GT Bosses Tier List: All Bosses Ranked

GT Bosses is a descendant game of Dragon Ball Z. This game was introduced as more of a mission for the legendary Goku event. This game was raised on the anniversary of the Dagon Ball Z. The team is still wonky. And one can choose from a full dragon shadow team. This game has its characters, including some of the legends from Goku and Dragon Ball Z. We will break down all these characters to form a GT Bosses Tier List.

GT Bosses game is a fighting sensation that lets you know and explores all the characters. And the distinctive abilities that they possess. This game was introduced due to the seventh anniversary of the GT Legendary Goku Mission of the GT Bosses. This game is blessed with one of the best animations and customization a fighting game should have. GT Bosses also refreshes the memory of the classic Dragon Ball Z game. Let’s dive into the gameplay elements to further know about it.

Game Play

Customization and Aesthetic sense has been added to the game. Differing from before, now the lobby, costumes, and many other things can be redesigned accordingly. Recovery Time, Hp, defensive, and attacking abilities have been updated for all these characters. Now a character can fight for a limited time before making the rest. They have their cool-down periods. The primary purpose of these cookies is to dodge pits and other obstacles.

All of these characters vary when it comes down to their upgradability. They also have different performances based on other events that are going on in the game. We have carefully made GT Bosses Tier List on all these basis and factors. This sequel records Goku at his maximum power. Throughout the games and all the battles triggered within those games, Goku’s powers have never reached the extent as reached in this game.

Thus Super Saiyan 3 marks Goku at the pinnacle of his powers. Throughout the game, Goku is challenged time and time again by some new opponents. While some used to be former friends, in spite, they decided to go against him. In the first fight with Beerus, he gets defeated, but Goku’s admiration and will are what inspired Beerus to cause no harm to Earth.


GT Bosses Tier List has been articulated very carefully by our hardworking writers. We tried to touch even the most delicate information about the game Since the game had no specific information on the web. So we made sure we had hands-on experience with every character. We, as usual, delivered them to you on time and as demanded. With a deep wish, our team hopes that you enjoy reading this tier list. It showcases all the positive and negative attributes of different characters. This ranking has been designed keeping in mind all the pros and cons of these characters.

It should be noted that the tier list is free from all sorts of personal liking and biasness. Our writers try their best to make sure that they follow it. Only capabilities and usage are the merits to decide this ranking. This Tier List is free from any sort of favoritism. Moreover, none of the facts mentioned to support their order is falsely fabricated. One thing is for sure, all of these facts are analyzed statistically through good sources. Dragon Ball Z is the ancestral game of GT Bosses game.

We hope this tier list fulfills your expectations and you enjoy giving it a read. However, this tier list is open to constructive criticism. And it also reserves all sorts of copyrights as this is a carefully and keenly crafted product of Top Tier List. We expect this read to be a source of positive information and a keen interest in the depth and insights of the game. This tier list also involved the assistance of regular players in this game. We tried our best to deliver the best unconditional tier list for this game.

S Tier

Best Characters Ranked
S Tier

First, we will talk about the Highest tier of this game, the S tier, or otherwise the leading tier. Let’s commence the GT Bosses Tier List with the gifted characters of this game. We will explain this on a more narrative and simpler note so everything is easily understandable and clear. To clarify the bases of these rankings. These are the best of all of this game. Their spectacular and outstanding abilities make them a top pick on every determined player’s bucket list.

Ceremony of Revenge Super 17

Ceremony of Revenge super 17 is an S-tier character of GT Bosses Tier List. He is considered a part of the legendary class characters, with a maximum upgradable level of 150. He is included in the Extreme TEQ type, giving him a good edge over the other characters. Ceremony of Revenge 17 costs 77 game currency, considered on the highish side.

He was released on 20 May 2021. He has a whole bunch of skill sets. Some of his skills are known as leadership skills. This includes Super Attack, Ultra Super Attack, and passive and active skills. Super Attack has Hell’s Storm. Hell storm raises the attack for one turn and also. In addition, it causes heavy damage to the enemies and lower defense. Ultra super attack includes an attack mode called Hell’s Execution. This causes mega-scale damage and also significantly destroys the shield.

His passive skills include ideal combat distance. His active skill includes Electro Eclipse Bomb. It causes great damage to the enemy and lowers ATK and DEF by 17% for one attack. He is a great and hard hitter, in concern to the attack. At times his skills are so complex and ununderstandable that it gets difficult to use them. He has a mediocre Linkset. The point to be noted is that his boost is not always fully guaranteed.

