KOF 15 Tier List: The Ultimate Ranking

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King of Fighters is an amazing game that came into existence in 1994. The game is a full-action-packed fighting game that has the interest of so many gamers. Kof has many series to keep gamers so engaged that they can fully indulge in the gaming arena. It revolutionized the gaming arena. This game has a lot of fame, so it is not dependent on an introduction. Kof 15 was launched recently in February 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox X/S.

The game consists of 39 playable characters, making 13 teams of 3 fighters, each with 4 additional players as paid downloadable content. Kof 15 tier list will be defining all these characters in detail. While playing, the characters chosen are absolutely according to the gamer’s playstyle; some characters are considerably better than others. Their skills and combos allow a perfect blend of their fighting abilities and tendency to win the game. These fighters will be placed in tiers, ranging from best to worst.

The characters designated to their respective tiers are based on our liking and experience in the game. You might find your favorite characters in the tiers below you expected, but it’s all a matter of our own choices. We will discuss the characters and their skills and abilities in the game and place them in their respective tiers. 

Key Points

  • Our list was compiled with the latest meta in mind.
  • There are a total of 36 characters on our list.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find Terry Bogard and Vanessa.
  • The lower ranks contain characters like Ramon and Whip.


Let’s now list all the entries in a short table.

Tier RankCharacters
S Rank• Terry Bogard
• Ralf Jones
• Vanessa
• Mai Shiranui
• Elisabeth Blanctorche
• Dolores
• Chris
A Rank• Joe Higashi
• Shun’ei
• Leona Heidern
• Heidern
• Kula Diamond
• Blue Mary
• Kukri
• Angel
• Yashiro Nanakase
• Kyo Kusanagi
• Iori Yagami
• Athena Asamiya
B Rank• Ryo Sakazaki
• Isla
• Maxima
• K’
• Meitenkun
• Chizuru Kagura
• King of Dinosaurs
• Shermie
C Rank• Andy Bogard
• Luong
• Ash Crimson
• Krohnen
• Benimaru
• Antonov
• Clark Still
• Yuri Sakazaki
D Rank• Ramon and Whip

learn more about each entry below.

S Tier

kof 15 tier list
S Tier.

The superb tier includes the utmost perfect fighters with the highest stats and abilities and skills that make them able to fight flawlessly and perfectly. They have incredible combos and the finest stats in the game. These characters are easy to understand for all the new learners as well. They have a huge impact on the tactics of the game. They are adorable in their fighting skills. Let’s see who made their way to the S tier of the article

Terry Bogard

Terry Bogard is an extraordinary player and the finest fighter in the game. Truly he has incredible combos with great damage. He has so many great moves to choose from. He leaves the competitor with so much damage that it looks like a piece of cake for him to kill the rival. His unprecedented moves are the Power Geyser and Buster Wolf. He has amazing skills with killer moves. The player’s command moves are marvelous and on point, including Back Knuckle and Rising Upper. Terry consists of great special moves like Power Wave, Burning Knuckle, Crack Shoot, Rising Tackle, Power Charge, and Power Dunk.

Terry is an undefeatable fighter of the kof 15 arena. He is best in his climax move, that is, the Stardust Ignition providing his amazing reach and defensive attack. All his attacks are super; even his normal throws are heavy on the rival; for instance, his Buster Throw backward and forward are beyond belief. Terry is placed in the S tier of the list because he is perhaps the best fighter in the entire game.

Ralf Jones

He is a great rush-down character with exceptional normals. Being a fantastic grappler he shines throughout the game. He is a solid character with spectacular moves like Galactica Phantom, Bareback Vulcan Punch, and Ralf Super Phalanx. Ralf has a remarkable reach, attack, and defense. Jones is right in all terms. His command move, like Jet Upper, leaves the opponent with great damage. Special moves are Ralf Kick, Ralf Impact, Dynamite Ralf Punch, Vulcan Punch, Gatling Attack, Dive Bomber Punch, and Head strike.

Many more moves provide him full room to win the game by using them in their proper accordance. He can go through the enemy with his strikes and jump-in attacks. There is a capability of giving heavy and devastating blows through his attacks. He can finish off any rival if all his moves are carried out adequately. Ralf is a fighter with tremendous solid buttons. Ralf is a terrific heavy-hitting fighter of the game. He is standing brightly in the S rank of the King of Fighters 15 tier list.


