Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List (July. 2022)

Hey, fellow weeb gamers, the best combination of human personality. This tier list is brought to you by the one who has been playing this game since the first day of its release, is a big fan of the series and manga, and has mastered every character in it. Therefore, I am presenting this most factual tier list on the internet by knowing every possible important detail of the game and the influx of heavy requests on our website. I still remember when Demon Slayer’s first season came out. Everyone in the world got crazy after episode 19, and people voted it the best anime of the year at Crunchyroll awards. With the immense success of Demon Slayer anime, all thanks to the insane animation of Ufotable studies and the direction of Haruo Sotozaki, which is one the most prominent studios out there, and its third season is right of the bat, I thought, why should I not make the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list where I rank the best and essential characters of the game, which is a spicing topic among the fandom.

I appreciate that many of you on this website and reading this article already know the Demon Slayer franchise. However, with the new story coming every season of Demon Slayer and welcoming tons of new slayers into the fray, I want to take the time to answer the question What specifically is Demon Slayer? Perhaps you are someone that has heard of the anime but has never taken the time to dive in. Maybe you have friends obsessed with this franchise and always talk about it. They also want you to join in, or perhaps you are someone that has for a long time tried to convince your friends to watch your favorite anime series. Whatever your reason, if you are anyone you know who wants a concise summary of precisely what this anime has to offer and, more importantly, why it is so good and its characters, this article is for you.

What is Demon Slayer?

Given the hype that the Demon Slayer anime generates every time a new season is released, I assume many of you are already familiar with it, but for those who have been living under a rock and are unaware of its premise, what is it about? Let me provide you with all the information you require about Demon Slayer. Naturally, by avoiding significant spoilers, so don’t be concerned. Giving your opinion on the shonen anime is like entering a ghetto during a gang war and hoping to avoid being hanged.

My hopes for the popularity of the Demon Slayer series were greatly exceeded. The 19th episode of Season 1 shattered the internet. Additionally, the manga outsold One Piece, the indisputable monarch, by a million copies. The film went on to become the highest-grossing anime film of all time. Every age group is fully mainstream in Japan, which continues to set records left, right, and center. I don’t believe it is an understatement to say that it has gained international notoriety, and my constant thought has been, “Why?”

I spent a fair bit of time attempting to justify it in my thoughts, using some Sherlock Holmes-level investigative reasoning and going over minute aspects to try to explain what makes it so unique and why it has a global impact. The Demon Slayer entertainment district arc has some of the shonen genre’s most unadulterated, undiluted excitement that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. No five-headed warfare tactics or insanely intricate power systems. It is nothing but hype.

The conflict was finished in a brief, explosive animation sequence during the first season of Demon Slayer. Nevertheless, season 2 provided us with six consecutive episodes of intense action scenes that were on par with and occasionally even surpassed those found in television movies. This is crazy what they have done. A show of the most remarkable kind appears like this. Whether it’s mainstream or not, I have to provide appreciation where it’s due. The audio brought every assault to life, the graphics were breathtaking, and the song gave me goosebumps.

Picking apart the personalities or plot conveniences may take a lifetime. Still, I love shonen anime for the moments that make my jaw drop to the floor, and Demon Slayer did just that. In my opinion, the show’s simplicity is what makes it so brilliant. The writing, characters, worldbuilding, and power systems are not always exceptional compared to some of their contemporaries. Even yet, it is unnecessary when it performs thus well in crucial situations. This series keeps things simple while accomplishing what it needs to.

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Given how well the franchise lends itself to the medium, it is perplexing why it took so long for a Demon Slayer video game adaptation to be created. Even more puzzling is why a game took so long to get on the Switch after being approved. Especially given how flawlessly the anime’s target demographic and system seem to line up. Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles is the first but inexpensive video game version of Japan’s most recent transmedia sensation, six years after the manga’s first release and over a year after it appeared on every other system.

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles, a 3D arena fighter, does not need players to memorize lengthy combos or inputs with frame-perfect accuracy. Here, the fighting mechanism functions rather well. The finest onboarding I’ve ever seen in a combat game makes it simple to learn and easy to grasp. Well, a lot of time has passed. No matter how many times you trigger them, it is rewarding to play and results in some spectacular and elegant maneuvers on screen that are fun to watch. Additionally, their dedication to their source material appears authentic to the tale they deliver. They look badass.

