GBF Tier List: Ranking the Best Characters

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Welcome back to another authentic display of the ranking of characters. These enlisted characters are often extracted from your favorite games and movies and can make you compelled to read more about them. GBF tier list is a list that extracts characters from a Japanese role-playing game and unless them in various tiers based on their traits and characteristics. As this is a fantasy game, you’ll get lost in an exhilarating roller coaster of supernatural, magic, and adventure.

Are you ready for your adventure that will take you through different elemental characters while stating their Facts and proficient skills? If not, then brace yourself for the impact because you might bump your head on the ride.

you might like to Reminisce that each character has its ups and downs and properties that distinguish it from another, similarly, a player has his own opinions about a specific character. Hence this granblue fantasy games tier list is subjective to variation.

About Granblue Fantasy

When we initiate a project we first like to get into its surroundings and familiar with it. In this case, in a tier list, we search for a game’s background. In this case, granblue fantasy was released in 2014 by a group of developers called cygames. They collaborated with Hideo minaba for one kind of animation that would accentuate their Game.

A gacha system that involved buying new characters spending crystal currency and acquiring new characteristics for a player was initiated in the game. To this day, the developers have tried to alter and enhance the features and gameplay of this game to add an adrenaline-pumping experience to a gaming session.

Granblue Fantasy’s Gameplay

Gameplay is the soul of a certain game; it derives the whole systematic world Forth. To be able to interpret the rules and situations in a game a player searches for its gameplay to get adapted to his surroundings. This game revolved around a role-playing battle-based adventure. The game revolves around a gamer and allows him to level up his warrior.

A player chooses a certain character that can be common Rare or extremely rare from his favorite sort of element and then train him to use his powers and attack enemies with it. this game also opened up story quests and event quests that present gifts and bonuses.

Basis of Ranking

A tier list is a representation of different characters in a tier based on their ranking that it’s provided to them by a writer. The ranking, in this case, is based upon the character’s stats, powers, Elements, ratings, and popularity among players not every player like all characters, each gamer has his preference inside a storyline. Some characters have good abilities while others have great powers.

This ranking allows a player to signify his interest in a specific character to enhance his experience during a game. A tier list ranks characters and warriors of our GBF tier list. A tier list is a ranking dependent on a character’s stats, profile, and attacks. Each Warrior from GBF has his characteristics and boosts supplied by their abilities. We can’t rank a character based on their features. We require an in-depth construction of each character.

An in-depth construction is formed by utilizing their stats, HP, ATK levels, and DEF levels; their combination forms the whole statistical profile of a certain character that aids in the framework of a tier list.

How To Reroll In Granblue Fantasy  

If you want to get some of the best characters in our tier list for Granblue Fantasy 2022 then you can try rerolling in the game. 

Keep in mind that you will only get 10 free rolls when you start out in Granblue Fantasy and the first two rolls in the game will always land you with an ordinary character belonging to lower tiers. After that, all the rolls will depend entirely on your luck. Like any other gacha game, characters play a huge role in Granblue Fantasy.

So, make sure that you get the best ones when rerolling. You can also save your time by asking your friends if they have good accounts for sale as you won’t have to go through the whole process of rerolling just to get some good characters in the game. However, if you still want to reroll then you can do so by following the process below. 


Keep in mind that Granblue Fantasy will already allow ten accounts to be made with your IP each day. If you want to make more accounts then you will have to use a VPN. However, we don’t recommend using VPN as it might lead to your account getting banned. 

  • First, just open the game in an Incognito tab so you don’t have to download the game again and again. Login using a guest account and if you choose to keep an account you just have to bind it to a third-party app. 
  • Use salting Gmail accounts to create as many accounts on Granblue Fantasy as possible and go through the tutorial process on all of them. 
  • Keep in mind that always set your age to be over 20 because you might plan to spend money on this game in near future. 

You will just have to go through the whole tutorial process and use your free rolls to get the characters you want. Once you have your favorite characters, you can just use that account in a regular tab and enjoy playing Granblue Fantasy. 

