Darkfire Heroes Tier List [1.28]

Our Darkfire heroes tier list ranks all the super heroes in the game.

Today I welcome you to another tier list I have completed after hours of research and hard work. Darkfire heroes is not an ordinary game; it is an amalgam of battles, action, magic, and courageous heroes. A game is nothing without its protagonists and antagonists. For a game to succeed, it requires a great set of heroes and villains to create anticipation inside a gamer. In our Darkfire heroes tier list, we will rank its characters based on their start and profiles.

In the article, you will also receive information about the game and its strategy along with the character’s skills and powers that contribute to constructing good gameplay—this game comprises 75 characters that belong to 6 different and peculiar factions.

A player gets to assemble and arrange his teams and then construct game plays and strategies to fight against evil. Every reader has their mind map and thinks about a specific game and its players. Each gamer speculates his characters from a different strategy and perspective. In the same way, we have ranked the characters of Darkfire heroes based on our own opinions and perspective.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 29 entries on our list.
  • The rankings were done based on the current meta.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find characters like Riena and Daer.
  • The lowest ranks contain the likes of Ehiro.


We will list all entries in the table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

You can learn about each entry in more detail further in the article.


In our article, we have ranked the characters of Darkfire heroes based on their skills and stats.

The S tier lodges all those characters that are chosen first inside a game and are famous for their spectacular abilities. A tier has potentially great heroes that have capabilities that make them superior to many but they don’t have abilities to compete with S-tiered characters. B-tier or mediocre tier makes ordinary characters part of its tier. The C and D tiers are abysmal in every form, they ruin gameplay and are usually overlooked while forming a team.

S Tier

best characters ranked in yhis tier
S Tier.

Let’s begin our article that is about our Darkfire heroes tier list 2022. it starts with an extremely special tier, known as the S tier. We can’t ignore this tier because it is an exceptionally important part of the ranking. Not just because it has top heroes of Darkfire heroes, but also because these warriors make the game unique. Without their presence, you won’t be able to extract the huge amount of fun that resides inside the game.

For ranking, we have categorized and distributed the characters based on their stats, style of attack, health, and combined effect. Along with that, a few features also contribute to making up a whole perspective of Darkfire heroes. These characters aid gameplay and benefit a player with their exceptional skills. A player has more chances of winning with these characters.


Type Supporter
Element Fire

Riena is a stunning lady with a muscular belt. She has her hair in a braid and a red dress that has a slit along one leg. Riena Possesses an ability that allows her to whip her targets from afar. If her targets are out of range she can lure them with her sharp tongue. Her main power is a whip pull that has two-fold benefits. Firstly, it causes a lot of damage with its savage lashes and it also stuns them for up to three seconds.

Her abilities become more brutal as her ranks increase. She is a part of an S tier due to her incomparable abilities that make her invincible. She has the looks and power to take down an enemy while supporting a player’s gameplay. A player can get the character by reaching level 20. 


Type  Damage Dealer
Element  Light

Daer is a nature-loving warrior who has fears look on her face, she is an elf and like an elf, he prefers to remain close to nature. She has deer-like antlers that are adorned with Clover leaves. Though she is usually seen as calm and content, when you mess with her Acquaintances you awaken her inner beast that might tear you apart in a second. She is included in a tier due to her mighty strength and her frenzied strikes.

She has a curved sword that helps her to unleash a volley of strikes. It has moderate time for cooling down and helps in sabotaging the enemy. She can be acquired by a player during level 20 and after that, a player can use her to double-cross his enemies and strengthen his gameplay. She allows her player to stay at the top of this game and have an upper hand.


Type Healer
Element  Earth

Let’s get down to another nature-loving character on our list. She has incredible powers and states that allow her to remain in the topmost tier. She has the leaves covering the upper wooden body and he also supports a tail. She has bright yellow eyes and red auburn hair. She holds a staff in her hand that put her earth-loving nature on display. She resides under an S tier due to the invincible abilities that allow her to take down her enemies.

