Demonfall Breathing Tier List [V4.0]

We Will Be Ranking All Of The Breathing Styles In Our List.

Hey, fellow weeb gamers, the best combination of human personality. This Demonfall Breathing Tier List is brought to you by the one who has been playing this game since the first day of its release, is a big fan of the series and manga, and has mastered every Breathing in it.

Therefore, I am presenting this most factual ranking on the internet by knowing every possible important detail of the game and the influx of heavy requests on our website.

Key Points

  • We have a total of 12 entries on our list.
  • They have been ranked according to their playstyle and my personal experience with them.
  • You can find the likes of the Sun Breathing and the Moon Breathing in the highest ranks.
  • We have characters like Wind Breathing and Serpent Breathing in the lowest ranks.


The table below is provided a whole overview of our article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Sun BreathingMist BreathingLove BreathingBeast BreathingSerpent Breathing
Moon BreathingWater BreathingInsect BreathingSound BreathingWind Breathing
Flame BreathingThunder Breathing

Continue reading to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

Greatest Breathings of Demonfall Breathing Tier List
S Tier.

S ranking is the first tier of this article and is usually interpreted as “superb” or “super,” It is the highest ranking. It consists of great styles with excellent movesets, Strong attacks, I-frame, combo extenders, and significant combo usage, and are also favorites among all fandom fans. 

Sun Breathing

Yoriichi - Sun Breathing
Yoriichi’s Sun Breathing

The end-game breathing style known as Sun Breathing is focused on short-ranged, extremely potent delayed strikes. Sun Breathing players should always play more aggressively depending on the iFrame move to prevent combinations due to the abundance of block breakers.

To complete all the varieties, this too depends on time. To maximize the effectiveness of combos, Sun Breathing users should also possess Total Concentration Breathing: Constant. Because of its ideal techniques for delivering damage, this Breathing is suitable for PVE and 1v1 battles. If partnered with Kanroji and the Agatsuma Clan, it will quickly wipe out most 1v1s.

The benefits of Sun Breathing include tremendous damage, mainly when used against demons, and several guard breakdowns. Its iFrame move makes it simple to avoid combinations. With combo extenders and finishers, it is simple to execute lethal combinations. Bones on fire One of the best combination starters or extenders is the summer sun. Breathing doesn’t need to be reset to get. It has a counter and an auto-execute that barely uses the breathing bar. If all struck, Beneficent Radiance inflicts severe harm.

Sun Breathing’s lack of long-ranged abilities is one of its drawbacks. Most maneuvers demand severe grinding and take a sizable percentage of your breath bar. As a hybrid, you can only have one breathing style. The majority of moves have mid-high cooldowns and substantial lag or delay. Sun now causes non-Kamado players to lose 5 HP per skill.

When breathing at Level 10, it becomes more dependable. It is one of the poorest counters in the game, but with Kendo Mastery, it gets more reliable. So, I will place it in the S tier of the Demonfall Breathing Tier List.

Skill Points 43

Moon Breathing

Moon Breathing
Kokushibo’s Moon Breathing

Moving down we have Moon Breathing. Without completing any more quests, speaking with the Kokushibo NPC in the Frosty Forest will provide access to the end-game breathing technique known as Moon Breathing. The user receives a flesh katana after learning it. Overall, Moon breathing is a pleasant breathing technique that mixes and enhances elements of various breathing techniques to create a wholly original whole.

The Moon Breathing breathing technique requires a lot of talent. Its move set, which focuses on immediate strikes and multi-ranged combo extenders, makes it perfect for combos and poking. However, other Breathing Styles/BDA that feature more block breakers, iFrame moves, or combinations that are simpler to execute overwhelm it.

Moon-Dragon Ringtail releases a swift, diagonal slash. It has a range of around 60 studs, deals 18 damage, has a 30-second cooldown, and uses 40% of the breath bar. Catastrophe leaps backward draw their sword close to their sheath and then sets forth a series of slow-moving crescent-shaped cuts. The user’s preparations before releasing the slashes. It has a 25-second cooldown, deals 36 damage, and uses up 85% of the breath bar.

