Atomic Heart Tier List: All Weapons Ranked [2023]

All Atomic Heart Weapons Will Be Ranked In This Article.

Like all shooters, weapons play a vital role in the overall performance of the player in Atomic Heart. The game offers players a selection of long-range weapons, sidearms, and even melee options, each of which will be all ranked in our Atomic Heart Tier List according to their capabilities and traits.

Therefore, being equipped with the best-suited weapon to your requirements will not only make you indestructible but also wreak havoc on your opponents.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 12 weapons in Atomic Heart.
  • Our article will rank them on the basis of damage, rate-of-fire, accuracy, and special upgrades.
  • In the highest tiers, you will observe entries like the Kalash, KS-23, and Pashtet.
  • Among the lowest ranks are the Zvezdochka, Fat Boy, and MP.


Before we dive further into the article, the following table shows the rank of all the weapons.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Kalash• KS-23• Pashtet
• Dominator
• Electro
• Snowball
• Railgun
• Swede
• Fox
• Zvezdochka
• Fat Boy
• MP

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We have based our overall rankings on how much time we spent playing the game and how well we knew the weapons. We acknowledge that ranking weapons as greatest or worst is a personal choice that varies from person to person. Our ranking is exclusively based on our preferences and experiences with these weapons. We ultimately arrive at our list, which is not official and is not subject to criticism, after going over all these ranking factors.

S Tier

Atomic Heart Tier List
S Tier.

Only the best weapons in the game are found in the top and the best rank of the Atomic Heart Weapon Tier List. These entries distinguish for having unrivaled damage, range, and upgrades. Furthermore, S Tier weapons are worth equipping as Atomic Heart provides fewer resources and inventory space.


Kalash is a fairly normal assault weapon with a long-range, few resource requirements, and remarkable precision. It almost always carries out to your expectations precisely. It enables you to stay clear of enemies while bombarding them and inflicting consistent damage. Kalash will destroy those enemies with the correct upgrades before they can even get close. It is the most used and most reliable gun which is the only one that fulfills all requirements to be in the s-tier in our article.

A Tier

Atomic Heart Tier List
A Tier.

In terms of damage and accessibility, one of the best weapons can be found in the A tier. They were missing a slight spark, though, that would have kept them out of the S tier.


KS-23 is the first shotgun you receive in the game and will prove to be quite helpful early on. Although it has a short range, many Atomic Heart battles force you to fight close range, and it also deals the highest close-range damage you can get in the game. This is due to the tiny Shotgun Pellets that may cut through robot armor that weakens their defense. To be able to fire your rounds more accurately, you must be able to handle the weapon’s recoil well.


You might need to use KS-23 occasionally throughout the game, so it is definitely worth improving as you progress through the game. Ultimately, it has good damage stats, and recoil control but lacks behind reload speed which makes it the perfect candidate for A-Tier.

B Tier

Atomic Heart Tier List
B Tier.

In our Atomic Heart Weapon Tier List, the B rank contains all of the median items.


Pashtet is the fastest melee weapon in Atomic Heart in the short-range which is quite beneficial as speed is very valuable throughout the game. An upgraded Pashtet can surely match the base damage power of some strong melee weapons, yet no upgrades on these weapons can match the speed and agility of Pashtet. Moreover, upgraded Pashtet base attacks are surprisingly strong but you will rarely require them in the game.


In the atomic heart, the dominator is a relatively superior weapon in every sense, and it is regarded as the best due to its high rate of fire. Almost every shot you fire with it will cause damage because of its potent point-of-attack damage. The dominator utilizes a lot of energy with each shot, which is the main drawback of that same capability. It’s challenging to ever fully compensate for the gun’s super design, but you can do so by using the fox or a few crucial upgrades. Also, the charge power of the weapon uses the entire charge bar to deliver a powerful shot while also creating this enormous thermoplastic super ball. The bullet is strong enough to destroy any enemy or robots that come in your way. A charge bar is used as the ammunition for the gun.


Your first energy weapon in Atomic Heart is the electro. It also uses energy as ammunition because it is a pulse weapon. While the weapon’s basic configuration suits its job, its actual potential only becomes apparent after you begin to upgrade it. Electro is the only gun that expands with upgrades the best. It is already a fantastic gun because of its precision and minimal resource needs, but what really sets it apart is its special attacks and ultimate each shot damage. Its unique charge attack, known as a recirculation chamber, may also destroy numerous enemies at once by creating an energy wave. Electro is the best-suited choice if you prioritize upgrades in the game.