She doesn’t give her enemy an upper hand and a chance to strike but she takes their weaknesses into account. She has the ability of healing blue and it helps her remain superior to her enemies. Her abilities allow her to heal herself and her teammate and increase their protection by spell breakers. She is the best choice for campaign mode because she supports her teammates and represents herself as the best leader. 


Type  Supporter
Element  Fire

Klexandr is a Viking and a furious-looking man. He was a new addition to the game in a Prince tournament event and made his Fame in that tournament. Every player started looking out for him because he was a mighty soldier who could take down any enemy while supporting his player’s gameplay. He is a capable character who has in Multiple Ways. He is included in an S tier because He uses his potential to sabotage his enemy and use his weaknesses against him.

It’s not just in his hammer but also in his arm that carries the hammer that allows him his power. He Is famous for the inspiring fortitude that allows him to enhance his damaging and defense duration. He can also stun the opponent that stands before him and increase his attacking level. A player can obtain him from the event shop for a specific amount of gems, or by spending event currency.


Type  Tank
Element  Air

He has a smoldering look on his face that hints at his tactful mind and cunning personality. A hero is known for his tactics and skills. He benefits a player through his proficient moves that allow him to remain above his enemy. He is a well-armored hero who has protected her body with Shields and spikes to save himself from Harm.  He carries a sword around two-strike his enemy whenever the moment arises.

He is lodged under an S tier because of his competent scale of defensive aura. That allows him to amid an aura and surrounding enemies and damages them every second they stay in it. His surrounding his enemy is quite beneficial and makes him a top priority for a player because it is quite durable and sustained for a longer time than many other hero powers. His abilities allow him to always send the opponent’s next move and use it for backstabbing him.


Type  Damage Dealer
Element  Fire

Another competent character makes her appearance in our article, and she has abilities that stunt her player as well as her opponent. Her opponent gets so scared of food that they can’t move their leg to defend themselves. She is a mystical being who can raise fire from my hands and inflict damage on her enemy. She was in Arabian-styled clothing with feathers on one of the shoulders.

She has a mask on and snake-like eyes that increase and harness her terrifying nature. Her fiery hands are almost always active and can inflict a burning sensation on her enemy and it can last for 3.1 seconds. The ability is known as the fire stream and gives her a reason to reside under an S tier.

Her abilities are over the top and eight players carry out their gameplay and do not back out. She can take down her enemies even if they’re stronger than her coma because fire can burn everything. If her enemy is frozen then she can inflict even more damage on them that can make them close to death. He can be unlocked by reaching the level of seven.


Type  Damage Dealer
Element  Air

Adaline is an elegant hero of our game an altar and a sniper. Don’t go on her small size because she is a bond contained in small packaging. He can take down and try to size aid her player’s gameplay with precision and accurate shoots. She is probably the most precise person and her aim rarely misses.

Her abilities allow her to take out a single target with a lot of damage. Her Europe power is known as the sniper attack as she uses a sniper to bring death to her enemy. A character who is small and can do direct damage with the help of a crossbow is a great choice for a team. She helped her allies and sticks a lot of damage to her enemies. This makes her a good addition to an A-tier because she can be trusted and doesn’t disappoint her player.

A Tier

second best characters ranked
A Tier.

In addition to the S tier described previously in the Darkfire heroes tier list, we have another addition in the shape of an A tier that resides potentially great heroes. A-Tiered warriors also contribute greatly during the victory in an arena. What sets potentially great heroes apart from S-tiered characters? Well, it’s not an enigma; it’s their few traits and stats that dragged them down a tier into a lower one.

They are also considered a part of an extraordinarily great group of warriors. Ranking requires a Great deal of attention and experience while sorting. we Enlisted A-tiered characters based on Their attack, health value, and some specific features.


Type Damage Dealer
Element Air

Don’t go on Lorenzo look he may seem quite silly and unkempt but he can take you down and you’ll never even get to hear the end of it. He is a competent character who has indestructible abilities.  he has Gray curly hair at the side and ataxia eyes. He has gnarly teeth and holds two bells to which he admits his power. He has a sluggish-looking appearance that makes his opponent take him lightly.

