Alchemist Code Tier List: Ranking ALL Heroes [2023]

With Our Alchemist Code Tier List, We Will Be Ranking All The Heroes In The Game.

With our article, your search for an Alchemist Code tier list will end. This is a complex tactical role-playing game that rewards careful strategies both on and off the battlefield, and these rankings are made according to my handling of the game. So, read the article if you need any help in improving your game and learn more about it in the article

The Alchemist Code is a game in which you will travel through a vast and different universe by building up your team. The game includes fights which you have to win by using the tactics of your team heroes. In addition to the different elements available in the game, the game offers an interesting storyline with lots of side tasks to keep you busy along the way. However, the fact that you are able to play along with your friends and enjoy is the favorite part of most players. You can battle high-level dungeons with three other players in real-time 4-player multiplayer co-op.

 To overcome the game’s most difficult tasks, you must also be able to capitalize on your team with unique characters with a combination of elements and jobs. The game’s battles are tense, yet success at the highest level does not stop there.  With such a diverse and huge cast of characters, it can be difficult for the typical player to put together their ideal squad. To assist you all with that, we’ve created a list that evaluates each character’s individual powers from best to worst.

Key Points

  • Our list was created with heroes in the game that are relevant to the current meta.
  • There are a total of 397 entries on the list.
  • Among the highest ranks, you will find characters like Emrys and Ragnarok.
  • The lowest tiers contain entries like Edward.


All the heroes in the game are mentioned below in a table.

Tier RankHeroes
S Rank• Acht
• Failnaught
• Emrys
• Yura
• Filo
• Lachesis
• Mira
• Leafah
• Masakado
• Na Zhu
• Ragnarok
• Nefertiti
• Red VI
• Celis
• Ramses
• Minerva
• Carla
• Dark Othima
• Ankh
• Dark Mira
• Eira
• Julia
• Nimul
• Lisbeth
• Li Wang
• Dark Nyx
• King
• Ravina
• Ewan
• Yauras
• Tamis
• Claris
• Dark Julia
• Setsuna
• Judith
• Sol
• Minerva(POTK)
• Ainanna
• Lilith
• Monzein
• Chihaya
• Nyx
• Chloe
• Yna Ku
• Vier
• Andechs
• Alma
• Cheryl
• Gerald
• Blair
• Roxanne
• Emmel
• Adaleigh
• Logi
• Hisham
• Uzuma
• Raphtalia
• Ikasa
• Tiferet
• Langhao
• Spica
• Zechs
• Asuka
• Voda
• Cadanova
• Asuka
• Voda
• Cadanova
• Letitia
• Creto
• Bianca
• Kaya
• Benika
• Jin
• Lil’ Ouroboros
• Emmel
• Eliza
• Dark Longinus
• Nesha
• Ugachi
• Ambrosia
• Vettel
• Milim Nava
• Dias
• Grimm I
• Icona
• Natalie
• Naofumi Iwatani
• Orion
• Morrigan
• Eulalia
• Ryui
• Nero
• Escanor
• Zahar
A Rank• Dark Artemis
• Shion
• Magnus
• Nina
• Fayrene
• Lucian
• Patty
• Mocca
• Cassius
• Scheherazade
• Rahu
• Seida
• Tamamo
• Fujika
• Yomi
• Wilhelm
• Caris
• Dark Setsuna
• Balt
• Artemis
• Daphne
• Eve
• Itsuki
• Noah
• Drei
• Evelika
• Dark Parashu
• Lamia
• Zwei
• Lofia
• Merlinus
• Minario
• Eizan
• Natsume
• Plumeria
• Othima
• Rimuru Tempest
• Bertha
• Ren
• Kasumi
• Ange
• Soren
• Zehn
• Corvus
• Dark Laevateinn
• Su Yi
• Dark Freikugel
• Dark Olivier
• Basheeny
• Edgar
• Lucia
• Fraise
• Lucretia
• Rachel
• Tanosuke
• Zeldris
• Kubera
• Sharon
• Fiona
• Hazel
• Fairily
• Hercule
• Gowther
v Kanon
• Alaia
• Moa
• Rebecca
• Margaret
• Nicaea
• Courage
• Arthur
• Siegfried
• Leoniaz
• Birgitta
• Toritoh
• Zain
• Tyrfing
• Ban
• Elizabeth
• Benimaru
• Daisy
• Dark Masamune
• Neun
• Don Taras
• Diane
• Emma
• Sieba
• Fury
• Fuu
• Melty Melromarc
• Ines
• Kagura
• D’Artagnan
• Lisanaut
• Lupinus
• Miuna
• Pamela
• Meliodas
• Rochelle
• Klima
• Sulva
• Albea
• Eins
• Anastasia
• Glanz
• Irene
• Reimei
• Kudanstein
• Lakina
• Dark Tyrfing
• Lunaris
• Neica
• Merlin
• Mia Dark
• Suzuka
• Quence
B Rank• Elaine
v Hayate
• Zofia
• Hiiragi
• Waginau
• Suiran
• Tina
• Ennis
• Ishuna
• Forcas
• Izayoi
• Fung Liu
• Longinus
• Malta
• Eros
• Bashosen
• Selena
• Shenmei
• Gormalas
• Sophia
• Yunagi
• Deneb
• Cordelia
• Laevateinn
• Laila
• Shayna
• Lotiyah
• Mei Fang
• Kevin
• Tehre
• Tethys
• Teona
• Tsang Lei
• Yuri
• Mirianne
• Aisha
• Carol
• Elizabeth Liones
• Meily
• Freed
• Hange
• Rimuru Tempest •(Slime)
• Mielikki
• Ryle
• Dorothea
• Gilfred
• Dark Chloe
• Kamui
• Theresa
• Liu Shen
• Bud
• Melda
• Sakura
• Silma
• Zangetsu
• Aswald
• Blanchett
• Gino
• Dark Princess Yomi
• Cita
• Dark Zain
• Hozuki
• Parashu
• Kuza
• Priscilla
• Reida
• Viv
C Rank• Fencer
• Shaman
• Aruba
• Dragoon Chloe
• Kazahaya
• Mikoto
• Won
• Milis
• Polin
• Reiner
• Chat Noir
• Almira
• Chiruru
• Alfred
• Elrike
• Illyasviel
• Mikasa
• Gyan
• Retzius
• Noctis
• Usalia
• Caesar
• Prinny
• Rin
• Annika
• Tomas
• Leon
• Amis
• Melia
• Blitz
• Reagan
• Chao
• Rigalt
• Almace
• Freikugel
• Lambert
• Masamune
• King Bradley
• Flamel
• Lucido
• Gane
• Megistos
• Hazuki
• Prompto
• Sovereign
• Veloz
• Vincent
• Archer
• Alphonse
• Amaterasu
• Olga
• Strie
• Edwin
• Peridot
• Ila
• Protector
• Justin
• Soleil
• Riza Hawkeye
• Strauss
• Zeke
• Alyu
• Alexis
• Vanekis
• Arkil
• Ciel
• Neville
• Eren
• Gladiolus
• Jake
• Seraphina
• Red Magnus
• Decel
• Richie
• Victor
• Vargas
• Gilgamesh
• Yuto
• Logistilla
• Annerose
• Mizuchi
• Harbinger
• Dilga
• Levi
• Sabareta
• Vlad
• Ignacio
• Michael
D Rank• Rin (Disgaea)
• Zahar (Fate)
• Celine
• Hugo
• Lamia (Fate)
• Saber
• Celliers
• Kuon
• Ignis
• Mianne
• Rin Tohsaka
• Amane
• Roy Mustang
• Killia
• Pride
• Dancer Shenmei
• Shekinah
• Nasario
• Thillie
• Rosa (Disgaea)
• Edward
• Envy Wind
• Gato
• Yuan
• Gunner
• Etna
• Laharl
• Aranea
• Yomi (Fate)
• Almira (Disgaea)

