Castoria Looping Tier List: The Definitive Ranking

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Today I will tell our viewers about Fate/Grand Order and the definitive looping theories present in this game. On the other hand, our main topic for today’s article is the Castoria Looping system in this game which will be discussed in an absolutely lovely manner in the Castoria Looping tier list. So, I will give detailed know-how about this looping system.

Fate Grand Order is a well-known Japanese game published with Aniplex. Belonging to a unit of Sony Music Entertainment in Japan. The game was released for both iOS and Android. Furthermore, both Android. Following rising demand from Fate Grand gamers, Sega contributed to releasing an Arcade version of this great game.

This tier list is based upon my likes and some browsing through the internet; thus, it can have some errors or some characters that are not placed according to your likes. So please be aware that this Tier List may take characters you admire and want to put in a top tier, but they are not placed as per your likes, so please don’t freak out if this occurs, as this tier list is entirely subjective.

This tier list is divided into S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier, in declining order of best to worst quality. However, please remember that Tier Lists are merely a concrete representation of one’s views and beliefs regarding a given matter. All of us have different personalities, along with our thoughts and ideas as well.

Intro to Fate/Grand Order

The main character in Fate/Grand Order is referred to as a Master. Dominants are inducted and directed by ”Master”. They are also known as Servants (imaginary characters from various civilizations) to battle all opponents, which will be discussed in this Castoria Looping tier list.

Players start by directing a group of up to six characters (servants). There are three active characters, while others are reserved characters. However, he is only authorized to employ three of them in one assault.

This game’s player has accessibility to all five cards. Every servant receives one, which is placed on the battlefield. These cards are classified into three types: Buster, Quick, and Arts.

Buster is a strong attack. Arts is considered a medium attack, whereas fast is a moderate attack. As a result, the likelihood of critical hits increases. Suppose three identical cards are used simultaneously. As a result, it forms a Chain that provides a bonus based on the card’s attribute.

Fate Grand was ranked amongst the top 10 mobile games by 2021, with global revenue of $5.4 billion. Furthermore, buddy Points are a straightforward currency to obtain. It allows you to purchase some essential Servants. In addition, they receive copies of some same servant, which also increases Noble Phantasm.

Castoria Looping

Before beginning with the Castoria Looping tier list, we should go through its concept of looping a bit. This will make it pretty easy for all gamers out there to have a better understanding. The following are key points to keep in mind before finding all the best loopers.

  • Castoria looping is known as using two Castorias (one for yourself and one for a teammate) with Quick AoE Noble Phantasms to clear three waves of opponents with a single Servant.
  • As detailed below, specific configurations necessitate all uses of additional resources than simply two Castorias.
  • Tiering is based on pleasing simplicity of use and applicability. Select any servant to describe how and when to loop with them thoroughly.
  • If a Servant requires a large number of excessive hits, they will most likely not be able to loop, as you have been warned.
  • It should be noted that increasing a Servant’s NP level makes it easier to obtain overkill strikes with their NP, making it simpler to loop. However, it still heavily depends on some HP of all opponent waves.
  • Overkill strikes begin accumulating not once an enemy’s HP goes to zero but when it drops to 50% of their initial max health.
  • This section describes some frequent loops that allow using five events CEs. There are other four-event CE configurations available, but these are not included.
  • When Paracelsus is utilized, Nero Bride might be used similarly.
  • All talents are expected to be at their maximum level, and all one-turn destruction skills are anticipated to be utilized on turn three.

Fun facts

Essentially, everyone can loop. However, they may be limited to looping specific opponent formations, for instance, three enemies, or lack some actual harm to clear waves. Omnifarmers have some advantage of not having to bother about any of that. Without one, it will significantly depend on the task you’re attempting to complete.

If you don’t mind utilizing Plugsuit and charge CEs, nearly everyone with an AoE arts NP may loop up against their favoured class. The few who are unable to have incredibly low damage, extremely low hit counts, extremely low refound, or an early death impact on their NP.

You place BG on Chen Gong to receive two Castorias, and I believe another NP battery is required. Then, utilizing Chen Gong’s NP’s death effect three times, you send the other NP support up front. If you want to get the most damage out of this, think about having the Castorias carry a Kaleido or MLB fantastical element at the start to obtain an NP Arts chain and the attack bonuses for CG.