This game has a plot, but it is not the typical story mode you may expect from a fighter. Demon Slayer has a surprisingly robust single-player mode that includes a story mode that faithfully follows the source material spread across multiple chapters and takes you through all the main plot beats, as well as some well-designed encounters that all do a great job of gradually helping new players come to terms with how the game’s mechanics work by the time you finish the not particularly long story mode. In the fight modes, you can more than hold your own.


These fighting types resemble every other fighter once you complete the lessons in the narrative mode. If you choose demons to choose your arena and then engage in combat, you select your characters. Although Demon Slayer lacks the complexity that other fighting games may have, the combat system is entertaining enough to enable a mode that focuses only on fighting. Long after you’ve had your fill of endlessly repeated clashes against the CPU, support for local and online multiplayer helps keep these fights interesting and exciting.

Simply having a human opponent to play against might lengthen your engagement with the game. Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles is in many ways a love letter to the original material, so fans of the series won’t need any other motivation to play it more. The narrative mode will last you eight to ten hours, depending on how much you want to explore its universe and locations, and you will keep coming back to it. It is packed with so many hints, references, and collectibles recalling the anime and manga that fans will likely find delight in engaging with it.

Additional points may then be used to unlock fighters, venues, profile images, music, quotes, taunts, and other items for the battles, as well as other game modes and content. There is a lot to consider about this. If you enjoy Demon Slayer, there is enough material to want to set aside some time to read it all. But what if you are not a fan? It becomes tricky at that point.

Thoughts on Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles is legitimately fun and well designed on its merits with a lot of content. Still, it can be touched to get into if you do not have background knowledge of anime or manga. While ostensibly, this game covers the same story beats, they do not stand alone. They almost seem to be adopted by the game with the expectation that the player has full context from elsewhere to supplement their put simply. If you are a newcomer to Demon, Slayer can feel like being thrown into the pool’s deep end. Being told to figure it out by yourself while the story does start to relay n background knowledge less as it develops its stakes, on the whole, I would not recommend this to anyone as their first entry to the franchise.

One thing I can say is that the Demon Slayer universe is fascinating, and this game gives it justice enough for me to envision it enthralling even people who haven’t previously engaged with the IP. Still, honestly, I would argue that it is more to the series’ credit than to the games. It is still enjoyable even if you are not a fan and yet end up with this game. Excellent fighting is taking place. Although primarily linear, the exploring is enjoyable. The game’s universe is exciting and begs for further exploration.

There is a lot of stuff to go through, and the voice acting, music, and graphics are excellent. If you are a fan, it would be difficult to think of a finer video game adaption of the well-liked franchise than Demon Slayer. Hopefully, this signals the beginning of several other top-notch games based on the IP.

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Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List Methodology

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List Ranking Procedure
Tier Maker of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List

In a nutshell tier list is a ranking of all the character’s expected competitive performance in-game based on the current meta assuming all players’ skill is equal within the confines of a set of rules. An accurate tier list measures how effective each character’s moveset, properties, and strategies are when pitted against all the other characters in a competitive setting and then ranks the characters accordingly. As you can expect, there are so many things. This is no easy task since so many things can factor in. It is humanly impossible to analyze all this information, but we can try our best. Characters with more substantial moves and strategies will prevail over the weaker ones. If your character isn’t a high tier, it’s not the world’s end. Tier lists are never static. They are constantly changing so long as people are still playing the game. What were once thought to be weaker characters can overcome stronger ones with the discovery of new techniques and counter-strategies. Players dedicated to the characters will eventually find the hidden potential in advance of their character meta.

In this Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list, I will be ranking down characters based on their playstyle and my experience with them in the game. However, this general ranking of characters in this tier list is my opinion. I understand that tier lists are subjective and that the hierarchy of the characters may well not match your expectations. This tier list and overall characters ranking are open to debate but not criticism. I have divided the characters of My Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles into five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. I want to clear this before starting this tier list: I love every character mentioned in this tier list from top to bottom. It is just that the characters in the upper tiers have a significant impact on the game, which makes the game pretty attractive compared to the bottom-tier characters. This does not mean I do not like the characters in the bottom tiers. I like every character from Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles. So, no hard feelings, let’s start listing characters and see which characters are the best and worst in the game. Get some popcorn since this will be a long ride, but it will be worth it. This is my tier list whenever I disagree with someone’s opinion and think I have some good reasons to disagree with them. My opinion prevailed, but still, for the most part, this tier list was pretty consensual.

S Tier

Greatest Character of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List
The Greatest Character of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List!