We will explain each placement in more detail below.


Do you want to put together the best squad possible in the game but don’t know where to start? Well, you don’t have to worry now as we have compiled a full-fledged ranking system to solve your problem.

As mentioned before The Alchemist Code contains numerous units, each with its own set of skills. There’s also extensive character customization, with various gorgeously drawn characters to summon, collect, and evolve. You can learn a variety of career classes, unlocking new powers. The game has a huge cast which is constantly growing as new characters are introduced. So, it has become hard to choose good characters from them.

You don’t have to worry as we compiled a list of the finest units in The Alchemist Code based on their skills, attributes, and general effectiveness. In this article, we’ll look at the various character available in the game along with their abilities and powers in the game.

The Alchemist Code list is a ranking system that determines a character’s power in comparison to other characters in their class. It was constructed by taking into account numerous criteria like as basic stats, max stats, passives, skills, awakenings, and overall battle performance. These factors are ranked according to their importance for your win in the game. The final score was then averaged across all categories to determine the ultimate score for each character. 

S Tier

Best characters of Alchemist code
S Tier.

The S rank of the Alchemist Code Memento Tier List is at the top of the list as the powers of heroes hereoutperform those of other rated characters. Also, the rank features the Alchemist Code‘s strongest, most powerful, and most effective heroes. Heroes in the S tier have the greatest attack and defensive rates. These are the characters that are tough and adaptable to practically any environment. They are a must-have for any gamer. 