He is included in the A tier because of his chain lightning ability that allows him to destroy his opponent by lightning. He can jump toward the target and decrease the distance, which helps him in gaining an upper hand on the battlefield and remain optimistic. He can be gained after level 5 is completed.


Type  Tank
Element  Earth

Raem is a grotesque monstrous creature who has a huge figure and horns that he carries on his head. He has a lion-like face and claws instead of nails. His posterior also supports a tale that makes him an otherworldly creature. He is a Fey and a humongous beast that can take you down and spill your blood with his bare hands. The creature has the short temper and doesn’t wait around for his opponent to strike.

He’ll just charge forward at the sight of his enemy and strike him. He is included in the A tier due to the furious rage that allows him to Knock out his opponent. He possesses the ability to trample, which makes him invincible as he uses the opponent’s weight to take him down. Also, it damages all enemies that obstruct his way. He was released in an update of 2021.


Type  Damage Dealer
Element  Fire

Jose is a lean and slim character who is armored to the top and uses a crossbow as his weapon of choice. He is a concentrated man who pays heed in his fight.  He is never seen slacking around in the arena and is always up for a fight. He has an alliance with Longbow that he is Adept in.  he can throw explosive arrows utilizing his crossbow and uses it to target his enemies from afar.

This includes him in an A-tier because he can hit his opponents even from a large distance. He can ensure his player that his gameplay is being followed and it helps him boost his player’s confidence. He is also a competent character who can kill his enemy with his explosive shot. He also gains a bonus for defense and helps protect his allies along with him. 


Type  Supporter
Element  Air

She is a Viking and a true warrior who has more battles than many other people. She has capabilities that make her one of a kind at the top of her potential and field. She is one of the toughest people in Darkfire heroes. You will rarely see her losing a battle because she has a high level of health and defense that allows her to remain stable in an arena.

Her capabilities also include Valkyrie’s spirit and precision which makes her durable in an arena and helps her sustain her stats. 


Type  Supporter
Element Light

Another female addition to our list who is as much competent and able as her fellow warriors. She is known to be the youngest general and has abilities that help her protect her allies and teammates. She is armed in blue Armor and has her black hair up in a ponytail. Her main abilities revolve around her twin swords through which she strikes her opponent.

She can surround herself with a bubble known as protection that saves her from all sorts of damage. Her talents also allow her to receive an increase in stats of defense and damage along with a bonus for health. After accomplishing level 10 a player finds Lyang.


Type  Tank
Element  Light

With a grim expression on her face, Sephine makes an appearance on the Darkfire heroes tier list 2022, and she is ready to take down the mightiest of creatures and enemies with the swing of her wrist. Sephine is a competent character who can work for her victory and she doesn’t disappoint her player. She works by the rules set by her player. She has bob-cut blonde hair and a Gray armored suit that protects her from attacks from her opponent.

She is mainly a Squire who has a tough exterior, making her strong. She is included in an A-tier due to her shield throw ability. It allows her to protect herself and also inflict damage on her opponents. She is a skillful addition to a team and can benefit her player and her allies greatly.


Type  Damage Dealer
Element  Dark

Another feminine addition makes this game a good outlook for its players, as it promotes female warriors along with its male warriors. Nowadays male warriors are given more prominence and fame whereas female soldiers are pushed behind and are shown as weak. Unlike those creatures, Zasha is a Monster Hunter from whom grotesque creatures fear. She has a deadly look that could kill a person who is afraid of her.

She has a gothic fashion and is included in the A tier due to her impelling bait ability, which allows her to inflict damage and stun her opponent. Her abilities are one of a kind and help her in storming through a level and winning. She can aid players with her unmatchable abilities that allow her to remain upright in an arena. 


Type  Supporter
Element  Dark

A dark creature it’s a basic necessity of Darkfire heroes because they create a sense of terror inside a player or an opponent’s heart. Kataryn is another monstrous creature who is a zombie by blood. She has abilities that make her indestructible as she is in some ways immortal.