C Tier

Atomic Heart Tier List
C Tier.

The C rank entries are rather lacking in both range and precision.


The most powerful melee weapon in Atomic Heart is the snowball. Its incredible base damage stat allows it to defeat numerous enemies with just a single powerful charge. Yet, compared to other melee weapons, it may be detrimental because of its limited range and long welding time. You can kill enemies quicker with other weaker melee weapons in the game because they do not require to charge up before use, which puts players in a pretty vulnerable state and does not work in the greater scheme of things. Because of its enormous damage and need to charge before use, it is best suited for c tier as it can be both advantageous and disadvantageous depending on the various vulnerabilities and weaknesses of robots you are fighting in the game.


The Railgun is Atomic Heart’s greatest and most lethal energy gun. Several foes can be destroyed by the railgun with just one kill shot. But, it has a drawback in terms of availability, in which you’re unable to upgrade it and only get it very late in the game. Ultimately, it’s more of a fun weapon you can play around with rather than a weapon you’d use frequently in a game. That is why we put in c-tier in our Atomic Heart Tier List 2023.


Swede is the first melee weapon you find in Atomic Heart which is irreplaceable and can pretty much be used throughout the game. It offers respectable stats in all areas and can compensate for its weaknesses with the right upgrades. However, the weapon has a disadvantage despite being better than most in terms of damage. When you swing the weapon, it moves exceedingly slowly. As a result, you must coordinate your attacks with those of your opponent to avoid taking heavy damage. Swede’s charge ability is already quite impressive, but with the upgrade, it can undoubtedly be even better. Since the majority of the resources it needs are accessible, upgrading it is simple.

D Tier

Atomic Heart

The D Tier is located at the bottom of the tier system. The weapons of the current tier appear to be less useful in the game due to their lowest damage output and insufficient range.


Fox is definitely a niche melee weapon that has some of the weakest damage per charge in Atomic Heart. It is a futuristic, rusty-looking axe with no similarities to an actual fox in appearance and attributes whatsoever. Also, you can not simply rely on Fox as often throughout the game as an actual replacement of other guns. It is meant to be used alongside rather than in place of various guns. A properly upgraded Fox is not only very swift to charge but also recovers players’ health which makes it reliable in prolonged boss fights. Ultimately, Fox is has nothing much to offer besides it charging speed and health recovering ability which is why we put it in D-Tier.


Zvezdochka is both unique and incredibly powerful in terms of damage which become available quite late in the game. Much like Snowball, this melee weapon can charge multiple enemies easily with one hit but unlike Snowball, it does not require to be charged fully wasting time in combat. However, even with such useful attributes, it’s ranked in D-Tier because it’s really expensive to craft and upgrade. You will acquire it later in the game and won’t be able to upgrade to its utmost potential.

Fat Boy

In all its greatest and worst manifestations, Fat Boy is Atomic Heart’s rocket launcher. Once you have it, you’ll employ it in some capacity throughout most boss fights and other engagements with larger single targets because it excels during boss fights. If you have extra resources, you might not opt to upgrade the pistol as frequently, but you will undoubtedly occasionally put it in your inventory. It’s challenging to find or make ammunition for the Fat Boy, as you can expect. You won’t be able to use the Fat Boy as frequently as you’d like due to that flaw and the gun’s very poor firing rate.


The MP is a rather basic pistol, like the majority of firearms. When your other weapons run out of ammunition, you may occasionally turn to the MP because it is dependable and easy to use. Sadly, that’s pretty much all  MP can offer. Even with upgrades,  MP never goes beyond backup plan status. Although the MP takes up little room in your inventory, it’s difficult to see why you would choose it above the greatest melee combos or alternative long-ranged weapons.


Well, that concludes our Atomic Heart Tier List. The article may have all the information you need to determine the weapon that will deal the most damage to your opponents, but upgrades will undoubtedly also be an important factor.

It’s possible that not all of you will concur with all of our placements, and that’s fine. Please let us know in the comments section if you think we’ve put an entry in a location where it shouldn’t be.