One Piece Arc Tier List: All Important Arcs Ranked [2023]

Ranking One Piece's Major Story Arcs.

One Piece boasts 31 story arcs, which are separated into 9 sagas, that captivate viewers with its unique storyline and memorable characters. Despite its length, it’s a must-watch for anime fans. And in this One Piece Arc Tier List, I will be ranking each of them into five ranks.

It’s worth noting that this is entirely subjective and open to debate, but hopefully, it provides some insight into the series for those new to the fandom. One Piece is an ongoing journey, and I hope the list helps you determine which arcs are worth watching more than others.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 31 entries on our list.
  • These rankings are done according to how impactful and enjoyable the arcs were.
  • In the highest ranks, you will find the likes of Wano Country Arc, Marine Food Arc, Dressrosa Arc, and Enies Lobby Arc.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you can find Foxy Arc, Whisky Peak Arc, Little Garden Arc, and Orange Town Arc.


The table below will summarise the entire article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Wano Country ArcArabasta ArcFishman Island ArcLoguetown ArcFoxy Arc
Marine Food ArcImpel Down ArcPunk Hazard ArcBaratie ArcWhisky Peak Arc
Dressrosa Arc
Skypiea ArcDrum Island ArcSyrup Village ArcLittle Garden Arc
Enies Lobby ArcPost War ArcThriller Bark ArcPost-Enies Lobby ArcOrange Town Arc
Whole Cake Island Arc
Zou ArcWater 7 ArcAmazon Lilly Arc
Sabaody Archipelgo ArcLevely ArcJaya Arc
Arlong Park ArcRomance Dawn ArcReverse Mountain Arc
Return to Sabaody Arc

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S Tier

Greatest Arcs of One Piece
S Tier.

The S rank of the One Piece Story Arcs Tier List consists of five entries that are also favorites among all the fans of the fandom.

Wano Country Arc

The Wano country arc, which follows the Levely arc, is the thirty-first arc in the series and the fourth in the Four Emperor saga of One Piece, and it is still ongoing continuing from the Whole Cake Island arc. In Wano land, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai-Alliance assembled to prepare for the war against the Beast Pirates. The Alliance attacks Onigashima to defeat Kaidou and Big Mom’s allied forces, all while alliances alter on all sides of the siege. Kozuki Oden’s history and ties to Wano Country, Whitebeard, and Gol D. Roger are revealed, Meanwhile, the world has changed dramatically as a result of the recent Levely summit.

The Wano country arc has a huge impact on the story and has major battles as it is an arc against the two biggest emperors of the sea and it introduced us to a new straw hat pirate, Jinbe, the first son of the sea. The whole world is affected by what is happening in the Wano country, it is the biggest war in the history of one piece, and who knows maybe the Navy will interfere at the end of the Wano country as well.

Marine Ford Arc

The Marine Ford storyline, usually known as the Paramount War arc, is the series’ twenty-second story arc and the fourth in the Summit War Saga, after the Impel Down arc. The plot of the arc Is that after Luffy and the other Impel Down Prison escapees, including Jinbe, Ivankov, Crocodile, Buggy, and others, who were unable to reach Ace before being moved to Marineford, instead of following his brother to Marineford, the headquarters of the Marine.

With the odds stacked against him, the looming threat of Whitebeard, and the hidden agendas of pirates seeking to overthrow the Emperor, Luffy fights to stay alive in this tremendous battle for survival. It covers 31 manga chapters that were later adapted into anime in 33 episodes. In the arc, the Navy wanted to execute Ace, the captain of the second division of Whitebeard Pirates but Whitebeard the captain himself arrives at Marineford to save ace. 

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Dressrosa Arc

After the Punk Hazard Arc, the Dressrosa arc is the series’ twenty-seventh story arc and the second and last arc of One Piece’s Dressrosa Saga. The plot of the arc is that after forming an alliance and capturing Caesar Clown, the Straw Hats and Trafalgar Law proceed to Dressrosa with Kin’emon in the second step of their plan to assassinate the nation’s monarch, Warlord of the Sea Donquixote Doflamingo.

