeard’s crew, as well as the crews under his command, were his “sons.” Before he ever had a crew, when he said that the one thing he desired more than anything was a family, his tremendous love for his crew and subordinate crews could be traced.

So, I will place him in the S tier of the One Piece Tier List because of his devotion and love for his crewmates and the lengths he would go to save his children.

Devil Fruit Gura Gura no Mi
Haki Haoshoku (Conqueror)


Shanks "Red Hair"

“Red-Haired” The leader of the Red Hair Pirates and one of the Four Emperors that control the New World is Shanks, sometimes known simply as “Red Hair.” Shanks began his pirate career as an apprentice with the famed Roger Pirates, the only pirate group to take control of the Grand Line successfully. Notably, Monkey D. Luffy was motivated to embark on his pirate adventure by Shanks. He also had Luffy’s characteristic item, the Straw Hat, which he had given the youngster in exchange for a promise to see him again in the future.

Shanks is a laid-back guy who prefers to take his time and enjoy himself when touring the world with his team rather than racing from one destination to another. In contrast to his moody and opportunistic fellow apprentice Buggy, he was fun and innocent in his childhood, and this was already the case.

Since the captain enjoys attending and throwing parties and banquets, Shanks and his crew are frequently spotted having a good time and consuming alcoholic drinks whenever they appear.

Shanks loves to throw parties and will do so on any given occasion. Shanks has a pretty complicated moral code while appearing to be relatively simple. Because he dislikes fighting, he feels it is best to separate from others if their ideas differ, regardless of how close they may be. Shanks would rather laugh off even severe circumstances than engage in direct disagreement, suggesting his preference for people to perceive him as someone who cares little about his well-being.

His easygoing demeanor abruptly changes when individuals in his charge or under his protection are in danger, including those he considers to be his friends. Even though Shanks is generally cool-headed and courageous, he occasionally exhibits behavior inconsistent with others’ expectations of him.

Additionally, he seemed serious about the issue with Marshall D. Teach when he told Whitebeard about his three scars, suggesting that he may harbor a deep-seated emotional attachment to Teach.

In contrast to his often lighthearted demeanor, Shanks can be very serious and mature when discussing some subjects. So, I will place him in the S tier because of his firm, calm personality and the intense aura looming around him.

Devil Fruit Do not possess any
Haki Busoshoku  (Armament), Haoshoku (Conqueror)

Trafalgar D. Water Law

Trafalgar Law
Trafalgar D. Water Law

Moving on to the critical One Piece character that has a particular place in my heart is Trafalgar D Water Law, also known as “Trafalgar Law,” and going by the moniker “Surgeon of Death.” Like many other pirates, Law is interested in finding the One Piece and discovering why the Will of D exists.

Law is the only individual from the hamlet of Flevance who has survived the Amber Lead Syndrome. Only a young Law survived the eradication of Flevance by the neighboring nations because of their dread of the deadly and poorly understood disease.

He afterward joined the Donquixote Pirates, where Law was going to be one of the executive officers under Donquixote Doflamingo. Due to the efforts of Doflamingo’s brother Rosinante, Law was freed from the control of the Donquixote Pirates, and he later turned into a pirate aiming to topple Doflamingo’s dominion. Law was a happy, carefree young man before the time skipped.

Law was a kind and loving young man who never left his family despite false evacuation promises and wanted to be a great doctor. After the time leap, Law’s smile disappears, and he becomes more watchful of his facial expression. He only smirks when he is pleased with how a strategy turned out or when he wants to annoy a rival. Present Law is a mellow, intelligent man who is always silently grinning.

Law’s terrible past has left him exceedingly hardened in maturity, despite Rosinante saving his life, leading to several stories depicting him as a heartless and cruel guy. Ironically empathetic in battle, Law uses his skills to maim his foes without killing them, then mockingly plays with their corpses.

Despite his brusque and rude demeanor toward people, Law has a lot of compassion and sensitivity, which he gradually regains with Rosinante’s help. Like Chopper, Law is dedicated to fulfilling the Hippocratic Oath, which calls for him to save lives at any cost as a doctor. Because of this, he avoids employing lethal force and loathes the idea of senseless killing.

However, when the opportunity arises, he does not think twice about killing Doflamingo. In all the anime I’ve watched, Law is my favorite supporting character.

