CS:GO Knife Tier List: Best Skins Ranked [2023]

All CS:GO Knife Skins Will Be Ranked In This Article

CS:GO is a first-person multiplayer shooting game developed by Valve, which after a decade since its release still outperforms most of its competitors. And among all of the SMGs, Rifles, and Shotguns, Knifing unsuspecting players gives the most memorable and remarkable experience in the game. So in our CS:GO Knife Tier List, we will all knife skins based on their appearance and rarity as it’s pretty challenging to get your hands on one. 

We have tried to rank each one of them to the best of our knowledge, we might be subjective and will vary from person to person.

Key Points

  • We will rank the 15 most popular knife skins in the game.
  • Each one of them is ranked on the basis of their finish and rarity.
  • You will observe Gut and Karambit knives with Lore and Black Laminate finishes in higher ranks.
  • Among the lowest are Bayonet, Bowie and Flip knives with Doppler, Black Pearl, and Ultraviolet skins respectively.


Before we dive any further, the following table shows the rank of all skins.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Gut Knife Lore
• Karambit Black Laminate
• Huntsman Knife Tiger Tooth
• Paracord Knife Boreal Forest
• Huntsman Knife Doppler Ruby
• Survival Knife Urban Masked
• Falchion Knife Damascus Steel
• Talon Knife Doppler Phase 2
• Skeleton Knife Case Hardened
• Classic Knife Fade
• Flip Knife Gamma Doppler
• Ursus Knife Doppler Phase 1
• Flip Knife Ultraviolet
• Bowie Knife Doppler Black Pearl
• Bayonet Gamma Doppler

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CS GO knives skin are some of the priciest items you can get in the game. They are mostly bought from Steam, Third-Party marketplaces, Trading Up, and by Opening cases in which there’s only 1 chance in 385 cases. However, knives can be obtained from in-game drops.

S Tier

CS GO Knife Tier List
S Tier.

The highest and best rank in the CS:GO Knife Skin Tier List contains only the best skins in the game. The members of the S group stand out for their unmatched attractiveness and availability.

Gut Knife Lore

Gut Knife with Lore finish is unquestionably the best in terms of looks. It has a stunning, streamlined appearance that is both dangerous and majestic. The Lore Skin can be found within Gamma Case container which debuted with “Gamma Exposure”. Moreover, its drop rate is also quite low. The skin costs $88 on the market.


Karambit Black Laminate

Never before has black and white looked so nice. This beautifully crafted handle has a black-and-white design and a really nice laminated base that brings the whole thing together. Matte black paint highlights the Karambit’s sweeping curving edge. Its price ranges from $500 to $1000.

A Tier

CS GO Knife Tier List
A Tier.

One of the best-looking knives is found in the A tier of our CS:GO Knife Tier List 2023, both in terms of visual appeal and accessibility. They lacked the tiny spark, though, that would have prevented them from falling under the S tier.

Huntsman Knife Tiger Tooth

With this brand-new and honestly striking color scheme, the Huntsman knife makes its second appearance. The skin mimics the look and deadliness of its predecessor, evoking the bold and captivating appearance of a tiger. Tiger Tooth was made available to players after the “Take a Trip to the Canals” update with a price of $230.

Paracord Knife Boreal Forest

Multipurpose Paracord knife looks wonderful covered in the nature-inspired camouflage pattern. Use the essential survival pattern to outsmart your enemies and ambush them when they are at their weakest. The price can range from $70 to $500.

Huntsman Knife Doppler Ruby

Fortunately, the Huntsman knife’s big, intuitive shape complements its striking red paint job perfectly. Use the fantastic Doppler Ruby to bathe in the blood of your kills. The skin has a lovely sparkle that amplifies its excellent color. Doppler Ruby was made available to players after the “Take a Trip To The Canals” update. Moreover, it can be obtained after the price of $1200 to $1400.