However, when their acts collide unexpectedly with those of bigger forces at play, they set in motion a series of world-changing events. Dressrosa is the Straw Hats’ second island in the New World, but their third since the time skip. It covers 102 chapters which were later adapted into anime in 118 episodes. The Straw Hat Pirates defeated the Donoquixote Pirates which made Marine increase their bounties which was a big buff to them and became a big threat to Marine.

Enies Lobby Arc

The Enies Lobby arc is the series’ sixteenth story arc and the third and final arc in the Water 7 saga, after the Water 7 arc. The plot of the arc is that to save Nico Robin and Franky, the Straw Hats, Sogeking, the Franky Family, and the Galley-La Company shipwrights converge at Enies Lobby aboard Rocketman. However, the World Government’s soldiers, notably its lethal assassin group, CP9, stand in their way. 

This arc also acts as a stepping stone for each of the Straw Hats, since they all gain strength in some manner. Luffy powered up and introduced Gear 2 against Blueno and used both Gear 2 and 3 in the final fight against Rob Lucci and beat him to death.

Whole Cake Island Arc

The Whole Cake Island arc has many names in the fandom known as the Sanji Retrieval arc and the Tea Party From Hell arc is the series twenty-ninth arc and the second in the Four Emperors Saga after the Zou arc. The plot of the arcs revolves around the retrieval team of Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, Brook, Pekoms, Pedro, and Carrot, as well as the minks Pekoms, Pedro, and Carrot, travel to Whole Cake Island, the home of Big Mom of the Four Emperors.

The Sanji Retrieval Team aims to save their crewmate Sanji from an arranged marriage with Charlotte Pudding, which was put up to establish a political alliance between the Charlotte and Vinsmoke families. During their mission, however, they become embroiled in a plan to assassinate Big Mom herself. The arc focuses on Sanji and his past storyline with his family in the North Blue.

A Tier

Best Arcs of One Piece
A Tier.

This category consists of seven arcs that I think are good but not worthy enough to be put into the S rank of the One Piece Arc Tier List.

Arabasta Arc

The Arabasta arc is the series’ eleventh story arc and the fifth and final arc in the Arabasta saga after the Drum Island arc. It covers 63 chapters that were later adapted into anime in 39 episodes. The plot of the arc is that before a massive fight breaks out between the kingdom’s royal guards and the rebels, the Straw Hats arrive in the desert kingdom of Arabasta and begin their race through the land to reach Alubarna.

This arc is Straw Hat’s first major arc after entering into the grand line where they fought with a Shichibukai, Crocodile. The arc is full of politics where the rebels of the Arabasta are fighting against Cobra to overthrow the Arabasta’s government under the influence of the  Crocodile. It is a brilliant combination of political intrigue set in the desert and theatrical Egpytophile fantasy adventure. For the first time, we got a taste of global government and Shichibukai’s authority, as the forces that dominate One Piece’s universe became obvious. 

Impel Down Arc

The Impel Down arc is the series’ twenty-first story arc and the third arc in the Summit War saga after the Amazon Lily arc. It covers 25 chapters that were later adapted into anime in 27 episodes. The plot of the arc revolves around Luffy putting his search for his crew on hold to save his brother Ace from the Impel Down underwater jail.

He succeeds to penetrate the prison with the help of Boa Hancock. However, achieving his goal and fleeing the horrible prison may be more difficult said than done. This arc is a type of prison break-style arc where Luffy met his former enemies in the prison and breaks free from Impel Down. It has a nonstop escalation action of Luffy charging down recklessly to the different levels of the prison to save his brother, Ace.  The villain of this arc, Magellan has one of the strongest devil fruit in the series.

Skypiea Arc

The Skypiea arc is the series’ thirteenth story arc and the second and last of two in the Sky Island Saga after the Jaya arc. It covers 66 chapters that were later adapted into anime in 43 episodes. The plot of the arc is that the Straw Hats came to the sky island Skypiea in pursuit of treasure, only to discover that the island is under threat from Enel, the cruel “god.” In this arc, the straw hats sent the god Enel straight to the moon.

The plot takes several unexpected turns in both the present and the past, and the primary villain is one of the most fearsome and unforgettable in the whole series. The lore of the void century was recorded on a Poneglyph discovered in the ruins of Shandora, and we learned that the Rio Poneglyph, which is located on the final island, Laugh Tale, contains the whole lost history of the One Piece world.

