King of Fighters All Star Tier List (2023)

Many of you are familiar with the earlier versions of King of Fighters introduced into the gaming market in 1994. It is an action-packed fighter game with countless exotic characters to choose from. Thus, in this article, We will show you the best King of Fighters All Star Tier List that ranks all the characters according to their strengths and abilities. Similarly, King of Fighters All Star followed its predecessor and was launched in 2018 as a role-playing game. Choosing a player from the list of characters is still available with different stats and ranks.

Please note that each character’s ranks have been carefully handpicked onto the tier list based on our personal experience within the game. We know that some players might find it odd to find one of their characters ranking lower than the other.

Like we said, ranking characters better or worse is undoubtedly based on the personal experience of every individual. Furthermore, the King of Fighters All Star Tier List is not official, and therefore, it is not subject to criticism.

To further grasp the concept and basis of the article, we will be discussing the first five-tier systems down below, starting with the S tier.

The S tier of King of Fighters All Star Tier List

King of Fighters All Star Tier List

The S tier or Superb Tier is known as the highest and best tier of the tier system. We rank the best characters in this tier based on their skills, abilities, and powers. In short, only the powerful characters are ranked in this tier.

Therefore, as you can see in the list below, the characters have been placed here due to their outstanding capabilities and no vulnerabilities. They possess special skills that can inflict damage on their opponents on a higher scale.

CharacterAttribute   Type
Nameless 02PurpleDefense
Winter Love Messenger GoroBlueDefense
Terry 03YellowBalance

The A tier of King of Fighters All Star Tier List

King of Fighters All Star Tier List

What, A Tier is here already? The A tier is where we put the characters that could not get a spot in the S tier due to some of their skills or disadvantages. Also, the A-tier characters are more potent but not as strong as the players ranked in the S tier. The characters ranked below could not make it to the S-Tier due to their vulnerabilities and other reasons mentioned in the table.

Jin Kazama (Classic)GreenBalancedInfinite combos, S2 stuns enemies, and S3 launches opponents in the air for combo attacks.
Paul PhoenixGreenAttackS1 can counter any attack
Orochi Zero 01BlueAttackS3 allows him super armor and damage immunity
Lady Zero (Original)YellowAttackActive skill allows her to inflict 642% damage.
ShaneGreenAttackOne of his core effects can reduce damage received by 20% and increase attack by 20%
ShionYellowAttackHer Core Effects have a 70% chance to disable and remove an opponent’s super armor and hyper armor for 5-seconds.
KamuiYellowBalancedSkills can be Buffed with his core effects
Omega Rugal ‘98RedAttackHis attacks inflict damage, and the cooldown is restarted.
John CenaPurpleBalancedCan land an active skill despite the target’s super armor.
Clark SteelBlueDefense3-second damage immunity + unblock able S2 grab attack
Orochi Shermie 97GreenAttackHer 5-star special card can be used to inflict 2174% of damage to an enemy.
LingYellowAttackCan heal herself while landing hits to the enemy + infinite combos.
King 94RedBalanceStun abilities + extraordinary kick attacks are very advantageous.
Saiki XIIIYellowDefenseHer awakened skill can reset cooldown effects by 80%


The B tier of King of Fighters All Star Tier List

King of Fighters All Star Tier List

The B tier is the most subjective, and it isn’t easy to place characters in this system. Consequently, the B tier is the third-highest rank in the King of Fighters All Star Tier List. The B-Tier players ranked in the table below lacked speed and agility which is why they could not fit in the A-Tier.

Nests Style Kyo XIIIRedBalancedHis active skill can disable an enemy’s Roll for 3 seconds.
Mai  Shiranui 95RedAttackHer awakened skill can reset cooldowns by 80%
Whip 99BlueDefenseShe can recover her health by 1.2% with each strike by the active skill.
Orochi ChrisYellowBalancedCan increase attack power for yellow teammates by 30% and health by 15%.
Mature 96GreenDefensiveHer damage infliction from the finisher skill is 770% to the enemy.
Rock Howard XIVBlueBalancedHe can decrease an enemy’s attack power by 70%.
Adelheid 03GreenAttackHis core effects have a 70% chance of preventing the enemy buffs from active skills for 3s.
Ryo Sakazaki XIVAttackBlueHe can also reset cooldowns for active skills by 80%
The RockRedAttackHis active skill can ignore the enemy’s super armor with every active skill.
Lady MaximaPurpleAttackHer attack power is very effective.
Orochi Leona 97BlueBalancedCan recover health by 3.7%
Igniz 01PurpleAttackCan decrease petrify duration by 60%
False Advent OrochiGreenBalancedHe has an overpowered finisher skill.
Ling XiaoyuPurpleDefenseCan aid allies with super armor and critical damage.
K 99RedAttackHe can increase his attack power by 9.6% with his S1.

