GGST Tier List: All Characters RANKED [V1.27]

Let's rank all of the playable characters in Guilty Gear Strive.

If you are a fan of Guilty Gear Strive, then you’re a part of a very special community of Japanese fighting game fans that get their kicks from explosive and fast-paced combat. And believe it or not, this is actually the 25th entry in the series, so props to you if you’ve been a fan for a long time. We here at TopTierList are also huge fans of the series, and with our GGST Tier list, we are showcasing our love for the game by ranking all of the characters.

Now every person has their interests and likings, and you may not exactly agree with what we have to say here. But keep in mind that the ranking was created based on our personal preferences, and you may have opinions that differ from ours.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 20 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the characters according to their durability, survivability, strength, weaknesses, statistical profile, and appearances.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find characters like 
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe characters like 


The table below ranks all the characters in the game.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
SOL Bad GuyAnji MitoLeo WhitefangChipp ZanuffFaust
GiovannaNagoriyukiMillia RageHappy ChaosJack-O
KY KiskeZato-1Axl Testament
Ramlethal ValentineI-NoPotemkinGoldlewis Dickinson

You can learn about them in detail below.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier.

The S tier is the highest rank of our GGST Tier list 2022, which contains the best characters in the game. Here, all characters have special rates and splendid tactics and you will not be disappointed by any of the. These characters have high command skills that are easy to execute and do not require effort from the players.

If you choose them, you will guarantee victory for yourself, so you can be at ease when jumping into a fight.

SOL Bad Guy

Our article starts off with this bad guy, who is an actual badass fighter whose looks support the name. He has messy strands standing in every direction, and he has a red jacket and white dress pants that accentuate his name and makes him look trashier.

He has a demeanor that allows you to achieve an upper hand inside an arena, due to his imposing looks that play an important role in asserting dominance. Without it, you lose his aura and are bound to fail. He is a part of the S tier due to his Perplexing abilities, which include Gun Flame, Viper, Bandit Revolver, Wild Throw, and Nitrate Vortex. You can take down his opponents through these indomitable abilities while following his gameplay.

Weapon Fireseal, Junkyard Dog
Title Aggressive Striker


Have you ever been creeped out by Wolves? Well, Giovanna is a girl who is followed by a wolf spirit which grants her exceptional abilities and allows her to remain an incredibly powerful character in the game. A battle is all about its characters and their abilities, and you’ll gain a lot of benefits with the red-haired fighter.

If you see her getting all light green and her eyes start turning white, then take caution, she’s allowing her wolf to take over her consciousness and reveal her true powers. The animal spirit not only grants her superhuman abilities but also inhumane swiftness that will enable her to travel long distances in a short time. She is included here due to her agility and extremely high survivability. Her quick reflexes and swiftness allow her to dodge her opponent’s attacks and reach the top through her possessed spirit. Her abilities include Sepultura (Grave), Trovão (Poison), Sol Poente (Sunset), and Tempestade (Storm).

Weapon Rei
Title President’s Special Forces Officer

KY Kiske

Ky is a man who has a strong sense of judgment and reflexes that allows him to decimate his foes with his exceptional sword skills. He used to be a boss character in another version of the game, but in this one, he came forth as a protagonist and officially joined the roster of playable characters.

In the game, he is a swordsman as well as a magician and his main power element is lightning, through which he can electrocute his opponents. You will see his Thunder seal on his hand, which allows him to amplify his magic abilities. He is a part of the S rank of our GGST Tier list because an enemy cannot escape his fate at the hands of Ky. He is very just during his battles and does not destroy his enemy unless he has done something bad to him. His ability to blood off Juneau is the most amazing thing, which allows him to regenerate his fatal wound in seconds. It may seem very powerful in an arena and his other instincts include stun edge, vapor thrust, stun dipper and Ride the lightning.

Weapon Thunderseal, Aquila, Magnolia Éclair 
Title Classic All-rounder

Ramlethal Valentine

If you want to add a creepy person to your team for a chaotic fight, then Valentine is your refuge. She is a major character in our game and has stunning characteristics. Ramlethal is a fierce, dark-skinned character who is attired in puffy clothing. She resembles a secluded and grim character who does not spend time socializing with others.

Ramlethal is a remarkable character whose extraordinary power and knowledge are attained from years of training and hand-to-hand combat. She can kick her opponent with just her hands. She doesn’t require much equipment to take down her enemy, however, you might see two massive swords in her hands that help her destroy her enemy. Ramlethal is a part of an S level due to her exemplary qualities through which she has high ATK and DEF values. Her lethal moves include bajoneto, Dauro, Calvados, and Mortobato and these moves will help you fight off your opponents.

