Elden Ring Waifu Tier List: The Tempting List

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The most famous and record-breaking game of 2022 is nonother than Elden Ring. This game got such a huge fan following in so little time that has taken the world by storm, being a very successful game it has broken all the sales records. It is a Soulsborne game that is the major reason for so much fame having all the heart and soul of the series, it is a very difficult game to play. As it has a huge list of weapons, gears, characters, bosses, and whatnot. To understand all the aspects of this game you can not do it in one sitting.

There is a variety of most dangerous bosses as well, like Elden Beast, Melania, and Godkin Duo that you have to face during the game. The fascinating details about all the weapons, characters, bosses and many many things should be understood in order to have complete knowledge about the basics and difficulties during the game. Here in the Elden Ring waifu tier list, I am going to rank the waifus of the game, based o the stats and abilities they will be ranked from best to worst.

Among some other great games released this year, Elden Ring has got the most famous as it sold many copies within a few months of its release. No other game has sold so many copies in such a short period of time. Although it is a difficult game to play having hundreds of weapons and spells, the gamers take it as a delight. The tougher the game is, the more pleasure it gives the gamer in playing.

This game will let you explore an entire universe of characters and enemies, having a bunch of quests along with that the ending of the game is totally dependent on the choices the players make throughout the quests. There are some quests that are very long like the Ranni questline, while some quests are short and are completed in little time like the Jerren quest.

The game is so interesting as it has a bunch of hidden quests and secrets and whatnot, all these are discovered when you know the right place to go on the map, there are some players who even after spending more than fifty hours playing, can not discover where to go. Lets us get started with the basics of the game.

Elden Ring gameplay and basics

In Elden Ring the players can boost up their levels by earning currency, the main component of the gameplay is the summoning of spirits. Many upgrades can be made by airing and leveling up the spirits allowing them to attain various forms. It is based on an open world but also consists of many secrets, bosses, and dungeons. There are many orders in which the dungeons can be completed, however, they can not be headed directly into the final dungeon.

You can ride the spirit speed in the open world in order to teleport the gained checkpoints which result in discovering bosses and many new dungeons. This game is surrounded by mystery which begins with a place called Lands Between which was ruled by Queen Marika along with her child. They gained all their powers from Erdtree, who was mighty, and from the golden order which was called the Elden Ring.

Marika’s child Godwyn was killed and Rune of Death was stolen by the enemies who plotted a secret strategy against them. Eventually, Marika disappeared which resulted in a war between the demigod children which eventually resulted in no emergence of Victor which caused the start of the greatest conflict. All this chaos resulted in the Golden order and Elden Ring shattering.

All the details are surely elusive it is all on the player to track them and hunt them, as they are tarnished. There is a possibility of stopping the demigods and then retrieving the Great Runners and finally uniting all of them to be the Elden Lord.

In order to accomplish all the desired results in the given circumstances, you should train yourself well enough that you can just stick the clues and secrets together to get the appropriate answer to all your confusions. All the minor details matter a lot like the bosses you have defeated along the way, the characters you choose or meet during the game time, and all the items you possess may lead you to the right path in order to win.

Various classes in Elden Ring

Although after selecting a specific player in the game, you get an option to change the appearance of that character. The changes are made in the manner of age, physique, or body type, but they have zero effect on the gameplay. There is another option of selecting the character’s class. This decision should be taken wisely as it does affect the gameplay as every starting class has a specialty in one attribute.

This will let you decide about the kind of Tarnished you are willing to become. For instance, you can be someone who is a great and heavy fighter with armor, or you can be the one who is a sorcerer of a focused manner, Or you can also become someone who swings swords at home and likes to invoke the faith. The various classes of the game are:

