Era of Althea Tier List: [V3.5]

Our tier list is going to rank a bunch of different gameplay mechanics of Era of Althea.

Today I am bringing another amazing article to you, and this time it’s the Era of Althea tier list where you will be given information about all traits, snaps, and races in the game. Era of Althea is a Roblox-based adventure role-playing game created by Visual Studios, and over 6.5 million people have played it since it was first published.

It provides both a PvP and PvE experience, in addition to a number of other thrilling objectives that each player must accomplish to level up and get prizes, like many more role-playing games of the type. Players may level up their players by improving their equipment, creating a guild, and collaborating with others.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 22 entries ranked in this article.
  • They will be ranked based on the popularity and effectiveness of the entities.
  • Among the best are Elven Blood, Blade Master, and Alchemist.
  • Joining us in the worst rank are Traitless, Human, and Fire. 


Now we will rank all the traits, races, and snaps of the game in a short table.

S Rank A Rank B Rank C Rank
TraitsElven BloodAlchemistGame AddictTraitless
Blade MasterResilientSmith
Heavenly Body

You can learn about them in more detail below.

Era of Althea Trait Tier List

Era of Althea trait tier list

If you’re looking for new traits, they might be challenging to get because they are derived from a luck-based gameplay system. All attributes in the game can technically be valuable, even if the list begins with the features that are most probable to be beneficial in the case of the majority of players and their particular playstyles. So don’t forget to test each one that most seems to appeal to you as a result.

You might choose Blade Master if you enjoy using swords, while Smith will appeal to heavy craftsmen, and spellcasters will be beloved by Elven Blood. On the other side, Blacksmith and Resilient are more specialized, so if that’s okay with you, you may choose them too.

Either way, each of the seven qualities that are currently accessible in the Era of Althea are ranked in the table below.

Tier RankTrait List
S Rank• Elven Blood
• Blade Master
A Rank• Alchemist
• Resilient
B Rank• Game Addict
• Smith
C Rank• Traitless

Eleven Blood – S

Elven Blood is the best in the ranking of traits and is a favorite among magic lovers. This Trait is pretty gracious in terms of supplying its employers with gobs of Mana. Those that choose Elven Blood will enjoy stepping back and casting spells at their enemies.

Returning to the topic of endless Mana sources, Elven Blood will extend your lifespan by doubling your current store. So, all through their own journey, heavy miracle vendors can dish out certain mind-blowing sorcery.

Blade Master – S

Era of Althea’s Blade Master is exactly what you require if you want the advantage in physical harm dealing that you’ve always desired. The trait will give an edge in Damage and a two-fold improvement to Weapon Mastery. Players using Blade Master will quickly outclass their opponents regardless of the conflict.

Alchemist – A

For gamers who know what they’re doing, you’ve come to the right place. If you really understand how to use the Alchemist Trait, it will drag you on a faster course than before because the implication is that you can use every item, drink every potion, replenish HP, and heal from status afflictions more quickly than enemies.

Although the power might not appear to be particularly significant at first, it might actually be the difference between life and death. Furthermore, the quick pacer skill will prove much more valuable than you would have anticipated if you combine it with just a few cool weapons. However, new players shouldn’t even consider starting with both the Alchemist trait from our list of Era of Althea Trait tiers. In actuality, no player should consider starting off right here, but once you are familiar with your game, we advise you to consider Alchemist.

Resilient – A

Are you one of those players who is frequently hit? Then maybe a trait to increase stamina will be useful! Players can obtain the cushion they need to establish a strong footing in the game with the Resilient Trait. Beginners should unquestionably make that choice.

With Resilient, you’ll undoubtedly feel more powerful than ever to repel even the strongest aggro. Your capacity to block eventually gives you more time to consider so that you may respond with a more effective approach. What more could a newcomer to the article possibly need?

Game Addict – B

Game Addict is a good option if you’ve already begun your journey in this article and require a push in your battles. The Game Addict Trait is a quite peaceful and reliable choice to have by your side because it is neither overly spectacular nor terribly lacking in quality.

Players who display the trait in a respectable way will receive 50% more experience as sweet rewards. Isn’t that a cool reward to receive after completing the initial challenges?

