Battlefront 2 Hero Tier List: A COMPLETE Guide

Let's rank all of the Heroes in Battlefront 2.

The topic for today’s article is the Battlefront 2 hero Tier List. As the name implies, I will be ranking all heroes from this incredible game, and there are around 21 of them. I will also place them in different tiers based on their performances and skills in the game, which range from S to D ranks.

Developed by EA, Battlefront 2 is based on the Star Wars series. If you’ve played it previously, then you may have favorites from the full list of different heroes and villains. You will spend most of your time running around as regular classes, but occasionally you get the chance to embody these special characters. Thus, it is essential to determine which are worth playing. 

Key Points

  • Our list contains all of the heroes relevant to the current meta.
  • There are a total of 21 entries in the article.
  • Among the highest-ranking heroes, there are Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.
  • The lowest-ranked ones include BB-9E and Emperor Palpatine.


Here we will rank all the heroes from Battlefront 2.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Darth VaderDarth MaulGeneral GrievousLando CalrissianFinn
Luke SkywalkerObi-Wan KenobiLeia OrganaCommander PhasmaChewbacca
Anakin SkywalkerKylo Ren IIIBosskBB-8Emperror Palpatine
YodaHan SoloBB-9E
Count DookuBoba Fett

Learn more about them below.

S Tier

Beast heroes from Battlefront 2
S Tier.

These are our heroes with the highest level. They are regarded as incredible in all situations and can help you win any battle, as they can withstand great harm, and have a greater probability of surviving than any other tier. All S tier Heroes in Battlefront 2 will be discussed below.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader’s position at the top should not come as a surprise. He has a high health pool compared to all heroes, delivers good power with Force Choke as well as Saber Throw, and is very simple to control. The incredible survivability of the character renders him a grave threat to other heroes. He may not have a great DPS in-game, but his pure tackiness allows him to outlast almost every 1v1 encounter. A skilled Vader player is invincible.

Vader continues to excel in more extensive game modes, including Galactic Conquest. His vast health pool makes it extremely difficult for disorganized teams to destroy him since Force Choke with Saber Throw may kill dozens of foes with relative ease. Vader is an S-level enemy regardless of game mode. Vader also possesses 800 health at the base. and his fury ability can enhance his vitality by up to a thousand. The enhancements let him simultaneously block or choke his opponents. He can do a total of 342 damage with his sword. The combination of saber and choke may do a total of 552 damage.

Weapon  Lightsaber
Race Human
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Luke Skywalker

His general playstyle plus ability rotation are what makes Luke so brilliant. A competent Luke will rush into a melee, dash forward into a target for a few easy deaths, pull any opponents he missed, and then pound the ground to eliminate the remaining foes. Luke is nearly tough to strike throughout this entire process due to his rapid movement and Rush’s two charges. He is a nightmare to play in large-scale games, yet a formidable opponent.

Luke is a powerful character in Battlefront 2 among all game types, despite being more challenging to control than Darth Vader. He is also the second-highest-tiered fighter in our Battlefront 2 hero list. He can inflict harm on his foes before they know it. His skills include a heavy strike, a force push, and a saber attack. All of his talents allow him to destroy his foes in a short amount of time.

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His health is 750 at a minimum. He can push foes a considerable distance away using force push. He employs a saber charge to quickly and effectively harm close competitors. Repulse is one of his most powerful moves, allowing him to hit the ground with great force and cause a vibration that knocks his opponents backward.

Weapon  Lightsaber
Race Human
Affiliation Rebel Alliance

Anakin Skywalker

If you’ve been a part of the Battlefront 2 group for a time, you may recall DICE’s first release of Anakin Skywalker. He was so powerful that he could eradicate whole squads without difficulty or input. After many balancing updates, Anakin has restored balance to the battlefront 2 heroes vs villains tier list.

Anakin, one of the few characters with four abilities, dominates many opponents with intense lightsaber strikes that may destroy an opponent’s defense, two area-of-effect attacks, and a devastating pull ability. Anakin’s outstanding base attributes and ability set enable him to slash through troops quickly while presenting formidable opposition to villains. His powers cover a wide range, making him a relatively simple character to control. Anakin will provide you with a pretty lengthy kill streak if you play aggressively.