  1. Vagabond: Solid Knight who has been exiled from the homeland and has an armor-clad origin. Has a sword and a halberd.
  2. Warrior: Has a great technique along with twin scimitars. A twin blade-wielding warrior belonging to a nomadic tribe.
  3. Hero: Exiled from the badlands chieftain, is a stalwart hero who has a Battleaxe.
  4. Bandit: Pro at ranged combat is a dangerous bandit who excels at high Arcane and strikes for pretty weak points. Has a buckler and knife to have easy parrying.
  5. Astrologer: Sees the fate in stars, brilliance in intelligence, and awesome pool of FP, is the heir of Glintstone sorcery. Has a basic sword.
  6. Prophet: Great in healing incantations is a well ostracized for prophecies. Has a short spear.
  7. Samurai: Great fighter who belongs to the Land of Reeds, firm hand on longbows and katana.
  8. Prisoner: Prisoner in the iron mask, living among some fine elite who are due sentencing. Tendency to balance dexterity as well as intelligence.
  9. Confessor: Has a sword and is a spy of the church. Having a decent spread of faith and strength for combat.
  10. Wretch: Poor sod who is naked, however, has a nice club. Has no specialties.

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Elden Ring Waifus Ranking

It’s crucial to understand what a Waifu exactly is. A Waifu is defined by the dictionary as “A name for a fictitious figure, mainly in anime or similar media, that someone has a strong fondness for, sometimes even romantically.” Anyone can think of some characters as their Waifu because they have a predetermined route in Elden Ring and the player’s attachment to them can be one-sided.

The precise term does change depending on who you ask. Everything in the series was improved by Elden Ring, even the waifu. This game is filled with lovely women who any Tarnished would be proud to name their “maidens,” and some of them far surpass their predecessors. Even if everyone has their own likes and that love is blind, I believe it is worthwhile to identify the best waifu in Elden Ring. In order to do so, we begin with the Elden Ring waifu tier list. 

S Tier

Superb waifus of Elden Ring.
Superb Waifus from Elden Ring.

The S tier of the Elden Ring waifu tier list is composed of the marvelous waifus from the game who are versatile and brilliant in their forms. Having the best of the best skills and abilities, in addition to this, they are the top romantic characters in the game, providing some love scenes that increase the beauty of the game. Let us begin with the S tier and know all the waifus here.


Ranni long ago organized the Night of something like the Black Knife, probably the most important historical episode in the tale of Elden Ring. Ranni resisted the Two Fingers’ authority, killing her flesh in order to cast out the Rune of Death that she had stolen. a little lost? Me, too. If you want to win her favor during her quest line, you’ll need to traverse the whole Lands Between and engage in fierce combat with enemies like the Lichdragon Fortissax and vengeful shadows.

The best potential conclusion in-game is to become her lover. Having said that, Ranni is really a demi-live god’s spirit disguised as a doll. So there’s that. She’s colored and loveable. The Lunar Empress Ranni is the daughter of Queen Rennala, ruler of the Course of several weeks royal family as well as the Institute of Raya Lucaria, and Radagon, the Golden Order champion. Ranni’s two siblings were Radahn and Rykard. As she was raised as an empyrean, Ranni had the ability to one day replace the heavenly Queen Marika.

She was chosen by the Two Fingers as a possible successor, and they gave her a shadow named Blaidd, who was nurtured as her foster brother. Growing up, Ranni spent her free time with Blaidd and Iji, a huge blacksmith who worked for the Carian kings.

Ranni initially appears at the Church of Ellen at night after Melina joins the Tarnished journey.  She is involved in the fight with Queen Rennala, although this has no influence on her goal. She has her next direct run-in at Liurnia of the Waters at Ranni’s Rise, right past Caria Manor. The outcome of this encounter will be determined by whether the player found the Black Knifeprint and gave it to Rogier.

Rogier will inform the Tarnished of Ranni’s involvement in the Evening of Black Blades and direct them to find her Cursemark of Doom as evidence. not finished yet She has a fine ability to change the whole table in her favor.

Talking to Miniature Ranni at the Ranni’s Chamber grace will provide you with an optional exposition chat about Ranni’s objectives. After you beat the tournament’s final boss, one will receive a blue summons sign by Ranni. You get the Age of the Stars epilogue by summoning her. She is indeed one of the finest characters who has the tendency of showcasing some worthy romance scenes in the game.

