KOF 14 Tier List: Ultimate Ranking

We aim to rank all the playable characters from KOF 14 in this tier list.

There are 58 oh-so-amazing characters to choose from. In the KOf 14 tier list, we will rank all the characters in the game according to their abilities, skills, and strength. All the characters are divided into their specific category on the basis of their power, starting from S Tier with the best fighters of the game and going down to A B C, and D Tiers.

Let’s get started with this tier list to know the best and worst characters of this fantastic game.

Key Points

  • This article has 58 characters ranked.
  • They are ranked based on their abilities, strength, and skills.
  • The highest tiers have Terry, King, Kyo, and Mai.
  • Among the lower tiers are Verse and Gang il.


The short table has an entire ranking of KOF 14 warriors

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Terry Bogard

Alice Nakata
Sylvie PaulaGoro DaimonGang il

Ryuji Yamazaki
Ralf JonesBilly KaneTung Fu Rue
Iori YagamiJoe HigashiMianAntonovChang Koehan
Geese HowardLove HeartAndy BogardRamonVerse
NakoruruMaximaChin Gentsai
Mai ShiranuiKukriHeinXanaduChoi Bounge
Kula DiamondBenimaruMeitenkunBandeiras Hattori
Rock HowardKing of dinosaursViceNelson
Leona HeidernRyo Sakazaki
Robert Garcia

Athena Asamiya
Clark StillSie KensouOswald
AngelBlue mary
Yuri Sakazaki
Kim Kaphwan

Read their details below

S Tier

King Of Fighters 14 tier list
S Tier

The S Tier is the superb tier that contains all the characters who have flawless abilities with utmost strength and skills, they are in the best kof 14-player ranking. These characters are extremely powerful and hence placed in the S Tier. They have special skills and can cause serious damage to the opponent. They are the best kof characters 14.



 Terry Bogard Boxing, karate, Kung Fu, acrobatics, the best fighter kof 14.
 King Well-rounded, perfect normals
 Iori Yagami Yaskani style of ancient martial arts, use of claws
 Geese Howard Aikijutsu, incredible energy, gather Chi.
 Kyo The protagonist, controls fire, a Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts.
 Mai Shiranui Shiranui-ryuu.
 Kula Diamond Controlling ice.
 Rock Howard Gather Chi, acrobatics, energy attacks
 Leona Heidern Explosive technique, cutting hands
 Robert Garcia Lethal kicks, Kyokugenryu Karate.
 Athena Asamiya Wing Chun Kung-Fu.
Luong Stretch limbs, acrobatics
 Angel Muay Thai, super speed
 Vanessa Boxing style, wind blast
 Yuri Sakazaki Kyokugenryu karate
 Kim Kaphwan Flip kicks
 K’ Jeet Kune Do, pure violence.

A Tier

King Of Fighters 14 tier list
A Tier

In the A tier, all those characters are listed that could not make it to the S Tier due to minor flaws in their abilities. Although they are potent but not as much as the S Tier list of the king of fighters 14 characters. Below are the characters of the A Tier that could not make their way to the S Tier.




Alice Nakata Fatal Fury Weak player.
Ryuji Yamazaki Energy strikes, blood projectile Doesn’t know any form of martial arts.
Joe Higashi Muay Thai Slow speed
Love heart Like Airstream Arts Weal approach
Shun’ei Controls fire and water Weak normal
Kukri Hot sand assassin’s fist Weak anti-air
Benimaru Shooting, casting electricity No proper projectile without a meter
King of dinosaurs Pro wrestling Low strength
Ryo Sakazaki Kyokungenryu Does low damage
Mature Acrobatics, speed, cutting powers. Lacks command moves
Clark Still Accomplished grappler Not good with all kinds of firearms.
Zarina Kicking and dancing skills Bad wake-up options.
Blue Mary Sambo, ki energy Ground pokes are being laggy.