Merciless Punishment Syn Shenron

Secondly, we discuss another S Tier character of the GT Bosses tier. Although this character comes right after the first-ranked nature of the game, this does not mean it is a bad pick. Like the first character, it is known for its excellent hard-hitting abilities. He is also considered to be a wonderful tank character. Unlike the other, his additional boosts are easily operated. All thanks to his ability to change Ki Spheres.

Additionally, he has got 7 different links on the links. So his link sets are known to be excellent in that regard. He can maximum be upgraded to level 120. His rarity category is UR. He cost around 40 game coins. He also has a ton of skill sets. His super attack skill is known as Dark Destructive Blast. Secondly, his passive skills include the discharge of the Evil. It results in his attack and defense skills multiplying by 2 times.

His seven-link skills include Brutal Beatdown, Big Bad Bosses, Shocking speed, GT, Fear and Faith, Shadow Dragon, and Fierce Battle. He has additional boosts when attacking are calculated separately. In case of a maximum possible boost of ATK & DEF +540% with 7  or more Ki Spheres attained. Moreover, it also changes his KI Sphere to a certain type.

Crashing Mealstorm Omega Shenron

He is the third character on our list. He is an excellent hard-hitting character. And in addition to that, a phenomenal tank too. It would be unfair not to include him in the GT Bosses Tier List S tierMoreover, his great Debuff makes him a good pick for the spot. And just like the above character, he also has great links. He shares all 7 of these link sets with Syn Shenron.

Although his maximum attainable level varies, it can be about 120-140. He cost a shade high, at 58 Game coins. His skills are majorly divided into two categories. Before Z Aweaking and Extreme Z Awakened. His super attacking and Passive skills Minus Energy Power Ball and minus energy of evil, respectively. The first one damages the enemy greatly and lowers the defense. In contrast, the second one is capable of making an additional attack, which makes it look like a super attack.

His additional attack and defense +10% per attack performed are well calculated separately for a total boost of attack and defense by a moment increment of +325% after completing 7 or more episodes when the battle proceeds. His Level can ultimately go up to 15, but only through Extreme Z-Awakening with special medals from the event known as Extreme Z Battle.

Destroyers Born of Dragon Ball Legion of Shadow Dragons

It is no exception that, like the other characters, this character is a great hard hitter and a great tank. He also has great links. He is also a great support unit. His additional Ki boost is easily filled, especially thanks to this team’s plethora of debuffs. This shows that he is a great Debuffer too. It has some cons, too, making it the last pick of S Tier. But other than that, he is a perfect unit.

To fill his active skill conditions always gets too difficult to fill it up. So it gets very hard to utilize it to the fullest. In can, however, struggle to keep up with the Ki if the army cannot make the debuff work. It has a maximum degradation to level 150. So it takes a long time to bring this character to its highest ratings. Like other characters, it also has super and ultra super attack modes.

The super attack Revenge Final Flash. It reduces the enemy’s attack capability and gives them colossal damage to undo them. The second one causes Mega Colossal Damage to the enemy and lowers their attacking ad defensive abilities. He can reduce enemy attacks by 20% for three strikes. His chance of turning into an ape is about 50%.

A Tier

Second Best Characters of GT Bosses Tier List
A Tier

Next up, we will talk about the A Tier, which collects and accompanies the second-best characters of the GT Bosses game. Their statistical overview and Special Skills are not at all bad. However, they are a bit lagging when it comes to comparison to the ones in S Tier. Some of the following characters have certain qualities and attributes that the S Tier rarely ever doesn’t have. This is the main reason for being potentially dragged to the A tier.

Ultimate Malign Being Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape)

This character is known for his great tank procession and being a hard hitter. It has a great link with better self-sustainability, making it so much more powerful that it can confront Pure Saiyans along with Hybrid Saiyans. Further, this character has access to exciting Ape transformation.

Along with these pros, this character also has some weak sides could be that in the absence of both the Dokkan Categories, it can face great weakness; however, a giant ape is not an easy task. It requires a lot of courage. The maximum level achieved by Super baby 2 is 150; it can also lower the ATK and cause colossal damage to the enemy. Its ultra super attack ability enables the character to reduce the enemy’s attack and defense.

