Kingdom Hearts Unchained Tier List: Medals Ranked

All the medal from the game are ranked in this tier list to aid you in choosing the best ones.

This tier list divides all the medals in the game into five categories and ranks them from best to worst. The ranking of the medals is based on our perspective, experience, and research. As ranking can be very subjective and vary from person to person the audience might not agree with the way we have ranked the medals in the Kingdom Hearts Unchained Tier List.

Key Points

  • This tier list has ranked a total of 428 Kingdom Hearts Unchained medals.
  • They have been ranked based on their type, tier, and relevance in the game.
  • Among the highest ranks, you will see, Mikcey KHBBS Illustrated, Goofy Illustrated, Xion HD, Key Art #13, Stained Glass #1 [EX+], etc.
  • In the lowest ranks, you will find, Pete, Ansem, Luxord A, Vexen A, Auron Illustrated, etc.


The following table shows the ranking of all medals in order.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Mikcey KHBBS IllustratedAva HD [EX]Aladdin & GenieAladdinAriel
Goofy IllustratedAced HD [EX]Ansem Illustrated (Global)Aladdin & AbuBeat & Rhyme (Japan)
Xion HDDr. MogCloud WOFF (Global)AliceXemnas A
Key Art #13ElaraAnsem SPCloud Illustrated (Japan)Man in Black Coat
Stained Glass #1 [EX+]Larxene HDAqua HDAlice & Cheshire CatThe world ends with You Art #1
Stained Glass #2 [EX+]Aladdin & CarpetMarluxia [EX] IllustratedAnsem Illustrated (Japan)Miguel
Stained Glass #3 [EX+]Woody [PR]Mickey Young King BCinderella & JaqMiguel & Hector
Stained Glass #4 [EX+]Yuna & Rikku & PaineMaster Xehanort & VanitasZexion [+]Pete
Stained Glass #5 [EX+]LannXion BZexion AAnsem
Stained Glass #6 [EX+]Boogie LMDestroyer BehemothChip & DaleLuxord A
Pete CMLeon KH II HDDonald & Goofy KH0.2Ansem the WiseVexen A
King TritonIra HD [EX]Sora Art [EX]Cinderella SPAuron Illustrated
Vanitas HDZexion HDSora Atlantica IllustratedAxel SP (Japan)
Ventus HD [EX]Jack Skellington LMSora KH III [EX]Captain Hook
Riku Replica HDDonald Halloween IllustratedSora & BeastCerberus
DiZ IllustratedArmor of Eraqus HDSephiroth IllustratedAxel A
Donald Illustrated BAxel HD [EX]Sephiroth WOFF (Global)Cinderella
Axel & Pluto ToonBuz Lightyear [PR]Sephiroth WOFF (Japan)Aqua
Naminè KH IIGula HD [EX]Sora & Friends 2nd AnniversaryBelle B
Cloud & LeonKey Art #14 (Japan)Sora & Riku KH3DBelle
Sora & Kairi HD [EX]Key Art #15Sora & NekuAqua Illustrated A (Japan)
Sora Antiform HDKey Art #16 [EX+]Sephiroth (Global)Behemoth (Global)
Invisible IllustratedKey Art #17 [PR]Sora & Pals ToonXion A
Marluxia BossKey Art AIRSora & Riku KHII [EX] IllustratedZack
Terra HD [EX]Mickey KH III [EX]Sora Halloween BSora Orchestra
Lingering WillMickey MusketeerSora Illustrated BSora Pride Lands Illustrated
Xion [EX] IllustratedVanitas HD [EX+]Donald & Goofy SPSora Timeless River
Judy & Nick BInvi HD [EX]Axel BSora Young
Kairi [EX] IllustratedSephiroth [EX]Mickey & Minnie Tsum TsumTerra
Kairi KHII [EX+]Sephiroth [EX+]Mickey B KH 0.2Terra & Ventus & Aqua (Global)
FFRK TerraSetzerMickey Black CoatTerra & Ventus & Aqua (Japan)
Mickey HD [EX]Shan YuMickey HDTerra Illustrated A
Saix [+]Sora & Goofy ToonDonald ChristmasThe Shark
ScarCloud KH II [EX+]Donald Halloween BCogsworth
Scrooge McDuckPete HDDonald IllustratedCogsworth B
FFRK Warrior of LightSora Final Form HDZexion BVentus
Xion [EX+]Sora KH 0.2Cloud KH II [EX]Darkside (Japan)
Aqua HD [EX]Sora KH II IllustratedXion IllustratedDemyx A
Sora & Riku Tsum TsumXion SP (Global)Demyx B
Key Art BONDKey Art #01Crocodile
King's RoarKey Art #03Behemoth (Japan)
Mickey & Donald & Goofy (Global)Key Art #04Xion SP (Japan)
Master Xehanorth [EX]Tifa & AetithDevil's Wave
Key Art COMINGTrickmasterDonald & Daisy
Xion HD [EX]Twilight ThornDonald Musketeer
Aqua & StitchKey Art #05Donald Timeless River
Mickey & Donald & Goofy (Japan)Key Art #06Flash
ReynnWorld of ChaosFlotsam & Jetsam
Vexen [+]Xaldin [+]Flowbermeow
Roxas Art [EX]Key Art #07Hayner & Pence & Olette
PhantomKey Art #08Hayner B
Saix BKey Art #09Fuu
Valor GenieKey Art #10Hades
Sora WOFF (Global)Key Art #11Goofy Atlantica
Sora WOFF (Japan)Key Art #12Goofy Classic
Terra KH 0.2Jafar GenieGoofy Musketeer
The world ends with You Art #2Yuna WOFF (Global)Goofy Timeless River
TyroYuna WOFF (Japan)Axel SP (Global)
Lexaeus [+]Hercules & PhilHydra
Riku [EX] IllustratedLuxord BJudy Hopps
Roxas Dual Wield [EX]Maleficent AKairi Illustrated
Riku & King Mickey KHII [PR]Maleficent BKairi KH
Naminè HDLock & Shock & BarrelKairi KH 0.2
Riku Black Coat 358/2 DaysMaleficent DragonKairi KH II
Aqua Illustrated BHuey Dewey & LouieKairi KH II Illustrated
Xion Final BossAxel HDIago
Goofy Halloween IllustratedAxel Illustrated [PR]Ice Titan
Hercules BKey Art #14 (Global)Jafar
Master Xehanort [EX+]Beast HDJasmine
Axel Art [EX]Riku Black Coat KH CoM
BoogieRiku Young
Launchpad McQuackRock Titan
Pete Pride LandsRoxas A
Pooh & Friends Tsum TsumRoxas Casual
Pooh BearRoxas SP (Japan)
Riku Illustrated BSaix A
Riku KH 0.2Santa Claus
Riku ReplicaSebastian
Roxas BSeifer
Riku DarkSephiroth (Japan)
Riku HDShiki
Roxas & Axel & Xion (Global)Sora & Donald & Goofy A (Global)
Roxas HDSora & Donald & Goofy A (Japan)
Roxas IllustratedSora & Donald & Goofy C
Roxas Santa ToonSelphie Uniform
Roxas SP (Global)Sora & Riku & Kairi (Global)
Riku ToonSora & Roxas
Riku Art [EX]Sora Antiform
Roxas ToonSora Atlantica
Riku Black Coat KH II BSora & Riku & Kairi (Japan)
Leon IllustratedSora HD
Xemnas IllustratedSora Illustrated A (Global)
Mickey & Friends Tsum TsumSora Illustrated A (Japan)
Xigbar ASora Final Form
Xigbar BSora & Riku & Meow Wow
Cloud WOFF (Japan)Jessie
Belle & Beast IllustratedJoshua
Neku & Shiki & JoshuaJudy & Nick
Neku IllustratedExperiment 626 (Stitch)
Aqua KH 0.2Donald Atlantica
Aqua Illustrated A (Global)Donald Classic
Aqua ToonKey Art #02
Leon WOFF (Global)Ariel & Flounder
Leon WOFF (Japan)Lady Tremaine & Daughters
Xion ToonLea
Cloud Illustrated (Global)Larxene A
Sora Santa IllustratedLarxene B
Sora SPKairi Uniform
Underworld King's RageLucifer
Terra & Ventus KH 0.2Lumiere A
Sora HD Limit FormLumiere B
Sora HD Master FormMarluxia A
Sora HD Valor FormXaldin A
Sora HT Illustrated (Global)Xaldin B
Sora HT Illustrated (Japan)Xemnas B
Sora ToonMarluxia B
Sora Wisdom Form HDLexaeus A
VanitasMaui (Global)
Terra/XehanortMaui (Japan)
Terra Illustrated BMegara
The Beagle BoysLexaeus B
Tama WOFF (Global)Master Eraqus
Tama WOFF (Japan)Mickey & Minnie
ChernabogMickey Timeless River
Lightning WOFF (Global)Mickey Young King A
Lightning WOFF (Japan)Mickey Illustrated
Goofy Halloween BMiguel & Dante
Zack HDPooh & Piglet (Global)
Vanitas RemnantPooh & Piglet (Japan)
Vanitas SPPooh & Tigger & Rabbit
Ventus ArmourPooh A
Ventus HDMinnie & Daisie
Ventus IllustratedNeoshadow
Ventus ToonNick Wilde
Ventus/VanitasNightmare Flowbermeow
Webby VanderquackNightmare Meow Wow
ZeroOlette B
Jack SantaOwl
Jack SkellingtonPain & Panic
MeowjestyPence B
Mickey KH 0.2Moana (Global)
Mickey KH II ToonVexen B
Darkside (Global)Vivi Illustrated
Chicken LittleWardrobe
Moana (Japan)
Mowgli & Pals
Mr. Smee
Mrs. Potts & Chip
Naminè KH CoM
Mysterious Figure
Mickey KH CoM
Master Xehanort
Kairi Young
Pluto B
Necho Cat
Riku Illustrated A (Global)
Riku Illustrated A (Japan)
Jack & Sally