Devil Fruit Ope Ope no MI
Haki Kenbunshoku  (Observation)

Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo "Joker"
Donquixote Doflamingo

Let’s go on to Donquixote Doflamingo, the main villain of One Piece. He served as the main antagonist in the Dressrosa Saga. The defeat and capture of Doflamingo shocked the New World. They infuriated his allies, notably Kaido, one of the Four Emperors. he was once known by the nickname “Joker,” the most potent underworld broker.

He was stripped of his titles as king of Dressrosa and one of the seven warlords following his defeat and the public revelation of his crimes, and he and most of his followers were sent to Impel Down.

Underneath his eccentricity, Doflamingo is incredibly cruel and brutal. When he was younger, Doflamingo was a Celestial Dragon who enjoyed torturing and enslaving people close to him. After losing his abilities as a Celestial Dragon, Doflamingo was furious with his father. Doflamingo is angry with the Celestial Dragons for not bringing him back to Mariejois, and he has vowed to wreak revenge by destroying all they hold dear.

Due to his violent personality and attitude, Doflamingo feels no sympathy for the injured people or the lives he has ruined. He frequently justifies his behavior by asserting his superiority over the ordinary populace. At first, Doflamingo respects his men and occasionally shows them kindness.

Due to his crew’s dedication to him, Doflamingo usually demonstrates concern for them. He got enraged at one of his workers for making fun of Pica’s voice and declared that he would not tolerate anyone who treated his employees with contempt.

Doflamingo asserts that strong individuals possess power and Might. He is seen exploiting the helpless for amusement and gain and to look down on them. Due to his impatience, Doflamingo dislikes anyone who stands in the way of his objectives. Doflamingo uses drastic measures when someone enrages him, such as shooting Corazon for merely attempting to defend Law from him. He is among the best-written characters in anime history. 

Devil Fruit Ito Ito no Mi
Haki Busoshoku  (Armament)

A Tier

Prominent Characters of the One PIece Tier List
A Tier.

A tier is an above-average tier where I placed my favorite anime characters with the same amount of love as the above character in the list.

Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden the leader of the Nine Red Scabbards
Kozuki Oden

Now let’s talk about One Piece’s posthumous character, Oden. He was the daimyo of Kuri in Wano Country and the son of the former Shogun. He was also the leader of the Nine Red Scabbards, a band of well-known and influential samurai who acted as his retainers and staunchest allies. Oden was a pirate for the first five years of his existence. Oden decided to become the next Shogun after finding Joy Boy’s riches on Laugh Tale and expanding Wano’s territory to the rest of the world.

Oden detested prejudice and believed it to be a sign of ignorance. After striking a deal with Kaidou, Oden loved his retainers so much that he was willing to endure the pain of being roasted alive in oil for an hour while simultaneously holding up the entire gang to give them a chance to escape alive.

To fulfill his unfulfilled ambition of opening Wano’s borders to the outside world while he was away, Oden put his complete faith in his retainers. As he died in a pot of boiling oil, Oden boasted that he was born to be boiled like Oden soup and was even proud of his nickname.

After Oden was killed, his retainers vowed to exact revenge on him and carry out his plan to expand Wano’s borders. Now, they are all attempting to overthrow Orochi and Kaidou. Oden belongs to the A tier of the One Piece Tier List ranking because he is a character who will take drastic steps to ensure the safety of his friends.

Devil Fruit Toki Toki no Mi
Haki Kenbunshoku  (Observation), Busoshoku  (Armament), Haoshoku (Conqueror)

Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp very powerful and well-known Marine
Monkey D. Garp

Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp is a very powerful and well-known Marine. He is the father of Monkey D. Dragon, the adoptive grandpa of Portgas D. Ace, the paternal grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy, and the father of Monkey D. Dragon. He was in charge of managing Ace’s childbirth and rearing a young Luffy.

His achievements as a Marine soldier brought him great fame and renown, and his conduct during one specific incident earned him the title of Hero of the Marines. It should be noted that throughout his career, Garp received multiple offers to be promoted to the rank of Admiral but rejected them all.

In addition to being devoted to his criminal family and the Marine Headquarters, where he has worked for many years, Garp is an odd but kind man. He behaves similarly to his grandchild and is loud, boisterous, and joyful. In contrast to many Marines, Garp does not think that a person’s destiny is determined by their family.

