Idle Huntress Tier List [Feb. 2023]

With This Article, We Will Be Ranking All Of The Characters In The Game.

Welcome to the tier list ranking of the most popular games on the market, Idle Huntress. This title has been reigning over the gaming world for quite a while now, and we will rank all the various characters while keeping in view their abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and other helpful attributes inside an arena. Everyone has their opinions on who belongs where, and I will make sure that I explain why I have chosen to put a certain character in a specific tier. All characters’ ranking will be based on their HP, ATK, DEF, RES, and how they affect their opponents.

Every character requires a different style of gameplay, and it all depends on how a player chooses to build his game plan. If you are new to this game, this tier list will help you familiarize yourself with each character. If you have been around idle huntress for a while now, it’ll help you determine which character will help you gain victory.


  • Idle huntress is a role-playing mobile game that lets players get acquainted with their characters and follow their storylines to achieve an out-of-this-world experience. Also, the player collects rewards and enhances and trains his huntresses.
  • This tier list is based on my opinions and experiences. I consider a character’s statistical profile before ranking that character. This approach helps me remain unbiased with my ranking and presenting a factful article.
  • This game is filled with hundreds of fascinating characters that will mesmerize you and allow you to remain captivated by his mobile screen. As you can see in the name, you can idle and lay anywhere around the game.


Here we will quickly rank all characters in the game in a short table.

Tier RankCharacter Name
S+ Rank• Dante
• Huang Zhong
• Yu ji
• Honda Tadakatsu
• Davinci
S Rank• Izumo no Okuni
• Octavius
• Robin Hood
• Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao
• Sima Yi
• Hua Tuo
• Oda Nobunaga
• Michelangelo
• Richard
• Benkei
• Mozart
• Shakespeare
A Rank• Marco polo
• Chosokabe Motochika
• Takenaka Shigeharu
• Morgana
• Romulus
• Hannibal
• Napoleon
• Copernicus
• Minamoto
• Loki
• Remus
• Thor
• Artemis
• Jing Ke
• Minamoto no Yoshitsune
• Akechi Mitsuhide
• Mochizuki Chiyome
B Rank• Helen
• Hugo
• Nene
• Ares
• Zhao Yun
• Darwin
• Mendel
• Zhen Ji
• Taishi Ci
• Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi
• Don Quixote
• Tokugawa Ieyasu
• Raphael
• Xu Chi
• Tamamo-no-Mae
C Rank• Descartes
• Jia Xu
• Teresa
• Sarutobi Sasuke
• Sun ShangXiang
D Rank• Labienus
• Chosokabe Morichika
• L’Hopital
• Agrippa
• Catherine
F Rank• Chen Gong
• Hypnos
• Ptolemy

You can learn about them in detail further in the article.

S+ Tier

best characters ranked
S+ Tier

The S+ Tier is the start of our Idle huntress hero tier list, as it has the ultimate characters in the game. These huntresses have a great aptitude for their moves and can take down enemies with ulterior actions.

A player can utilize gameplay with them that will keep them hooked with the game while making victory easier. These characters have high stats, and their abilities can render foes compltely. They also have captivating storylines that can intrigue you.

S+ Tier Huntresses
Huang Zhong
Yu ji
Honda Tadakatsu

S Tier

second best tier list
S Tier

Second in line is the S Tier, which contains some of the most exceptional characters in the game. They lack just a tiny bit of HP or other traits that stop them from being the absolute best. These characters have the strength to take down opponents twice their power levels. Moreover, These characters are gathered from all elements presented by the game, including water, fire, wind, and dark. They damage their enemies and knock them out due to their high ATK levels. As for their HP stats, they are extraordinary.

These high stats allow a player to excel inside an arena when taking hold of these characters. Each character presents thier unique fighting style that invites more players to the kingdom. Their stories are one-of-a-kind that hooks a player into the game.

S Tier Huntresses
Izumo no Okuni
Robin Hood
Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao
Sima Yi
Hua Tuo
Oda Nobunaga

A Tier

good characters ranked
A Tier

Let’s move on to an A tier of our Idle huntress tier list, in which reside potentially great huntresses. These characters have incredibly high stats and extraordinary qualities. Despite this, they lack a few traits to compete against huge bosses.

They have sky-high stats that won’t make you regret choosing them. Their high HP, DEF, and RES aid your battle in the battleground. And although they either take too long to make a move or their powers require a little longer time to recharge, their abilities are applaudable nonetheless. 

A Tier Huntresses
Marco polo
Chosokabe Motochika
Takenaka Shigeharu
Jing Ke
Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Akechi Mitsuhide
Mochizuki Chiyome

B Tier

average tier list
B Tier

We have reached the middle of our tier list with this B tier of our Idle huntress dragon realm tier list. This can also be regarded as the mediocre category as the traits displayed by these huntresses are average. They do not have exceptional characteristics that will awe you, but they do have some features that can bring an enemy down easily.

Such characters with average traits are good for beginners as they can learn to play the game with them. Also, their move execution techniques are simpler when compared to higher-tiered characters. The fact remains that these characters will not benefit you in the long run. You can train them, but still, they’ll take the fun out of your game with their poor movesets. You require well-thought-out tactics to win your games with these characters.

B Tier Huntresses
Zhao Yun
Zhen Ji
Taishi Ci
Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi
Don Quixote
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Xu Chi

C Tier

idle huntress TIER LIST
C Tier

Now we have reached the lower half of our Idle huntress tier list 2022. This tier includes characters that range from bad to abysmal. You will not receive great moves and abilities from these characters. These may also happen to ruin your whole game.