Anakin Skywalker is a formidable opponent with four skills and he is an associate of the Galactic Republic. His skills include ferocious attack, heroism, pull domination, and retaliation. His most potent talent is vengeance.

Weapon  Lightsaber
Race Human
Affiliation Galactic Republic

A Tier

Good heroes from the game.
A Tier.

This is the second rank of the Battleforce 2 tier list that we’ll be discussing. Each character in the category is weaker than those in higher tiers, yet stronger than the ones below. These heroes have excellent offensive powers and survival odds.

Darth Maul

Darth Maul’s affiliations include Galactic Empire and separatists. His skills include a vicious throw, a chokehold, and a spin attack. He employs a double-bladed sword that can be hurled with incredible velocity. Before driving his foes away, he can choke them. Maul has 700 health at its base.

Due to his agility, he may escape the predicament. Using a star card, he may employ a spin attack three times. He is the quickest saber-wielding villain.

Weapon  Double-bladed lightsaber
Race Zabrak
Affiliation Sith

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan has a high learning curve, yet those who master him are awarded a hero who excels against villains and foot soldiers. All-Out Pushes and Defensive Rush are effective anti-infantry skills in more extensive game types, such as Capital Supremacy. Obi-Wan possesses S-tier defenses, with an enormous Stamina pool with Star Cards, which allow him to resist for a very extended period.

His skills are All-Out Pressure, Mind Restrictions, and Defensive Rush. He can block his assaults for a longer length of time due to his remarkable stamina. He consistently has the upper hand in battles. Kenobi has 750 health at the base and can block assaults for a longer length of time due to his incredible stamina. His mind-restricting technique enables him to halt all of his ability to function temporarily. He employs all-push to drive his foes a considerable distance away.

Weapon  Lightsaber
Race Human
Affiliation Galactic Republic

Kylo Ren III

He is a fantastic character in Galactic Assault with Supremacy due to his high mobility and impressive lightsaber damage. The infantry has little hope of survival against Kylo’s Frenzy and Pull powers. Kylo also performs unexpectedly well against heroes. A skilled player of Kylo will prepare for the optimal opportunity to unleash a barrage of stuns or lightsaber strikes. He may not be as strong as Darth Vader and Sidious, but he is one of Battlefront 2’s most formidable Sith.

 The first order is his affiliation and his talents include pull, ferocity, and freeze. He is the only one capable of keeping up with Darth Maul. As a weapon, he employs a crossguard lightsaber. He possesses formidable abilities to inflict harm on nearby foes. His minimum health is 750. Kylo employs freeze to immobilize his foes for a few seconds, allowing him to kill them quickly. Pull may be utilized in the air and is employed to reach foes that are far away. Kylo’s most devastating assault is frenzy.

Weapon  Lightsaber
Race Human
Affiliation First Order


Yoda is an excellent choice for large-scale battles since it is difficult to hit him due to his narrow hitbox and rapid movement speed. His Unleash and Presence powers render him nearly impossible to kill, even if you manage to land a shot. Yoda’s narrow hitbox is ignored by lightsabers, making 1v1 duels considerably more challenging. Contrary to other heroes, Yoda’s lightsaber swings are relatively sluggish, making it simple to block his assaults. He may be a good hero for slicing through troops, but he is far less effective in Heroes vs. Villains and any scenario involving a lightsaber battle.

He is aligned with an Alliance of the Galactic Republic or Rebellion. Among heroes with lightsabers, he solely appears less deadly. Even though he is tiny, he is pretty dangerous. His powers consist of Unleash, Presence, and Dash Attack. He can aid in the health of his companions.

Yoda begins with 700 health. Yoda grants himself and his allies about 150 health enhancements using his presence. The presence ability defeats even Ren’s freeze and Vader’s choke. Yoda uses dash assaults to inflict lightsaber damage on his adversaries.