Similarly, he does not believe that being classified as a criminal always makes one a horrible person. Garp doesn’t mind beating kids to convey a point since he considers that subjecting them to hardships will ultimately make them strong. Despite this, Garp is a helpful individual.

Garp is undoubtedly among the most robust and most capable Marines. He was one of the few to be regarded as a contender to the “Pirate King,” Gol D. Roger, a testimonial of his power. Garp has decades of fighting expertise on the battlefield and navigating the most dangerous waterways in the unstable “New World.”

He battled the mighty Rocks Pirates with Roger and won. Garp has taught several other notable Marines, which has earned him the respect of many Marines. He possesses leadership abilities. So, I will place him at the top of the A tier because of his absolute love for his family and hate for the Celestial Dragons as much as I do.

Devil Fruit Do not possess any
Haki Busoshoku  (Armament)


Kaido"Strongest Creature"

The Governor-General of the Beasts Pirates is Kaidou of the Beasts, known as the “Strongest Creature” in the entire globe. He accepted Edward Newgate’s invitation to become an apprentice with the famed Rocks Pirates, where he became friends with Charlotte Linlin.

Kaidou joined forces with Wano Country’s Shogun, Kurozumi Orochi, and established Onigashima as his stronghold after receiving an invitation to the country from Kurozumi Higurashi. Kaidou is a ruthless, aggressive, and self-assured fighter who never passes up a chance to take the upper hand in battle.

He has periods of boredom and indifference and generally lacks care for most things, even the very nature of the universe and his own and his subordinates’ lives. He maintains a pessimistic outlook on life, experiences little joy or enthusiasm, and spends most of his time grinning.

Due to his need for turmoil and excitement, he felt like life was too routine and wanted to launch the most significant battle ever. Since he believed that a person’s actual value could only be determined on the battlefield, Kaidou has seemingly always had problems with the world he lived in, especially those in charge of it.

The World Nobles, whose immense power and influence are mainly based on inheritance alone rather than any genuine battle merit, appear to be despised by Kaidou for the same beliefs. Thus, I will place him in the A tier because of his cruelty and his sense of rule by power.

Devil Fruit Uo Uo no Mi
Haki Haoshoku (Conqueror)

Silvers Rayleigh

Silvers Rayleigh of One Piece Tier List
Silvers Rayleigh

As the fabled Roger Pirates’ first mate and the “Right Hand of the Pirate King,” Silvers Rayleigh, also known as the “Dark King,” is an influential and well-known retired pirate. Rayleigh started working as a coating mechanic in the Sabaody Archipelago following the dissolution of the Roger Pirates and the death of Gol D.

Roger. He helped Monkey D. Luffy learn how to utilize Haki during the two-year time skip and is a friend of the Straw Hat Pirates. Like his skipper Roger, Rayleigh is laid-back, amiable, and lighthearted.

Rayleigh likes to go with the flow and show up in surprising places and ways, especially considering his rank and age, even if he frequently has a severe air about him. Rayleigh is not often impulsive; instead, he tends to think things through and prepare before acting, yet he won’t hesitate to do so in an emergency.

The Pirate King referred to Rayleigh as his “partner” because of their tight bond. Rayleigh could not bear to watch his best buddy die in person. He downed a glass as his first act in the Great Age of Piracy, the Age of Dreams, toasting the guy with tears and laughter as the blades passed. One of the strongest characters to be presented, Rayleigh, is incredibly strong. Shakuyaku declares that he is “100 times stronger” than all of the Eleven Supernovas as proof of his prowess.

For more than 20 years, Rayleigh has managed to elude the grip of the influential World Government. He has since mastered the art of taking advantage of the slave-trading industry on the Sabaody Archipelago for his benefit. Despite his advanced age, Rayleigh has enormous physical strength. Rayleigh moves very quickly and has exceptional reflexes.

However, he admits his talent has somewhat declined from his younger and healthier days. So, I will place him in the A tier because of his intense devotion to the crew and how he helped Roger become the man with the most freedom.

Devil Fruit Do not Possess any
Haki Kenbunshoku  (Observation), Busoshoku  (Armament), Haoshoku (Conqueror)

Donquixote Rosinante

Donquixote Rosinante Elite Officer
Donquixote Rosinante

Former World Noble descended from the Donquixote Family, Donquixote Rosinante. Rosinante became an Elite Officer of the Donquixote Pirates, serving Doflamingo under the nickname Corazon when his family lost their position as Celestial Dragons and were exiled. The truth, however, was that Doflamingo had murdered him 13 years prior while he was a Marine Commander working covertly to stop Doflamingo.

