100% Orange Juice Tier List: BEST Characters [2023]

100% Orange Juice is a virtual deck game. It is a multiplayer game. 100% Orange Juice game was released on 10 September 2013. and it was published by Fruitbat Factory. The genre of games it belongs to is Indie and Strategy. It comes in a great variety of languages, making it accessible to a wide crowd.

It is featured in nine languages and these are English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish-Spain, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish-Latin America, and Russian. All these languages are available in subtitles but the audio only comes in the Japanese language.

We have ranked the characters from the game in different tiers for your ease. This 100% Orange Juice Tier List would allow players to choose the best characters among all.

Before beginning, we would like to make it clear that this tier list is highly subjective and it is not necessary that our opinions would align. Thus the tier list is welcome for comments but not criticism.

Before We Begin

100% Orange Juice has a total of 74 characters.  In this tier list, all the characters are placed in the order of their abilities and good gameplay. All these characters are put into their definite tiers based on our research, observation, and experience. 100% Orange Juice Characters are further divided into five groups.

These groups are Base Game Characters, DLC and Bonus characters, Non-Playable characters, Co-op Boss NPCs, and Bounty Hunt NPCs.

In the 100% Orange Juice tier list all the characters that are present in this game are arranged in different groups depending on their skills, capabilities, and gameplay.

Every character is different from the others, having different qualities and different performances. so, based on their performance and their capabilities all these characters are placed into different groups or tiers moving in an ascending order that is from best to worst characters.

Key Points

  • We have a total of 62 entries on our list.
  • They have been ranked according to their attributes and performances.
  • In the highest ranks, we have Marie Poppo, Marie Poppo, Marie Poppo, and Arthur.
  • As for the lowest ranks characters like Shifu Robot, Mimyuu, Peat, and Tomato are included.


The table below will give you a complete summary of our rankings.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Marie PoppoKirikoTsihNankoTomato
Sweet BreakerYukiSuguriSeagullPeat
Flying CastleKrilalarisKaeSyuraMimyuu
ArthurFernetMeiCookShifu Robot
Store ManagerHimeMiusakiRobo ball
Sweet EaterHalenaMarc
Lone Rider
Star Breaker
Hoshino Reika

S Tier

The best tier
The Best Characters

In the S tier, those characters are included who are outstanding in their gameplay. 100% of Orange Juice’s best characters are placed in the S tier. They are good at survival and have good health points. S Tier characters have good attacking skills and strong defense which helps them stay longer and play better than other characters.

These characters are easy to play with and have a recreational experience. S Tier characters that fall into this category are mentioned below along with their characteristics.

Marie Poppo7-1-1-15200% mixed juice!
Sweet Breaker60006Sora
Flying Castle8+1-1-26Flying Red Barrel
Arthur70-1-16Christmas Shooting
Tequilla50+1-36Flying red Barrel
Store Manager6+20-16QP Shooting
Tomomo6+3006100% Orange Juice
Noname5+1-106Acceleration of SUGURI
Sweet Eater6+20+16100% Orange juice
Krilla600-15QP Shooting-Dangerous!!


S Tier

Malt 5 +1 +1 +1 5 Flying Red Barrel 

A Tier

overall good characters in 100% orange juice
Overall Great Characters

In A tier all those characters are placed no less than S tier characters. In A tier the 100% Orange Juice characters are equally compatible and have somewhat equal capabilities.

The A Tier characters have good health and good attacking skills. The A Tier has useful characters that you can add to your deck and will give you a chance to win easily. All those characters that fall into this group of 100% Orange Juice Tier List are mentioned below along with their characteristics.

Kiriko80-105Xmas Shooting – Scramble!!
Yuki5+2-1-15QP Shooting
Krilalaris600-15QP Shooting – Dangerous!!
Fernet6+1+2-25Flying Red Barrel
Aru5-1-1+25Christmas Shooting
Sherry5+1+1+15Flying Red Barrel
Halena5-1+1+15100% Orange Juice
Islay5+1+1+15Flying Red Barrel
Arnelle5+1-105100% Orange Juice
Merchant50006Flying Red Barrel
Kyupita50005QP Kiss
Chris5-1005QP Shooting
Lulu50+1-15100% Orange Juice
Malt5+1+1+15Flying Red Barrel
Kai5+1005100% Orange Juice
Lone Rider500-15Flying Red Barrel
Ellie5+1005100% Orange Juice
QP50005QP Shooting
Mescal50+1+15Flying Red Barrel
Kyousuke5-1+205QP Kiss
Star Breaker5+20-15Sora


Characters  Hp Atk Def Evc Rec Origin 
Hoshino Reika 3 +2 0 0 5 200% Mixed Juice! 

B Tier

100% orange juice tier list
Above Average Characters

In the B tier, all those characters are placed that are somewhat less efficient than S and A tier characters in the 100% Orange Juice Tier List. These characters are average in their capabilities and lie on the verge between good characters and bad characters.