 The meta of these characters increases their combat performance. You can also team these characters with other tier heroes, as having even a few heroes from this tier in your team will turn the battle in your favor. All the heroes along with their abilities are mentioned in the table below:

AchtWind7 Tactics Master, Valkyrie, Ninja
FailnaughtDarkDark Sovereign, Shadow Assassin, Bard
EmrysWaterAlchemia Scholar, Sage, Battle Mage
YuraDarkFanged Spear Guard, Wild Beast Tamer, Sacred Spearman
FiloWindFilolial Queen, Dancer, Magic Meister
LachesisWindSeamstress of Life, Dancer, Merchant
Mira FireFireIntemporal Alchemist, Enchanter, Battle Mage
LeafahWindZephyr Meister, Bard, Professor
MasakadoWindHero of Faithful Heart, Bishop, Magic Meister
Na ZhuWindLion’s Fanged Sword, Shadow Assassin, Blademaster
RagnarokFireCiphersword Princess, Dark Cavalier, Warrior
NefertitiWindSage, Battle Mage, Diviner
Red VIWindBloodreaver, Warrior, Holy Brawler
CelisThunderScarlet Blade Fox, Blademaster, Berserker
RamsesWindDragon Cavalier, Dark Cavalier, Thief
MinervaLightProdigious Savant, Battle Mage, Magic Meister
CarlaFireRaging Fire Rakshasa, Valkyrie, Necromancer
Dark OthimaThunderPhantom Master of Greed, Merchant, Battle Mage
AnkhWaterPure Water Gun Spearman, Pirate, Dark Cavalier
Dark MiraWaterIntemporal Sorcerer of Sloth, Shadow Assassin, Summoner
EiraWaterChild of the Woods, Wild Beast Tamer, Dark Cavalier
JuliaWaterPure Water Vanguard, Blademaster, Necromancer
NimulFireGenesis Alchemist, Dark Cavalier, Dark Cavalier
LisbethWaterApprentice Witch, Witch, Snow Witch
Li WangWaterDual Fang Marshal, Shadow Assassin, Dark Cavalier
Dark Nyx WindWindNecromancer, Sage, Chronometric Sorcerer of Sloth,
KingWindGrizzly Sin, Martial Master, Sage
RavinaWaterMagia Gunslinger, Thief, Dark Cavalier
EwanWindFresh Wind Warlord, Necromancer, Blademaster
YaurasWaterTwin-Blade Knight, Martial Artist, Twin-Blade Swordsman
TamisWindWind Priestess of Alize, Dancer, Chronomancer
ClarisThunderMystic Caster, Sage, Battle Mage
Dark JuliaThunderGluttonous Vanguard, Berserker, Dark Cavalier
SetsunaWindEnvious Blademaster, Holy Brawler, Spy
JudithThunderMecha Weapon Technician, Dark Cavalier, Machinist
SolDarkTruthsayer, Magic Swordsman, Shadow Assassin
Minerva(POTK)ThunderCipherspear Princess, Valkyrie, Dragon Cavalier
AinannaLightEternal Fairy Princess, Sacred Spearman, Summoner
LilithThunderGodslayer, Shadow Assassin, Spy
MonzeinThunderIndomitable Axe Knight, Dragon Knight, Holy Cavalier
ChihayaFireDancer, Samurai, Chronomancer
NyxThunderChronometric Alchemist, Summoner, Enchanter
ChloeLightHoly Knight, Spearman, Holy Cavalier
Yna KuThunderCrafty Alchemist, Holy Brawler, Berserker
VierThunderPhantom Artist, Chronomancer, Summone
AndechsLightHeavenly Sword Alchemist, Necromancer, Dark Cavalier
AlmaLightMagic Martial Artist, Chronomancer, Shadow Assassin
CherylLightHoly Hierophant, Wild Beast Tamer, Magic Meister
GeraldThunderThunder Gun Spearman, Holy Brawler, Dragon Cavalier
BlairLightArtificer, Machinist, Sniper
RoxanneThunderShadow Broker, Machinist, Spy
EmmelLightPurifying Alchemist, Bishop, Summoner
AdaleighFireEngineering Alchemist, Warrior, Blacksmith
LogiLightSoldier, Holy Knight, Honorable Blue Swordsman
HishamLightGeomancer, Crafter, Pirate
UzumaWindTelekinetic Artist, Shrine Maiden, Magia Gunslinger
RaphtaliaLightSword of the Shield Hero, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Shadow Assassin
IkasaDarkSecret Knight, Dragon Cavalier, Dark Cavalier
TiferetLightArchangel, Magia Gunslinger, Battle Mage
LanghaoThunderThunderwolf Princess, Dragon Cavalier, Sacred Spearman
SpicaLightWarrior, Thief, Dragon Cavalier
ZechsLightCrazed Clawfighter, Ninja, Dragon Cavalier
AsukaFireNoble Vanguard, Valkyrie, Holy Cavalier
VodaWaterWater Sprite, Priestess, Dancer
CadanovaFireDragon Slayer, Dragon Knight, Flame Dragon King
AsukaFireNoble Vanguard, Valkyrie, Holy Cavalier
LetitiaWaterAqua Meister, Merchant, Sacred Knight
CretoFireSpy, Shadow Assassin, Dragon Cavalier
BiancaLightPale Traitor, Magic Meister, Bishop
KayaFireCrimson Dragon, Spy, Bride
BenikaThunderDracolyte Princess, Bishop, Blacksmith
JinDarkSpy, Samurai, Warrior
Lil’ OuroborosDarkContinental Observer, Sage, Abyss Gazer
EmmelLightPurifying Alchemist, Bishop, Summoner
ElizaDarkImperious Queen, Magic Meister, Summoner
Dark LonginusWaterDark Lance Princess, Sacred Spearman, Spy
NeshaFireSubjugator, Spy, Necromancer
UgachiFireEradicator Blade Fox, Holy Brawler, Warrior
AmbrosiaDarkEverlasting Witch, Chronomancer, Summoner
VettelFireMagic Swordsman, Holy Cavalier, Samurai
Milim NavaLightThe Destroyer, Dragon Cavalier, Light of Dawn Rakshasa
DiasDarkSoldier, Dark Knight
Grimm IDarkRavenous Enforcer, Dark Cavalier, Gunner
IconaFireMagic Mecha Engineer, Professor, Machinist
NatalieWindProfessor, Bishop, Battle Mage
Naofumi IwataniDarkShield Hero, Wild Beast Tamer, Merchant
OrionThunderLion Monarch, Sacred Spearman, Warrior
MorriganFireLady of Cinders, Summoner, Battle Mage
EulaliaWindForest Specter Alchemist, Spy, Sniper
RyuiDarkEngineering Operator, Magia Gunslinger, Machinist
NeroDarkDestroyer of Darkness, Merchant, Battle Mage
EscanorFireLion Sin, Berserker, Blademaste
ZaharDarkDark Knight, Dragon Knight, Dark Cavalier