When Law disclosed his real identity, he showed intense fear and concern and even warned him about the danger he was in. He traveled for six months to locate the Law to treat his fatal illness. He also wanted to kill his older brother since he thought of him as a terrible monster.

Similarly, Corazon’s life mission was to control his brother’s insanity, but after meeting Law, he was moved by his sympathy for someone in such a terrible situation. In addition to saving Law from his illness, he also prevented Law from becoming into his wicked brother Doflamingo, declaring in his final breath that Law was free from him.

Even though he was powerless to stop his brother’s horrible crimes, Law was motivated by him to carry on the cause in his place, which resulted in the Dressrosa arc thirteen years later and the conclusion of Doflamingo’s terror campaign.

He was too kind-hearted to pull the trigger, even though he pointed a pistol at Doflamingo. He was a marine captain who later turned into a spy while serving as the Donquixote Pirates Sengoku reared Rosinante as if he were his son.

As he lay dying, Rosinante made sure to live long enough for Law to escape unnoticed while under the influence of the Devil Fruit. His final thought was of Law, who had comforted him that he had been rescued and was no longer bound by his illness or Doflamingo. Then, Rosinante died while grinning. So I will place him in the A tier of the One Piece Tier List because of his sacrifices for my favorite character and how he was kind to others around him.

Devil Fruit Nagi Nagi no Mi
Haki Haoshoku (Conqueror)

B Tier

Notable Characters of the One PIece Tier List
B Tier.

These entries are considered to be the average characters in the series. This tier includes four characters from One Piec, mainly those with well-written stories and attractive personality traits.

Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace of One Piece Tier List
Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace was the biological son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and Portgas D. Rouge. He was born Gol D. Ace and went by the “Fire Fist” Ace. He was the sworn elder brother of Luffy and Sabo. Ace was taken in by Monkey D. Garp, as Roger had requested before his death. Ace was arrested and given the death penalty after being pursued by the World Government for his ancestry.

Like his younger brother, Ace was also shown to be highly impulsive, making snap judgments and, occasionally, failing to consider the consequences of his actions. This was demonstrated just before Blackbeard was released loose to be hunted for the murder of Thatch. After Ace enquired about how to introduce himself to Shanks, Makino gave him some advice that led to his “politeness.” Before it, Ace was often unfriendly and unpleasant to those he did not know.

He was Roger’s kid, lived in Roger’s shadow, and is to date the first D. to seriously doubt his existence while exhibiting the fewest D.-related features frequently observed.Ace remarked after his passing that he had never sought fame or wealth; all he had wanted was an answer to the question of whether or not he should have been born, as this was the only thing standing between him and living out his promise to Luffy to die without regrets and leaving behind a younger brother.

Ace only regretted that he wouldn’t live to see Luffy fulfill his ambition, which he thought Luffy would certainly do because he was his younger brother. Ace had a propensity to never back down from a confrontation, declaring that after facing an adversary, he would never flee.

Like his father and brother, Ace was unafraid to face his adversaries, even when they were powerful individuals. So, I will place him in the B tier because of his way of life and his love for his brother.

Devil Fruit Mera Mera no Mi
Haki Haoshoku (Conqueror)


Admiral Sengoku

Former Marine fleet admiral Sengoku the Buddha succeeded Kong and came before Sakazuki. He changed his title to Inspector General sometime during the time gap. Along with Whitebeard, Shiki, and Monkey D. Garp, he was a significant character during the time Gol D.

Roger was alive and continues to be so now, even after he retires from the Marines. Sengoku is a remarkably arrogant, wise, and clever man devoted to the World Government. Additionally, he will not accept any justification for pardoning a criminal and has a propensity for losing his cool very quickly.

His slogan is “Reigning Justice,” and while he unapologetically engages in conduct that adheres to the principles of Absolute Justice, he emphasizes maintaining justice above all else. He was enraged by the Five Elders’ directive to hide the second escape occurrence in Level 6 of Impel Down to preserve their reputation and the public’s confidence, endangering whole nations.