Weapon  Lightsaber
Race Unspecified
Affiliation Jedi

Count Dooku

Count Dooku is definitely an effective Jedi-slayer in Battlefront 2 and his enormous damage output enables him to annihilate nearly every character in Battlefront 2 in the hands of a skilled player. Expose Strength, Duelist, and Thunder Stun aim to deplete an opponent’s health bar rapidly. Dooku is a good option for massive modes since his Lightning Stun is effective at scattering enemy groupings, although any damage supplied by Duelist and Reveal Weakness is usually excessive. Count Dooku may not be the finest pick in Galactic Assault of Supremacy; however, he is a fantastic choice for Heroes vs. Villains.

He oversaw such development of an army assault in its entirety. In all of his attacks, he always has the upper hand. He is an individualist. His skills include illuminating the sun, dueling, and exposing vulnerabilities. When his spell caster ability is used, he can occasionally become a strong hero. He uses his lightning sun’s ability to hurl adversaries to the ground, doing damage in this process. He is the only hero with three dodging skills. 

Weapon  Lightsaber
Race Human
Affiliation Separatists


Rey struggles to compete with the elite of Battlefront 2’s lineup despite her excellent attack speed and skills. Her inability to do damage through guards hinders her usefulness in Heroes vs. Villains. At the same time, her lack of attack resistance and healing skills might cause problems if you play too forcefully. Her powerful lightsaber strikes and good ability set make her one of the greatest lightsaber heroes for beginning gamers.

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She belongs to the resistance. She has the potential to be a terrific team player, but she cannot be called a successful solo player. Her powers are dash attack, mind trick, and Insight. Therefore, she should be chosen to participate in a team-oriented game due to her strong leadership qualities. She can be fragile in combat.

Rey’s health is 750 at a minimum. Using a mind trick, she may influence all thoughts of close opponents. She can utilize her insight talent to locate foes hidden in the shadows and do damage to them. She can incapacitate any proximate attacker with dash attacks.

Weapon  Lightsaber
Race Human
Affiliation Resistance

B Tier

Decent heroes from battlefront 2.
B Tier.

These are significantly weaker than the A rank characters on our battlefront 2 heroes and villains tier list 2022. They have a high survival rating, but their attacks are more vulnerable than troopers and superior heroes.

General Grievous

Grievous is undoubtedly one of the most formidable antagonists in Battlefront 2, even though he is still a bit buggy. His abilities combine to make him a forceful villain you can control.

Claw Rush is a highlight of the show, as it causes Grievous to slither astoundingly and inflicts damage on anyone he touches. It can also be utilized as a means of escape if you are in a hurry. Additionally, Unrelenting Advance allows him to narrow his distance while deflecting blaster fire. If that continues to fail, you can quickly close this gap with Thrust Surge. 

The essential health of Grievous is 800. General Grievous may stab his foes while using his thrust-charge ability to hold them down. Using his Unrelenting advance, he may simultaneously ignite four lightsabers that can confound his opponents. While in a crawling stance, Grievous may inflict damage on his foes while advancing.

Weapon  Lightsabers
Race Kaleesh
Affiliation Separatists

Leia Organa

Both Galactic Conquest and Capital Supremacy are excellent game types for Leia. Her Heated Detonators and Defense Pistol are effective against most foes. Leia is surprisingly difficult to kill and performs superbly aiding her squad when combined with a bubble shielding that restores health to allies.

Due to her Heated Detonators and particular E-11 blaster, Leia may also compete in Heroes vs. Villains. Rapid Fire is among the most potent blaster hero abilities, granting Leia a blaster weapon that can kill heroes quicker than Iden’s TL-50. Princess Leia is a heroic figure in Galactic Conquest and Heroes vs. Villains. She can deliver significant damage, but that is the one thing you can rely on. She’s a member of the rebel alliance. Her skills include Rebel Honor Guard, soldier Bane, increased squad barrier, and supply drop. She is armed with an E-11 blaster rifle.

Princess’s essential health is 650. She can hurt her foes using thermal detonators. These combust within a few seconds. She may improve her E-11 and use it to discharge a spray of lasers at her adversaries. She may use a squad shield to protect herself from her blaster fire by deploying security. There, she can even restore some health.

Weapon  Defender Pistol
Race Human
Affiliation Rebel Alliance


Bossk is an underestimated blaster villain. Similar to Leia, he has no negative talents, is a reliable blaster, and requires no effort to play. Bossk, unlike Leia, is a threat to zoning and dominating portions of a map. By the time other heroes have grown stronger, Bossk is incapable of doing so. He is the same as the moment he was introduced. He’s a member of a Galactic Empire.