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Half Moon ejects many flesh swords with crescent-shaped blades from their bodies, damaging and hurling anybody who gets too close. Ragdolling opponents while escaping combinations is possible with this move. It has a 3-minute cooldown, 10–20 damage, and uses 80 stamina points.

The advantages of Moon Breathing include its powerful attacks and flexible, simple combinations. Most maneuvers have little wind-up, and the kit has an extensive range. Extenders feature low to mid cooldowns and low-to-mid breath bar utilization. Has an evasive ragdoll maneuver and several possible extenders and starts. Dark Moon, on the other hand, could not always serve as an extender and might result in punishment.

For less experienced players, it may be challenging to utilize their full ability. Half Moon is a less dependable I-frame move since it consumes a lot of energy.

Skill Points 33

Flame Breathing

Flame Breathing
Rengoku’s Flame Breathing

At the end of the S tier we have the Fire Breathing. You must seek Flame Trainer Rengoku, who can be found at the summit of White Peak, to learn Flame Breathing. You must successfully perform a few activities to establish your value before you may master Flame Breathing. You will learn the First Form: Unknowing Fire once you have finished those two objectives, and you may then use the Slayer Skill Tree to acquire the remaining forms. The focus of Flame Breathing’s move set is on offensive and defense.

The maneuvers may be employed for mobility, offensive, and defense because they are adaptable. In addition to guard-breaking movements, there is a countermove. In terms of cast time, they are all pretty quick. Since nearly no combinations can be extended to M1, this breathing method is best employed for quick hits against the opposition. To receive the Fire Breathing, you must return to Rengoku with 20 Demon Horns. Then, conquer the Axe Demon and take his collar.

To get the greatest bang for your buck, attempt to join together many demons and use Rengoku on all of them in PVE. It has two moves for hyper armor. When used to enhance range, the initial motion is excellent for increasing mobility when jumping. The rebuttal is helpful, primarily if you use it to break up a conflict or if the other person is abrasive. Except for the initial Form and the counter knockback, all flame moves. You may use Rengoku to get a free M1 combo to time the ragdoll.

The drawback is that performing combinations with flame is substantially more complicated than other breathing techniques. You need the Rengoku family for a flame to compare well to the best styles. Since Ninth Form lacks super armor and has a long charge period, it wastes the move that is arguably the most remarkable move for Flame Breathing and leaves you vulnerable to attack.

Flame bend pushes you back, however minor, and the second Form won’t launch you into the air. Except for the initial Form and the counter knockback, all flame moves. There are just two-guard breaks.

Skill Points 12

A Tier

Prominent Breathings of Demonfall Breathing Tier List
A Tier.

A-tier is an above-average tier where I placed styles with the same amount of love compared to the above. Some of the entries in this list could be an S-tier for many fans as it is subjective. 

Mist Breathing

Mist Breathing
Tokito’s Mist Breathing

At the top of the A tier we have Mist Breathing. Find Tokito, the Mist Trainer, in the Frosty Forest first if you want to master mist breathing. If you turn around, Muichiro should be close to a tent. This Breathing contains one I-frame move and one teleportation move since Mist specializes in making fast attacks before swiftly dissipating. 

You receive a 10% XP increase and a unique Mist breathing technique called Mist Breathing: Seventh Form, Obscuring Clouds if you belong to the Tokito clan or family. After speaking with him, you must pay 2,000 Yen to receive the Breathing. After that, enter a time-free maze where you must locate Tokito.

The benefit of Mist Breathing is that its moveset is excellent for combinations. If the user is inexperienced, it is pretty challenging to break a combination. Additionally, if you activate it as you strike the ground, the Third Form and Seventh Form negate fall damage and are excellent for evading combinations. In terms of defense or mobility, the move-set is quite adaptable

. Seventh Form possesses super armor and may be utilized as a second I-frame. M1 stuns are helpful since they temporarily reduce your opponent’s walk speed, giving you a chance to continue the combination in case they managed to escape it or counter. Its I-frame cooldown is brief. Second Form can also be employed as a counter, last but not least.