A Tier

Good characters of Alchemist Code
A Tier.

These heroes continue to impress us with their abilities, however, they are not strong enough as members of the S tier still they are very good in ability. They are outstanding in their own unique way, but not to the point of dominance. Their powers are adaptable and may be used in practically any battle setting and will serve you well in the game.

Dark ArtemisWindDark-Archer Princess, Sniper, Magic Meister
ShionWindNoble Emissary, Merchant, Shadow Assassin
MagnusThunderGunner, Machinist, Ninja
NinaLightSummoner, Battle Mage, Magic Meister
FayreneWindNecromancer, Dancer, Samurai
LucianWindBeast Tamer, Martial Artist, Holy Brawler
PattyWindBard, Dancer, Enchanter
MoccaWindAlize Wind Lancer, Valkyrie, Dragon Cavalier
CassiusThunderHidden Beast Emperor, Valkyrie, Sacred Spearman
ScheherazadeWindSage, Dancer, Magic Swordsman
RahuWindChronomancer, Bishop, Enchanter
SeidaWindVenom Archer, Hunter, Ninja
TamamoWindShrine Maiden, Mage, Ranger
FujikaThunderChronomancer, Enchanter, Battle Mage
YomiWindShrine Maiden, Ninja, Holy Brawler
WilhelmWindFresh Wind Trickster, Ninja, Magic Meister
CarisThunderGunner, Crafter, Sniper
Dark SetsunaFireEnvious Blademaster, Holy Brawler, Spy
BaltWindTwin-Blade Swordsman, Thief, Dark Cavalier
ArtemisWindRanger, Dancer, Machinist
DaphneWaterHoly Shield Alchemist, Valkyrie, Holy Cavalier
EveFireBride, Chronomancer, Holy Brawler
ItsukiWaterSpy, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier
NoahFireBattle Mage, Chemist, Pirate
DreiThunderFlorid Mortician, Ninja, Magic Meister
EvelikaWaterImpinging Blade, Warrior, Ninja
Dark ParashuWindDark-Axe Princess, Holy Cavalier, Spy
LamiaWaterSpearman, Holy Knight, Dragon Knight
ZweiWindBeast Shadow Master, Bard, Battle Mage
LofiaWaterMagic Swordsman, Enchanter, Chronomancer
MerlinusWaterDisingenuous Hero, Bard, Dark Cavalier
MinarioWaterPure Water Gall Shooter, Ranger, Spy
EizanThunderBlacksmith, Samurai, Holy Brawler
NatsumeWaterFierce God of Black Star, Shadow Assassin, Blademaster
PlumeriaWaterPure Water Trickster, Holy Cavalier, Shadow Assassin
OthimaWaterPhantom Master, Enchanter, Sage
Rimuru TempestWaterRuler of Tempest, Warrior, Spy
BerthaDarkBoom Technician, Crafter, Ranger
RenWaterPure Water’s Flashing Sword, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Spy
KasumiLightResonant Alchemist, Bishop, Priestess
AngeThunderBard, Priest, Dancer
SorenWaterDivine Speaker
ZehnWaterBlade Swordmaster, Blacksmith, Blademaster
CorvusThunderShadow Assassin, Blademaster, Dark Cavalier
Dark TyrfingLightDark-Blade Princess, Dragon Knight, Warrior
Dark LaevateinnThunderDark-Edge Princess, Twin-Blade Swordsman , Dark Cavalier
Su YiLightSea Buster, Blacksmith, Necromancer
Dark FreikugelThunderDark-Gun Princess, Magia Gunslinger, Battle Mage
Dark OlivierThunderCold-Blooded Hero, Ninja, Dark Cavalier
BasheenyDarkMobile Knight, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Holy Brawler
EdgarThunderGunner, Drifter, Hard-Boiled Man
LuciaThunderMagic Meister, Beast Tamer, Dark Cavalier
FraiseLightBridegroom, Samurai, Holy Cavalier
LucretiaThunderBride, Mage, Professor
RachelThunderThunderous Savateur, Enchanter, Dancer