Characters To Look For 

When starting out you will always pull Walder as your first character. Your first ten rolls will get you one of the six SSR characters and they are all pretty great. You should look for characters like the following in the Granblu Fantasy in order to have a great gameplay experience. 

  • Carmelina 
  • Charlotte 
  • Zeta 
  • Melleau 
  • Lady Grey 
  • De La Fille 

All these SSR characters are the best in the game and once you have mastered their powerful attacks, you will be able to take on any challenge that comes your way. Also, try rerolling any limited characters or Premium characters in the game. Flash Gala characters are also a good option when rerolling.

Also, the S rank characters in our tier list are some of the best for all game modes that Granblue Fantasy has to offer. However, keep in mind that you should make sure that any characters you pull synergize great with each other and perform well in teams.  

S Tier

Best characters ranked
S Tier

An S tier is not an ordinary tier. It forms the whole outlook of our GBF tier list by contributing exemplary warriors to a game. Each game has different sets of characters that have their features and traits. They survive in an arena by utilizing their attacking abilities and ulterior moves. These abilities aid a player’s gameplay and his success is made easy.

All warriors, from multiple elements, including water, fire, earth, light, and dark, have abilities that signal towards their elements. For example, Water element guardians extract their skills from water. S tiered characters have high stats and their abilities enhance their ATK and DEF abilities. Their allies also benefit from them and receive similar powers. By no


Element: Water

Who isn’t familiar with the Greek God who reigns over water? Everybody knows the main three Greek god’s hades Zeus and Poseidon. Poseidon has come out of the water and blessed us with his appearance in our GB F tier list where he kills his enemies using water and his notorious Trident spear. His basic charge tag is Krisis triania Which allows him to damage 4 by water.

He is included in an S tier because his skills including being a ruler of the sea and isthmia allow him to dominate over his opponents. The best thing is that his teammates also receive the same abilities and they can take all enemies down together.


Element:  water

Varja is a part of the 12 divine generals and carries a huge canine around. She is engulfed in Chinese clothing and uses a katana and Melee to defend herself and attack her enemies. Her charge attacks are gilded heavens strike and dogged innocence, the latter is achieved after she reaches level 5. These grant her allies a loyalty eternal grant. This enhances ATK, DEF and damage dealing

She is lodged under an S tier of our GBF tier list due to her despicable abilities that include Okami, canid growl, a hound of the hunt, and pupper squad, go. All these help her gain boosts like calling garjana, double striking, and puppy squads.


Element:  fire

A beautiful little fairy who you’ll see traveling on a turtle-like reptile is Mimlemel. She is adept in her battles and rarely disappoints her player. Her main specialty is her Harvin through which she accesses her charge attacks. Her other powers make her almost inevitable; these include Ocean Reveille, Beachside bugle, and brazen Gleam. Her teammates who belong to fire gain a boost through these skills.

She is a part of an S tier because her stats are extraordinary, and her supporting skills are noteworthy. They leave a prominent mark in an arena.


Element:  Wind

You might fall in love with every character’s aesthetics in this game because they are illustrated by a renowned artist who put great thought into them. Korwa also belongs to the field of art and fashion. She extracts her powers from Erune and uses it for Blanche Fil; this allows her to enhance and exhibit her spirit skill. Esprit increases her ATK and DSR values that aid a player’s gameplay.

She is residing under an S tier because her skills allow her to attain high powers. These powers are beneficial during a battle, especially Noir et Blanc, des vetements, and viscos. Her supporting skills are also not far behind, Spinner’s thread, adept willpower, and mastery of support skills are killer moves.


Element:  Water

A water-bending guy who is human by his race uses spears and axes to take down the evil forces.

He was an officer of the Order of white dragon and trained there. After his serving, he moved his specialty towards guarding Granblue and killing enemies. His charge attack is Loewenbein: gold that uses water to take down his enemy. His other skills include Arm destruction, risky distraction, and wall bash.

