Counterside Tier List [07/03]

We Will Be Ranking All The Characters Relevant To The Current Meta.

The topic for today is the Counterside tier list 2022, in which we will discuss and rank all of the heroes from the game. They will be ranked in a tier system according to the abilities they possess, and our article is based on our own likes and dislikes and some thorough browsing through all the possible opinions from fellow players. Counterside is a great game and has an enormous fan following throughout the globe.

The characters present in the game have multiple skills and abilities, and they all have various features in their skillset that distinguish them from one another. But selecting a player from soo many great options seems like a tough job, so we are here to make it easy for you all. Here we will provide the greatest ranking possible so that you can select a player knowing all about it in one article confined. 

Key Points

  • There are a total of 19 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the characters according to their skills and abilities.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find characters like Evelyn Keller, Administration Rifleman, Gaeun, and Awakened Lee Sooyeon.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe characters like Edith Twins, Seo Yoon, Elizabeth Pendragon, and Edel Meitner. 


We will rank all the characters in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
Evelyn KellerSigmaNanahara ChinatsuEdith Twins
Administration RiflemanEsterosa de ChevalierRegina MacCready
Awakened Lee SooyeonKyle WongSeo Yoon
SerapelLin XienElizabeth Pendragon
Awakened Seo YoonNanahara ChifuyuEdel Meitner

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

Best heroes from Counterside
S Tier.

All of the most popular heroes in the current Counterside meta can be found here. The characters in this tier are the most powerful playable units available, both in terms of their damage abilities and their skill sets, as well as in terms of the other utilities they provide. They are simply unstoppable and can easily navigate their way out of a variety of sticky situations. Their high rate of damage infliction makes them a difficult target for adversaries to dispatch.

Our Counterside Reroll tier list’s top rank contains the game’s most powerful heroes across all game modes and metas. The S-tier units have such a high standing primarily because of the unique skills they possess and how well they synergize with almost any kind of team composition.

They make a significant contribution to the team and volunteer to take care of the most helpless of companions at least until the end of the game, if not beyond it. Unless your preferred one is listed lower in our post, we will strongly suggest that you make one of these your reroll priority. Notwithstanding, the S-units are as follows:

Evelyn Keller

Evelyn is, without a doubt, the most effective healer in Counterside across all metas and game modes. She is, in point of fact, the only healer capable of performing all of the aforementioned functions, and as a result, she is an excellent addition to any team, regardless of whether or not they are rerolling. Even now, people still consider her to be the best healer in the game. That is due to the fact that Evelyne Keller deals a significant amount of damage despite the fact that she is a healing unit. Just make sure that you bestow the ASPD set upon her so that her skill potential can expand even further.

Players, on the other hand, almost always go for the CDR set because it is the only thing that can boost the unit’s healing ability (which is the primary reason why Evelyn is on your team). Additionally, Evelyne Keller is completely equipped with a 72% Skill Haste, which makes her healing profile even more ridiculous. However, the icing on the cake is the fact that she is an air conditioner. Because of that, Evelyn’s defenses are also exceptional; alternatively, we could say that they are not needed as much since she is safer in the air and can continue distributing her healing bounties with relative ease.

Also, what else? Even the most powerful Awaken Na Yubin is unable to take Evelyn Keller on, which is one of the reasons why she is so popular among players who engage in PvP. If you choose to board Evelyne for that purpose, then the healing department of your team will indeed be in capable hands. As far as the drawbacks of Evelyn Keller are concerned, there is a possibility that she will occasionally struggle against anti-air ranged employees.

Deployment Cost 3
Movement Type Air
Attack Type Ground

Administration Rifleman

Do not be discouraged by the Administration Rifleman’s SR rarity, as the character deals even more damage than you anticipate, and as a result, resides in our list. The powerful DPS is capable of single-handedly melting PvP Awakened Defenders, but it is important to make sure that he is outfitted appropriately. Anyway, the character is also the best-ranged fighter across both metas, making them a strong contender for the title. Administration Rifleman deals insanely massive damage despite having a low cost, and as a result, it is hailed as the ideal all-meta choice for beginners as well as any kind of team, regardless of whether or not they have Counters.

Because of its low deployment cost, it is also an excellent option for many of the Counterside modes that have a maximum cost cap, such as the Shadow Palace. In spite of the fact that the Administration Rifleman has a rather heavenly profile, there is a significant drawback. It boils down to the fact that the rerolling competitor will look great and strong during the initial PvP stage, but they won’t be able to keep up with an Ingrid or a large AOE attack after that point. In such a scenario, the Administration Rifleman can be taken down with relative ease. Consequently, unless you are protected from such death calls, this is the Counterside companion to whom you can always look for support.