S ranking is the first tier of this tier list and is usually interpreted as “superb” or “super,” It is the highest ranking. This tier of the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list consists of great characters with excellent movesets, Strong attacks, tilt attacks, and significant meter usage and are also favorites among all fandom fans. Here we go, folks, the top-tier characters. You already know who they are. We have five characters in this tier list, which are super broken in the game’s current meta.


Akaza In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Akaza is by far the number one character in the game right now. Akaza has been dominating every tournament in Europe. The top three are nothing but usually Akaza. He is still dominating wanted every episode, and I do not think he is slightly more potent than the other characters in the S tier. I think he is a lot stronger. It is not just that the players are good, but the character has everything the players could want. Akaza has the best neutral in the game, thanks to the Dash Speed buff. Honestly, you remove the Dash Speed that Akaza has, and he goes back to being a regular S tier. But thanks to that agility, he can get in and out as he pleases, making him such a strong character.

Akaza can impose his playstyle on the enemy character and has no bad matchups. So, if Akaza decides it is time to pressure or scramble, he gets in your face and starts doing disorder which is a free neutral tool. He thinks you are going to do something that counters you with annihilation, which is so safe, and once he decides it’s time to relax, he backs off, and it is tough to catch him. When playing against Akaza, you are always playing the game that the player decided you would play, and you have to counter their play all the time. You can’t impose your playstyle, which makes him so strong. I mean, not only that, he has other upsides. Akaza has the only anti-air in the game with Compass Needle, which leads to optimal combos now, thanks to the buff they gave him.

He is a very high-damage character and has a swift grab, so his mix-up is also very decent. Sure the downside is that he takes the most damage out of any character in the game, but that does not matter when he also heals the most health by boosting or surging. Akaza is ridiculous right now, and full credit to the players winning every tournament. It is not like players pick Akaza and then get free wins. That is not how it works. These players are very skilled. So, I do not want to take any credit from those players, but I feel that Akaza has many tools. He is dominating Demon Slayer right now so much that I think I have to place him at the top of the S tier in the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.


Enmu In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Below Akaza, we have Enmu, who has the best resets in the entire game thanks to the range of his attacks. The strong attack charges as fast as it does and reaches as far as it does, and of course, that ridiculous grab on top of being a reset character, unlike all the other reset characters in this game. Enmu has insane damage. If, for instance, Rui or Insokue had Enmu’s damage, they would probably be a lot higher in this tier list. I do not know if they would be right next to Enmu because, on top of that, he also has some free projectiles.

He can zone and keep players away while remaining very efficient in his meter usage. I think Enmu is weak trying to get in on an opponent for downsides. He has the tracking projectiles, which help him a little but are almost necessary. Enmu cannot get in without that, and also, when playing against slayers, a lot of his resets get deleted by switch tech, which means he has to change up his game plan a little bit. So I will place him in the S tier of the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.


Susamaru In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Who is lower than Enmu, you ask? In my opinion, Susamaru is in second place in the S tier. Susamaru is the best zoner in the game. She has both free and meter projectiles, and she can always cancel into her tilt skill or skill, allowing her to play very safely. Susamaru is also a very high damage character if she catches the opponent in the right situation though it is often risky to go for increased damage. If Susamaru is dealing a lot of damage, she probably started a combo with her guard skill, and the guard skill is punishable if you push block it.

It is not easy to push block and punish a raw guard skill, but it is possible, and that makes it risky if you are playing a skilled player. Susamaru’s zoning can also get expensive sometimes. Still, that is a slight downside to the character as she can often work around that by throwing her free projectiles, jumping projectiles, or whatever she wants. Susamaru has so many, so I will place her in the S tier of the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Below Susamaru, we have Nezuko. I still consider Nezuko to be the best slayer in the entire game. She has consistent damage and is very efficient, too, because she does not have to spend a lot of meters to get significant damage. Nezuko has great neutral with the heal bash and the claws, which lets her be very oppressive, and her assist is still great despite the nerf. Starting a red combo, you might get minor damage off of it, but it is still an assist that will catch everyone. Her downsides, I think, are pretty minor. The first one would be a strong attack. I do not believe it is the best, and walls ruin many of her optimal routes, but the Nezuko has to go for other stuff. So I will place her in the S tier of the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Let us move to the last greatest character. We have Zenitsu. He can cancel anything into his Air Flip, a dp that leads into a combo, meaning everything he does is safe. It is tough to punish a good Zenitsu. He has also got excellent grab recovery, so even if he whiffs the grab, he is also tough to punish, and he has got the best damage in the game. If you are optimal with Zenitsu, you will always be dealing with more than 50 percent of the damage, even if you do not have a lot of meters.

