Civ 5 Tier List: Best Nations Ranked [Mar. 2023]

All Nations In The Game Are Ranked In Our Article Below.

Civilization: V is the fifth installment of the Civilization series and was developed by Firaxis Games. It was released on OS X on the twenty-third of November in 2010, on Windows in September of 2010, and finally released on Linux in June 2014. This game allows the player to lead an old historical civilization into the future and get complete control of its Military, Expansion, Resources, Government, Economy, and Development conquests by achieving different objectives. The civ 5 tier list divides all the civilizations of the game into several tiers. The following tier list ranking is based on a specific civ 5 civilizations pros and cons. It also focuses on every aspect of the civilizations including civ 5 leaders and how easy would it be for one civilization to get the victory.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 20 entries in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the skills and abilities of the characters.
  • Among the best-ranked characters are Poland, Babylon, Korea, and Arabia.
  • Among the worst-ranked characters are Persia, India, Netherlands, and Songhai.


S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

The civ 5 tier list is ranked from top to bottom in five different tiers which are S- Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, and finally at the bottom D-Tier. This tier list is based on our own in-game experience and in-game hours spent. We all know ranking characters of any videogame can vary from player to player and be very subjective. While ranking the civ 5 civilizations we did a lot of research about which civilization is most likely to conquer and which is the least favored civilization with weak civ 5 leaders. So, this tier list is ranked according to our experiences, preferences, and research about the game.

S-Tier: Super Tier

Civ 5 tier list

The S-tier has the best in-game characters with an overall best survival rate, highest stats, and special abilities. The S in this tier’s name stands for superb or super. The civ 5 civilizations that we think should be in S-tier are as follows.

CivilizationSpecial SkillSpecial UnitSpecial BuildingLeader
AustriaDiplomacy in MarriagesHussarCoffee HouseMaria Theresa


Civ 5 tier list
Lord of Poland


LeaderCasimir III
UnitWinged Hussar
BuildingDucal Stable

It is a very unique nation overall and uses the right strategies. It allows the player to use its two special units which are Winged Hussar responsible for Lancer and Uhlan responsible for Calvary Archer. This can give Poland a good ranking in the civ 5 multiplayer tier list.

In the civ 5 tier list, Poland is in the S-tier because of its stats, army, and speed which allows them to run past Onagers and Archers while still damaging them.

Civ 5 tier list
Lord of Babylon


LeaderNebuchadnezzar II
BuildingWalls of Babylon

Babylon might be an underrated civ 5 civilizations because of no combat abilities but the reason why this nation is put in the S-tier of civ 5 tier list is that of its strong economy and Great Scientist. This civilization has no offensive strategies except for its ability to annex cities and make Golden Ages for every annexed city.

The main advantage of Great Scientist is that it allows the players to discover the technologies with only the construction cost and no production cost.

Civ 5 tier list
Sejong the Great of Korea


AbilityScholars of the Jade Hall

Among all civ 5 civilizations, Korea is the first nation to be ruled by a Korean king and began to revitalize culture and bring ambitious reforms. These reforms and culture will surely help in forming the best upcoming generations.

The special ability of Korea is keeping up with science by developing culture by using its training units.

Civ 5 tier list
Lord of Arabia


LeaderHarun al-Rashid
UnitCamel Archer
AbilityTrade Caravans (Vanilla and Gods & Kings)

Arabia has been present in the world for 1400 hundred years and follows the religion Islam which by founded by The Prophet Muhammad. It took fifty years for The Prophet (PBUH) to spread Islam all over the world.

To this day Arabia is active in politics and its special abilities are trade caravan and ships of the desert. It is ranked in the S-tier in civ 5 tier list because of its special units called camel archers, military, and skill.

A-Tier: All Rounder Tier

Civ 5 tier list

The A-Tier ranks the characters of the game who specialize in different aspects but are not as powerful as the characters in the S-tier. The characters in the A-tier are still good enough to compete with other characters and be victorious. The civ 5 civilizations ranked in the A-tier are:

CivilizationSpecial SkillSpecial UnitSpecial BuildingLeader
ShoshoneGreat ExpansionPathfinder, Comanche Riders


JapanBushidoSamurai, Zero


NoneOda Nobunaga
BrazilCarnivalParacinhaBrazilwood CampPedro II
SiamChildren are governed by fathersNaresuan’s ElephantWatRamkhamhaeng


Civ 5 tier list
Lord of Egypt


LeaderRamesses II
UnitWar Chariot
ReplacesChariot Archer
BuildingBurial Tomb
AbilityMonument Builders

Egypt being of the oldest civilizations ever has great soil and a lot of sunshine. This civilization has one of the best civ 5 leaders who created The Great Kingdom and captured a large portion of Sudan.