The C tier of King of Fighters All Star Tier List

King of Fighters All Star Tier List

The lowest you could go in the tier list is not the C tier yet. Although this is where the common characters reside, there is another tier that ranks the lowest stat characters of the game. These characters are not overpowered nor do they do not possess any special abilities, which is why they have been ranked in the C-Tier in the table below.

Ryo Sakazaki 95RedDefense
Brian Battler 98YellowDefense
Sentai RalfRedDefense
Andy 98GreenDefense
Kensou 99GreenAttack
The UndertakerYellowDefense
Krizalid 99RedBalanced
Heidern 94BlueBalanced
Orochi Chris 97YellowDefense
Kotarou KatsuraGreenBalanced

The D tier of King of Fighters All Star Tier List

King of Fighters All Star Tier List

Now, this is the tier you all were anxiously waiting to see. Of course, the characters that rank worse are placed in this tier. Players can quickly grasp the concept of D tier as it is the only tier where the player’s stats are at their lowest with almost no contribution at all.

With no special powers, deadly skills and ultimate finisher moves, these players could be ranked past the D-Tier. The amount of damage they inflict on the opponent is significantly lower than any players mentioned in the previous tiers.

Chizuru 96YellowDefense
Heavy D 94YellowAttack
Maxima 99YellowAttack
Iori YagamiPurpleAttack
Heihachi MishimaPurpleAttack
Souga OkitoYellowAttack


King of Fighters All Star Tier List: Bonus Characters


King of Fighters All Star Tier List
Orochi 97

The above player AKA Orochi 97, has been selected from the King of Fighter 97 version for a reason. He is the player you should add to your roster while playing Player vs. AI. Upon observations, Orochi 97 has outclassed the rest of the characters in terms of stats. Although, he lacks in a few areas, such as his projectile skill which is quite illogical in PvP and PvE fights. 

His ability to heal himself through regeneration is impressive. When it comes to burns and immunity, Orochi builds immunity to damage and can reflect damage inflicted on him. Indeed, Orochi 97 earns the right to be in the King of Fighters All Star Tier List: S-Tier for the above reasons.


King of Fighters All Star Characters

Surprisingly, Dellons is also categorized as an S-tier player. The best thing about him is that his attack powers can increase exponentially as one of his skills. He is an attack-type player and can serve players best in PvE fights.

Another great skill is the cooldown for his Deadly Strike attack. With every strike, his Penetration, Active Skill Damage, and Critical Rate increase exponentially, giving him an upper hand in destroying all enemies.


King of Fighters All Star Characters

As a member of the seven knights, Rudy has an attack power above 4500. With his maxed-out card, he can easily overpower any character in the game. His ability to become immune to stun and provide teammates with super armor for 3 seconds is second to none. Also, Rudy has the required skills to hold off enemy attacks as a defense-type player.

Upon using his special card, he can inflict damage equal to 1800% of Attack to his enemies, and he can also reduce the cooldown time for team members by 80%. I mean, isn’t that amazing?

Mukai 03

King of Fighters All Star Characters
Mukai 03

The player above is Mukai 03 who is a character taken from the 2003 version of King of Fighter. He has secured a spot in the S-tier ranks because of his infinite stomping legs attack. A cheap trick, but it does come in handy for players that love to do nothing but spam their enemies. The character can be seen using heavy attacks and special skills to initiate infinite combo attacks. As a result, he annihilates a group of enemies with a few blows.

Like Orochi’97, he also has an immunity to damage and a super armor that can turn the tides of the match at any point.

Have you seen any King of Fighters character that can stop an opponent from landing combos on them? Of course, you haven’t. He has the unique ability to get petrified when receiving countless blows from the enemy.

On the contrary,

The Petrification allows him to break the combo of the opponent.

Kazuya Mishima

King of Fighters All Star Characters
Kazuya Mishima

We all know Kazuya from the famous Tekken game. Well, he is in King of Fighters All Star as well! You will be excited to know how well Kazuya can perform in the game by just spamming two of his special skills. His special moves can inflict double the damage as that of his acting skills and he overpowers the majority of the opponents he faces.

One of Kazuya’s skills can increase the Attack power of Tekken fighters by 55%, significantly and he can help the players in getting an edge over the opponents.

Kazuya can also become immune to damage. However, his active skill only allows him to be immune to damage for roughly three seconds.

Kazuya can only benefit you when you know how to effectively control and execute his skill moves. We remember the good old Tekken times when we thrashed other players with Kazuya.


All in all, we can summarize the best King of Fighters All Star Tier List down below;

  • Orochi 97 can be the best player to be used for PvP fights.
  • For an Epic Quest, your best option is Orochi Zero 01.
  • Kazuya is the most effective player for PvE fights.