Post War Arc

The Summit War Saga’s Post War arc is the twenty-third story arc in the series and the fifth and last in the Summit War Saga. After this arc, the plot of One Piece is covered for half. It covers 17 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 26 episodes of anime. The death of Whitebeard has shocked the globe, producing chaos on a worldwide scale. Luffy’s mind and body are in bad shape after not only infiltrating and leaving Impel Down, beating the Marines and Warlords of the Sea at Marineford but also having his objectives ruined by Ace’s death.

Boa Hancock escorted the Heart Pirates and the rest of Luffy’s friends to Amazon Lily, where he can rest in peace. Sengoku discovers that the World Government is pursuing disturbing actions while the Marines recover from their big fight. Luffy begins to accept the death of his brother Ace, which sparks a flashback of the first time he met Ace and his friend Sabo. Luffy realizes that he still has his crew after being consoled by Jinbe, and expresses his wish to see them again. 

Zou Arc

The Zou arc is the twenty-eighth story arc in the series and the first in the Four Emperors Saga, which continues from the Dressrosa Saga. It covers 23 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 29 episodes of anime. The third island the Straw Hats encounter in the New World is Zou Island. The arc begins with The Straw Hats, Trafalgar Law, Kin’emon, and Kanjuro defeating Doflamingo and returning to Sanji and the others in Zou.

When they arrive, however, they find that Sanji is entangled in a web of personal and political conflicts and that Zou is under siege by the Jack of the Beasts Pirates. All of this is in addition to the surprising discoveries about the Straw Hats’ ultimate goal: One Piece. This arc is one of the best transitional arcs in the series. The fight in this series against Jack gives us a sense of what Straw Hats pirates are going up against when they plan to take down one of the four emperors, Kaido. 

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

The Summit War Saga begins with the Sabaody Archipelago arc, which is the series’ twentieth story arc. It covers 24 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 21 episodes of anime. Sabaody Archipelago is the ninth island the Straw Hats visit on the Grand Line.

In this plotline, which takes place in the titular archipelago, Luffy and his crew face off against a violent slave-trading ring that sells to the World Nobles. The Eleven Supernovas, a squad of eleven formidable rookie pirates, arrive while they’re there, hoping to get entrance to the New World through the archipelago as well. Even though the Straw Hat Pirates had become formidable in their own right.

Arlong Park Arc

The Arlong Park arc is the last on the A Tier, often known as the Arlong arc, and is the sixth East Blue Saga arc. It covers 27 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 14 episodes of anime. The plot of the arc starts after Roronoa Zoro, Usopp, and later Monkey D.

Luffy and Sanji (together with Johnny and Yosaku) pursue Nami after she steals the Going Merry and ends up at Cocoyasi Village, Nami’s birthplace controlled by the tyrant Fish-Man Arlong. Nami’s history and real motivations are revealed here. Nami becomes the Straw Hat Pirates’ permanent navigator, preparing them to cross the Grand Line. The Fish-Men are introduced as the series’ first non-human race. After this arc, Luffy received his first bounty. 

B Tier

one piece arc tier list
B Tier.

The B rank of the One Piece Anime Arc Tier List is an average tier where I placed those arcs that have a decent plot and a little world-building but are not too mindblowing. 

Fishman Island Arc

Following the Return to Sabaody storyline, the Fishman Island arc is the twenty-fifth and final storyline in the Fishman Island Saga. Fishman Island is the twelfth island encountered by the straw hat in the Grand Line. It contains 51 manga chapters that were later adapted into 51 anime episodes. The Straw Hat Pirates are on their journey to Fishman Island after a two-year time jump, but there are many surprises in store for them while they sail to their undersea destination and much more once they arrive.

Luffy formed a powerful alliance with the Fishmans and Princess Shirahoshi, an ancient weapon. It is just a baseline arc and can’t compete with the upper-tier arcs in terms of the utmost importance thus we put it below on our list.

