Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tier List [Mar. 2023]

Learn Which Characters In The Game Are Worth Investing In With Our Article.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper brings back the nostalgic feeling of the Final Fantasy series. Tyro who is the best student of Dr. Mog can enter paintings that are Final Fantasy titles. Tyro is controlled by the players in the game to complete the dungeons in various worlds. The gameplay of this awesome game takes the players back to the various worlds from the Final Fantasy series to complete the classic battles.

Players get a bronze, silver, or gold ranking after completing every dungeon. Players can buy gems by exchanging real currency in the in-game store. Final Fantasy Record Keeper tier list helps to make the best party.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper has a lot of characters that need to be unlocked by the players at different levels. This tier list ranks all the characters of the game in different tiers based on their maximum attack level at ninety-nine. All the rankings of characters in this latest tier list of Final Fantasy Record Keeper are based on our perspective. It includes aspects that are based on our in-game experience, research, and the performance of the characters in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

As we all know ranking can be very subjective and vary from person to person which means our perspective might differ from ours. But we’ve put a lot of effort to gather all the data to make sure you create the Final Fantasy Record Keeper best party. So, let’s get started with this Final Fantasy tier list without wasting any time.

Key Points

  • The article ranks 245 characters from Final Fantasy Record Keeper.
  • They have been ranked based on their maximum attack level.
  • Among the top ranks, you will find Sephiroth, Orlandeau, Jack, Riku, etc.
  • In the lowest ranks, you will find Papalymo, Summoner, Magus, Devout, etc.


You can find the rankings of all characters from Final Fantasy Record Keeper below:

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
SephirothReksCid (VII)GordonMinwu
JackDelitaMarcusIrvineCloud of Darkness
Cecil (Dark Knight)RainLionRed XIIILenna
UmaroRicardCid (XIV)SetzerExdeath
CloudLannEdgarCait SithSelphie
EstinienLagunaWarrior of LightDark KnightMeia
Roxas KHAmarantUrsulaMariaEnna Kros
LasswellRamzaGogo (VI)DragoonMatoya
GaffgarionThief (I)SiceHopeYuna
RefiaOnion KnightGilgameshRosaLunafreya
Cid (IV)LockeLilisetteAemoDr. Mog
GenesisMarcheCecil (Paladin)TerraMontblanc
WardDorgannRikkuY'shtolaRed Mage
NajaBiggsCaterThiefBlack Mage
VayneLeilaDeschKrileWhite Mage
Cid RainesEcho
Gogo (V)

S Tier

Superb characters
Superb Characters In Final Fantasy Record Keeper

In the S Tier of the Final Fantasy Record Keeper tier list, the characters ranked are considered to be amazingly strong. These characters have the highest damaging abilities that are why the S Tier characters are considered to be best the best among all.

The Superb Tier characters can help the players to complete all the battles with the gold ranking. In other words, the abilities of the S Tier help the players to defeat enemies and win battles like eating a piece of cake. The superb tier characters and all the final fantasy record keeper best characters ranked in this Final Fantasy tier list are below.

Character NameCharacter WorldMaximum Attack Level
SephirothFF VII228
Cecil (Dark Knight)FF IV217
UmaroFF VI215
CorFF XV215
SabinFF VI213
JechtFF X213
PrisheFF XI213
GarlandFF I212
GuyFF II212
CyanFF VI212
CloudFF VII212
ZackFF VII212
BeatrixFF IX212
AuronFF X212
ZeidFF XI212
BaschFF XII212
FangFF XIII212
EstinienFF XIV212
MasterFF I211
JosefFF II211
KainFF IV211
AyameFF XI211
ArdynFF XV211
LeoFF VI210
RufusFF VII210
GladiolusFF XV210
FirionFF II209
RefiaFF III209
YangFF IV209
Cid (IV)FF IV209
BartzFF V209
GenesisFF VII209
SquallFF VIII209
WardFF VIII209
PaineFF X209
NajaFF XI209
VayneFF XII209

A Tier

A Tier characters in final fantasy record keeper
Overall Balanced Characters

The character ranking in the A Tier is considered to be overall balanced in their attacking abilities. The A Tier characters perform as well as the S Tier characters but do not have the attacking abilities like them which can be a cause in making the A Tier characters a second choice for the players.

The A Tier characters of the final fantasy record keeper tier list still have a chance depending on the player to outperform the S Tier characters. The overall balanced characters included in the A Tier of the Final Fantasy Record Keeper include the following characters.