I suppose some optimal route would be to have first Castoria + support + CG on the first turn, so utilize first support skills and plug suit to additional Castoria, Castorias’s NP charge upon CG + arts increase which is three times NP. Then you go around some perimeter of additional support like Langlin, Tamamo, Waver, Gilcaster and Paracelsus.

Gong isn’t incapable of doing most things. It is that it necessitates some execution of a large number of talents while also securing the majority of your roster. This bond will ultimately provide you servant coins, which directly boost some strength of a servant.

Support kind of servants is usually the ones you worry some least about obtaining cash for unless you’re a giant whale and want to grab all some coins via additional copies rather than bond.

Let us begin with ranking all the Castoria looping characters from this game, starting from the S tier and going down to the D tier according to their skills. All of them are placed according to their skills and abilities, and I like them. Each character is well explained, along with their stats and reasons for the placement in the respective tiers.

S Tier

Castoria Looping tier list S tier

In the S tier, all those servants are placed who tend to loop without any support from outside. These characters use a Kaleidoscope and a Mage’s Association Mystic Code to form Castoria Loops. These characters have valuable abilities that allow them to be the best at their abilities. Let us now start with some great characters of this tier.

Edmond Dantes

The world’s most well-known revenge hunter is “the Count of Monte Cristo.” After being caught up in an evil plan and found guilty of a crime, he did not commit it, and he was banished to the nightmare Château d’If. However, his iron resolve saved him from succumbing to despair, and he moved to Paris with the riches from Monte Cristo island on hand.

He exacted horrible revenge on this town’s most influential individuals, who had deceived him into becoming such. His awful existence, route of revenge, dedication to his adored Mercédès, struggle and remorse, and eventually journey to repentance. It is a well-known narrative in France and the world that depicts him as the “World’s Greatest Seeker of Vengeance.”

As he is placed in the S tier of this Castoria Looping tier list, he has several excellent skills that make him outrun many characters. His enormous skills are described below:

  • He can ignore invincibility for one turn
  • More importantly, Edmond can increase his attacks by one urn.
  • He has an excellent ability to debuff his resistance for three turns.
  • Among his advanced skills is that he can improve his own NP rate for three turns.
  • Accordingly, his ability to cause a reduction of all opponent’s NP gauges by one is fantastic.
  • NP generation rate increased as he was attacked by 20%.
  • Consequently, Edmund can decrease all opponents’ debuff resistance at a subsequent rate.
  • Because of his increase in some critical damage by 8%, this great character can charge his NP gauge at all turns for 3%.
  • Subsequently, he increases his Extra Attack Performance at a very steady rate.

Edmond Dantès is the game’s first Avenger class servant. He has many extraordinary abilities, which surely make him stand brightly in this tier. Although he and Demon King Nobunaga have the same ATK numbers at the lowest and highest out of all servants, he has a tremendous defensive NP gain value.

Additionally, this one is the very first servant of this game who does not require Ascension Pieces or Monuments and Special Ascension Items, for instance, Twinkle Candy to Ascend, a characteristic shared by following Avengers. Finally, he is the game’s first servant with no Luck stat.

Komatsuzaki Rui is the Danganronpa character designer. Because of their similar features and role as servants, Edmond Dantès has been frequently likened to Komaeda Nagito, belonging to a Danganronpa series. A Prison Tower is known as Château d’If.


Atalanta is a well-known female hunter in Greek mythology. She was the first person to fire a strike during the Caledonian Boar hunt. She was part of Argonauta, a society that housed all of Greece’s heroes. Atalante was the daughter of a specific country’s emperor, but her father rejected her since he desired a son.

He eventually abandoned Atlanta in the woods. The goddess Artemis felt sorry for her and let a female bear feed and nurse her. Atalante grew up to become an unrivaled hunter, participating in the great Calydonian Boar chase as she joined the Argonauta.

Many people came to request her hand, so the distressed Atalante resolved to resolve things by staging a footrace. Atalante was never defeated in any race, but with some assistance from a deity, a man was able to force her to marry him. It is stated that as punishment, they were both transformed into lions. However, this is not proven.

Atlanta has a wide range of skills and usefulness as a looping character. So to compile all these skills, we will state them one by one below. Indeed, her skills are magnificent and adorable.

  • Atlanta can undoubtedly increase her excellent performance for one turn.
  • In addition to that, she can increase her critical star absorption for one turn.
  • He granted her great self-evasion that she could provide for one turn.
  • She can improve her NP generation for three turns to clarify her skills.
  • Primarily, she can expand her debuff resistance by 12.5%.
  • Atlanta can raise her critical damage by a good 10 percent.
  • Furthermore, she can boost her Extra Attack Performance at a steady rate.
  • Sometimes, she starts a battle with her NP gauge.
  • She naturally expands her attacks when she is up against these Beresker opponents.