Malenia Blade of Miquella

Can you picture falling in love with one of the From Software games’ most formidable foes? Regular adversaries would perish at the point of her sword, and intruders would flee in terror as the love of your life dispatched them like the thieves they are. Do you know about her entirely legal maneuver where she throws you into the air and stabs you with her sword, destroying nearly all of your health at once? What if she did that to someone else instead? Wouldn’t that be cool? Just make sure you’re stored up with preserving boluses or a Flame Cleanse Me spell because she does spew crimson rot out of every pore, which would give you a slow, torturous death if you went too close. After that, you ought to be all set.

Her distinguishing order grab. Then, after winding herself up, she jumps forward, grabs you, tosses you up, and impales you with her blade, delivering 1000–1500 damage while healing herself about in the same amount. You may stun her while it is starting up because it lacks hyper-armor. If not, you must avoid it.
a quick kick-jump. Even though it doesn’t do enough damage, it already has high energy, she recovers from that too, and it can easily take off guards.

She will nearly always follow up on it with her command grab if you become guard broken, but your stamina always returns quickly enough for you to roll away from the grasp. Two sword slashes, two hyper-armored sidestepping jumps to the left or right, followed by further combo extenders. Just as her assault is about to launch, the hyper-armor ends, allowing you to stun her. This is a fantastic opportunity to parry her because the strike was extremely well anticipated.

Without any warning, the attacker delivered two sword slashes, then launched further assaults after the sidestep. Rolling backward is a superior dodge since it is very hard to respond quickly enough to parry this. The second slash strikes you if you slide forward. A rapid second slash, several combination extensions, and a spin-slash in which she rotates once around her own axis. This is rather sluggish and lacks hyper-armor, making it simple to dodge or disrupt.

This assault can also be parried, although it has particularly erratic timing and location. A triple-slash combination into a delayed sweep after a rapid forward sprint. Her sword-clicking hands and sparking as she charges forward to serve as a signal.

If you roll back unless you are sufficiently far away from her, you will be struck by one of the slashes, but you may avoid it by rolling diagonally in her direction. You can shock her well before sweeps are unleashed when you’re still in reach and it does not have high energy. Having said that, she is an incredible player hence she is located in the S tier of the Elden Ring waifu tier list. 


When first contacted, Roderika may be found at the Stormhill Shack, where she would bemoan the fact that all the companions she brought with her were grafted, but she refrained from joining her men because of fear. Once she gathers the guts to do so, she’ll want you to inform them if you happen to come across them that she intends to join as well. You’ll acquire the Seated Sideways symbol and the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes after a couple of additional talks with her.

She will travel to the Roundtable Keep, near the hearth, although she is still unsure what she’d do when she reaches the Lake-Facing Cliffs Seat of Mercy Once you’ve had enough of her, go talk to Hewg about Roderika. He’ll comment that she has eyes of the same shade as a spirit tuner.

Go discuss this with Roderika, then return to Hewg and persuade him to train her. She should now have been transferred into Hewg’s area and be accessible to upgrade ashes when you leave the Roundtable Hold and come back.

If you theoretically led a gang of followers to an agonizing death whereby their limbs were removed and joined to an unusual spider-like animal, you’d likely feel some remorse. You would drag your shame and anxiety with you. Sheepish Roderika is on the verge of giving up, ready to give everything up and allow the Lands Between to grab her like it has several others.

She immediately perks ups after receiving some validation in the form of the Chrysalids’ Momento. It only expressed strongly to remind her that her guys have just always backed and trusted in her. You know though, who else has faith in her? Tarnished, you. As the best (and sole) Spirit Tuner in the entire world, she assumes her position at the Roundtable Hold.

Roderick could easily become one of Elden Ring’s top partners with a stable job and a sense of purpose. Being in a relationship with the person who empowers spirit ashes makes sense given how much easier the game is thanks to them. At a lover’s discount for spirit tuning? Include me.

White Faced Varre

An NPC in Elden Ring is called White-Faced Varré being placed in the S tier of the Elden Ring waifu tier list. Due to his proximity to the entrance of Limgrave’s Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, he is frequently the first to welcome the Tarnished as they leave. Once you obtain your initial Great Rune, he would travel to the Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes and gift them some Seething Bleeding Fingers for assaults.