Bossk has a primary health value of 600. Dioxis grenades enable him to toss grenades that discharge dioxis gas and potentially harm his opponents. He can reload his pistol with tiny grenades, allowing him to shoot and do damage to his adversaries. Bossk may deploy three proximity mines due to proximity mines.

Weapon  Relby V-10
Race Trandoshan
Affiliation Bounty Hunter

Han Solo

Han Solo possesses one of the greatest projectiles in the game, an explosion gadget that can do massive damage to both crowds and villains, and he has excellent mobility. Han can effortlessly destroy infantry and heroes, giving him a perfect choice for all game types. You will be blessed with one of the most rewarding and influential characters in all of Battlefront 2 if you can grasp his ability kit.

Because he can do a substantial amount of damage, he is deemed playable. He’s a member of the rebel alliance. His skills include rapid Fire, a fortunate shot, and shoulder charge. By virtue of his lightning charge and boosting skills, he is one of the game’s most powerful characters.

Han has a primary health value of 650. Han Solo can explode a sticky charge he throws at his opponents with this detonate charge ability. He is an expert marksman and can fire his gun constantly for a few seconds. Using a shoulder charge, he may defeat his foes by rushing ahead and using his arms to strike them.

Weapon  DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Race Human
Affiliation Rebel Alliance

Boba Fett

Boba Fett has the most significant mobility of any character in Battlefront 2. He commands the skies with various destructive rockets with his three-round assault weapon while wearing a jetpack with wrist rockets.

His efficacy as a pro hero in Galactic Assault and Dominance has been drastically diminished by repeated nerfs over Battlefront 2’s existence. Certain heroes with lightsabers and blasters perform better. Rocket Barrage and Crash Rocket of Boba Fett inflict significant chip damage to the heroes. When combined with his jetpack, Boba Fett has become a formidable antihero.

His mobility cannot be equaled. His jetpack can distinguish him from other heroes. He’s a member of the galactic empire. He is armed with an EE-3 blaster rifle. His skills include a wrist rocket, a flame thrower, and a thruster pack. Boba Fett’s essential health is 600. He may fire wrist rockets against his foes utilizing his wrist rocket abilities. 

Weapon  BlasTech EE-3
Race Human
Affiliation Bounty Hunter

C Tier

Battlefront 2 Tier List C tier
C Tier.

The characters in the C rank of our Battlefront 2 Hero Tier List are pretty weak yet occasionally beneficial.

Lando Calrissian

His Nighthawk pistol has poor range, his Disabler is simple to evade, and his Smoke Grenade is of little use. It effectively prevents tracking from lightsaber blows, but Lando’s lack of mobility puts him in a bind when facing up against a lightsaber adversary. Lando is difficult to suggest in Heroes vs. Villains because of his lack of audience abilities in Galactic Assault and Dominance and his absence of sufficient disengagement tools in Heroes vs. Villains.

Lando is most effective in long-distance battles. Even though he can withstand damage from closer foes, he should be favored for long-distance combat. He’s a member of the rebel alliance. His skills include power blasts, system interruptions, and shocking traps. He has a starting health value of 650. He can utilize a power blast to do nearly six times the usual damage. Using a startling trap, Lando can vanish from his opponent and drop a pitfall for him. System interruption can be employed to generate a shock wave that surrounds him and throw his adversaries off their feet.

Weapon  X-8 Night Sniper
Race Human
Affiliation Rebel Alliance

Commander Phasma

Phasma possesses a great turret, good staff skills, and an effective blaster. The problem is that while your turret is inactive, her defensive playstyle breaks apart totally. Additionally, most opponents initially target your turret before closing the distance to eliminate you. Good Phasma players may counter this with her staff, but its slow movement speed makes it simple to avoid or dodge. If you don’t enjoy Phasma’s playstyle or survival, there are superior blaster villains to control.