B Tier

CS GO Knife Tier List
B Tier.

All of the median entries on the list in our CS:GO Knife Finish Tier List are found in B rank.

Survival Knife Urban Masked

Survival Knife and Urban Masked Skin Combination is ideal for those that are passionate about the tactical action in CS GO. Its color palette of grey and coal shouts tough fight and is an ideal knife for gamers with quick feet and sly attitudes. It has a price tag of $800.

Falchion Knife Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel skin further reinforces the already lethal Falchion knife. Its distinctive curved texture produces a brilliant sheen that is sure to dazzle and frighten adversaries. This skin is special because of its aluminum paint job, which prevents rusting and scraping. maintaining the design’s flawless precision. Its low drop rate indicates that there is little probability of obtaining it. You can buy it for as little as $88 or as much as $140.

Talon Knife Doppler Phase 2

Beautiful and lethal,  the Talon knife complements the dark tone of the Doppler skin. The purple and pink palette of the knife is strikingly balanced by the pearl grip, creating a stunning weapon that precisely captures the exquisite elegance and danger of the Talon knife. Due to its rarity, it is very difficult to acquire at the price of $530.

C Tier

CS GO Knife Tier List
C Tier.

The C rank entries of the CS:GO Knife Tier List 2023 are pretty subpar in terms of appeal and availability. 

Skeleton Knife Case Hardened

This distinctively crafted skin fits well on top of the primitive and simple Skeleton knife. The flame colors on the surface give the uninteresting weapon some appeal. Broken Web Case and Fracture Case containers have the skin. Moreover, it is widely available in online marketplaces, ranging from $300 to $900.

Classic Knife Fade

Counter-Strike’s iconic Classic knife is marked with the Fade skin, which uses a combination of orange, pink, and purple that fades together elegantly to provide both new and seasoned gamers a chance to appreciate an iconic with a contemporary look. Its price ranges from $400 to $450.

Flip Knife Gamma Doppler

Flip knife in CS GO has a lovely blend of deep purple and chinoiserie color. The knife is coated with an emerald coating over a sleek, shiny dark purple background, strikingly balancing both vibrant colors.

Ursus Knife Doppler Phase 1

Ursus knife is made of a sharp, structural pattern with a perplexing paint scheme. Doppler paint job on the knife is completed with a mesmerizing technique that expertly combines dark blue and red, giving the blade a pseudo-natural feel.

D Tier

CS GO Knife Tier List
D Tier.

Due to its poor availability and lengthy casting times, Tier D in our CS:GO Knife Skins Tier List contains the least accessible and comparatively less attractive knives.

Flip Knife Ultraviolet

Simple but lethal,  the Ultraviolet skin’s straightforward, minimalistic color scheme harmonizes wonderfully with the style of the Flip knife. Lilac and matte black paint are used to decorate the grip and knife. Flip knife’s sleek shape and precision match well with its black finish. Furthermore, it is extremely unlikely to obtain it from online marketplaces.

Bowie Knife Doppler Black Pearl

Doppler Black Pearl skin lends the traditional Bowie Knife a spooky and alluring look. The knife’s blade is painted with a glittering and exotic coating in shades of black, blue, and purple. Its price ranges from $700 to $900

Bayonet Gamma Doppler

Bayonet’s captivating emerald finish is where we end our list. Bayonet’s straightforward design is given a beautiful green coat by the skin, along with a combination of darker hues. In addition,  Doppler skin produces a synthetic sheen resembling that of an actual emerald. Due to the skin’s low drop rate and high market worth, it ranges from $4000 up to $5500 depending on the skin’s quality.


That concludes our CS:GO Knife Tier List. You may find all the knowledge you require in this article to choose the Knife for you in terms of appearance, but of course, the price will always be a factor.

Some of the ranks displayed here may not correspond to your own. Moreover, please feel free to post a remark and express your ideas because we are well aware that any assertion stated here is subject to criticism.