Punk Hazard Arc

The Dressrosa Saga continues from the Fishman Island arc with the Punk Hazar arc, which is the series’ twenty-sixth story arc. It covers 46 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 46 episodes of anime. The Straw Hats’ first meeting in the New World is with Punk Hazard. As soon as the Straw Hat Pirates arrive in the New World, they receive a distress call from a group of people on an island called Punk Hazard, reporting that they are being attacked by a samurai.

Luffy launches out without hesitation for the scorching island, with Vice Admiral Smoker closely following. The Straw Hats quickly discover that they are not alone on the death-infested and deserted island, encountering a variety of new and familiar opponents as they investigate the island’s purpose. 

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Drum Island Arc

The Drum Island arc is the series’ tenth story arc and the fourth in the Arabasta Saga continuing from the Little Garden arc. It covers 25 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 14 episodes of anime. Drum Island is the third of the Grand Line’s islands that the Straw Hat Pirates visit.

It is a winter island where it snows all year. When the team is forced to halt and seek medical attention for Nami, the story introduces the crew’s doctor, our precious pet, Tony Tony Chopper. It gives us a heavy dose of emotions through Chopper’s past with Dr. Hiriluk and showed us his dream to cure any illness.

Thriller Bark Arc

The Thriller Bark story arc is the eighth in the series and the first and only in the Thriller Bark Saga. It covers 48 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 45 episodes of anime. The plot of the arc starts after the Straw Hats arrive at Thriller Bark, a spooky island/ship in the Florian Triangle, where their shadows are taken by Warlord of the Sea Gecko Moria, and they must race to get them back before the sun rises. A

After beating Moria, another Warlord appears to exacerbate the Straw Hats’ predicament. The Straw Hats also get a new crew member in the form of Brook, a living skeleton who becomes their musician.

Water 7 Arc

The Water 7 arc is the fifteenth story arc in the series and the second in the Water 7 saga. Water 7 is the seventh island visited by the Straw Hats in the Grand Line. It is an aquatic metropolis that was constructed on top of a sunken city. It covers 53 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 35 episodes of anime. The Straw Hats appear to be doing well until a strange group known as CP9 gets involved.

This arc is renowned for its significant use of narrative twists and unexpected storyline twists, as well as the major conflict within the Straw Hat crew. After this arc, Nico Robin, who has been traveling with the crew since the Arabasta storyline, finally joins them. The arc’s location provides fascinating insights into the crucial industries at the core of One Piece’s universe, as well as the skilled craftsmen who make sailing in this dangerous sea possible. We discover how the global government’s shadow overreach threatens their critical mission, and we learn about Franky’s history, which led to him becoming the Straw Hat Pirates’ Shipwright.

Levely Arc

The Levely arc is the thirty-first in the series and the third in the Four Emperors Saga, which began with the Whole Cake Island arc. It is the third last arc on our One Piece Arc Tier List. It has six chapters that were subsequently turned into 12 anime episodes. The story of the arc begins when the world learns of the Straw Hat Pirates’ efforts against the Big Mom Pirates, and nobility from all across the world comes for the Levely.

In the meantime, the Revolutionary Army is planning its next move. The foundation for this arc was laid back in the early days of One Piece. Levely is a council meeting organized by the World Government, which is made up of 50 world leaders from the World Government’s 170 member states. It’s more of a vignette narrative than the ones we see in One Piece. The events on Arabasta, Dressrosa, Drum Island and Fishman Island are key to it. 

Romance Dawn Arc

The Romance Dawn arc is also known as the Captain Morgan arc is the series’ very first story arc and the first in the East Blue Saga. It covers 7 chapters that were later adapted into 4 episodes of anime. This arc combines three storylines into one. The first tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy’s Devil Fruit powers, as well as his motivation to become a pirate. The second narrative concerns his encounter with a little child named Koby and his assistance in rescuing him from a female pirate named Alvida.

Luffy seeks to recruit the Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro to his crew in the final chapter while battling the Marine Captain Axe-Hand Morgan. This arc is a beautifully effective beginning, establishing our key Straw Hat members of Luffy, Zoro, and Nami in just four episodes. Sets the stage for the series’ core worldbuilding concepts, notably Haki, over the following thousand episodes.

Return to Sabaody arc

The Return to Sabaody arc, commonly known as the Straw Hats Reunion arc, is the twenty-fourth story arc in the series, the first in the Fish-Man Island Saga, as well as the first after the time, skip continuing from the Post-War arc and the Summit War Saga. Two years have passed since the events of Marineford.