These are some fine skills she has, which made her be placed in this tier of the Castoria Looping tier list. Before the ”25M Downloads Campaign”, Atalanta was capable of summoning via an instructional summon. Along with Osakabehime, she and the other two archers have some great HP values.

Additionally, she is at least compatible with Miyu Edelfelt, Queen of Sheba, Nursery Rhyme, and Helena Blavatsky in ATK values. Osakabehime and Irisviel have identical HP values at their minimum and maximum. Atlanta got April 25, 2018, Update for the Fate/Apocrypha FGO Special Campaign Battle Animation along with Sprite Update. She is, without a doubt, an incredible looping character from this game.


Parvati is one of the ultimate gods of Indian mythology and Shiva’s consort. Indeed, she is a kind divinity with no interest in conflict. Yet, despite being a Divine Spirit, she entered the earth by taking on a form of a girl to who she is most attuned.

She is a perfect young domestic heroine, virtuous, well-mannered, and skilled in all kinds of housework. Shiva, the creator and destroyer deity, is married to Parvati in Indian mythology. However, Parvati, who is most frequently seen as a goddess married to Shiva, does not have any certain domains as a deity.

Nevertheless, Shiva’s wives include several revered as deities of battle. They are Kali and Durga. Though each of them is said to have a distinct goddess core from Parvati, they each have separate Spirit Origins.

She can materialize as a Rider as well. In which case, Nandi, the celestial cow, would serve as her mount. In contrast to typical Divine Beasts, Nandi has a low attack power because it is mainly in charge of a decent harvest.

  • Parvati can expand her Quick performance specifically for 3 turns.
  • She can indeed Increase her own NP generation rate accordingly for three turns.
  • Parvati can certainly increase her attack till one turn.
  • She can increase her defense until one turn.
  • There is an absolute increase in her critical star generation rate till one turn.
  • She can increase her debuff resistance till one turn.
  • Parvati reduces her NP gauge by 10 percent.
  • She charges a single ally’s NP gauge, which is undoubtedly significant.
  • Her HP recovery is incredible.
  • Parvati can increase her debuff resistance by 20 percent.
  • Her super ability to expand her damage by 225 is worth mentioning.
  • As she can increase her extra attack performance, she is considered brilliant.

Before the ”25M Downloads Campaign”, Parvati was possible to summon via an instructional summon. A Pseudo-Servant named Parvati is called into Matou Sakura’s body. She is the first servant to be given a costume dress and a servant’s liberation.

She earned her first Costume Dress, Girl’s Most Sought. This happened after a commemorative campaign for the Fate/stay night premiere, Heaven’s Feel. It costs 1,000 Mana Prisms to unlock inside a Da Vinci Workshop. She is indeed a marvelous looper in this game. Hence placed in the S tier of the Castoria Looping tier list.


Armoured war maidens, Great God’s daughters. Many of them were made by the ”Great God Odin”, an important figure in Nordic mythology. There were some with brave spirits who sacrificed their lives in combat.

They were eligible to be brought towards the golden Valhalla, a Palace of a Great God, dancing there in a sky of endless battles. But, unfortunately, a nordic period is coming to an end.

They were incorporated into some troops of Great God’s armies to annihilate a Jötnar at the gods’ sunset. To prepare for Twilight of Gods, and Ragnarök, Odin the Allfather created several entities collectively under the name Valkyrie. These beings act nearly automatically.

  • She can constantly increase her Quick performance until 3 turns.
  • Her NP damage expands for 3 turns.
  • She grants an incredible self Evasion for a single attack for 3 turns.
  • Valkyrie can grant self Debuff Immunity for once until three turns.
  • She reduces her damage taken for three strikes for three turns.
  • In addition to that, she charges her NP gauge for three turns.
  • Her HP recovery happens every turn until 3 turns.
  • Although she gains critical stars for 3 turns.
  • She expands her debuff resistance by 17.5 percent.
  • Her damage is expanded by 200.
  • Extra Attack performance is increased finely.
  • Valkyrie indeed begins battle along with her NP gauge.

All these skills made him stand bright in the S tier of the Castoria Looping tier list.