He is a part of an S tier of our GBF tier list because his abilities inflict huge damage on his enemies and gain ATK in return from it. These are higher powers that affect gameplay.


Element: Light

Irony surrounds him as he has the element of light and yet he is engulfed in darkness. His soul invites dark souls towards him that whisper in his ear and shatters his soul. He uses a gun and melee to brawl against his enemies and performs his charge attack, blazing purification. He can be added to a player’s team in a flash gala.

His skills cause his inclusion in an S tier. His skills are enlightenment, six-wolf tonic, and nirvana. All these support a player’s gameplay and move him forward. His supporting skills are morning sunshine and life goes on.


Element: Dark

Fediel is a symbol of darkness, darkness lingers wherever she goes. She is a draphe who uses sabers and melees to send the message of destruction to her enemies. Her charge attack, a flame of reversal, enables her to damage her foes using her dark magic. A player gets Feidal in a premium gala. This character is specialized in a cursed funeral, miasma hands, and black’s encroachment.

Her skills involve her in an S tier of our GBF tier list. Her supporting skills are also no less and contribute to her victory. Her powers are distributed to all her allies who regard darkness.


Element: Dark

If you see some ghost roaming around an arena, do not fear it must be the lost soul belonging to the lich. She is a primal creature who reigns over his staff to dominate in a battle. She has an attack called bad end. This decreases her enemies’ charging diamonds and does damage dealing. Her other skills include Phantom pain, corruption, and cursed spirit. These aid her in an arena.

She is residing under an s tier, not because of her melancholic story but because her proficient abilities allow her in location high above others.

A Tier

second best characters
A Tier

An A tier is the next best thing after an S tier in our GBF tier list. This tier compiles together all potentially superior characters that Have the guts to compete with an S-tiered character. The difference remains that they don’t have traits or attacks that could make them undefeatable. They are usually the first choice of a player if an s-tier character is unavailable.

You’ll always find an A-tiered character in your team as not all characters can be extracted from the topmost tier. These characters have powerful capabilities that make them top-tier characters. They have high HP, ATK, and DEF. their abilities boost them further.


Element: Fire

A fallen angel makes his appearance on our tier list. he is attired in a red devil costume suit while holding his spear. He is a master of spears and daggers and takes down his enemies by employing these vicious weapons. A player can find him in the Halloween premium draw and use his Grigori inferno. This blinds his opponents and they always lose their targets. A player also receives a boost.

He might be naughty but he is a part of an A tier due to his unmatchable skills that keep him guarded in an arena.


Element: Earth

Galleon or otherwise known as galleon of gold relays earth powers through her to strike her enemies. She is compassionate about others but not about her foes. Once furious no one can cool her down. She uses a staff that helps her gain a terrestrial pulse. This charge attack does 450% earth damage implicated on her foes. Blessed kiss, bedrock rain, and gold foundation are some of the other powerful abilities that make her a top-tier addition.

Blessed kiss helps her teammates and blesses them with an HP and extracts all debuffs from them. She is a kind character who can’t see her friends in pain and is always up for help and is residing under an A tier of our GBF tier list.


Element: Water

We mentioned the order of the white dragon beforehand, Lancelot is a captain of that order. He is a handsome lad that accesses his abilities through a saber and dagger. These weapons make him strong and sturdy and he can use Beweise flugal which makes an opponent lose multitasking ability. Other skills include kaltzwinger, Weiss liter and stille glanz. These allow him to debuff his opponents.

Glaciate is notorious for its destructive abilities, and it is a superior move for Lancelot. He doesn’t let his opponent get away and this is the reason for his inclusion in an A tier.


Element: Wind

When you get out of a stuffy room you get blessed with winds, Tiamat reigns over similar windy blows that help you breathe. Although her abilities are usually directed toward her opponents and far from her allies. She uses melee and staff so she can aid a player. Once a player is adept in her beginner moves he moves towards a charge attack, Aerial blitz, that adds up to her triple attack powers.

A player accesses her through a premium draw and he never goes back to any other lower-tiered character as he feels blessed after obtaining her. After upgrading her to level 5 he achieves a Tempest, this is what includes her in an A tier of the GBF tier list.