Character NameCharacter WorldMaximum Attack Level
ReksFF XII209
NoctisFF XV209
RicardFF II208
LunethFF III208
TifaFF VII208
ZellFF VIII208
GabranthFF XII208
NoelFF XIII208
YdaFF XIV208
AraneaFF XV208
XezatFF V207
LeonFF II206
GalufFF V206
KelgerFF V206
ShelkeFF VII206
ElenaFF VII206
LagunaFF VIII206
ZidaneFF IX206
AmarantFF IX206
TidusFF X206
CurillaFF XI206
VaanFF XII206
LightningFF XIII206
ThancredFF XIV206
Thief (I)FF I205
ScottFF II205
Onion KnightFF III205
EdgeFF IV205
LockeFF VI205
ShadowFF VI205
CeodoreFF IV204
DorgannFF V204
AngealFF VII204
BiggsCore Classes203
LeilaFF II203
GauFF VI203

B Tier

B Tier Characters
Above Average Characters

The characters included in the B Tier of Final Fantasy Record keeper tier list are considered to be above average. The reason why we consider the B Tier characters in this tier list to be above average is that they are not as powerful as the S and A Tier characters but still perform quite well.

The B Tier characters are good performers when they are used with the right settings by the players. Final Fantasy Record Keeper character stats, attacking abilities and the damage the B Tier characters which do in battles are still less than the S or A Tier characters. The ranking of all above-average characters in the B Tier includes the following.

Character NameCharacter WorldMaximum Attack Level
Cid (VII)FF VII203
RudeFF VII203
MarcusFF IX203
KimahriFF X203
LionFF XI203
Cid (XIV)FF XIV203
WedgeCore Classes202
WolFF I202
EdgarFF VI202
RenoFF VII202
SeiferFF VIII202
KirosFF VIII202
BalthierFF XII202
RaijinFF VIII201
Warrior of LightFF I200
IngusFF III200
UrsulaFF IV200
CelesFF VI200
FreyaFF IX200
SnowFF XIII200
PromptoFF XV200
Gogo (VI)FF VI199
SteinerFF IX199
HaurchefantFF XIV199
GilgameshFF V197
YuffieFF VII197
LilisetteFF XI197
IgnisFF XV197
Cecil (Paladin)FF IV194
VincentFF VII194
RikkuFF X194
MinfiliaFF XIV194
DeschFF III188
FarisFF V187
BarretFF VII187
Cid RainesFF XIII187
MogFF VI185
LarsaFF XII183
QuinaFF IX182

C Tier

C Tier characters in final fantasy record keeper
Average Characters in Final Fantasy Record Keeper

The C Tier of the Final Fantasy Record Keeper tier list includes those characters that are considered to be average. C Tier characters are mediocre in terms of their performance and attacking abilities in a battle.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper’s character states of the C Tier characters are also average because they have very little chance of outperforming the enemies in battles as compared to the high-tiered characters who are much stronger than the C Tier characters. The average characters included in this Final Fantasy character tier list include the following.

Character NameCharacter WorldMaximum Attack Level
GordonFF II181
FranFF XII181
IrvineFF VIII179
WakkaFF X179
SetzerFF VI176
SazhFF XIII176
QuistisFF VIII166
NabaatFF XIII166
GolbezFF IV164
KefkaFF VI164
Cait SithFF VII164
AlisaieFF XIV164
MonkCore Classes163
BerserkerCore Classes162
VikingCore Classes160
IrisFF XV160
EdwardFF IV158
Dark KnightCore Classes157
NinjaCore Classes157
MariaFF II157
GladiatorCore Classes156
WarriorCore Classes154
SamuraiCore Classes154
SpellbladeCore Classes152
DragoonCore Classes148
FujinFF VIII148
ShantottoFF XI147
HopeFF XIII147
RosaFF IV144
RinoaFF VIII144
AsheFF XII142
TerraFF VI135
PeneloFF XII135
Y’shtolaFF XIV135
TyroCore Classes131
ThiefCore Classes130
KrileFF V126
SarahFF I124

D Tier

D Tier characters in final fantasy record keeper
Weak Characters in Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Finally, the last tier in this Final Fantasy tier list includes all those characters who are considered to be the weakest and worst among all the characters in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Final Fantasy Record Keeper character stats, performance, and attacking abilities of the D Tier characters are very low as compared to the high-tiered characters.

These characters should be only used by the players to learn the basic mechanism of the game and should be replaced with an S Tier which has the Final Fantasy Record Keeper best characters, A, or B Tier characters as soon as possible. The character ranking of D Tier characters is based on the fact that they are mostly used by players that are new to the game or the players who like to deal with tough challenges. The D Tier characters of the updated Final Fantasy tier list include the following characters.

Character NameCharacter WorldMaximum Attack Level
MinwuFF II124
ArcFF III124
Cloud of DarknessFF III124
AriaFF III124
LennaFF V124
ExdeathFF V124
EdeaFF VIII124
SerahFF XIII124
YsayleFF XIV123
RydiaFF IV120
AerithFF VII120
SelphieFF VIII120
GarnetFF IX120
AphmauFF XI120
KnightCore Classes118
RangerCore Classes118
RelmFF VI118
VanilleFF XIII118
MeiaFF I117
UltimeciaFF VIII117
Enna KrosBeyond117
SeymourFF X114
AlphinaudFF XIV114
PoromFF IV112
BarbaricciaFF IV111
BraskaFF X110
MatoyaFF I105
TellahFF IV105
FusoyaFF IV105
StragoFF VI105
YunaFF X105
LunafreyaFF XV101
EikoFF IX100
Dr. MogCore Classes99
HildaFF II99
Red MageCore Classes97
ElarraCore Classes97
Black MageCore Classes95
White MageCore Classes95
BardCore Classes95
EchoFF I93
PalomFF IV93
ViviFF IX93
LuluFF X93
EmperorFF II90
RubicanteFF IV90
Gogo (V)FF V90
KujaFF IX90
PapalymoFF XIV90
SummonerCore Classes84
MagusCore Classes83
DevoutCore Classes83