After the ”25 Million Downloads Campaign”, Valkyrie may be summoned via the instructional summon. A Valkyrie servant is made up of three separate Valkyries. Walküre Ortlinde is the Valkyrie with a black hair. Walküre Hildr is the Valkyrie with a pink hair.

Three voice actresses for Valkyrie alternate with each ascension. Minami Tanaka speaks her initial stage sprite. The voice of Komatsu Mikako’s second stage sprite. Amamiya Sora voices her third stage sprite.

Of the four Lancers, they have a great HP value. They at least have identical HP values as Enkidu. The many Valkyries as shown in Valkyries Noble Phantasm were guest characters from Takeuchi Takashi’s previous project.

He had asked for authorization to utilize them within FGO and had been granted it. At the same time, Ortlinde is a title of the Valkyrie in use by Richard Wagner. This is for his work Die Walküre and Hildr, both names of Valkyries who figure in Norse Mythology.


A Tier

Castoria Looping tier list A tier

In this tier, some servants can require the support of a particular type of opponent for looping but do not maintain an MLB Kaleidoscope. These characters loop pretty well but not as great as the characters of the S tier, as they have some drawbacks.


He is one of Greek mythology’s most well-known heroes. One with a brilliance worthy of a label of a hero, one that stormed over his existence like a whirlwind. When his mother asked him if he’d prefer to live a regular, tranquil life or die as a hero, he instantly decided to choose the latter.
Achilles’ heel was said to be Achilles’ lone weak spot despite having an invulnerable physique. Because Hektor’s young brother, known as Paris of Troy, kidnapped Helen of her husband Menelaus, This is why a Trojan War broke out.

Many monarchs and heroes engaged in conflict for Helen, and they all pledged to save her if she had been kidnapped. Achilles, who was only a child when a pledge was made, had less to do with this. However, these Achaean soldiers were ready to enlist Achilles when it was foretold that this battle could never be conquered without Peleus’s son.

He is placed in the A tier of the Castoria Looping tier list as he has many skills and abilities which are explained below.

  • He can increase his Quick performance until 3 turns.
  • Achillies can increase his critical damage until 3 turns.
  • Certainly, he can grant self Invincibility for 5 turns.
  • He can genuinely increase his defense until three turns.
  • There is a 500% chance of drawing some attention of all opponents to him by 300% until 1 turn.
  • His NP generation rate expanded for 1 turn.
  • Achillies can charge his NP gauge.
  • Additionally, Increases its debuff resistance by 15%.
  • He surely increases his Quick performance by 11%.
  • As he expands his damage by 150, so he begins with his NP gauge.

He gives Iskandar precise HP numbers at both minimum and maximum. At a bare minimum, he and Nezha and Minamoto no Raik have the same HP values. Konchew from Reddit translated this dialogue and the profile.

Marie Antoinette

A monarch from France with ties here to a House of Habsburg. She married Louis XVI in the 18th century. Indeed, she represented a “rule of the nobles” throughout the European continent.

She perished due to some changes in the world during a time of unrest when royal authority was waning.
A natural idol. She could win admiration with a stare and calm all crowds with a smile. She acted in a way that her surroundings wanted since she was content with being an idol born to be loved. Her outlook is identical to that of deities.

  • Being an outstanding Castoria looping character, she rants self Invincibility up to 3 attacks.
  • Additionally, she covers her HP for each turn among all 5 turns.
  • She can expand her mental debuff success rate at 3 turns.
  • As she is a marvelous character, she can increase her debuff resistance by 15%.
  • She might increase her Quick performance by 11%.
  • Her Extra Attack performance is capable of expansion.

Before the 25M Downloads Campaign, Marie Antoinette was possible to summon via the instructional summon.
She and Qin Liangyu have identical ATK levels, at least. In addition, she received Valentine’s 2020 and February 12 updates for the combat animation and sprite as well as additional dialogues.

B Tier

Decent Castoria Loopers.

In most cases, all servants present in the B tier of the Castoria Looping tier list can require an MLB Kaleidoscope for forming a Castoria loop. These characters are pretty decent but they do lack many qualities when we compare them to the ones mentioned above. So let us start with this tier and learn about these characters.


Among the Knights of the Round Table, “Knight of the Lake” was regarded as the strongest. However, he is undoubtedly an inadequate representation of the Arthurian Legends because of his adulterous Love for Queen Guinevere. As here he led to the destruction of Camelot.