Element: Light

The guardian of the north-northwest is rarely a slacker, Kumbhira is agile and has incredulous strength. Her moves are enough to scare an opponent out of his soul. You might see him fleeing from an arena. She gets directly down to her play and attacks her opponents with an ax and a spear. A gilded heaven strike can restore her HP and help her gain a razorback lance; it is useful in an arena.

She is included in an A tier because her abilities and stats are skyrocketing. Her stats help a player gain an insightful victory, without losing.

B Tier

average tier list
B Tier

A B tier of our GBF tier list can be given an alias of mediocre tier as it has characters that are ordinary rather than extraordinary. They have a blend of traits abstracted from the two extremes of a tier list, S and D tiers. B-tiered characters have stats that are not very high, they are mediocre and require greatly constructed gameplay, without any loopholes. Otherwise, the chances of losing might increase.

These characters have normal HP, ATK, DEF, and striking powers. Their boosts rarely help their allies. The player has to work hard to win, and can’t depend on a warrior.


Element:  Fire

A cat-loving magician is loved by many. He has a brooding nature and spends time leisurely with his beloved feline creatures. His strength is in staff and he uses it to relay the Revelation of fire and the razor blade model. These allow him to damage a deal an enemy and succeed during a battle. A player can’t let go of this character because it benefits him from learning the basics of a game.

He is included in a B tier because his skills are accessed only once, if you lose your aim and strike elsewhere you can’t use it again.


Element: Water

She is an enigmatic character that holds legends of her past in her dark soul. Her armor-adorned body is ready to dive into battle headfirst and take down any enemy that would obstruct her way. She uses her steel saber to slash their throats and slice them in half. Her saber advances her with a blade of frost and a realm of ice. All of these grants her an upper hand in an arena.

Although she is a competent fighter, she lacks skills that could take down an enemy by obeying gameplay. She is residing under a B tier of our GBF tier list because her moves have definite turns and a player can’t use them indefinitely.


Element: Earth

Medusa, the goddess of petrifying and stunning her opponents has the abilities that can help her in an arena. She attacks her players with melee strikes her opponents till they are no more. a player obtains her after a logic links promotion and Siero’s special pick ticket. Her famous charge attack is her petrifying stare that stiffens her opponent and doesn’t let them move a muscle.

She is a part of a B tier because her skills require only two or three turns at each level and hence she can’t access them after that. She has to invent new sort of ways to destroy her opponent so she can gain victory and aid a player’s game.


Element: Wind

You might see her as a Shy and innocent girl who tries to keep to herself and doesn’t involve herself in multiple brawls and fights. But when she gets out her clothes and uses her talents to slash her opponent people get petrified of her. She uses a melee to attack her opponents and destroy them completely. You will see her using 100 Claus storm strike to deal damage to her enemy that has Grotesque plans.

She is included in beat here because her flash fury claw only remains for 180 seconds and it seems to be her most effective skill. If this Was a little bit longer then he would have damaged her opponents more easily and would have been a part of the top tiers.


Element: Light

Nowadays a person who finds beauty in the detail is hard to find, this character is a rare quality breed who tries to find hidden aspects to a Perspective and tries his best to accommodate a player’s gameplay in his fighting style. He usually prefers to heal his allies as he moves along and uses a staff to protect and guard himself. He has a lead halation. This attack confers a huge amount of light damage on her enemies.

Despite her amazing attacking’s killed her supporting skills lack Qualities that would help her stay in a tear. She is a B-tier resident because her skills including he’ll prove and lexicon have a time limit after which they have zero effect.


Element: dark

Lucius or the weapon of retribution is here to make his appearance in the beat here as a savage human who would take down his enemy in his Ultimate fury. He has a sword sweep charge attack that embarks dark damage on his foe while burning him which lowers his health. He also has a lethal hit that kills his victim instantly. His other skills include shadow barrage demon slays and white fire blades.

