FATE Grand Order Tier List [Version 2.69.6]

Fate Grand Order Tier list lets you have a breakdown of this well-known Japanese game. Aniplex assisted in the publishment of this game. Belonging to a minor of Japan’s Sony Music Entertainment. The game got launched on two distinct dates, for both Ios and Andriod. Additionally, there is both android (29th July 2015) and ios (25th June 2017). Sega assisted in releasing an Arcade version (25th July 2018) after witnessing increased demand in the players of Fate Grand.

In this game, the player is characterized as a Master. The master inducts and directs dominant individuals. It is also known as Servants (these imaginary figures belong to different cultures) to fight the enemy.

The player begins by commanding a group of up to 6 members (Servants). Among whom 3 are active members and the rest of them are reserve members. However, he’s allowed to use only 3 of them in an attempt to attack.

The player in the game has an access to all 5 cards. Provided to every Servant, being shuffled on the battlefield. There are 3 types of these cards, most commonly known as Buster, Arts, and Quick. Buster refers to a hefty attack.

Arts is classified as a medium attack whereas quick refers to a mild attack. Due to this, the probability of critical hits is increased. In case 3 similar cards are utilized in one go.

Consequently, it then creates a Chain that generates a bonus that relies on what the card’s property holds. By 2021 Fate Grand was considered among the top ten mobile games as it earned $5.4 billion globally.

Additionally, friend Points are another currency that’s gained very easily. It enables you to buy the most common Servants. Also, Noble Phantasm is increased by acquiring multiple copies of the same servant.’

Key Points

  • There is a total of 18 entries in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the skills and abilities of the characters.
  • Among the best-ranked characters are Altria Caster, and SCATHACH-SKADI.
  • Among the worst-ranked characters are Altria Pendragon (Ruler), and Arthur Pendragon (Prototype).


S TierA TierB TierC TierD Tier
Altria CasterSpace IshtarNikola TeslaCaster of the Nightless CityDemon King Nobunaga (Oda Nobunaga)
SCATHACH-SKADIArjuna (ALTER)DioscuriIskandarAltria Pendragon (Ruler)
Mysterious Heroine X AlterNapoleonKingproteaArthur Pendragon (Prototype)
Altria Pendragon (Archer)Ivan the TerribleLi Shuwen


Stated below is the tier list that briefly talks about the most to least compatible characters in this game. Fate Grand Order Tier list could however hold human errors. Because it is entirely based on my own individual judgment and knowledge.

Our tier list begins with S and ends at D respectively. I will be categorizing some strong characters based on the skills and abilities they exhibit within these 5 tiers. The S tier list differentiates the characters on their exemplary behavior within the game.

It includes all the characters that stand above others with respect to owning outstanding skills or abilities. Whereas the D tier accommodates the worst characters from the game.

A Brave Chain forms when 3 cards are selected related to the same servant. Hence it results in a very persuasive attack. The members possess various skills that can be brought into use before using the Command Cards.

Therefore when the gauge is full a special command card known as Noble Phantasm is issued. This game comprises 3 chapters and after completing the previous scenario they are all ready to be unlocked.

Command Spells refer to the unique skills and abilities possessed by the Master. These spells have numerous effects that can be regenerated in real-world time. Money earned by playing the game or real money allows you to purchase new servants and attain Crafts Essences.

They provide extra effects when supplied to a Servant. The player has the ability to explore all the different narratives of the Servants in a visual novel format.

It then represents the entire game’s story. Gacha mechanic is used to attaining the game servants. English and Korean versions followed the hype. They released the game in their respective areas and languages per demand.

S Tier

Best Character of Fate Grand Order
Fate Grand Order’s best characters

S tier of Fate Grand Order Tier List is considered to be the best ranked. Every single character that lies under this category is considered to be supreme. Amongst all other categories that follow. Following are a few characters that will be discussed in this tier one by one, for why they are dignified to be a part of the S tier.

S tier is considered to be the most valuable among all other tiers. It’s regarded as the highest-ranking tier within the entire template. S tier possesses the best qualities.

