League of Legends Twisted Treeline Tier List

All the 117 champions relevant to Patch Notes 13.6 are ranked in this tier list.

In Twisted Treeline,  players achieve victory by pushing enemies to the other base and by destroying their Nexus. It was the second classic gameplay map in which you had to choose one of the two paths for attacking the enemy’s weak points and destroying their Nexus which is the primary objective of the teams. It also had two modes; the normal 3v3 mode and hexakill which was a 6v6 mode. Although the map was removed at the end of season nine of the game as it could not attract many players, our League Of Legends Twisted Treeline Tier List is here to help you guys win 3v3 matches.

In our article, we will be looking at the best champions of League of Legends Twisted Treeline that help you win every Normal 3v3 or Ranked Team. It should be noted that the champions ranked in different tiers from top to bottom are all based on our own perspective, research, and experience, so the rankings are extremely subjective and will vary from person to person.

Key Points

  • We will be ranking 117 champions in our tier list.
  • The ranking will be based on strengths, weaknesses, and our own experience.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find Anivia, Alistar, Volibear, Mordekaiser, and Poppy along with others.
  • The lowest rank contains Gragus, Rammus, Tristana, Rengar, and Talon along with others.


We will now list all champions in a short table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
TaricCassiopeiaTahm KenchAmumuGnarr
GarenXin ZhaoAzirVi
YasuoGravesJarvan IVKennen
JaxRumbleMiss Fortune
Dr. MundoGragus
NocturneLee Sin
Master Yi

You can learn about each entry in more detail below.

S Tier

League Of Legends Twisted Treeline Tier List
S Tier.

Champions included in S Tier are considered to be the best of all in the lol 3s Tier List. S-rank Champions never disappoint and perform the best among all the characters so, players should always Play or Ban these Champions.

It is due to their extraordinary performance in the Twisted Treeline for which S Tier champions are the best champion picks in the game. Being ranked in the S Tier these champions are highly valued and picked very often in the Twisted treeline. The Best among all the S Tier champions include the following.

Champion Name Champion Role
Champion Difficulty
Taric Support Medium
Alistar Support, Tank Easy
Xayah ADC, Marksman Medium
Volibear Jungle, Fighter Easy
Anivia Middle, Mage Hard
Poppy Top, Tank Medium
Mordekaiser Top, Fighter Medium
Brand Support, Mage Medium
Kayle Top, Fighter Medium
Leona Support, Tank Easy

A Tier

Overall Good Champions in Twisted Treeline
A Tier.

The A Tier entries are considered to be strong picks by the players but still not good as the champions included in S Tier. It is mainly because some A Tier Champions require the right settings and team composition for their full potential and best performance.

These champions are considered to be the second choice of players but a mandatory part of the team composition and viable characters. A Tier overall balanced League of Legends Twisted Treeline Champions include the following.

Champion Name Champion Role
Champion Difficulty
Cassiopeia Middle, Mage Hard
Kayn Jungle, Fighter Hard
Morgana Support, Mage Easy
Vel’Koz Support, Mage Medium
Skarner Jungle, Fighter Easy
Lulu Support Medium
Darius Top, Fighter Medium
Illaoi Top, Fighter Medium
Braum Support Medium
Orianna Middle, Mage Medium
Sion Top, Tank Easy
Garen Top, Fighter Easy
Yasuo Middle, Fighter Hard
Trundle Jungle, Fighter Easy

B Tier

Above average champions in league of legends
B Tier.

Champions of League of Legends in B Tier are considered to be above average in terms of their performance. But B Tier Champions are nothing like the S and A Tier Champions because they are not the best nor strong which makes B Tier Champions unable to compete or perform like them.

So, in B Tier Champions should be used as part of the team when there is no alternative to the strong Champions. There is still a possibility that these Champions if fully upgraded and used rightly can perform quite well but still not good as S and A Tier Champions. Above-average Champions of Twisted Treeline include the following.