B Tier

KOF 14 Average Characters
B Tier

This is a subjective list with some average characters that are the third highest in the kof 14 tier list. These players lack some abilities in accordance with those of A Tier hence placed below them.




Sylvie Paula Paula Electrical manipulation Low tools
Ralf Jones Martial arts Unreliable
Mian Martial arts, Sichuanese opera All kicks do the same damage
Andy Bogard Acrobatics Normal attacks are poor.
Nakoruru Kodachi Weak anti air, lacks luster jump-ins.
Hein Gambits Fewer moves
Meitenkun Hakkyokuseiken Sleepy fighter
Vice Grappler Slow jumps
Muimui Kung Fu Very slow
Whip Boomerang shot Poor qualities
Sie Kensou Kung Fu Doesn’t use many psychic powers while fighting

C Tier

KOF 14 Bad Characters
C Tier

The players of the C Tier are not the worst yet but they are extremely common with no special abilities to perform well with great competitors. They are a little better than the players of the D Tier. They lack powers and skills. They are placed in the C Tier for the reasons mentioned below.




Goro Daimon Judo Focuses on single strikes
Billy Kane Sansetsukon Bad meterless reversals
Antonov Siberian Golden Fist Poor anti-airs
Ramon Grappler Slow anti-air normal
Maxima Pro wrestling Big in size but slow in speed
Xanadu Superhuman strength Slow moves
Bandeiras Hattori Strikes Lack of damage
Nelson Punching attacks Lacks mid-range
Heidern Selfmade fighting style Low health
Najd Umbarkinesis Poor throws
Oswald Card control Less projectile use

D Tier

Worst Characters in KOF 14
D Tier

The worst characters are placed in the D Tier. The players on this list have the lowest skills and stats. They are extremely weak and not competent at all. They have no special powers or killing moves so the damage they cause to the opponent is the lowest of all the players mentioned in the above tiers. They are hence placed in the D Tier due to the reasons mentioned.




Gang il Taekwondo Slow attacks
Tung Fu Rue Energy projectile Lacks tools
Chang Koehan Taekwondo Weak when not in control
Verse Barrage of fists Unable to prevent his personality from seeping through control
Chin Gentsai Fire breath Poor fighting style
Choi Bounge Taekwondo Poor combos

KOF 14 New Characters

In this series, there were 22 new characters introduced. These characters have their own features that include their skills and flaws. New characters add more value and entertainment to the game. As players across the globe eagerly wait to try these new additions to their favorite games. KOF 14 new characters are as follows :


He is a marvelous character with some amazing fighting tactics and skills that made him placed in the A Tier of the kof 14 tier list. He is able to control fire and water, he is able to perform hydrokinesis with a fragment of his right half’s power and Pyrokinesis from a fragment of his left side’s power. His fighting style is quite unique that included telekinetic control of his energy fists. Mostly his attacking technique includes the Chinese boxing style.


His nickname is ”Sleep Prodigy”. He has good power energy that he utilizes to gather Chi energy. His sleep pattern gives her the energy to give him strong control over Chi. He has an incredible projectile. He can perform multiple kicks and has superhuman strength. He has a great fighting style of Hakkyokuminminken which is a form of martial arts. He has a great deal of energy.

Tung Fu Rue

He is not a good player as he got placed in the D Tier of the above-mentioned tier list. He has the ability to fill his entire body with chi energy. He is able to sense the existence of people around him. He can soak chi energy from Gaia. He has the ability to fire attacks in intervals. His fighting style is Hakkyokuminminken and some kung fu.

Gang il

He is another player with poor skills as he has disastrously slow attacks. His fighting style is Taekwondo, with his kicks being average so that he can blow opponents away but with difficulty.


She is an outstanding player in this series. He has many abilities that include her stretching of legs so extremely like a whip. Her fighting style is basically taekwondo but also includes fast kicks, acrobatics, and flexibility. Her kicks are of extreme rage so she is seen breaking necks with them. She is a good new introduction to the KOF family as she is one of the best fighters one can choose. She is placed in the S Tier.


