Brawlhalla Tier List [V7.05]

"Unlock the Full Potential of Brawlhalla with Our Comprehensive Tier List, Ranking the Game's Best Characters.

Brawlhalla is completely free to play, and it is a lot of fun with a group of friends or to play a few matches between other games. Because this game has so many characters, we must make a tier list and rank characters. This guide is all about the Brawlhalla tier list. Let’s get started. Brawlhalla is a 2D Smash Style fighting game with a cartoony, fantasy theme. You can play matches online or locally with up to 8 people in various maps and modes. 

Key Points

  • A total of 50 characters from Brawlhalla are ranked in this tier list.
  • The ranking is based on each characterš strengths and weaknesses.
  • Thatch, Ada, Lucien, Koji, and Val are among the highest-tier characters.
  • Queen Nai, Brynn, Asuri, Ember, and Ulgrim are among the bottom-tier characters.


The table below shows all the characters described in the article ranked into different categories based on their strengths and weaknesses. 

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
ThatchDianaTerosSentinelQueen Nai
AdaWu ShangBarrazaBodvarBrynn
RaymanHattoriLord VraxxOnyxSidra
FaitMakoSir RolandOrion
PetraScarletLin Fei

The Tier List Methodology

Before we rank Brawlhalla characters based on their strengths from strongest to weakest, we must learn more about the characters in this game. Every character in Brawlhalla has access to 3 different fighting styles. They have the unarmed style they spawn with, which plays the same as every other character.

Then they have 2 different weapons that they will use throughout a match. Each character will only be able to use those 2 weapons, with no option for customization here. The only differences you can make to your character are minor stat readjustments, such as increased movement speed at the cost of lowering your defense. During a match, you will find varying powers; the most common weapons appear as fiery pillars on the map.

A tier list is a concept where different characters in a video game are ranked from best to worst. The ranking list is made based on each character’s strengths. There are several categories when making a tier list. First comes the S Tier. Under this category, Brawlhalla characters that have the best powers, ultimate strength, and are legendary are included. After the S-Tier, there is the A-tier. Characters that are weaker than those in the S-tier are included in this list.

The B-tier category comes after the A-tier and includes weaker characters than the characters in S and A tiers. The C-tier includes average characters. These are the characters that are not too extraordinary but not wasted either. The D-tier Brawlhalla characters are just useless. They are the weakest of all and have no extraordinary characteristics.

S Tier

brawlhalla tier list

The first category in a tier list is known as the S tier. Legendary characters or characters that are the best are included in this category. In Brawlhalla, there are several epic characters, characters that are “The Best.” These include:


The first character on the tier list is Thatch. He is a character that has gotten much more recognition as of late. He is a 3D defense legend. He fits the role of a glass cannon pretty well. He is one of the most fun and legendary characters in Brawlhalla. He is kind of the epitome of a glass cannon. You select him if you want to deal a ton of damage and kill.

StrengthsHigh damage output, quick kills
PlaystyleGlass Cannon


Ada is another character on this list. She is the next character under the S tier. Ada is insanely fun. Her gun sigs are powerful and extraordinary. She is on this list because her moves are amazing, and her weapons deal great damage, unlike others.

StrengthsPowerful Gun Sigs


Lucien is one of the best Brawlhalla characters, so we have included him in the tier list under the S tier. Lucien has high speed. His sigs just jump around the map. You get different combinations of close-range and long-range, so you play in different ways. Lucien has made it to the top because of all these super-powerful characteristics.

StrengthsVersatile Moves


brawlhalla lucien
Lucien is one of the most powerful characters in Brawlhalla.


Koji is our next S-tier character. His bow is like no one else’s. It is unique and extremely fun to play with. He is super fast, and his abilities are unmatched. The term for Koji is “fluidity.” Besides, all of his signatures just fit him perfectly.

He is one of the best Brawlhalla characters because you get to attack fast and you get to move fast, even though he has average movement speed because of the fluidity and his move-like momentum on the Nsig. Moreover, on the down sig, you feel like you get to move around a lot and control a lot of space, and that is just a lot of fun.

StrengthsHigh speed


On the tier list, Val is another S-tier character. She was first released in 2016. She has got an incredible stat spread. She has speed, quick reaction time, brilliant signatures, and powerful weapons. Her side sigs have different variants that add some variability to her play. And her Nsig is insanely good. In addition, her gauntlet cigs are a little underwhelming, but even then, her abilities are top-notch.

StrengthsIncredible stat spread, versatile signature moves, and top-notch abilities.


