Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List

Cookie Run Ovenbreak is undoubtedly one of the most popular mobile games these days even though it is pretty old now as far as the digital timeline is concerned. It was released globally on October 27, 2016, and was developed by a company called Devsisters. And in our Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List, we are going to rank all of the different cookie types in the game so that you can choose between them easily.

Among all the products in the Cookie Run series of games, Overbreak is without a doubt the most played and the most popular. The reason for that is also quite obvious, as the graphics and colors appeal to a large number of people, especially a lot of young kids that are drawn to its setting. 

Key Points

  • Our ranking list takes the current meta into account.
  • There are a total of 20 entries in the article.
  • Among the hugest tiers we have the Spinach Cookie.
  • The lowest ranks contain the Zombie Cookie.


You can find a quick table ranking all the cookies below.

Tier RankCookies
S Rank• Wind Archer Cookie
• Moonlight Cookie
• Ananas Dragon Cookie
• Spinach Cookie
A Rank• Chess Choco Cookie
• Plum Cookie
• Soda Cookie
• Cocoa Cookie
B Rank• Fig Cookie
• GingerBrave
• Space Doughnut
• Lemon Cookie
C Rank• Ninja Cookie
• Lobster Cookie
• Earl Grey Cookie
• Onion Cookie
D Rank• Zombie Cookie
• Pistachio Cookie
• Popcorn Cookie
• Angel Cookie

Continue reading the article to learn about each entry in more detail.


Firstly, it should be clear that Cookie Run and Cookie Run Ovenbreak are two different titles, so the characters seen in the game were not previously used or introduced to other Cookie Run games.

And in this ranking list, we will try and rank each of the entries from S to D rank, depending on how useful they are during gameplay. You may not agree with a lot of our choices, and that’s fine. All of the placements below were decided based on our personal preferences, and how well they worked for us.

S Tier

best cookies of the game
S Tier.

First and foremost, we will talk about the Highest tier of this game with the S rank. These are all of the best cookies in the entire game, and their spectacular abilities make them a top pick on every player’s bucket list. Having these characters on one’s side is a winning ticket for almost every run.

Wind Archer Cookie

A Legendary Cookie called the Wind Archer Cookie becomes available when a player makes it to the Champions League. He can score points by sliding while using archery to kill fallen spirits. His skills include pulling the bowstring by pressing the Slide button, then releasing it to strike the dead spirits. The spirits will vanish after being struck, leaving behind many Wind Spirit Jellies. Wind Dash is activated when the proper number of fallen spirits are hit.

The Wind Archer Magic Candy Now Cookie will shoot one arrow at all real dead ghosts. Additionally, three hits are required to summon dark spirits. A dark spirit will shrink after being struck. The more frequently dark spirits manifest, the stronger the charming power.

Moonlight Cookie

The Moonlight Cookie is a legendary find and, without a doubt, a great runner. She has many special abilities that make her end in the S rank of Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List 2022. It normally takes a lot of time and effort to unlock her, but can also be acquired after buying her directly through the Breakout shop. She was one of the two legendary cookies of the game, along with the Wind archer cookie. Furthermore, she creates star powder jellies and collects points when she falls asleep.

Unlike previously, she can now be unlocked from the start of the game. When she is sleeping, the star powder jellies destroy the obstacles in her way, and that assures her smooth movement. 

Ananas Dragon Cookie

A Legendary Cookie named Ananas Dragon Cookie was introduced on April 15, along with their pet, Pineapplemur. They fly through the air using dragon geomancy while hurling a massive boulder at the earth to get points. It utilizes the Dragon Geomancy ability to soar in the skies at predetermined intervals.

By pressing the Slide button, you can gather earthen pieces in the magic circle, assemble them into a big boulder, and score points. Ananas Dragon Cookie skyrockets up and falls to the ground, destroying everything in its path once all boulders have fallen. Increase your level to earn additional Plummet, Earth Fragment, and Boulder points

Spinach Cookie

Spinach Cookie is a female character in the game who loves Vegetables. She eats them for lunch, supper, and breakfast. She also consumes them as snacks daily and at night, as if that weren’t enough. This is an important reason behind her ability to perform tests without getting tired. The appearance of five different vegetable jams requires skill. To unleash the effect of a vegetable jelly, gather it.

The Popeye cartoon may be a reference to Spinach Cookie’s strength since the cookie also makes a punching motion while removing barriers in Giant Mode. These two animations are what Spinach Cookie switches between. Even if Spinach Cookie is in both Giant Mode and Blast Mode, these punching animations won’t show up in Blast Mode.

