Hearthstone Deck Tier List: Ranking All Decks

If you love playing cards and are passionate about it, you have arrived at the right webpage. Many digital collectible card games are available nowadays, but Hearthstone remains the favorite. Since the game is based on your strategies and how sharp your mind is, you need to be quite decisive. You are given 30 decks to mark your fate, whether you win or lose. Therefore, our hearthstone deck tier list presents you with the best and worst decks from which you can choose to smash your enemies within seconds. 

The primary purpose behind being assertive is to reduce your opponent’s health. Each card in a deck has specific abilities needed to win the game. According to Hearthstone developers, it is best described as “deceptively simple and insanely fun.”

Introducing Hearthstone Decks

Let us give you a quick foreword of Hearthstone Decks. It is a digital card game designed by Blizzard Entertainment. It spins around the lore of Warcraft. In Hearthstone, there are 30 cards in one deck. It works when you face your rival in a turn-based battle.

These 30 cards carry exceptional characteristics, abilities, and powers. In addition, some cards are very powerful and work as a center for their decks. Similarly, other cards act as support units to those cards.

Facts You Should Know!

There are some secreted actualities about Hearthstone Decks that you do not know yet. But don’t worry, we have spied all over the internet to get you some spicy and undercover facts. Are you ready? Let’s read!

Play it safe

Do you what? Once you utilize a choice card and play it as a Druid, there is no going back. Dear, you are clung there for life. So make sure you use it wisely, or else you know your destiny better.

You can’t stop them

You believed you could stop those frozen minions from bombarding you? You are wrong! Even if you silence them, they still can come and smash you to hell.

Golden coin

Want a golden coin? That looks pretty and shiny? You can now get it by collecting 30 golden cards.

Twilight Drake

Twilight Drake is immortal. Nobody can kill it. But we’ll let you know how to kill it. Earth Shock is your best friend here. It can help you to kill Twilight Drake despite it having health.

Play more cards

Your experience depends on the number of cards you play during the game. More cards mean more knowledge.

Who’s the boss?

Your real boss in the tutorial is none other than Hemet Nesingwary.

Get that draw!

Ultimately, you can only achieve a draw if both participants relinquish their lives in the same way.

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Types of Decks in Hearthstone

Just like every other online digital collectible card game on the internet, Hearthstone decks also have distinct types. Each deck from our hearthstone deck tier list 2022 will fall under a distinctive kind. They include Aggro Decks, Midrange Decks, & Control Decks.

Aggro Decks

Aggro decks are masters in putting pressure on the enemies from a very early game phase. They are aggressive and lethal. Aggro decks are not pricey and are there to obscure the enemies and disturb their strats. Use them wisely, and see how you achieve a victory shortly.

Control Decks

Wish to use decks that are in contrast to Aggro Decks? Yes, you can do that by making use of Control Decks. These decks are slow-paced and work somewhat slower as compared to Aggro Decks. They consist of Mana cards, Spells, and Effect cards. Their specialty is to deny and counter their enemy’s approaches.

Midrange Decks

If there could be any mediocre type of decks, they could be Midrange Decks. They lie in between the other two types. You cannot call them outstanding, but they are not bad either. Ideal for Dust Management and having complete command over the Board.

Hearthstone Deck Tier List 2022

The Hearthstone deck tier list is specially made for our readers to get more insights into some aspects of decks, such as their powers and abilities. You would be able to know why decks are ranked the soundest and most destructive decks. We have assembled and categorized our tier list into five sections.

These sections are labeled as S, A, B, C, and D tiers. This is to say; these tiers would give you information regarding the ranking. Each deck is explained below with proper logical reasoning to help you build a thought about a deck. 

Criteria of ranking

Like every other tier list on our website, the Hearthstone deck tier list 2022 is also assembled after passing it through some criteria. The decks are judged on certain factors that determine their ranking. The requirements can include elements such as ability, power, and strategies.

Decks that pass all of these factors are added to the S-tier, while those that lack these are dropped into the D-tier. These factors gradually reduce from top to bottom.