Along with the colossal damage. HP level less than or equal to 40% enables it to transform into Giant Ape. At times he can face a bit of difficulty and pain when transforming into an Ape. At times he gets a bit restricted in terms of usage. There are situations in which he gets highly weakened due to

The Ultimate Android Super 17

Super 17 acts as a decent hard hitter that possess an excellent tank. Moreover, it is self-sustainable and supports a target that includes Goku units of the specific category. Unlike all the pros, super 17 lacks the capability of big bad bosses. Also, it’s the ability to reduce full damage that requires buildup. However, it is unable to activate the power of fussed fighters. Super 17 can, however, not link with TEQ Super 17 even though it can fit all the above requirements.

The Super ATK ability of this character includes its ability to damage the enemy along with reduced DEF fully. Its passive skills can attain immense damage of 40%. This character can also play the role of a supporting character, as it can be used to support the target or, otherwise, the Goku unit of the game. He has some limitations, too, as full damage implementation requires good build-up.

Metal-Clad Foe Meta-Rinaldo

This character inherits a decent hard hitter and a great tank. In addition, it possesses infinite ATK stalkers; Feo meta has access to a great link set and magnificent support for this specific category. Moreover, it’s capable of facing its enemies, especially the GT Heroes, with impressive capabilities. This character is highly self-sustainable. However, it’s not necessary to have Gt heroes in common.

The maximum level attained by this character is 120; alongside the Id, no of this specific character is required 12200, and its cost is 40. Its super ATK ability enables it to increase its DEf and ATK, which, in return, damages the ATK of the enemy. It is known for growing its DEF for 1 turn by 50% and ATK by 30% for 99 turns. However, all these abilities enable it to lower the enemy ATK by 20% for the next 3 turns.

Hopeless Minus Energy Omega Shenron

Omega Shenron is capable of great debuff alongside its magnificent all-rounder that is self-sustainable and provides great links. It’s a great linking partner for the army of Shadow dragons. However, their full power allies remain imaginary. Id number of Omega Shenron is 1871, and the maximum level achieved by it stays between 120/140. It is known for its ability to cause great damage to its enemy by reducing its DEF to a greater extent.

This is one of its renowned Super Atk abilities. Alongside it, we discuss its passive skills, which include its ability to increase its ATK by 80%, whereas it reduces the enemy’s ATK by 30%, which makes it a powerful character in the game. However, with the aid of Extreme Z awakening, it enables itself to reach level 15 and the special medals. Furthermore, it is known for reducing the enemy’s DEF by 50% and sometimes 80% for 3 turns.

B Tier

Average Characters of GT Bosses Tier List
B tier

They were now moving further into GT Bosses Tier List. We talk about the B tier. Characters of this tier are slightly better-than-average characters. These characters either lack some skill sets or they are rather used for too specific causes, or their abilities and skills aren’t special to qualify for the higher tiers. This tier is not the worst of all in this game. Many of these characters are easily usable and can be unlocked with ease. Thanks to their affordability.

Agent of Destruction Syn Shenron

Moving on to the first character of B Tier, we’ll talk about Agent of Destruction Syn Shenron. It is considered to be one of the best-linking partners for Omega Shenron. He is considered to be a decent hard hitter. In addition to this, he is a great tank and a solid unit. He has a great number of Link sets. However, some things make him fall into the B tier of this game.

Players who operate this character consider that this character has no specific role on his own. Instead, he is considered to be the best friend of Omega Shenron. His crits are often very complicated, so it gets difficult to operate them to perfection. His maximum level of upgradation is between 120- 140 groups. He costs 42 coins in the game. His super-attacking skill is known as Dark Dragon Slaying Bullet.

This can cause maximum damage to the enemy and has a great ability to lower their defense. He also possesses a passive skill by the name of Rampant Bloodlust. He also has 7 linksets used in battles. This character’s SA Level can go up to 15. But only through Extreme Z-Awakening with special medals from the event known as Extreme Z battle.

Scorching Duel Nuova Shenron

Scorching Duel Nuova Shenron is a character belonging to the B Tier of the GT Bosses Tier List. He is a very dependable and strong unit towards the medium phase of the game. His reason for ending up in this tier is that, at times, he shatters the limits instead of making it to the fierce battle. He is a strong unit, a good hard hitter, and a great tank.