She is so magnificent that so is worth adoring. Vanessa is well known for her despicable fast speed. That allows her to rush down the rivals and apply pressure on them. Vanessa’s Puncher Vision move is fantastic in allowing her to dash forward and backward into other punches. Her attack is very heavy. She has splendid activities like Machine Gun Puncher, which increases the attack strength and does tremendous damage.

Dash Puncher, Puncher Weaving, and crazing Puncher are some other wild moves Vanessa has. She is an eminent attacker with the most spectacular punching moves in the game. After gaining full control of Vanessa’s techniques, she can cause serious damage and apply pressure during the battle. Vanessa is a phenomenal fighter who is worth selecting for a good player.

Mai Shiranui

Mai is a glorious neutral fighter and amongst the best in the game. She excels in all categories; be it speed, power, attack, defense, or normals, she is outstanding. There is a strategy to maintain the pressure of the game by controlling the tempo of the match. Projectiles can be defined, and she can make the opponent hanged in the air. She has the most spectacular jumps which make her phenomenal in many situations.

The character is a great pick for the players. Her super special moves are Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi, Air Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi, Kagerou no Mai, and Shiranui-Ryuu Ougi-Kuzzunoha. She has good command moves, including Ukihane, Koukaku no Mai, Sankaku-Tobi, and Target Combo 1. Mai has so many good normals like Shiranui Gorin, Fuush Kuzushi, and Yume-Zakura. She has such a fast speed that she can beat her rival. A fabulous pick for beginner players, her attacks are jaw-breaking for the rival, with immense damage caused to even the strongest opponents.

Elisabeth Blanctorche

She is so heavy on the foe that it gets frustrating for the rival to compete with her. Her moves are easy to understand and cause a good amount of damage. Elisabeth has a sound reach for the opponent to cause destruction. She performs a good cross-up if you can manage it well. Her projectiles are great. If the player is offensive, the transition can be made to learn moves like Grele and Coup-de-Vent. Her command move is called Eclair, which gives her immense power to cause destruction.

She has some fine special moves like Etincelle, Illusion, Aurore, Noble-Blanche, Grand Raffale, Fete da la Lumiere. Her normals are amazing and involve Maniere and Exil. Elisabeth is a marvelous choice and hence she is placed in the S tier.


She has unique psychic abilities the help of which she can contact the spirits of Earth. She can control rocks and mud and change their state according to her will. While she is applying her moves, the Earth spirit can be seen emerging from the mud puddles. She has tremendous ground-based powers like teleportation, trapping opponents, and setup moves.

Dolores’s moves are Burj, Qafas Qabl, Nesh, Altariq, and Qafas Khalfi. Her unusual moves include Ghadab, Hadir, and Khalaq al’ard. Dolores is that character of this incredible game who has the most promising normals that are so damaging to the opponent that nobody can compete with his moves. Her normals are called Salaba and Maran.


Chris returned to the kof series after a very long time. He is a great character in the game and hence placed in the S tier. The ability to spin kick in the air, dash from one side to another which is great to avoid attacks, and flip his rivals upwards with a grab is some fine skill. He has such miraculous combos that are spectacular in a competition.

His special moves are Hunting Air, Glider Stomp, Shooting Dancer Step, Direction Change, Scramble Dash, and Chain Slide Touch. Chris has great finishing moves like Onslaught Mirage and Quarter Circle back. His normal moves are Step Turn and Aerial Drop. He has lavish speed and mobility that provides great attacking abilities and skills. Chris is the greatest player with awesome combos.

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A Tier

kof 15 tier list
A Tier.

Here is the above-average tier, and the characters placed here could be S tier for many fans but it is all subjective. The rank consists of players that are not worthy of being placed in the S tier due to minor flaws in their abilities. Let us get to know the entries of the tier.

Joe Higashi

Joe is another distinguished player on this list. He has many abilities that a true fighter has and also the powers that a good player is looking for in his best character. Joe’s dazzling moves are Screw Upper and Baku-Sla Golden Tiger. His super moves that tend to leave the rival damaged are Hurricane Upper, Tiger Kick, Slash Kick, Bakuretsuken, and Ougon no Kakato.