She has a vampirism ability that makes her help her allies as well as help herself and can frighten her enemy and can inflict pain while he is distracted. Her abilities help her on many levels, increasing her healing abilities is one of a kind skill that most characters lack.

B Tier

average characters
B Tier.

Let’s get to another tier next in line in our article. B tier can also be called a mediocre tier because our warriors lodged under here are of ordinary level. B tier combines the characteristics and qualities of best traits and worst traits. Overall, we get a conclusion in the form of a B tier.

A range of widely arranged pets contributes to forming an A tier that benefits a beginner and a pro. These warriors aid a beginner in learning the basics of a game and a pro in filling up a slot.


Type Damage Dealer
Element  Earth

She is a great addition to a team because she is quite adept with using an ax and can damage her opponent effortlessly. Else is a girl with start legs that she may have lost during a battle, but she is still a great and exemplary hero. She can jump attack, which allows her to jump toward the target and aim her attack.

Her other skills include coup d grace, Assassin, and stunning attack. She is included in a B tier because her primary attack requires a lot of time to cool down, allowing her enemy to Strike.


Type  Healer
Element  Air

She is a gothic and mysterious witch-like creature. Does she have a horrifying feature that is her white orb? That gives her a terrifying look but also helps her summon her powers. Her abilities allow her to call out to the wind, which heals her allies. Her other skills do not inflict much damage and make a reason for her inclusion in a B tier.

Her other aptness includes second wind, spell breaker, and enhanced defensive healing rather than offensive. A player usually avoids using her in his team during combat.


Type  Supporter
Element  Earth

An earth-loving creature who belongs to the faction of the earth is a necessary part of our Darkfire Heroes tier list. Bezar is a hermit who possesses supernatural and magical abilities that allow him to aid a player’s gameplay on a battlefield. He has a white mask on his face and deer-like horns. He also has for using as a cloak around his neck and long claws to tear apart his enemy.

His inclusion in the B tier is due to his Agony totem power coma, which covers a medium range of areas and doesn’t inflict much damage on his enemies.  his cursed strike and durability make him quite useful in battles. But his haunting totems only distract his enemy for a little while.


Type  Damage Dealer
Element  Light

Have you ever seen a dancer fighting on a battlefield? If not here’s your chance to look at Carmen who used to be an adept dancer and due to some tragedy she changed her interest in swordfights. Her dancing agility granted her an upper hand on the battlefield, but that also gave her a negative impact through her weaknesses. Her abilities include rapier through that damages anyone in a straight path. She is included in a B tier because only someone in her line of sight gets injured, sometimes, it is wasted.


Type  Healer
Element  Light

A wise elderly woman is a must in a team to explain her battle experiences and charming personality. Marthe is a woman who has survived many are wound and injuries to end his life to tell the tale of her reigns. She is a competent character who is steadfast and straightforward in her dealings. She has the ability of focused hail that heals her companions and helps them remain protected. She is another defensive character and doesn’t have the skills of Offense. 

She can be unlocked at Level 3. Her other abilities include spell breaker, improved parry, and caretaker. If you want a healer on your team, she is the best choice.


Type  Supporter
Element  Earth

Makash is a man who is unafraid of anything and has a snake head as a hood. That indicates that he is a snake charmer and can do anything to take down his enemy. His main power includes poisoning enemies that make him poison his opponent and make them stunned, and this does not inflict much damage on his enemy. He is part of a B tier because his proficient skills are ordinary and basic.

They have a lot of drawbacks and allow his enemy to strike Makash quite easily. It is better to opt for a top-tiered character. His snake scare and resilient feature will enable him to be A better warrior.

C Tier

Darkfire heroes tier list
C Tier.

C Tier is one of the lower ranks with worse characters. You might think how bad a warrior can be to be included in a lower tier. These heroes ruin a player’s gameplay that he structures during a game. They have close to no distinguishing prominent features. They also have low stats, making them one of the last characters to be chosen for a team.

A player usually avoids them as they do not benefit him inside a game. If you add one of these characters to your team, you have written losing in your destiny.