A Tier

second best tier
A Tier.

Next up we will talk about the A rank, which lists the second-best characters of Cookie Run Ovenbreak. Their statistical aspects and Special Skills are not bad at all, quite the opposite in fact. However, there are certain factors that stop them from being the absolute best in the game.

Chess Choco Cookie

This Cookie was released at the back end of 2020, and she belongs to the category of epic cookies. She is surrounded by her pet named Nougat Knight. And instead of only one cookie, here we have a a set of two different ones. One is known as Pawn white cookie, while the other one is named pawn black cookie. They both are a complete package within themselves. Winning a wit on any chess board is just a myth. Like all the other cookies, it has a way of reacting and behaving to the magic candy when the Cookie gets tired after a long run and is about to faint. These positives make her high in the A tier of the Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List.

The black pawn cookie and the pawn white Cookie favor different game strategies. Pawn Black Cookie utilizes Rook and the king mostly, while the Pawn white cookie relies on a quick strategy to promote the use of pawns on queens.

Plum Cookie

Master Prune is Plum Cookie, an Epic Cookie, and he earns points by removing barriers that he creates on his own. He was made available as a part of the Mighty Duo upgrade simultaneously as the Scroll of Guidance Treasure. Occasionally, a skill will enter Plum Fist training. The Slide button turns into the Punch button while the Training mode is active and the Punch button can be used to remove training barriers that pop up.

The goal of the Training mode’s last challenge is to smash a giant rock by repeatedly hitting the Punch button while earning points for each strike. Per training obstacle that is destroyed, leveling up earns additional points. There are periodic appearances of Magic Candy Plum Pastilles. Energy may be restored, and Flying Kick is enabled by gathering a Plum Pastille. To perform a Flying Kick, knock down barriers, collect Flying Kick Points, double jump, and then slide.

Soda Cookie

Soda Cookie and his pet, Lemon Slice, were available as Rare Cookies. He can mount a wave and travel quickly while surfing. His skills include surfing after gathering Potions on soda waves and gaining levels will extend your surfing session. 

Notably, Soda Cookie’s Snow Surfer outfit is the only one where he is completely covered up and shares a color scheme with the trans pride flag. Soda The sound effect used by Bubble Wave Shell is also used by Cookie’s skill. The reaction of Soda Cookie to the second-anniversary cake was “Yee-haw! A cake!” and his to the Valentine’s Day celebration was “Woo-hoo! Like being on the crest of a huge wave of love! 

Cocoa Cookie

He should receive the maximum number of points as long as he continues to do that. The final boulder should also be destroyed immediately because leaving it alone is no advantage. It is a good idea to press both buttons at once to break it open more quickly. It is important to keep in mind that the Cocoa Pastilles in his Magic Candy restore Energy, so it is a very good idea to get them as soon as possible. 

The magic candy helps her with the queen’s blessing and saves her from fainting. This gives her many bonus points, and she lasts longer. It is believed that when the Enchanted power is stronger. Resultantly it gives birth to more last blast points.

B Tier

Third best tier
B Tier.

Now moving further into our Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List 2022, we will talk about the B rank. Characters here are considered to be absolutely average, and they are also most likely to be the most common ones you encounter. Many of these are easily usable and can be unlocked with ease.

Fig Cookie

Fig Cookie belongs to the class of Epic cookies and it has traits of liking solid green sugar crystal, and her dislike is Millennial tree tears. This Cookie has a pet named Fruit Doe, which helps her destroy obstacles The Cookie also automatically starts jumping up and down after collecting some of it. 

The Cookie can be found in almost any lucky chest which can produce Epic Cookie. During her run, after particular intervals, jelly horns appear, and collecting them makes the obstacle fly away like cotton clouds. However, if you have collected five jelly horns, it helps her rapidly jump over all the obstacles and awaken more obstacles. The effect lasts only as long as a collision is made. After a collision, it just finishes. Leveling up these jelly horns increases the frequency of their appearance. Hence a better performance and run are guaranteed.


In addition to his companion, Choco Drop, GingerBrave is a Common Cookie. He serves as every new player’s free starting Cookie and is the game’s original promoter. He’s also able to double jump and slide. His Energy will rise as he situations up. At regular intervals, Magic Candy gets a stalwart! Buff. Forthcoming obstacles are destroyed while the stalwart! Buff is active.