Joe has so much potential and so much power in his Hiza-Jigoku and Joe-Special moves that the rival is left defeated with ease. Joe can be a bit absurd sometimes and so he is placed in the A tier of our list, but he is a great fighter. He is a tremendous all-rounder character. He has a great range of mix-ups and overheads that makes him so dangerous in many situations. Joe is a very challenging character and is worth picking for the players.


Shun’ei is a good character in the game with many great moves and a good attacking strategy. He has refined normals that provide a good amount of damage to the opponent and defeat the opponent with iconic power. He has an epic defensive mechanism that allows him not to lose his strength throughout the battle.

His best moves are his command moves which are Sky Axe, Ground Hammer, and Target Combo 1. These moves provide him the ability to defeat any good contender. Shun’ei’s most special techniques that allow him to stand marvelously in battle are Scarlet Phantom, Aqua Spear, Rising Efreet, Blau Wing, and Thruster Vision( front, back, slant, and under). Beyond super moves are his Super Special Moves, Gaianic Burst, and Specter Extension. His killer move which is the K.O. move is Phantom Singulation. It is the ultimate move that leaves the opponent in a disastrous state.

His low-speed level is the one flaw that made him slip down to the A tier of the kof 15 character tier list. He lacks in the speed department a bit and hence he lost his place in the S tier. Even though he is an all in all amazing character to choose from.

Leona Heidern

Leona Heidern is one of the main characters of the game. She is an absolute favorite of so many gamers that she is placed in the A tier of the list. She has an iconic amount of speed that allows her to operate fast in competition with her rival.

Leona has massive strength that provides her with high grounds to win the match. She is an astounding team player and good at defense. Leona’s best moves are Baltic Launcher, Moon Slasher, Earring Bomb Heart Attack, Earring Bomb, Grand Saber, X-Calibur, V-Slasher, and Slash Saber. Her intensive finishing move is Leona Blade which provides him great damage to the rival. Leona’s normals are great, for example, Leona Crash forward and backward. The reason she is placed in the A tier is because of her low reach and new moves introduced that are not up to the mark with the characters of the S tier.


Heidern belongs to the A tier because of his epic combos. He has got some great moves. He is a stellar all-rounder who has a bundle of special moves like Cross Cutter, Moon Slasher, Storm Bringer, Stinger, Assault Saber, Heidern End, and Heidern Slash. His climax move is Gae Bolg which is a kick-ass move. His normal throws are Lead Belcher and Backstabbing.

However, his attack on anything is tough. His Storm Binger move is quite tricky to use and might cause the player to end up being dodged. That is why he has been placed in the A tier.

Kula Diamond

Kula’s moves are One Inch, Slider Shoot, Crow Bite, Diamond Breath, Counter Shell, Ray Spin, and Falling Snowman. Kula’s super special moves are Diamond Edge and Frozen Arena, Ice Coffin, and Ice Sledge. Her finishing move is called Glacier Ridge.

He is an elite all-rounder and has a great selection for new gamers. She has gripping moves and attacks that help her perform well in the game. She can launch projectiles and reflect back the opponent’s shots back at them, which is her strongest feature. Her combos are hard to hit, and that makes her a somewhat difficult character.

Blue Mary

Blue Mary is an insightful fighter. Her moves are vast including her command moves that are Hammer Arch, Double Rolling, and Climbing Arrow. She has enriching special moves which are Straight Slicer, Vertical Arrow, Spin Fall, Real Counter, M Breaker, M Typhoon, M Splash Rose, Lock Kick, and Viktor Throw. Her ultimate climax move is M Dynamite Swing. She has great reach and rhythm. She is greatly defensive because most of her skills work against her opponents as counters.

Her approaches take her in the air, and while she is airborne, the opponent can quickly punish her with the help of an anti-air attack. This is considered her one big flaw, hence she placed in the A tier.


Kukri is yet another sensational character. Her moves are Nessa Jin, Nessa Senpuu, Bossa-Shougeki, Air Bossa-Shougeki, Genei Sajin, Nessa Chugeki, Nessa Goku Fujin, and Nessa Goku Totsuha. The normals are great Miken Funsai, and Bakkonsai. Her climax move is called Goku Nessa Housairyu, and she also has more options to approach her opponents but she is also less offensive as a result.