The downsides are that it does not has a wide variety. Many Mist is produced, making it difficult to see your opponent. Fifth Form has a short-range and a long cooldown, while Seventh Form deals minor damage. When you employ the fifth Form and approach from behind, players may occasionally be able to flee. While the fifth Form makes the opponent easier to predict so you can get in a combination, the sixth Form drives the opposition away and makes you need to chase after the opponent.

Primarily M1s are necessary to begin combos. If you remain motionless, the I-frame trail might keep you from moving. There is just one guard breaker. It Received several nerfs in the most recent updates. The Fifth Form still uses the breath bar even if no target is within range. So, I will place it at the top of the A tier of the Demonfall Breathing Tier List 2023.

Skill Points 12

Water Breathing

Water Breathing
Giyu’s Water Breathing

Next we have Water Breathing. In Coast Forest, Water Trainer Urokodaki teaches water breathing. You will automatically receive the Water Breathing 11th form if you are a member of the Tomioka Family. Attacks are punished and countered with this breathing technique.

Due to the variety of moves that are effective for punishing and give excellent mobility, it is advisable to rush backward out of a combination you have blocked and utilize a lunging attack from this breath type to start your combo. Aside from that, the secondary play style focuses on being defensive, watching for opportunities to attack the opponent, and attacking as soon as possible.

This playstyle features several techniques that are excellent for combos and overall damage. Thus I firmly feel that it is suitable for aggressive plays. Most attacks deal minimal damage but can lengthen combos. Water breathing costs are standard; it takes 12 skill points to access all the techniques. You must first give Urokodaki 2,000 Yen to gain Water Breathing.

After that, you must finish a challenging parkour course with traps traveling down a mountain in 6 minutes. Last, slash at a “Strong Boulder” until it is cut and all of its HP is lost.

There is just one guard breaker for water breathing; all other movements may be stopped. You’ll be lucky if you land more than one hit on your opponent because the First Form only provides minor damage, and the Third Form’s damage output is exceedingly inconsistent. The eleventh Form can sprint out of it, so it’s not as simple to hit as you might assume.

Most maneuvers require a lot of air. Therefore you must either repeatedly m1 your opponents or take a break to breathe. It would be best if you harvested yen to get this Breathing style, which is challenging. Use of the Wind of fire as a breathing style is advised. The parkour the water trainer instructs you in is tough.

Skill Points 12

Thunder Breathing

Thunder Breathing
Zenitsu’s Thunder Breathing

Teleporting and performing M1s to begin very lethal combinations are the mainstays of Thunder Breathing’s moveset. Although most moves provide minor damage, they are simple to strike. Rice Spirit and Thunder Swarm, another M1 combination, are made possible by Thunder’s two techniques that teleport around the victim. Most techniques can be blocked if they can lengthen their combos, which helps to balance this. A gruesome combination ender goes wonderfully with thunderclap and Flash.

The pros of Thunder Breathing include its high combo potential, ability to deal a lot of damage with just one full breathing bar, and extensive range. Between combination extensions, passive enables additional breathing room. While the Second Form locks onto the target and can only be blocked, the First Form ensures a hit and has a far shorter range. The third and second forms enable you to perform another M1 combo if the move’s final impact connects.

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However, Fifth Form is generally straightforward to land at targets, even if they are moving. An excellent option for crowd management is PvP and PvE. Due to its high Damage and knockback, it is pretty effective for chasing players, demons, and bosses.

Thunder Breathing’s low damage output and lengthy cooldown are its cons. Combo-starting heavily relies on M1s and is difficult if you cannot do so. There are no guaranteed hits because no move has hyper armor, and all moves with a cast delay can be canceled—no I-frames. If you get stuck, you stay in a combination and take the total damage.