TanosukeWindWind Blade Fox, Ninja, Wild Beast Tamer
ZeldrisThunderLeader of the Ten Commandments, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
KuberaWindCondemned War God, Warrior, Holy Brawler
SharonThunderThunderer’s Flash Sword, Wild Beast Tamer, Warrior
FionaLightYoung Lady, Chronomancer, Enchanter
HazelFireMachinist, Magic Swordsman, Ranger
FairilyLightDiviner, Shrine Maiden, Merchant
HerculeLightCipheraxe Princess, Blademaster, Holy Brawler
GowtherLightGoat Sin, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Shadow Assassin
KanonLightApprentice Paladin, Paladin, Elite Knight
AlaiaWaterPure Water Gall Shooter, Ranger, Spy
MoaLightLight of Dawn Rakshasa, Wild Beast Tamer, Warrior
RebeccaThunderMage, Magic Meister, Diviner
MargaretLightMerchant, Magic Swordsman, Sage
NicaeaLightAzure Spirit Princess, Bride, Chronomancer
CourageFireSniper, Crafter, Dark Knight
ArthurFireTruthseeking Hero, Holy Brawler, Holy Cavalier
SiegfriedLightWandering Swordsman, Holy Brawler, Magic Swordsman
LeoniazWindSacred Spearman, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier
BirgittaDarkSummoner, Wild Beast Tamer, Battle Mage
ToritohLightSacred Knight, Bishop, Martial Master
ZainLightLord Commander, Magic Swordsman, Holy Cavalier
TyrfingLightSoldier, Holy Knight, Holy Cavalier
BanFireFox Sin, Holy Cavalier, Warrior
ElizabethWaterProfessor, Chronomancer, Bishop
BenimaruFireSamurai General, Ninja, Blademaster
DaisyFireSacred Spearman, Crafter, Holy Brawler
Dark MasamuneFireDark-steel Princess, Dark Cavalier, Berserker
NeunDarkExplosive Master, Samurai, Warrior
Don TarasFireDon of Little Heaven, Warrior, Holy Cavalier
DianeWaterSerpent Sin, Holy Brawler, Warrior
EmmaFireDiviner, Enchanter, Astrologer
SiebaLightTwin-Blade Master, Martial Artist, Blademaster
FuryFireCurse Cannon Master, Professor, Shadow Assassin
FuuFireFire Sprite, Blacksmith, Blademaster
Melty MelromarcWaterSecond Princess Melromarc, Sage, Chronomancer
InesFirePriestess, Bard, Sage
KaguraFireMage, Flame Orb Princess, Blaze Orb Princess
D’ArtagnanWaterSacred Spearman, Ninja, Valkyrie
LisanautFireShackled Axe, Warrior, Holy Brawler
LupinusFireSummoner, Chronomancer, Sage
MiunaFireMaster Blacksmith, Thief, Holy Cavalier
PamelaFirePyro Meister, Bishop, Priestess
MeliodasDarkDragon Sin, Dragon Cavalier, Dark Cavalier
RochelleFireRaging Fire Barbados, Holy Cavalier, Holy Brawler
KlimaWaterDiviner, Bride, Sage
SulvaFireScarlet Swordsman, Pirate, Warrior
AlbeaDarkMachinist, Thief, Sniper
EinsWaterDragonbane Master, Berserker, Dark Cavalier
AnastasiaDarkDark Knight, Crafter, Dark Cavalier
GlanzDarkNinja, Dark Cavalier, Samurai
IreneDarkDarkwing Eliminator, Ranger, Professor
ReimeiFireNinja, Martial Artist, Samurai
KudansteinDarkDemonic Spearman, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier
LakinaDarkOrder Saber, Chronomancer, Holy Cavalier
LunarisDarkDark Curse, Valkyrie, Necromancer
NeicaLightBattle Mage, Magic Swordsman, Sage
MerlinDarkBoar Sin, Priestess, Battle Mage
Mia DarkMage,Bishop, Ninja
SuzukaLightSamurai, Ninja, Dark Cavalier
QuenceDarkSpacetime Manipulator, Chronomancer, Magic Meister

B Tier

Average characters of the game
B Tier.