Angel is yet another member of the A tier. Her command moves Middle Spin and Heavy Knee Attack. She has many special moves like Red Sky, Mad Murder, Unchain Suite, Real Wave, and Blue Monday Counter. Her climax move is Ascension Time, which leaves the rival defeated. The normals are Tekitou Rush and Shadow Behead. Angel is a rush-down fighter and can apply pressure on the opponent. Having s a variety of combos to get her rival. She is a fantastic character if she is playing well.

Angel is perhaps a challenging character in the game due to her Unchain Suite of attacks. However, she is a terrifying character.

Yashiro Nanakase

Yashiro is a great character when it comes to getting close to the opponent showing his strategy and goals. When he closes the gap between himself and the rival, he uses a multitude of attacks to introduce deadly combos and armored attacks and shows flawless mix-ups. His playstyle is exhilarating and highly recommended for beginners.

His command moves are Regret Bash and Step Side Kick. Yashiro’s special moves include Missile Might Bash, Upper Duel, Jet Counter, Sledgehammer, Final Impact Max, and Variable Bash Stream. Nanakase has a good finishing move known as Ultimate Billion Bash. He has some astounding normals like Liver Blow and Hatchet Throw.

He lacks ranged attacks either medium or long, this factor may leave people on the fence.

Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo is known for his long list of deadly combos. His mixups are incredible. The moves are strategic like 100 Shiki Oniyaki, Red Kick, 75 Shiki Kai, 114 Shiki Aragami (the move starts with a great flaming punch) 115 Shiki Dokugami, 212 Shiki Kototsuki Yo, Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi, and 182 Shiki. Climax move is Ura 1212 Shiki Yakumo.

Kyo’s combos are brilliant, but they are challenging to learn.

Iori Yagami

Iori has a lot to offer, he is a pure asset. He is a dazzling finisher, his learning curves are marvelous making him suitable to play well even under pressure. His moves like Kim 1211 Yaotome and Ura 316 Shiki Saika need great power gauge blocks. His command moves are Ge Shiki Yumebiki, Gee Shiki Gofu in Shinigami, and Gee Shiki Yuriori. Ura 1131 Shiki Hozuki is his finishing move.

In 212 Shiki Kototsuki In, he sprints across the battlefield toward the rival. If the attack is successful, he pins the opponent to the ground with his purple flames. It is a marvelous technique when you are in dire need of a quick approach. His projectiles are defensive skills to keep the opponents at a distance. Its EX version is a close-range attack that adds a great amount of damage to the already knocked down rival.

Iori may not have many tactical options, his defense not being up to the mark.

Athena Asamiya

She is a great zoner of kof 15. She excels in many areas of fighting abilities. Her strategy is to launch projectiles at the rival and force the enemy to jump in. She is superbly mobile, that is why she is a solid character. The great command moves of Athena are Phoenix Bomb ground and air.

She has a variety of special moves like Psycho Ball Attack, Psycho Sword, Psycho Reflector, Phoenix Arrow, Super Psychic Throw, Psychic Teleport, and Psycho Shoot. Her climax move is Psycho Remix Spark, which allows her to beat the opponent with ease. She lacks a high level of speed as compared to the characters of the S tier.

B Tier

Average Characters in King of Fighters 15
B Tier.

The B tier is an average tier that comprises the characters that are decent but not high leveled. They are not excelling in all the departments. They are somewhat challenging. These characters can be good backups and be placed in a group of two fine players just to fill in the gap. 

Ryo Sakazaki

He is a mighty fighter, having many great abilities to thrive high on the battlefield. He has some fine moves that make his winning tendency way high. Ryo is a great fighter and a good choice for the new players. He has a great fireball attack that makes him control the area in front of him. Having a wide range of combos and juggle potential, makes him one of the best close-range threats in the game. The command moves are Hyouchuu Wari, Jyoudan Uke, Gedan Uke, and Kizami Duki. Sakazaki’s special moves are Kohou, Ko-Ou Ken, Hein Shippuu Kyaku, and Zanretsuken. Super special moves of the character are Haoh Shoukou Ken and Ryuuko Ranbu.

He is placed in the B tier because his speed is pretty slow, and Ryo lacks in this department with his reach not up to the mark.