He is included in a B tier because his lethal attack has slid to no accuracy and if it had a Greater accuracy he would have been a part of an S tier.

C Tier

GBF Tier List
C Tier

Let’s move forward towards the least effective characters, which reside under these lower tiers. C tier of our GBF tier list is a potentially worse tier whose characters do not have a characteristic that could aid a player’s gameplay. They have low stats; HP, ATK, and DEF, and can’t be effective on their opponent. A player gets severely disappointed by these characters and doesn’t help his gameplay.

These characters do not have a characteristic that makes them stand out, they merge between crowds and can’t defeat a player’s enemy.


Element: Fire

A ramen-loving creature who searches for the joy in his food, his major weapon is the cool noodles that he carries everywhere with him. He is don’t in shorts and a jacket around his waist. He has a specialty in his Malay that allows him to do his bamboo burst that can embark fire on his opponent. His other skills include oozing egg yolks and a bowl of heavens. His food-induced attacks have zero specialties and rarely work in an arena.

He is included in a C tier because of his skills a lot of charging boosts on him and his allies other than that they have zero capability. A player regrets choosing this character for his team.


Element:  water

A girl who has a Penguin costume on her that hide from the darkness of the world is a water element character. Her suit is made out of metal and acts as armor for her. she uses her moves as defense and has close to no offensive Moves. Her charging attack is a colorful barrage that inflicts water damage on her enemies. A player recruits her during come one come to all fighting tournament. She uses a gun to shoot and target her opponents.

Her other skills include peh! Penguin and ppppengin!!, like their names, the moves are also stupid. They inflict a small amount of damage and do not help their allies.

La Coiffe

Element: Earth

An organic stylist who takes her abilities from the earth, her comfortable nature and somber outlook calm her opponents down. She uses sabers to take down her enemies and has healing powers. She can heal herself and her allies, unlike other characters she can only remove one debuff from her allies. A person has to use a lilac com to achieve la Coiffe. Her charge attack is nature-loving scissors that damage her enemies.

She is a part of a seat here because even though she is a healer she can’t heal all of her allies and can remove only one debuff. This is a degrading feature as she should have been able to at least exclude 3D buffs to be a part of the top tiers.


Element:  wind

she is a balanced sort of character who scavenges the skies to seek out her enemies. She has a hat and blades to slash her opponents. She is a Sabre-using character who acquires powers from wind and has low stats. Her charge attack is twilight played that removes buffs and damages her full. She is an all-rounder and tries to benefit her player and all aspects of the game.

She is a part of a C tier of our GBF tier list because she should have been able to do more with her powers and think outside the boxed bird she is unable to do that. A player has to work hard to make her according to his gameplay.


Element:  light

He is a tiny little elf who has capabilities greater than himself. Although he is small sometimes his moves are effective. He is a Harvin who has a dagger that could puncture the heart of the opponent standing before him and uses light to reflect his powers and prism tier is his recruitment weapon. People had forgotten his face and when he resurfaced he was born with an eye that doesn’t stop crying. This makes a person melancholic as everyone should be happy.

He is a part of a C tier because his charge attack Salvator Rosa flicked a small amount of damage. Add those other skills enchanted foil it is of less use even his sporting skills like ephemeral flash have bad aims.

D Tier

worst tier list
D Tier

D tier is the lowest tier of our GBF tier list and Has characters that do not benefit a player’s gameplay at all. These characters have low stats and ineffective capabilities. Some of these characters do not do anything in an arena and just sit that moving a finger.

While other characters try to be good but their skills don’t allow them to become a part of the top tiers. Then inflict low damage or show low boost for their allies or themselves that do not benefit a player’s gameplay.


Element: Any

What do you expect from a D-tiered character, obviously D tiered character would have a disgusting appearance and zero abilities that could aid a player. Melinda is a dragon who is pink in color and has drool dropping out of her tongue. she always seems sleepy and doesn’t pay attention during her brawl. She belongs to another race neither she is a human nor a Harvin. Even though her style of fighting is balanced, attack and defense: she is poor in all aspects.