Varré will give you the Bloody Finger for unlimited assaults and the Pureblood Noble’s Award, which will transport you to Mohgwyn Castle if you speak to him about it after you’ve used it thrice. You will definitely realize you are a maidens man after meeting White-Faced Varré if you didn’t already. Sure, he repeatedly pokes fun at your maidens status, and there are some theories that suggest he might have even murdered your maiden, so your chances in the Lands Between are pretty slim.

With only the Two Fingers to lead you, he assumes you will meet a miserable end. What a blessing that he’s here to assist you in serving his master, the Luminary Mohg, through adopting you beneath his wings! He draws you back in just when you believed he was dismissing you. There will be a red summons sign within the palace that will allow you to conquer Varré.

For slaying him, you get a Rune Arc and a Furlcalling Finger Cure. When you return to your world, you may locate him at the Mohgwyn Palace, where he will also leave you with another Festering Bloody Finger and Varré’s Bouquet.

We must completely disregard the potential murder of your maiden and his blatant attempts to manipulate you into supporting his cause. And let us not talk about what a fool he leaves you feeling by naming your maidens. Who cares if he instructed you to use some festering bloody fingers to kill other Tarnished, anyway? He refers to you as lambkin. And that is all that matters in the end.


She is a devout supporter of the Prince of Death and one of the Tarnished. One can unlock a different ending known as “The Age of the Duskborn” by completing her questline. She will offer to embrace the Tarnished when she is first seen at the Roundtable Hold.

If the player agrees, they will get Baldachin’s Blessing, which while in their inventory covertly reduces the Tarnished’s HP by 5% but may be used at any moment to remove the debuff without causing any harm. When accepting her invitation to be held once again once you get to the Altus Plateau, a new conversation choice will be available. Her quest line starts at this point.

Irrespective of if the gamer has already completed Rogier’s objective, she will reveal information about the position of a Black Knifeprint which Rogier will be eager in. She also offers the Weathered Dagger key item to the Tarnished and asks them to give it back to its owner.

D is eligible to receive the Dagger. Shortly after that, D will be discovered dead at the Roundtable Hold, and Fia will make her exit known while also disclosing her relationship with Godwyn the Golden and Those Who Live in Death. The Prince of Death’s Throne is where she had her last confrontation in the Deeproot Depths. You must first vanquish Fia’s Champions in order to meet her.

What could be more admirable (and seductive!) than wanting to give the undead the tranquility of death? FIA may have to sleep with a lot of Tarnished champions to replenish their energy and go against the Roundtable Hold’s wishes, but her intentions are good. She wants to balance the Lands Between again rather than use the Elden Lord’s power for herself.

You would have to recognize the reality that she murdered a man in horrific ways before vanishing into the night. You would also have to recognize the reality that she is the same parent as those Who Resides in Killing. You would also have to acknowledge that she is destined to keep lying with Godwyn in an effort to allow him another chance to control death.

Those are merely inconsequential details in the big picture. You ask, why? Throughout the several days, you will pass be hacked by phantoms and slashed by the blades of demigods and undead opponents, she is the sole figure to embrace you while murmuring romantic really nothing onto your ear. It must have a purpose, right? It’s worth it to receive some physical attention in the Lands Between, even if Fia’s embrace costs you 5% of your health.

A Tier

Good Waifus from Elden Ring.
Good waifus from Elden Ring.

The A tier of the Elden Ring waifu tier list has some great waifus from the game who have high abilities and skills not only in the order of having love scenes from the game but also in terms of great abilities and skills. They do lack some key points as compared to the ones in the S tier, but they are surely greater than many others.


Nepheli Loux is a damaged fighter raised beyond the Lands Between. Nepheli, who lost the guiding of grace, was taken in by the distant Sir Gideon Ofnir and is now his obedient aide. Nepheli experienced unrestrained murder and plunder and saw the horrific tyranny of the helpless. After losing grace’s care, Nepheli was fostered in by Sir Gideon Ofnir and ultimately became his legitimate kid.