Benefits of our Tier List

Below, we have stated some benefits of the tier list to help you know more about it:

  • Firstly, a tier list will help you choose the best hero among many options.
  • It is highly beneficial in improving game tactics, ranking up faster, and learning the gameplay.
  • It helps choose a hero and get more insights into its features, abilities, and powers.
  • Our tier list will help you to use your time more efficiently and effectively.


Before you get straight into our hearthstone deck tier list, there are a few clarifications that we would like to give. First thing first, everything that has been mentioned in the tier list is entirely based on community rankings. We do not claim anything from our side. Secondly, every individual has different thoughts and perceptions about a deck.

It is due to the difference in human minds and their way of processing things. Therefore, what you like might not be approved by another person. So, we hope you can understand that. If you disagree with any ranking, you can give us your valuable suggestions. We are available for constructive feedback. 

S Tier

S-tier of decks
Extremely Powerful Decks

S-tier is known for having compelling and beneficial decks. These decks are wanted by every player who knows how to play hearthstone deck game modes. They can smash your enemies in seconds with specialized strategies and features.

You can use these decks as much as you want to gain treasures and more points. S-tier decks are “perfect” and “super decks.” We can assure you that you will not lose if you know how to put them at work.

Mage’s Classic Deck

We chose an extremely powerful deck from the hearthstone tier list standard. It is here for several reasons, and we will discuss them individually. This deck is a top recommendation for new players. Mage’s Classic Deck is known for its dust efficiency.

Many cards in the classic series are also mentioned in other Mage archetypes. This deck carries all those capabilities that can be used to win hearthstone play mode early, such as having rugged tools and features.

We suggest this deck to new players who have just entered the digital collectible cards world. It will endow them with a triumph by smashing your adversaries in beats.

Warlock’s Ultimate Impfestation

The Warlock can be best described as cheap, efficient, and lethal. It is a form of zoo deck and will not need much dusting to get started. Warlock does not need legendary cards and will operate only on six epics. You are also given the liberty to boost your deck with Galakronf cards.

It is done more competitively in updated versions of this deck. The Galak is highly beneficial to reach Legend; however, you can leave it at play mode’s earlier stages.

In short, this deck is a complete package for someone fond of playing collectible cards, and hearthstone’s Warlock is a winner.

Priest’s Day Of The Dead

Priest’s day of the dead is yet another fantastic deck on the hearthstone deck tier list standard. It is famous for several different things, such as its unique features, abilities, and powers that it has. This deck has a unique quality which is to bring back dead minions. These minions carry tremendous power to kill your adversaries. These minions can further shine in hearthstone’s play mode.

It gives a chance to you to summon minions again to get a fraction of their mana value. It also features an inner fire package that can provide a shock to your competitors and make them go through sudden aggressive damage.

Pirate Rogue

Pirate Rogue deserves to be here.  It is an extremely popular deck on our hearthstone deck tier list wild. Its history goes back to the birth of the hearthstone itself, so you can imagine how old it is. Pirate Rogue was once known as Aggro Rogue as well. It is an aggressive deck type, able to win by turn 4.

It can smash your opponent in seconds; new cards from Voyage, the Sunken City—Swordfish, Pufferfish, and Filletfighter, have made this deck an absolute favorite among many others.

This deck is also cheap and gets frequent updates, making it an awesome choice for competitive plays. It works incredibly for both beginners and experienced players. So if you plan on winning, make sure you use Pirate Rogue.

Pain Warlock

Next, we have is Pain Warlock. It is a new version of a deck known as Darkglare Warlock. Both decks consist of a lot of similar cards with minor differences. These cards have a unique ability to take threats from your opponent at an early stage of play mode.

It then reduces these by reducing the hand size, not the total self-damage and healing. These strategies set it apart from all other decks on our hearthstone deck tier list wild, making it a perfect option for a furious play.

Pain Warlock is easily available and will not cost you more than a few pennies. It is simple and fun to play. Those who are already experienced in hearthstone decks would know its value.

Beast Hunter

Another aggressive archetype is Beast Hunter. It spins around Beast-minion synergy cards, specifically Starving Buzzard, Harpoon Gun, Scavenging Hyena, and Tundra Rhino. Beast Hunter’s primary strategy is to play minions on the curve that starts with 1-drop minions, such as Alley cat and Wolpertinger. This is a further follow-up with Harpoon Gun.