The B Tier characters have satisfactory attacking skills and their defense system is also average. B Tier characters can be a good option to fill up any gap in a deck because they are neither too bad nor too good, just fine.


That is why all these characters are placed in this group and lie below the S and A tiers. All 100% Orange Juice Characters and mentioned below along with their characteristics.

Marc4+1+1-15Flying Red Barrel
Maynie40+105100% Orange Juice
Natsumi5-1005Xmas Shooting – Scramble!!
Chicken3-1-1+13QP Shooting

C Tier

average characters in tier list
The Average Characters

In the C tier of 100% Orange Juice Characters Tier List, all the below-average characters are placed. Their attack and defense both are very substandard.

They are the least desired characters as compared to 100% Orange Juice’s best character in S Tier and are very rarely used by players because of their poor performance. All the characters that fall into this category are mentioned below along with their characteristics.

Seagull3+1-1-14Flying Red Barrel
Syura40+104QP Shooting – Dangerous!!
Cook40-1+35100% Orange Juice
Robo ball3-1+1-14Suguri

D Tier

100% orange juice tier list
The Worst Characters

Characters that are placed in the D tier are even worse than C tier characters. They are not good at any kind of attacking and their defense is also not effective.

D Tier characters are not interesting to play with as compared to 100% Orange Juice’s best character in S Tier and their incapabilities may annoy the player due to which they are the least favorite to anyone. All these characters are mentioned below with their characteristics.

Tomato3+1003QP Shooting
Peat3+1+1+14Flying Red Barrel
Mimyuu3-10+13QP Shooting
Shifu Robot5+10-1Suguri


As 100% Orange Juice is a deck game, it has cards in it. It has different kinds of cards and card packs available for players at different levels of games. 100% Orange Juice cards are in distinct varieties. Either these cards or card packs are unlocked or bought from the store. These cards and their different forms have been described below.

There are different types of card packs. There are 8 different types of packs. Following is a 100% Orange Juice card list.

  • Base Pack
  • Expansion Pack
  • Mixed Booster Pack
  • Acceleration Pack
  • Community Pack 1
  • Community Pack 2
  • Community ack 3
  • Pudding Pack

Base Pack

As the name indicates base pack consists of all the cards needed by a beginner in a 100% Orange Juice card list. And it is the first pack of cards one receives while it is the second-largest pack and consists of a wide variety of cards in it. These cards include  4 battle cards, 6 boost cards, 5 event cards, and 5 trap cards.

Expansion Pack

The expansion pack as the name indicates is the largest pack of cards in this 100% Orange Juice card list. After the base pack, it is the second that a player can purchase from the shop.

But it can only be purchased once you have completed 15 levels, after completing 10 levels it gets visible in-store and by further completing 5 more levels you can purchase it from the store.

It has a huge collection of cards. These cards can be categorized into different sections. There are  3 battle cards, 4 boost cards, 7 event cards, and 8 trap cards. There are also 22 collectible cards in this pack.

Mixed Booster Pack

A mixed booster pack is a small pack of cards. It is the third pack of cards released in the 100% Orange Juice card list. Despite being a small deck it is an expensive one.

It does contain a huge collection of cards but it has some of the best cards in it. This pack includes  2 battle cards, 5 boost cards, 2 event cards, and 2 trap cards. And it has 11 collectible cards: 3 rares, 4 uncommon, and 4 commons. 

Acceleration Pack

The acceleration pack was released in October 2016. it is the fourth pack of cards available in the 100% Orange Juice game. It is also the fourth most expensive pack of cards. Also, it is the first of all the other packs of cards to feature gift cards.

It includes 3 battle cards, 2 boost cards, 3 event cards, 2 gift cards, and 2 trap cards. And it has 12 collectible cards that are 4 rares, 4 uncommon, and 4 commons.

Community Pack 1

Community pack 1 is the fifth pack of cards that is available in the 100% Orange Juice game. It has the least number of cards in it. It requires no DLC.  It contains  1 battle card, 1 boost card, 1 event card, 2 gift cards, and 1 trap card. Unlike any other pack of cards, it was made with a collaboration of many ideas in terms of artwork and the effects of cards. A lot of effort and work was put into the formation of this pack.

Community Pack 2

Community pack 2 is the sixth pack available in the 100% Orange Juice game. Just like the previews pack it does require a DLC. And just as Community pack 1 it has 6 cards 1 rare, 2 uncommon, and 3 commons.

Separately indicating there is 1 battle card, 1 boost card, 1 event card, 2 gift cards, and 1 trap card. Same as the previews it was made after a contest was conducted for the formation of this pack which was based on the effects of these cards along with their artwork.