Sengoku finally left the Marines as a result of this. Sengoku also thought that a person’s parentage, like in the case of Ace being Roger’s son and Luffy being Dragon’s son, was sufficient to establish the potential influence that person would have on the world if left unchecked.

Sengoku appears to have grown much more upbeat and relaxed after being appointed Inspector General. He shares his friend Garp’s tendency to take things quite carelessly. Nevertheless, he demonstrated wisdom by imparting his historical knowledge to the contemporary Marines.

So, I will place him in the B tier of the One Piece Tier List because his Marine Corps responsibilities could come off as severe, but in reality, he is sympathetic and caring. On top of that, hearing of the passing of Donquixote Rosinante, a guy he regarded as his son, was enough to crush his heart and bring him to tears.

Devil Fruit Hito Hito no Mi
Haki Kenbunshoku  (Observation), Busoshoku  (Armament), Haoshoku (Conqueror)


Sabo of One Piece Tier List

The chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army is Sabo, rated second in the whole army after only Supreme Commander Monkey D. Dragon. He is also the late Portgas D. Ace and infamous pirate Monkey D.

Luffy’s sworn brother. Sabo, raised as a nobleman in the Goa Kingdom by Outlook III and Didit, fled when he was ten years old to become a pirate. The Dragon managed to save him, but he lost his memory. As a result, he dedicated the rest of his life to the Revolutionary Army. However, his memories resurface after learning of Ace’s passing ten years later.

Sabo is a kinder older brother than Ace, in Luffy’s opinion. He recognized Luffy’s abilities and even urged him to go stronger. He served as the pleasant, diplomatic member of the group by assisting Ace and Luffy in their reconciliation while they were at odds. Sabo’s fantasy entails embarking on a global journey as a pirate.

This is so that he may chronicle all he would experience and every location he would travel to in a book. But for the sake of his loved ones, he was prepared to abandon his ideal. Sabo had strong loyalty to his friends and, in this case, his two “brothers,” to the extent that he would accede to his father’s requests, suffer, and be “alone” to save Ace and Luffy.

This is primarily due to Sabo’s failure to prevent Ace from dying before the time skip, something Sabo regrets to this day. This is ironic because Ace had developed a similar protective streak following Sabo’s alleged demise. 

Devil Fruit Mera Mera no Mi
Haki Busoshoku  (Armament)

Monkey D. Dragon

Supreme Commander - Monkey D. Dragon
Monkey D. Dragon

The notorious Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army, sometimes called the “World’s Worst Criminal,” has been striving to topple the World Government. His name is Monkey D. Dragon. He is both Monkey D. Luffy’s father and Monkey D.

Garp’s kid. In addition, he was in charge of saving Sabo’s life after the latter nearly drowned due to a World Noble attack, eventually elevating the youngster to the second-in-command position.

Dragon made his debut in the Loguetown arc when he assisted Luffy in escaping the grasp of Marine commander Smoker. Since then, Dragon has periodically appeared as a significant supporting character in the entire series. Dragon is committed to overthrowing the World Government and its corrupt nobility system, which permits its World Nobles to persecute lower-class individuals whenever they see fit. Dragon is the head of the Revolutionary Army.

He was furious when an innocent noble child-like Sabo exposed the corrupt nobility in his native Goa kingdom for their self-serving deeds. He sees them as the same issue on a lesser scale. Dragon is often shown as having a severe and business-minded demeanor.

He makes sure to keep up with current events and notify his staff of essential items and happenings around the globe. Dragon has the most control over the powerful, internationally active paramilitary that has emerged as a significant danger to the vast, centuries-old World Government in recent years.

Dragon holds this position as Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army. Dragon has earned the title of “World’s Worst Criminal” due to his deeds, yet although the world’s most powerful nations seek him, he has managed to lead an essentially secure life.

While nothing is known about his fighting skills, he can lead powerful army officials like his chief of staff, Sabo, and the five commanders, all of whom have been seen engaging and outlasting prominent pirates and Marines in the Grand Line. 

Devil Fruit Tatsu Tatsu no Mi
Haki Haoshoku (Conqueror)

C Tier

Praiseworthy Characters of the One PIece Tier List
C Tier.

The C-tier is a below-average tier, but it has relatively the same importance as the other tiers. This tier consists of 3 characters that are very identical to each other. Notably, All of them are antagonists in the story.

Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach of One Piece Tier List
Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach, better known by his alias Blackbeard, is the leader of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of the Four Emperors. Additionally, he is the only person who has used two Devil Fruits’ abilities.

Before killing Thatch, he was a member of the Whitebeard Pirates’ 2nd division when his career as a pirate first began. After beating Ace and turning him over to the Marines, he temporarily had a place among the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Due to his activities, along with the Eleven Supernovas, he was regarded as a member of the Worst Generation. After killing Whitebeard at the Summit War of Marineford and seizing his Gura Gura no Mi power, as well as defeating the Whitebeard Pirates during the time jump and capturing the bulk of Whitebeard’s lands, he was given the title of Emperor.

Blackbeard has a strong sense of fate and is immensely immoral. He believes there is no intrinsic “good” or “evil” in the world and mocks anyone who holds this opinion. In addition to being patient and cunning, he killed Thatch and left the crew after spending years on Whitebeard’s ship to obtain the Devil Fruit he desired.

So, I will place him in the C tier of the One Piece Tier List because his tendency toward nihilism is consistent with the purported ability of the Yami Yami no Mi he wields to turn everything into “nothingness.”

Devil Fruit Yami Yami no Mi
Haki Busoshoku  (Armament)


Pseudonym Akainu

The current fleet admiral of the Marines is Sakazuki, formerly known as his admiral pseudonym Akainu. One of Sakazuki’s first acts as the fleet admiral was moving Marine Headquarters to the New World to prepare for the New Pirate Age. Sakazuki is perhaps the most ardent advocate of Absolute Justice in the whole series.

His zeal forced his colleague admiral Aokiji to reject his elevation to the rank of fleet admiral and leave the Marines once it was unsuccessful. He is one of Monkey D. Luffy’s worst and most personal archenemies because he killed his brother Portgas D. Ace and left a significant scar on his chest.

He is the cruelest and has an expressionless, harsh, and austere demeanor. This has earned him a reputation as a highly formidable opponent, but his dogmatism raises more questions since it might turn the Marines into an army worse than the foes they want to overpower.

Despite his extreme views, Akainu is very cunning and manipulative; these qualities reveal that he can be cunning and exploitative when necessary. Akainu appears to put some stock in the families of the Marines below him, which may be opposed to or caused by his extreme views on heritage.

Regarding the Celestial Dragons’ hedonism and their illegal behavior and atrocities, Akainu adopts a position of indifference and non-intervention, going against his views about heritage and justice. Instead, he chooses to turn a blind eye to these activities.

Devil Fruit Magu Magu no Mi
Haki Busoshoku  (Armament)

Charlotte Linlin

Charlotte Linlin of One Piece Tier List
Charlotte Linlin

Big Mom, a.k.a. Charlotte Linlin, is the leader of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Four Emperors who rule the New World. She is also the designer of the great race of beings known as Homies, who mainly inhabit the whole territory of Totto Land and cheerfully serve her.

As queen of Totto Land, Big Mom works to create an ideal society where all races worldwide can coexist together without prejudice or division. One of the founding members of the storied Rocks Pirates was Big Mom.

Big Mom is shown to be a greedy, ungrateful person who loves chocolates and sweets. Big Mom is a highly evil woman who, if she does not get the loads of candy the island promised her, will destroy an entire island with innocent people living on it. Overall, she appears to think that she shouldn’t aid anyone until she benefits from doing so.

Big Mom, who will not think twice about marrying off her kids to reinforce her crew, is obsessed with having power. She also highly emphasizes blood relationships and considers those not connected by blood, such as her husband, to be strangers.

Big Mom is a Yonko and is seen as a mighty person by the Planet Government and the rest of the world. Thanks to her influence and authority, she is in charge of Totto Land, the archipelago, and several islands in the New World. So, I will place her in the C tier because many people in the New World fear her because of her abilities. She is one of the few people strong enough to overcome Marshall D. Teach, according to the Gorosei.

Devil Fruit Soru Soru no Mi
Haki Busoshoku  (Armament), Haoshoku (Conqueror)


Well, it’s time for the One Piece Tier List to end, and we have tried our very best to do each and every single character mentioned here justice. But the fact is that some of you may not agree with many of our placements, and that’s okay. We are open to criticism, and we encourage you to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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