S Tier

Best characters in this tier
Best Medals in the game

S Tier ranks all the medals which are means of conducting battles of Kingdom Hearts Unchained which are considered to be the best based on their powers and abilities, their use in boosting strength and defense of the character and being used in special and regular attacks during battles. These medals are considered to be powered by the future. Following are the medals which are considered to be the best.

Medal Type Tier
Mikcey KHBBS Illustrated Power Upright
Goofy Illustrated Power Upright
Xion HD Power Reverse
Key Art #13 Magic Upright
Stained Glass #1 [EX+] Magic Upright
Stained Glass #2 [EX+] Magic Reverse
Stained Glass #3 [EX+] Power Upright
Stained Glass #4 [EX+] Power Reverse
Stained Glass #5 [EX+] Speed Upright
Stained Glass #6 [EX+] Speed Reverse
Pete CM Power Reverse
King Triton Magic Upright
Vanitas HD Magic Reverse
Ventus HD [EX] Speed Upright
Riku Replica HD Power Reverse
DiZ Illustrated Speed Upright
Donald Illustrated B Magic Upright
Axel & Pluto Toon Power Reverse
Naminè KH II Magic Upright
Cloud & Leon Power Upright
Sora & Kairi HD [EX] Power Upright
Sora Antiform HD Speed Upright
Invisible Illustrated Speed Reverse
Marluxia Boss Magic Reverse
Terra HD [EX] Power Upright
Lingering Will Speed Upright
Xion [EX] Illustrated Magic Reverse
Judy & Nick B Speed Upright
Kairi [EX] Illustrated Magic Upright
Kairi KHII [EX+] Speed Upright
FFRK Terra Magic Upright
Mickey HD [EX] Magic Upright
Saix [+] Power Reverse
Scar Power Reverse
Scrooge McDuck Magic Upright
FFRK Warrior of Light Power Upright
Xion [EX+] Speed Upright
Aqua HD [EX] Magic Upright