Xanadu is another average addition to the list. Although he does have some abilities overall he has got pathetic moves. His moves lack skills. Though he has some good abilities including his superhuman strength. Another skill is that he yells so loudly that his opponents are blown away. On the whole, there are not many skills to talk about.

Sylvie Paula Paula

Sylvie is another good player of the game. She is able to control electricity. She can perform electrokinesis. Her fighting style is electrical manipulation mixed with martial arts.


He is a marvelous fighter in the series. His fighting style is Hot Sand Assassin’s Fist. He has the skill to attack and defend by using sand. He is able to astonish his opponent by using sand. He can even create a parallel universe with the help of his abilities.


Mian is an average character, with a fighting style that is a hybrid of martial arts, the Sichuanese opera. All her kicks whether special or normal do the same amount of damage to the opponent.


Nelson is a moderate character. He has a great punching style. He has the skill of Aerokinesis, which is creating wind currents around his punches. All his special moves include punching. His fighting style is based on punching attacks.


She is capable of attacking with chi. She can even make a hurricane. Her fighting tactics include kicking and dancing skills. Her wakeup options are quite poor and provide less power, despite that she is not too bad.

Bandeiras Hattori

He can enact multiple hand strikes at a very fast rate. He is great at teleporting and cloning. He performs various athletic activities. His moves vary from throws to strikes.

King of Dinosaurs

His fighting technique is Pro Wrestling. It is focused on grappling. He is mastered in Hurricanranna and charging attack. His moves are brutal with the use of his teeth and claws. He is a pleasing new character.


Hein’s fighting style is known as Gambits including moves that are named after chess moves. He can control red energy that has properties similar to gravitational fields. He is able to develop a large pool of energy around him to repel opponents. He is a suitable player, with some adequate skills that a new player is expected of having.


Nakoruru’s weapon is filled with ki energy. Her projectiles are very strong. She is a decent new addition to the game. She is placed in the C Tier of the tier list as she has some good and some not-so-good characteristics during the game. She is a fair character.


Muimui’s fighting style is basically Kung fu. She is very slow in speed and attack. She is a new character in the game but lacks several skills that a good player should have. She is a disappointing new character because when gamers hear of a new character they expect it to have something unique or something outstanding, but she is not even close to being outstanding.

Love Heart

She is a remarkable new addition to the game. She has so many incredible skills that she performs throughout the game to tackle the opponent. Her main weapon is a sword with which she can perform various techniques. Her skills are fantastic and her speed is overall fabulous.

She is the first choice of many players who play the game more often. Her skills include The Like Airstream Arts, which consists of skills with swords in the air.  She is able to play magic and cut with her sword skills. She is a remarkable new member of this gaming family.

Alice Nakata

Her fighting techniques are similar to those of Fatal Fury. She has a self-taught South Town art form of fighting. She is a good player and has some good moves and powers. She has a good speed by which she became a choice of many gamers. Her play technique is quite impressive in its own form.


Antonov looks like he is the strongest character but it’s the opposite. He has no basic good moves. He requires a lot of effort from the gamer to do basic punches and kicks to cope with the opponent but he is of no good. He lacks the basic abilities and skills that other players of the game have. He lacks projectile, which is very important. He has extremely poor anti-airs. His fighting style is the Siberian Golden Fist.


His character is well explained above.

Rock Howard

Rock is so amazing. He is full of strength and abilities that a true fighter should have. He does justice to the level of the game. He is a master in acrobatics with a lot of energy attacks. He can gather chi energy. He is able to feel the presence of people nearby. He can create an energy geyser by touching the ground, this attack is called Ragging Storm.

His fighting style includes kickboxing, karate, and street fighting. He is a very good addition to the game and became a favorite player of many gamers around the world. Such players are liked and appreciated by the followers of the game as they provide extra power to the great levels of the game.