During the game, he greatly supports the Shadow Dragon Saga unit. His links are also quite dependable. His attacking buff for his allies on super is quite good. Way better than average. His game cost is 40 coins, making him a high cost. He can be upgraded to 120 to 140 levels. His super-attacking skills include flame shots. It can cause maximum damage and also make him raise his attack for three turns.

The name knows scorching Duel Nuova Shenron’s passive skill of True Form Revealed. His 12 ki multiplier is as great as 135%. His SA level can go up to 15 levels. But this is only possible through Extreme Z-Awakening with special medals from the Extreme Z Battle event. He can raise ATK by 50% for 3 turns. Not only this, but he can also Raise ATK by 50% for 6 turns.

Flaming Avenger Nuova Shenron

Flaming Avenger Nuova Shenron is not a good support unit. This unit is a great sealer. And just like most other characters, he has a good link to tackle his opponents. He, at times, gets a bit specific, as he has certain power against a certain type of enemy. He is making it a specialized unit in that sense. However, this feature is liked by the players who use this character. He is a decent hard-hitting character and also a tank figure.

His support abilities are not considered to be good by any means. Players find it more useless. His skill set gets weakened when he is not against his specified enemies, making him a conditional unit. And it is also noticed that Shadow Dragon Saga enemies are not found very commonly. These points earn him a lack behind when you talk about his limitations. He is categorized as an extremely physical character.

Flaming Avenger Nuova Shenron costs 40 game coins. And he is also upgradable to level 120 in the game. The name knows his super-attacking skill of burning spin. This skill makes him raise his attack for three good turns. This results in supreme damage to the enemy and, secondly, Seals the super attacking skill. Statistically, he has a 50% chance to perform a critical hit.

Truffle Power Evolved Super Baby 1

Truffle Power Evolved Super baby is known for its agility and ability to move through quickly. He is considered the best linking partner as far as the LR is concerned. But just like the LR, he also has the same basic flaws and mishaps. He also messes up with Fierce Battle. At the time, he shatters the limit instead of Fierce Battle.

His cost is relatively high compared to the other characters of his Tier. It costs 50 game coins. I am making him a rather expensive pick. His maximum level of upgradation is 120 Level. His super-attacking skill is known as Final Flash. Final flash causes supreme damage to the enemy and lowers attacks from the enemies. His passive skill is called Saiyan Power Absorbed.

Truffle Power Evolved Super baby 1 is a unique character in terms that he can be farmed. If he is planted, he can have the ability to raise attacks. This makes the enemy attack reduce by 20% for three consecutive turns. And surprisingly, his 12 KI multiplier is at 145%. This makes the player convinced to pay more for a B-tier character.

C Tier

BELOW-AVERAGE characters
C Tier

Being the second last tier, we will introduce you to some of the bad characters of the GT Bosses Tier List. These characters are often neglected for any use because most of their “special” abilities are just mediocre abilities for any better game character that can perform. Regardless, they are never the worst and exhaustible option for one to use in a battle. Instead, some parts always please the players of this game as they’re easier to use and access for the short term. These are the below-average tier for some solid reasons, which are explained extensively as following

Rampaging Vengeance Super Baby 2 (Giant Pie)

There’s no great difference in ruffle power’s and LR’s functions as they both enable the weakening of albeit. Therefore LR is considered its best linking partner. Despite the similar functionalities, it also has identical flaws that of LR, and it aids in shattering the limit other than a fierce battle.
Furthermore, the maximum level achieved by this character is 120, and the id number assigned to it is 11639.

Knowing more about this character includes its super ATK ability, which refers to how it’s considered superior to its enemies as it damages the enemy to a greater extent by reducing their ATK. At the same time, its passive Skill includes its ability to absorb the Saiyan power. This character reduces the enemy’s ATK by 20% for 3 turns.

It has a decent linkset and a good rebuffing ability. The points which make it lack to qualify for the higher tier are the following. This character has no defensive boost. This big factor causes it to lag a lot in preparing for the higher levels. He also shares the same as the already much better AGL baby does. It faces its problem with transforming into a great ape as this ability of it is not so reliable.

Thundering Wrath from Hell Frieza

It possesses an adequate stunning unit that enables it to be superior to its enemies by hiring them quite hard whenever it’s been tied up. Although its cons include its mediocre links ability and Gt Frieza, it can take advantage of the secondary attack and escape specific sealers. The Max level achieved by this character is considered 120, and it is assigned an I’d number regarded as 11433.