The leader of Roundtable Hold and aspirant to the position of Elden Lord was Ofnir, also known as “the All-Knowing.” He promised Nepheli that if he were to become ruler, he would never again permit the oppressed to be defrauded. Nepheli struggled to put him on the throne of the Elden Lord in the hopes that he would win her undying allegiance.

She gets the Tarnished champion she had battled beside in the past atop Stormveil’s throne. She thanks them for their assistance, gives them a present, and informs them that she will summon the storm to clear the air of the foulness that Godrick’s grafting has left on the winds.

Blaidd the half Wolf

An NPC in Elden Ring is named Blaidd the Half-Wolf. He is a half-wolf warrior who works as Lunar Princess Ranni’s devoted shadow. When you approach Kalé after hearing howling in Mistwood, she will demonstrate the Finger Snap gesture and instruct you to use it to summon Blaidd below the tallest point in the ruins. Following that, Blaidd will show up and say he’s looking for a man named Darriwil and asks you to let him know if you locate him. Go to the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in western Limgrave and enter it if you haven’t previously slain Darriwil.

There, you can call on Blaidd to help you battle. Talk to Blaidd after the battle (or after meeting him if Darriwil was already dead), and he will offer you a Somber Smithing Stone. If you speak to him again, he will inform you about a blacksmith who is located near the manor in Liurnia and urge you to claim that “Blaidd sent them.”

This one is for all of you Team Jacob and furry fans out there. While waiting for a dominant Tarnished like you to learn how to snap your fingers and demand his attention, Blaidd the Half-Wolf is heard howling from the highest point of the Mistwood Ruins. He grunts, then leap from the tower, speaking to you in his soft, comforting voice, with the utmost obedience.

You are nearly twice as tall as he is. Did your neck ache while gazing up at him, as it did for me? In that case, you’ve got the right man. Blaidd is endearing, devoted, and a skilled combatant who even went so far as to fight beside you against the terrifying Starscourge Gadahn. He possesses every attribute a mate could want, plus one more: he is a half-wolf. Just be careful not to push him against his true nature as a being led by the Two Fingers, or you might end yourself regretting the result.

A Baleful Shadow, one of the assassins Ranni’s Two Fingers despatched after her, will be encountered by the Tarnished throughout Ranni’s questline. Although it is not Blaidd, this Shadow assumes Blaidd’s form.
It’s interesting to note that a corpse holding a mask that resembles Blaidd’s head may be located close to Ranni’s Rise. It is uncertain if this mask belonged to the Baleful Shadow assassin Ranni and the Tarnished encountered in Nokron, or if it belonged to another assassin who had attempted to pose as Blaidd in order to approach Ranni prior to the game’s events.

Smithing Master Hewg

An NPC in Elden Ring is called Smithing Master Hewg. Although Hewg doesn’t sell goods directly, you can sell goods to him. He is compelled by Queen Marika the Eternal to forge weapons for the Tarnished in the Roundtable Hold. She charged him with creating a weapon capable of killing a deity. Hewg will see that Roderika has a natural talent for spirit tuning once she enters the hold. Hewg will ultimately teach her all he knows when you talk to him about it, and Roderika becomes accessible as a Spirit Tuner at the keep.

Although Hewg may resemble the barnacle-covered Bootstrap Bill Turner, his commitment to his craft and desire to see Roderika succeed are laudable qualities. Additionally, he is toiling away at forging a god-slaying weapon as the best blacksmith in the entire Lands Between. Possibly starting a fire in his heart will motivate him to fortify his weapons even more and give them the strength of love.

Of course, there is a condition. He is unable to escape the Roundtable Hold. He is chained to the exact location where you discover him pounding. He wouldn’t leave even if everything around him started to fall apart. That means no lengthy beach walks, group catacomb diving, or Olive Garden dinner dates. At the Roundtable Hold, you would be forced to live a life of incessant takeout or cooking meals for him. But perhaps it’s a fair trade if he is honing the blades that save your life?