When you try to use Thunderclap, Flash, or Six Roku, enemies may easily shotgun you, and it can accidentally strike someone else. Your Breathing is nearly entirely consumed in the First and Fifth Forms, making it challenging to aim and forcing you to release the shift lock, which the adversary might exploit. 

Skill Points 12

B Tier

Average Breathings of Demonfall Breathing Tier List
B Tier.

Moving down to the B tier, this is not the full tier below. These are just as strong as the A-tier entries, but they have something slightly better. B Tier is the balanced tier. These are all entries that have good qualities but also have a couple of significant flaws. 

Love Breathing

Love Breathing
Mitsuri’s Love Breathing

At the top of this tier, we have Love breathing, the newest Breathing in the game. You must locate Mitsuri Kanroji someplace on Mount Peak while searching for Rengoku to learn Love Breathing. When you master it, you’ll receive a special Love Breathing katana, which appears to be a standard Custom Nichirin but transforms into a whip-like weapon when used in combat.

Similar to Sound Breathing, Insect Breathing, Moon Breathing, and Beast Breathing, you cannot make another nichirin blade while utilizing this Breathing. It takes 17 skill points, like Sound Breathing, to unlock all of its methods. Love Breathing, also available as a Hybrid, focuses on quick slashes and combinations. Its M1 range is more significant. It has a separate nichirin.

Love Breathing has the perks of being good at combos, healing moves, doing moderate to great damage, and having a near-to-average range. A high damage guard break is the third kind. Its passive regeneration speed is quicker—more damage and range in m1 and m2 than ordinary swords. The first action scarcely costs breathing.

On the contrary, it requires a lot of grinding, which is challenging when you’re just starting. The healing mechanism makes up for the lack of I-frame movement. However, you cannot be healed by a healing move. Possesses just one guard breaker. Attacks from the First Form might be a little challenging to land, while Third Form is challenging to hit in PVP. The M1 damage may lag if the subject is too near to the camera. Healthy Life is ineffective in 1v1 matches since it does not heal the user. So, I will place it at the top of the B tier in the Demonfall Breathing Tier List.

Skill Points 17

Insect Breathing

Insect Breathing
Shinobu’s Insect Breathing

To master and learn insect breathing, you must first find the Insect Trainer Shinobu in the Demon Slayer Corps. She may be seen relaxing on the tavern’s roof. You will receive a unique weapon only available to Insect Breathing users if you master the technique. You may do many M1 and M2 animations with this weapon. The three fast attacks in the m1 combination add up to six hits.

These animations have the appearance of quick stabbing assaults. The Insect Breathing Style currently only has four movements. The Breathing is not aided in any way by the Kocho family. Whether you have Kendo Mastery or not, you immediately receive 6 M1s after learning the Breathing and obtaining the weapon. The Sword m1s of Insect Breathing move faster than a standard Nichirin blade.

Dance of the Spider sprints backward then leaps forward and stabs the foe, creating the impression of a crushing impact in front of the user. Although it is targeted in front of the player, this move is similar to Shockwave Art’s down smash move. This action creates a route lined with butterflies. With a 35-second cooldown, it consumes 30% of your breathing bar and delivers 20 damage.

In the new update, a lot of sword damage has been adjusted to seven, but Insect Breathing’s Nichirin will remain at three, which is the lowest damage. They did not buff it because they buffed Insect poison damage by 50%, which is suitable for Insect users.

Skill Points 9

C Tier

Below-Average Breathings of Demonfall Breathing Tier List
C Tier.

The C tier is a below-average tier, but it has relatively the same importance as the other tiers. This tier consists of 2 styles that are very identical to each other. Moving down to C Tier. Beast Breathing is the most robust Breathing in the C tier, and Sound Breathing barely escaped the D tier.