Nix is getting a spot in the S tier. Her cigs are insanely fluid, and her weapons are just so much fun. There was no question about Nix making it to the Brawlhalla tier list under the S tier.

StrengthsFluid signature moves, fun-to-play-with weapons.


Mordex also goes in the S tier. He has one of the most fun stat lines in the game. So not only is he more with his weapons, but he is more with his stats and his sigs. His characteristics are no match, and he has got some super cool moves. Because of all these reasons, we have included Mordex in the S tier.

StrengthsFun stat line, unique and cool signature moves, and powerful weapons.


Rayman is no doubt one of the most powerful characters in Brawlhalla. His timing is perfect, his signatures are great, his speed is killing, and his stats are brilliant. All these characteristics make him get a spot in the S tier.

StrengthsPerfect timing, powerful signature moves, and high speed
brawlhalla rayman
Rayman is one of the most powerful and unique characters in Brawlhalla. His sigs are out of this world.



Fait, without any question, gets a spot in the S tier. Fait has not only the best but the most fun orb in Brawlhalla. She also has a scythe which automatically bumps her up. Besides, she has high speed and high strength, and because of these characteristics, she is included among the best and most legendary characters of Brawlhalla.

StrengthsOrb, Scythe, high speed, and strength
PlaystyleAggressive, pressure-based, mix-up heavy


Petra is the next Best character in the tier list under the S tier. Petra deserves to be in the S tier. Her abilities are great, and her weapon is just too strong. She is a killer, and you will enjoy playing her.

StrengthsHigh damage output, fast and fluid sigs
PlaystyleAggressive, mix-up oriented

A Tier

Best Characters In Brawlhalla

In Brawlhalla, some characters are weaker than those mentioned in the S tier but stronger than many others. They are thus included in the A tier. The A tier includes much stronger characters than characters in the B, C, and D tiers. It is now time to find out which characters in Brawlhalla make it to the A tier.


The first one on the A-tier list is Diana. Diana is a super-duper character. She deserves to get a spot on the A tier. She’s just insane. Her characteristics are amazing, and her moves are epic. She has perfect signatures, and her reaction time is quick.

StrengthsPerfect signatures and quick reaction time

Wu Shang

Wu Shang is one of those characters that you will fall in love with. He feels so good about playing. His Nsigs are straightforward but super effective. It feels so satisfying to land. His side sig on a spear is amazing. He has just got it all. He also has rano so that you can play as a frogman. And because of all these reasons, he deserves to be on the A-tier list.

CategoryA mix of attack and defense
StrengthsSatisfying signatures and well-rounded stats


In the Brawlhalla tier list, Ragnir is going straight to the A tier. He just feels like he is solid, and his sigs feel like they matter, and that makes his moves extremely effective and a character that should be on the A-tier list.

StrengthsSolid moves and effective signatures


Speaking of Xull, he is the character that has a fixed spot in the A tier. He is the epitome of a meat boy. He is fun to play with, and his moves are just out of this world.

StrengthsHigh damage output and strong signature moves.
PlaystyleAggressive and heavily focused on punishing opponents.


Dusk is an A-tier character. His spear sigs are super good, and his speed is remarkable. It is just amazing to play with Dusk. His weapons greatly damage the opponent, and his speed is extraordinary. Because of these characteristics, he has been included in the A tier.

StrengthsSuperb spear sigs and remarkable speed
brawlhalla dusk
Dusk is a super cool and fun character in Brawlhalla. He has unique and mind-blowing sigs


Speaking of Vector, he is going in A tier. His lance Nsig is super powerful and always hits the perfect spot. His bow sigs speak for themselves, and his speed is astounding.

StrengthsPowerful lance Nsig, effective bow sigs, and high speed.


Up next is everyone’s favorite great sword boy, Jaeyun. Although His cigs are out of this world, and his sword is probably the best in the game even then, because of his stats, we added him in the A tier and not in the S tier.

StrengthsIncredible sword and signature moves


Hattori is going straight to the A tier. She is the character that will fit you the most. Her signatures are amazing and superfluid. Her weapons are fun to play with, and there is no way be is going to be lower than A tier.

StrengthsFluid signature moves and fun weapons
PlaystyleAgile and aggressive

B Tier

brawlhalla tier list

After the A tier, there is another category where the characters that are weaker than those mentioned in the S and A tiers are included. It is also called an above-average category. In Brawlhalla, some characters lie in this tier. These include:


Teros is the character we would place in the B tier. He has two slow weapons that play differently, making him a good top-notch character. His sigs are super fitting to his archetype. He’s a minotaur.