These super-fast minion swarms are enough to gain victory without any other help. Starving Buzzards lets Beast Hunter maintain a pace with Wild’s most competitive decks. You can draw cards and develop a board at the same time.

Vanndar Stormpike Warrior

One of the most potent decks from our hearthstone deck duel tier list is Vanndar Stormpike. It is everyone’s first choice when it comes to playing with full potential. Vanndar’s hero power and battle tactics are enough to minimize costly neutral minions. In addition, it helps players to reach combat more efficiently.

 In addition, its Signature Treasure allows many players to place cards that help them discover spells linked with the Alliance. Vanndar Stormpike is capable of tapping into the creature version’s power. Due to this, Vanndar can destroy your enemy’s deck in seconds. How powerful and clever? No?

Also, this deck is available readily and will not cost you more than a few cents. We do not think there would be any other best duel deck with all these great strategies and powers. Go for it! And grab your trophy.

A Tier

A-tier of decks
Good Performing Decks

A-tier has all decks ranked as the “second best” option in hearthstone decks. These decks carry excellent qualities and powers that can help you win. However, they are not as good in contrast with the S-tier.

They can still do a good job, but with minor amendments and skill sets, they can achieve the S-tier position. Few features keep them away from reaching heights in hearthstone play mode. If you know how to use them, you can gain victory.

Rogue’s Bazaar Burglary

Rogue class is top-rated for generating random class cards. This deck is fun to play when it gets you random cards which you can use further in hearthstone’s play mode. Getting a hands-on quest reward lets you have a powerful weapon. This weapon helps save steam.

These great Rogue class features make it a perfect choice for regular play. However, when it comes to competitive play, it is better not to use them as they are not that good there. The random cards you gain during a casual play will not bear much value or synergy in a competitive play. Hence, you might have to upgrade or put in more effort.

Face Hunter Classic

Face hunter is a high-rated deck on our tier list. It has incredible features and extraordinary abilities that can smash off your opponents in seconds. However, there are some reasons why it could not reach the above tiers. It has a high damage output. This deck can confuse your enemies from an early stage of hearthstone’s play mode. Your enemies will be gone to hell before they can even execute their strategies.

This deck has charge minions, weapons, spells, and steady shot hero power, which makes it furious and deadly for competitive play. With all these great features, you can get to have the joy of playing fast-paced and explosive games. However, some updates can make it even better and a perfect choice for different game modes.

Neutral Drek’Thar Rising

A-tier needs Neutral Drek’Thar Rising Deck from hearthstone deck duel tier list. With extremely exceptional powers and abilities, it truly deserved to be categorized in this tier. So let us know why we are so fond of Neutral Drek’Thar Rising Deck.

Drek’Thar has proven to be a mighty and worthy deck that deserves our A-tier. It can smash your adversaries in winks and give you the confidence to get into a match. This Neutral Drek’Thar Rising Deck is a kind of aggressive deck, and it can devastate your enemy’s security.

In this Neutral Drek’Thar rising build, players can gather advantages for themselves with features like Hero Power and Harness the Elements Alone. In addition, it can undervalue a drawn spell cost. One spell after another spell is only caused through the signature treasure Magister Unchained.

Magister Unchained makes sure a deck remains prepared at all prices. However, it can be a bit costly to get your hands on this one. Apart from that, it is a powerful package for the battleground.

Druid’s Trees

Very few classes can play token archetypes along with the Druid class. It spins around the treant archetype. Druid’s primary objective is to suffice the board with trees and annihilate or sustain them. This deck consists of a few comeback cards such as Mulchmulcher and The Forest’s aid.

This deck is similar to aggro decks and can be used in competitive play. Many cards from this deck can also be used on other druid token decks. Therefore, you do not need to worry as it is also dust-efficient. It works best when minion combat archetypes are involved.

However, other decks on our tier list can work well in contrast to this one. Few updates can make a difference.