Beast Breathing

Beast Breathing Demonfall
Inosuke’s Beast Breathing

Beast Breathing is a breathing style in Demonfall that emphasizes dual-wielding. To learn Beast Breathing, you must go to the unnamed village close to the Slayer Corps and run straight ahead. After learning the breathing style, players will be granted a pair of unique swords with their hilts/handguards removed, handles wrapped in cloth as well as their sheaths, and jagged blade edges, a weapon that is exclusive for Beast Breathing users.

Fourth Fang executes four swift forward slashes, hitting the victim three strikes before flinging them away with a solid fourth strike. This method may be changed to point in the direction the user wants to go. It has a 45-second cooldown and delivers 20 damage each Slash. Almost like Second Fang: Slice but mixed with Wind Breathing’s Sixth Form: Wind Typhoon, Fifth Fang lunges forward and unleashes two broad horizontal slashes.

It has a 64-second cooldown and deals 35 damage. When the victim is in range, Finishing Fang sprints forward, spins around, and kicks them in the back. It has a 68-second cooldown and does 36 damage.

The benefit is that M1s strike twice. Two moves have hyper armor and auto-lock; the other moves have tremendous damage but no cast time. Similar to Insect Breathing, unless you desire to have Lunge, you don’t necessarily require to use your skill points on the Sword skill tree. Third Fang may be challenging for victims to escape from because it features a guard breaker move and an auto-execute move.

His abilities’ drawbacks are their lengthy cooldowns. With Fourth Fang, it can be challenging to hit everything. Only possess close-range strikes, which are challenging if you lack the necessary ability. Additionally, owing to auto-lock, you may unintentionally hit teammates or friends that are close.

Skill Points 10

Sound Breathing

Sound Breathing
Tengen’s Sound Breathing

You must go to Slayer Corps and locate Tengen Uzui to obtain Sound Breathing. You will be given a pair of enormous Nichirin Cleavers, used only by those who can utilize Sound Breathing. They are similar to nunchucks or kusarigama in that they each have sharp ends with notches and are joined at the hilt by a metal chain. The whole skill tree requires 17 skill points to accomplish.

Kendo Mastery and Kendo Agility II do not alter the animation or provide an additional M1 nor enhance swing speed. With delayed swings that cause large blasts, Sound is focused on blinding and throwing individuals into the air. It would be best if you tracked down Suma, Makio, and Hinatsuru, Uzui’s wives, to get Sound Breathing. Give Tengen three perfect crystals after that.

Sound Breathing’s advantage is that M1 strikes twice, dealing double damage. It has two guard breaks and one I-frame move. Due to its tremendous damage, it is beneficial for both PVE and PVP. Second Form is a potent combination starter with a quick cooldown, while First Form possesses hyper armor and two guard breakers.

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It has a flashbang/stun move that does minor damage and briefly renders victims blind. The second version can be used to blind an attacker, allowing you to flee or hide. Extensive attack range The only combination escape talent that conceals your position while you go is smoke.

The slowness of Sound Breathing is one of its drawbacks. The easiest method to hit an M1 is with a block and a shoulder bash because of the sluggish animation. You must draw your swords before engaging in combat due to the glitch with twin nichirin style Too many skill points are needed, and the breathing bar requirement is excessive. Unlike previous I-frame techniques, this appears to delay the player’s progress.

Most offensive talents are combo finishers since they send the adversary flying. It’s pretty challenging to complete tasks. All talents are mostly close-ranged assaults. Fourth Form is incredibly sluggish, while Fifth Form is

Skill Points 17


D Tier

Flawed Breathings of the Demonfall Breathing Tier List
D Tier.

So, in the bottom tier, the worst styles in this game are those in the D Tier. A couple of things now that I am showing the bottom tier. Playing bottom-tier Breathing does not mean you are trash or anything.

Serpent Breathing

Serpent Breathing
Iguro’s Serpent Breathing

At the top of the D tier, we have Serpent Breathing which emphasizes deliberate forward thrusts, and the skill tree is completed with 12 skill points. You will need 68 skill points to finish a Serpent Breathing with STW and Kendo Mastery. The activities to achieve Serpent Breathing are pretty similar to Mitsuri’s. After defeating the Axe Demon and obtaining its collar, you must pay Iguro 20,000 Yen.