Najd is a new character in the series. She is a poor character with low-level skills and abilities hence she is placed in the C Tier of the above-mentioned list. She has poor attacks and throws. Although she has one good move which is her Umbarkinesis, where she is able to manipulate shadows in order o attack the rival.

Best of King of Fighters 14

These are the list of characters who are the best in the game, we have ranked them in order of their skills in the game. This is bonus content and will help you even more after analyzing our tier list.

KOF 14 Best Mid Characters

The kof 14 best mid characters in the game are these:

  1. Terry
  2. King
  3. Mai
  4. Luong
  5. Iori
  6. Rock Howard
  7. Leona
  8. Robert
  9. Kula
  10. Yuri.

KOF 14 Best Rushdown Characters

The unique thing about King Of Fighters is that it allows the characters to play a rush-down game while some of them do it better than others. The kof 14 best rush-down characters are as follows:

  1. Kyo is a great rush-down player. He can switch space controlling fireballs.
  2. Chris is a great rush-down character with great mobility.
  3. Vanessa is the character who operates her dash and stance to mix up the dodge the rival.
  4. Athena is a great rush-down character who can be a real terror.

Best Range Blowbacks of KOF 14

Blowbacks are performed using the HP and HK together. There are two versions of blowback, the ground version, and the air version. Blowbacks are a universal mechanism, all the characters have it. You can not put a blowback while crouching, you will get a down HP. There is some best range blowback of kof 14.

Ground Blowbacks

All ground blowouts can be whiff canceled into special moves. You can use it with some characters to give your special moves more range. In King Of Fighters 14, the ground blowback now grants a wall splat on hit. this causes hard knockdown and it’s possible to combo after it. It can be a big risk as most specials are unsafe on the block. That’s why it is better to confirm a blowback attack after the animation ends.

Though some players like Nelson have a hard time doing it. In such cases just dash in and pressure the opponent. Every character has at least one confirmed in the corner. Landing a blowback on a jumping opponent gives you a soft knockdown.

Air Blowbacks

The air blowback gives you a soft knockdown on hit. You can go for pressure or character-specific options after the knockdown. Air blows can be crouch blocked. You can combo after an air blowback on counter hit.

You must be thinking that is there a point in using air blowback at all? Well, air blowback is highly advantageous on the block. When an opponent blocks your air blowback, pressure them afterward. Some air blowbacks have great vertical reach and can be used for air to air or low to the ground to stop approaching the opponents.

Best Grappler in kof 14

Grappling is the art of holding onto the opponent while fighting with him simultaneously. This is not an easy move and not many players can do it. It requires a pro player who can use this fighting tactic with less difficulty and more power. There are many characters in the game who are good at this technique but the best grappler in kof 14 is one and only Clark Still. He has the best setups.

He is able to grasp and throw anyone despite their weight, this makes him more skillful in holding onto the rival with his enormous powers and abilities of strength.  He has got hold of many firearms. He can hold onto the opponent with great power and beat him till the end, this makes him the best grappler in the series.

KOF 14 Final Boss

The kof final boss is Verse. He has a variety of powers. He is the epitome of negative forces so he has control over all the negative energy. He is able to control fire and can levitate and fly. He has the ability to disappear. He has superhuman powers. His fighting style is by giving a barrage of fists. He has the souls of the dead and of those who are tangled in a time warp due to this he is unable to stop their personalities from seeping into control after he is defeated he releases all the souls he contains.