Pudding Pack

The pudding pack is the seventh pack of 100% orange juice cards in this game. This pack was released in October 2019. It is also an expensive pack, being the fourth on this list. Besides being expensive it is also the third-largest pack of cards after the base pack and expansion pack. It has 12 collectible cards  3 rares, 4 uncommon, and 5 commons. Ans separately it has  3 battle cards, 2 boost cards, 3 event cards, 2 gift cards, and 2 trap cards.

Community Pack 3

Community pack 3 is the eighth and the most latest pack of 100% orange juice cards available. It does not require any DLC. And it is the most expensive of all the packs. It also has the least number of cards in it. Altogether there are 6 collectible cards  1 rare, 2 uncommon, and 3 common.

Individually these are 1 battle card, 1 boost card, 2 event cards, 1 gift card, and 1 trap card. Just as in community pack 1 and community pack 2 a contest was held for the formation of cards for this pack.

Comparison Table

Marie PoppoS-1-1-15200% mixed juice!7
Sweet BreakerS0006Sora6
Flying CastleS+1-1-26Flying Red Barrel8
ArthurS0-1-16Christmas Shooting7
TequillaS0+1-36Flying red Barrel5
Store ManagerS+20-16QP Shooting6
TomomoS+3006100% Orange Juice6
NonameS+1-106Acceleration of SUGURI5
Sweet EaterS+20+16100% Orange juice6
KrillaS00-15QP Shooting-Dangerous!!6
MaltS+1+1+15Flying Red Barrel5
KirikoA0-105Xmas Shooting – Scramble!!8
YukiA+2-1-15QP Shooting5
KrilalarisA00-15QP Shooting – Dangerous!!6
FernetA+1+2-25Flying Red Barrel6
AruA-1-1+25Christmas Shooting5
SherryA+1+1+15Flying Red Barrel5
HalenaA-1+1+15100% Orange Juice5
IslayA+1+1+15Flying Red Barrel5
ArnelleA+1-105100% Orange Juice5
MerchantA0006Flying Red Barrel5
KyupitaA0005QP Kiss5
ChrisA-1005QP Shooting5
LuluA0+1-15100% Orange Juice5
MaltA+1+1+15Flying Red Barrel5
KaiA+1005100% Orange Juice5
Lone RiderA00-15Flying Red Barrel5
EllieA+1005100% Orange Juice5
QPA0005QP Shooting5
MescalA0+1+15Flying Red Barrel5
KyousukeA-1+205QP Kiss5
Star BreakerA+20-15Sora5
Hoshino ReikaA+2005200% Mixed Juice!3
MarcB+1+1-15Flying Red Barrel4
MaynieB0+105100% Orange Juice4
NatsumiB-1005Xmas Shooting – Scramble!!5
ChickenB-1-1+13QP Shooting3
SeagullC+1-1-14Flying Red Barrel3
SyuraC0+104QP Shooting – Dangerous!!4
CookC0-1+35100% Orange Juice4
Robo ballC-1+1-14Suguri3
TomatoD+1003QP Shooting3
PeatD+1+1+14Flying Red Barrel3
MimyuuD-10+13QP Shooting3
Shifu RobotD+10-1Suguri5

Patch Note: Version 3.11.1

This update has brought the following changes

  • Fixed various Kigurumi + glasses graphic inconsistencies.
  • Enhanced CPUs were unable to play reproduced cards in battle unless they were able to play the non-reproduced version.
  • Enabled Chocolate for the Sweet Gods event, now with The Toggle, updated with new rewards and increased the drop rate of event Bonus Items.
  • Made the translation of some of Kyoko’s voice lines more consistent.


In this article, all the necessary information about the 100% Orange Juice game has been mentioned also all its characters and different types of card packs available in this game. All the characters as per their performance are allocated into different tiers. Their allocation is based on research, observation, and experience of different players.

By looking at the 100% Orange Juice tier list a beginner or even an old player of this game can be benefited from it. Because it will help the player to choose wisely while playing the game.

Also, the different packs of cards available in the game are mentioned and their details are also written on them. Which are of no less importance for a player to choose efficiently while choosing and purchasing a pack.

All the above details of the 100% orange juice characters tier list are based on research and observations but these can vary for others because everyone has their own preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best card deck in 100 percent Orange Juice? 

The pudding card pack is the best and most expensive deck in our 100 percent Orange Juice tier list. It has three rare cards along with some event and gift cards. 

What is the largest card deck in 100 percent Orange Juice? 

With 22 collectible cards, the Expansion pack is the largest card deck in our 100 percent Orange Juice tier list. It has some boost cards and traps cards as well. 

Who is the best character in 100 percent Orange Juice? 

Our tier list ranks Marie Poppo as the best and most powerful character in 100 percent Orange Juice. She has a 7 HP and can debuff her enemies. 

Who is the worst character in 100 percent Orange Juice? 

According to our tier list, Tomato is ranked the worst character in 100 percent Orange Juice. Tomato only has three HP with weak skills and less damaging attacks. 


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