Isla has a potent offense and great speed. Her great feature is her combo strings stemming from her. She can hit her opponent directly by Throwie C. Forward, backward and vertical drips give her good control of the space. He can provide significant damage to the opponents, keeping them on their toes. The moves are Fill-In, Scribe, To Front, Brake, Throwie, Drips (forward, backward, and vertical), Piecing (A, B, and C), Back to Back, and Wild Style. Normals include All-City and Crossing Out. His attacks are pretty dull compared to those in the A tier.


Maxima has a great Heavy Punch and Kick, which are his armored attacks. His M-4 Vapor Canon, Air M-4 Vapor Cannon, M-19 Blitz Cannon, Maxima Press, Maxima charge, and Double Vapor Cannon are the most magnificent moves.

However, he is a very complex character to understand, and not all players can play him with ease. That is a great drawback for the character which makes many gamers avoid him. His speed is not so good; he heavily lacks in speed, thus placed in the B tier of the kof 15 tier list 2022.


K’ is an all-rounder and excels in mostly all areas. His strategy is using his Ein Trigger along with several follow-up attacks which lets him control the opponent’s flow and pace. He can teleport a flaming projectile at the opponent. He is unpredictable, which lets him apply great pressure and combos. His command moves are One Inch, Knee Assault, and Sniper Side. The special moves are Ein Trigger, Blackout, Crow Bite, Minute Spike, and Air Minute Spike. His climax attack is Hyper Chain Drive. K’s outstanding normals are Spotpile and Knee Strike.

He lacks in excelling the need to make up for his ability to weave in follow-up attacks.


He is a good character in the game with marvelous moves like Makura Nage, Sen-Siss Hou, and Geki Hou flow well. Using the right timing, these moves can trap the opponent in a long juggle by using the right timing. His command moves are Nezou Rangeki and Chinzankou. The special moves are Makura Nage, Sen-Siss Hou, Geki Hou, and Ressen Kyaku. Super special moves are Chou Geki Hou and Hakuchuu Musou.

If a player is not good with charge characters, you should not want him in a pivotal position. It is comprised of a less power gauge. 

Chizuru Kagura

She is a dynamite fighter. Her speed is so great that it could be compared to those of the S-tier contestants. Her massive moves are Uramen 31 Katsu Kyuusen no Jouhari, Uramen 1 katsu San Rai no Fujin, Uramin 85 Katsu Reigi no Ishizue. The normal throws are Rei Getsu and Kai Ten. She is a spectacular player and a beyond-good attacker. Chizuru’s normals let her compete with full strength and power

She is the hardest to master. Her Yata Mirror move tends to project copies of herself for attacking rivals but these images require precision. Having reach and defense that are below average.

King of Dinosaurs

The King of Dinosaurs is a great power grappler, which makes him such an awesome character. He has some great tricks to fight up against his opponents. With the ability to release his slams on the opponent by getting close to them and causing great damage. He has amazing armored attacks like his grabs which keeps the rival on high alert. His command moves are Rex Head and Yucatan. Special moves are Zetsumetsu Hurricane, Assault Raptor, Ankylo Hammer, Giga Compy, and Chicxulub Buster.

He does not have a ‘wow’ factor in his strategy accompanied by his slow speed, hence he is lying in the A tier.


Shermie is a great grappler. She has a wide range of command grabs and closes the gap destroying the opponent. There are many grapplers in the game but Shermie has the greatest speed and agility. Her great moves include Shermie Spiral, Shermie Whip, Shermie Clutch, Shermie Shoot, Accel Spin Kick, Shermie Shock, and Shermie Carnival. The climax move is Shermie Exposition, and her normal throws are dazzling like Shermie Flash Original and Front Flash. The defense lacks a bit as compared to others in the S tier. 

C Tier

Bad Characters in King of Fighters 15
C Tier.

The players that are kept in the C ran of the King of Fighters 15 tier list have more downsides than they have skills and abilities. They may not be the first choice of someone due to their drawbacks in them. Winning the battle with these characters has a low chance. All the characters placed in the C tier are described below.

Andy Bogard

He is a fine character with good fireballs. His fighting style is Koppouken, an old Japanese martial art including a bit of Karate and Ninjutsu. He has proper combos. Andy is lying in the C tier due o her low reach. He is not too wild to be a good fighter.


She is an offensive player and a pro juggler. Her fighting style is Taekwondo. She causes very less damage to her opponent. Her move’s list is very short and there is not much to offer.