Egypt is ranked in the A-tier because of its great leader Ramesses II. Other aspects which make this nation an all-rounder are its special ability and labor which is monument builders and the special unit called War Chariot.

Civ 5 tier list
Lord of Aztec


UnitWar Chariot
BuildingFloating Gardens
AbilityMonument Builders

This civ 5 civilization is ruled by Montezuma I who allows the players to build museums and Great Library. The Montezuma also gives the players additional happiness if the resources like gold and fur are found.

The special ability of Aztec is called Triumph of Tenochca. It gives the players a 3 Tourism each of which can be substituted for gold and culture and Aztec’s special unit is called Jaguar.

Civ 5 tier list
Empress of China


LeaderWu Zetian
UnitWar Chariot
BuildingFloating Gardens
AbilityArt of War

China has suffered a lot in historical times but has also seen good times and some really good influencers which include Con Lucius and Lao Tzu. In 1211 the Chinese identity was spread all over Eurasia after Genghis Khan was driven out of China.

This civilization is ranked in the A-Tier of civ 5 tier list because of its special skill which is Art of War, its special unit which is known as Chu-Ko-Nu, and its special ability which is paper making.

Civ 5 tier list
Alexander of Greece


UnitCompanion Cavalry
AbilityHellenic League

In the modern-day world, its social enlightenment and behavior have all been determined by ancient Greece. Greece has been ranked in the A tier of civ 5 tier list because of its unique skill and special unit.

The special unit of Greece in Civilization V is the Companion Calvary and Hoplite while its unique skill which makes it an all-rounder in this tier list is Hellenic League.

B-Tier: Above Average Tier

Civ 5 tier list

This tier involves the ranking of those characters of the game who are considered to be above average but not as amazing as A-tier and S-tier. The B-tier characters in the civ 5 tier list include the following civilizations.

CivilizationSpecial SkillSpecial UnitSpecial BuildingLeader
RomeGlory of RomeLegion


NoneAugustus Caesar
IroquoisGreat WarPathMohawk


IncaGreat Andean RoadSlingerTerrace FarmPachacuti
IndonesiaSpice IslandersKris SwordsmanCandiGajah Mada
PortugalMare ClausumNauFeitoraMaria I
AssyriaTreasures of NinevehSeige TowerRoyal LibraryAshurbanipal


Civ 5 tier list
Ruler of Zulu



The Zulu civilization in Civilization: V is ranked in B-tier because it can be a very powerful civ in the game by only using limited tools. The leader of this civilization is Shaka who is also one of the best civ 5 leaders in the game.

Zulu’s special ability is baboon bombardment which allows the players to damage the enemy city’s military equipment and its special unit is known as Impi.

Civ 5 tier list
Lord of Sweden


LeaderGustavus Adolphus
AbilityNobel Prize

The next civilization in the civ 5 tier list is Sweden which includes Norway and Denmark. This civilization’s cities are more oriented with defense rather than the developing building culture.

Sweden has two special units called Carolean and Hakkapeliitta which get stronger with promotions. The special skill which this civ has is the Nobel Prize but they no special buildings.

Civ 5 tier list
Emperor of France


ReplacesGreat War Infantry
AbilityAncien Régime (Vanilla and Gods & Kings)

The leader of this civilization is Napoleon. This civilization was formerly known as Gaul back in time. It is located in the west of Europe. It shares a border with Spain in the south, in the west shares a border with the Atlantic Ocean, in the north shares a border with the Northern Sea, and it shares a bored with Italy in the southeast.

The special skill of France is its Ancient Regime and City of Light. The special unit of this civ in the game is Foreign Legion and Musketeer due to which it is ranked in the B-tier.

Civ 5 tier list
Lord of Russia


AbilitySiberian Riches (Motherland Calls in the game manual)

The final civilization to be ranked in the B-tier of Civilization: V is Russia which is a very controversial and critical nation in the real world.