She is included indeed here because her attacks have poor aiming and do not aid a player’s gameplay. A player holds his head in his hands during his loss because this character doesn’t do anything. Her charge attack is a mini dragon breath or a full dragon breath depending upon her size.


Element:  Earth

Catura is a young girl who has only one dream in her mind, which is of love and romance. She doesn’t search for ways to improve her battle skills and just sleeps to make her dreams a reality. She is a draft who has horns on her head and keeps a baby cub near her. Her specialty is spear and melee, though she rarely uses this as she spends her time sleeping. Her charger tag is an ox in dreamland, spoiler nothing happens through it.

You might find other skills never helpful, snooze button and napping on cloud nine is what she’ll do she’ll just keep on sleeping throughout the game making you walk on your dreaded fate.


Element:  water

Richard is a city gambler who has run out of his luck during gambling. He is a believer in luck and has zero fears regarding his life. This might seem like merit towards this character but it is a silver lining behind dark clouds. He uses water to access the underlying powers that help him fight against enemies. His revolver might look antique but shoots through people, and his charged move is a joker blast that does water damage.

He is included in a D-tier because his moves have low effectiveness. A person is disappointed while using this character. His other skills include resisting draw and highs and lows that provide only three turns each.


Element:  win

He is a traveler who walks the world and lets his handmade dice decide what he’s going to do next period he is usually seen shuffling these dies in his hands. You might see him laughing his dry laugh in an arena that will suck the soul out of you.

He uses his cyber to slash his opponent. His eyes are not just for the major purpose of rolling around, they are his charge attack known as revolving dies that inflicts a huge amount of damage on his enemy.

The only drawback to his skills is that his dice are the only things that matter to him and he that is the only thing that he uses inside in arena. Enhance dice and weakness dice are his skills that are used randomly and don’t have a strong effect on an enemy. This is why he is included in a D tear.


Element:  fire

Have you ever heard the phrase curiosity killed the cat? This phrase might be the reason that Mary is included in a D tier. Well not literally her moves are what drag her down to this tier. She is a fire-bearing character who has a balanced fighting style.

He has a gun through which she shoots her enemies. She has an antique and ancient look around her with her telescope and binoculars and her spirit lamp. Her charge tag is an illuminated star that inflicts damage on her enemies.

Her skills include shot down and a threat that decreases her enemies’ ATK and makes them a little weak as the ATK lowers only 10%. The other skill extracts a charge diamond from her opponent. These are only available for a small duration and he can’t use them throughout the whole fight.


Element:  dark

Will an instant evil hunter who is willing to hunt anything that will haunt his way. He doesn’t care if the person in front of him is good or bad he would extract their souls and kill them with brutality. He uses his staff and saber. This helps him spatter, and his charge attack, his foes with great destruction and chaos. Though this damage is little and does not help a player.

His other skills include jinx and atonement, which inflicts poison that lowers an opponent’s HP. His moves are not effective and this is what includes him in a D tier.

In a Nutshell

Our GBF tier list is a compilation of characters extracted from the game. These characters were divided into two versatile elements; water, fire, earth, light, and dark. We evaluated each character and inserted him into an appropriate tier.

Each deer contains a character from every element. These character on your list is based upon the HP, stats, ATK, and DMG they impose on their enemies. Some of these characters aid a player while others ruin his gameplay

A Tier list provides a basis for compiling different Characters of a game. It helps gamers to open their inner eyes and evaluate their gaming experience and its characters. This tier list is comprised of five tiers. S, A, B, C, and D. They all have unique traits that stun a player, as he rarely looks at a game this way. S tier has top warriors with high-quality moves and attacks and gives a player food for thought.

A tier has potentially great characters, but they sometimes lack quality or have less effective traits that put them down. Next are lower and mediocre tiers. B tier has subtle details that are good for those who use every guardian and like to be versatile; A C tier resides those characters that may or may not be good for a gamer. Lastly, this tier list is concluded with a D tier with abysmal characters.

Up Next: Soul Knight Tier List

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