Weapon Greatswords
Title Mid-range Controller Brigadier

A Tier

second best characters ranked
A Tier

An A tier is a tier of our GST 1.10 tier list that has potentially great characters of gear. These characters have Val executed command list that you can easily perform. These are the next best thing for S-tiered characters. If you regard them in your team, you will not get bored and always be stunned by the moves they present. 

They generally have high health, ATK, and DEF levels, and that way, they help you defeat your opponent with just the strike of your console.

Anji Mito

He is a Japanese character and a recurrent fighter in the series. he is brutal and savage in rage and can murder anyone in cold blood. Zesson’s spirit possesses him and adopts the face of a fan when he wakes up. Zesson’s inevitable abilities include Anji in the A tier. His elegant form of fighting aids you and helps you take down your enemies. Anji is adept in a fighting style mai and displays his agility and stupendous flexibility through his mai moves.

He resides in an A tier because of his bird-summoning ability. His possessing spirit allows him to summon butterflies and birds and conjures them to glow. He can transcend great distances of a battlefield in a few seconds while being on the path put forth by you. His commands include Shitsu, Fuujin, Rin, kou, Issei Ougi: Sai, and Kachoufuugetsu Kai.

Weapon Zessen
Title Elegant Martial Artist


You might be scared of picking up this character as he was a boss character in other versions of the game. He is a horrifying bloodsucking samurai who has his abilities at the tip of his blade. His white mask on his face and puffy sort of clothes distinguish him from others. Nagoriyuki is an immortal person with a high speed that grants him swift and godlike strength. His katana is a magical sword that allows him to have extremely rare abilities—sensing his opponent’s weak points and blood rage. These sorts of skills allow you to excel in your arena.

His combat skills are high-range; hence he can strike his opponent from afar without waiting to find a window to get near him. He has low mobility, but his long-ranged attacks cover up his deficiencies. He is combat skills include Kamuriyuki, the bloodsucking universe, wasureyuki, and Zansetsu.

Weapon Daishou
Title Noble Vampire Samurai 


If you find a shadow lurking behind your back, you must have angered Zato-ONE, as he is the one who controls a forbidden beast. He is a person who is a just leader of our game a doesn’t stagger at any chance of losing. Nothing scares him as his friend is also a creepy-looking friend who follows him around. 

He is a part of an A tier due to exemplary qualities that allow a person to move around this character in an arena. When you press a button, you use Zato, but Eddie is unleashed to spread chaos when you release that button. His powers include flight, Pierce, leap, Amorphous, Drunkard shade, and Sun void. He also has a great music set, adding him to the GGST OST Tier list.

Weapon Eddie
Title Technical Shadow Wielder


The musician may seem calm and content, but the character gains sheer pleasure from terminating her opponents. The ruthlessness might not come easy for you, and she has to extract significant potential to compete with her opponents. Her most amazing ability is that she’s a time traveler because that seems quite up top. She has a red hat on her head that accentuates her whole outfit. Her green guitar also gives her a rock N roll punk look.

She resides in the A rank due to her indomitable abilities, including magical abilities summoned through her electric guitar. You might wonder what an electric guitar can do to damage his opponent; strumming the special guitar allows her to produce high-frequency sound waves that could make her opponent’s ears bleed and decrease their HP. She also allows these sound waves to carry her into the air and make her as light as a feather.

Weapon Marlene
Title Hard Rock Witch


You might have seen many other versions of the guilty gear series because she is quite a recurring character in the whole series. She is a young-looking pirate who has a sailor outfit covering her up. Her cute mushroom hat has a skull on the front. That gives her a little bit of a grim appearance. Other than that, she’s just a light-hearted person. She had devoted her life to her captain Johnny who raised her when she was a young girl.

May resides in an A tier of our GGST Tier list 2022 due to the extraordinary qualities that allow her to excel in an arena. She follows Your gameplay to the point, enabling her to remain active in a theater. Her abilities grant her a special dominating skill of agility and sturdiness. An opponent can take her down. She has exceptional air mobility, and her ocean moves are splendid.

Weapon Anchor
Title Powerful Attacker

B Tier

Average characters
B Tier

A B tier, or as I like to call it mediocre tier, has the characteristics of average or ordinary characters. Their skills, statistics, abilities, and other strands are just intermediate. Suppose you find them inside an arena. You will get a war between them.

Beginners usually opt for these characters on our list. Because they grant a beginner such abilities that allow them to learn game plans on these characters easily.

Leo Whitefang

This is a character who is engulfed in white clothing. He is a swordsman as well as a magician. The holy order gave him his powers. His skills may not seem useful, but they are tactful and strategic. Leo resides in a B tier of our GGST character Tier list because of the abilities granted him through his twin blade. He harnesses the power of waves in his blades and he has a peculiar style of fighting.

It refers to facing his opponent and striking him with twin blades from behind and that seems quite weird when you watch it in an arena. You find him in a B tier because when he faces his opponent, he assumes his target and misses the aim; he does not strike his enemy at the target.