He was nurtured by Nimue, a lake fairy, after losing both of his parents when he was a little child, earning him the moniker “Prince of a Lake.” He traveled to Britain after reaching legal age, where he met King Arthur and joined the Knights of the Round Table. They claim that his bravery and gallantry were unmatched.

He fell in love with Queen Guinevere as a reward for his chivalrous nature. He may have found redemption if the king’s betrayal had rapidly brought him to disaster. But because of his extraordinary bravery, the worst conclusion was inevitable.

  • His critical star absorption increases for 3 turns.
  • The critical star generation rate expands well for 3 turns.
  • Lancelot expands his NP generation rate up to 1 turn.
  • He increases his critical damage up to 3 turns.
  • His debuff resistance grows by 10%.
  • Additionally, his Buster performance increased by 6%.
  • He increases his Extra Attack performance very steadily.
  • The battle begins with the NP gauge.
  • He increases his critical attack chance resistance when battling against Berserker opponents.

Lancelot, Hercules, and Beowulf have similar HP numbers at their lowest and highest points. NP Rank was updated on August 9, 2017, and it went from A++ to A+. He received a September 10, 2018, Update for Fate/Accel Zero Orders -LAP 2’s Combat Animation and Sprite Update.

This was coupled with his ancient M61 Vulcan rotary gun as well as JASDF Mitsubishi F-15J aircraft in his NP animation. He currently uses a Barrett M82 anti-material sniper rifle and a vintage Heckler and Koch MP5 machine pistol in his attacks. He has a very cool looping mechanism in Fate/Grand Order, so he is placed in the A tier of the Castoria Looping tier list.


Victor Frankenstein created an artificial creature. She was created as Eve to be Adam’s spouse, but because she couldn’t communicate her emotions thus, she was seen as a failure. So Frankenstein in the fiction was not at all like an actual Frankenstein.

Victor always meant to create Adam and Eve, a first pair. But, contrary to Bible, he first made Eve and then conceived of making Eve give birth to Adam. His Eve, a synthetic living form assembled from stitched-together corpses, was a disaster.

Victor fled in terror when she cruelly killed wild dogs and presented their guts as a gift because she was unable to regulate or connect her emotions. This is just an overview of this character. Let us now discuss his excellent skills.

  • He expands his NP generation rate up to 3 turns.
  • There is a 60% chance that he stuns one enemy up to 1 turn.
  • Additionally, he reduces all opponents’ defense for 1 turn.
  • He can increase his NP damage up to 1 turn.
  • There is a 500% chance to inflict burn with 300 damage up to 5 turns.
  • His Buster performance is increased by 4%.
  • An Extra Attack performance is effectively expanded.
  • His battle begins with NP gauge.
  • Finally, he increases his critical attack chance resistance when fighting against Saber opponents.

She at least shares Nightingale’s precise ATK numbers. She and Ishtar, at the very least, share identical HP values. Out of all Rapid AoE NP Servants, she possesses some excellent NP Damage Rate. Well before February 3, 2016 Update, she used a unique voice set during battle.

Ishtar (Rider)

Ishtar, the goddess of Venus, in her summer persona. She was genuinely a goddess after being moved by the people’s fervent dedication to summer festivals and holding a grand celebration. Additionally, she is a Kung fu-style goddess who drives a Heavenly Boat Maanna, which has been reorganized in a contemporary manner, and who casually and thrillingly makes full use of her body.

She bestows blessings on everyone gathered there in this manner, being an actual goddess among goddesses. Ishtar is daring but harsh, reckless yet refined. Her majesty and scary heavenly aura have, however, partly lessened as a result of her contemporary attire.

She is indeed friendlier and has a greater tendency to be joyful and giving than average. She is a powerful character with some fine qualities, placed in the A tier of the Castoria Looping tier list. Let us start with her skills and usefulness.

  • She expands the party’s Quick performance up to 3 turns.
  • As her party’s Buster performance is increased, she manages it for 3 turns.
  • Her party’s NP generation rate is increased for 3 turns.
  • Certainly, she grants self Evasion up to 1 attack.
  • Her critical damage is increased for one turn.
  • Furthermore, she grants self Invincibility for a single attack.
  • Her critical damage is pretty much increased for 1 turn. In addition, she expands the critical star generation rater for one turn.
  • As she increases her NP generation rate for 1 turn, she can also increase debuff resistance.
  • Ishtar can increase her healing received up to 1 turn.
  • There is a 500% chance to grant self-delayed debuff up to 1 turn.
  • She increases her damage by 225.

