Elden Ring Spirit Ashes Tier List [2023]

Forge Your Path in Elden Ring: Our Spirit Ashes Tier List Ranks all the Spirits in the game.

I’m writing this Elden Ring Spirit Ashes Tier List to rank some of the most popular ashes in the entire game because the quality of these varies greatly from entry to entry. 

New players who aren’t sure which Spirit Ashes to utilize in the early and late game might use this article as a reference and learn which ones are worth investing Runes and upgrade materials into. So with that said, let’s jump in.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 20 entries on our list.
  • The ranking has been done, taking their strength into account.
  • You can find the likes of Mimic Tear and Black Knife Tiche in the highest ranks.
  • We have Omenkiller Rollo and Nightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets in the lower ranks.


Look at the table below for a full summary of our rankings.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Mimic TearAncient Dragon Knight KristoffBattlemage HuguesAncestral FollowerCrystalian
Black Knife TicheRedmane Knight OghaRadahn SoldierJellyfishOmenkiller Rollo
Banished Knight OlegCleanrot Knight FinlayAzula BeastmanDung Eater PuppetNightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets
Banished Knight EngvallLuthel the HeadlessBlackflame Monk Amon
Mausoleum Soldier AshesLone Wolf

Keep on reading to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

Broken Spirit Ashes in the Game's Current Meta
S Tier.

The S class stands as the epitome of perfection. Spirit Ashes here is very exceptional and worth upgrading.

Mimic Tear

The Mimic Tear is unlike any other Spirit Ashes, which often conjures ghostly copies of fallen enemies who might be handy in certain situations. Still, it also leaves you vulnerable to attacks from other players. The Mimic Tear conjures a carbon copy of yourself, complete with your existing arsenal.

Your artificially intelligent clone will make great use of your skills and will be able to wear your fragrances and utilize your other crafted stuff. After a minor injury, they will even use their flasks to restore their health.

In other words, they’re crucial against formidable foes that would quickly overwhelm summons without their means of survival. Since the Mimic Tear duplicates your equipment at the time of summoning, you may give it the weapons and armor you wish to use and then swiftly switch back to your own.

This comes in handy when you want to provide them with one sort of status-inflicting weapon while using a different type yourself. Are you up against a boss that crumbles under the effects of bleed or frost?

If you want to increase your harm, have them use a bleeding weapon as you employ a frost weapon. Despite the nerf, Mimic Tear is still a fantastic ability because of its versatility. And it’s just as tanky as you are (or more so if you equip a shield before summoning and switching to something more offensive). It can perform healing spells to help you and the Mimic Tear. 

FP Cost N/A
HP Cost 660

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Black Knife Tiche

If you’re looking for a Spirit Ashe that can stand up to the legendary Mimic Tear, go no further than Black Knife Tiche. She doesn’t have a lot of health, but she’s swift on her feet and can quickly sidestep or outflank lower-level monsters.

Hit-and-run strategies are less successful against more enormous bosses since she risks being caught by broad swings or massive area-of-effect strikes despite her dodging.

Black Knife Tiche has a good arsenal of standard strikes, but her Blade of Death is where she shines offensively. This strike from the middle range creates a fast-moving projectile that causes continuous damage equal to a percentage of the target’s maximum HP.

Because of this, Tiche is a fantastic choice for facing monsters with strong resistances or large HP bars. Even though foes and bosses get a significant HP increase in New Game Plus and beyond, Tiche is still the most delicate Spirit Ash to employ.

According to the percentage debuffed, her special strike damages are a lot of damage against these augmented bosses. Her combative character will immediately target her attackers, even if it means she focuses her attacks on the supporting opponents rather than the boss themselves. Despite her many enhancements, Tiche remains vulnerable to large groups of adversaries.

The damage she does stacks with that of the Black Blade Incantation. Due to Elden Ring setups with low Mind, Black Knife Tiche cannot be fielded due to her high 132FP summon cost, despite her potent abilities.