In the game, the special ability of this civilization is the Siberian Riches, the special unit of Russia in the game is Cossack and the special building of this civilization is Krepost.

C-Tier: The Average Tier

Civ 5 tier list

This tier includes the average characters of the game which may perform better but due to low stats are falling back. The characters ranked in the C-tier of civ 5 tier list include the following civilizations.

CivilizationSpecial SkillSpecial Unit Special Building Leader
MayaLong CountAtlatlistPyramidPacal
DenmarkViking FuryBerserkerViking FuryHarald Bluetooth
VeniceSerenissimaGalleassNoneEnrico Dandolo


Civ 5 tier list
Lord of America


AbilityManifest Destiny

This civilization was founded in the eighteenth century but being a young civilization it self-destructed in the nineteenth century. But who knew this civilization would become a superpower in the twentieth century.

It is ranked in the C-tier of the civ 5 tier list because of its special skill manifesting destiny and its special unit which is known as Minutemen.

Civ 5 tier list
Queen of Spain


AbilitySeven Cities of Gold

On the second number in the C-tier, we have ranked Spain. Spain has spread Christianity and protected the already conquered lands in history. Anybody who has played any other strategy game knows this civilization’s worth.

In Civilization: V this civilization’s special units are Tercio and Consquisdator while its special skill is Seven Cities of Gold.

Civ 5 tier list
Ahmad Al- Mansur of Morocco


LeaderAhmad al-Mansur
UnitBerber Cavalry
AbilityGateway to Africa

This civilization has been under American influence in history which started during World War II. There was an unsuccessful attempt to invade North Africa in an operation called Operation Torch.

Morocco’s special skill in the game is the Gateway to Africa, its special units are called Berber Cavalry and its special building is called Kabash.

Civ 5 tier list
Consul of Mongolia


LeaderGenghis Khan
BuildingGreat General
AbilityMongol Terror

This civilization is known to be the largest in thor history including Russia from 1453 to 1480. Many other countries like Poland and Lithuania were under the Mongolian Empire but the largest empire was facing problems with Muscovy.

The Mongolian Empire’s special skill in Civilization: V is their terror, their special units are known as Khan and their leader is Genghis Khan.

D-Tier: Below Average Tier

Civ 5 tier list

This tier includes the characters of the game which have many flaws and are considered to be below average. The characters in this tier can be used by new players at the beginning of the game to learn the basic mechanism. The characters of Civilization: V which fall under this tier is.

Civ 5 tier list
Lord of Persia


LeaderDarius I
BuildingSatrap’s Court
AbilityAchaemenid Legacy

This civilization was named Persia after the states which fell under the rule of Persians. It included states of Afghanistan and Central Asia as well back in historical times. The Persians never quit even when the objective seemed to be impossible.

In the game Persia’s special skill is Achaemenid Legacy, its special unit is known as Immortal and its special building is Satrap’s Court.

Civ 5 tier list
Gandhi of India


UnitWar Elephant
BuildingMughal Fort
AbilityPopulation Growth

India has been through good and bad times in history and if a player wants to play the game tall and wide then they should go for this civilization.

India’s special unit in the game is War Elephant, its special skill is population growth and the special building of this civilization is Mughal Fort.

Civ 5 tier list
William of Netherlands


UnitSea Beggar
AbilityDutch East India Company

In many strategy games, the main focus of this civilization is trade. The Netherlands is also known as the Greatest Naval Power in the world and is a land-locked country.

The special skill of this civilization in the game in the game is East India Company, the special building is Polder and the special unit of Netherlands is Sea Beggar.

Civ 5 tier list
Askia of Songhai


UnitMandekalu Cavalry
BuildingMud Pyramid Mosque
AbilityRiver Warlord

Sunni Ali was the founder of the Songhai Empire. The people who followed Sunni were of no good and thought to be slaves of him. In the game campaign, Sunni leads the army to conquer Timbuktu.

The special skill of this nation in the game is River Warlord, the special unit are called Mandekalu Calvery and the special building is Mud Pyramid Square.

Patch Notes Version October 2014

  • Resolved an issue in tech overflow that might have allowed a user to receive free tech every turn for a number of turns.
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug that would allow a player to steal everything from another player when trading.


The four described civilizations in every tier are believed to be the best of all included in a specific tier while the others are ranked in the tables. The ranking of the civilizations may vary for other players as we have ranked the civilizations according to our in-game experience.