Deployment Cost 2
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type All


Is the word Awakened visible to you along with Gaeun? Even though she is not one, you will have no choice but to view her in that light due to the abilities she possesses. Gaeun in Counterside is a disguised version of an Awakened character that goes through frequent iterations, particularly in Global. She is, however, one of the most famous playable employees of the game due to the fact that she not only has a fantastic performance but also a fantastic design. To begin, Gaeun possesses good stats for a Ranger unit due to the fact that she is capable of covering almost all other roles.

Gaeun is capable of virtually anything that has a significant positive effect on the overall performance of the team, whether it be dealing damage, stunning powerful bosses, or simply relieving them of a buff as a follow-up. And have we mentioned the deployment cost for all of that to you? It’s only 3!

Overall, the character is a walking Counterside synergistic kit that anyone playing a reroll would love to have. Because of her high HP and DEF as well as her excellent CC combined damage, Gaeun is able to hold out for a significantly longer period of time than the majority of other units. In spite of everything, Gaeun has managed to get past Ban Level 4 in SEA’s Ranked PvP for SEA on two separate occasions and once in JP. However, you should anticipate that she will face some difficulty despite having reached the final stage of the game.

Deployment Cost 3
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type All

Awakened Lee Sooyeon

Players in Counterside will want to reroll her more than any other air-type unit in the game. Because of her significant damage as well as her always reliable buffing skills, Awakened Lee Sooyeon will allow you to quickly and easily eliminate all of your game’s troublesome air opponents. Every Ranged-focused team is taken to the next level as a result of the anti-air specialist Awakened Lee Sooyeon’s ability to extend her excellent buffing, particularly toward the Ranger allies. The unit possesses the most powerful ETB passive in all of Counterside.

The ETB deals damage to the entirety of the combat arena and is also capable of eliminating powerful air units such as Lyudmila or Rosalia with just one shot. Taking into consideration all of these different anti-fly skills, ALSY is the best investment for guarding the ship in PvE’s Guild Coop. With ALSY, the punishing Shadow Palace Floor 3 of PvE will seem like nothing more than a walk in the park, given that the raw force exerted by ground specialists can otherwise never advance to that level. Additionally, it is important not to overlook the fact that Relic Dungeons are inaccessible without air units such as Awakened Lee Sooyeon.

A five rarity deployment cost and some buffing of ALSY’s Skill Haste are all that is required for her to do her job from the perspective of the players. ALSY’s price does not change when it comes to PvP, so it is still relatively easy for any kind of group to acquire it. For instance, players can use the anti-air unit to take out anyone abusing the Awakened Horizon, and it will take very little time for them to do so! Be sure to get it done at the right time, though, because ALSY is most definitely not the type of Counterside character who can be killed and forgotten about.

Deployment Cost 5
Movement Type Air
Attack Type All


Serapel is of the SSR class and also functions as a tank. How could you possibly refrain from rerolling her if that is the case? No one can, especially after we break down the complete profile of Serapel here in our article. To begin, she is a well-known masochistic tank in the game and is featured as the one who can be selected from the banner. One of the most important contributors to Serapel’s success is the way that she responds constructively to criticism (we mean damage here), which in her case serves her more effectively than it does her harm. Because she can take damage from allies as well as enemies, Serapel is becoming an increasingly important member of the team as each blow adds to the suffering she can endure.

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The character is also skilled in self-healing, which is a trait that is rarely seen in a unit that is focused on dealing with the damage and deals a significant amount of damage in player-versus-player combat. The same meta provides additional benefits for Serapel’s minimal knockback abilities and slow movement, as it assists in effectively camping out decks. In Player versus Player combat, Serapel once more proves to be useful by gradually decimating the opposition using her map-wide burn. In any case, Serapel will perform magnificently in PvE as well because she protects the team’s backline like no other character can by continuously healing them and absorbing hits on their behalf.

Deployment Cost 4
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type All

Awakened Seo Yoon

He is one of the oldest Awakened in SEA, and despite the increased level of competition that comes as a direct result of that fact, it is still able to maintain its position at the top. Yes, Awakened Seo Yoon is one of the best people to deal damage, and he takes charge of the situation from the very beginning all the way through the end, helping the team get through the challenging end game. Her ability to conjure powerful rifles to support her ranged stance and to increase her chances of survival is the primary factor that contributes to Awakened Seo Yoon’s commanding and intimidating sheer presence.