Latenna, an Albinauric woman, is well-known for being a skilled magic archer. In the Albinauric refuge of the Haligtree, Latenna and her wolf friend Lobo set off on their quest. She traveled to the far south and arrived at Liurnia of the Lakes. At this juncture, the workers of Sir Gideon Ofnir, a Devalued who sought access to the remote Haligtree lands, drew near Latenna. Ofnir’s servants believed Latenna held a hidden medallion that unlocked the Haligtree. They assaulted her, murdered her wolf, and left her disabled, but Latenna steadfastly declined to disclose where the medallion was by acting ignorantly.

Latenna informs them where the other half of the hidden medallion is and begs them to accompany her to the Haligtree territories so she may carry out her job after a Tarnished champion obtained a portion of it from the ancient albinauric Albus. The Tarnished consents and Latenna voluntarily transforms into Spirit Ash so they may carry her. When the Tarnished approach Castle Sol in the Mountaintops of the Giants, Latenna warns them that the medallion is close by.

The road leading to the Haligtree is made possible by recovering the second part. She implores them to take her to the holy city of Ordina. A juvenile albinauric named Phillia, who stands tall, is dozing here. She receives the birthing droplet from Latenna, enabling her to give all the albinaurics a fresh start. She expresses gratitude to the Tarnished for their assistance and vows to fight beside them until the very end. She also asks that once the battle is over, she be laid to rest by Lobo.

B Tier

Elden Ring waifu tier list B tier
Decent waifus from Elden Ring.

All the decent characters from the game are placed in the B tier as they have some good qualities and some bad ones as well. They have a good amount of romantic moves in the game, that tend to grab the gamer’s eyes. Although they are not as famous as the ones in the S and A tiers.

Perceptor Seluvis

He is a vassal of Lunar Princess Ranni, yet his true nature is that of a cunning con artist so he is placed in the B tier of the Elden Ring waifu tier list. Although Seluvis will request that you force Nepheli Loux to consume it, there are other things you may do with the potion. Gideon Ofnir can get rid of the potion for you if you speak to him. Giving it to Nepheli will get you access to the Nepheli Loux Puppet but prevent you from completing the remainder of Nepheli’s quest line. Giving it to the Dung Eater for its third usage enables you to obtain the Dung Eater Puppet.

You will require Starlight Shards to buy the NPC puppets from Seluvis. Whatever you chose to do with the potion, Seluvis will assign you a second job to discover the Amber Starlight. You must force the sleeping Ranni to consume the Amber Draught that Seluvis will produce with this item. Only before obtaining the Fingerslayer Blade is this possible. Giving Ranni the Amber Draught will have no effect on her and cause Seluvis to inexplicably pass away.

You will be banished from Ranni’s ranks as well. Even if you don’t stop chatting to her, she will one-shot you and leave the game after that (unless you repent at the Church of Vows).

Okay, so the first time you meet Seluvis, he abuses you horribly. But may that imply that he likes you? He is a cunning magician who attempts to take advantage of some of the game’s most honorable characters. But what if he supported you? Even a demi-god might become one of your puppets thanks to the potions the two of you could concoct.

What kind of use would that be? Giving Melania a taste of some delectable amber beverage would make her yours to command rather than having to die to her a hundred times. Okay, Seluvis might not be the ideal choice, but he is the only one with a secret dungeon that can be utilized for a variety of activities. Perhaps simply murder him and grab it? Just be careful to remove all of the puppets who are alive yet dead first.


Millicent is so miserable. She is shackled to a location on the floor of the Church of the Plague and is already wailing from pain when you first encounter her, so you immediately see that she is in pain. She will emerge with a little assistance from Gowry’s needle, and you will periodically encounter her throughout various sections of your adventure. It’s a beneficial partnership.

If you make her feel better, she gives you a talisman; if you give her a prosthetic arm, she helps you fend off a Draconic Tree Sentinel and a Godskin Apostle; if you aid Millicent in battling her sisters, she gives you the ability to undo a bad choice you might have made involving being naked with Three Fingers in a pitch-black room. Even while this sounds wonderful, she dislikes modern medicine and would like to let her ill body develop scarlet rot on its own. Millicent is just in town for a short while to have fun, which is the main skill of a waifu, hence she is placed in the B Tier of the Elden Ring waifu tier list.