FP Cost 132
HP Cost N/A

Banished Knight Oleg

Invoking the Disgraced Knight’s Ashed Spirit Like the other characters in the game, Oleg may only be called upon when you are close to a rebirth monument. The fee to use him is 100 FP. Oleg is a Knight with full armor, wielding two massive blades.

Because of his sturdy construction, he can absorb much damage without dying, making him a helpful diversion against the game’s bosses and mini-bosses. At the same time, you inflict more damage from a safer distance.

Also, he possesses a devastating strike that knocks back everyone in the vicinity of the battle. It adds to his standard damage output in combat. But with his health reserve, he’ll be helpful to you in any situation.

Oleg, along with Banished Knight Engvall, is a member of the Wings of the Storm and routinely employs a storm skill similar to Banished Knight Engvall’s Storm Stomp Ash of War while close to an adversary. Using this ability consistently stuns most bosses.

Human adversaries like invaders and select bosses like Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing, and Malenia. Keep Oleg in the middle of the fight between you and the monster to compel him to utilize his Storm Stomp ability.

When facing speedier monsters or vast boss regions where the opponent may easily avoid his all-out assaults, Banished Knight Oleg is forced to move slowly towards the enemy, which is not his preferred strategy. As a result, it will be placed in the S tier of the Elden Ring Spirit Ashes Tier List.

FP Cost 100
HP Cost N/A

Banished Knight Engvall

Banished Knight Engvall, even in his base unupgraded form, is a stalwart attacker who, due to his halberd, can keep up with even the swiftest of foes.

Since of his aggressive personality, Engvall excels as a tanking spirit because he can easily maintain aggression against most bosses. While Banished Knight Oleg and Engvall both have storm attacks at their disposal, Engvall is a little more nimble thanks to his leaping attacks, which allow him to close the gap and escape opponent strikes swiftly.

When utilizing his trademark leaping strikes, legendary Wing of the Storm Engvall often employs a storm talent similar to the Ash of War’s Storm Stomp.

Most bosses will be dazed by this blow, while human adversaries, including invaders and bosses like Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing, will be stunned. Engvall, the banished knight, has a devastating halberd smash as his finishing move in his leaping strike.

Consequently, this storm-channeled strike is often employed to narrow the gap with foes, but it may be utilized to finish out monsters like Malenia if they are sufficiently stunned. This attack has a notable wind-up.

Therefore it’s essential to aggro the adversary while Engvall is channeling it so that he isn’t thrown off-guard.

FP Cost 100
HP Cost N/A

A Tier

Prominent Spirit Ashes in the Game's Current Meta
A Tier.

The A tier is the next category after the S tier. They are excellent Ashes, although they aren’t as innovative as the Spirit Ashes in the S tier.

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

Knights of the Ancient Dragons When thoroughly developed, Kristoff is on par with Lhutel the Headless regarding sheer weight and health, making him one of the tankiest spirit ashes in the game. Kristoff is more belligerent than Lhutel and will aggressively assault bosses to maintain aggro, whether with his Partisan or Thunderbolt ability.

Guard breaks are rare among spirit ashes, but he will consistently do them once Kristoff begins bracing with his great shield. As a result, he is a fantastic summon for use against bosses with a high attack speed, such as Malenia, Blade of Miquella, and Radagon of the Golden Order. Their strikes won’t faze him, and he can defend break with a strong comeback. Kristoff, the Ancient Dragon Knight, routinely employs the spell of Rejection.

Although it does no damage, this spell may even put giant bosses in a daze. With this spell, Kristoff may stun and halt the assaults of powerful foes like Leonine Misbegotten, Misbegotten Crusader, and Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing.

Even though he’s mostly a tank, Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff can do decent damage to bosses that are vulnerable to lightning. In addition to his formidable Thunderbolt Skil.