Dead Heat Summer Race offers Ishtar (Rider) as a special event prize. Ishtar is an incredible Pseudo-Servant that Tohsaka Rin called into her body. She and Frankenstein at the very least have identical HP values.

Her sleeve’s pattern is based on the Heavenly Boat Maanna’s pattern. Gugalanna is somewhat familiar with what follows her. Her Buster card assaults resemble Rin Tohsaka’s Jewel Strikes from Fate/Unlimited Code in one particular way.

C Tier

Average Castoria Loopers.

All servants in the C tier can form a 3-turn loop but can not fully use this. They are average characters creating a loop as they have many deformities. Although they also have some fine skills, they are certainly not up to the mark.

Scáthach (Assassin)

First, we should go through his basic introduction in the C tier of the Castoria Looping tier list. As it should be, Scathath is a ruler of the unfriendly country known as the “Land of Shadows” as well as a warrior’s tutor. But on this particular occasion, she committed a careless act of dressing herself and several other female Servants in swimsuits to blend in with some surroundings. This summer-inspired look is its outcome.

According to Scathath, it is outstanding to behave in this manner occasionally. We initially assumed she was just another Scathath, but her stress is slightly more than typical as she becomes used to a seashore. Even if there are no apparent changes, a careful observer should be capable of picking this up.

  • She draws some attention from all her opponents to herself for one turn.
  • Secondly, she increases her critical damage up to 1 turn.
  • Her recovery is in one ally’s HP.
  • Additionally, she reduces the opponent’s damage taken up to 1 turn.
  • This Castoria looping character ignores invincibility up to 1 turn.
  • She expands her Quick performance up to 1 turn.
  • An expansion of her critical star generation rate is 2%.
  • She begins the battle with her NP gauge.

The FGO 2016 Summer Game and FGO 2016  Event Re-Run Event Reward is Scáthach (Assassin). She provides EMIYA with precise HP numbers at both the minimum and highest levels.


Astolfo is a figure from France’s most well-known chivalric story, the Charlemagne legend. Prince of England and one of Charlemagne’s Twelve Paladins. Moreover, a messed-up Heroic Spirit lost all sense.

The Twelve Paladins are knights who worked for the Frankish king Charlemagne. One of all 12 knights was Astolfo, a distant relative of Roland. Astolfo was supposedly one of some weaker knights, according to folklore.

  • The good expansion of her attack for one turn is pretty decent.
  • The chance to Stun a single enemy for one turn makes her somewhat good.
  • She grants herself Critical Star Regenerate a 65% chance for gaining critical stars up to 3 turns.
  • This character grants self Critical Star which grants a 65% chance for increasing the critical star generation rate for up to 3 turns.

After the 25M Downloads Campaign, Astolfo may be called through the instructional summon. Gentleman’s love’s intended recipient of healing is Astolfo. Therefore, the only Servant with NP Charge DEF of 1 percent is Astolfo.

This gift of Astolfo’s third skill for each boost is constant; however, the likelihood that the effect will be activated varies. This indicates that this talent is unaffected by Buff Success Rate Up. Nevertheless, this was granted on FGO Thanksgiving Special (2019) therein English Server. It costs 1,000 Mana Prisms to unlock within Da Vinci’s Workshop.

Summing it up

The Castoria Looping tier list has all the loopers from Fate/Grand Order. They are placed finely in a tier system that will ease out the process of selecting characters for forming loops. All these characters are placed in the respective tiers based on their qualities and ability to loop.

All characters are accordingly placed in specific tiers based on all advantages and disadvantages they cause. This tier list is purely subjective and is based on my liking and some browsing through the internet about all likes and dislikes of our fans. There could be some change of opinion among the viewers, which is compulsory as we all have our preferences.

The primary purpose of tier lists was to provide our viewers with excellent guidelines and choices that they might have forgotten, even about their favorite categories.

Therefore, all our writers first gather extensive information regarding the respective topic, and a tremendous amount of time and energy is invested in every single article, after which the fact-checking team is responsible for picking out even the slightest errors in all articles.

All our writers here have to do much research even before writing a single word. As this tier list is not made for ourselves but for our dear readers, we ensure that what we provide here is liked throughout in abundance.

They invest a great deal of energy and time; these are not just utter words but are the treasure of wisdom, research, and consistency, leading to creating a whole article for your ease and better selection of the specific category.

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