Champion Name Champion Role
Champion Difficulty
Tahm Kench Support Easy
Maokai Top, Tank Easy
Nunu Jungle, Support Easy
Fiora Top, Fighter Hard
Aatrox Top, Fighter Medium
Zilean Support Medium
Renekton Top, Fighter Easy
Lucian ADC, Marksman Medium
Ahri Middle, Mage Medium
Bard Support Hard
Karma Support, Mage Easy
Urgot Top, Marksman Medium
Fiddlesticks Jungle, Mage Medium
Xin Zhao Jungle, Fighter Easy
Graves Jungle, Marksman Medium
Syndra Middle, Mage Medium
Veigar Middle, Mage Medium
Ekko Jungle, Assasin Hard
Zyra Support, Mage Medium
Ziggs Middle, Mage Medium
Rek’Sai Jungle, Fighter Medium
Jax Top, Fighter Medium

C Tier

Average champions in league of legends
C Tier.

The C Tier includes those Champions who are considered to be average in the 3v3 battles based on their performance. These are not recommended if you take the game and the battles seriously and these Champions should also not be a part of your team because they have fewer chances of making you stand out against your opponents in Twisted Treeline of League of Legends as compared to Champions included in S or A Tiers.

In order to help you win battles and perform like the high-tiered Champions, these heroes would require loads of fixes and updates which is why they are not recommended by us. The C rank of our League Of Legends Twisted Treeline Tier List includes the following Champions.

Champion Name Champion Role
Champion Difficulty
Amumu Jungle, Tank Easy
Kled Top, Fighter Medium
Sejuani Jungle, Tank Medium
Galio Middle, Tank Medium
Viktor Middle, Mage Hard
Kog’Maw ADC, Marksman Medium
Swain Support, Mage Medium
Singed Top, Tank Medium
Malzahar Middle, Mage Easy
Diana Middle, Fighter Easy
Nautilus Support, Tank Medium
Ryze Middle, Mage Medium
Olaf Jungle, Fighter Medium
Azir Middle, Mage Hard
Xerath Support, Mage Medium
Gangplank Top, Fighter Hard
Shaco Jungle, Assasin Medium
Annie Middle, Mage Easy
Lissandra Middle, Mage Medium
Jarvan IV Jungle, Tank Easy
Vladmir Middle, Mage Medium
Heimerdinger Middle, Mage Medium
Vayne ADC, Marksman Medium
Teemo Top, Marksman Easy
Shen Top, Tank Medium
Cho’Gath Top, Tank Easy
Rumble Top, Fighter Hard
Dr. Mundo Top, Fighter Easy
Nocturne Jungle, Assasin Easy
Wukong Top, Fighter Easy
Riven Jungle, Fighter Medium
Yorick Top, Fighter Medium
Camille Top, Fighter Hard
Master Yi Jungle, Assasin Easy
Lux Support, Mage Easy
Jhin ADC, Marksman Medium
Caitlyn ADC, Marksman Easy
Jinx ADC, Marksman Medium
Udyr Jungle, Fighter Medium
Jayce Top, Fighter Medium
Ornn Top, Tank Medium
Malphite Top, Tank Easy
Warick Jungle, Fighter Easy
Nasus Top Easy
Corki Middle, Marksman Medium
Irelia Top, Fighter Hard

D Tier

League Of Legends Twisted Treeline Tier List
D Tier.

The D Tier of Season ten, Patch 10.8 of League of Legends is the bottom tier and ranks those Champions who are the worst-performing among all. These lol 3s Tier List entries are not recommended by us at all but they can be experimental.

As some players want to try out new Champions that they have not used. D Tier Champions can also be used to have a fun battle for the players who would like to play with their friends or a very challenging one too because some players are serious in the 3v3 battles of the twisted treeline. The worst tier includes the following characters.

