Evil Dead The Game Tier List: All Survivors Ranked

As a videogame fan, it’s hard not to be a big fan of the horror genre. We have been treated to so many different types of games in this category, from zombies and monsters to other more unique supernatural experiences. The video game world has given us many amazing games over time, and we will talk about one of them today. Everything from the gameplay to the protagonists and weapons to the updates will be covered in our Evil Dead The Game Tier List.

It is an online survival-horror game based on the massively popular Evil Dead franchise, and was developed and published by Saber Interactive. The game lets the players control a group of survivors who try to escape from a bunch of killers. You must solve puzzles, loot different places, and level up your gears to survive the attacks. The fascinating part is it’s an online game, so the players must navigate and cooperate with other online players and work as a team to come out alive.

Key Points

  • The list is constructed based on the latest version of the Evil Dead.
  • There are a total of 11 playable survivors in the game.
  • The game offers 10 different weapons to the players.
  • The total number of demons hunting you are 10.


All the survivors are summarised in a table.

Tier RankSurvivor
S Rank• Ash Williams (Army of Darkness)
• Lord Arthur
A Rank• Annie Knowby
• Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead)
• Cheryl Williams
• Amanda Fisher
B Rank• Henry the Red
• Kelly Maxwell
C Rank• Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)
• Ed Getley
• Scotty
D Rank• Pablo Simon Bolivar

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In the article, we will rank the survivors, weapons, and demons in the form of a ranking list. They will be divided into 5 different Tiers S, A, B, C, and D. All the entries will be justified by keeping their performances in the game from an unbiased point of view. We would like to mention that we have constructed our article based on our own perceptions and experiences while playing the game.

So of course, that will give rise to a clash of opinions as we all have different thoughts and observations. But with that being said, let’s dive into our article properly with the first and highest tier.

S Tier

Evil Dead The Game S Tier
S Rank.

The S Tier will include the strongest and sharpest survivors of the game. While using these characters, the players can navigate their way very easily. Their unique skills and special attributes give them a greater advantage over the remaining survivors on the roster. We recommend using the following characters if you want to come off the best.

Ash Williams (Army of Darkness)

The first entry in our list is Ash Williams (Army of Darkness), and he is considered the strongest in the group. The classic Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series rightly justifies his position at the top, as his unique attributes give adequate evidence for his inclusion at the top. His abilities include Wiseman’s potion, which helps regenerate health and helps Ash take very little damage when activated. Another of Ash’s abilities is shield blast which causes an explosion and sends nearby enemies flying. At level 25, his chainsaw ability can also be unlocked, which makes you breeze past every enemy because of how powerful it is. Finally, upon finishing off a foe, Ash can recover the part of his shield with finish strong ability of his. With all these traits, Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) is our strongest survivor of the game.

Lord Arthur

Following Ash, Lord Arthur is another S Ranked Survivor in our Evil Dead The Game Survivor Tier List. To unlock Lord Arthur, you must beat level 5 in single-player mode. All that grinding in single-player is worth it, as Arthur’s abilities bring a lot to the table.

When you activate, The Lord Wrath’s Arthur will deal more damage. There will also be a decrease in his fear level, which gives him enough time to kill as many enemies as possible in a short time. With that, Lord Arthur can master weapons with his ability of Weapon Masters. These can be unlocked at different levels, allowing you to deal tremendous damage with melee attacks.

A Tier

Evil Dead The Game A Tier
A Rank.

A Tier will be home to one of the best survivors of the game. They have really good overall stats and abilities to be considered among the S Tier, but upon finding a few flaws while trying out the game, we believed they fit best in the A Tier.

Annie Knowby

Annie is our first survivor in the A rank, and some of you might disagree here. She has all the potential and capabilities to be ranked higher, but as she’s only best suited for the early game, that prevents her from being included in the S Tier. Annie is one of the few characters that don’t need unlocking, as she’s available from the beginning. 

If we look at her abilities, she has a haymaker and slugger, which lets you deal heavy damage within a certain radius. Haymaker can be unlocked at level 10, while slugger needs level 25 to be used. Besides that, Annie can also lend her powers to her teammates for a limited time through the ”Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts” ability. This lets her allies double their dealing damage, which can be handy in tricky situations.

Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead)

Following Annie on the list, we have Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead). His ability to show up and blow up causes an explosion that can blow up all enemies within the radius when it’s activated. Similarly, El Jefe and El Jefe Grande help the player use Ash’s abilities to full use as they can enhance his attacks and finishing abilities. They can be unlocked at levels 10 and 25. Also, at level 10, you can get access to a chainsaw with the unique power “old friend.”

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl is best known for her healing attributes, as she has access to many healing items. Also, her abilities contain many different potions and drinks, which can regenerate health as well as helps in lowering fear levels. These healing items are cola coaster, contact courage, and healing touch, which aid healing. These abilities can be unlocked at different levels in the game.

Other than healing, Cheryl has very limited attacking attributes, so if you want to bring the best out of her, make sure it’s in a defense mode and not in the offense. Calling her the medic of the squad won’t be wrong.

B Tier

Evil Dead The Game B Tier
B Rank.

Coming down to the B Tier in our Evil Dead The Game Tier List, we will have all those playable characters which can be described as average. We believe that’s the right term because of how reliable they are at a certain point only. They are not very strong as their abilities show, plus they lack certain qualities to be considered strong characters in the game. So we will justify their inclusion as we go down in the current Tier.