It covers 5 chapters that were later adapted into 5 episodes of anime. It presents a complete story in only 5 chapters, with the Straw Hats’ attempts to rejoin after the time skip being challenged by a bunch of impersonators who profit off the Straw Hats’ pirate identity.

C Tier

one piece arc tier list
C Tier.

The C-tier is a below-average tier where I placed most of those One Piece arcs that are part of the first two sagas of One Piece. These arcs lack suspense and competitive storytelling as compared to the other arcs in the series.

Loguetown Arc

The Loguetown arc is the series’ sixth story arc and the final arc in the East Blue Saga after the Arlong Park arc. It covers 5 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into anime in 7 episodes. In this arc before proceeding to the Grand Line, the Straw Hat Pirates stopped in Loguetown, where Gol D. Roger was born and killed, to obtain supplies. The arc did important worldbuilding and stake-setting work and introduces some of One piece’s most enduring loving characters.

Luffy was about to get executed after getting his bounty from his arch-nemesis Buggy the clown but got saved by his father Monkey D. Dragon who made his first appearance in the series. This arc starts new adventures for the Straw Hat Pirates as they are about to enter the Grand Line for the first time.

Baratie Arc

The Baratie arc is the series’ fourth story arc of the East Blue Saga. It covers 27 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 12 episodes of anime The Straw Hats are welcomed by Johnny and Yosaku, who lead them to the restaurant ship Baratie, a “floating refuge” in the middle of the ocean, where they meet Sanji.

However, a pirate commander named Don Krieg sets his sights on the Baratie as a replacement for his damaged fleet, and the restaurant is soon invaded. This is an introduction arc for the new member of Straw Hats, Sanji. The arc tells a powerful, personal tale for Sanji while also having more fun with worldbuilding than any of East Blue’s previous arcs. The supporting characters in this arc are lovely, and Sanji’s sad farewell to his father figure Zeff, a former pirate, had many fans in tears.

Syrup Village Arc

The Syrup Village arc is the series is the third story arc of the East Blue Saga also known as the Captain Kuro arc. It covers 20 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 10 episodes of anime. The plot of the arc starts in search of a ship, Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Nami arrive in Syrup Town, where they encounter Usopp, the village liar. They realize they have no option but to assist Usopp in defeating Captain Kuro to save Usopp’s buddy Kaya after learning of a hidden plot against her.

This arc is very similar to its next arc which is the Baratie arc, both are the introduction arcs for the new Straw Hat members. During this arc, the Straw Hats received their first ship, Going Merry, which would accompany them on their journeys for the foreseeable future. Captain Kuro, a clever, scheming archetype of a villain disguised as Kaya’s housekeeper, is the villain of this arc.

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

The Post-Enies Lobby arc, also known as the Second Water 7 arc, Return to Water 7 arc, and the Thousand Sunny arc, is the seventeenth story arc in the series and the fourth and last arc in the Water 7 saga following the Enies Lobby arc. It covers 11 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 13 episodes of anime. The tale of this arc begins when the Straw Hats return to Water 7 and are visited by Marines during their stay there after successfully escaping Enies Lobby.

Ace ultimately gets up to Blackbeard on Banora Island a few days before and confronts him but lost and gets captured. Throughout this story, Franky joins the Straw Hats and becomes their shipwright. Despite how vital Franky is to the team, t arc doesn’t have a plot.

Amazon Lilly Arc

The Summit War Saga’s second story arc is the Amazon Lilly arc, which is the series’ twentieth. It covers 11 chapters that were later adapted into 14 episodes of anime. The plot of the arc starts after Luffy is sent flying after getting defeated by Kuma in the Sabaody Archipelago, and crashes landing on Amazon Lily, a female-only island that kills males on sight.

The arc introduces us to Boa Hancock, the beautiful and charmingly egotistical queen of the Island, who has a sweet crush on Luffy. As it depicts the aftermath of the Straw Hat Pirates’ first big loss and even more awful circumstances, it touches on a few difficult concerns. The arc shows how all the Straw Hats are separated from each other and how they are barely surviving alone in the Grand Line. 