Altria Caster

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 10546 14406 11544 15782

Altra is a powerful female who’s known for her outstanding abilities. Her id number is 284 and her death chance is only 36%. She possesses a variety of skills that distinguishes her from other characters in this game.

She is capable of increasing ATK (by 3 turns) and NP gauge. This skill is present from the very start. Her servant skills also include Protection of the lake which unlocks after 1st ascension.

Followed by the Sword of selection which unlocks after the 3rd ascension. And includes an upgrade in the effectiveness of the art card for all; she is a threat to humanity. Altria Caster is known for providing Arts performing up alongside NP gain-up buffs.

This enables her to use The Black Grail used on the damage dealer. This results in a drastic increase in causing damage to Arts farming compositions.

She is capable of expanding the effectiveness of her own attack card. It is considered to be one of her append skills followed by providing ATK damage to rivals. Altria also has access to some class skills.

That enables her a 20% increase in your Debuff Resist. By 12% she has also upgraded your Arts card effectiveness. By 10% she has increased her Arts card critical strength.


Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 10753 14406 11771 15782

A capable female who is approximately 162cm tall, she belongs to Europe. She is a highly rated character on the Fate Grand Order Tier List. She was formed as a result of fusing two characters. She’s a blend of Skadi and Scathach.

She has a normal height of about 162 cm. And her outfit is a purple dress open from the front. She carries along a sword or stick sort of a thing used to showcase her skills.

This character is also referred to as the Queen of the ice and the snows. This is the reason behind her endless love for snow and winters. She hates flames and fire. She is verbally described as a servant.

But when you play the game, you come to know it isn’t true. She is not a servant and also not a divine personality. But instead, she’s wholly and solely a goddess.

There’s an incident in the game which reflects her command and dominance in the game. She has her own presence in the game. Her remarkable skills, abilities, and moves make her stand out in a lot of characters.

A Tier

Second best characters of Fate Grand Order
Fate Grand Order Second Best Tier

S Tier is immediately followed by the A Tier. This tier consists of one of the better characters on the Tier List. They are not the best and unbeatable as the S Tier Characters. But a regular player of this game would for sure know that. How much valuable these characters are within the game? Knowing their usage, skill, and controls can let a player dominate all games by using them.

Space Ishtar

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 12612 13041 13806 14287

A well-known character that’s been considered to be the most powerful female Servant. She’s considered to be 154cm tall, and chronologically she’s aged 24. Whereas physically she seems to be 14. (This is because the aging of servants stops at a certain time period. And then 14 depicts the age at which she left her home). She appeared in the Saber Wars event.

She is fond of helping mankind, she is also capable of taking all acts of revenge, without retaliation. Whereas breaking contracts and fool play goes against her laws. She avoids doing so and expects the same in return.

Her alliance is considered to be evil as she considers herself to be a threat to mankind. When in reality this doesn’t mean iniquitous. She is always worried about the human way of living. And considers them so vital that it bothers her a lot resulting in her prioritizing their success over hers.

Ishtar lives a reckless and compelling life, and she’s a pseudo Servant. The character despite possessing an archer belongs to Extra Class Avenger. She manipulates a pistol.

Resultantly, she operates along with her sword, which fires the sort of bullet that is able to curve from behind. Her possessions also include an energy beam rifle. She’s well-known for Buster-type attacks.

She claims to have undoubtedly never been taught swordplay but despite all this her style is remarkable. Obviously, Ishtar stands against the last warrior in the field as far as she can serve.

Ishtar is considered to be the best player who has a good heart for mankind. Alongside knows how to be defensive when that’s the priority. She knows how to maintain a balance and to stay a top player and everyone’s admiration.

Arjuna (ALTER)

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 11669 13837 12773 15159

Ishtar is followed by a powerful male character known as Arjuna. Considering Alter to be second in rank to Ishtar in the same (S) category. Arjuna is a limited-time character in this game that’s only accessible at times of unique campaigns.

In absence of these summoning campaigns alter is unable to avail. He is able to escalate his strike by 3 turns. Alongside he’s able to upgrade his damage against rivals that too by 3 turns.

The ani evil unique skill is available from the very beginning. After 1st ascension, Clairvoyance gets unlocked it refers to one’s ability to absorb Buster Cards stars for 3 turns. Amber is very much capable of recovering his own HP 3 times.