A Tier

Second Best Medals in this tier list
Overall Good Medals

A Tier of this tier list ranks all the medals of the game that are considered to be overall balanced among all the medals based on their powers and abilities, their use in boosting the strength and defense of the character and being used in special and regular attacks during battles. Medals can be obtained by completing quests, missions, and chests and have a star value given to them at a given time. Following are the overall balanced medals of Kingdom Hearts Unchained in this Kingdom Hearts Unchained Tier List.

Medal Type Tier
Ava HD [EX] Magic Upright
Aced HD [EX] Power Upright
Dr. Mog Speed Upright
Elara Magic Upright
Larxene HD Speed Reverse
Aladdin & Magic Carpet Speed Upright
Woody [PR] Speed Upright
Yuna & Rikku & Paine Magic Upright
Lann Magic Upright
Boogie LM Power Reverse
Leon KH II HD Power Upright
Ira HD [EX] Power Upright
Zexion HD Magic Reverse
Jack Skellington LM Speed Upright
Donald Halloween Illustrated Magic Upright
Armor of Eraqus HD Speed Upright
Axel HD [EX] Speed Reverse
Buz Lightyear [PR] Power Upright
Gula HD [EX] Speed Upright
Key Art #14 (Japan) Speed Upright
Key Art #15 Power Upright
Key Art #16 [EX+] Speed Upright
Key Art #17 [PR] Magic Upright
Key Art AIR Power Upright
Mickey KH III [EX] Power Upright
Mickey Musketeer Speed Upright
Vanitas HD [EX+] Magic Reverse
Invi HD [EX] Magic Upright
Sephiroth [EX] Power Reverse
Sephiroth [EX+] Power Reverse
Setzer Power Upright
Shan Yu Magic Reverse
Sora & Goofy Toon Magic Upright
Cloud KH II [EX+] Power Upright
Pete HD Power Reverse
Sora Final Form HD Speed Upright
Sora KH 0.2 Magic Upright
Sora KH II Illustrated Power Upright
Sora & Riku Tsum Tsum Magic Upright
Key Art BOND Speed Upright
King’s Roar Power Upright
Mickey & Donald & Goofy (Global) Speed Upright
Master Xehanorth [EX] Magic Reverse
Key Art COMING Magic Upright
Xion HD [EX] Magic Reverse
Aqua & Stitch Speed Upright
Mickey & Donald & Goofy (Japan) Speed Upright
Reynn Power Upright
Vexen [+] Power Reverse
Roxas Art [EX] Speed Upright
Phantom Speed Reverse
Saix B Power Reverse
Valor Genie Magic Upright
Sora WOFF (Global) Speed Upright
Sora WOFF (Japan) Speed Upright
Terra KH 0.2 Speed Upright
The world ends with You Art #2 Power Upright
Tyro Power Upright
Lexaeus [+] Power Reverse
Riku [EX] Illustrated Magic Upright
Roxas Dual Wield [EX] Power Reverse
Riku & King Mickey KHII [PR] Speed Upright
Naminè HD Magic Upright
Riku Black Coat 358/2 Days Magic Upright
Aqua Illustrated B Speed Upright
Xion Final Boss Speed Reverse
Goofy Halloween Illustrated Power Upright
Hercules B Power Upright
Master Xehanort [EX+] Speed Reverse

B Tier

Third best medals in kingdom hearts unchained
Above Average Medals

B Tier of this tier list ranks all the medals of the game that are considered to be above average. They are not as good as the medals ranked in the S Tier based on their powers and abilities, their use in boosting the strength and defense of the character, and being used in special and regular attacks during battles.

Medals also have a level that allows the player to upgrade the progress of the medals and to increase a medals star, it must be leveled up. Following are the above-average medals of Kingdom Hearts Unchained.