Weapon Twin blades
Title Twin Sword-wielder All-rounder

Millia Rage

She used to be a member of the Assassin’s Guild but gave her position up to have a better life in a better occupation. Millia Rage still uses all the skills that she learned during her time in the Assassination firm. She has a brown dress and her long strawberry blonde hair wraps around her and she has stunning blue eyes that can mesmerize even her opponent.

Milia has specific skills that can make an opponent shudder under her piercing eyes. She has six forbidden magical spells called Angra that allow her to manipulate and control her hair and use them as a fatal weapon. Millia Rage is a part of a B rank because her abilities make her hair shine golden and strike her enemies. But her drawback is that she lets down her defenses and presents an open window for her opponent to cross due to her close-ranged attacks.

Weapon Hair
Title Forbidden Hair Wielder 


Axl has appeared numerous times in the series. He has been a gang leader of the 20th-century gang and his faith got twisted in it, and he had never gotten a chance to let go of it. He has a bandana on his head that covers most of his forehead and eyes. Besides that, he has a varsity jacket that gives him a cool and hearty look.

His abilities include using his dual chain sickle on his opponents and performing martial art skills. These skills are rare and demand superhuman reflexes to execute them. He also has the power to manipulate fire according to his will and burn his opponent to ash. He is a part of a B tier of the GGST character Tier list because of his short-ranged move. If a character has short-range moves, he has to get near his opponent to strike, allowing his opponent to gain a window to hit him and win inside an arena.

Weapon Kusarigama
Title Long Range Attacker


He is a grotesque-looking creature who has a resemblance to Frankenstein. His facial features and body structures links him to an armed air empire. He used to be a part of the democratic revolution but he gave that up and entered into guilty gear battles. He has an army jacket on him that displays his abs and his fierce-looking stature stuns his enemy to the ground, and he cannot move with fear. Such authority and dominance over an opponent are necessary to succeed in a battle. Because if fear sits inside a heart once the opponent forgets his tactics and strategies and he will lose.

He is a durable and sturdy character who extracts his powers from his colossal body. His powerful skills grant him defending abilities. He can deal damage to his enemies and take them down. He can easily knock Out his enemy with his signature moves but he is included in a B tier because of his mediocre ranged attacks and poor mobility. Consequently, he cannot dash inside an arena forward and backward, which presents you with a situation he cannot handle.

Weapon Fists
Title Giant Walking Fortress 


A wandering Japanese samurai who was a part of Japanese descent is Baiken and has had a devastating past. She lost her parents and friends and swore to avenge her dead parents; She has long red hair and a samurai outfit. Baiken also has an eye patch to cover her injured eye.

She has remarkable abilities that make her a fearsome fighter who uses her secret weapons and katana to sever her opponent’s head off. Moreover, Her sword allows her to act as a defensive fighter. You can judge her opponent’s offensive moves and defends yourself against them. Her special moves will enable you to guard yourself while forwarding a few attacks toward her opponent. She’s a part of a B-tier due to being a defensive fighter. Even though a fight requires defense without an offensive set of moves, you might rarely succeed.

Weapon Katana, Hidden weapons
Title Unfaltering Awakened Samurai 

C Tier

GGST tier list
C Tier.

We have finally reached the lower half of our GGST Tier list which has the worst characters. These characters have soft skills and poor abilities that do not aid you during your gameplay. In an arena, you will find them hurried off to a far-off corner getting the target off their opponent’s attacks. If you try to execute some of their moves, it will confuse you as they combine a complicated set of buttons.

Chipp Zanuff

You must have found him in many versions and updates of this guilty gear series, as he is a drug trafficker in almost every series. He has spiky white hair and a well-built body that helps him gain the upper hand in a game. When you choose him, you seek his good aspects and abilities.

His abilities include arm-blade, and his well-built body makes him a pro at shuriken. His ninja abilities grant him inhumane abilities, also including illusions, duplication, and teleportation. But he is a part of a C tier because he has short-range attacks. That gives his opponent an open window to strike and kill your character.

Weapon Gauntlet blade, Kunai, Shurikens
Title Incredibly Fast Ninja

Happy Chaos

Happy chaos is not so satisfied as he is a complete version of a chaotic mess. He spreads mayhem and destruction wherever he goes. Darkness and mischief follow him around. He seems like an enigmatic character with a mysterious personality and doesn’t show his inner intentions until he is inside an arena. You might choose him for his perplexing behaviors, but he will usually disappoint you inside a stadium.

He has abilities that include teleportation, manifestation, and casting destructive spells. But he is a part of a C rank because he does not use his futuristic revolvers inside his combat. He would have been higher up on our list if he had used them, but he refrains from using these objects and opts for his hands for combat.