Champion Name Champion Role
Champion Difficulty
Gnarr Top, Fighter Hard
Rammus Jungle, Tank Easy
Fizz Middle, Assasin Hard
Katarina Middle, Assasin Hard
Zac Jungle, Tank Easy
Tristana ADC, Marksman Easy
Kha’Zix Jungle, Assasin Medium
Draven ADC, Marksman Hard
Rengar ADC, Marksman Medium
Tryndamere Jungle, Assasin Medium
Vi Top, Fighter Easy
Kennen Jungle, Fighter Easy
Pantheon Top, Mage Medium
Zed Support, Fighter Hard
Talon Middle, Assasin Medium
Ezrael ADC, Marksman Easy
Evelynn Jungle, Assasin Medium
Twich ADC, Marksman Medium
Miss Fortune ADC, Marksman Easy
Gragus Jungle, Fighter Medium
Lee Sin Jungle, Fighter Hard
Hecarim Jungle, Fighter Medium
Zoe Middle, Mage Hard
Kai’Sa ADC, Marksman Medium
Akali Middle, Assasin Medium

Comparison Table

Champion NameRankChampion RoleChampion Difficulty
TaricS TierSupportMedium
AlistarS TierSupport, TankEasy
XayahS TierADC, MarksmanMedium
VolibearS TierJungle, FighterEasy
AniviaS TierMiddle, MageHard
PoppyS TierTop, TankMedium
MordekaiserS TierTop, FighterMedium
BrandS TierSupport, MageMedium
KayleS TierTop, FighterMedium
LeonaS TierSupport, TankEasy
CassiopeiaA TierMiddle, MageHard
KaynA TierJungle, FighterHard
MorganaA TierSupport, MageEasy
Vel’KozA TierSupport, MageMedium
SkarnerA TierJungle, FighterEasy
LuluA TierSupportMedium
DariusA TierTop, FighterMedium
IllaoiA TierTop, FighterMedium
BraumA TierSupportMedium
OriannaA TierMiddle, MageMedium
SionA TierTop, TankEasy
GarenA TierTop, FighterEasy
YasuoA TierMiddle, FighterHard
TrundleA TierJungle, FighterEasy
Tahm KenchB TierSupportEasy
MaokaiB TierTop, TankEasy
NunuB TierJungle, SupportEasy
FioraB TierTop, FighterHard
AatroxB TierTop, FighterMedium
ZileanB TierSupportMedium
RenektonB TierTop, FighterEasy
LucianB TierADC, MarksmanMedium
AhriB TierMiddle, MageMedium
BardB TierSupportHard
KarmaB TierSupport, MageEasy
UrgotB TierTop, MarksmanMedium
FiddlesticksB TierJungle, MageMedium
Xin ZhaoB TierJungle, FighterEasy
GravesB TierJungle, MarksmanMedium
SyndraB TierMiddle, MageMedium
VeigarB TierMiddle, MageMedium
EkkoB TierJungle, AssasinHard
ZyraB TierSupport, MageMedium
ZiggsB TierMiddle, MageMedium
Rek’SaiB TierJungle, FighterMedium
JaxB TierTop, FighterMedium
AmumuC TierJungle, TankEasy
KledC TierTop, FighterMedium
SejuaniC TierJungle, TankMedium
GalioC TierMiddle, TankMedium
ViktorC TierMiddle, MageHard
Kog’MawC TierADC, MarksmanMedium
SwainC TierSupport, MageMedium
SingedC TierTop, TankMedium
MalzaharC TierMiddle, MageEasy
DianaC TierMiddle, FighterEasy
NautilusC TierSupport, TankMedium
RyzeC TierMiddle, MageMedium
OlafC TierJungle, FighterMedium
AzirC TierMiddle, MageHard
XerathC TierSupport, MageMedium
GangplankC TierTop, FighterHard
ShacoC TierJungle, AssasinMedium
AnnieC TierMiddle, MageEasy
LissandraC TierMiddle, MageMedium
Jarvan IVC TierJungle, TankEasy
VladmirC TierMiddle, MageMedium
HeimerdingerC TierMiddle, MageMedium
VayneC TierADC, MarksmanMedium
TeemoC TierTop, MarksmanEasy
ShenC TierTop, TankMedium
Cho’GathC TierTop, TankEasy
RumbleC TierTop, FighterHard
Dr. MundoC TierTop, FighterEasy
NocturneC TierJungle, AssasinEasy
WukongC TierTop, FighterEasy
RivenC TierJungle, FighterMedium
YorickC TierTop, FighterMedium
CamilleC TierTop, FighterHard
Master YiC TierJungle, AssasinEasy
LuxC TierSupport, MageEasy
JhinC TierADC, MarksmanMedium
CaitlynC TierADC, MarksmanEasy
JinxC TierADC, MarksmanMedium
UdyrC TierJungle, FighterMedium
JayceC TierTop, FighterMedium
OrnnC TierTop, TankMedium
MalphiteC TierTop, TankEasy
WarickC TierJungle, FighterEasy
NasusC TierTopEasy
CorkiC TierMiddle, MarksmanMedium
IreliaC TierTop, FighterHard
GnarrD TierTop, FighterHard
RammusD TierJungle, TankEasy
FizzD TierMiddle, AssasinHard
KatarinaD TierMiddle, AssasinHard
ZacD TierJungle, TankEasy
TristanaD TierADC, MarksmanEasy
Kha’ZixD TierJungle, AssasinMedium
DravenD TierADC, MarksmanHard
RengarD TierADC, MarksmanMedium
TryndamereD TierJungle, AssasinMedium
ViD TierTop, FighterEasy
KennenD TierJungle, FighterEasy
PantheonD TierTop, MageMedium
ZedD TierSupport, FighterHard
TalonD TierMiddle, AssasinMedium
EzraelD TierADC, MarksmanEasy
EvelynnD TierJungle, AssasinMedium
TwichD TierADC, MarksmanMedium
Miss FortuneD TierADC, MarksmanEasy
GragusD TierJungle, FighterMedium
Lee SinD TierJungle, FighterHard
HecarimD TierJungle, FighterMedium
ZoeD TierMiddle, MageHard
Kai’SaD TierADC, MarksmanMedium
AkaliD TierMiddle, AssasinMedium