That so, given that its genuine usage doesn’t begin until after a player has through the challenging beginning, it’s unquestionably not the finest trait for the vast majority part.

Smith – B

Who doesn’t enjoy a straightforward forging rate boast? Of course, nobody seems to take the feeling into account, and neither does the realms. The Smith Trait in the game will help you forge faster by giving you minor but welcome increases in the forging rate.

There will be a 10% boost in the likelihood that players may locate vast quantities of lethal weaponry. In other words, you may get your hands on the greatest equipment faster than ever before!

Why then did we give the trait a lower ranking? Most of the time, it is situational, and there is no benefit in terms of bodily damage, which is what most new players want when they first start the game.

Traitless – C

The name of the trait may have already hinted at its lack of usefulness. Although we honestly can’t conceive of any reason why a player would ever want to select a character that has no benefits, there has to be a starting point.

Having nothing to give, Traitless will put the candidate making the choice at a disadvantage. Therefore, unless you are merely trying to impress others, we advise that you go on to a superior choice right away.

Era of Althea Race Tier List

Era of Althea race tier list

In Era of Althea, many races provide advantages and skill levels to players. These significantly impact how a player will perform on the field, just like snaps and traits do and the traits you cherish will also determine which race fits you best.

We’ve evaluated the most effective Races below using this information, however, player-specific gameplay preferences ultimately affect your decision. And so, if you choose a move pool that emphasizes weapons, you should choose the Jakkon race. However, you may choose an elf if sorcery is more your thing.

The table below will explain more.

Tier RankRace list
S Rank• Noble
• Elf
A Rank• Jakkon
B Rank• Xoviac
• Liger
C Rank• Human

Noble – S

You’ll receive a respectable Magic amount rating of 7 from the Race. Additionally, the Noble Race will provide you with a fantastic balance of levels for Snap, Cleverness, and Strength.

Elf – S

The Elf race is the best race for magic users on our Era of Althea tier list. You receive a higher Magical amount from the Race, up to a maximum of 10, coupled with such a Snap of ten. However, in terms of strength, it falls short of Noble and is rated lower as a result.

Jakkon – A

Fans of Era of Althea’s Warrior mode should choose our A-tier selection, the Jakkon Race. In comparison to the other races that grade at 10, Jakkon has had far one of the greatest strengths on offer.

However, players must make concessions for the Magic, Cleverness, and Snap offered by Jakkon, which cannot be higher than 5. However, because of that, Jakkon is ultimately ranked lower and is more of a strategic selection in the article. To become the top of the best in any Race, keep in mind that general efficiency is the key.

Xoviac – B

The Xoviac Race should be the only option for Ravenclaws. Xoviac offers a strong high Ingenuity rating that tops out at 10, just the proper ratio necessary by aspirant Ravenclaws, despite not being a typically effective Race. It is to be expected that Xoviac’s exceptional skill in Cleverness alone accounts for his or her below-average grades in Snap and Magic quantity.

Liger – B

Liger is a passable Race option for people who like the concept of gaining more speed, however, it isn’t really above-average. Despite the bargain of improved speed, players won’t have many choices.

This indicates that there isn’t much good news in the Speed, Snap, Magical Amount, or Cleverness departments.

Human – C

The Human Race on our list seems a little bit of a letdown as expected of its lowest position. With it, you won’t receive any traits at all—not even an improvement in speed like a Liger.

We advise Human Race employers to change to another acceptable pick as soon as possible rather than continuing to use below-average ratings across all game metrics.

Era of Althea Snap Tier List

Era of Althea snap tier list

As far as we could, we tried to base our ranking list on rarity. And since uniqueness is by far the most reliable predictor of strength in the game, the more unusual the snap, the better it was done considering the game’s regular dynamics.

This means that based on the employer’s unique playstyle and talent, a C-tier snap might potentially outperform one higher in the rating. And because the list heavily relies on public opinion, we only advise choosing the top-tier snaps if you’re interested in achieving success as soon as possible.