Amanda Fisher

Amanda is classified as a hunter in the game, where she possesses various abilities to help her fight off the enemies. Players will heavily rely on her ranged combat while using her as a character, as that is her greatest strength. Some close combat abilities are Accuracy Counts, Weapon Master, and Ammo For Days. This helps her do more damage with her guns hence offering more in combat. Level 20 and onwards is where Amanda thrives, as her strong abilities are unlocked during those levels. As she is only effective in close combat and lacks other combat skills, we believe she gets a place in the B rank.

Henry the Red

Henry the Red is another classic tank unit in the Evil Dead series. He’s best known for his ability to block off enemies with his shield and provides great protection. The Demons can throw anything at him, and Henry and his shield will be able to withstand that. His shield game is enhanced by activating his abilities: Shields UpBattle, Hardened, and Rebound. Besides his superb defensive skills, we didn’t see much of his offensive side, so we believe the inclusion of Henry the Red is right in the B Tier.

Kelly Maxwell

Kelly Maxwell is our third and final character of the B Tier and is one of those characters that depend on the style play of the players controlling her. Depending on the player’s wishes to use her, she can be either a great asset or a very weak one. Kelly, who is a hunter, can provide so much in attack. She can offer in ranged and melee style and that is also where she brings the most to the table. Our personal opinion after playing with Kelly is that she can be a brilliant solo survivor in case all your teammates die and you are left alone. As she has shown many times, she can survive for a long on her own.

If we look at her abilities, she has Counter Shot which can be unlocked at level 10, and Battle Frenzy at level 25, which boosts her attack and combat abilities. Also, she can use a hammer that can deal a huge amount of damage when her ability, Meat Hammer, is enabled.

C Tier

Evil Dead The Game C Tier
C Rank.

We will place all the characters considered decent in the C Tier. They don’t have the right balance in their stats, abilities, and overall game-style features. They can be very handy in the initial stages of the game, but as the game gets challenging, the group of survivors starts to have a very low hope of surviving the night.

Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)

This version of Ash Williams is not as strong as in the previous Tiers. Unlike them, he is a Hunter unit instead of a support unit. His main weapon is a shotgun which can be upgraded as you level up and can deal good damage. But overall, he doesn’t have quite the same impact as the support units of Ash Williams. The game has to offer better Hunter units, so we recommend avoiding using Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) as you progress into the game.

He has access to the exorcist ability, upon enabling which you’ll be able to exorcise the demon from any possessed survivor or basic unit. If it is used on a possessed or elite boss, the ability drains a bit of Energy from the demon. Another includes Weapon Master: Double Barrel, which can be obtained at level 25. That increases the shotgun’s fire rate, allows you to carry more shells, and decreases the reload speed.

Ed Getley

Ed Getley is another of our survivors from the C Tier who is a brilliant pick for the early parts of the game and proves to be a great unit even in the later parts. Upon upgrading, Ed’s potential can be used to the maximum. At level 25, all his skills are pretty much at the highest level, and if you wish to carry on with him, he can prove to be a brilliant pick. However, we believe he lacks a few abilities required at that part of the game plus, there are better picks in the game. We believe Ed Getley falls rightly into the C rank of our Evil Dead The Game Tier List 2022.

Ed can master crossbows, traps, mines, and much more with a unique ability called The Collector, where he can have a higher chance to find rare crates from defeated enemies, which can be unlocked at level 25.


Scotty is next in line in our C rank and is classified as the Warrior. He seems to struggle a little in this class because of how high the bars have been set up by the other survivors of the same class. He’s too slow, and his melee attacks don’t deal too much damage plus, he is the only Hunter unit that can’t tank. However, he can prove to be a decent pick if utilized properly. At level 10, players can unlock some of their abilities, improving their game a little.

Thunder Thrust allows him to deal explosive damage, and Weapon Master: Lumberjack Axe (Level 25) gives Scotty access to faster melee attacks and increases health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage.

D Tier

Evil Dead The Game D Tier
D Rank.

We will wrap up our survivor list with the D rank. And as we are only left with one character, Pablo Simon Bolivar, he will be the only one in the category. As of the current update, he is the weakest character in the game.

Pablo Simon Bolivar

Pablo is a stealth character who can be unlocked by playing the single mode. Using Pablo is pointless because the game does not require you to rely on stealth. However, he can be utilized properly by providing a shield and cover to his group members. Pablo’s abilities include Infernal Camouflage which, upon activating, helps you be left undetected by the Demons’s using Demon vision. Legacy Of El Brujo, which can be unlocked at level 10, lets you begin the match with an additional amulet. As for Shamanic Protection which needs level 25 to be obtained, your shield bar gradually recovers from time to time when it is enabled.

So that does it for our Evil Dead The Game Survivor Tier List, and we believe the placements of most of them is fair to them. Some might believe we were a little harsh on some of the characters, but every list can not be a perfect one, so we are happy to hear your thoughts about them.

Evil Dead The Game Demons Tier List

Now we will rank the 11 Demons trying to chase you down and feast on you. Like the Survivors, the Demons also have different unique attributes and levels. Some are harder to take down, while others are easy to be dealt with. We will rank them in the Tier down below to prepare you for the long-surviving night out in the woods.

SEvil Ash
ASkeleton Flautist
CSkeleton Elite
DDeadite Elite
DDeadite Berserker


That concludes our Evil Dead The Game Tier List, with both the Survivors and Demons ranked. As stated above, the article was solely based on our experience with the game. Everyone has a different point of view, so we are welcome to hear your thoughts about them down in the comments below.