Killing a sniper rifle buddy, especially one that deals excessively high amounts of damage, is not a game for children. Your best bet with ASY on board, particularly in the early stages of story mode, will be to deploy her behind a tank, where she will eliminate almost all of the opposition she encounters. In addition, players have the option of combining her with Awakened Yuna for a more exciting storyline. That will help clear out the entire Shadow Palace at the same time (leaving the levels where awakened characters are banned). In terms of PvP, this is the meta that will actually assist ASY in bringing out the inner beast that she possesses.

Even though her damage in PvP is high enough to make most bosses run away in fear, her Healing Reflux is the real source of concern for all of her opponents. By using the ability, Awakened Seo Yoon inflicts a severe status condition on all foes that are damaged by her Special attack, one that causes their health to decrease whenever they are healed. However, Awakened Seo Yoon is not a recommended Counterside unit to use in Raids, and there are several obvious reasons for that fact. For example, ASY must go through a very drawn-out process in order to increase her damage-rendering ability in comparison to the majority of other players, who subsequently have a better chance of succeeding in Raids.

Deployment Cost
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type All

A Tier

Good heroes from the game
A Tier.

The celebration of Counterside’s powerhouses is over, but the door is not entirely and permanently closed. Only if you have a good strategy for dealing with them can you consider A-tier friends to be real competitors. These characters are definitely deserving of your attention, even if they aren’t handled very well, and with just a little bit of a push from you, you’ll be able to add a new member to the S-tier from here.

Although they are not number one, this location is home to unquestionably one of the most heroic Counterside characters. A tier characters offer a one-of-a-kind overall utility that is applicable to almost every game’s meta, making them excellent choices for the construction of any team.

Following the example set by the heroes of the S tier, the A tier units demonstrate that they are just as suitable for winning the majority of battles, despite having some minor drawbacks. Even though you will prevail in the majority of matches with them, the path to victory will be more drawn out than it would be with an S-tier companion. Characters of the A-tier are, all things considered, pretty solid units for rerolling, and they have impressive stats to mark your beginning with.


She is the mech that you should always go for in rerolls without giving it a second thought (but only in situations where S-tier units are unavailable!). The Sigma passive provides a good deal of assistance to her in increasing her role advantage and minimizing any negative effects of her role disadvantage.

In addition to that, she possesses a solid overtime battery along with the fantastic ability to call forth a Daddy GAP defender whenever she needs one. Together, they will be able to help Sigma and the team stall for a longer period of time than was originally anticipated.

Deployment Cost 4
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type All

Esterosa de Chevalier

Good news! As of right now, the cost of deploying Esterosa de Chevalier is only four, which is a significant reduction from its previous value of eight. In addition to that, following the most recent patch, she was granted a wonderful debuff that amplifies her stat profile even further.

To begin, Esterosa de Chevalier has established herself as an ideal off-tank Counterside unit for the present day and age, one that is capable of inflicting a respectable amount of damage. However, it does not appear that that will work very well in Global, which is the reason why she is ranked one tier below S.

Deployment Cost
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type Ground


She is, without a doubt, the most effective Counterside Sniper for rolling rerolls. Not only does Lyudmila have a huge potential for dealing with damage, but she also has a lot of useful utilities available to use. That will keep you entertained. As a result, she is the most effective across all metas, including both PvE and PvP.

Deployment Cost 4
Movement Type Air
Attack Type All

Kyle Wong.

Because of this, she has earned an A-ranking in our Counterside Operator tier list because she is extraordinary in every other aspect of Global. In Global, Kyle Wong is unable to compete with the strength of the other good Rangers at his disposal.

Deployment Cost 3
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type All

Lin Xien

The current Counterside battery is incredible and should be the one that everyone chooses to use. Lim Xien is an essential piece of equipment for PvE due to the fact that, as a battery, she has the ability to restore Deployment Resources quickly and, as a result, makes the deployment of characters simpler for all players.

Deployment Cost 4
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type Ground

Nanahara Chifuyu

A solid SSR in Counterside is necessary to state. If the best picks that have been presented so far have failed to pique your interest, you should consider the straightforward but highly lucrative Nanahara Chifuyu as a potential solution to your problem. She is versatile enough to be used as a striker in both PvE and PvP, regardless of the meta.

Deployment Cost 3
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type Ground

B Tier

Counterside tier list B tier
B Tier.

The B  rank of our Counterside Tier list Kr contains some of the more respectable heroes in the game. Even though the characters in the current section aren’t as extraordinary as the ones you’ve become accustomed to seeing up until this point, they are at least capable of guiding players through the majority of the game’s levels.