What happens when the 3rd ascension is brought to an end, known as Lamplight of the Soul? His passive skills enable him to upgrade his Buster performance by 12% and damage by 250.

One of his Append Skills includes his ability to expand his attack performance and attack resistance. Amidst Archer enemies, that’s been unlocked by devouring servent coins. Now we head over to our other character, which is as followed.

Mysterious Heroine X Alter

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 11113 14175 12165 15529

Mysterious Heroine X Alter is a limited-time female servant that’s available during special events. However, in absence of such events, it can’t be availed. Some of their active skills include the capability to expand her healing by 3 turns. Moreover, this character can recover her HP. This is all time available however after Interlude. She’s able to expand my ability to upgrade critical damage of quick cards, art cards, and buster cards that too for 1 attack.

After unlocking the first ascension, the attainment of critical stars is availed. Later I’m able to replace instinct c by expanding my performance for the next 3 turns which too results in increasing my critical stars.

Mad enchantment and alternator are jotted as my passive skills with the help of which I expand my buster performance and debuff resistance by 6 and 20% respectively.

Append skills unveil after I consume the servant coins because of which she can begin a fight with NP gauge and expand my critical attack chance resistance against my rivals.

Altria Pendragon (Archer)

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 11276 14553 12343 15943

Altria is also known as Archer or Saber. Saber is her fictional name from the Japanese visual series of novels. She is a fictional character of Fate night. It was produced by Type-Moon in 2004. She has a lot of excellence and skills behind her name.

This is why she’s a part of A TierThe storyline behind her character is that. She is made to fight between master and servant to achieve their goals.

This character appears in the game as a recurring nature servant. Her character was introduced into the game on her 5th anniversary of the game. She had three main outfits in the game. A maid outfit, swimsuit, and bunny girl costume.

Altria is rated as a five-star character. She has a unique distinction of being the only servant who got an update. It not just happened once, but twice. Once in 2016 and then in 2020.

Alteria’s standby motion was updated on the 5th anniversary of the game. Some of her skill moves are Mana Burst and Dragon Reactor Core. These skills EX attack motion was changed. Her updated name gave rise to a number of controversial issues.

Many fans believe that her original series name should have been used, as in the Novel series. But nonetheless, later on, it was proved that none of the two parties were wrong.

The game producers explained that they had licensing issues. Whereas the fans wished for authenticity as the series character. Her outfit is normally a blue and white gown. Along with a saber. She can also use the Sheath. It is used to release compressed projectile wind. Also known as the Hammer of wind king. This proves her close-range buster abilities.


Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 10780 15300 11800 16762

Enkidu Id number is 143 and was created from clay that was molded by God. Moreover, she is capable of transforming all my power into the creation however Age of Babylon is my Noble phantasm it’s my ability to transform clay into flawless weapons.

Moreover, this character’s death rate is 28%. Some active skills are embedded in her from the very beginning that categorizes active skills.

Enkidu further includes the ability to expand her buster and quick performance that too for 1 turn. However, after the first ascension, I’m able to decrease the critical attack chance of my rival by 3 turns which assist in the removal of their evasion buffs.

The third ascension enables recovery of own HP, because of which buffs are being eliminated. My passive skills enable me to 20% expand my debuff resistance.

After consuming servant coins her append skills are brought to use. That includes an expansion in extra attack performance. This further enables us to stand against the NP gauge on the battlefield. Furthermore enhances the capability to fight Berserker enemies

B Tier

Average characters of Fate Grand Order
Third Best Tier of Fate Grand Order

B Tier is ranking-wise the third tierThis tier comes after A tier in orderly arrangement. These characters are validly good and reliable. Additionally, they are easily available and possess a lot of good points. B Tier is not superior but is highly efficient. They are efficient and effective in terms of their cost-to-performance ratios. The character is arranged below in descending order of excellence and quality.

Nikola Tesla

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 11781 13825 12896 15146

Nikola’s Id Number is 77. He is a male character belonging to Europe and however based on his capabilities he’s been placed in the b tier. Nikola belongs to one of that story-locked servants. As long as you don’t complete London he can’t be unlocked. Upon completing all the quests he would be added to the pool of summoning. Most of his acting skills are accessible from the very beginning. That includes his ability to expand his generation rate of NP.