StrengthsHigh Damage Output, Good Signatures
PlaystyleAggressive, Punishing


Barraza is one of the super cool Brawlhalla characters. His ax is pretty fun to play with. His signatures, especially the reversals, are mind-blowing. Moreover, his down sig on blasters is super fun to use, but he is not that speedy compared to Lucien or Thatch, and that is the reason we have included him in the B tier instead of the S and A tier.

StrengthsPowerful signatures


Speaking of Azoth, he is an extremely good character. He is tremendously strong. However, he never gets top-level representation for some reason, so we have included him in the B tier.

StrengthsTremendously strong, excellent sigs


Mirage is another amazing character in the tier list who has made it to the B tier. We have added her to the B tier because she is above average, and her moves are fantastic. She has some good sigs, and her weapons are also powerful.

StrengthsAbove average moves, good sigs, powerful weapons
brawlhalla mirage
One of the best characters in Brawlhalla is Mirage. He has been placed in the B tier.


Caspian is the epitome of the B tier for us. He is a great character with perfect moves, epic speed, and excellent reaction time. Because he cannot compete with the characters in the S and A tiers, we have therefore added him to the B tier. We would have added him to the S or A tier if he had had some extra speed and better defense sigs.

StrengthsSpeed, reaction time, moves


Isaiah is another B-tier character. His cannon is super fun, and his blasters are amazing. He is a killer, and you will enjoy playing him.

StrengthsCannon, Blasters


The next character is Thor. He is an extraordinary, above-average character making it to the B-tier characters list. It should be noted that his hammer sigs are unique. Besides, his orb Nsig gives him unique recovering options. All around, he is one of the best, most solid characters in the game.

StrengthsHammer Sigs

Lord Vraxx

Lord Vraxx is another character in Brawlhalla that gets a spot in the B tier. His gun sigs are very fun, and so are his land sigs. But it is nothing like playing Lucien. And that is the reason he lies in the B tier, and Lucien lies in the S tier.

StrengthsSpeed, Gun Sigs


Mako is another character from the infamous video game that has made it to the B-tier list. Mako has got high speed. She also has got a great sword, and because of that, she gets a spot in the B tier. Her katars are pretty good as well, but it makes you feel like something is missing. So that is the main reason she is not in the S and A tiers but rather in the B tier.

StrengthsHigh Speed

C Tier

brawlhalla characters

After the B tier, we have the C tier. In this category, characters that are below average are included. These characters are not the worst but neither good nor average. They simply lie below average. In the case of Brawlhalla, we have several characters in this tier. Let’s dig deep and determine which characters are included in this category.


In the Brawlhalla tier list, Sentinel is the character that has made it to the C tier list. This character does not have any special powers or sigs. We have added him in the C tier only because of the stats. Otherwise, we would have added him to the D tier, including the worst and weakest characters.

StrengthsStat Balance
brawlhalla sentiel
Sentinel is a character that has a fixed spot in the C tier. He is a below-average character.


Bodvar is the flagship hallmark character of Brawlhalla. Although he is one good character, he is still not someone that should get a spot in the S, A, or B tier. That means he is pretty average, based on his stats and average weapons. Moreover, his signatures are straightforward. And that certainly does not mean he is bad, but it is just like you don’t get the highs or lows with Bodvar.

StrengthsAverage stats and weapons, straightforward signatures


Jhala is another wonderful character in Brawlhalla. Her sword is like the star of her kit. Her down sig and Nsig are insane. She is very satisfying to play with. But again, talking about her speed and other characteristics, she is not an S, A, or B-tier character. This means she is a character that is below average, and that is the reason we have added her to the C tier.

StrengthsGood sword sigs, satisfying to play with


The cross is another below-average character. He is not extraordinary at all, and his signatures are also not so effective. That is the main reason we have added him to the C tier.

StrengthsGood weapons with a decent range
PlaystylePunishing and defensive 


Cassidy is a super fun character. If she had a base 5-speed or 6-speed, we would have put her in the S tier, but because speed is such a big deal, she goes in the C tier. Her tornado move is also great to hit, but because of her speed which is quite low, she fits perfectly in the C tier.

StrengthsTornado Move


brawlhalla cassidy
Cassidy is a super fun character in Brawlhalla


Artemis is the next character in the C tier. Artemis is a character that fits perfectly in the C tier. She is someone that is below average. Her signatures are not great, whereas her weapons don’t deal good damage, so she lies in the C tier.

StrengthsDecent Range


Up next is Volkov. Volkov is another character from Brawlhalla who is not so impressive with regard to his sigs and strengths. His stats are not stunning, and because of that, he has been ranked a below-average character.