His downside is mostly his assist which is not a lousy assist even, which is why he is an S tier, but the assist is mainly used for combos. I mean, sure, Hinokami Tanjiro will do Cross Slash confirm into Zenitsu assist, but in situations like that, the neutral was won by Cross Slash, not the Zenitsu assist. It does not work out if you want to try to win neutrals just with Zenitsu. So, I will place him in the S tier of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.

A Tier

Prominent Character of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List
The Prominent Character of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List!

A-tier is an above-average tier where I placed my favorite Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list characters with the same amount of love compared to the above character in the tier list. Some of the characters in this list could be an S-tier for many fans as it is subjective. Honestly, all the characters in this tier list have the same place in my heart. For the sake of this tier list, I have divided them into several tiers. Moving down to A Tier. These are solid and balanced characters but do not have many flaws. Maybe one or two at most and at the same time. They excel at either neutral pressure or damage. Still, hopefully, as I explain some characters, you will understand why the others are here.

Tanjiro Kamado (Hinokami Kagura)

Tanjiro Kamado (Hinokami Kagura) Gamplay In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

At the top of the A tier we have, we have Hinokami Tanjiro. One of the best damage dealers in the game. He has got some excellent resets because of the unblockable ability, which, to be fair, must be used with an assist without an assist. If you are playing without delay, one will react to that, but he also has a long-range grab, which is one of the most damaging grabs in the game. If I recall correctly, it might be the most damaging grab in the game.

He also has some incredible neutral. It is kind of a meme at this point. How many situations in Hinokami Tanjiro win by doing Cross Slash. The character has some downsides though some walls ruin his combos, and the tracking on his guard skill is not always the best. His assist tracking is pretty much as inconsistent as Rengoku’s. So top of the A tier and just short of the S tier, I placed Hinokami Tanjiro in the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.

Giyu Tomioka

Giyu In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Below Tanjiro, I’m putting Giyu. He has good neutral because he has the fastest Water Wheel in the game, and it has plus frames on the block. Also, he can play combo for free after it. This Water Wheel is a menace, but Giyu needs to be in the mid-range for that to be a threat. He is a bit weak in the long-range, so he will constantly look for that mid-range spot. He also has an outstanding assist and an excellent strong attack. The only downside of being weak at long range is that his damage could be better outside that column. If he catches you with dead com, your health will melt, but if he does not, his damage is just mediocre. So I will place him in the A tier of the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.

Kyojuro Rengoku

Rengoku In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Below Giyu, we have Rengoku. I consider him to have one of the best neutrals a slayer could want because of tilt skill. The tracking on that ability and how far you can do it is incredible. It could be easy to parry or block against it if slayers were not able to do switch tech. Tilt skills into the Switch are one of the most oppressive things you can do in this game, which is rare in slayers. That is why I put Rengoku as high as I in the A tier of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.

However, he has got some downsides. Rengoku also got some consistent damage. With every hit, he can convert into at least 4,000 damage even if he does not have a lot of meters left. Now, his downsides are that he is a very unsafe character. He does almost nothing that cannot be punished if you are not covering everything perfectly with an assist or switching characters. I am also not the biggest fan of his assist sometimes. It just feels a bit inconsistent in its tracking.

Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Next up, we have Tanjiro. He has excellent and consistent damage and an outstanding assist both the Waterfall and Water Wheel are top-tier assists, and people do not give them enough credit. His strong attack is often seen as a bad strong attack, and I agree if you are doing the strong attack and trying to follow up on your own. Still, with switch tech, the character you tag will be safe and covered by that strong attack for a long time, and you can set up so much from it.

Tanjiro was an excellent, well-rounded character. I do not think anything about him is particularly broken right now. He is just super solid and barely has any downsides. If I had to pick a downside, I would say he always needs to spend two bars a meter to continue his pressure, and with a simple push block, that might be just a waste of meter because you are not even going to hit your opponent. So, I will place him in the A tier of the Demon Slayer Hinokami tier list.

B Tier

Average Character of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List
The Average Character of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List!

Move down to the B tier; this is not the full tier below. These are just as strong as the A tier characters, but they have something slightly better. B Tier in the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list is the balanced tier. These are all characters that have good qualities but also have a couple of significant flaws. They sort of feel like incomplete characters because they either have substantial damage but like neutral or have great neutral, but their buttons are bad, you get the idea. Below these characters, everyone either has worse buttons damage or pressure.