That too for three times moreover after the second interlude he’s able to replace galvanism A (explained above) by his ability to expand the Np generation capability of his entire party three times.

Now that after the second strengthening Tesla A++ upgrades that is when Nikola is able to raise his success rate of debuff for once. Rather than only increasing his own No generation.

He’s able to contribute to expanding the np generation of his entire party for 3 turns respectively. He’s also able to contribute to his party’s buff success 3 times.

Also after 1st ascension unlocks he has an access to the Natural Born Genius A that basically relates to granting a status of self-grant once. Also, it allows the increase of 80% of one Np damage (one turn) and defense (3 turns) respectively.

His passive skills include his ability to increase his debuff resistance (by 15%) alongside expanding his critical damage by 8% however these are named magic resistance C and independent Action B. Just like other characters his append skills unlock after Nikola consumes servant coins that expands his ability to raise his attack performance also enables him to fight the NP gauge


Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 11840 14824 12961 16240

Id number of Dioscuri is 278 however the gender is unknown yet. Dioscuri means,’ Zeus’s Children’ whereas it belongs to Europe. This character is competent and the abilities, Dioscuri has portrayed enable us to place it in these various tier.

Let’s begin with the abilities the character is able to showcase. Basically, Dioscuri is two people that wind up in a single spirit, which could also be called inseparable twins.

Active skills of Dioscuri enable it to enhance its critical stars when assisted by an art card during an attack. With quick cards, it can charge its NP gauge during an attack. After unlocking the first ascension guardian of navigation, b unlocks that’s the character’s ability to enhance the party’s Np damage alongside expanding their attack for a single turn.

Mana burst also enables Dioscuri to enhance ya art performance alongside its quick performance for 3 turns however, this results in granting the character self evasion. The character’s ability to increase its attack performance alongside the ability to begin a fight against np gauge is accessible after consuming servant coins, as these are some of Dioscuri’s append skills.


Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 12033 13097 13172 14348

brave European male character whose id number is 212 whereas the death rate poses to be 45%. Napoleon’s star generation capability is 8%. However, his active skills include his ability to expand his party’s attack, alongside enhancing his attack for once by 20%.

For 3 turns he’s able to increase his critical stars. The passive skills possessed by napoleon enable him to have an access to magic resistance c alongside independent action c.

That assists him in expanding 15% of his debuff resistance and 6% of his critical damage. Append skills unlocks after napoleon consumes the servant coins however this skill provides him with attack improvements as he’s able to enhance his attack performance.

Mana loading enables him to begin a fight with NP gauge. He’s also capable of enhancing his attack against his rivals most commonly known as rider enemies. When the character is summoned as a tiger his height is considered to reduce.

Ivan the Terrible

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 11619 13284 12719 14553

Ivan is available during special events since it’s a limited-time servant that can be accessed on special campaigns only. Ivan’s id number is 205, the character is a strong Russian man who is 531 cm long however it’s been considered that Ivan has an access to chaotic and lawful alignments. He can enhance his rate of Np generation alongside getting rid of his debuffs. After first strengthening his cable of upgrading contradictive mind A+.

This enables him to expand his rate of np generation however, he’s able to charge the np gauge. He’s capable of enhancing his ability to prevent himself from lawful alignment and chaotic alignment enemies by increasing his damage. For three turns, he’s able to enhance the critical stars and gain booster performance as well. He’s also capable of reducing enemies’ buff.

His passive skills include magic resistance d and riding ex which further enables the character to expand his debuff resistance by 12.5% and quick performance by 12%. His append skills unlock after consuming the servant coins.

These skills are the ability to expand the attack performance. Begin battle long side the Np gauge and enhance attack against avenger enemies

C Tier

below average characters of the game
Fate Grand Order is Second worst tier

After B Tier lies the C Tier. C Tier characters are not so good in terms of usage. Therefore, they are pretty ordinary in terms of performance. They lack in providing good finishing and moves.