StrengthsHigh Endurance
PlaystylePatient, Punishing


Just like Volkov, Onyx to is not such an impressive character. Onyx is also a very middle-of-the-road kind of character. Neither his stats are august, nor is his speed or strength. Everything is just basic and ordinary. We have included him in the C tier because of these reasons.

StrengthsGood combo potential, Good edge guarding
brawlhalla onyx
Onyx is an interesting and weird-looking character in Brawlhalla.

Sir Roland

As far as Sir Roland is concerned, he will go in the C tier. Sir Roland is a below-average kind of character. You will barely have fun playing with him. If there were fewer characters in the game, he would probably be an A-tier, but the middle of the road is perfect for us to put him.

StrengthsGood defensive capabilities, Solid recovery
PlaystylePatient, Punishing


Speaking of Scarlet, she, too, is a character that does not represent mind-blowing stats and sigs. Scarlet, too is a below-average character. Her signatures are good, but her speed is not good enough, and because of that, she lies in the C tier.

StrengthsDecent sigs

The D Tier

Characters In Brawlhalla

The D tier is such a category that includes the weakest characters. These are the characters that serve little to no purpose and are just a waste. In Brawlhalla, several characters lie below the characters that have been included in the C tier. Let’s take a deep dive and explore the worst characters that can be found in Brawlhalla.

Queen Nai

The first character on the list is Queen Nai. She does not have enough speed or strength, and if a character neither has speed nor the strength to give opponents great damage, then that character is simply useless, and it definitely deserves a spot in the D tier.

StrengthsDecent combo potential
PlaystylePatient, Punishing


In the Brawlhalla tier list, Brynn is another character that is one of the weakest and thus included in the D tier. She has some great powers and strengths, but then again, compared to other characters, she is below ordinary and not a character that deserves a spot in the S, A, B, or C tier.



The next character after Brynn that has made it to the D tier is Asuri. She has fast attacks, dunks on people with sweeping signatures, and zooms across the map. But for some reason, she is not someone you can call a legendary or first-class character. Compared to other characters that have been mentioned in the S, A, B, and C tiers, she is useless and the weakest.

StrengthsGood edge guarding


Ember is a weird character. She is a little underrated. Her base sig and side sig are amazing. However, when we compare her with other characters, she deserves to be in the D tier.

StrengthsGood Sigs
brawlhalla Ember
Ember is one of the major characters in Brawlhalla


Ulgrim is a character you won’t enjoy playing with. He is pretty basic, and nothing extraordinary about him. In comparison with other characters of the game, Ulgrim has nothing unique, and all his abilities are quite basic.

StrengthsGood range
PlaystyleDefensive, Punishing


Kor is one of the worst characters in Brawlhalla. He has a lower speed, his reaction time is slow, and his weapon is not as powerful as the other characters in the game. We have included him in the D tier because of these reasons.



Up next is Yumiko. Yumiko is not a character you would enjoy playing with, so she is in the D tier. Her stats are not good, and her signatures are not too impressive.

PlaystyleGrounded, Punishing


Speaking of Sidra, she is a useless character that deserves to be in the D tier. Her moves, speed, timing, everything is just below average.



Kaya is another below-average character that lies in the D tier. She is boring to play with, and you won’t enjoy it. Her stats are good, but it is not fun when you are playing with Kaya. Her major weakness is that she struggles to kill, which is very important. If a character struggles to kill, then that character is an absolute waste.

StrengthsGood stats


Orion is a pretty fun character to play with. His spike hitbox on Ncig is super satisfying, and his spear is good, too, but his stats are not breathtaking, and that is the main reason he gets a spot in the D tier.

StrengthsSpike hitbox on Nsig, good spear

Lin Fei

Lin Fie is also a D-tier character. Her moves are pretty ordinary, and her speed is not as good as hers. Besides, her weapon is not that powerful, and her reaction time is too slow.

StrengthsDecent Sigs


Zariel is another character that is a total waste. His sigs are not cool enough, and his moves are quite basic too. He has nothing unique, and because of that, we have added him to the D tier.



When we are talking about Gnash, he has some of the most fun sigs in the game. Gnash’s hammer and spear sigs are great, but the combination of those two weapons is just not good enough.  In addition, his moves are not too monumental, and his signatures are just ordinary. All in all, he is a character that gets a spot in the D tier.

StrengthsGood sigs with hammer and spear


In the Brawlhalla tier list, in the D tier, Magyar is an interesting-looking character but with very basic signatures. It is just his hammer that is good. Otherwise, he is simply a character that has many alternatives.