To alleviate the signs of her illness, Gowry asks that the player locate a mystical Unalloyed Gold Needle for her. She will regain her ability to move after which she will give the player the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom. After heading to the Altus Plateau, she makes a halt at Gowry’s Shack.

There, she stays at the Erdtree-Gazing Hill till a player gives the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis, which is found in The Darkened Castle. Even without first giving her the prosthesis, you can call her to battle Magma Wyrm Makar. At Windmill Heights grace, where she starts her trip to Miquella’s Haligtree, will be her final encounter on the Altus Plateau.

Prior to entering the Chapel in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, she eventually found in the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins grace on the Giant Mountaintops. Two summon signals for her task may be found there once you vanquish the neighboring Ulcerated Tree Spirit. Then, in a staged invasion, you must choose whether to fight alongside or against Millicent.


In Elden Ring, Sellen benefits as a seller. After defeating Mad Pumpkin Head, she may be found in the cellar at Waypoint Ruins. Additionally, she may provide sorcery scrolls so that one can study the spells they contain. Once the player meets the glintstone sorcerer Azur at the Hermit Village on Mount Gelmir, her journey will officially begin. She will then ask the player to seek the sorcerer Lusat in the Sellia Hideaway cave, which is far to the north of the Church of the Plague in Caelid and concealed by an illusionary wall.

After completing this assignment and killing Starscourge Radahn, Sellen explains that the form of Radahn in the Waypoint Ruins is really a figment of her imagination and that her actual corpse is being imprisoned at the Witchbane Ruins, Weeping Peninsula. She calls for the Tarnished to come to save her from that place. She will offer you her Primal Glintstone if you run across her there.

Witch-Hunter Jerren will show up at the Witchbane Ruins after taking a break or reloading the region and killing Sellen. After this, Sellen will likewise vanish from the Waypoint Ruins edition. So she is placed in the B tier of the Elden Ring waifu tier list.

Bring Sellen’s Primal Glintstone to Seluvis’s subterranean puppet shop, which is close to Ranni’s Rise and has a suitable body for Sellen’s glintstone hidden behind a fictitious wall, to start Sellen’s quest. Sellen returns to the Academy after receiving her new body in order to eject Queen Rennala from the Grand Library and “restore the primal current.” The choice now is between killing Sellen and Witch-Hunter Jerren simultaneously or helping Sellen fight Witch-Hunter Jerren.


She works as a scout to look for possible recruits for Lady Tanith and the Volcano Manor. She may initially be found in Liurnia of the Lakes, where she is requesting assistance from you in order to recover her jewelry from Blackguard Boggart. Once you have completed all of the Volcano Mansion assassination objectives, Rya may be found in a previously empty chamber of the manor, now appearing as the man-serpent Zorayas, which is her true form.

Rya will start to wonder about her origins after receiving the Serpent’s Amnion and vanish from the mansion gate. At the temple where you battled the Godskin Noble, she may be found next to the elevator. You’ll have to decide if you want to let her live, carry out her wish to have her killed, or give her Tanith’s potion to make her forget everything. She has many great skills that lead her to the B tier of the Elden Ring waifu tier list. 

C Tier

Elden Ring waifu tier list C tier
Average waifus from Elden Ring.

The C tier of the Elden Ring waifu tier list has those waifus from the game who have some good skills but on the other hand, their flaws are more and fame is less compared to the others. Let us start with the C tier of this tier list.

Knight Bernahl

Ever used a contemporary dating app? Do you recognize the pictures of men holding up large fish while sailing while sporting sunglasses? I’m sure you do. Do these images fulfill their intended function? This exactly captures Bernahl when we first meet him, albeit I don’t believe so. He is, in a word, simple. A little goody-two-shoes volunteering to assist a fellow Tarnished in the arts of battle while walking in the path of grace.

What occurs, though, later? Who doesn’t enjoy a bad kid? Then again, this is the tale of a good guy who turned evil. In order to kill other tarnished soldiers like you who still seek grace, he abandons his path and transforms into Recusant Bernahl. If you wish to maintain the romance after completing the Volcano Manor questline, you might want to stay away from him at Crumbling Farum Azula.