However, if there are additional obstacles in the way, it is possible to complete even the most challenging stages of Counterside using lower-tier units. You simply need to have courage, but you run the risk of losing your ship if the adversaries find a way to sneak in some damage while you experiment with a B tier hero. They have decent stats, to begin with, but they aren’t particularly powerful enough to have a significant impact on the game. However, they are sufficient enough to help you get through some difficult situations. In general, B-tier units are not the ones you should be fighting to the death for, but they do their job well enough.

Nanahara Chinatsu

Nanahara Chinatsu is a healer, and while they are slightly less trustworthy than Gaeun, they are still very worthy. In spite of the fact that healers don’t really have a shot at rerolling conditions, we strongly suggest that you do so in Counterside because doing so will help your account in a variety of different ways.

Therefore, in the event that you are unable to select healers of a lower rarity, such as Evelyn, Claudia, or Aurius, you should pick Nanahara Chinatsu without giving it any further thought.

Deployment Cost 3
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type All

Regina MacCready

In Countryside, Regina MacCready is a type of unit that functions as an anti-Mech supporter. She engages them in combat by reducing the amount of damage she deals (which is already significant in her case) and increasing the amount of emphasis she places on her defensive capabilities.

As a result of that, Regina MacCready is planning to apply a large number of debuffs to the mechs that she is fighting in order to maintain a stunning state over them and lower all of their damaging stats. On the other hand, she is only useful when facing Mechs, and she is utterly useless when facing any other kind of boss.

Deployment Cost 3
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type Ground


Before she was given the new Rearm, she had a below-average striker skills. Since then, however, she has improved significantly. Now, Alex is known as a respectable defender, but he is not as good as the other competitors who are competing above him, so he remains in the lower ranks.

Deployment Cost 3
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type Ground

Seo Yoon

It will become clear that Seo Yoon is an excellent PvE game buffer that everyone needs almost always, with the exception of the beginning stage. In addition, in order for players to acquire Seo Yoon, they will need to complete a rescue mission in opposition to the revamped Newbie Missions. Considering all of this, it is safe to say that Seo Yoon is not really worth the hassle.

Deployment Cost 3
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type All

Elizabeth Pendragon

A Counterside Reroll character that is passable overall but is rarely used by SEA players. However, she has the potential to become a worthy adversary for the backline opposition in Global.

Deployment Cost 4
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type All

Edel Meitner

A strong unit in PvE for the Counterside, but it has no place in competitive play at all. Edel Meitner is your best bet for getting through the Story and Shadow Palace in the earlier metagame. He will also get you through them in a reasonably good way. Edel Meitner is, in our opinion, not particularly noteworthy in any of the other PvE game modes.

C Tier

counterside tier list C tier
C Tier.

The C tier is home to the members of the Counterside caste who are the least capable. They have almost no useful abilities, which is why they are the least desired character choice in the game. However, C-tier characters will be of assistance to beginners in completing the first couple of levels of the game. Despite this, it is strongly advised that you switch to a higher-ranked unit as soon as one becomes available rather than sticking with these.

Edith Twins

It’s possible that the Edith Twins unit will catch your attention thanks to the abundance of adorable features they possess, but you shouldn’t give in to the charm. The twins are practically worthless other than their appearance, they are not worth anyone’s time (at least in the case of rerolling), despite the fact that it may seem to favor your play style quite a bit.

Deployment Cost 4
Movement Type Ground
Attack Type All

Comparison Table

CharactersTierDeployment CostMovement TypeAttack Type
Evelyn KellerS3AirGround
Administration RiflemanS2GroundAll
Awakened Lee SooyeonS5AirAll
Awakened Seo YoonA6GroundAll
Esterosa de ChevalierA4GroundGround
Kyle WongA3GroundAll
Lin XienA4GroundGround
Nanahara ChifuyuA3GroundGround
Nanahara ChinatsuB3GroundAll
Regina MacCreadyB3GroundGround
Seo YoonB3GroundAll
Elizabeth PendragonB4GroundAll
Edel MeitnerB4GroundAll
Edith TwinsC

Patch Notes Version 

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • New Awakened Unit – Maestra Nequitia
  • Banner Rerun – Shena
  • Awakened Units Rerun – Awakened Lee Sooyeon
  • New Rearm – Kaci Bins and Han Sorim


Here was our Counterside tier list 2022, and we worked really hard to place all the heroes in the relevant tiers with proper consideration. However, these rankings may or may not correspond with your individual tastes. And that’s fine since everyone plays games in their own way, and what I find appealing may not necessarily appeal to you. 

However, we tried our best to construct a list that represented the current meta and reflected our individual playstyles, and I believe the majority of readers will approve of our selections. However, if you disagree, you are more than free to voice your opinion in the section below. The writers at TopTierList constantly accept critical feedback in good spirits and use it to further our analyses going forward.