Jaya Arc

On the Grand Line, the Straw Hat Pirates come across Jaya as their fifth Island. It covers 18 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into 9 episodes of anime. The island is covered in a rainforest and includes a port town notorious for being full of pirates called “Mock Town.”

The theme of this arc is that dreams are what define a man while establishing two of Luffy’’s most important rivals in Bellamy and Blackbeard. The Jaya arc is considered the first act of Skypiea. The Cricket and the Saruyama alliance as characters in this arc don’t resolve until the end of the Skypiea arc without that closure the Jaya arc itself is just about the Straw Hats fighting pirates and upgrading their ship.

Reverse Mountain Arc

The Reverse Mountain arc which is commonly known as the Laboon arc is the series’ seventh story arc and the first arc in the Arabasta Saga after the Loguetown arc. It covers 5 chapters in the manga that were later adapted into anime in 2 episodes.

The plot of the arc starts with the Straw Hat Pirates traveling to Reverse Mountain and beginning the difficult job of climbing the mountain’s deadly rapids to access the Grand Line in this arc. They discover that something massive is blocking the entryway as they descend the mountain.

D Tier

Worst Arcs of One Piece
D Tier.

No arc in this series is bad, but I think the current entries in the One Piece Story Arc Tier List are perhaps the weakest of the bunch.

Foxy Arc

The Foxy story arc is the series’ fourteenth story arc and the first in the Water 7 saga. The arc is also known by a variety of titles in the fandom, including Davy Black Fight and Long Ring Long Land. It contains 19 manga chapters that were later adapted into 13 anime episodes.

The “Davy Back Fight,” a rivalry between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Foxy Pirates, is the arc’s theme. The battle between Admiral Aokiji and Monkey D. Luffy takes place here as well. The Straw Hat Pirates visit the seventh island on the Grand Line, Long Ring Long Land. This arc’s character design is a pleasure, and it falls between the two quite major sagas.

Whiskey Peak Arc

The Whiskey Peak arc is the series’ eighth story arc and the second arc in the Arabasta Saga after the Reverse Mountain arc. It covers 9 chapters that were later adapted into anime in 4 episodes. The story starts with the Straw Hat Pirates on their way to Whisky Peak, a town that welcomes pirates with wide arms and treats them like stars, now that they have a Log Pose. But it’s too good to be true, and the islanders quickly reveal their true colors. 

Whisky Peak is a village on Cactus Island, the first island seen on the Grand Line by the Straw Hat Pirates. With a cowboy town full of undercover bounty hunters, the location and preparations for its combat are a little more exciting.

Little Garden Arc

The Little Garden arc is the series’ ninth story arc and the third in the Arabasta Saga continuing from the Whiskey Peak arc.  It covers 15 chapters that were later adapted into 8 episodes of anime and depicts the Straw Hats’ halt on a prehistoric island as well as their clashes with four officers from the Baroque Works. In the Grand Line, the Straw Hat Pirates come across Little Garden Island as their second island.

It’s a summer island with only prehistoric plants and creatures, as well as two giants named Dorry and Brogy. For the first time, the anime exposes us to the enormous giant race. The two Giant Vikings who have been battling on the island for almost 100 years enjoy a friendly rivalry in the arc.

Orange Town Arc

The Orange Town arc is also known as the Buggy Clown arc is the series’ second story arc in the East blue saga after the Romance Dawn arc. It covers 14 chapters that were later adapted into anime in 5 episodes. Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro unintentionally cross encounters with pirate clown Buggy and his crew, as well as meet their future navigator, Nami, in this arc.

As a villain, I prefer Buggy, but someone had to be at the bottom of this tier chart. The Orange Town arc is a fun little shounen fighting arc that shows off One Piece’s basic power system for the first time with a clash between two devil fruit users, but that’s about it. 


One Piece Tiermaker
One Piece Arcs.

This is it, I’ve ranked down my favorite arcs in the One Piece Arc Tier List. Every One Piece arc is good on its own but Oda’s writing skills have improved with the progression of the plot of One Piece. One Piece is a great anime and has a lovely fandom I would like to recommend every anime fan out there to try watching One Piece once in their lifetime so they can know what they are missing out on in their lives.