Ash Crimson

Ash plays a defensive game on the battlefield. He has a good projectile the help of which he destroys the opponent. However, his attacking skills are quite low along with his speed which let him down in the C tier.


Krohnen plays a safe game, he keeps himself at a steady point where his defense is strong enough. He is an overall decent fighter but he has such a slow speed that he is left behind in the name of a great player.


Benimaru is that character of the game who plays very well under immense pressure. He is very malleable. His weakness lies in his attacks that have slow startups.


He is a fine player with some upright attacks and useful normals. His fighting style is the Siberian Golden Fist. Where this character lacks is his average combos and below-average speed level.

Clark Still

Clark is known as the best grappler almost throughout the entire kof series. For fighting style, he is known as an accomplished wrestler. In the game, he has pretty decent normals but lacks good speed. He has great combos in his character.

Yuri Sakazaki

Yuri is a good rush-down character in the game. She uses the lowest version of Kyokugenryu Karate as a fighting style. She has exemplary projectiles and pretty fair fireballs. On the contrary, she has a flawed reach and speed. Hence positioned in the C tier.

D Tier

Worst Characters in KOF 15
D Tier.

The current tier consists of the characters that are poor in their abilities. They lack the basic powers that all the other fighters have. They are worst than the members of the C tier, therefore they are assigned to the D tier.

Ramon and Whip

Ramon and Whip are two of the most disappointing characters of the game. No character has so low levels of skills as them. They lack in many departments of ability, on the other hand, they have an abundance of flaws. They have a bizarre sense of gameplay. Both of them have very poor defense mechanisms. They have some average moves but any of the above-mentioned characters can easily cancel them.

They are placed together in the D tier because they are side by side based on being deficient. Their speed is low, reach is poor, and projectiles lack strength. Moreover, they are a complete disaster in the name of kof characters.

Best Characters For Beginners In King Of Fighters 15 

If you are just starting out with King Of Fighters 15 then you need to pick out some of the easiest and best characters from our tier list of King Of Fighters 15 to get started. Below are some of the best characters for beginners in the game. 

Iori Yagami 

The main rival to the series protagonist, Iori Yagami is capable of taking down the strongest of enemies and has the easiest kit to master. His aggressive moves it can help you dodge attacks in the toughest of situations and you won’t have to perform lengthy combos just to get a big chunk out of your opponent’s HP. Also, he is very skilled when it comes to offense and has a pretty good defense as well. 

Terry Bogard 

Definitely a fan favorite character, Terry plays a supporting role for his son Rock Howard. His move set is very easy to master and he is an overall balanced character with good offensive and defensive stats. All of his attacks are spontaneous and they deal damage to the enemy at different speeds. That makes him a good character if you want to perform some surprise attacks. 

Blue Mary 

It will be safe to say that every King Of Fighter 15 player loves to use Blue Mary as she has the easiest combo sequence that you can master as compared to other characters in our August 2022 list. She practices Russian Sambo and if you have even a bit of MMA knowledge you will know that her attacks can be pretty damaging. Her fast strikes our second to none and she can dodge attacks easily. 

Kyo Kusanagi 

Even though he’s the protagonist of King Of Fighters, his attacks can be quite tricky, especially for beginners. Nonetheless, they are still pretty easy to master as compared to other characters in our article. He has a very consistent move set and his attacks can deal quite a lot of damage if executed strategically. 


That was our kof 15 tier list, where we have attempted to rack all of the fighters in the game from S to D rank depending on their capabilities. Hopefully, the article should help potential players differentiate between the good and the bad characters, and help them make more informed decisions in terms of who they want to play as.

If you have some disagreements about certain placements, please let us know about them in the comments below. We always love to hear constructive criticism from our readers, and we always try to learn from it going forward.

KOF 15 - FAQ

How many characters are there in kof 15?

There are 39 playable characters. There is a DLC that increases that count.

Who is the best player of kof 15?

The best player in this series is Terry Bogard, with fantastic strategies in his gameplay. The power dunk and power charge are some of the moves that set him apart.

How to perform command normals in kof 15?

These are used in basic combos more often; they are executed by holding a direction and pressing a button.

Is KOF 15 15 easy for beginners?

It is not an easy game for regular gamers. Only if you have the know-how of the previous series, sure, you can play it well.

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