Moreover, their quality is pretty much below standard. This is orderly the second last tier of Fate Grand Order Tier List. Players of this game wish to somehow upgrade their qualities of these players. In order to make them count as usable players.

Caster of the Nightless City

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 9212 15846 10084 17360

He belongs to the C tier. Caster of the nightless city is a female by gender and an important attribute. He is host to three of most of his famous skills.

Extra Attack Finesse Improvement, Mana Loading, and Anti-Berserker Attack Damage Aptitude are the most renounced of his skills. Being humanoid and servant is amongst her important traits.

The first skill is useful in increasing his attacking skills. At the same time, the Mana loading Helps him start a battle with NP scaled gauge. His third assists him in increasing his own attack against Berserker’s enemies. This character has the highest value of NP out of all other casters in the game. Amongst the ranking of casters, she’s given five stars.


Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 11560 13219 12654 14482

Iskandar, his character name is taken from the famous emperor Alexander The Great. He is titled the King of Conquers. Iskandar is termed as a minimum-time servant. He is a very limited pick in the game.

As he is only available during special summoning campaigns. In case when no such campaigns are available, he can resultantly not be summoned. He is regarded as the King of Conqueror of Distanced Lands.

His death rate of 40% makes him end up in the lower tier of the game characters. Otherwise, his skills are quite substantial. He is a Greek Mythology Male and a Hominidae servant in the game. He has got primary, secondary, and tertiary skills.

His primary skill includes Charisma, which is available from the start. However, his secondary skills are subdivided into military and conquest tactics. Conquest tactics unlock after military tactics are open to use.

Lightening Conquer is his third skill set. It is special in a way that it increases its own critical star generation ability by a mere 50%. His riding skill gets full appreciation and marks as he’s a good horse rider.

He’s rated very high for Endurance, NP, and Luck. However, his strength and agility are mediocre. He is the only servant who has two different np generation rate multipliers. In 2017, his riding skills got a basic upgrade and were buffed.


Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 12835 13338 14050 14612

She is a female gender character. Just like Iskandar, she’s a Limited servant. She is only available on summoning campaigns. She’s one of a few servants with animal characteristics. Her main skills include Huge Scale, Infantile Regression, and Monstrous Strength. The giant monster of the Great River is her last locked skill. It only unlocks when all the other skills are unlocked.

Her death rate is 45% which makes her end up in lower Tiers. She’s otherwise a complete package. Her Endurance, Strength, and Agility are exemplarily excellent. But in contrast, her Mana and HP lack.

Her attack is rated as the third best among all the other servants in the game. Not only her unique attack on the servant. Her attack values are the highest among all Alter Egos.

Kingprotea is considered to be the only servant who uses the power of sprite. She is classified among five-star Alter Egos. Her skill buff can result in a damage buff of 100% NP.

Normally it is considered that most of the players will only get a 30% NP damage buff at maximum. Players find it difficult to use her in events because of her large scale. As large scale can be really annoying using while events.

Li Shuwen

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 11470 12568 12556 13769

Li Shuwen is a Japanese martial arts figure by his actual character. He’s not a very easily attainable character in the game. Many players do not even get a chance to explore their possibilities. Because of his rarity and availability.

She is a story-locked servant and can only be unlocked after completing SIN. And after that, he is added to the fleet by summoning him once the quest is completed. He is also known by the name of Lancer.

His death rate makes him less player friendly. With a high death rate of 55%, he’s avoided by most of the players of this game. His game skills include Chinese Martial arts, Sphere boundary, and Intersection of Yin-Yang.

This last skill unlocks after the 3rd assignment. He only has better agility. While the rest of the disciplines are not very impressive. His NP value is one of the least in the game.

Additionally, he’s regarded as an Enemy Servant. He was available lately after the new year event of 2019. This character is a Kungfu-type servant. He lacks a bit in terms of damage as he has quite mediocre damage.

D Tier

Worst character in the game
Fate Grand Order worst tier list

D Tier characterizes the lowermost and least talented characters of this game. This tier list consists of simply the worst characters. 

Hence, they are underrated, and rightly so. Furthermore, these characters are mostly awarded by default. These are at times the most basic characters. Often used by beginners to learn and start the game. Players normally do not look up to this tier.