He has got a rage of fire. He is by far the worst final boss in all the series. He lacks many basic fighting tactics and normals. In the above-mentioned tier list, he is placed in the D Tier because of his flaws. He is not a fine player. He has many flaws that overshadow the powers he has. Hence he is not a desirable character. Check the Final boss of KOF XIV

Comparison Table

Terry BogardSBoxing, karate, Kung Fu, acrobatics, the best fighter kof 14.
KingSWell-rounded, perfect normals
Iori YagamiSYaskani style of ancient martial arts, use of claws
Geese HowardSAikijutsu, incredible energy, gather Chi.
KyoSThe protagonist, controls fire, a Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts.
Mai ShiranuiSShiranui-ryuu.
Kula DiamondSControlling ice.
Rock HowardSGather Chi, acrobatics, energy attacks
Leona HeidernSExplosive technique, cutting hands
Robert GarciaSLethal kicks, Kyokugenryu Karate.
Athena AsamiyaSWing Chun Kung-Fu.
LuongSStretch limbs, acrobatics
AngelSMuay Thai, super speed
VanessaSBoxing style, wind blast
Yuri SakazakiSKyokugenryu karate
Kim KaphwanSFlip kicks
K’SJeet Kune Do, pure violence.
Alice NakataAWeak player.Fatal Fury
Ryuji YamazakiADoesn’t know any form of martial arts.Energy strikes, blood projectile
Joe HigashiASlow speedMuay Thai
Love heartAWeal approachLike Airstream Arts
Shun’eiAWeak normalControls fire and water
KukriAWeak anti-airHot sand assassin’s fist
BenimaruANo proper projectile without a meterShooting, casting electricity
King of dinosaursALow strengthPro wrestling
Ryo SakazakiADoes low damageKyokungenryu
MatureALacks command movesAcrobatics, speed, cutting powers.
Clark StillANot good with all kinds of firearms.Accomplished grappler
ZarinaABad wake-up options.Kicking and dancing skills
Blue MaryAGround pokes are being laggy.Sambo, ki energy
Sylvie Paula PaulaBLow toolsElectrical manipulation
Ralf JonesBUnreliableMartial arts
MianBAll kicks do the same damageMartial arts, Sichuanese opera
Andy BogardBNormal attacks are poor.Acrobatics
NakoruruBWeak anti air, lacks luster jump-ins.Kodachi
HeinBFewer movesGambits
MeitenkunBSleepy fighterHakkyokuseiken
ViceBSlow jumpsGrappler
MuimuiBVery slowKung Fu
WhipBPoor qualitiesBoomerang shot
Sie KensouBDoesn’t use many psychic powers while fightingKung Fu
Goro DaimonCFocuses on single strikesJudo
Billy KaneCBad meterless reversalsSansetsukon
AntonovCPoor anti-airsSiberian Golden Fist
RamonCSlow anti-air normalGrappler
MaximaCBig in size but slow in speedPro wrestling
XanaduCSlow movesSuperhuman strength
Bandeiras HattoriCLack of damageStrikes
NelsonCLacks mid-rangePunching attacks
HeidernCLow healthSelfmade fighting style
NajdCPoor throwsUmbarkinesis
OswaldCLess projectile useCard control
Gang ilDSlow attacksTaekwondo
Tung Fu RueDLacks toolsEnergy projectile
Chang KoehanDWeak when not in controlTaekwondo
VerseDUnable to prevent his personality from seeping through controlBarrage of fists
Chin GentsaiDPoor fighting styleFire breath
Choi BoungeDPoor combosTaekwondo

Patch Notes Ver.3.00

The ver. 3.00 made following changes:

  • Charged special moves bugs were fixed
  • Emergency Evasion, Guard Cancel Emergency Evasion, and Moving Distance actions were made for all characters.
  • New moves were introduced for multiple characters including KYo, Bneimaru etc.

Final Verdict

The King Of Fighters 14 is an all-around amazing game with many new techniques and players to enjoy. Some best players are placed in the S Tier of the Kof 14 latest tier list. Then there are the good players who lack some best qualities placed in the A Tier in our KOF 14 Tier List.

Their skills and abilities decrease as we go on to the B, C, and D Tiers. This fabulous action packet game provides exotic players to play with and enjoy the gaming mania. The players have their own ranks and specific abilities that allow the gamer to enjoy. All the special moves and new fighting aptitudes are exceptional and remarkable.