B Tier

B-tier of decks
Average Decks Ranked

B-tier has decks that are not very good but not too bad. They are also known as “mediocre” or “average” decks. These decks do not carry superpowers, but still, you can play well with them. Instead of the cards playing it for you, you will have to play it yourself with these decks. You will have to make use of your mind a lot. Better come up with sharp strategies if you plan to win.

Hunter’s Dragonbane’s Devastation

Dragonbane’s Devastation consists of many sound cards, which the hunter class also has. The leading powerhouse of this deck is hidden synergy and face damage. You can say that this deck is a fine blend of midrange and aggro decks. This version of Descent of Dragon expansion is also quite expensive. Due to this, many players can let go of this deck and look for other cheaper options.

This deck is not that good for a competitive but cannot do much for a causal play. However, this deck can make a deal for you if no other choice exists. It lies in the middle of two extremes.

Handlock Classic

Handlock is recognized for dealing with many big minions at a time. It takes the help of Life Tap Hero Power to use its health and hand size. Due to this, it can quicken up the procedure of acquiring big minions such as Mountain Giant and Molten Giant.

The minions are further provided with Taunt via SunFury Protector or Defender of Argus, which help create a solid defensive position against your enemies, which can later be turned into aggression. And with this, you can beat off your enemies in seconds.

However, like every B-tier deck, Handlock also has some bad factors. Firstly, it is expensive. So you will need to spend a good amount of money to get it. Secondly, it is unsuitable for competitive play; however, you can play well with this deck in casual play.

Aggro Shaman Classic

The aggro Shaman is famous for its ability to burn your opponents. Due to this, it is a perfect fit for Classic Meta. In Classic Meta, the users get fewer chances of healing. Other players are not so fond of this deck besides classic meta players.

Having said that, it is not that bad, but if you find a better deck, go for it. Want to know what’s so weird about this deck? It is the mix of board presence and direct damage. It acts as its strength as well as its weakness. Despite this, the interaction between -Mana Rockbiter

Weapons and the Windfury mechanic always make it a great pack for a victory. However, it can be a pain sometimes due to fewer updates. It is also expensive, and not many players can afford it.

Naga Mage

Our B-tier would be incomplete without Naga Mage. It is an incredible paper deck with several different abilities and features. It is ranked in this tier for various reasons. Naga is not too nasty but not good, classifying it as a mediocre deck on our hearthstone deck tier list

Naga Mage has significant synergies among its minions and spells. In the same vein, it feels very natural. It can also pull off exceptional turns by using Spitelash Siren.

This deck has a weak point that prevents it from reaching heights. It is dependent on winning by the little amount of Mana that it can access. This is one of the biggest reasons for its ranking in our B-tier.

C Tier

C-tier of decks
Below-average Decks Ranked

C-tier decks are not as good in contrast with the above tiers, but they are still pretty bad. They will do a lousy job in your play mode. It is better to sidestep them, but if you cannot, use them wisely with your entire presence of mind.

Making them work against your opponents will require a lot of strategy and minigame. If you are ready for that, go for these decks; otherwise, avoid them at all costs. You can lose severely if you do not know how to use them.

Shaman’s Corrupt The Waters

C-tier would be unfinished without Shudderwock. If you have been playing hearthstone for a while now, you would know about it. Similarly, you would also comprehend to bypass it at all costs. It can give you actual slashes.

When a player tries to use this deck, it repeats all battle cries from previous players’ cards. It is the only good thing about this deck, and it spins around this quality only. The rest of it has nothing good about it.

The whole game relies on Shudderwock, and you will need to use it. There would be games that will not even need it, and you might end up not even playing that game. Some games do not need much of their value.

Worgen OTK Warrior Classic

Worgen OTK Warrior is yet another deck in OTK decks in classic. It can exceed deal 30 damage, done wholly solely by hand. Its burst-down capacity makes it capable of bursting down any deck in hearthstone’s play mode. With all these good aspects about Worgen, there are some worst facts about this deck too, which makes it a flawed preference for competitive play. It has to cut down on removal tools for card draw.

When this deck combines with its high skill cap, it becomes weaker. It even becomes worse than the Control Warrior option. This deck puts cards like Armorsmith, Acolyte of Pain, and Battle Rage, combined with self-damaging cards like Whirlwind, to concurrently draw cards, gain Armor, and put them at work. It helps to keep the board clear.