Medal Type Tier
Aladdin & Genie Magic Upright
Ansem Illustrated (Global) Power Reverse
Cloud WOFF (Global) Power Upright
Ansem SP Power Reverse
Aqua HD Magic Upright
Marluxia [EX] Illustrated Magic Reverse
Mickey Young King B Power Upright
Master Xehanort & Vanitas Speed Reverse
Xion B Magic Reverse
Destroyer Behemoth Power Reverse
Donald & Goofy KH0.2 Magic Upright
Sora Art [EX] Magic Upright
Sora Atlantica Illustrated Speed Upright
Sora KH III [EX] Speed Upright
Sora & Beast Speed Upright
Sephiroth Illustrated Magic Reverse
Sephiroth WOFF (Global) Speed Reverse
Sephiroth WOFF (Japan) Speed Reverse
Sora & Friends 2nd Anniversary Speed Upright
Sora & Riku KH3D Speed Upright
Sora & Neku Magic Upright
Sephiroth (Global) Speed Reverse
Sora & Pals Toon Power Upright
Sora & Riku KHII [EX] Illustrated Speed Upright
Sora Halloween B Speed Upright
Sora Illustrated B Speed Upright
Donald & Goofy SP Speed Upright
Axel B Power Reverse
Mickey & Minnie Tsum Tsum Speed Upright
Mickey B KH 0.2 Magic Upright
Mickey Black Coat Power Upright
Mickey HD Magic Upright
Donald Christmas Magic Upright
Donald Halloween B Magic Upright
Donald Illustrated Magic Upright
Zexion B Magic Reverse
Cloud KH II [EX] Power Upright
Xion Illustrated Magic Reverse
Xion SP (Global) Speed Reverse
Key Art #01 Magic Upright
Key Art #03 Speed Reverse
Key Art #04 Magic Upright
Tifa & Aetith Power Upright
Trickmaster Magic Reverse
Twilight Thorn Speed Reverse
Key Art #05 Speed Upright
Key Art #06 Power Upright
World of Chaos Magic Reverse
Xaldin [+] Speed Reverse
Key Art #07 Magic Upright
Key Art #08 Magic Upright
Key Art #09 Speed Upright
Key Art #10 Power Upright
Key Art #11 Magic Reverse
Key Art #12 Power Upright
Jafar Genie Power Reverse
Yuna WOFF (Global) Magic Upright
Yuna WOFF (Japan) Magic Upright
Hercules & Phil Power Upright
Luxord B Magic Reverse
Maleficent A Magic Reverse
Maleficent B Magic Reverse
Lock & Shock & Barrel Speed Reverse
Maleficent Dragon Power Reverse
Huey Dewey & Louie Speed Upright
Axel HD Power Reverse
Axel Illustrated [PR] Power Reverse
Key Art #14 (Global) Speed Upright
Beast HD Power Upright
Axel Art [EX] Speed Reverse
Boogie Power Reverse
Launchpad McQuack Power Upright
Pete Pride Lands Power Reverse
Pooh & Friends Tsum Tsum Power Upright
Pooh Bear Power Upright
Riku Illustrated B Power Upright
Riku KH 0.2 Power Upright
Riku Replica Power Reverse
Roxas B Speed Reverse
Riku Dark Speed Reverse
Riku HD Power Upright
Roxas & Axel & Xion (Global) Speed Reverse
Roxas HD Power Reverse
Roxas Illustrated Speed Upright
Roxas Santa Toon Speed Upright
Roxas SP (Global) Magic Reverse
Riku Toon Power Reverse
Riku Art [EX] Power Upright
Roxas Toon Speed Reverse
Riku Black Coat KH II B Power Upright
Leon Illustrated Power Upright
Xemnas Illustrated Speed Reverse
Mickey & Friends Tsum Tsum Magic Upright
Xigbar A Speed Reverse
Xigbar B Speed Reverse
Cloud WOFF (Japan) Power Upright
Belle & Beast Illustrated Power Upright
Neku & Shiki & Joshua Speed Upright
Neku Illustrated Speed Upright
Aqua KH 0.2 Magic Upright
Aqua Illustrated A (Global) Magic Upright
Aqua Toon Magic Upright
Leon WOFF (Global) Power Upright
Leon WOFF (Japan) Power Upright
Xion Toon Magic Reverse
Cloud Illustrated (Global) Power Upright
Sora Santa Illustrated Speed Upright
Sora SP Speed Upright
Underworld King’s Rage Power Reverse
Terra & Ventus KH 0.2 Speed Upright
Ursula Magic Reverse
Sora HD Limit Form Magic Upright
Sora HD Master Form Speed Upright
Sora HD Valor Form Power Upright
Sora HT Illustrated (Global) Speed Upright
Sora HT Illustrated (Japan) Speed Upright
Sora Toon Power Upright
Sora Wisdom Form HD Magic Upright
Vanitas Speed Reverse
Terra/Xehanort Magic Reverse
Terra Illustrated B Power Upright
The Beagle Boys Speed Reverse
Tama WOFF (Global) Magic Upright
Tama WOFF (Japan) Magic Upright
Chernabog Power Reverse
Lightning WOFF (Global) Speed Upright
Lightning WOFF (Japan) Speed Upright
Goofy Halloween B Power Upright
Zack HD Speed Upright
Vanitas Remnant Power Reverse
Vanitas SP Power Reverse
Ventus Armour Speed Upright
Ventus HD Speed Upright
Ventus Illustrated Speed Upright
Ventus Toon Speed Upright
Ventus/Vanitas Speed Reverse
Webby Vanderquack Magic Upright
Zero Speed Upright
Jack Santa Speed Upright
Jack Skellington Magic Upright
Meowjesty Power Upright
Mickey KH 0.2 Power Upright
Mickey KH II Toon Power Upright
Darkside (Global) Speed Reverse
Chicken Little Magic Upright

C Tier

Average medals in kingdom hearts unchained
Average Medals

C Tier ranks all the medals of the game that are considered to be average. They are not as amazing as the medals ranked in the S, A, and B Tier based on their powers and abilities, their use in boosting the strength and defense of the character, and being used in special and regular attacks during battles. To level up different medals Experience Medals are used because the quantity of experience is dependent on the type of medals. Following are the average medals in the game.