Type  Supporter
Element  Dark

She is an African character who has a yellow scar and yellow eye. She is quite lean and is adorned in African clothing. She is known to possess the powers of dark fire rock. She is a dark fractioned character who extracts her power from the darkness. She’s included in a C tier due to her rage or power. She uses her rage to inflict damage on her opponent. These come in handfuls sometimes, but usually, they are useless. She holds a rock fire Wrecking Ball in her hand to take down her enemy.

Her appearance is also quite scary due to her mischievous and enigmatic look.


Type  Damage Dealer
 Element  Fire

He is a jolly little person who has a smile always on his face. He is a firework specialist and uses the hobby to aid a player in his gameplay. He has a low stat which allows his opponent to strike him and knock him out. His main move is dragon blast.

He has purple clothing and a hat on his face. His belt has a yin-yang sign. He is included in a C tier due to his medium-range ability. He lacks precision in his moves, and mostly, his aim is a mile further away from his opponent. He has a resistance that protects him from damage.


Type  Tank
Element  Light

A courageous, well-armed character adept in a sword fight is part of our Darkfire heroes tier list. He has Irene protecting him from head to toe. He can fight battles using his sword and has a healing aura that protects him from attacks from opponents. A player can obtain him at the start of the game. He is included in a C tier because he has a weakness that is known to all. The weakness is being vulnerable to magic, and if an opponent possesses supernatural abilities, Raebert is destined to lose.


Type  Damage Dealer
Element  Dark

Korl is a tribal warrior who is a pure definition of a tribe leader. He is brutal and savage in his moves. And he inflicts pain greater than a mammoth. He has a humongous appearance and has long Afro hair. He uses an ax and sword to fight off his enemies. His main ability is of runic slam that explodes off his enemies in multiple directions after a massive hit to the ground.

He is included in a C tier because he is more damaging than his defending. He puts all his potential into inflicting damage on his opponent but forgets about protecting himself. Ultimately, he gives his opponent an opening to strike, and they knock him out of the arena. His other abilities include fierce warrior power attacks and morale boosts. All these allow him to break down his enemies.


Type  Tank
Element  Water

A gigantic person who is good at war is dangerous. Ivon used to be a jailer but changed his occupation from jailer to a dark fire hero. He has a bulky body and years of a chain as a necklace. His chain has keys hanging from it. His attire makes it seem like he was always ready to put some prisoners in jail.

He can knockout, but that is only effective in a straight line. His ability allows him to stun anyone in his range of sight; that way, he knocks them out and kills them. But if his opponent is good at dodging and jumps right at the right time, his power is wasted, and he must wait a few seconds for it to recharge. He can be available for a player during Level 3.

D Tier

worst tier list
D Tier.

Finally, we are here to conclude our Darkfire heroes tier list 2022 with the last tier which is a D tier. It is an abysmal tier that resides characters that are damned from the start of a game. They ruin a payer’s gameplay and do not benefit him in any way possible. They have incredibly low stats and poor skills. They are added to a team to lose. Every game and everything has something that makes them bad. D-tiered characters make a game bad.


Type  Supporter
Element  Dark

He is a jolly old creature who has dark powers. He seems quite friendly at first glimpse, but when you get to know him, you realize he is dead inside. He is an actor who has magical abilities radiating from his mask. He uses his mask to emit spirits that help him fight off his enemies. He has a pink-yellow cloak and holds the power of spirits in his hand. His main ability is known to cause fear. This means that causing fear can inflict fear inside his opponent’s heart and makes them frightened of everything.

He is included in a d tier because His powers are just for frightening enemies, he can’t contribute to inflicting damage on his Enemies. Their abilities include terrifying, precision, spell breaker and scare tactics, meaning they can only scare their opponent and not inflict damage on them.


Type  Damage Dealer
Element  Fire

He is a warrior that has come from Norland just to be a part of the list. He has exceptional abilities and he works with fire. He has a steel helmet on his head that reflects his head damage. And he has arcade markings on his chest and arms.