The ranking below also outlines each snap’s drop rate percentage so that players may assess their luck if they consider rolling one. Be extremely mindful, though, that every one of you has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Tier RankSnap List
S Rank• Time
• Light
• Heavenly Body
A Rank• Explosion
• Wind
B Rank• Frost
• Dark
C Rank• Fire
• Water

Time – S

One of the most powerful Snaps in the entire game is Time. The Snaps applaud with a getting Sliver of hope through spins of up to 0.3%.

Light – S

Throughout the game, spins provide players with a chance to win up to 35% of the time. Light can be an excellent choice for most players, according to their usage, even though it is not the top option.

For instance, using Light Blades allows one to take an attacking stance while dealing tremendous damage to the opposition. The magnificent moves of Light Rain or Light Beam are indeed available there.

Heavenly Body – S

Throughout the course of the game, you will receive many spins with a 1% winning Chance. However, despite having a poor Chance percentage, Heavenly Body scores too high due to its adaptability. This snap is one of the most powerful ones on the article, and players are given more than a few opportunities to use it.

Explosion – A

The Explosion Snap in our Era of Althea tier list is the best option for those that enjoy making short-range attacks. The Snap, which has a 5% chance to appear through spins, is an excellent option for getting near to your opponents.

Wind – A

The Wind snap, which has a staggering 75percent Chance of summoning in spins, is one of the most popular choices on our list. The Wind Snap is definitely an S-Tier Snap on the list if you play using the PvP meta, but most of the time it lacks, which contributes to its lower rating.

However, for aficionados of adaptability, Wind is a such hell of a versatile alternative. For example, Blade Shower represents Wind Snap’s fastest attack, but players can also use the renowned Towering Tornado. The choice will assist in constructing a sturdy wall that will divide the enemy’s ranks into two disorganized groupings.

Frost -B

Frost is a fantastic defensive-style Snap in the game, with a 5% chance of being acquired via spins, and can occasionally be quite useful. The well-known Ice Wall with Ice Age is two of The Snap’s finest moves, which can catch adversaries off guard and provide players a crucial advantage in combat.

However, players must exercise extreme caution when using Frost Snap’s magical abilities. The reason for this is that even a slight variation in a move’s direction or the position has the potential to kill the user rather than harm the intended adversaries.

Dark – B

Similar to the Wind Snap, spins have a 75% probability of summoning Dark hails. Although it might not be the finest, it is still important. In the game, the Dark Snap’s two most well-known moves are Dark Bombs and Striking Dark.

Despite the fact that both of them are difficult to use to their best capacity, skilled players may extract some significant damage-dealing potential from them. Dark Snap is ranked lower in the Era of Althea Snap tier ranking than the other snaps since novice players will likely find it difficult to achieve that.

Fire – C

Although Fire is just a Snap that belongs to the game’s Common class, that does not necessarily make it the finest Snap on the list. The Snap does have a 75% chance of appearing during the spins and gives players access to powerful snap magic options similar to Hell Rain, Wildfire, or Fire Blast that they can use against foes.

The targeting of projectiles is what currently keeps the Snap unreliable even though it may easily set your enemies on fire. The shortage is caused by the fact that not all players can use the Fire Snap with the proper aim. Fire Snap can still be a decent alternative for you if you are cautious enough to hit the target.

Water – C

C rank also includes Water, a Common Snap with a 75% fetching chance in spins. Its lower rank is due to the fact that it provides nothing exceptional.

Patch Notes V3.5

The following changes were made in patch 3.5, which you can find on the EoA discord server:

  • New race: Spirit.
  • Heavily balanced all of the snaps.
  • New non-snap spell and drop from wolves and dire wolf.
  • New snap: welcome star into the game.


All aspects of Era of Althea are ranked in this article, which will help you get a firm grasp on the game. All traits, races, and snaps are ranked according to their quality, and their positions were determined after extensive research and my own personal experiences with the title.

Our main goal has always been to present the most accurate information so you may take advantage of the greatest choices and, eventually, get a head start in your favorite video games. The objective of the article was to provide our readers with some guidelines and choices so that they might play the game without any hindrances.

But please keep in mind that his Era of Althea tier list was made by regular people with their own opinions and biases. Not everyone will agree with our decisions, and that’s okay. We’re always open to criticisms, and we welcome any tips you might have in the comments below.