Medal Type Tier
Aladdin Speed Upright
Aladdin & Abu Speed Upright
Alice Power Upright
Cloud Illustrated (Japan) Power Upright
Alice & Cheshire Cat Speed Upright
Ansem Illustrated (Japan) Power Reverse
Cinderella & Jaq Speed Upright
Zexion [+] Magic Reverse
Zexion A Magic Reverse
Chip & Dale Speed Upright
Ansem the Wise Magic Upright
Cinderella SP Power Upright
Axel SP (Japan) Power Reverse
Captain Hook Speed Reverse
Cerberus Power Reverse
Axel A Speed Reverse
Cinderella Speed Upright
Aqua Magic Upright
Belle B Magic Upright
Belle Speed Upright
Aqua Illustrated A (Japan) Magic Upright
Behemoth (Global) Power Reverse
Xion A Magic Reverse
Zack Power Upright
Sora Orchestra Magic Upright
Sora Pride Lands Illustrated Power Upright
Sora Timeless River Speed Upright
Sora Young Speed Upright
Terra Power Upright
Terra & Ventus & Aqua (Global) Speed Upright
Terra & Ventus & Aqua (Japan) Speed Upright
Terra Illustrated A Magic Upright
The Shark Power Reverse
Cogsworth Magic Upright
Cogsworth B Power Upright
Ventus Speed Upright
Darkside (Japan) Speed Reverse
Demyx A Magic Reverse
Demyx B Magic Reverse
Crocodile Power Reverse
Behemoth (Japan) Power Reverse
Xion SP (Japan) Speed Reverse
Devil’s Wave Speed Reverse
Donald & Daisy Magic Upright
Donald Musketeer Magic Upright
Donald Timeless River Magic Upright
Flash Power Upright
Flotsam & Jetsam Speed Reverse
Flowbermeow Speed Upright
Hayner & Pence & Olette Magic Upright
Hayner B Speed Upright
Fuu Magic Upright
Hades Magic Reverse
Goofy Atlantica Power Upright
Goofy Classic Power Upright
Goofy Musketeer Power Upright
Goofy Timeless River Power Upright
Axel SP (Global) Power Reverse
Hydra Speed Reverse
Judy Hopps Speed Upright
Kairi Illustrated Power Upright
Kairi KH Power Upright
Kairi KH 0.2 Speed Upright
Kairi KH II Speed Upright
Kairi KH II Illustrated Magic Upright
Iago Speed Reverse
Ice Titan Magic Reverse
Jafar Magic Reverse
Jasmine Magic Upright
Riku Black Coat KH CoM Magic Upright
Riku Young Power Upright
Rock Titan Power Reverse
Roxas A Magic Reverse
Roxas Casual Speed Upright
Roxas SP (Japan) Magic Reverse
Saix A Power Reverse
Santa Claus Magic Upright
Sebastian Power Upright
Seifer Power Upright
Sephiroth (Japan) Speed Reverse
Shiki Speed Upright
Sora & Donald & Goofy A (Global) Magic Upright
Sora & Donald & Goofy A (Japan) Magic Upright
Sora & Donald & Goofy C Power Upright
Selphie Uniform Speed Upright
Sora & Riku & Kairi (Global) Magic Upright
Sora & Roxas Speed Upright
Sora Antiform Magic Upright
Sora Atlantica Speed Upright
Sora & Riku & Kairi (Japan) Magic Upright
Sora HD Speed Upright
Sora Illustrated A (Global) Power Upright
Sora Illustrated A (Japan) Power Upright
Sora Final Form Magic Upright
Sora & Riku & Meow Wow Power Upright
Jessie Magic Upright
Joshua Magic Upright
Judy & Nick Magic Upright
Experiment 626 (Stitch) Speed Upright
Donald Atlantica Magic Upright
Donald Classic Magic Upright
Key Art #02 Magic Upright
Ariel & Flounder Magic Upright
Lady Tremaine & Daughters Magic Reverse
Lea Speed Upright
Larxene A Speed Reverse
Larxene B Speed Reverse
Kairi Uniform Power Upright
Lucifer Speed Reverse
Lumiere A Power Upright
Rai Speed Upright
Lumiere B Speed Upright
Marluxia A Speed Reverse
Xaldin A Power Reverse
Xaldin B Speed Reverse
Xemnas B Power Reverse
Marluxia B Speed Reverse
Lexaeus A Power Reverse
Maui (Global) Power Upright
Maui (Japan) Power Upright
Megara Power Upright
Lexaeus B Power Reverse
Master Eraqus Power Upright
Mickey & Minnie Power Upright
Mickey Timeless River Speed Upright
Mickey Young King A Speed Upright
Mickey Illustrated Power Upright
Miguel & Dante Speed Upright
Pooh & Piglet (Global) Magic Upright
Pooh & Piglet (Japan) Magic Upright
Pooh & Tigger & Rabbit Power Upright
Pooh A Power Upright
Minnie & Daisie Power Upright
Neoshadow Speed Reverse
Nick Wilde Power Upright
Nightmare Flowbermeow Speed Reverse
Nightmare Meow Wow Magic Reverse
Olette B Magic Upright
Owl Speed Upright
Pain & Panic Speed Reverse
Pence B Power Upright
Moana (Global) Magic Upright
Vexen B Magic Reverse
Vivi Illustrated Magic Upright
Wardrobe Power Upright
Moana (Japan) Magic Upright
Monstro Magic Reverse
Mowgli & Pals Speed Upright
Mr. Smee Magic Reverse
Mrs. Potts & Chip Speed Upright
Naminè KH CoM Speed Upright
Mysterious Figure Magic Reverse
Mickey KH CoM Speed Upright
Master Xehanort Magic Reverse
Kairi Young Magic Upright
Isa Power Upright
Piglet Magic Upright
Pinocchio Magic Upright
Pluto B Magic Upright
Necho Cat Speed Upright
Riku Illustrated A (Global) Speed Upright
Riku Illustrated A (Japan) Speed Upright
Neku Power Upright
Jack & Sally Magic Upright

D Tier

Worst medals of Kingdom hearts unchained
Worst Medals

Finally, the D Tier ranks all the medals of the game that are considered to be the worst among all. They are the weakest medals as compared to the medals ranked in the S, A, and B Tier based on their powers and abilities, their use in boosting the strength and defense of the character and being used in special and regular attacks during battles.

Once the medals have been maximized on the star it can be evolved which requires the use of Evolve Medals along with other types of medals. Following are the worst medals of Kingdom Hearts Unchained in this Kingdom Hearts Unchained Medal Tier List.