Weapon Crescent Moon
Title Gunslinging Broken Messiah


Have you ever seen a humanoid-type gear that looks so fascinating at first glance but is just a robotic figure who is there to cause destruction? They are a person who has black attire covering them from head to toe. The black hat also adds a mysterious extra flair to their personality.

You will see them with a scythe that can sever all the heads of the opponent, but they don’t really use this inside the arena. It is just for fashion purposes, and the fighter opts to use magic abilities to take down their enemies instead.

Weapon Scythe, EXE Beast, Succubus 
Title Elegant Grim Reaper

Goldlewis Dickinson

Gold Lewis Dickinson is a downloadable character of our game. he has defensive abilities due to his occupation as a Secretary of Defense in the United States of America. He has sturdy looking, and His bulky body makes it easier for him to defend himself. His military attire clothing gives him a grim and loyal personality.

As he belongs to the defensive sector of the military, his combat skills regard defenses. He also has some shapeshifting abilities but does not know how to use offensive skills.

Weapon Coffin
Title Secretary of Absolute Defense

D Tier

worst tier list
D Tier

We end our GST Tier list with the worst sort of tier that anybody could imagine. These characters have abysmal characteristics and abilities that confuse you. Why are they even inside the game? When you seek a game’s characters, you will find out that they have almost zero abilities that could help you inside an arena. You will try to stray away from them after the first time uses them.

They have an extremely low statistical profile, and their abilities do not harm or deal damage to their enemies.


Now we are moving on towards our worst characters of the game. Faust is one of the recurring characters in the guilty gear series. He used to be a medical genius who lost his mind while he put his head in Medical Sciences. He has transformed into a miraculous healer who has grotesque-looking features. Faust has colossal height and weight and appears a bit slim and skinny; He has a huge paper bag covering his face; to hide his face.

His inclusion in the D tier of the list is due to his miserable qualities, including using random items for Weapons and throwing them at an opening. He usually loses the tag and has targeted and he may have long-range attacks, but they do not create a great perspective over you.

Weapon Scalpel
Title Bizarre Underground Doctor


A servant of that man who worked alongside Raven, I know it is a mystery to the world. However, she was a recurring character and had white-colored clothing all around her. Her style of fashion is quite up-to-date and fashionable. She looks elegant in her dress, but her Wrecking Ball adds a powerful look to her. Her prominent trait includes a compass-like yellow Halo that hankers around her.

She’s a part of a D tier because her abilities are miserable and abysmal. Her poor precision and weird skills disappoint a person. She may be able to excel in an arena, but it is useless when she cannot even perform a good anti-aerial attack.

Weapon Iron pumpkin
Title Hyper Energetic Marshal Fighter 


GGST tier list
Tier Image.

The image above illustrates everything that has already been written in the rankings above. Every character is assorted in a tier based on its qualities, characteristics, and statistics. As you can see inside our tier image, each character has its own separate clear that it shares with other same-tiered characters. It’ll help you easily reminisce about each character and how it will help you inside your game plan.

Comparison Table

SOL Bad GuySFireseal, Junkyard DogAggressive Striker
GiovannaSReiPresident’s Special Forces Officer
KY KiskeSThunderseal, Aquila, Magnolia Éclair Classic All-rounder
Ramlethal ValentineSGreatswordsMid-range Controller Brigadier
Anji MitoAZessenElegant Martial Artist
NagoriyukiADaishouNoble Vampire Samurai
Zato-1AEddieTechnical Shadow Wielder
I-NoAMarleneHard Rock Witch
MayAAnchorPowerful Attacker
Leo WhitefangBTwin bladesTwin Sword-wielder All-rounder
Millia RageBHairForbidden Hair Wielder
Axl BKusarigamaLong Range Attacker
PotemkinBFistsGiant Walking Fortress
BaikenBKatana, Hidden weaponsUnfaltering Awakened Samurai
Chipp ZanuffCGauntlet blade, Kunai, ShurikensIncredibly Fast Ninja
Happy ChaosCCrescent MoonGunslinging Broken Messiah
TestamentCScythe, EXE Beast, Succubus Elegant Grim Reaper
Goldlewis DickinsonCCoffinSecretary of Absolute Defense
FaustDScalpelBizarre Underground Doctor
Jack-ODIron pumpkinHyper Energetic Marshal Fighter

Patch Notes Version 1.27

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • Added Asuka R# as a playable character.


Our GGST Tier list is a display of all characters of guilty gear strive. These characters are aLL listed based on their characteristics LIKE durability, survivability, strength, weaknesses, statistical profile, and appearances. When we assembled our analysis, we ensured that each character was done justice and that no character was left behind. 

If you disagree with any of our placements, please let us know in the comments below. We will take your criticisms into consideration when updating the article in the future.