He also has a variant of the Lightning Slash Skill, exclusive to his Partisan, which grants his weapons more lightning damage. Because of this, he is helpful against bosses like the Decaying Ekzykes and the Abductor Virgins, the Fire Giant, and others who have no resistance to lightning.

FP Cost 108
HP Cost N/A

Redmane Knight Ogha

Knight Redmane Ogha specializes in long-range attacks because of his Spirit Ash class. Once called, he stays nearby and begins attacking nearby foes with his gravity arrows, sword, or a particular variation of the Lion’s Claw Ash of War talent.

When facing off against more enormous monsters, Redmane Knight is most effective when used as a ranged Spirit Ash support, taking advantage of his gravity arrows to do massive damage.

Redmane Knight Ogha will not remain still, but he will only be patrolling the immediate area around his summoner. To relocate Ogha, you must use Cursed-Blood Pots. If you throw the pot on the ground, Ogha will have to come to you.

When Redmane Knight Ogha hears the War Cry Skill used nearby, he will rage and launch a devastating special attack. Ogha will release a barrage of gravity arrows at the adversary by shooting a single arrow into the air.

Indeed, Ogha can only perform this attack once each summon, but he may still benefit from War Cry’s damage enhancement. Ogha’s unique strike may be activated by using any of the other howling ashes of a war that grant brief damage bonuses.

This includes Barbaric Roar’s weapon skills, Beast’s Roar, Braggart’s Roar, Troll’s Roar, and Shriek of Milos.

FP Cost 106
HP Cost N/A

Cleanrot Knight Finlay

At 127 FP, the Cleanrot Knight Finlay is one of the most costly spirits in the game to call upon. Watching this man is a lot of fun. His strength is in the area just below the midfield.

It can attack from afar by swinging its scythe and unleashing a massive yellow beam of energy that tracks its targets. When he comes near a boss or a big group of opponents, he may vomit up a significant quantity of poison rot, which does tremendous damage wherever it lands.

His vomit may inflict severe burn damage on his foes. He vomits on those who are hostile and go too near to a boss. His poisonous vomit will inflict ongoing harm on them. He’s built like a tank and can absorb a lot of punishment.

For 127 FP, he should be able to take quite a few blows before dying. Finlay, the Cleanrot Knight, is notoriously difficult to get. He may be a key player in the fourth quarter.

I had to race across a significant metropolis to get to him; any hit would have meant instant death. So, I had to duck and weave quite a bit to capture this, and I can attest that he was well worth the trouble. Watching Cleanrot Knight Finlay is a visual treat. I’m placing him in the A tier of the Elden Ring Spirit Ashes Tier List because I believe he can handle most situations you’ll face.

FP Cost 127
HP Cost N/A

Luthel the Headless

The fact that Luthel the Headless has a cost of 104 FP and is excellent in general is a significant improvement on what I had previously anticipated her to be like. She can protect herself with a spear, a shield, and she also can throw her spear.

Because of this, she can do a considerable amount of damage to her opponents by hurling her spear at them from a moderate distance. She can participate in a fight from a safe distance while confronting bosses, but she can also engage in combat up and personal when necessary.

In addition to that, she always has a big shield that she takes with her everywhere she goes. However, it is not the only thing she can do; she is also very talented at minimizing the damage taken.

In addition, Luthel the Headless has the incredible ability to control instinct, which allows her to teleport away from any potential threat that may be heading her way. This is a tremendous ability. When she gets perilously close to taking damage, she teleports behind her opponent or teleports to a safe distance so that she may continue to wield her spear.

This allows her to avoid taking any damage. She never sustains any injuries at all. Luthel the Headless is good at destroying many enemies simultaneously because of the wide area her spear can cover when she swings it. She is the real deal in every sense of the word.