Her talents include staff attacks, survivors, and her first sentry droid. She possesses a melee strike that foes may avoid, but it can do significant damage if it connects. You may recruit her if you have no other heroes, but she should not be a priority. The captain’s essential health is 700. Staff strikes may be utilized to unfurl her weapon and deliver damage to an opponent. Using survivor, she may temporarily enhance her health. A first-order sentry robot is employed to destroy adversaries and disclose their targets simultaneously.

Weapon  Sonn-Blas F-11D
Race Human
Affiliation First Order


Unlike its cousin from the First Order, BB-8 can provide decent damage. Rolling Charge is an excellent gap-closing ability that can kill basic troops, and you can follow it up with a Cable Spin to deliver persistent damage to all surrounding areas. Consider that BB-8 has a narrow hitbox, making you highly elusive when combined with its swift mobility.

BB-8’s passive cooldown reduction for nearby teammates is insufficient to qualify him as a supporting character. The character is a melee fighter being represented as a support one. making it an excellent pick for Galactic Assault as well as Capital Supremacy, and with the right squad, it may even flourish in Heroes vs. Villains.

It is a member of the resistance and he employs an electric prod as a weapon. His powers include rolling charge, resistive backing, and cable spin. His cable spin skill is beneficial for eliminating all of his foes. BB has 650 health at the base and has an ability called Health on Elimination to regenerate health once an adversary is defeated. Utilizing technical help expedites his achievement of the target. BB’s rapid reaction increases the cooldown speed of his allies by five percent.

Weapon  Shock prod
Race Droid
Affiliation Resistance

D Tier

Worst heroes from the game.
D Tier.

The final tier consists of D-rank heroes. These characters are the most feeble and they have a minimal probability of surviving yet are valuable in some battles.


Some Battlefront 2 gamers may be surprised by Finn’s prominence on the D rank, and that is because the playlist in which one played as Finn substantially alters his utility. Finn is the first hero on the D rank of our battlefront 2 heroes vs villains tier list 2022t. He is a resistance hero, which is not ideal when we play Battlefront 3. He must devise an alternative strategy to gain an advantage in combat.

His skills include Mortal strike, Big Deal, and a covert squad. Finn has 600 health at minimum. Finn may only target one foe at a time, but he makes every shot count and can deliver damage. Using his clandestine team skill, Finn can conceal his other heroes from his enemy’s radar and locate them more quickly. By utilizing big deal, Finn may supply himself and his other heroes with more excellent health, reduced damage, and a higher recharge rate.

Weapon  Lightsaber
Race Human
Affiliation Rebel Alliance


Chewbacca possesses a good but unremarkable set of talents. The Furious Bowcaster is excellent against heroes and groups of foes, Shock Grenade is a dependable stun, while Charge Slam is a reliable escape or mid-air strike. Chewbacca’s big hitbox and slow speed make him difficult to employ in Heroes vs. Villains, but his damage output is shockingly high for competent blaster mains. If he had done better in Galactic Conquest or Capital Supremacy, he would have a higher position on our list.

Chewbacca was formerly one of the game’s most powerful characters, but he has now lost so much power that he is now regarded as a low-tier hero. Still, he is superior to several other of the game’s players. He is from the association of rebels and the bowcaster is his chosen weapon. His skills include Shock grenade, Rapid Bowcaster, and charge slam.

Chewbacca’s essential health is 700. Using a shock bomb, Chewbacca may hurl a grenade that detonates into fragments and transforms into missiles that strike adversaries. His ability Furious Bowcaster enables Chewbacca to shoot instantly. Charge slam is a skill that may be utilized in the air with which he rushes forward and crashes to the ground, knocking and dealing damage to his foes.

Weapon  Bowcaster
Race Wookiee
Affiliation Rebel Alliance

Emperor Palpatine

Palpatine’s lethality derives from a combination of tremendous mobility and destructive powers. Palpatine has among the finest dodging and jumping abilities of any hero, enabling him to reposition himself far faster than other characters. When Palpatine occurs in an ideal position, he may immobilize you with Electrocute, leaving you vulnerable to his Black Aura of Chain Thunder skills. When employed well, he is capable of destroying most heroes without difficulty. Whether you prefer Heroes vs. Villains or some large-scale modes in Battlefront 2, Palpatine is a top-tier enemy.