These solid troops accomplish their roles well enough to round out your team. Some of them also have decent and balanced usefulness, allowing you to create diverse party combinations.

The Brank of the Alchemist Code Tier List 2022 contains characters that are generally good, but they do not stand out as much as the A and S-tier characters. They may have some abilities, but they are easily overshadowed by the heroes of the upper tiers. You can choose them, but they may not have the same influence as the top-tier characters. 

 They are combat-ready and resourceful members of the unit. However, they can be highly useful in some situations and provide an adequate degree of challenge in particular conflicts.

ElaineWaterHunter, Thief, Gunner
HayateWindHunter, Martial Artist, Ninja
ZofiaThunderNecromancer, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
HiiragiWindWintry Kunoichi, Ranger, Spy
WaginauLightCorrupter of Souls, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Manipulator of Souls
LizardmanWindLizardman, Hunter, Warrior
SuiranWindBlacksmith, Beast Tamer, Machinist
TinaWindHunter, Wind Wielder
EnnisWaterPriest, Chemist, Dancer
IshunaThunderThief, Hunter, Martial Artist
ForcasWaterValkyrie, Spearman, Holy Brawler
IzayoiWindWild Beast Tamer, Samurai, Holy Cavalier
Fung LiuWaterMage, Sage, Enchanter
LonginusWaterSacred Spearman, Dark Knight, Dragon Cavalier
MaltaWaterVessel Shrine Maiden, Professor, Bard
ErosLightRanger, Thief, Sniper
BashosenWindMachinist, Ninja, Sniper
SelenaWaterIce Swordsman, Magic Swordsman, Ice Princess
ShenmeiWaterPirate, Thief, Crafter
GormalasDarkPirate, Dragon Knight, Holy Brawler
SophiaWaterAstrologer, Bishop, Enchanter
YunagiWaterDark Cavalier, Ninja, Warrior
DenebThunderAstrologer, Crafter, Magic Swordsman
CordeliaWindValkyrie, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier
LaevateinnThunderDark Knight, Ninja, Dark Cavalier
LailaThunderThunderer Trickster, Sage, Spy
ShaynaWaterHoly Brawler, Dragon Knight, Chronomancer
LotiyahThunderWild Beast Tamer, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Holy Brawler
Mei FangThunderMartial Master, Thief, Dark Cavalier
KevinWaterBattle Mage, Ninja, Telekinetic Artist
TehreThunderEarth Sprite, Ranger, Spy
TethysWaterMartial Master, Ninja, Necromancer
TeonaThunderValkyrie, Dragon Knight, Holy Cavalier
Tsang LeiThunderSummoner, Enchanter, Geomancer
YuriThunderBlademaster, Ninja, Machinist
MirianneDarkNecromancer, Dark Knight, Merchant
AishaLightMagic Meister, Sage, Shadow Assassin
CarolLightMachinist, Hunter, Merchant
Elizabeth LionesLightBoar Hat’s Light, Bard, Merchant
MeilyThunderMage, Priest, Bishop
FreedLightSoldier, Martial Artist, Dragon Knight
HangeLightScout Member, Wild Beast Tamer, Merchant
Rimuru Tempest (Slime)WaterSlime, Ultimate Slime, The Ruler of Monsters
MielikkiLightEnchanter, Mage, Bishop
RyleLightRanger, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Beast Tamer
DorotheaFireNecromancer, Magic Swordsman, Warrior
GilfredFireSacred Knight, Battle Mage, Dark Cavalier
Dark ChloeDarkScarlet Flame War Princess of Wrath, Holy Cavalier, Berserker
KamuiFireHoly Brawler, Spiritbonder
TheresaDarkBerserker, Wild Beast Tamer, Holy Cavalier
Liu ShenFireFlaming Gun Spearman, Blacksmith, Holy Cavalier
BudLightBlue Glare Knight, Blademaster, Holy Cavalier
MeldaFireBeast Tamer, Thief, Samurai
SakuraFireBlademaster, Ninja, Warrior
SilmaWindMartial Master, Martial Artist, Machinist
ZangetsuFireSamurai, Martial Artist, Dragon Cavalier
AswaldDarkShadow Assassin, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Gunner
BlanchettDarkTwin-Blade Swordsman, Samurai, Martial Artist
GinoWaterPure Water Rakshasa, Spy, Bridegroom
Dark Princess YomiDarkRanger, Samurai, Merchant
CitaWindWarrior, Martial Artist, Pirate
Dark ZainDarkLord Commander of Pride, Magic Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
HozukiDarkProfessor, Bard, Telekinetic Artist
ParashuWindBerserker, Samurai, Warrior
KuzaDarkYakuza Bladesman, Necromancer, Battle Mage
PriscillaDarkSacred Spearman, Samurai, Spy
ReidaDarkShrine Maiden, Sage, Ninja
ViviFireMagia Gunslinger, Gunner, Sage