StrengthsDecent sigs


brawlhalla tier list
Some of the main characters in Brawlhalla

Comparison Table

ThatchSDefenseHigh damage output, quick killsGlass Cannon
AdaSAttackingPowerful Gun SigsAggressive
LucienSAttackingVersatile MovesAggressive
KojiSFightingHigh speedAggressive
ValSAttackingIncredible stat spread, versatile signature moves, and top-notch abilities.Aggressive
NixSAttackingFluid signature moves, fun-to-play-with weapons.Aggressive
MordexSAttackingFun stat line, unique and cool signature moves, and powerful weapons.Aggressive
RaymanSAttackingPerfect timing, powerful signature moves, and high speedAggressive
FaitSAttackingOrb, Scythe, high speed, and strengthAggressive, pressure-based, mix-up heavy
PetraSAttackingHigh damage output, fast and fluid sigsAggressive, mix-up oriented
DianaAAttackingPerfect signatures and quick reaction timeAggressive
Wu ShangAA mix of attack and defenseSatisfying signatures and well-rounded statsBalanced
RagnirAAttackingSolid moves and effective signaturesAggressive
XullAAttackingHigh damage output and strong signature moves.Aggressive and heavily focused on punishing opponents.
DuskAAttackingSuperb spear sigs and remarkable speedAggressive
VectorAAttackingPowerful lance Nsig, effective bow sigs, and high speed.Aggressive
JaeyunAAttackingIncredible sword and signature movesAggressive
HattoriAAttackingFluid signature moves and fun weaponsAgile and aggressive
TerosBAttackingHigh Damage Output, Good SignaturesAggressive, Punishing
BarrazaBDefensivePowerful signaturesAggressive
AzothBAttackingTremendously strong, excellent sigsAggressive
MirageBNeutralAbove average moves, good sigs, powerful weaponsBalanced
CaspianBAttackingSpeed, reaction time, movesAggressive
IsaiahBBalancedCannon, BlastersAggressive
ThorBAttackingHammer SigsAggressive
Lord VraxxBAttackingSpeed, Gun SigsAggressive
MakoBBalancedHigh SpeedAggressive
SentinelCNeutralStat BalanceBalanced
BodvarCAttackingAverage stats and weapons, straightforward signaturesBalanced
JhalaCAttackingGood sword sigs, satisfying to play withAggressive
CrossCDefenseGood weapons with a decent rangePunishing and defensive
CassidyCBalancedTornado MoveAggressive
ArtemisCDefensiveDecent RangeNeutral
VolkovCDefensiveHigh EndurancePatient, Punishing
OnyxCAttackingGood combo potential, Good edge guardingAggressive
Sir RolandCDefensiveGood defensive capabilities, Solid recoveryPatient, Punishing
ScarletCAttackingDecent sigsAggressive
Queen NaiDDefensiveDecent combo potentialPatient, Punishing
AsuriDAttackingGood edge guardingAggressive
EmberDAttackingGood SigsAggressive
UlgrimDDefensiveGood rangeDefensive, Punishing
YumikoDDefensiveNoneGrounded, Punishing
KayaDDefensiveGood statsPassive
OrionDAttackingSpike hitbox on Nsig, good spearAggressive
Lin FeiDDefensiveDecent SigsPassive
GnashDAttackingGood sigs with hammer and spearAggressive
MagyarDAttackingDecent sigsAggressive

Patch Notes V7.05

Version 7.05 have brought the following changes to the characters and the gameplay in the game.

  • Bug Fixes
  • New Skins and colors
  • New Avatars
  • New Account Level Titles
  • New Challenges and Balance Changes
  • Improved user experience and interference


In Brawlhalla, your goal is to knock your opponents off the edge of the screen to their doom to grant you your victory in the great arena. Brawlhalla carries a whimsical cartoony theme, with all aspects of the game fully 2D. Due to this, the game should run perfectly fine on any modern system, which mostly excuses the lack of graphical options. Besides, special effects and character attacks are very well animated.

In the discussion above, we learned about in detail all the characters in Brawlhalla. After a detailed discussion, we can finally conclude that some characters are legendary in the game and thus deserve a spot in the S tier.

Some characters are comparatively weaker than those mentioned in the S tier, so they are included in the A tier. Characters who are average are included in the B tier. Below-average characters are mentioned in the C tier; finally, the worst or weakest characters are included in the D tier.

With this list and much practice, you are well on your way to becoming one of Brawlhalla’s best players. Remember that the characters mentioned in the S and A tiers can only reach their full potential if they devote sufficient time to learning their unique playstyle.