Getting relieved of obstacles results in earning Brave Destruction Points, and more are gained when the entranced power is stronger. GingerBrave was a challenge for inexperienced and professed players to see how long they could go and how many points they could collect with it because it had no starting chops. Contrary to others, the Cookie has no certain goods at any position, despite the Skill effect indicating an “Increase” as Level 1 “Brave” ultimately transforms into  Last stalwart standing.” Indeed when the Cookie’s Skill remains unchanged, leveling it up still results in further Energy being added.

Space Doughnut

The Space doughnut Cookie has been in the running for a very long time now. It has a special ability to fire a beam to convert jellies and obstacles Making the move continuously, the space doughnut enters a new mode which is known as super doughnut blast mode.

The interval of super doughnut blast mode depends on the strength of the enchanted power. This Cookie is a mediocre character and not very suitable for straight races. Instead, it is alternatively used for relay races. Giving it any treasure should also be avoided because it reduces the chances of scoring points.

Lemon Cookie

Lemon cookie is considered to be a male character in the game with a pet named as Electro-Lemon. His special ability includes the creation of an electro shield. It then creates a strong magnetic aura that can collect the rainbow bear jellies. It also activates the lemon shield, which gives him a few benefits. That helps him get protected from one collision and provides him extra points on the collected jellies.

The Cookie was one of the four newly introduced cookies belonging to the Major Hybrid Citrus group of fruits. Its outlook is just like dressed ancient greek gods. Despite all, she lacks a bit of Energy, and the game makers realized that exactly. Hence his power was enhanced in the 2019 update to settle with the rest.

C Tier

below average cookies
C Tier.

We will now continue our Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List with some of the more abysmal characters in the game. These are often neglected because most of their abilities are not all that great, but they are far from the worst entries in the list.

Ninja Cookie

Ninja cookie has an initial energy level of 173 at level one, which is sort of ok to start with, but after 20 updates it onlt goes to 308, which is too little. So degradation does not tend to change her energy levels.

Ninja Cookie’s Jelly Walker costume has pitched down sound goods. She was the first Cookie after the Costume Draw update to admit a Super grand costume, Voice of Virtue. Angel Cookie was the first Rare Cookie to admit a Super grand costume. Before the Relationship Chart update, there was a strong presumption of a relationship between Angel Cookie and Devil Cookie. 

Lobster Cookie

A lobster cookie is a male cookie introduced under the 2018 update of the game. This Cookie has a special ability, as she has three staff members to work for her. The chef is responsible for producing new jellies. These help her in restoring her Energy. 

Thirdly we talk about the household. She is responsible to tidy up all the stuff and properly pile them in a good manner. She covers up all the holes by creating jellies. The gourmet and cleaning jellies get more awarded if the Cookie is leveled up. He hates grey sugar crystals. Whereas her love for treasure stamps and premium tea is a lot. 

Earl Grey Cookie

She is an epic cookie and also has her pet known as a crying saucer. Earl Grey Cookie is a part of the C tier. She was recently introduced into the game back in January 2021. Her introduction was a part of the Dangerous exchange Update. She was a very commonly used cookie before the pudding cup circus update. 

The Cookie is given quite a bit of importance. Earl Grey Cookie and the Chess Choco Cookie were two-of-a-kind cookies. They got a chance to get featured on the official youtube channel of the Cookie run game. Players of the game believe that Earl Grey Cookie faces an obstacle while on the run.

Onion Cookie

Onion Cookie is a fairly new character, so many things about her are still unknown. She has a gauge, and when that is filled, she enters a haunted house. That haunted house consists of obstacles in the shape of furniture and as she passes through that spooky place, she is awarded points. Her special abilities include the emission of Onion Aura.

She does not appear in the visible frame, as she is thought to be a ghost and she is responsible for breaking the chain of the secondary Cookies that were found in updates having the same Energy and Magic Candy Blessings as the first Cookie used to have. This helps her pass-thru points as a Blessing instead of receiving destruction points. 

D Tier

worst tier
D Tier.

At last, we’ve finally reached the final rank of the Cookie Run Ovenvbreak Tier List 2022. Here we have the worse characters in the entire game since their stats are extremely unreliable and they possess no unique abilities.

Zombie Cookie

The Zombie Cookie has a special ability to get revived multiple times after being killed. Its combo bonus awards him 45 bonus points, which boosts his power and Energy. The character is common and available from the start, making it a bit worthless for the players. This can be a good long-run runner, but his ability to collect points is less concerning the time spent running.