C Tier 

Bad characters of Alchemist Code
C Tier.

They may have a few distinguishing features, but these are insufficient to justify utilizing them over other troops in their tier. Heroes on the C-tier are classified as average and aren’t necessarily horrible, but they’re also not particularly good. They have good skills and help a lot when teamed with S or A-tier characters. Still, if you wish to advance in the game with C-tier characters, you must plan accordingly as each combat becomes more difficult.

FencerWindFencer, Phantom Duelist, Chain Duelist
ShamanLightShaman, Divine Punisher, Divine Herald
ArubaThunderMerchant, Beast Tamer, Dragon Cavalier
Dragoon ChloeLightDragoon, Fencer, Masurao
KazahayaWindThief, Martial Artist, Ninja
MikotoWaterPriestess, Ninja, Valkyrie
WonLightSpy, Martial Artist, Pirate
MilisWindHunter, Magic Swordsman, Ranger
PolinWindBard, Mage, Priest
ReinerWindScout Member, Martial Artist, Holy Cavalier
Chat NoirWaterShadow Assassin, Thief, Dark Cavalier
AlmiraWindHunter, Beast Tamer, Sniper
ChiruruWaterAstrologer, Bard, Sage
AlfredThunderThief, Bard, Gunner
ElrikeWaterThief, Bard, Merchant
IllyasvielWaterMaster Magician, Chronomancer, Enchanter
MikasaWaterScout Member, Warrior, Berserker
GyanWindSoldier, Thief, Beast Tamer
RetziusThunderSoldier, Beast Tamer, Twin-Blade Swordsman
NoctisWaterPrince of Lucis, Magic Swordsman, Battle Mage
UsaliaThunderToto Bunny Overlord, Thief, Chronomancer
CaesarFireDemon Flame General, Sacred Knight, Dark Cavalier
PrinnyWaterPrinny Squad, Prinny General, Prinny God
RinWaterMage, Priest, Chronomancer
AnnikaWaterGeomancer, Chronomancer, Dark Cavalier
TomasLightWild Beast Tamer, Martial Artist, Warrior
LeonWindBard, Mage, Magic Swordsman
AmisThunderPriest, Bard, Crafter
MeliaWindPriest, Bard, Chemist
BlitzThunderTelekinetic Artist, Spy, Dark Cavalier
ReaganWaterChemist, Sniper, Chronomancer
ChaoThunderBattle Mage, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Astrologer
RigaltWindThief, Hunter, Pirate
AlmaceWaterEradicator, Bishop, Magic Meister
FreikugelThunderMagia Gunslinger, Thief, Boom Technician
LambertFireSoldier, Thief, Holy Knight
MasamuneFireSamurai, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
King BradleyThunderWrathful Homunculus, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
FlamelWindMage, Magic Swordsman, Beast Tamer
LucidoThunderHunter, Soldier, Ninja
GaneWaterThief, Professor, Holy Knight
MegistosThunderCrafter, Bishop, Gunner
HazukiWindMage, Professor, Enchanter
PromptoThunderGunner, Holy Knight, Prince’s Best Friend
SovereignThunderSovereign, Enchanter, Diviner
VelozFireCrafter, Thief, Bridegroom
VincentThunderSage, Bard, Professor
ArcherDarkArcher, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Ranger
AlphonseLightArmored Alchemist, Thief, Holy Knight
AmaterasuLightShrine Maiden , Professor, Priestess
OlgaLightMartial Master, Magic Swordsman, Spy
StrieFireThief, Gunner, Magic swordsman
EdwinDarkHoly Cavalier, Magic Swordsman, Warrior
PeridotLightMage, Thief, Sage
IlaFireMagic Meister, Ninja, Magic Gunslinger
ProtectorLightProtector, Beast Tamer, Valkyrie
JustinThunderGunner, Samurai, Sniper
SoleilLightSage, Bishop, Enchanter
Riza HawkeyeWaterAmestrian 1st Lieutenant, Gunner, Sniper
StraussWaterHunter, Crafter, Gunner
ZekeLightHoly Knight, Dark Cavalier, Holy Cavalier
AlyuFireBard, Bishop, Chemist
AlexisWaterPriest, Hunter, Bishop
VanekisThunderThief, Mage, Enchanter
ArkilFireThief, Beast Tamer, Magic Swordsman
CielFireThief, Shrine Maiden, Bishop
NevilleWaterIce Snake General, Shadow Assassin, Dark Cavalier
ErenFireScout Member, Warrior, Necromancer
GladiolusFirePrince’s Protector, Martial Artist, Holy Cavalier
JakeFireMage, Bard, Chemist
SeraphinaLightGorgeous Overlord, Crafter, Magia Gunslinger
Red MagnusFireScorching Flame Overlord, Dragon Knight, Warrior
DecelLightMage, Thief, Chemist
RichieFireSoldier, Hunter, Crafter
VictorLightHoly Cavalier, Ninja, Twin-Blade Swordsman
VargasFireSoldier, Pyromancer, Great Pyromancer
GilgameshThunderHero King, Magic Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
YutoFireBeast Tamer, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Warrior
LogistillaFireMaiden of Commandments, Enchanter, Summoner
AnneroseDarkMage, Crafter, Bishop
MizuchiWaterHunter, Thief, Ninja
HarbingerDarkHarbinger, Death-Spreading Harbinger, Death-Delaying Harbinger
DilgaThunderSoldier, Martial Artist, Holy Knight
LeviDarkScout Member, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Blademaster
SabaretaDarkThief, Hunter, Dark Knight
VladThunderThunderer General, Berserker, Dark Cavalier
IgnacioDarkAlchemic Rifleman, Gunner, Ninja
MichaelWaterMage, Chemist, Chronomancer