League of Legends Twisted Treeline Latest Patch Note 13.6

Following changes have been made in the latest patch note 13.6. league of legends patch notes

  • When Viego takes control of Annie, he will now reach his maximum stun stacks.
  • Viego will no longer keep track of the cooldown of Azir’s passive ability during his possessions, in order to account for the much shorter cooldown.
  • A bug has been resolved that caused the rune recommender to not correctly adjust its suggestions based on the position chosen for champions that can play in multiple positions.
  • The eyebrows of Broken Covenant Rakan were modified to more closely resemble the eyebrows depicted in the champion’s splash art.
  • The visual effects for the healing portion of the passive ability of both Broken Covenant Cho’Gath and Shan Hai Scrolls Cho’Gath have been made distinct from one another.


If you are a serious player then we would recommend you to include the S and A Tier characters in your teams to be victorious in the Normal 3v3 or Win Ranked battles of Twisted Treeline in League of Legends. But this does not mean the high-tier Champions would always be performing better because ranking can be very subjective at times and the Champion which we think should be at the top might be at the bottom of your list.

So, make sure to not be fully dependent on our League Of Legends Twisted Treeline Tier List because our objective while creating the article was to help players choose Champions that would suit them and help them to stand out in the Twisted Treeline of League of Legends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best Champion in League of Legends Twisted Treeline?  

Taric is undoubtedly the best Champion of Season 10, patch 10.8 of League of Legends Twisted Treeline. Even as a Support, he has amazing skills and abilities that set him apart from the rest of the champions in our list. Other notable characters in League of Legends Twisted Treeline are Alistar, Xayah, and Volibear. 

Who is the best Mage in League of Legends Twisted Treeline?  

Anivia is the best Mage compared to other champions in our article. While she can be a bit hard to master, her abilities shine the most in the Season 10 patch 10.8 updates, making her one of the best champions in League of Legends Twisted Treeline.  

Who is the best Tank in League of Legends Twisted Treeline? 

Alistar is by far the best tank in Season 10, patch 10.8 of League of Legends Twisted Treeline. He is fairly easy to master and acts as a Support as well.

Who is the worst Champion in League of Legends Twisted Treeline? 

Akali is by far the worst character of Season 10 patch 10.8  in League of Legends Twisted Treeline. Being an assassin does not help her, as her abilities are limited to certain game modes only. You will have to work very hard to level her up. Her skills do not deal much damage as well.