One of its super ATK abilities is that with a medium chance of stunning, it can damage the enemy to a greater extent; however, its passive skills include its ability to attack the target and become superior to them, especially when it’s sealed. It can increase its chance of stunning by 30% for its enemies. He can hit very, very hard if the enemy is locked. His links are not so special and dependable tho.

This character also messes up with Fierce Battle. At the time, he shatters the limit instead of Fierce Battle. It has some good things behind his name as it can help you exercise the right to brag to your friend that you have for once fully awakened and brought this character into use. His abilities get limited since the debuff is the only thing he offers. He does nothing apart from debuffing.

Roaring Hatred from Hell Cell

Roaring Hatred From Hell Cell has access to decent and adequate links. Also, it can hit the enemy very well, especially when it’s been stunned. It’s capable of triggering the additional ATK boost of Gt Frieza counterparts. However, it’s considered that to stun the enemy is rare, and also, there exist no big bad bosses. The maximum level achieved is 120, and then I’d number prescribed for it is 11435.

It is capable of causing great damage to its enemies and enables it to seal its supper Attack. The enemies that this character possesses enemies known by the name of stunning enemies. It is not very reliable against it. Also, a point to be noted is highly important to the passing units as they moved up higher in this up-to-date tier list.

It is broadly known for providing great defensive and attacking support. At the same time, his passive skill is known as Tuffle Wrath. Its limitation also includes that he is not a big bad game boss. And also, one can not rely on its ability to tackle incredible skills. He can trigger his GT Frieza counterpart’s additional ATK boost.

Most Calamitous Revenge Ever, Baby Vegeta

Most Calamitous Revenge Ever Baby Vegeta is the last named character on the C Tier list of GT Bosses Tier List. This character has its pros and cons. His functions are very similar to LR Counterpart, and alternatively, this makes its opponent, Albeit much weaker. It gives it an edge during battle. Although, it has some minor flaws with the LR too.

This character falls into the category of the agile group. This character can be upgraded to a maximum level of 80 to 100 levels. Varies on the bases of events going on. It costs around 26 to 34 game coins. They are making it an expensive pick for C-Tier Characters. His super-attacking skills include Galacik Gun. This causes the enemy a high level of damage and lowers their attack. However, the Possession of hatred is his passive skill.

He has 5 different link sets, which are not so effective but still help him a lot in the battle. His 12 KI multiplier is considered to increase KI by 130%. Like most of the other characters, he also has 7 skill sets to be brought into use. This enables him to give great damage to the enemy. His passive skill is known as New Dominator. This boosts his attack and defense, raising it by 5000 at the beginning of a turn.

D Tier

D Tier

At last, we’ve finally reached the D tier of this GT Bosses Tier List. This tier is comprised of the ultimate worse characters of this game. Point to be noted, the players of C Tier should not be confused with the D Tier characters as the former ones still had some potential, unlike these D Tier characters. Their stats are so much undependable. Although their skills may rarely be something that surprises you, they still can’t manage to pull it off to success completely.

Corroding Menace Super Baby 1

We start our D tier with probably the worst character of all. He is considered the least-used character as far as the game is concerned. This character belongs to a class of agile characters. It has some good things behind his name as it can help you exercise the right to brag to your friend that you have for once fully awakened and brought this character into use.

What makes him fall into the D tier is that spending coins on him is considered a complete waste of all aspects, e.g., time, resources, and sanity. People playing this game consider that complete character garbage in every possible sense. He costs 30 game coins and can be taken to level 120 at maximum.

His super attack skill is known as Final Flash. This enables him to give great damage to the enemy. His passive skill is known as New Dominator. This boosts his attack and defense, raising it by 5000 at the beginning of a turn. This character can also be farmed to raise him for a super attack against another awesome baby 1. His 12 KI multiplier enhances by 135%.

Power Born of Ambition Super 17

He is a character who is categorized as extremely physical. He has a strong defending body. Power Born of ambition super 17 has a few positive points about him. His Orb-Charging helped the Extreme Teo allies. However, there are many reasons which make him a D Tier qualifier. Firstly he does do anything substantially extra other than the Orb-Charging. Secondly, he is a passive detriment of the Teo Allies.

His maximum level of upgrading is not perfectly known. It is considered to be between 80 to 100. He costs 19 to 27 game coins. The reason behind these varying numbers is that these characters get special attention during particular events. Otherwise, he has compromised characteristics. His super-attacking skill is known as Hell’s storm. It greatly damages the enemy and splits up their defensive strategies.