Medal Type Tier
Ariel Magic Upright
Beat & Rhyme (Japan) Power Upright
Xemnas A Power Reverse
Man in Black Coat Speed Reverse
The world ends with You Art #1 Power Upright
Miguel Magic Upright
Miguel & Hector Power Upright
Pete Power Reverse
Ansem Power Reverse
Luxord A Magic Reverse
Vexen A Magic Reverse
Auron Illustrated Power Upright

Comparison Table

Mikcey KHBBS IllustratedSUprightPower
Goofy IllustratedSUprightPower
Xion HDSReversePower
Key Art #13SUprightMagic
Stained Glass #1 [EX+]SUprightMagic
Stained Glass #2 [EX+]SReverseMagic
Stained Glass #3 [EX+]SUprightPower
Stained Glass #4 [EX+]SReversePower
Stained Glass #5 [EX+]SUprightSpeed
Stained Glass #6 [EX+]SReverseSpeed
Pete CMSReversePower
King TritonSUprightMagic
Vanitas HDSReverseMagic
Ventus HD [EX]SUprightSpeed
Riku Replica HDSReversePower
DiZ IllustratedSUprightSpeed
Donald Illustrated BSUprightMagic
Axel & Pluto ToonSReversePower
Naminè KH IISUprightMagic
Cloud & LeonSUprightPower
Sora & Kairi HD [EX]SUprightPower
Sora Antiform HDSUprightSpeed
Invisible IllustratedSReverseSpeed
Invisible IllustratedSReverseSpeed
Invisible IllustratedSReverseSpeed
Terra HD [EX]SUprightPower
Lingering WillSUprightSpeed
Xion [EX] IllustratedSReverseMagic
Judy & Nick BSUprightSpeed
Kairi [EX] IllustratedSUprightMagic
Kairi KHII [EX+]SUprightSpeed
FFRK TerraSUprightMagic
Mickey HD [EX]SUprightMagic
Saix [+]SReversePower
Scrooge McDuckSUprightMagic
FFRK Warrior of LightSUprightPower
Xion [EX+]SUprightSpeed
Aqua HD [EX]AUprightMagic
Ava HD [EX]AUprightMagic
Aced HD [EX]AUprightPower
Dr. MogAUprightSpeed
Larxene HDAReverseSpeed
Aladdin & Magic CarpetAUprightSpeed
Woody [PR]AUprightSpeed
Yuna & Rikku & PaineAUprightMagic
Boogie LMAReversePower
Leon KH II HDAUprightPower
Ira HD [EX]AUprightPower
Zexion HDAReverseMagic
Jack Skellington LMAUprightSpeed
Donald Halloween IllustratedAUprightMagic
Armor of Eraqus HDAUprightSpeed
Axel HD [EX]AReverseSpeed
Buz Lightyear [PR]AUprightPower
Gula HD [EX]AUprightSpeed
Key Art #14 (Japan)AUprightSpeed
Key Art #15AUprightPower
Key Art #16 [EX+]AUprightSpeed
Key Art #17 [PR]AUprightMagic
Key Art AIRAUprightPower
Mickey KH III [EX]AUprightPower
Mickey MusketeerAUprightSpeed
Vanitas HD [EX+]AReverseMagic
Invi HD [EX]AUprightMagic
Sephiroth [EX]AReversePower
Sephiroth [EX+]AReversePower
Shan YuAReverseMagic
Sora & Goofy ToonAUprightMagic
Cloud KH II [EX+]AUprightPower
Pete HDAReversePower
Sora Final Form HDAUprightSpeed
Sora KH 0.2AUprightMagic
Sora KH II IllustratedAUprightPower
Sora & Riku Tsum TsumAUprightMagic
Key Art BONDAUprightSpeed
King’s RoarAUprightPower
Mickey & Donald & Goofy (Global)AUprightSpeed
Master Xehanorth [EX]AReverseMagic
Key Art COMINGAUprightMagic
Xion HD [EX]AReverseMagic
Aqua & StitchAUprightSpeed
Mickey & Donald & Goofy (Japan)AUprightSpeed
Vexen [+]AReversePower
Roxas Art [EX]AUprightSpeed
Saix BAReversePower
Valor GenieAUprightMagic
Sora WOFF (Global)AUprightSpeed
Sora WOFF (Japan)AUprightSpeed
Terra KH 0.2AUprightSpeed
The world ends with You Art #2AUprightPower
Lexaeus [+]AReversePower
Riku [EX] IllustratedAUprightMagic
Roxas Dual Wield [EX]AReversePower
Riku & King Mickey KHII [PR]AUprightSpeed
Naminè HDAUprightMagic
Riku Black Coat 358/2 DaysAUprightMagic
Aqua Illustrated BAUprightSpeed
Xion Final BossAReverseSpeed
Goofy Halloween IllustratedAUprightPower
Hercules BAUprightPower
Master Xehanort [EX+]BReverseSpeed
Aladdin & GenieBUprightMagic
Ansem Illustrated (Global)BReversePower
Cloud WOFF (Global)BUprightPower
Ansem SPBReversePower
Aqua HDBUprightMagic
Marluxia [EX] IllustratedBReverseMagic
Mickey Young King BBUprightPower
Master Xehanort & VanitasBReverseSpeed
Xion BBReverseMagic
Destroyer BehemothBReversePower
Donald & Goofy KH0.2BUprightMagic
Sora Art [EX]BUprightMagic
Sora Atlantica IllustratedBUprightSpeed
Sora KH III [EX]BUprightSpeed
Sora & BeastBUprightSpeed
Sephiroth IllustratedBReverseMagic
Sephiroth WOFF (Global)BReverseSpeed
Sephiroth WOFF (Japan)BReverseSpeed
Sora & Friends 2nd AnniversaryBUprightSpeed
Sora & Riku KH3DBUprightSpeed
Sora & NekuBUprightMagic
Sephiroth (Global)BReverseSpeed