FP Cost 104
HP Cost N/A

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Mausoleum Soldier Ashes

The Soldiers’ Ashes Mausoleum was a complete surprise. I was surprised to see these men so far up on the list. As of right now, you can purchase the Mausoleum Soldier Ashes for just 75 FP. The Mausoleum Soldiers are affordable compared to some heavy hitters on this list. However, five spectral Mausoleum Soldiers will rush to your aid and inflict havoc when summoned.

The five of them together, I believe, are responsible for the severe harm they do. This universal applicability among the five makes them ideal for every situation. They are capable of swiftly and efficiently eliminating vast numbers of foes.

Individually, they’re powerful, but they become formidable when you put all five of them to work against the same enemy. They are pretty effective in making bosses unsure of who to target in response to the boss’s actions.

If the boss’s attack has a large area of effect or if the boss’s swipe is wide. Even though the boss may wipe them off rapidly, I’ve found that they generally succeed in disorienting him and dividing his attention among themselves. Since there are five of them, they perform an excellent job of dividing up the boss’s aggro, allowing you to sit back and relax while they do a lot of damage.

After calling these guys in, you may sit back with a bow or spell. Overall, the Mausoleum Soldier Ashes are fantastic in that situation, and I urge you to get them as quickly as possible despite their high FP cost and excellent quality.

FP Cost 75
HP Cost N/A

B Tier

 Balanced Spirit Ashes in the Game's Current Meta
B Tier.

B-tier Spirit Ashes are capable warriors who can maintain an excellent middle ground between PVP and PVE. While A-tier Spirit Ashes have more use, B-tier Spirit Ashes are still sought after.

Battlemage Hugues

Battle Mage Hugues is a very flexible summon in the early to mid-game due to his access to the same attacks and spells as his boss counterpart. Hugues can pound his foes with his club or the Gavel of Haima.

His Cannon of Haima can fire projectiles at adversaries and bosses from a great distance. Battle Mage Hugues’ sorcery-focused attacks are invaluable for monsters like the Demi-Human Chief and Decaying Ekzykes, who are vulnerable to magic.

In addition, most mid to late-game enemies, such as the Fell Twins and the Fire Giant, have no resistance against magic. Therefore fully upgraded Hugues Haima spells may cause a lot of damage.

Hugues, the Battle Mage, is one of the slowest spirit ashes, and he lacks any move that can shorten the gap between himself and a monster, unlike the Banished Knights Oleg and Engvall. He has a hard time with speedier bosses like Malenia, Blade of Miquella, and Maliketh, Black Blade.

Hugues excels against sluggish monsters like the Fell mentioned above Twins and Fire Giant, as well as more enormous bosses like Ancient Dragon Lansseax. The Ancient Dragon isn’t vulnerable to spells, but Hugues’ Gavel and Cannon of Haima always have an excellent, big target to shoot at because of her size.

FP Cost 122
HP Cost N/A

The Blackflame Monk is a decent mage but costly at 115 FP. That’s why he’s getting a B-plus from me. He’s more effective at close quarters and has trouble fighting at longer ranges. Big and burly, he arrives armed with a sword and extraordinary black flame powers.

Since his black flame strike has a significant area of effect, he is adept at dealing with enormous hordes of foes. Multiple foes will be hit at once, and they will be slowly burned to death. Even when facing up against superiors, he holds his own.

If he uses the flames on a boss, it will gradually deplete their health over time. If you’re looking for a vast, strong guy that can absorb a lot of blows and consistently harm a boss or a large group of foes, I found that he can hold his own against a monster, but he still gets taken down relatively quickly. In my opinion, he is a valuable asset. I believe it is in your best interest to look for him.

However, he is costly, so you’ll need a lot of FP or an ability that reduces the FP cost of goods, such as a talisman. As such, you should secure the FP necessary to cast him. He proves rather valuable for fighting in the latter stages of a game.

FP Cost 115
HP Cost N/A

Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf takes up about the same room as the Jellyfish. It is the first Spirit most players get in the game and scales well for its level. It does a great job at “playing” the part of a spirit used early on in the game.

