Castle Crasher Tier List: The Ultimate Ranking

Here I am today with yet another Castle Crasher tier list which is all about the Castle Crashers game. It is a 2010 adventure video game that supports up to four players to play and enjoy the game at the same time. Players must save four princesses from an evil wizard in an unknown medieval world in the main story. But swarms of adversaries stand in your way, from thieves to necromancers to alien invaders! Each character has their own beginning weapon and powers, as well as specializations, elemental, splash, and projectile attacks, among other things.

Castle Crashers is an action-adventure and a long-running indie video game in which, you must take on the character of a warrior and fight against the enemy. The adversary has taken several valuable gemstones as well as four princesses with him. You must reclaim the crystals and princesses. The title was well-received when it was first launched in 2008 on the Xbox 360, with many applauding it for its clean art design and fun gameplay. Castle Crashers would later be released on the PlayStation 3 in 2010 and the PC in 2012. However, regardless of platform, you must be familiar with the game’s top playable characters. 

Key Points

  • Our list ranks all 31 characters of the game Castle Crashers.
  • Each of these is ranked according to the current meta.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find the Blue Knight and the Iceskimo.
  • The lower ranks contain characters like the Barbarian.


All the characters are listed in a short table below.

S Tier• Blue Knight
• Fencer
• Industrialist
• Red Knight
• Iceskimo
A Tier• Fire Demon
• Brute
• Bear
• Orange Knight
• Snakey
B Tier• Conehead
• Gray Knight
• Alien
• Cult Minion
• Necromancer
• Pink Knight
• Ninja
• Royal Guard
• Skeleton
• Saracen
C Tier• Blacksmith
• Barbarian
• Civilian
• Killer Beekeeper
• Green Knight
• King
• Open Faced Gray Knight
• Stove Face
• Thief
• Peasant
D Tier• Hatty Hattington

learn more about each entry further in the article.


This game has 31 different playable characters each of which has a beginning weapon and a skill set that you can use to fight various foes. Each character in the game falls into one of five possible ranks that are S, A, B, C, and D Tier. S Tier characters are the best ones to choose from in the game, with excellent qualities that perform well with their utmost skill in the game. D Tier characters, on the other hand, are the ones that have the least skills and abilities in the game. The skills that they do have aren’t really useful in the game, so playing with them would be a waste of time.

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So if you are on a mission to save the princesses from the wicked wizard then you should look over our list to see who the best characters in the game are. As a result, we’ve decided to establish our own rankings to assist both new and existing players in selecting the greatest characters in the game. We’ve ranked the characters in Castle Crashers based on their magic attacks and overall versatility when it comes to completing the levels in the campaign’s Insane Mode.

S Tier

Best characters of Castle Crusher
S Tier.

We will start off our Castle Crasher Character Tier List with the S rank. These are the top knights on Insane Mode, outperforming every other character regardless of starting weapon. They are the most powerful of all and are extremely effective at killing all opponents. The characters in the S tier are the most helpful for ensuring your win in the game. 

CharacterElementStarting WeaponAvailability
Blue KnightIceSheathed SwordAvailable in the begining of the game
FencerNon-ElementalFencer's FoilBeat the game with the Industrialist.
IndustrialistNon-Elemental Ugly Mace Beat the game with the Blue Knight.
Red Knight Electricity Mace Available at the start of the game.
Iceskimo Ice Fishing Spear Beat Ice Arena.

A Tier

Good characters of Castle Crusher
A Tier.

These are still really good characters that you can use solo or in co-op mode to breeze through many levels. They are placed in a lower tier than the S tier because of the fact that they lack in certain areas but still do possess some very good skills and attributes. Having them in the game will not be any less fun than the characters in the S tier.

CharacterElementStarting WeaponAvailability
Fire DemonFireBlack Morning StarBeat the game with the Orange Knight.
BruteNon-Elemental Dual Prong Sword Beat the game with the Iceskimo.
Bear Non-Elemental Club Beat the game with the Skeleton.
Orange Knight Fire Broad Ax Available at the start of the game.
Snakey Non-ElementalSnakey Mace Beat the game with the Thief.

B Tier

Average characters of the Castle Crusher
B Tier.

Characters from Castle Crashes are neither amazing nor horrible but fall somewhere in the middle. The B rank of our Castle Crasher Tier List contains all of the mediocre characters that are strong enough to get through most levels but not powerful enough to go much further. Characters placed in this tier are average characters with not very impressive skills and qualities.