The C tier contains characters with poor skills and low stats. Their skills might help you defeat your enemy, but they require well-constructed gameplay to be efective. They have low AOE or sometimes even strike only a single target.

A player usually requires characters that will take down many enemies in a short time. But that is not the case with these entries. They have low HP and can lose health just by a few hits from an opponent. Their stories might bore you a little.

C Tier Huntresses
Jia Xu
Sarutobi Sasuke
Sun ShangXiang

D Tier

idle huntress TIER LIST
D Tier

We are close to the end of our tier list, but we still have the D tier before that. This includes even worse characters with very few helpful qualities inside an arena. These characters do not offer high stats or incredible capabilities.

D tiered characters have low HP, DEF, RES, and damaging attacks. Their best moves do not inflict a lot of damage on an enemy. They have a short area of effect that makes them miss their targets.

D Tier Huntresses
Chosokabe Morichika

F Tier

worst tier list
F Tier

The F Tier is the lowermost rank of our Idle huntress tier list jp. This contains abysmal characters that have no special moves or good stats. They have low HP and damaging attacks. If you choose these characters, you will lose your game more often than not.

Their powers allow you to play against your enemy, but you won’t be able to deal damage. Even the supporters do not grant their allies benefits.

F Tier Huntresses
Chen Gong

Top Characters

You might be wondering why you do not see some of the game’s best characters described in more detail. Well,  Idle huntress has a huge horde of characters that cannot be contained on a small table, so have chosen the prominent characters and explained them a bit further below.

For an in-depth categorization, I will extract some incredible characters that excel inside an arena and describe their traits. Some of these characters are:

  1. Dante
  2. Marco Polo
  3. Chosokabe Motochika
  4. Sima Yi
  5. Yu Ji


Dante is a bug damage dealer character in the game, and she can bring her enemies down by displaying her sturdiness. She has an impressive base level that ranges between 150 and 200. A damaging attack of 30 thousand is quite difficult to survive against or dodge. An opponent with low HP will get knocked out after a few blows.

Additionally, she’s an impressive fighter who deals an impressive amount of damage and has high HP. These traits are not new for a DPS character, but her characteristics make her durable inside an arena and increase her survivability rate. Although she is hard to get huntress of our tier listher traits prove her rarity. Such exceptional characteristics are enough to shatter any opponent standing before her.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a water element-based character who extracts her groundbreaking abilities from water. She defends herself and her allies using a whirlpool, throwing potions, and her defensive stance. Her most prominent power is a whirlpool that allows her to inflict three hits on her opponents, inflicting 60% ATK damage.

Defensive characters rarely have offensive moves that do ATK damage. But unlike those characters, her attacks deal a 45% frost mark that stuns or freezes her enemies. If they receive three consecutive frost marks, these marks will freeze them completely. 

She can turn the tables inside the game with her skills that make her an all-rounder, including tank and DPS. Her potion skill also inflicts 50% ATK damage.

Chosokabe Motochika

Chosokabe is another DPS character with exceptional traits that make her stand out among other warriors of the Idle huntress. She reigns the wind element and extracts her powers from it. Wind grants her Pierce the Sun, Battle Intel, and Spear puncture, making her an impressive addition to your team.

She is a character on our tier list that inflicts physical damage of 160% ATK by sending her enemies flying across the battlefield. Her move set allows her to deal a lot of damage to her enemies. Her true damage mechanics extracts 70%of ATK from her enemies. No matter how hard an opponent tries, he can not dodge this move.

Chosokabe can inflict 180% ATK on her front-row enemies by Pierce the Sun ability. Her wide AOE makes it easier for a player to take out a huge horde of foes with a single attack. Her hits deal physical damage to her enemies and decrease their HP.

Sima Yi

Sima Yi is always in head-to-head ranking with Dante. They both exhibit a great set of moves and skills. A player has to put great thought into his choice for these characters. Where Dante presents a great variety of HP and ATK damage, Sima Yi is also not behind.

Moreover, her HP stat is 144,755, combined with her damaging capacity of 43,356. These stats are seen in her tanking and defensive moves when she protects her companions from the enemies. She is agile and has great speed in an arena. Her movements are easy to execute among other characters, and a player learns to control her moves quite easily. 

She is a sturdy character with high DEF and RES. Also, she is also an SSR character who is very rare to find. If you see can get her for your team, you should opt for her as she is quite helpful.

Yu Ji

A magician who deals with fire elements is a killer character and deserves a prominent place in our article. Her magical abilities are one-of-a-kind, especially her Fire skill bundle. Yu Ji’s moves inflict great damage on her enemies and knock them out.

Her Birth Flame grants her an ability to inflict 90% ATK damage on her foes, and it might even burn them to ashes, not literally. Yu Ji’s fire-oriented moves mark her enemies with a burn that extracts 3% HP of the affected enemy. This trait is quite a special ability, as it helps a player remain upright in an arena. 

Her burn attacks depend on her opponents’ HP level; the damage inflicted by her skills is variable. This way, she has more chances of survival inside an arena, as such characteristics are more harmful. Although she can not defend herself, her moves allow her to deal damage. She can excel in a battleground when paired with a healer and a tank. 

Final Verdict

Our Idle huntress tier list is the compilation of the best characters in the game and their rankings. This tier list depends is based on a character’s HP, ATK, damaging abilities, set of skills, durability, and healing abilities. Each huntress has capabilities that belong to a category of an element. 

This tier list comprises seven sections; S+, S, A, B, C, D, and F. They all have unique traits and attributes that differentiate them from one another.

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