When Zombie Cookie uses his arrow to purify a fallen spirit, the spirit transforms into a bird spirit that flies up and away. Zombie Cookie fires arrows at the wing-like hearts when donning the Night Raven costume. 

Pistachio Cookie

The Pistachio cookie is unlocked and good to use from the word go. It is noted that the stronger she is blessed with Enchanted Power. She makes a pistachio sound when she jumps, and many players find it very irritating and disturbing.

Even though Pistachio Cookie appeared to want to be friendly with Devil Cookie, the only citation of CookieWars that Devsisters has made is in Pistachio Cookie’s Jelly Walker outfit. The alternate anniversary cutlet inspired a” Thank you veritably much” from Pistachio Cookie. Pistachio Cookie and its companion pet, Celestial Star, were available as Rare Cookies. It always has a magnetic vibe. Skill’s magnetic aura draws jellies to it.

Popcorn Cookie

At predetermined periods, the Cookie receives Blessing of Light, which releases Feather Jellies. The skill activates more frequently and awards Feather Jellies with more points, the stronger the enchanted power. The Cookie’s magnetic aura, which draws in any Coins and Jellies nearby, emanates from its gleaming golden curls.

(Hello Ghost) There isn’t enough time to make a good costume for a Halloween party! Grab a blanket that will quickly turn you into a ghost, just like Popcorn Cookie did. Just remember to be frightful! Jelly Walker) After the day the Purple Meteorite dropped, nobody saw Popcorn Cookie again. 

Angel Cookie

When Angel Cookie lands on the ground under the influence of a Giant Jelly, the ground does not fluctuate. Angel Cookie’s presence in the background is presumably to condemn this. Only one quotation from Angel Cookie’s Jelly Walker outfit isn’t a wail. Also, it’s the only citation in the game that uses an unconventional ABC, including an out-of-place A and a backward. In Korean, the Jelly Walker outfit worn by Angel Cookie is described veritably else. 

In malignancy of being set up shamefaced in each of her three appearances in riddle event orders, Angel Cookie has always maintained her innocence. 

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Pets Tier List

Pets are found in the Cookie Run Ovenbreak game. These creatures usually accompany the Cookie in their run as they have distinctive abilities that assist them. Every Cookie has a different response to every pet. A perfect combination of a pet and a cookie can help the player get the best possible outcomes. There are a few ways to unlock these pets, such as hatching eggs, event completion, and airdrops or lucky draws.

TiersPet Names
S TierRed Apple, Yellow flower, Play Block
A TierEternal Eye of Darkness, Magma-Bird, Ocean Dragon, Thundersnow Yeti, Dreamcatcher, Wave Drop, Windcatcher
B TierBat Cat, Pure Cream, Crying Saucer, Angel Lightstick, Onion fish, Milk Angel, Space Mini-ball
C TierFluffy Cheese Cat, Brain Gum, Little Ghost, Cloud Pelican, Flame Bat, Oak Barrel, Lemon Slice
D TierChoco Drop, Cheese Drop, Pocket Strawberry, Lucky Dice Bros

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Treasures Tier List

The main purpose of Treasures in Cookie Run Ovenbreak is to provide Special Effects. Additionally, they are composed of equipable items that contribute to all these special effects. These treasures come in various ways and with different faces. They include the collection of jellies and the destruction of obstacles. Not only these but also ways to collect or attract these jellies, shields, coin production, and much more. These are all the ways to use treasures.

Tier NamesTreasure Names
S TierMama's Apple Pie, Kitty's Lovely Lunchbox, and Kitty's Candy Box
A TierFirm Friendship Ring, Firm Friendship Pendant, Paradise Compass, and Enchanted Mirror
B TierCoin Fireworks Box, Rainbow Bear Roll Cake, Bear Jelly Boomerang, and Frozen Piece of Cake
C TierSheild Bubble Gun, Jelly Topped Cupcakes, Bear Jelly Icecream, and Coin Silver Coin
D TierIce Pearl Coral, Silver Flower Brooch, Perfect Landing Book, and Jelly Seed Crystal Jar


Finally, we now conclude our Cookie Run Ovenbreak list. This article is about ranking the different characters, treasures, and pets in the game, and we presented it to you with all the necessary information a first-time player should have about the game. We hope it helps you out, and that you can make informed decisions going forward.

But not everyone will agree with our placements, and that’s why the comments section exists. Please let us know your thoughts, and we will update our lists accordingly. We will also be updating the article to match the new meta as future updates switch up the balancing of the characters.

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