Rui In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

At the top of B tier, we have Rui. He is an outstanding reset character and was definitely a problem character at some point during this game, and he is also a very good zoner. Although an expensive zoner. Every single one of his projectiles will cost a meter, so he cannot just spam zoning. Now, Rui used to be much higher. I think he is a lot lower now because players got better, and his resets are much riskier now as players have gotten more comfortable with making strong attacks to power through attack resets. Still, those lose to grabs. But if you are just always going to grab, then you become easy to counter, and also, the slayer switch tech smokes all of Rui’s resets right now, which is why it is kind of low in this Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list. It feels like there is a better character for doing resets. If you want to go for that playstyle, I think Rui is not the move anymore, especially since he will have to reset you a lot because he has got kind of low damage.


Yahaba In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Below Rui, we have Yahaba, a character that I did not give enough credit for when he first came out, but players have stuck with him, and they found some new stuff, and now I kind of respect him. Yahaba is a very impressive zoner does not matter if you block or get hit because he deals a ton of chip damage and can guard break you easily. That said, he still has a lot of downsides. First, he is a prohibitive character to play because he spends meters every time he wants to get a hit. I think he is still a fragile character. You can play safe neutral and keep away all day, but if he loses a round and gets in, he has to deal damage. He is not the best at doing that. So I will place him at the top of the B tier in the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.


Murata In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Below Yahaba, and probably the character that raises the most in the current meta of the game, is Murata. He has a great assist, one of the best in the game. The Water Wheel is one of the best neutral assists in the game. The slash is one of the best damaging assists in the game. He is just fantastic as a supporting character and a dynamic character. He also has some decent neutral that Water Wheel’s got some excellent tracking.

The slash comes out fast enough that sometimes you can use it to surprise an opponent by doing some stagger pressure or even doing it out of the block, but once Murata gets the hit. He is still a shallow damage character, and because he has low damage, you have to spend it all every time you get a hit, even to deal decent damage, so he ends up being an expensive character. So, I will place him at the B tier of the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.

Sakonji Urokodaki

Urokodaki In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Moving down to the B tier, we have Urokodaki, which has tremendous damage, and the trap resets are mediocre. I do not think they are the strongest resets in the game, but he can get some work done with them. Water Wheel neutral is always a good thing to have. That said, his Water Wheel does not have too much range. It does if he extends it, but then he is unsafe, which means that Urokodaki cannot be too aggressive.

He has to play a bit passive and play some traps around, but playing passive also means you can’t enforce your playstyle, especially if you are at a health deficit and you’re going to lose by timeout. I only think one of his assists is good, which is the Water Wheel the other. I’m not fond of it too much. It is suitable for some damage situations but is particular and often useless. So, I will place him at the B tier of the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.


inosuke In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

At the last of the B tier, I will put Inosuke. Now, Inosuke has the best slayer resets in the entire game. This character is an absolute reset beast, and he is also the best guard break character in the whole game, but I put him at C tier because those resets are risky sometimes. Players can dodge the grab reset with a well-timed jump. It is not easy to do, but it is possible. Good players will punish that reset attempt. Inosuke can also bait that option by going for another tilt skill, but that has its faults, like a simple push block will push you out of range, or if a player reads that, they can parry.

So, while the resets are definitely in Inosuke’s favor, he is also risking something those are not safe resets by any means, but the worst thing this character has is neutral. Inosuke has to play a sincere neutral. Part of that is because his tilt skill kind of sucks for everything other than combos, and because of all that honesty in neutral, I have to place him this low in the B tier of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.

C Tier

Below-Average Character of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List
The Below-Average Character of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List!

The C-tier is a below-average tier, but in this tier list, it has relatively the same importance as the other tiers. This tier consists of 2 characters that are very identical to each other. Moving down to C Tier. Shinobu is the most robust C Tier, and Makomo barely escaped the D Tier.

Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

At the top of the C Tier, we have Shinobu, which has fallen quite a bit since the game’s release. She still has an excellent heavy attack and still has an outstanding assist even though it does not catch opponents in the air. Still, she is dropped so hard on this tier list because every character appearing in later updates is a bad matchup for Shinobu. She loses to zoning and projectiles and has no way to work around that. Even against slayers, most players are better at dealing with her neutral now. Countering her dash with either heavy attacks or parries will force Shinobu to cancel a lot of her dash and go for other options, which ends up being a very expensive playstyle. So, I will place her at the C tier of the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.