This also demonstrates the distinction between the two primary sorts of Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring, which are solitary, tanky troops and bigger groups of fodder that are simpler to eliminate.

Because individuals inside a group have less health, groups are more susceptible to assaults that affect a larger area. The benefit of doing so is that groups can throw off the opponent AI, even leading it into confusing loops in which it does not make sure who to attack.

In addition, summons used in groups can continue assaulting adversaries and perhaps stunning them even if one of its members is under attack.

FP Cost 55
HP Cost N/A

C Tier

Notable Spirit Ashes in the Elden Ring Spirit Ashes Tier List
C Tier.

These Spirit Ashes don’t do anything significant for you in the game, because the entries here are much weaker than the ones in the higher tiers. 

Ancestral Follower

The Ancestral Follower costs 63 FP and is a spirit summon that can be obtained relatively early in the game. These spirit summonses are helpful throughout the game and can be obtained relatively easily. This can be an early, middle, or late game.

In contrast to the vast majority of the ranged spirits, they are just excellent followers. The Ancestral Follower does a fantastic job of achieving his objective and hitting the mark.

The fact that many of the archers fire their arrows and utterly miss is one of my greatest pet peeves with archers. Therefore, the Ancestral Follower hits his target most of the time. It is a considerable advantage if someone comes in his way. He can brandish an axe and do a significant amount of damage.

The use of Ancestral Follower is optimal for the boss encounters that take place in such large open areas. He does continuous damage to the boss and is an all-around great follower.

FP Cost 63
HP Cost N/A


Following that, we have everyone’s favorite Jellyfish right here. As a result, to conduct these tests, I selected the most successful boss battle out of the three that I had fought with each of these Spirits. Now receive my tests. I put them up against various bosses, and the Jellyfish was not up to the challenge. Because it is one of the first ashes you get, “Jellyfish” has the potential to be an enjoyable early game.

They may be acquired for a small sum of 31 FP, making them an affordable option. They perform well under certain circumstances. For instance, they fly over the top of objects in the same way that they hover over the top of the lava. They help defend against the area-of-effect strikes used by dragons since they kind of hover over the top of AOE assaults.

They inflict a fair amount of poison damage, which is why they are helpful in the early game, more specifically, if it were the early game. The Jellyfish is so weak and pointless in the late game that it does not merit a slot that is higher than the C tier.

FP Cost 31
HP Cost N/A

Latenna The Albinauric

Latenna The Albinauric is a stationary archer, meaning she will stay planted in the location she is called to as she shoots off solid arrows. This may initially put off some players who are playing the game.

Despite this, she is rather handy, particularly when facing against enormous monsters or in venues with a significant amount of space. If she is summoned close to one of the game’s large Direwolves. She will ride it if the circumstances are right. Suppose she is placed in the appropriate location.

In that case, she will deal considerable damage steadily and consistently with her incredibly accurate shots, and if she is close enough, she will even ride it.

The Slumbering Wolf’s Shack can be found in the Liurnia of the Lakes region, where Latenna’s Spirit Ashes may be found. However, to transform Latenna into a summon, you first need to get the right side of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. If you do not yet own this side, you cannot do so. As a result, it will be placed in the B tier of the Elden Ring Spirit Ashes Tier List.

FP Cost 74
HP Cost N/A

Dung Eater Puppet

The Dung Eater Puppet is the reincarnation of a repulsive person you could run with on your travels. They are known to be rather nasty. Dung Eater often thinks they are talking trash about your character and claims they will kill you next if you engage with them.

You will even get the option to battle him as part of his questline, but he makes a far more effective Spirit Ash because he packs a rather heavy punch, has various techniques, and can even absorb a blow.

You must start the quest line for Ranni in Ranni’s Rise to get the Dung Eater Puppet. Later, you will need to walk over to Seluvis’ Rise to initiate the assignment for Seluvis. You’ll be given a potion intended for another character. Still, if you provide it to Dung Eater instead. He’ll be transformed into one of Seluvis’ puppets and made available for purchase as a Spirit Ash.