In relation to the Volcano Manor, Bernahl also has his own questline. Bernahl will change into “Recusant Bernahl” whenever you join Tanith or overthrow Praetor Rykard. You can talk to him there if you joined the Volcano Manor. After you repel the initial manor assaults, Bernahl gives you the assignment to take upon Vargram the Wild Wolf and Wayward Magician Wilhelm inside the Infused Mansion of Lyndell, the Imperial Capital.

During the invasion, Bernahl will fight with you. In Collapsing Farum Azula, Bernahl can be called upon to battle the Godskin Pair if you helped him with the mansion assault. If you defeat Praetor Rykard before ever entering the Volcano Manor, you can discover Bernahl’s Bell Carrying, his armor set, and the Devourer’s Scepter in the Warmaster’s Shack, and not the Blasphemous Claw.

To gain the Blasphemous Claw in Collapsing Farum Azula, Recusant Bernahl should be destroyed when he damages you alongside a group of Beastmen north of the Great Bridge. These factors become the reason for his placement in the C tier of the Elden Ring waifu tier list. 


Finger Reader or Enia Elden Ring’s Enia is an NPC. Enia is an elderly woman carrying a large club. Her title is “The Finger Reader.” Enia can assist the player in accessing the strength contained in a godly memory. Enia differs from the faceless Finger Readers you encounter since she seems to know you, as opposed to the Finger Readers, whose curiosity is aroused when they attempt to decipher the writing on your fingers. Enia also acts as the Fingers’ ambassador to the Greater Will and their direct interpreter.

At Roundtable Hold, Enia may be seen working as a shopkeeper. After a Shardbearer has been vanquished, you can enter the chamber with the Two Fingers to find her there. This NPC is immobile and hence located in the C tier of the Elden Ring waifu tier list.


Elden Ring has an NPC named Hyetta. She is a Finger Maiden who is blind. After you finish Irina’s mission and fight Godrick the Grafted, she may be found right north of Stormveil Castle. In order to fulfill her obligation as a Finger Maiden and “experience the faraway light,” she requests a Shabriri Grape. She will go over Liurnia of the Lakes’ eastern region several times after receiving the object. Continue even farther northwest towards the Gateway Town Bridge Grace, then finally to the chapel remnant east of Pure Remains. The Shabriri Grapes are truly human eyeballs, therefore you might inform her of this there.

Unless you engage her in conversation, she will stop. Before she walks again, you will need to rest once more and speak to her once more. She last appears to you in Liurnia at the Bellum Church, which is located farther north. She will want Vyke’s Fingerprint Grape there.

At the Frenzied Flame Proscription, which is located underneath the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, she has her last confrontation. You’ll be forced into the Frenzied Flame ending if you heed her advice to take the Three Fingers so she is placed in the C tier of the Elden Ring Waifu tier list. Hyetta will provide some background information on the Three Fingers’ history and objectives if you speak with her again after meeting them. She will then pass away and leave behind a Frenzyflame Stone and the Frenzied Flame Seal.

Wrapping it up

The Elden Ring waifu tier list consists of many waifus from the game ranked from best to worst in order of a tier system that is composed of four tiers, S, A, B, and C in the order of abilities, skills, and topmost priority being the amount and intensity of romantic scenes they have in the game.

This becomes the basis of the selection of the players from the game. All the characters are placed in the respective tiers on the basis of our own likes and dislikes as well as the fame they have among gamers all over the world. This tier list is entirely subjective with no room for negativity, although positive remarks and new suggestions are always welcomed in a disciplined way.

The main adjective of the tier lists we produce is to provide the viewers with great guidelines and choices that they might have forgotten even about their favorite categories. All the writers firstly gather extensive information regarding the respective topic, and a huge amount of time and energy is given to every single article, after which a whole team of seniors is assembled who have the responsibility of picking out even the slightest errors in the articles.

All the writers here have to carry out a great deal of research even before writing a single word. As this tier list is not made for ourselves, but for our dear viewers, we make sure that what we provide here is liked throughout in abundance. This takes out a great deal of energy and time, these are not just utter words, rather these are the treasure of wisdom, research, and consistency, that leads to creating a whole article for your ease and better selection of the certain category.

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