Makomo In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Also, in the C tier, we have Makomo. She has very good neutral that Water Wheel is still beast-like and has some mediocre resets. She is not the best character at resets, but she can do them pretty efficiently. Makomo is still a shallow damage character, so she needs to touch you a thousand times to get a kill, but I put her at C tier because she is so inconsistent. She drops combo way too often when it feels like she has no control over it. Either my assistant pushed the character slightly, or I got too close to the corner, and the combo dropped. Makomo is sort of a bummer. I feel like she could be a decent character, but you do not know what to expect when you pick her. So, I will place her in the C tier of the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.

D Tier

Flawed Characters of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List
The Flawed Characters of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List!

So, in the bottom tiers, the worst characters in this game are the guys in the D Tier. A couple of things now that I am showing the bottom tier. First of all, all the characters have been ordered within their tiers, so Sabito being the first character in D Tier means that he is the most robust D Tier, in my opinion, and that would make Yushiro the worst character in the tier list. Playing a bottom tier does not mean you are trash or anything. It’s not a personal insult; I know how the comments go in these tier lists. If you are good with a bottom-tier character, it proves how good of a player you are in my books. Every character in this game can be reliable.

You have to put in a lot of effort with these bottom tiers. Generally speaking, a good character in Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles must have the following. They need to have good damage, which none of these guys has. They all have average damage. Good pressure; for one, your opponent blocks your attack. Can you keep them blocking until that guard breaks, or do you have some good mix-up gimmicks? I would also say none of these characters has that. Their pressure is full of holes, straightforward to punish, and finally, good neutral, which may be the hardest to explain because it is very character-specific.

Some characters have good neutral because they have great buttons. They will win almost any scramble on the ground or the air. Zoning can be vital in this game none of these characters in the D Tier of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list deal with zoning. Their damage is average, and their buttons are not excellent for winning scrambles, which is why they sit at the bottom.


Sabito In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

Moving down to the D tier, we have Sabito. He has a swift heavy attack that provides him with very good resets. Suppose you pick the correct assists. Sabito has perfect attack buttons, but on the downside, he is a shallow damage character. He has consistent damage, but if you want a meter dump, you will not deal too much damage. The most extensive damage combo Sabito has is heavily reliant on assists, and speaking of assists, he is terrible. If you choose Sabito, you are either playing him at the point of choosing to play without an assist. So, I will rank him in the C tier of the Demon Slayer Hinomaki Chronicles tier list.


Yushiro In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List
Yushiro In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

The weakest character in this game right now is Yushiro. He has very good resets and can play very aggressive neutral, but he is a character with external damage and his counter skill even though it counters a lot of stuff. It often loses to other options too. If characters can cancel moves into blocking or parrying, or if they have a reversal, Yushiro is constantly wholly screwed. Yushiro can cancel the guard skill into his other abilities to counter that playstyle, but that ends p being another downside for this character: his playstyle is very expensive.

To deal even decent damage, he has to spam many abilities, and every time his guard skill gets countered, he has to use even more. So super expensive and currently the weakest character in the roster. I will place him in the D tier of the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list.

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To Finish This Off

That is the tier list for Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles until there is another update or maybe when the players are getting the grasp of the new DLC characters, which is technically another update. This is my opinion, and you are free to disagree. Suppose you play a low-tier character and are doing good with them. I am super happy for you. That means that you are a good player with a bright future. I will love to hear from you if you disagree with my character placements. Why do you think your character is stronger or weaker than what I believe? Let me know in the comments section below.

However, it is all 18 characters that I endure and love passionately, and I cannot stop myself from talking about it, as you can see in this tier list. I did a slight reordering, and I am sure we would all agree that is the correct order for the most prominent Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles characters in the game. Those of you who do not, you can tell me angrily down in the comments. Well, it is time for this tier list to end. One of my abilities is to waste a significant amount of time analyzing characters on how certain great characters are. I have decided to use this ability to create what I believe may be the most definitive Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list on the entire internet. To achieve this goal of my life, I chose 18 characters from different playstyles of the game that I liked and put them on a tier list. I only included the playable and post-launch characters while excluding the paid DLC characters.

Obviously, I took this tier list exceptionally seriously, with every tier. Let me know what you guys thought in the comments down below. If you have read through the entire tier list, you are undoubtedly the best Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles fan out there and probably like making tier lists. I hope that was useful or interesting, and you agree with my rankings of the characters in this Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles tier list. If you do not, it’s okay. We are all part of the same fandom, and all resonate with the characters differently. To end this tier list, I would like to remind you that it is purely based on how I think about these characters in general and their power level. Thank you!

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