Sora & Pals ToonBUprightPower
Sora & Riku KHII [EX] IllustratedBUprightSpeed
Sora Halloween BBUprightSpeed
Sora Illustrated BBUprightSpeed
Donald & Goofy SPBUprightSpeed
Axel BBReversePower
Mickey & Minnie Tsum TsumBUprightSpeed
Mickey B KH 0.2BUprightMagic
Mickey Black CoatBUprightPower
Mickey HDBUprightMagic
Donald ChristmasBUprightMagic
Donald Halloween BBUprightMagic
Donald IllustratedBUprightMagic
Zexion BBReverseMagic
Cloud KH II [EX]BUprightPower
Xion IllustratedBReverseMagic
Xion SP (Global)BReverseSpeed
Key Art #01BUprightMagic
Key Art #03BReverseSpeed
Key Art #04BUprightMagic
Tifa & AetithBUprightPower
Twilight ThornBReverseSpeed
Key Art #05BUprightSpeed
Key Art #06BUprightPower
World of ChaosBReverseMagic
Xaldin [+]BReverseSpeed
Key Art #07BUprightMagic
Key Art #08BUprightMagic
Key Art #09BUprightSpeed
Key Art #10BUprightPower
Key Art #11BReverseMagic
Key Art #12BUprightPower
Jafar GenieBReversePower
Yuna WOFF (Global)BUprightMagic
Yuna WOFF (Japan)BUprightMagic
Hercules & PhilBUprightPower
Luxord BBReverseMagic
Maleficent ABReverseMagic
Maleficent BBReverseMagic
Lock & Shock & BarrelBReverseSpeed
Maleficent DragonBReversePower
Huey Dewey & LouieBUprightSpeed
Axel HDBReversePower
Axel Illustrated [PR]BReversePower
Key Art #14 (Global)BUprightSpeed
Beast HDBUprightPower
Axel Art [EX]BReverseSpeed
Launchpad McQuackBUprightPower
Pete Pride LandsBReversePower
Pooh & Friends Tsum TsumBUprightPower
Pooh BearBUprightPower
Riku Illustrated BBUprightPower
Riku KH 0.2BUprightPower
Riku ReplicaBReversePower
Roxas BBReverseSpeed
Riku DarkBReverseSpeed
Riku HDBUprightPower
Roxas & Axel & Xion (Global)BReverseSpeed
Roxas HDBReversePower
Roxas IllustratedBUprightSpeed
Roxas Santa ToonBUprightSpeed
Roxas SP (Global)BReverseMagic
Riku ToonBReversePower
Riku Art [EX]BUprightPower
Roxas ToonBReverseSpeed
Riku Black Coat KH II BBUprightPower
Leon IllustratedBUprightPower
Xemnas IllustratedBReverseSpeed
Mickey & Friends Tsum TsumBUprightMagic
Xigbar ABReverseSpeed
Xigbar BBReverseSpeed
Cloud WOFF (Japan)BUprightPower
Belle & Beast IllustratedBUprightPower
Neku & Shiki & JoshuaBUprightSpeed
Neku IllustratedBUprightSpeed
Aqua KH 0.2BUprightMagic
Aqua Illustrated A (Global)BUprightMagic
Aqua ToonBUprightMagic
Leon WOFF (Global)BUprightPower
Leon WOFF (Japan)BUprightPower
Xion ToonBReverseMagic
Cloud Illustrated (Global)BUprightPower
Sora Santa IllustratedBUprightSpeed
Sora SPBUprightSpeed
Underworld King’s RageBReversePower
Terra & Ventus KH 0.2BUprightSpeed
Sora HD Limit FormBUprightMagic
Sora HD Master FormBUprightSpeed
Sora HD Valor FormBUprightPower
Sora HT Illustrated (Global)BUprightSpeed
Sora HT Illustrated (Japan)BUprightSpeed
Sora ToonBUprightPower
Sora Wisdom Form HDBUprightMagic
Terra Illustrated BBUprightPower
The Beagle BoysBReverseSpeed
Tama WOFF (Global)BUprightMagic
Tama WOFF (Japan)BUprightMagic
Lightning WOFF (Global)BUprightSpeed
Lightning WOFF (Japan)BUprightSpeed
Goofy Halloween BBUprightPower
Zack HDBUprightSpeed
Vanitas RemnantBReversePower
Vanitas SPBReversePower
Ventus ArmourBUprightSpeed
Ventus HDBUprightSpeed
Ventus IllustratedBUprightSpeed
Ventus ToonBUprightSpeed
Webby VanderquackBUprightMagic
Jack SantaBUprightSpeed
Jack SkellingtonBUprightMagic
Mickey KH 0.2BUprightPower
Mickey KH II ToonBUprightPower
Darkside (Global)BReverseSpeed
Chicken LittleCUprightMagic
Aladdin & AbuCUprightSpeed
Cloud Illustrated (Japan)CUprightPower
Alice & Cheshire CatCUprightSpeed
Ansem Illustrated (Japan)CReversePower
Cinderella & JaqCUprightSpeed
Zexion [+]CReverseMagic
Zexion ACReverseMagic
Chip & DaleCUprightSpeed
Ansem the WiseCUprightMagic
Cinderella SPCUprightPower
Axel SP (Japan)CReversePower
Captain HookCReverseSpeed
Axel ACReverseSpeed
Belle BCUprightMagic
Aqua Illustrated A (Japan)CUprightMagic
Behemoth (Global)CReversePower
Xion ACReverseMagic
Sora OrchestraCUprightMagic
Sora Pride Lands IllustratedCUprightPower
Sora Timeless RiverCUprightSpeed
Sora YoungCUprightSpeed
Terra & Ventus & Aqua (Global)CUprightSpeed
Terra & Ventus & Aqua (Japan)CUprightSpeed
Terra Illustrated ACUprightMagic
The SharkCReversePower