Demon King Nobunaga (Oda Nobunaga)

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 12641 11761 13838 12885

Demong King Nobunaga is a Limited Time Servant with a 5-star rating. Just like many of the characters from the C TierThey are unlocked via summoning. Although her death rate is 7% which is low and good.

His skill set is quite sophisticated and diverse. They include skills named It’s Inevitable, As If It Was Dream, and Demon King of The Sixth Heaven.

He has got a high Hp, good Mana, Luck, and Strenght. However, he lacks agility and swiftness. The demon king has his name honored in Saints Graph. She is mentioned as the third character of the Saints Graph.

He is often a target of healing my character named Gentleman Love. He is honored to have the 5th largest AKT value among all the servants in the game.

Demon King is the first and only member belonging to the avengers class for not being included in Chaotic Evil Alignment. He also has the highest hit count for Buster Cards. She was a very low-rated and underwhelmed character when he was released. One of the most surprising facts about this character is that its gender is unknown. But however, her character trait is feminine.

Altria Pendragon (Ruler)

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 9593 16912 10501 18528

She is another Limited time servant. Just like many other characters, they are available in special summoning campaigns. She is also referred to as Bunny king or Summer Lion King. Altria Pendragon is a female by gender.

With a death rate of 21%. Some of her common attributes include Animal characteristics like a servant, Dragon, Arthur, etc. Her skills and moves are not very effective and impressive to make her fall into higher tiers.

Her most used active skills include the following. Royal Bunny is one of the initial skill sets of Altria. It is available to her from the word go. She also then uses her second skill known by the name of Royal Card.

This skill isn’t available to use from the start, instead, it is used after the first Ascension. Finally, we talk about her third skill called The Knight of the Lion. It helps her increase her own critical star absorption for only one turn.

Her Endurance, Mana, and HP value are maximum as possible. Not only this but his luck and agility are also high, if not maximum. His strength level is graded as C. Her HP value is the highest amongst all the rulers.

Whereas her HP is second highest amongst all the servants. She normally wears white and blue-colored costumes. Her low attack damage is a drawback for her.

Arthur Pendragon (Prototype)

Stats Max ATK Max HP Grail ATK Grail HP
Values 12465 13975 13645 15310

Arthur Pendragon is a male gender servant character. Although her character is controversial with respect to gender. Some of the players play him thinking that this character is a female. His death rate is high which makes him a bit lacking.

His death rate is 24.5 %. He is also referred to as Hominidae Servant. Because of her role in the anime series, he is also called a Round Table Knight.

He has got multiple skill moves that are mentioned as follows. Mana Burst and Sign of Red Dragon are his basic skills. His secondary moves include Instinct skill and Dazzling Journey. These secondary moves unlock after the first Ascension.

Gigantic Beast Hunting is the third and final set of his unlockable skill sets of him. This skill helps him Increase his own damage against Super Large enemies for 1 turn.

He has unique features of Magic Resistance and Riding. This adds up extra to his good points. But He seriously lacks in damage and HP. Despite having a high level of strength, Agility, and Endurance.

He has the exact values of both ATK and HP minimum and maximum with Sigurd. In 2018 the game launched an event, in which he was given his signature dress. His famous outfit, known as the White Rose is used by the character.

Comparison Table

CharactersTierMax ATKMax HPGrail ATKGrail HP
Altria CasterS10546144061154415782
Space IshtarA12612130411380614287
Arjuna (ALTER)A11669138371277315159
Mysterious Heroine X AlterA11113141751216515529
Altria Pendragon (Archer)A11276145531234315943
Nikola TeslaB11781138251289615146
Ivan the TerribleB11619132841271914553
Caster of the Nightless CityC9212158461008417360
Li ShuwenC11470125681255613769
Demon King Nobunaga (Oda Nobunaga)D12641117611383812885
Altria Pendragon (Ruler)D9593169121050118528
Arthur Pendragon (Prototype)D12465139751364515310

Patch notes Version 2.69.6

  • Advanced Quest was released.
  • A new item named Man of Chaldea was released.
  • Saint Graph Illustration update was released.