His passive skill is known as dark ambition. This is a unique skill that enables to change of TEO KI spheres to PHY KI sphere attacks. Not only this, it enhances the same attack by 20%. His 12 KI multiplier is considered to increase KI by 130%. Like most of the other characters, he also has 7 skill sets to be brought into use.

Ice-Cold Warrior Eis Shenron

Ice Cold Warrior Eis Shenron has the most frightful appearance in the game. He has got a decent about of debuff abilities. So it helps the enemies to slow down. They are giving him with most important time at that instant to defend. His Linkset skills are generally very good and quite dependable. His capabilities are limited because the debuff is the only thing he offers. He does nothing apart from debuffing.

His Super Attack skill includes super ice ray. It causes greatly lower the enemy’s attacking and defensive abilities. His passive skill is named Arctic Blast. This targets the enemy’s attack and defense and lowers it by 20%. He has a limited number of skill sets, which is only 5—making him fall into one of the lower tiers.

Like other characters, he also has 12 Ki multiplies, which can enhance and boost his skill by 130%. This can lower enemies’ defense by 50% for 3 continuous turns. Gives him a great edge over many other characters. He is included in the category of Shadow Dragon Saga. This is also very evident from his physical appearance.

Revenge Exacted Super Baby 2

Revenge Ecavted Super Baby 2 is okay-ish when it comes down to Hard-hitting and debuff. His link sets are pretty great and dependable. The reasons make him our last pick of the entire GT Bosses Tier List. Besides a good buffer and having a good linkset, there are not many other things he is good at. So this is why he lies in the D Tier of this tier list.

His cost is somewhat around 20-28 game coins, depending upon the desired season that is going through. He can, at max, be upgraded to 80 – 100 levels. His super-attacking skill is known as Revenge Death Ball. It is broadly known for providing great defensive and attacking support. At the same time, his passive skill is known as Tuffle Wrath. It helps him upgrade his capabilities by a mammoth 70% and keeps his all-important HP above 50% at all times.

He has got six link skills behind him in his bag. His category is known as transformation boost and is regarded as the Battle of fate. He is one of the first unlocked characters in the game. So because he is one of the initial players, his capabilities are also limited to the most initial stages. His 12 Ki multiplier boosts his abilities by 135%. And lowers enemy attacks by less, which is 20% for three turns in a row.

Basis of Ranking

GT Bosses Tier List houses a sophisticated yet fun character cast. And so was the motivation for bringing forward this tier list. We discussed all important and commonly used characters of the game to bring forward a nicely designed Tier List. Also, a point to be noted is highly important to the passing units as they moved up higher in this up-to-date tier list.

We talked about all the different skill sets these characters to possess behind their back. Also, we discussed the class and the elements of every individual involved in the game. Not only that, we disclosed the price tag of these characters. The S tier includes the top-rated players. Their reason for high ratings is not just fame, but they proved it with their unparalleled performance.

We are keeping all the public opinions, physical powers, and outlooks. We made this tier list with the help of some of our most experienced writers. This also involved the assertion that regular players of this game will be more than happy to know what you think about our ranking. Let us know what your favorite characters in the comment box below are. Then a few characters lacked some of the important power moves in the game’s context.


Finally, after extensive explanation and research, we conclude GT Bosses Tier List. This tier is about different characters, hidden abilities, and skills. We present this tier list to you with all the important information a first-time player should have about this game. We wrote this by consulting the players who regularly play this game. This helped us not come across skipping any single part and aspect of this game. I hope we have successfully fulfilled your expectation in this regard. We have explained the GT Bosses characters most comprehensively, with individual explanations.

We wish our readers keep trusting Top Tier List to get insights about their favorite games and game characters. And we are also hopeful that we will provide you with all the necessary updates and information about these games. It’s our pleasure serving you and enlightening you with our views on all of the latest trending games. With the help of this Tier list, we have analyzed the characters of this game about many important factors (skills, strength, etc.).

The tier list comprises five tiers, S being the supreme and A being the best. Gradually the quality of characters in each story lowers, and finally, we have the last tier, which is the absolute worst, the feelings of which are often overlooked. B and C are more mediocre stories. While the worst of all tiers is the D tier, in which characters are not constantly trusted and used. Stay tuned for further research work on other of your favorite games and articles related to lifestyle, movies, news, and entertainment.

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