Evil Genius 2 Henchmen Tier List: All 15 Ranked

See The Rankings For All 15 Henchmen In The Game

In our Evil Genius 2 Henchmen Tier List, we are going to rank all of the Henchmen available to you in the game. Because as a player, it will be vital for you to know the abilities and qualities of each henchman. 

Evil Genius 2 was not appreciated much in the gaming world, however, true fans appreciate the game for what it is.  The humorous touch given to the science fiction setting is the reason behind all the attention, as the theme revolves around controlling a genius who takes over the world. Hence. the players will get to know about the best henchmen that are available in the game below.

Key Points

  • In our guide, we have ranked eleven henchmen for the players to engage with.
  • Every henchman has been put in their respective category according to their Vitality, Smarts, Morale, and Abilities.
  • In the top tiers, you will find the henchmen such as Dr. Magnolia, Juebi, Iris, and Full Metal Jackie.
  • In the lower ranks are henchmen like Carl Calfard, Clara Jones, Janet Bombe, and Incendio.


We have ranked all the henchmen in the game with a short table below.

S RankA Rank B RankC Rank
•Full Metal Jackie
•Sir Daniel
•Dr Magnolia
•Eli Barracuda
•Fugu Furukawa
•Deep Six
•Janet Bombe
•Carl Clafard
•Clara Jones

Keep on reading to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

Evil Genius 2 Henchmen Tier List
S Tier.

In our S Rank, we have the best henchmen they have top abilities and qualities and will help you play the game in the best way possible. 

Sir Daniel

The first henchman in the S-tier is Sir Daniel. He is the best at whatever he does and is known for his camouflage ability which makes him undetectable to his enemies. He is to be it stealth practicing or making new and unique traps.

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Full Metal Jackie

She is one of the best henchmen in Evil Genius 2, with her ability to deal decently with the damage inflicted, the ability to set her enemies on fire lastly help her companions and provide them with weapons.

A Tier

Evil Genius 2 Henchmen Tier List
A Tier.

A  list represents the popular henchmen in the game. These players are not as exceptional as S-tier henchmen but these are better than B and C rank lists.


The first henchman we have in the A category of our Evil Genius 2 Tier List is Jubie, who is called the Muscle Henchman. He is one of the most powerful henchmen in the game and has highly extraordinary figures. Another one of his qualities is being able to move to places where he can cause destruction.

Dr. Magnolia

Dr. Mangnolia is the kind of henchman the players should include in their team. She can poison a lot of enemies, at once as she is one man army. Moreover, she can also help in healing all the friends in Evil Genius 2. 


A henchman, who is also a science expert? Get that on your team without a second thought. Her strong abilities help her in being coveted. Another one of her abilities is being able to heal as damage is inflicted upon her. Hence, all the more reasons to put her on your team.


Espectro is an Evil Genius 2’s DLC, Cabal Pack, which may be unlocked after completing few objectives. He is ranked in the A category in our Evil Genius 2 Henchmen Tier List because of his deadly attack called the piston punch but it should be triggered before the fight otherwise it will be over before he gets to punch. 

His clone ability is useful for luring enemies into brawl, and he comes equipped with a precharged piston punch. Espectro makes a second version of himself using his illicit technologies. 

B Tier

Evil Genius 2 Henchmen Tier list
B Tier.

Next up we have a B rank. These are average henchmen that are not the best or the worst.

Fugu Furukawa

Another one of the best henchmen that the players can recruit in the Evil Genius 2 Tier List is Fugu Furukawa. Her expertise lies in putting the expedition’s warmth low and preventing a lockout.


Another important one of the henchmen is called Incendio. He helps in distracting the enemies and all the other enemies. As well as that, Incendio can also be used to destroy enemies by being robust.


Doomhilda, an opera singer also known as Brünhilde, is Crimelord who can be hired as henchman. She serves as the main protagonist of the Rise of the Valkyrie Pack DLC. Doomhilda is a strong woman known for her shattering voice which can destroy anybody who opposes her. 


The Pyro is rambling, unidentified pyromaniac with burning enthusiasm for all things fire-related, with his strength and flame thrower he can take out waves of soldiers by himself. His Compressed air skill increases the burn duration and damage from two to five points every tick.

Deep Six

Deep Six is the J.A.W.S. Super Agent and potential henchman in Evil Genius 2’s Oceans Campaign Pack DLC. He is a tanky melee guy who moves slowly. His skills include a short-term personal enhancement that significantly reduces damage; and -a crab-like temporary turret that fires lightning at adjacent adversaries. He is helpful if your squad lacks a tank but as he is large in size therefore you need a bigger space to employ it.

C Tier

Evil Genius 2 Henchmen Tierl List
C Tier.

These are the worst henchmen that the players can recruit in Evil Genius 2.

Janet Bombe

The only reason Janet Bombe is there in the game is highly comical. She clearly would not add up to better the game, so that makes her extremely less worthy in our Evil Genius 2 Henchmen Tier List 2023,

Carl Calfard

The skills she possesses are by far useless and ineffective. Her skills in bait are also very poor, so you should think twice before recruiting her. 

Clara Jones

The final entry on our list is the absolute worst one of them all. Clara Jones is just another example of the worst henchman that the players must avoid at all costs, because of how inferior her skills are.


We have tried and ranked all the henchmen of the game in our Evil Genius 2 Tier list. Our ranking will help you choose the players by looking at the strategies of each one of the characters and see which one should you choose to play the game in the best way possible.

You might not like the placement we have chosen for every henchman in our list, so you can let us know your opinions in the comments below.