There is no passive in this breathing technique. Three forward slashes are released by Winding Serpent, followed by a twisting slash that appears to fling the target away and deals more damage than the first three blows combined. The first strike does about 20 damage; the final hit might cause 30 to 40. Venom Fangs assumes a posture that lasts for three seconds; if struck while in the stance, the user launches a torrent of slashes in all directions as a kind of retaliation. About 30 damage is dealt.

A guard-breaker, an auto-execute technique, a restrict ability that may be used to stun targets and prevent them from moving, and a counter move are perks of Serpent Breathing. Its poor assault speed is one of its drawbacks, though. First Form could struggle to connect on its shots. If utilized too soon, the counter can disappoint. Little is done by Twin-Headed Reptile. So I will place it in the D tier of the Demonfall Breathing Tier List 2023.

Skill Points 12

Wind Breathing

Wind Breathing
Shinazugawa’s Wind Breathing

At last, we have Wind Breathing. You must first locate Grimm at a residence close to the fast traveler in Okuyia Village to learn Wind Breathing. With three motions, Wind Breathing has the most guard breakdowns of any breathing. 

Dealing damage to the adversary is the main focus of the Wind Breathing fighting methods, and range combat plays a significant role in this. This is advised for people who want to engage in distant combat or strike an adversary before fleeing. You must first collect 20 Demon horns to get Wind Breathing. After that, take Grimm down in battle.

Thanks to the Wind Breathing passive ability, you can stroll or run more quickly. Dust Claws raises the sword up and to the right, over their head, then unleashes four swifts, vertical claw-like slashes on the foe.

Twenty percent of your remaining breath is used, and 21 damage is dealt. As the opponent leaps back into the air and swings their sword, Purifying Wind unleashes a catastrophic cyclone that carries them far away. Uses 21 damage and 70% of your remaining breathing bar. Lotus Tempest burns forward at dizzying speeds and slashes continually in a horizontal cyclone formation. 28 damage is dealt when using 50% of your breathing bar.

The perks of Wind Breathing are its least expensive and high DPS. Unexpectedly effective for grinding. A guard breach is the first technique mastered. It’s aGood combination if you can use two ranged attacks and get them into the wall. Excellent trapping and shock. A respectable long-range guard breaks with the potential to extend a combo. Compared to other breathing, it has a lot of guard breaks.

It contains moves that can trap your adversary by prolonging their ragdoll or stunned state. Exceptionally effective at striking targets via barriers and walls. The main drawback to this Breathing is that it may be easily avoided if you try to use moves on people far away.

Skill Points 12

Comparison Table

Breathing StyleTierSkill Points
Sun BreathingS43
Moon BreathingS33
Flame BreathingS12
Mist BreathingA12
Water BreathingA12
Thunder BreathingA12
Love BreathingB17
Insect BreathingB9
Beast BreathingC10
Sound BreathingC17
Serpent BreathingD12
Wind BreathingD12

Patch Notes Version 4.0

The following changes were made with the latest patch.

New Features

  • Hantengu BDA (Rare)
  • Swamp BDA (Common)
  • Stone Breathing
  • Demon final storyline
  • Ranked titles till Kinoe, Group titles for Hashira and Tsuguko

Balance Changes

  • Damage and speed for the Daki Whip skill were both boosted by 20%.
  • Daki Damage from eight layers has increased by 50%.


That is the Demonfall Breathing Tier List until there is another update or maybe when the players are getting a grasp of the new changed breathing styles. This is my opinion, and you are free to disagree. Suppose you play low-tier Breathing and are doing well with them. I am super happy for you. That means that you are a good player with a bright future. I will love to hear from you if you disagree with my Breathing placements. Why do you think your character is stronger or weaker than what I believe? Let me know in the comments section below.