Cogsworth BCUprightPower
Darkside (Japan)CReverseSpeed
Demyx ACReverseMagic
Demyx BCReverseMagic
Behemoth (Japan)CReversePower
Xion SP (Japan)CReverseSpeed
Devil’s WaveCReverseSpeed
Donald & DaisyCUprightMagic
Donald MusketeerCUprightMagic
Donald Timeless RiverCUprightMagic
Flotsam & JetsamCReverseSpeed
Hayner & Pence & OletteCUprightMagic
Hayner BCUprightSpeed
Goofy AtlanticaCUprightPower
Goofy ClassicCUprightPower
Goofy MusketeerCUprightPower
Goofy Timeless RiverCUprightPower
Axel SP (Global)CReversePower
Judy HoppsCUprightSpeed
Kairi IllustratedCUprightPower
Kairi KHCUprightPower
Kairi KH 0.2CUprightSpeed
Kairi KH IICUprightSpeed
Kairi KH II IllustratedCUprightMagic
Ice TitanCReverseMagic
Riku Black Coat KH CoMCUprightMagic
Riku YoungCUprightPower
Rock TitanCReversePower
Roxas ACReverseMagic
Roxas CasualCUprightSpeed
Roxas SP (Japan)CReverseMagic
Saix ACReversePower
Santa ClausCUprightMagic
Sephiroth (Japan)CReverseSpeed
Sora & Donald & Goofy A (Global)CUprightMagic
Sora & Donald & Goofy A (Japan)CUprightMagic
Sora & Donald & Goofy CCUprightPower
Selphie UniformCUprightSpeed
Sora & Riku & Kairi (Global)CUprightMagic
Sora & RoxasCUprightSpeed
Sora AntiformCUprightMagic
Sora AtlanticaCUprightSpeed
Sora & Riku & Kairi (Japan)CUprightMagic
Sora HDCUprightSpeed
Sora Illustrated A (Global)CUprightPower
Sora Illustrated A (Japan)CUprightPower
Sora Final FormCUprightMagic
Sora & Riku & Meow WowCUprightPower
Judy & NickCUprightMagic
Experiment 626 (Stitch)CUprightSpeed
Donald AtlanticaCUprightMagic
Donald ClassicCUprightMagic
Key Art #02CUprightMagic
Ariel & FlounderCUprightMagic
Lady Tremaine & DaughtersCReverseMagic
Larxene ACReverseSpeed
Larxene BCReverseSpeed
Kairi UniformCUprightPower
Lumiere ACUprightPower
Lumiere BCUprightSpeed
Marluxia ACReverseSpeed
Xaldin ACReversePower
Xaldin BCReverseSpeed
Xemnas BCReversePower
Marluxia BCReverseSpeed
Lexaeus ACReversePower
Maui (Global)CUprightPower
Maui (Japan)CUprightPower
Lexaeus BCReversePower
Master EraqusCUprightPower
Mickey & MinnieCUprightPower
Mickey Timeless RiverCUprightSpeed
Mickey Young King ACUprightSpeed
Mickey IllustratedCUprightPower
Miguel & DanteCUprightSpeed
Pooh & Piglet (Global)CUprightMagic
Pooh & Piglet (Japan)CUprightMagic
Pooh & Tigger & RabbitCUprightPower
Pooh ACUprightPower
Minnie & DaisieCUprightPower
Nick WildeCUprightPower
Nightmare FlowbermeowCReverseSpeed
Nightmare Meow WowCReverseMagic
Olette BCUprightMagic
Pain & PanicCReverseSpeed
Pence BCUprightPower
Moana (Global)CUprightMagic
Vexen BCReverseMagic
Vivi IllustratedCUprightMagic
Moana (Japan)CUprightMagic
Mowgli & PalsCUprightSpeed
Mr. SmeeCReverseMagic
Mrs. Potts & ChipCUprightSpeed
Naminè KH CoMCUprightSpeed
Mysterious FigureCReverseMagic
Mickey KH CoMCUprightSpeed
Master XehanortCReverseMagic
Kairi YoungCUprightMagic
Pluto BCUprightMagic
Necho CatCUprightSpeed
Riku Illustrated A (Global)CUprightSpeed
Riku Illustrated A (Japan)CUprightSpeed
Jack & SallyDUprightMagic
Beat & Rhyme (Japan)DUprightPower
Xemnas ADReversePower
Man in Black CoatDReverseSpeed
The world ends with You Art #1DUprightPower
Miguel & HectorDUprightPower
Luxord ADReverseMagic
Vexen ADReverseMagic
Auron IllustratedDUprightPower


This Kingdom Hearts Unchained tier list ranks all the medals from best to worst in the game based on our own experience, gameplay, and research for the players to choose the medal which suits them the best. There are many medals in this Kingdom Hearts Unchained Medal Tier List which include Attack Medals, Boost Medals, Special Attacks Medals, Evolve Medals, Boost Medals, and Experience Medals.

Every medal has its importance and every medal performs differently because of being upgraded on different levels. So, analyzing these medals and looking at their gameplay a tier list has been made to help and guide players to choose their medals in Kingdom Hearts Unchained according to their needs and to know more about any character in the game. Ranking these medals can be subjective and vary from person to person according to their preference.

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