He is a hero of the shadows. The fact that he could strike from behind some barriers made him an unpleasant opponent in this game. However, that is no longer the case. His talents include chain lightning, black Aura, and electrocute and he employs force thunder as his primary weapon. 

Emperor’s base health is 700. He attacks a specific target with the force of lightning and then damages neighboring targets. Dark Aura modifies his surrounding air with force energy and inflicts damage on anybody nearby. Electrocute uses electric electricity to freeze the adversary in front of the Emperor.

Weapon  Force Lightning
Race Human
Affiliation Galactic Empire


As a shock bot, BB-9E is highly potent in Heroes vs. Villains, capable of incapacitating blaster and lightsaber-wielding heroes through intelligent ability utilization and mobility. The BB-9E falls short in practically every other category. Its assistance powers pale in comparison to those of other heroes. Healing nearby teammates for 3 Health per few minutes isn’t anything worth bragging about, your Smoke Screen just marks foes for yourself, and an Engineer may temporarily remove overheating from weapons.

BB-9E is objectively inferior to BB-8 when compared to its cousin. You should play another hero if you’re not playing Heroes vs. Villains with a coordinated squad. BB-9E is the final hero on our Battlefront 2 hero tier list. He is a droid, and his size makes him an optimum choice since it will be tough for adversaries to hit him. He causes little harm to his adversaries. His skills include Smokescreen, Charge Up, and Shock Spin. He employs a shock prod as a weapon.

Weapon  Shock prod
Race Droid
Affiliation First Order

Comparison Table

Darth VaderSHumanGalactic EmpireLightsaber
Luke SkywalkerSHumanRebel AllianceLightsaber
Anakin SkywalkerSHumanGalactic RepublicLightsaber
Darth MaulAZabrakSithDouble-bladed lightsaber
Obi-Wan KenobiAHumanGalactic RepublicLightsaber
Kylo Ren IIIAHumanFirst OrderLightsaber
Count DookuAHumanSeparatistsLightsaber
General GrievousBKaleeshSeparatistsLightsaber
Leia OrganaBHumanRebel AllianceDefender Pistol
BosskBTrandoshanBounty HunterRelby V-10
Han SoloBHumanRebel AllianceDL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Boba FettBHumanBounty HunterBlasTech EE-3
Lando CalrissianCHumanRebel AllianceX-8 Night Sniper
Commander PhasmaCHumanFirst OrderSonn-Blas F-11D
BB-8CDroidResistanceShock prod
FinnDHumanRebel AllianceLightsaber
ChewbaccaDWookieeRebel AllianceBowcaster
Emperror PalpatineDHumanGalactic EmpireForce Lightning
BB-9EDDroidFirst OrderShock prod

Patch Notes – Battle on Scarif Update

The final update for Battlefront 2 bought the following changes to the game.

  • Based on his new era-appropriate appearance, Emperor Palpatine, alongside Chewbacca, is now available as player-controlled and AI Heroes on Age of Resistance – era maps of Supremacy, Instant Action and Co-Op Missions.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause headshot damage when hitting certain Heroes in the right-side forearm as a Hero.
  • Blaster Heroes who can use a scope on their weapons, now go in full first-person view and do not stay in third-person anymore. This changes where the blaster shot comes from, improving the experience.
  • Based on his new era-appropriate appearance, Darth Maul, alongside Yoda, is now available as player-controlled and AI Heroes on Age of Rebellion – era maps of Supremacy, Instant Action and Co-Op Missions.
  • Dash abilities were added for all Heroes and Reinforcements.

Minor tweaks were also made to the balancing of these heroes.

  • BB-8 and BB-9E
  • Leia Organa
  • Chewbacca
  • Boba Fett
  • Rey
  • Captain Phasma
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Lando Calrissian
  • Bossk
  • Kylo Ren
  • General Grievous


This article is written with the utmost attention in order to do justice to each and every character. But there is a chance that you may not like some of the rankings, as all of us do have our own likes and dislikes. And that is okay, as all of us play games in different ways and what appeals to me might not appeal to you.

Moreover, we always welcome constructive criticism and will thrive to improve ourselves through that. Leave your comments down and let us know.