Beginner’s Guide to Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Gameplay of FFRK
Final Fantasy Record Keeper Gameplay

Well if you are new to Final Fantasy Record Keeper then we have a Final Fantasy Record Keeper beginner guide for you guys to help you excel in the game. Here are some steps to make you conquer as well as stronger, Kupo!

Defeat Enemies

The first tip that we would like to give out to all the new players in our ffrk character tier list 2022 is that they should level up their characters by defeating enemies to earn EXP and level up. But if you are finding a battle hard to win go back to older dungeons that you have already won and conquer them again. This will help you to raise the level of your character. For leveling up your characters fast make sure to check the dungeon schedule has it has some power-up battles that give bonus EXP and who would not want bonus EXP?

Collect and Upgrade Equipment

The new players of the Final Fantasy Record Keeper looking for a Final Fantasy Record Keeper character tier list should also collect and upgrade their equipment to make it even more powerful and dangerous for the enemies. When enemies die they usually drop equipment upgrade material and sometimes equipment itself. Relic Draws can be a great source of obtaining equipment upgrade material that is not available anywhere else.

Players can get one Common Relic Draw per day. Some rare pieces of equipment can allow the players to use new Soul Breaks. But to use the Soul Break the equipment has to be ready by the player’s character.

Once the equipment is obtained it’s time to get the ffrk rankings up by upgrading the obtained material. To level up the equipment you need to combine unneeded equipment and level it up by using upgrading materials. If you do not have enough Gil to upgrade the equipment obtain it by selling off unwanted items and by winning battles.

The final step in this process is now to combine the equipment. The advantage of combining equipment is that it increases the level cap of the equipment which can allow you to upgrade the equipment further to a legendary level. Remember if the character’s equipment provides multiple Soul Breaks you can select a specific Soul Break before a dungeon from the equipment screen.

Focus on Upgrading Party

So, Initially, the main focus of the players should be upgrading and creating the best Final Fantasy Record Keeper best party their party characters to at least level twenty-five. You should know that events are the only time-sensitive scenarios in Final Fantasy Record Keeper that can you unlock new characters that might not be unlocked otherwise in any case. So, obtaining these characters can be only achieved with the best setup.

It is preferable to have a few additional levels on top of that. Once you have a strong party that can help you win events you should be feeling free to experiment more and your ffrk character ranking should be the best.

Create Abilities and Collect Orbs

Another tip for the new players from the Final Fantasy Record Keeper beginner guide is that they should focus on creating new abilities by using and combing orbs. Orbs can be obtained by completing dungeons which can be used to create abilities. There are a variety of abilities to choose from which include Cure, Fire, and powerful summons.

You should give your party those abilities that will be most effective against the enemy you plan to battle, as bosses and enemies have different weaknesses. The more abilities you develop, the better equipped you will be to deal with whatever comes at you. It should be kept in mind that not all characters can use all ability schools or all rarities within a given school in ffrk character tier list 2022.

For creating Abilities, the players are going to need Orbs. Decide what kind of ability you want to make, then go out and find the orbs that you will need. You can make your search for Orbs more productive by using the Power-Up Dungeons. The Power-Up Dungeons and the perks they provide are listed below. If there’s an item you’re looking for in a dungeon, that’s the one to go for.

To create Honing Abilities you need to gather the orbs you will be needing by looking up the Honing formula for the ability you want to develop. This type of ability allows you to use them more frequently without having to rest or leave a dungeon which makes it another great tip of the Final Fantasy Record Keeper character tier list

Understand Synergy

The final tip in this article on ffrk character ranking is that characters and gear utilized in their homeworld benefit greatly from synergy. It is a good idea to level up a few characters just in case you need to summon them. The same is true for equipment, which is why it is best to spread your Mythril throughout multiple events rather than saving up for one and going all-in. Do not forget to put your gear on when it’s time. It makes a significant impact on the character ranking too.

Wrapping it up

Final Fantasy Record Keeper and its characters are all distributed in different on our own in-game experience and research. Ranking these characters in this tier list is to help the players choose the best character for themselves and conquer every battle by having the party that leads to winning every time.

The ffrk rankings of Final Fantasy Record Keeper characters are based on the maximum attack level which is ninety-nine for all the characters in the game. We all know ranking is a very difficult subject and can vary from person to person and some people might not agree with the way we have ranked the characters. But if you liked the article you might also like other articles too.

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