His main ability is through his sledgehammer that he might strike his players. His primary ability revolves around a charge with short-distance coverage in a straight line. He is included here because of his short-ranged ability and inflicts pain only in a straight line. A person I know opponent with good dodging abilities and jumping skills can easily stray away from the street line and save himself. 


Type Supporter
Element  Light

He is a ninja and is adorned with ninja clothing. He might seem like a part of the Ninja Turtles gang, but he is a solo character and a part of a D tier. He has blue clothing that covers his face just small slates for his eyes are open period from these lips, yellow bright eyes peek out and scare his opponent.

His ability includes poisoned glare, which is also a localized ability that inflicts damage only on the nearest targets and gives his opponent an opening to strike. His other skills include paralysis, splash, spell breaker, and expert assassin, which helps him inflict some damage on his enemy.

Comparison Table

DaerSDamage DealerLight
LycSTank Air
MalaSDamage DealerFire
AdalineSDamage DealerAir
LarenzoADamage DealerAir
JosseA Damage DealerFire
LyangA SupporterLight
SephineA TankLight
ZashaA Damage DealerDark
ElsiBDamage DealerEarth
BezarB SupporterEarth
CarmynB Damage DealerLight
ZaoC Damage DealerFire
KorlC Damage DealerDark
IvonC TankWater
AleonD SupporterDark
BjorD Damage DealerFire

DarkFire Heroes Update 1.28 Patch Notes

You can learn more about the changes made to the game with Update 1.28 below.

Hero Balancing

  • Zao, updated his attack speed, hero power, and dragon fire skill
    • Attack speed 3.0 -> 2.7
    • Charge time 20 sec – 18 sec
    • His Hero Power can now land Critical Hits
    • Dragon Fire skill wording has been updated to reflect that it also improves Hero Power damage
    • Improved rank 3 of Dragon Fire form 9% dmg increase per fire hero to 10%
  • Jendrik, updated the damage of his plant
    • Increased the damage of his plant by 25%
  • Elen, updated the Freeze duration on the enemies around her primary target
    • Increased base duration by 1 second from 1.4 seconds to 2.4 seconds
  • Nuro, increased the damage dealt by his Moving Tornado by a factor of 3
    • His damage was so low before that it was negligible; he won’t do much damage with the change, but it should be noticeable against weaker enemies.

Skills Balancing

  • Dragon Spirit, rank 3, increased damage boost from 9% to 10% for each fire hero.
    • Affects Zao

New Content:

  • New Hero Power Upgrades
    • All heroes have received hero power upgrades.

Bug fixes 

  • 4 heroes had wrong power scores, which has affected Elen, Qeijie, Vadoma, Lirs
  • Fixed issue where upgrading many hero skills wouldn’t increase the hero’s power score.
  • Fixed issue where stat bonuses applied to regular attack from some skills didn’t show correctly when inspecting the hero.
  • Fixed issue where some buff or debuff visual effects wouldn’t show correctly after a character affected by it died.
  • Fixed issues where the targeting UI wouldn’t always show the correct area, causing some heroes sometimes to miss targets on the edge of the targeting circle.
  • Fixed issue with Asachi sometimes getting stuck in collision when using her hero power
  • Fixed issue where Herlin could transform back into normal form, after her Dire Transform skill triggered

In a Nutshell

In short, in our Darkfire heroes tier list, we could list and rank all of the most famous characters of the game. These characters have different element factions and types, and we put a lot of thought into analyzing their stats and traits. These include hero power, aptnesses, health, defense, damage, and other stats. 

We put one-of-a-kind characters in an S tier who had no flaws and were best for their players. After this, we added potentially great characters in an A-tier, and they lacked some qualities but were great overall. Then we came across a B-tier with all those mediocre characters. Next was a C tier that lodged potentially worst characters; lastly, we inserted abysmal characters in a D tier.

All these characters are necessary to play a game, but some characters are good and aid a player’s gameplay, while others move on their own and ruin everything a player plans. Sometimes a player must also deal with a D-tiered character and structure their gameplay around that character.