Light SaberBeat Volcano Arena.
Gray KnightNon-Elemental
Skinny Sword Beat the Barbarian Boss.
Alien GunXbox 360: Beat Level 1-1 in the Xbox Live Arcade game Alien Hominid HD.
Remastered/PC/PS3: Complete Alien Ship.
Cult MinionNon-Elemental GlowstickXbox 360: Necromantic Pack DLC.
Remastered/PS3/PC: Complete Ice Castle on Insane Mode.
Necromancer Non-Elemental Evil SwordX box 360: Necromantic Pack DLC.
PS3/PC: Complete Industrial Castle on Insane Mode.
Pink Knight Non-ElementalNG LollipopXbox 360/PC/PS3: Pink Knight Pack DLC.
Remastered: Available at the start of the game.
NinjaNon-ElementalSai Beat the game with the Fire Demon.
Royal GuardNon-Elemental
Falchion Beat the game with the Green Knight.
Skeleton Non-Elemental Skeletor Mace Beat the game with the Red Knight.
Saracen Non-Elemental Falchion Beat the game with the Royal Guard.

C Tier

Bad characters of the game
C Tier.

These knights are slightly below-average characters who shouldn’t be utilized unless you like their specialty and magic attacks. These characters have not proven themselves to be much effective in terms of any special ability in the game.

HammerXbox 360/PC/PS3: Legend of the Blacksmith Pack DLC.
Remastered Edition: Available at the start of the game.
BarbarianNon-Elemental Barbarian AxBeat King's Arena.
CivilianNon-ElementalPitchforkBeat the game with the Peasant.
Killer BeekeeperNon-ElementalRat Beating BatBeat the game with the Barbarian.
Green KnightPoisonThin SwordAvailable at the start of the game.
King Non-ElementalKing's MaceXbox 360: King Pack DLC.
Remastered/PC/PS3: Complete Pipistrello's Cave on Insane Mode.
Open Faced Gray KnightNon-ElementalSkinny SwordXbox 360: King Pack DLC.
Remastered/PS3/PC: Complete Catfish on Insane Mode.
Stove FaceNon-ElementalGladiator Sword Beat the game with the Gray Knight.
Thief Non-Elemental Thief SwordBeat Thieves' Arena.
PeasantNon-ElementalWooden SpoonBeat Peasant's Arena.

D Tier

Worst characters of Castle Crasher
D Tier.

In my opinion, there is only one character in the final rank of our article. He is the weakest character in the game right now, and if you haven’t unlocked better ones from higher tiers, you should only utilize him if you have no other options.

Hatty HattingtonNon-ElementalEmerald Sword
Xbox 360: Obtain one achievement in the Xbox Live Arcade game BattleBlock Theater.
PS3: Can't Stop Crying Pack DLC.
PC: Own Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater on the same Steam account.
Remastered: Buy in the Insane Store for 1200 gold.

Castle Crasher Weapons Tier List

We look at the best weapons in Castle Crashers, either because they’re enjoyable to use or because they look cool. In terms of inventiveness, weaponry is all over the place. There are numerous iconic fantasy weapons with modest design differences. Players, on the other hand, can run around beating people up with anything they get as a weapon. However, some weapons do stand out amongst the others. So here is a list of all the weapons that are the best and the most powerful ones in the game.

  • Man Catcher
  • Butcher’s Knife
  • Fishing Spear
  • NG Golden Sword
  • Buffalo Mace
  • Ribeye
  • Club
  • Chainsaw
  • Golden Skull Mace
  • Clunky Mace

Castle Crasher Pet Tier List

Pets, also known as Animal Orbs, are creatures that can be found throughout the Castle Crashers environment. Each of them is endowed with special powers.

You can find them by either purchasing them from stores, discovering them in the wild, or confronting your adversaries and winning them over.

There are 29 of these Pets waiting to accompany you on your journey. Because you can only carry one pet on your excursions, here’s my personal opinion on who the best pets are that you should look into.

  • Snoot
  • Burly Bear 
  • Hawkster 
  • Piggy
  • Bipolar Bear 
  • Scratchpaw 
  • Monkeyface 
  • Yeti 
  • Chicken 
  • Beholder 
  • Cardinal 
  • Snailburt 
  • Spiny 
  • Zebra 
  • Owlet
  • Rammy 
  • Bitey Bat 
  • Meowbert 
  • Seahorse 
  • Troll 
  • Frogglet 
  • Giraffey 
  • Pazzo
  • Mr Buddy
  • Golden Whale 
  • Dragonhead 
  • Pelter 
  • Install Ball 
  • Sherbert 


That about does it for my ranking list, where we described each character in the game and described their advantages and disadvantages. The characters you choose should be suitable for the game mode you are playing, and you should also select those that you enjoy playing rather than merely picking S rank entries. Hopefully, our article will help you in making that choice for yourself, because in the end the list is only a guideline and it is up to you to test out each character and master their magic attacks before deciding which one you like best and best fits your playstyle.

We hope you enjoyed our Castle Crashers Tier List 2022, and we hope that you enjoyed it. If there are any particular entries you disagree with, please let us know in the comments below.