D Tier

Poor characters of the game
D Tier.

In The Alchemist Code, D-tier heroes are the ones that should be avoided in the game. This tier comprises the game’s weakest characters which are easily outcasted by other variety of characters present in the game. Also, the rank has the lowest stats in both the offensive and defensive categories. Despite their appearance, heroes in the D-tier have less efficient attacks and take more damage. Their powers are likewise not very valuable and do not help much in harsh fights.

Rin (Disgaea)WaterNetherworld Archer, Hunter, Felynn
Zahar (Fate)DarkArcher, Berserker, Lancer
CelineWindMage, Bishop, Chronomancer
HugoLightSniper, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Magia Gunslinger
Lamia (Fate)WaterSaber, Assassin, Ninja
SaberWindSaber, Holy Knight, Valkyrie
CelliersLightDragon Cavalier, Thief, Ninja
KuonLightPriest, Chemist, Shrine Maiden
IgnisWindPrince’s Advisor, Crafter, Shadow Assassin
MianneFirePriest, Mage, Bishop
Rin TohsakaFireJewel Magician, Martial Artist, Sage
AmaneWaterBlademaster, Blade Fox Corps
Roy MustangFireFlame Alchemist, Ninja, Telekinetic Artist
KilliaDarkWanderer, Martial Artist, Shadow Assassin
PrideDarkPrideful Homunculus, Magic Swordsman, Machinist
Dancer ShenmeiWaterDancer, Merchant, Gunner
ShekinahFireRanger, Hunter, Holy Brawler
NasarioWindSummoner, Magic Swordsman, Enchanter
ThillieWindBeast Tamer, Sage, Ninja
Rosa (Disgaea)DarkSuccubus, Enchanter, Netherworld Mage
EdwardWindFullmetal Alchemist, Martial Artist, Blademaster
Envy WindDarkKnight, Martial Artist, Envious Homunculus
GatoWaterBard, Mage, Enchanter
YuanDarkHunter, Thief, Ninja
GunnerWaterHunter, Crafter, Gunner
EtnaLightOverlord Vassal, Ninja, Blademaster
LaharlFireOverlord, Magic Swordsman, Necromancer
AraneaDarkImperial Commodore, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
Yomi (Fate)WindRider, Necromancer, Caster
Almira (Disgaea)WindNetherworld Thief, Valkyrie, Netherworld Samurai

Wrapping It Up

Our Alchemist Code tier list 2022 is a list that ranks things, characters, or abilities in a game based on their power and effectiveness and is determined by the strengths and weaknesses of the game’s units.

The article is intended for players who want to know where certain characters stand within their own class so they can make informed decisions when forming teams for specific situations or events; however, it does not always reflect how well each character would perform against each other in a similar gameplay scenario.

All the characters of The Alchemist Codes are ranked according to their talents abilities, defensive skills, and damaging abilities. Hope that the list will prove to be helpful in improving your game. I would like to mention here that the list is made to help you in the game in the game. Also, it is important to clarify that our rankings are open to all sorts of constructive criticism, so let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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