Having said that, this deck is also expensive. Why should you spend money on a deck with so many flaws?

Switcheroo Priest

Switcheroo Priest is fun as it can help you gather wins. Its primary purpose is to use a Switcheroo card that consists of 1 cheap minion and one giant star minion. It can let you win against any deck; however, it fails to do so under certain conditions. One main issue that prevents Switcheroo Priest from reaching heights is that it offers a limited strategy beyond its initial combo. It can fail at any time if wrong cards are used, or rivals can remove the initial minions played.

It has a shallow floor, but still, it can beat some opponents. Due to all these factors, Switcheroo Priest deserves none other but only C-tier.

Murloc Warlock

Murlock Warlock has several new tools that have helped revive the archetype in the Voyage to the Sunken City expansion. Murlock can now play extended hour games with the help of new cards such as Chum Bucket. It also utilizes big Murlocs through which it can flood the board with many small minions.

A Murloc warlock is a form of an aggressive deck. It makes use of Murloc’s tribal synergies to create mighty boards. These boards can snowball out of control with each other and with each Murloc as well.

Murlock is highly dependent on achieving a victory through board controls with few recovery mechanics. Eventually, it makes a more defenseless deck than other Mech decks. Thus, Murlock goes nowhere else but has to fall in our C-tier.

D Tier

D-tier of decks
Worst Decks Ranked

D-tier decks are nothing but trash. They are the worst decks you can have. It is not advised by us to waste your time and energy on them.
They can gift you nothing but disappointments. These decks are a curse.

If you plan on losing your game, do play with these decks. You will not regret it. The essential abilities and features needed in decks are not present, plus you will have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to do with them. Your enemies will be so happy for you to use them.

Warrior’s Drop, The Anchor

D-tier starts with one from the hearthstone deck tier list standard. It belongs to agro archetypes. However, ranking it in this tier has some reasons.  Warriors drop has no good features that make it a good choice for hearthstone’s play mode. Drop the anchor suits players who like to go through face damage. It can destroy low-ranked players. These players do not know how to protect themselves from constant wear.

Priest’s major drawback is that it gets countered after its opponents start to play for board control. This deck is highly dependent on quick wins, as sit can run out on steam quickly. Additionally, this deck has little power and removal. It can hardly protect itself from a minion attack, and as soon as a minion gets into a boar, this deck has to give up on all of its resources to defend itself.

Paladin’s Perfect Justice

Paladin’s Perfect Justice is something that can fool you. But beware, the deck itself is nothing as its name can tell you. It is nothing like a deck but just trash. Completely useless! Perfect Justice is a form of control-oriented Highlander deck. But sadly, it is nothing like that; its Highlander effects are not sound. They can surely disappoint you.

This deck is highly dependent on value drops, and it will take up all your efforts but will not shine until they reach the end of hearthstone’s play mode. It is costly, so make sure you spend money on it very wisely. We suggest both beginners and old players avoid this deck at all costs.

Now that you are aware of the ranking of the decks in the game, it is important to know about the ranking of the superheroes, which we have done in the tier list below.

Hearthstone Battleground Deck Tier List

Hearthstone Battleground Decks
Hearthstone Battleground Decks Ranked

Battlegrounds remains a highly prevalent game mode in Hearthstone. It has many additional ways of play, but the battlefield stands out among all due to its unique features. It is a revolutionized rendition of the arena game, in which other players must construct their decks as they move further.

If compared to Hearthstone Arena, the Hearthstone battleground deck is all about making proper use of your capabilities and forming sharp strategies to crash those rivals with very few cards at your disposal.

We will now discuss the Hearthstone Battlegrounds deck tier list with all possible rankings of distinct heroes. Heroes currently present, along with their capacities, will be ranked below. Ranking will be done based on how substantial these heroes are in a competitive play.

S Tier

Hearthstone Battleground’s S –tier list ranks some of the best heroes with exceptional powers and abilities. These heroes are strong, quick, and have access to some unique cards. These heroes are ranked here for their skills and a wise choice for playing against powerful enemies.