He’ll deliver you a potion that’s meant for another character. This will end his plot, so before you do anything further, ensure all of your business is taken care of with the living Dung Eater.

FP Cost 118
HP Cost N/A

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D Tier

Flawed Spirit Ashes in the Elden Ring Spirit Ashes Tier List
D Tier.

The following ashes are the worst in the game and not worth investing in.


A Crystalian’s tough skin allows it to endure much punishment before being stunned and forced to abandon its shell. In the overworld, it’s best used to take attacks from groups of opponents and monsters like the Mimic Tear and Esgar around the player’s size in terms of humanity.

This is because Crystalians are vulnerable to Strike damage, which these monsters seldom deal with. However, it’s not recommended to use the Crystalian against Malenia since she’ll probably quickly recover.

The Crystalian may not take as much punishment as the more enormous bosses do. This is terrible news since it implies that many of the game’s strongest bosses will easily defeat the Crystalian. The Crystalian’s assaults aren’t very good at being followed up on, which is another one of its flaws.

This makes it more likely that the Crystalian won’t connect with its target. Therefore, employing it against bosses with spacious arenas is not a good idea.

FP Cost 101
HP Cost N/A

Omenkiller Rollo

Omenkiller Another summons with the ability to deliver significant damage, even to bosses, Rollo may be called upon in certain situations. Rollo is a one-of-a-kind character since he employs strikes that can potentially have bleeding or scorching effects. When used effectively, these status effects can potentially steal a large portion of an opponent’s health from them.

On the East Atlus Bridge leading to the Divine Tower, you will discover the Omenkiller Rollo Ashes. The bridge may be found close to the location of grace in the Capital Suburbs.

To get the summon, you will first need to defeat the boss, the Fell Twins, which can be found in this location.

FP Cost 113
HP Cost N/A

Nightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets

A formidable combination of summons, the Nightmaiden, and Swordstress Puppets may be discovered in a chest in Nokstella, the Eternal City. Together, they are known as the Puppets.

There are many foes standing watch over the chest, which is located close to the location of grace for the Dragonkin Soldiers. The fight to obtain these potent and elusive spirits is well worth the effort, even though a gang guards them.

They have a fast attack, are good at avoiding damage, and have the strength to take on numerous monsters simultaneously. Their alternating assault strategy has the potential to confuse their opponents. It opens up vast windows of opportunity for them to strike.

FP Cost 97
HP Cost N/A

Comparison Table

Spirit AshesTierFP CostHP Cost
Mimic TearSN/A660
Black Knife TicheS132N/A
Banished Knight OlegS100N/A
Banished Knight EngvallS100N/A
Ancient Dragon Knight KristoffA108N/A.
Redmane Knight OghaA106N/A
Cleanrot Knight FinlayA127N/A
Luthel the HeadlessA104N/A
Mausoleum Soldier AshesA75N/A
Battlemage HuguesB122 N/A
Radahn SoldierB71 N/A
Azula BeastmanB102 N/A
Blackflame Monk AmonB115N/A
Lone WolfB55 N/A
Ancestral FollowerC63 N/A
JellyfishC31 N/A
Dung Eater PuppetC74 N/A
CrystalianD118 N/A
Omenkiller RolloD101 N/A
Nightmaiden & Swordstress PuppetsD113 N/A

Patch Notes Version 1.08

The following changes were made to Spirit Ashes with the Version 1.08 update.

Game changes:

  • Players can summon Spirit Ashes to fight by their side in The Caelid Colosseum


So that was it for our Elden Ring Spirit Ashes Tier List, where we tried to rank 20 of the most popular ashes in the game. Chances are that you may not agree with many of our choices, and that’s okay because different people play this game very differently.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and we’ll consider your criticisms.