Mutanus the DevourerDevour
GalewingDungar’s Gryphon
Forest Warden OmuEverbloom (Passive)
Dancin’ DerylHat Trick
Captain HooktuskTrash for Treasure
Fungalmancer FlurglGone Fishing (Passive)
Millhouse ManastormManastorm (Passive)
Master NguyenPower of the Storm (Passive)
Kurtrus AshfallenGain Momentum (Passive)
Arch-Villain RafaamI’ll Take That!

A Tier

A-tier has heroes who are good and can be utilized in many decks. They do carry powers and abilities but not more than the S-tier heroes. These heroes have a robust set of cards. However, they still lack something. However, you can still win the game with these cards if used wisely.

The Lich KingReborn Rites
Sir Finley MrrggltonAdventure! (Passive)
Ragnaros the FirelordDie, Insects!, Sulfuras (Passive)
N’ZothAvatar of N’Zoth (Passive), Deathrattles
Vol’jinSpirit Swap
The Great AkazamzarakPrestidigitation
GreyboughSprout It Out (Passive)
Death Speaker BlackthornBloodbound
Lord BarovFriendly Wager
King MuklaBananarama
Reno JacksonGonna Be Rich!
Silas DarkmoonCome One, Come All! (Passive), Discover
Maiev ShadowsongImprison
Yogg-Saron, Hope’s EndPuzzle Box
Jandice BarovSwap, Lock & Shop It
XyrellaSee the Light
YseraDream Portal (Passive)
C’ThunSaturday C’Thuns!
George the FallenBoon of Light
Al’Akir the WindlordSwatting Insects
GalakrondGalakrond’s Greed
MalygosArcane Alteration
Edwin VanCleefSharpen Blades
TickatusPrize Wall (Passive)

B Tier

B-tier consists of heroes that are above average. They do not have anything exceptional about them, but still, they will do the job. They are somewhat good enough to shine in the game. Some flaws stop them from excelling further.

PatchwerkAll Patched Up (Passive)
Kael’thas SunstriderVerdant Spheres
Patches the PiratePirate Parrrrty!
Tess Greymane Bob’s Burgles
AlexstraszaQueen of Dragons
Trade Prince GallywixSmart Savings (Passive)
Dinotamer BrannBattle Brand
NozdormuClairvoyance (Passive)
Zephrys, the GreatThree Wishes
Illidan StormrageWingmen (Passive)
Captain EudoraBuried Treasure
Lord JaraxxusBloodfury
Y’ShaarjEmbrace Your Rage (Start of Combat)

C Tier

C-tier consists of below-average heroes. They do not have anything special to them. You cannot play them against opponents having the same skill set. Some improvements can make them appropriate for competitive play.

DeathwingAll Will Burn! (Passive)
SindragosaStay Frosty (Passive)
Skycap’n KraggPiggy Bank
ChenvaalaAvalanche (Passive)

D Tier

D-tier does not have heroes. It has players that are of no use. They do not have any ability or power, and you cannot even imagine using them against powerful opponents. They can lead you to nowhere but only a defeat.

Guff RunetotemNatural Balance
PyramadBrick by Brick
Aranna StarseekerDemon Hunter Training
A. F. KayProcrastinate (Passive)
Lich Baz’hialGraveyard Shift
The CuratorMenagerist (Passive)
Infinite TokiWax Warband
Overlord SaurfangFor the Horde!
Mr. BigglesworthKel’Thuzad’s Kitty (Passive)
Elise StarseekerLead Explorer (Passive)
RakanishuTavern Lighting
The Rat KingA Tale of Kings (Passive)

Long Story Short!

Thank you for staying with us till the end. Since we have finished our hearthstone deck tier list, there are a few ending observations that we would like to leave. Hearthstone is a viral card game that has a lot of fans. The game involves extensive use of mind games and strategies that can help you win. 

The tier list has covered all decks and ranked them in their respective tiers. These tiers logically explain the ranking. And let you gain more insights into it. Furthermore, we have also discussed standard, battleground, and wild deck tiers.

We hope you have liked what you have read. In that case, make sure you share it with your family and friends who would love to play. 

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